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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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door. kumasi: breaking news at 6:00, last-minute trip for christmas gifts becoming a desperate search for cover. police said to give new clues on a shopping most shooting. reggie: one bay area city such a vote on the vaccine made it for most public places this morning. several bars and restaurants are taking matters into their own hands in a different way. kumasi: a calm start to our tuesday, but not lasting too long. a live look outside, it is going to be wild before dry again. tracking the amount of rain and how long it will last. reggie: good morning, the last time we can say it is fall. for couple more hours. you are watching --you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. . mike: shortest day of the year. -- 10:59.
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not many reporting stations are showing thick fog, but i know it is thick. to be careful this morning. we turn our attention to the swirling mass off the coast and the one that is the storm impacts skill today as the creaking sound you hear is the storm door opening. rain and the north bay through the morning then heading south of the afternoon and evening. most of us will have a slippery evening commute outside of the south bay. already started to see rain headed toward the sonoma coast and cooler, 38 to 44 this morning than 48 to 53 at noon and 48 to 56 at 4:00 when most of us need the umbrellas. reggie: we expect an update from san jose police about a shooting at oakridge mall. kumasi: it happened around 6:00 last night. reggie: they called an isolated incident that happened inside the mall near forever 21. officers went to room by room clearing the building, but never
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found a suspect or victim. workers at the mall said they had to shelter-in-place. >> i had 10 people inside. to get as many as possible inside and locked the door. i could do nothing until we knew what was going on. we do not know what was going on. reggie: according to people in the mall, people were running in all directions, screening -- screaming and trying to find places to hide. we use the news app to send at this push alert when we got word of the shooting. download the appc will be the first to know when news breaks. you can customize it for topics and places you're interested in. kumasi: president biden is set to unveil additional steps to combat the omicron variant. reggie: jen psaki says the president's speech will not be about locking the country down. more about what health officials are saying. jobina: president biden will announce a plan to mail 500 million free rapid at home covid-19 tests.
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human into requested through a website that launches in january. meanwhile, health officials in texas and announced the first death related to the omicron variant yesterday. it is believed to be the first known recorded death in the country. it was a man in his 50's who was unvaccinated and had underlying health conditions. dr. fauci is on gma today talking about omicron. >> we are going to see hospitalizations and deaths. the one thing we are seeing is, if anything, it does not appear to be more severe. it might be less severe, we are holding off on that until we see how it does in our country. it will not be surprising. we have a virus capable of hospitalizing and killing people, it is not surprising you are going to see deaths due to this. kumasi: -- jobina: as for the holidays, he recommends gathering indoors only with people who are vaccinated. if you do not know the vaccination status of someone, it is risky together indoors.
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kumasi: demand for covid tests as high as people are doing their best to prepare to gather for the holidays safely. but getting an appointment or at-home test is proving to be a challenge. amy hollyfield joins us life. -- live. amy: it is morning, check your stores. shelves have been restocked, at the cvs it is a table. they do have tests here at the cvs at walnut creek on south california boulevard. the clerk says they had to refill the table three times yesterday. they have more in the back, but she says at this pace, they will be sold out by tomorrow. say the demand for tests is very high. doctors see if you are planning to see others during the holidays, you need to find out if you have covid. but some in the bay area tell us it is easier said than done. >> i try to check all the walgreens and cvs, they do not
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have any available slot for today. >> we started calling around. one place online said they had it, so i drove. they did not have it. he kept looking online and found the store, so i am driving down here to find it. amy: doctors say we should practice safety measures when we gather, like using air filters or socializing outside if possible. they recommend a good quality mask if you are pending -- planning on flying boards in a church service or any holiday performance. live in walnut creek, abc hollifield -- amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: today, vote on an ordinance about providing proof of vaccination. this comes a several bars and restaurants announced they are going to be closing temporarily because of covid concerns. we spoke to the owner of the's, who closed his bar through next friday. he said none of his employees have tested positive, and he
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knows other bars in oakland have had outbreaks. he does not want his business to be next. >> we are flying in the dark. i am reading the news in deciding stuffer myself. i shouldn't be doing, officials should be doing that. reggie: data shows 76% of oakland residents are fully vaccinated. the city council meeting starts at 9:30 this morning. if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest headlines or find a testing site, we have all of it on our website. just go to kumasi: a magnitude six point two earthquake rocking northern california. the exact epicenter and damage now left behind. reggie: the san francisco da calling out the mayor's plan for drugs and crime. what is he is -- what he is urging her to do. mike: here is a look at your last completely dry commute for days. enjoy it.
