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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> building a better bay area come moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it is a pretty scary thing. anchor: shoppers and families running for cover after gunshots rang out at oakridge mall in san jose packed with last-minute holiday shoppers. anchor 2: after hours of searching, police have given the all clear at the mall but have not found a victim or a suspect. anchor: we are live outside the mall with more on the investigation. reporter: we know this was a massive response involving several agencies. officers taking several hours to go through the mall shooting for
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a -- searching for a shooter. chaos as gunshots sent running and hiding. >> it was crazy. reporter: he works at a shop inside the shopping center and describes a packed mall filled with families and last-minute shoppers. at around 5:48 police say an altercation between two groups led to shooting. police calling it an isolated incident that happens inside -- that happened inside the mall near forever 21. hours later, no victim nor suspect had been found. >> the it is shocking for everybody. reporter: according to people inside the mall at the time, people were running in all
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directions screaming and trying to find places to hide until they were escorted out by police. >> we booked it and ran to the back and locked the door. reporter: panic setting in with word of the shooter. >> i tried to get in as many as possible to lock the door. i could not do anything until we knew what was going on. reporter: san jose police also established a reunification location a short distance away. this is the second incident in a day to happen here at oakridge mall. they both required police response. saturday night, 15 people stormed macy's with the suspects attacking a security officer in that incident. anchor 2: amanda, thank you and we did use the abc 7 news app to
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send out this push alert when we got word of the shooting. you can download the app and customize topics and places you are interested in. anchor: the omicron variant continues to spread. some cities are implementing a proof of vaccination mandate for restaurants. it is something the city council will pick up tomorrow night. alameda county currently does not have such a policy in place. several restaurants and bars in the city say they will temporarily close. abc 7 news reporter ryan curry spoke with one bar owner that shut down today. reporter: this bar is currently closed. >> going through the holiday season, i did not want to send my staff home for the holidays. reporter: he posted to his instagram page saying they will be closed until next friday. he said none of his employees have tested positive but he
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knows other bars have had outbreaks. >> i saw it was spreading rapidly and i heard from other bar owners in the area that they were dealing with it and we share clientele. reporter: on tuesday, oakland city council will vote on an ordinance. >> we need to protect people who are inside these indoor locations to reduce the likelihood that they come into contact with people with the virus. reporter: he said the ordinance could make things safer. the restaurant association still fears of her workers advising people to get booster doses if they haven't done so yet. lori thomas says she sent out a message monday morning to all of her partners asking them to get their booster dose. >> particularly asking restaurants to look out for their staff.
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we decided that is the important push. reporter: he said his staff is vaccinated and getting their boosters. as the omicron variant spreads, all he asks for is an abundance of guidance on how to mitigate the spread. >> we are working in the dark. i am trying to decipher it myself. officials should be doing that. reporter: he hopes to keep his staff and clientele safe. anchor 2: a man in texas is a first known death in the u.s. due to the omicron variant. houston officials say he was between 50-60 years old and was unvaccinated with underlying conditions. a white house staffer has been tested positive covid. the president has tested negative. spacex is reporting an outbreak in its headquarters. anchor: omicron has been
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detected in nearly every state and now it makes up most of the new cases in the u.s. according to the cdc. hospitals are being pushed to the limit as infections rise. as our reporter explains, there is some hope from moderna when it comes to the booster shot. reporter: as we head into the holidays, another covid surge with cases of 96 percent nationwide since october. the u.s. averaging 125,000 new infections every day and health care workers are feeling the strain again. >> we are in the middle of a fourth surge in the holidays. i am very concerned. we are burnt out and tired. reporter: new jersey seeing its highest number of cases in nearly a year. >> this week before the holiday stay home if you are sick and get tested before any holiday gatherings. reporter: long lines of people