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we have got a one on the way, that this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go.
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kumasi: san jose matched a 20 year high in traffic deaths. a person was killed while walking across interstate 680. two cars hit the victim. both drivers stated the scene. this marks the 60th traffic death this year. that ties a 20 year peak reached in 2015. reggie: turning to the incoming blast of winter weather, live look at the truckee area north of lake tahoe. snow is moving later today and will come fast. it will make driving on the roads extra treacherous. ike is tracking all of it. -- mike is tracking all of it. mike: treacherous is a good term, so is closed.
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go from treacherous into chain controls too many avenues we use corrow, friday and possibly saturday. that is how heavy the snow will be, especially wednesday and thursday. up to 87 inches at past level, up to 10 feet at the highest peaks i the time it to sunday night. if you're thinking about going up for weekend, not going to happen unless you are going to spend a several hours in the car. 38 in castro valley, 37 in fremont. everyone else in the low 40's. to mid 40's just about everywhere. here's a look look look radar. through 7:00 come everybody is dry. the north bay by noon, light to moderate rain and the rest of it gets to us as we are to the afternoon and continues tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, all the way through the seven day forecast.
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that is next. jobina: we are following a backup in san jose because of a crash on northbound 101 right oakland road. no injuries have been reported, the crash involves multiple cars. the backup extends all the way to 680, speeds down to around nine miles per hour and 10 miles per hour in san lorenzo for this crash on southbound 880. 880 has been the hot spot long, you can see from the camera at the coliseum things look nice. oakley it stays that way. bringing indy toll plaza, metering lights are on. came on at 5:41. a lot of people are setting to have time for the holidays. reggie: oaklands police chief explaining his thinks will help safety. kumasi: what are nasa astronauts getting for christmas? the rocket launch and delivery will you were asleep. reggie: cbs clarifying -- cvs clarifying plans to close more
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stores. the san francisco locations you can say goodbye to. kumasi:
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reggie: san francisco da is pushing back on the mayor's crackdown on drug crimes. he said money spent on additional police to patrol the neighborhood should be used instead on housing and drug treatment. the politically embattled da says those are the root causes of crime in the neighborhood. the mayor declared a state of emergency last week. dean is facing a recall vote next year. he says the office is making progress in the 2.5 your investigation into organized retail theft. the office announced arrest warrants for five people into criminal indictments. a series of thefts at macy's and 2019 sparked the ongoing investigation named operation focus lens. the operation led to the recovery of $2 million in suspected stolen property,
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including multiple arrests and indictments. kumasi: oakland police and asked a solution i hope will end the violence in east oakland. they are shifting resources to create new district six that will bring 48 more full-time officers to the area. chief armstrong's at 60% of service calls come from east oakland, he assured the public resources will not be taken away from other parts of the city and that should that have all seen an uptick in crime. >> those officers will be there full-time. we are supplement and current patrols with over time, that will fill the gap. -- supplement team -- settlementing -- supplementing current patrols with over time, that will fill the gap. kumasi: we have new details on cvs's plan to close stores in san francisco. back in november, the company announced it would close hundreds of stores nationwide. they say it is not because of crime, but changing business
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conditions including buying patterns and demographic changes. there half a dozen stores in san francisco closing next month, including market near 2nd street, near broadway and near 3rd street. if you are a customer with a prescription at one of the stores, it will be transferred to the nearest pharmacy. businesses in northern california are cleaning up after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake. reggie: it struck afternoon yesterday. you see the video here. the moments during this quake, the little girl was scared. say the epicenter was west of the town of ferndale and humboldt county. you can see kitchen cabinets thrown open, canned food scattered across the floor. plaques that fell off the walls at one homeowners house. and fortuna, many businesses were closed when the quake hit. shop owners rushed to see the damage. >> it looks like just stuff off the shelves. hopefully that is that, we were fortunate. windows are bad enough, we could have been worse.
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reggie: it struck 24 miles off the coast of pachulia. several aftershocks followed. earthquakes are common in the area, but this was the strongest one in quite some time. california's office of emergency services touted its early warning technology called my shake. it worked as designed with more than 2500 individuals receiving notifications before the shaking started. many receiving 15 seconds or more of advance notification. people who do not have the mobile app are encouraged to download it, there could be more aftershocks. kumasi: spacex launched the 28th mission of the year. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. ignition. liftoff. kumasi: this morning from florida, carrying 6500 pounds of
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supplies, scientific experiments and hardware for the crew at the iss. it is bringing some festive food for the astronauts. nasa packed the rocket with turkey, green beans and fruitcake. reggie: oh. [laughter] kumasi: fruitcake. it will get there tomorrow morning with the fruitcake. reggie: what did they do to deserve that? mike: in space? reggie: that could knock you out. a fruitcake flying toward your head. mike: that, too. reggie: oh, you are thinking of something else. mike: i was. sorry i went there. [laughter] at least it is not a carnival ride for millionaires. i'm kidding. i'm just jealous. let's be honest. i do not have the money to get on blue or any of that.
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101 80, looking down in san jose. a dry start to today, than the storm door opens. we have a chance of rain every day through about january 6. that is about as far as the models can reach out. milder lows tonight, most of us are sleeping, meaning we wake up to a few puddles for the early commuters. the storms bring imminent rain at least to the weekend. temperatures, some 40's and colder areas around lake napa. around the 50's also be 60's in south bay. mid to upper 40's later, some green and yellow. waves of light to moderate rain and showers through the evening commute. it is possible livermore and the south bay could remain dry everybody else is seeing increasingly slippery conditions. look at tomorrow. you can see why i bumped today down to a one and cap tomorrow at two.
6:20 am
significantly heavier rain coming in tomorrow, look at this. up and down the west coast come all the way through december. within two inches of rain no matter where you look up to 10 feet of snow in the sierra. traveling today's the same area. seattle down to here and san francisco. a clipper system bringing snow and windy conditions to detroit. atlanta is out of the woods right now. but boston and new york, there is a possibility that tomorrow we could have issues they are with delays. accuweather 7 day forecast, ones and twos. that means we will not have a lot of flooding, rivers should be fine, burn scars should be fine. it'll just be a nuisance to get around dodging drops, especially during the busy time of year. kumasi: now checking in with ginger who is live with what is coming up on gma. ginge shout out to mike. i saw he is moving to evenings after the new year, so
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congratulations. i will miss hearing your voice before i commit here, but i am sure we will be talking. there we much to share weatherwise. before we get to that and what we will be covering for the sierra and beyond, we've the breaking news about how the biden administration's aggressive new plan to fight the omicron surges on as an eye becomes the dominant covid variant in the country. the who is suggesting people reconsider their holiday plans, but dr. fauci has a message for everyone on our program this morning that says if you are vaccinated and it is family, you can still do it. also had come new fallout from allegations against after chris knows -- noth. becky really breaks down how you can find out when some of the hottest gifts we back on the shelves. the top executive from ups who is quite funny joins us live on your last chance to get your packages shipped. your live in the arctic circle. some insight access to santa's
6:22 am
workshop. we will bring you that and so much more right here on gma. reggie: i might be wrong for saying this. if you are not ready to send the package, if it has not left, forget about it. send it later. ginger: probably not great. he said there are places that could get it from thursday to friday. but he told tj, you should have had it in yesterday. kumasi: they've got overnight options. reggie: if you or four years old, you need to learn -- ginger: i did overnight for forr it has been nine days. they've been hearing from me. reggie:s what i'm saying. they will get it later. ginger: not overnight. reggie: nothing happens in january anyway. that is my philosophy.