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waiting to get tested as the highly transmissible omicron variant spreads fast. >> it feels like the first wave of the pandemic without anxiety. reporter: the cdc predicting omicron will peak in mid-january. dr. anthony fauci urging americans to take precautions. >> we have not yet seen the full impact of the very ominous omicron variant. vaccination and booster are the biggest thing you can do. reporter: more restrictions going into place. washington, d.c. will soon mandate a new mask mandate again. mo dare knows -- moderna's booster -- the ceos says they are preparing for potential
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seasonal shots and the company is working to rapidly advance its omicron specific booster into testing. anchor 2: one of the hottest holiday items in the bay area is covid tests. stores are seeing a huge demand. over the weekend, he cvs store sold all 1500 of its kids in less than 24 hours. today, we found a mom searching since sunday for a test. >> we started calling around. one place said they had it, i drove there and they did not have it. i am driving down here to find it. anchor 2: the advantage of these tests is you can get the result often in less then a half an hour. at a pcr test location, you may be waiting up to a day. anchor: we have all of the
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information of testing sites on our website. anchor 2: rain is on the way so let's get to abc 7 news meteorologists for the forecast. meteorologist: let's check it out on live doppler seven. the first storm of winter as winter begins tomorrow. a level two, moderate in strength ringing us rain and wind. 1:00 in the north bay with moderate rain. tomorrow evening, everyone getting wet. rainfall totals through wednesday, you're looking at 0.2 . here is the deal -- that is not the only storm. we have a series of storms this holiday week. wind, rain, and even some snow. anchor: san jose has matched a
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20 year high in traffic fatalities. a pedestrian was killed this morning while crossing the key road. we say both drivers stayed at the scene. the crash is the 60th affect us this year in san jose according to police tying a two decade peak reached in 2015. anchor 2: the chief in east oakland shifting resources to create a new district six bringing 48 officers to the area. he assured the public, will not be taken away from elsewhere. >> those officers will be there full time. around-the-clock. we have been supplementing our current patrols with overtime. anchor 2: the chief gave an update on the homicide investigation into the retired police officer.
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investigators have written -- found a vehicle they believe it is connected to his killing. anchor: the investigation into organized retail theft is making progress. the district attorney announced arrest warrants for five people and two criminal indictments. the investigation was sparked a series of tests at macy's in 2019. the operation has already led to the recovery of $2 million in suspected stolen property and a number of arrests and indictments. anchor 2: new details on cvs's plan to close stores. they say it is not because of crime. six are in san francisco. all of the stores will close next month. market near 2nd street, market near the 3rd street, pine street near california and sutter
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street on the corner of stockton. customers will have their prescriptions transferred to the nearest location. anchor: a magnitude 6.2 earthquake rocks some northern california cities. some business owners cleaning over the damage. anchor 2: medication to combat hiv. anchor: and in spo
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area to the oregon border. we look at some of the damage. this northern california main street is shattered. a strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck causing damage in several small cities. her kitchen cabinets were thrown open and can food scattered across the floor. >> i turned to my husband and said, wow, that is quite a wind. and he stopped and said, that is not winter. it is an earthquake. immediately, everyone was out on the street. ama: in fortuna, many as this were closed when the quake struck. -- when the quake struck. >> windows are bad enough but it could have been so much worse. reporter: police officers went door-to-door to make sure that everyone was ok. >> no calls for any injuries.