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mike: yesterday, i learned a good buddy of mine listens to my forecast. he sent me a picture of where he was skiing, i sent him the picture and said that is not fair. a look at today if you are trying to travel to the sierra. after today, gets progressively harder, almost unable to get there as chains and possibly closures starting thursday on all of the avenues up there as 10 feet of snow could fall. reggie: the fda approved the first injectable medication to lower the risk of hiv. it is approved for adults and teenagers who are at risk of getting hiv through sex. it is given first as two shots a month apart, then every two months after that. the drug is the first and only long acting injectable option for hiv prevention. kumasi: marin county is using
6:26 am
federal stimulus money to address climate change. this is according to our media partners. projects include restoring wetlands and building so-called horizontal levees that can cope with 3.5 feet of sea level rise. there's also a plan to rehabilitate the wetlands and bolinas. it seems not everybody enjoys the holiday season. reggie: larry david is training for an essay describing what he hates christmas. very larry david christmas was published any digital newsletter airmail. he calls christmas music loathsome and criticizes the presence, same thinking about them shopping for them and the pile of garbage it accumulates from opening them. he spent christmas day by himself eating chinese food at a local restaurant. kumasi: who hurt him? what happened? keep it to yours
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[laughter] reggie: next at lavishly for $7,700 a month in rent. san francisco's newest senior housing complex is giving you a look inside. kumasi: it might be a key item you are picking up, but like many things, it is running short. reggie: tesla with a sweet deal for this christmas week hoping to get you to go out for a road trip. kumasi: hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill... [laughs] so true.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories at six: 30. omicron's winter warning. taking hold as the dominant strain in the u.s., president biden is set to announce a major strategy to deliver at home covid tests for free. >> he kept looking online and found the store. so i'm driving all the way down here to find it. kumasi: the covid test scramble before christmas. huge demand over the bay area a
6:30 am
few days until the holiday. doctors have extra tips you can try to make sure you are safe for family gatherings. reggie: say hello to your last dry commute for a while. checking some of the cameras across the bay area, does not matter where you are. you will get hit with this week's storms and mike is tracking it this morning. good morning on this tuesday. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: checking in with mike for more on the forecast. mike: it is going to be soggy for several days. that does not mean constant rain, but every day is going to rain. from now first week of january. the storm door opens today with morning rain after the commute ends in the north bay. the rest of us get it this afternoon and evening. select inland east bay neighborhoods like livermore and down into the south bay, your evening commute should be
6:31 am
slippery. look at the future radar, the first band moving ashore up there on the coast of sonoma. temperatures mild this morning unless you're in the san ramon valley, where we have a freezing fog. so watch out for thick ic will have to scrape and hopefully no black ice on elevated services. as we add to the lunch hour, light to moderate yellow to green. in wind -- southerly wind us to the mid 40's and 50's. more on this coming up. kumasi: president biden will speak to americans about the surge in new covid cases as a result of the omicron variant. reggie: jobina has more on the initiatives he plans to outline to fight the variant, including free covid tests. jobina: he will announce a plan to distribute 500 million free at home rapid covid-19 tests. they will be mailed to americans who request them through a website that will launch next month. it is not clear how many tests you will be able to request per
6:32 am
household. later today, the president is expected to lay out a new strategy to fight the omicron variant. 1000 military medical personnel will be deployed to help overrun hospitals. female will set up hospital overflow sites into distribute supplies. -- fema will set up hospital overflow sites and distribute supplies. in some parts, 90%. >> this omicron variant is stunningly transmissible. it is ripping through the u.s. at an incredible rate. jobina: top health officials say if americans are not vaccinated, boosted and wearing masks in public, the omicron variant will multiply quickly. reggie: abc news will have a special report when president wright and speaks today, scheduled for 11:30. -- biden speaks today, scheduled for 11:30. kumasi: there are a least three
6:33 am
cases of the new variant and koster connick county. it is likely been in the community for several weeks. it is not into thirds of the bay area counties including alameda, san francisco, sonoma and contra costa. reggie: doctor's toaster test before and after we gather, in between. but good luck. -- tell us to test after we gather come in between. good luck. amy hollyfield is live. amy: i found some tests at the cvs, they have some. they see demand has been high, but take a look. i took a picture to show you, table full of tests in walnut creek at the cvs on south california boulevard. the clerk said they had to refill the table three times yesterday. they have more, but say at this pace they will be sold out by tomorrow. shoppers tell us the hunt for
6:34 am
these tests or implement to get tested has been crazy. some are told the store has the test and the shopper gets there and find out they are gone. doctors say if you are planning to see others during the holidays, need to do it you can to find out if you have covid. >> the recommendation in terms of getting tests to try to meet with others safely is to do in antigen test right before the meeting. the bad news is those become very hot commodity and are very difficult to obtain. amy: doctors say we say we practice our safety measures when we gather, like using air filters indoors or socializing outside, if possible. they are also recommending a good-quality mask if you do plan to fly or attend a church service or holiday performance. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: right now on the
6:35 am
website, you can find this map showing dozens of places where you can get a test in the bay area. just go to kumasi: jury deliberations resume in the trial of a -- elizabeth holmes. she faces 11 charges into is accused of swindling investors by lying about the blood testing started. if convicted, she faces 20 years in federal prison. there is a podcast about the case hosted by rebecca jar j called the drop out. there is a new episode out today and every tuesday. you can listen wherever you stream podcasts. reggie: democrats in washington are regrouping after west virginia senator joe manchin's bombshell decision to vote no on president biden's $2 trillion social spending plan. the democrat was the key 50th vote needed to pass the presidents build back better bill. the legislation would have made historic investments on climate change, health, childcare, free
6:36 am
pre-k and prescription drugs. he explained why he came to his decision, blaming white house staff, but not the president, 14 king negotiations. -- 14 king -- for tanking negotiations. >> surely we can get enough protesters to say -- make a person uncomfortable enough to say they will vote. reggie: nancy pelosi says democrats will not give up the fight to get legislation on the president's desk. kumasi: you might have noticed the surge pricing with right shares. the reason that is driving up the uber in lift rides and when it might come to an end. reggie: looking live at the big board at the big board at the new york stock exchange. quite a change from yesterday. up 358 points, another update in a moment. ♪ reggie:
6:37 am
kumasi: pirates from sweden singing christmas songs in the snow. [laughter] the most unique christmas album you've got to see. [laughter] mike? mike: did we know we were missing this? can't wait to dive deeper into that one. let's take a look at what is going on in the south bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 30's, fog from yesterday has not developed yet. 41, milder than everybody else. we do have thick fog -- frost in the san ramon valley this morning. at the minimum, you are scraping some thick frost off the car. worst case, could be black ice on elevated surfaces. please be careful. 44 in san francisco. 880 at the coliseum, enjoy the dry commute. it is about to change. if you are at home, get out
6:38 am
early and enjoy it while you can. there's not going to be a lot of sunshine, traveling after after do not try in the sierra, especially thursday through saturday. some of the heaviest snowfall then. chance of thunderstorms tomorrow up in the northwest corner of sonoma. light to moderate rain breaking out in the north bay come afternoon to evening at slade south. even with the initial onslaught, there is more is the southwesterly flow continues the only overnight there tomorrow, but into tomorrow evening also. a look at how much rain the next 48 hours and how much rain total through sunday coming up in the seven day forecast. jobina: good morning. i am going to update you on the crashes we are following. the first one is in san jose, so check out that backup on northbound 101 at oakland road. the speeds are improving.
6:39 am
earlier i was looking around nine miles per hour. no injuries. or here in san lorenzo, south bend 880. speeds are slow, around 10 miles per hour. once you make it to the patch, you are on your way. emeryville getting busier, those headlights are moving in the westbound direction traveling toward the maze and eventually toll plaza. i thought i would bring in an overall look of the bay bridge from the south beach camera. speeds are going to be under the limit and stop and go as you get onto the western span into san francisco. the good news, if you are going
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6:42 am
a sharp start offensive men has been placed on the covid list. reggie: a new fallout from the sexual assault allegations against chris noth. he will no longer star the equalizer. future episodes will not include his character. it comes up to two women accused him of sexual assault. he denies the allegations, saying quote no always means no. as alina did not cross. he has been dropped by his ash that is a line i did not cross. he has been dropped by his talent agency. the fate of a former minnesota police officer is in the hands of a jury. the defense says this was a horrible accident. the prosecution says it was a mistake that deserves prison time. kumasi: the live desk has what jurors heard. jobina: jury deliberations resume this morning after yesterday's emotional closing arguments. kim potter's lawyers told the jury 20-year-old daunte wright's death was a tragic accident
6:43 am
because the former officer took her gun for her taser. prosecutors say this is a case of extreme negligence, telling the jury there is no such thing as a quote mistake defense. defense counter that, adding they believe potter was justified in using force because she was concerned he was going to drive away during a traffic stop and potentially injure another officer. >> i shot him, my god >> nobody is perfect. this lady made a mistake. a mistake is not a crime. >> she knew she had both weapons on her duty belt. she knew how to get it right. but she failed. she failed to daunte wright. jobina: she faces manslaughter charges and resigned days after the april shooting. the closing arguments happen in the same coat room where derek