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typically, we are inundated with companies calling. our officers were fielding a lot of calls. ama: the quake hit at 10-12 this afternoon. a seismologist said earthquakes are common in the area but this is the strongest in quite some time. >> magnitude 6.2 will cause quite a bit of damage. this one was offshore. i would expect a small amount of damage. ama: in a statement tonight tont california's office of emergency services touted its early warning system. it worked as designed with more than 2500 individuals receiving notifications before that shaking started and many received 15 seconds or more of advance notification. those without the mobile app are
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encouraged to download a. dan: jury deliberations will resume tomorrow in the trial of elizabeth holmes. she faces 11 charges and is accused of swindling investors by lying about the startup company. if convicted she faces 20 years in. ama: the fda has improved -- approved the first injectable medication to lower the risk of hiv. it is given first with two shots two months apart and then every month after that. it is the only injectable option for hiv prevention. dan: the 2022 new year's eve numerals arrived in times square. the numbers took a road trip across the country from los angeles giving people a chance
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to see them before they are hoisted above the crowd in new york. the people there not wasting any time and welcoming in the new year. >> happy new year! woo! there is no moment like it when those numbers light up. dan: mayor bill de blasio is expected to announce that the celebration will go on or if it will be modified because of covid. and that may happen. ama: we are waiting to see how much rain we are going to get inundated with. dan: it sounds like a lot. sandhya: but it will be mostly beneficial rain. live doppler seven, multiple amsos the pacific and we will be dealing with these over the next seven
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days and beyond. live doppler seven showing moisture off the northern california coast. the first wave of rain this system will send our way. another wave wing into wednesday. it will keep on going until another storm arrives during the weekend. temperatures in the 40's for most of you. visibility is fine. winter begins tomorrow and our first storm arrives and several will follow next week and a possibility of snow over our higher peaks on christmas. it is a level two, moderate strength. tomorrow afternoon through wednesday. light to moderate rain. occasional downpours. breezy to dusty. tomorrow morning, for holiday shopping coming get out and about or hit the road for travel. by 1:00, rain moving into the north bay. 4:00 p.m., most of the ather.
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7:00, pretty much everyone seeing what weather and it continues going into wednesday. pockets of moderate to heavy rain into wednesday night. wednesday afternoon and evening, moderate to brief heavy rain falls and downpours across the region. right on through wednesday night and even into thursday. more systems follow. as we tally this all up, december 26 at 11:00 according to one computer model, most areas will have between 1-3 inches of rain. half an inch over san jose. to our north, some areas will be over four inches of rain. mostly beneficial. minor urban and small stream flooding possible. watch for debris flows, mud slides and power going down.
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be prepared for difficult driving conditions. snow level going from 4000-5000 two 2000-3000. 72 inches at donner. best travel day tomorrow. heavy snow wednesday and thursday. not good for travel. afternoon highs in the 40's-60's. the accuweather 7 day forecast, it is a number two for the first day of winter. and for wednesday. and we will have a christmas storm at level two and more wet
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ama: if you are looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer, you might have to think of something different from peppermint candy canes because peppermint -- because a peppermint shortage is a bite out of agar culture declining more than 25% in the last day. some stores report receiving only half of their candy cane order for the holidays. dan: the warriors are back are k after a week. larry: we had a visit from the
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. larry: steve kerr named new coach of usa basketball taking over for gregg popovich. he will put together a team for the olympics. warriors hosting the kings tonight. draymond green's son reminding everyone to wear their masks. warriors had eight first half. dubs by 12 at the half.
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third quarter, lee for three. haliburton had 24. buddy hield, hits the three. draymond green, gary payton the second with the finish. the warriors bench scored points. and a steph curry splash on q lead the -- on cue s. they win. it is not official but mlb network reports mark kotsay will replace bob melvin. he played 17 played bigs. he coached third base last season so this should be a
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seamless transition. raiders in cleveland, does that count as a mask? i guess so. nick mullins buying time and finding bryant wide open. browns up. derek carr threw a costly pic. jones. daniel carson, they tried to ice him. he boots it again down the middle for 48 yards. drive home safely. raiders escape with a win and stay alive in the wildcard chase. vikings in chicago. the bears have 14 players on the covid list. cousins threw for only 87 yards for the whole game. 7-0, minnesota. the vikings win. the nhl deciding to shut down
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all operations until after christmas because of an increase in covid cases. teams can report back to their facilities on the 26. brent burns placed on the covid
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. dan: abc 7 and our stations across the country are hosting a day of giving for disaster relief all day tomorrow. coyness to help families and communities affected by disasters. visit red to make a gift. ama: we thank you so much for watching. dan: for all of us, w us, w us,w
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appreciate your time. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- the cast of "spider-man: no way home," tom holland, zendaya, benedict cumberbatch, and jacob batalon, plus music from black pumas. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you picked an amazing night to be with us. as we welcome the cast of "spider-man: no way home." i am much more excited about this than a 54-year-old person


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