6:44 am
chauvin was convicted of murdering george floyd, so this is another closely watched trial involving police in minnesota. kumasi: new developments, derek chauvin is asking to serve his present time in a federal lockup. that is despite the fact he may be incarcerated for a longer sentence. he says he is worried about his safety if he spends his 22.5 years in a minnesota state prison. he says he is concerned he may run into inmates he has previously arrested. reggie: new developments on redistricting in the south bay. an independent citizen panel assigned to redraw state maps has proved redistricting in san jose. residents oppose the idea. the mayor says the chosen map puts his city at a disadvantage over the next decade. san jose will be divided into four separate congressional districts. none of these districts would have a majority of san jose
6:45 am
residents, leaving the third day without a congressperson. california is suing walma accusing them of repeatedly dumping hazardous waste in the state. >> walmart is not cleaning up and we are paying the price. it is time for this unacceptable behavior to end. no corporation is too big to follow the law. this lawsuit should serve as a warning to the states worst offenders. we will hold you accountable. reggie: the attorney general listed numerous items he said walmart is illegally dumping. walmart responded with a statement saying quote the state is demanding a level of compliance regarding waste disposal from our stores of common household products and other items that goes beyond what is required by law. kumasi: airbnb is cracking down on people who want to rent a house to host a party. san francisco-based company added new restrictions to guests here in the u.s. and seven other countries. users with at least three
6:46 am
positive reviews will be banned from making one, two or three night reservations for an entire house. airbnb banned party houses in 2019 following a shooting that left five people dead. more than 100 people partied before shorts were fired -- shots were fired. reggie: uber and lyft times should come down as they were to sign on more drivers. passengers are seeing sticker shock every time they fire up the apps. demand is high during the holidays. both companies say there is a shortage of drivers due to the pandemic. regular users say they prefer using them over public transit because they see it as being safer. >> they drive with the windows down usually, i feel better about ventilation. reggie: they say they have added thousands of drivers the platform it expects wait times and prices to improve. huber says -- uber says they are seeing high demand.
6:47 am
drinking your favorite cocktail might be more difficult. you can blame the supply chain for that. there is an alcohol shortage at stores throughout california. backlogs at u.s. ports make it more difficult to get your beverage of choice to store shelves. 11% of alcoholic beverages have been sold out since after thanksgiving. >> due to the fact we have a global collection of winds into roughly half of our wines, we are definitely impacted. all of those are sitting off the port of long beach. reggie: for domestic distillers and brewers, there is a shortage of raw materials to bottle it. last, newman him -- aluminum, cans and courts are in short supply. changes are coming if you fly in delta basic economy. buying this tickets will no longer get you frequent flyer miles. there is good news. basic economy will be allowed to cancel flights and receive
6:48 am
partial credit for a future trip. cancellation fees will be between $100 in $200. a live look at the new york stock exchange, what a reversal. yesterday, stocks took a big hit because investors were nervous about omicron. today, we are up. more than 300 points. kumasi: christmas came early for tesla owners. you can use superchargers for free during off-peak hours, thursday through sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. a full list of locations is on tesla's website. the locations offering the holiday freebie are mostly located along the i-5 cord in the central valley. none of the bay area supercharging spots were listed. san francisco's newest luxury housing complex is about to welcome its first tenants. reggie: we are getting a first look inside. it is targeted toward seniors. i would not call it affordable housing. some of these units are going
6:49 am
for up to $17,000 a month. there are 208 units at this 14 story place called cathedral hill. studios start at 7700s start at they can include assisted living and memory care, there are more amenities. >> the price is all inclusive. everything you say. who have a concierge team downstairs, 24 hour security, transportation for residents within a five-mile range of the city. two ladies are included. michelin five cuisine reggie: there is a yoga room, theater and lots of room for daily activities. this luxury complex opens doors march 1. kumasi: is there hot tub? mike: there needs to be in san francisco. reggie: hot sub would be better.
6:50 am
once again, we need to have more senior friends. because of the pool. who doesn't love a senior friend with the pool? kumasi: that is true. senior friends, pull top parties. -- pool rooftop parties. mike: did you notice the pool picture had a clear sky over san francisco? sonny -- sunny? is that false advertisement? kumasi: that will happen when we have our party. reggie: september 13. mike: the day before my birthday, thanks. the sun always shines on you two. sutro chow are showing the multi layer of clouds, -- tower showing the multi layer of clouds. today is the winter solstice, shortest day of the year.
6:51 am
nine hours of potential sunshine. chance of rain to the end of the year into the beginning of the new year. it is possible every day if you believe medium-range models. temperatures today mid-40's to around 50 degrees. that is tonight. today, around 50 to around 60. will ramp from a one to a two, tomorrow morning there could be more puddles waiting if you're one of the early commuters. some sprinkles in the north bay, looking underneath the layer, it is pretty dry. not a lot of rain will fall except for in the highest elevations. that is the beginning of our one with morning rain and the north bay. the rest of it during the afternoon and evening. look at 9:00 tonight. as you head out, still places in the south bay and east bay, the outlet malls in livermore, which they call the san francisco outlet malls, they are going to
6:52 am
be relatively dry until later in the evening. look at all of the rain tomorrow. my biggest concern out of this storm is going to be the flooding on the roads and in the parking lots. we have a one or two every single day. no threes, no fours, no fives. we'll keep the intensity down and let all of this soak in. what does run off up the reservoirs. an umbrella everyday. kumasi: michelle young's journey to love and with an engagement? we find out tonight of the finale of the bachelorette. reggie: this morning, sneak peek of tonight's episode. >> i can see she has [indiscernible] >> the logistics removing, i do not know. -- shar we moving, i do not know. >> i do not know if i the end of this, you feel like you are ready for engagement. i am not sure if you are 100%
6:53 am
in. >> um. >> listen. there is one objective on the show. reggie: when over the parents. kumasi: get engaged. reggie: get engaged, yeah. but that is key. kumasi: thank goodness for parents asking the questions. this is brandon, that was the end this is brandon. reggie: i haven't heard brandon say anything, i like him more than nate. i didn't like the way he handled the mom and dad. kumasi: bachelorette cohost says tonight's finale is a tearjerker and you should expect the unexpected. you can watch the three hour event tonight starting at 8:00. two hours then the after the rose part starts at 10:00. you can watch abc seven news at 11:00. reggie: i like it when they say none of you all. and run. she should run. kumasi: that is not the point of the show. i want a nice, beatable ending. reggie: we will see what
6:54 am
happens. new at 6:00, christmas albums by mariah, michael, elvis, the list goes on. kumasi: how about an album by a crew of swedish pirates? ♪ reggie: kumasi: let me tell you what i know. the group released their christmas album, a pirate stole my christmas, the song titles include o cannonball is ring the bells. [laughter] the crew is made up of 19 performers who have been creating music for more than a decade. the album is available as a cd. [laughter]
6:55 am
[laughter] reggie: 10 years, who allowed them? who gave them permission? kumasi: why did you laugh at heart it cd? i was -- hard at cd? i was not ready. reggie: abc 7 in partnership is hosting a day of giving for disaster relief. the american red cross is 2021 has been one of the most active years for severe weather in the u.s.. families displaced by disaster spent on average almost 30 days in a shelter. join is to help families and communities affected by these disasters, visit redcr
6:56 am
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6:58 am
kumasi: here are seven things to know. san jose police are expected to release more information about monday's shooting at the oakridge mall. no one was hurt and no suspect was found. reggie: president biden will announce a plan to distribute 500 million free at home rapid tests. abc news will air a special report on the speech at 11:30 this morning. kumasi: the omicron variant has been detected in two thirds of the bay area counties. you can see those in red. contra costa is the latest. there are three cases. reggie: queen elizabeth canceled
6:59 am
her plans because of omicron. she is going to stay at windsor castle just outside of london instead of traveling to a different estate. mike: dry this morning, 12 hours from now just about all of us dealing with the first of a several days of wet weather. today storm is a one. jobina: a live look at the toll plaza, lights at the plaza. the bay bridge's credit as he hit the western span. speeds under the limit. kumasi: i thought we were going to hear the sound of this man for number seven. the big apple is getting ready to bring in 2022. the seven foot tall numbers to ring in the new year are in times square after coming from l.a.. we expect to find out this week if the ball drop is going to have to be modified because of covid-19. reggie: kumasi is referring to the man who was rehearsing, he was giving it his all. his moment to shine. you really did. kumasi: trying to addition and
7:00 am
replace ryan seacrest. [laughter] reggie: good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this tuesday morning. omicron now the dominant variant in the u.s. breaking news, the biden administration planning to announce aggressive new measures to fight the omicron variant from mailing hundreds of millions of rapid tests to americans to deploying the military to struggling hospitals. overnight the first death from the omicron variant reported in the u.s. as the nhl becomes the first major sports league to hit pause. overseas the queen canceling the royal family's traditional christmas and this morning, what the world health organization is saying about celebrating the holidays. dr. fauci joins us this morning with the very latest. holiday rush. this morning, the worst times to hit the road for christmas as americans taking to the skies reach record numbers for the pandemic.


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