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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving full, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we expect a doubling of cases every two to three days. as i said earlier, a lot of people have become infected with the virus because it's transmissible. we haven't seen the likes of this before. >> tonight, there are growing concerns over the omicron variant as health officials warn about the next surge ahead of holiday gatherings. thank you for joining us. quakes are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 live on abc 7, who live in wherever you stream. it is stunning. the covid-19 omicron variant is spreading in san francisco. the city's department of confirms there are 30 probable cases of the variant among residents, and they believe this
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is likely in undercount. today the doctor told abc 7 news that he expects the numbers cases to double every two to three days in the near future. he's concerned about the hospitals becoming overwhelmed. >> we looked at the state, and there were more vaccination rates. it is quite plausible at this point that our hospitals will have the resolve that increases. >> dr. colfax stresses that the best way to stay out of the hospital is by getting fully vaccinated and to receive that booster shot. >> santa cruz county as a leader is to report new cases of the omicron variant. the health department said two people tested positive last week, they are both in their mid-20's but no other information on travel or vaccination status was provided. omicron has been diagnosed in more than two thirds of the bay area's counties including alameda, marin, sonoma and contra costa. >> governor newsom's office tweeted that the state will
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require health-care workers to get the covid booster. this comes as the mayor of san jose proposes a booster mandate for his city. abc 7 news reporter zach says under the mayor's proposal, city employees and those looking to enter city-owned venues would not need to be boosted. >> it's been only a day since the cdc announced the omicron variant is the dominant variant in the u.s. san jose's mayor says it's time to take more action. >> scientific studies are telling us what we must do, and that is to get boosted and to wear masks antero use common sense. >> if it's proposed by the san jose city council, it would require people to present proof of a booster shot to enter venues. exceptions would be made for those who got their second dose within the last six months. it would also require that city employees have booster shots. >> is important for us to notify out our workforce so they can make preparations so that nobody
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is surprised. >> 95% of city employees have been administered at least two doses of the vaccine. sanford hospital epidemiologist says, this is a move in the right direction. >> we mention that folks maximize the number of people boosted will be good for the boosted person and for society. people who have been boosted have a much lower risk of getting infected. >> it was met with pushback from city employees in groups representing them. he spoke to how he hopes things will work out of this mandate is approved. >> we believe we worked this out and it ensures the folks give vaccinated. those who have legitimate exemptions on religious grounds are granted those exemptions, but that's a small percentage of
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our working population. >> in the east bay, proof of vaccination will be required inside the oakland restaurants, theaters, gyms and other businesses after a vote by the city council. here are the details of this afternoon's vote. >> there were some urgency to get this passed. it was treated as an emergency measure, which meant it required only one reading from the city council instead of the normal two readings. there are exceptions to the new ordinance, dental offices and public libraries are exempt. oakland has now joined other bay area cities when requiring proof of vaccination in order to enter some businesses and entertainment venues. >> the purpose of this ordinance is to encourage more people to give vaccinated, to increase the vaccination rate in oakland. >> 75% of people in oakland are fully vaccinated while 82% have received one dose. some expressed concerns that
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oakland was crossing the lines when it came to deciding a medical issue. >> the fact that we are going where the actual public health agency decided to do this has not gone yet is something that is worth acknowledging. >> few businesses didn't wait for the city council vote. for them, staying open this holiday week was too risky and decided to pause operations. >> i saw was spreading rapidly and i urged for other's in the area that they were dealing with it. >> proof of vaccinati vaccinatii already required in san francisco. still a few restaurants and bars have decided to close this week. they said that out of an abundance of caution for the safety of their patrons, staff and family, they are closing until december 27. in the meantime, the golden gate restaurant association sent in email.
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with concern over the rapidly increasing spread of the omicron variant, we highly recommend boosters for everyone who meets the criteria outlined by the san francisco department of public health. quakes particularly asking restaurants to look out for their staff, and that we decide it was the important push. quakes employees are reminded that many sites require this but there are drop in options available. so, beside san francisco and oakland, san jose, berkeley and contra costa county have requirements around proof of vaccination. children and teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 will have to show proof of vaccination in oakland, but they don't need to have their id with them. only adults have to. so, anyone 18 and older has to have both on hand. fully vaccinated people that they should continue with their holiday plans without worrying
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about becoming seriously ill, but they should not expect to be totally immune. president biden: vaccine people get covid, but they are protected from severe illness and death. that's why you should still remain vigilant. >> the president gave details about the white house latest response in the government will provide 500 million home covid tests for free. people can go to a website and get a test mail to them. in addition he urged parents to get their eligible parents -- children vaccinated and wanted to prepare 1000 military service to assist at overwhelmed hospitals. shortly after the message to the nation, wall street closed with gains across the border. stocks recoup yesterday's losses and then some. the dow closed up more than 500 points, ending the day up. the nasdaq was up 360 while the s&p 500 gained 81. >> bay area congressmen is pushing for a vaccine mandate on
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domestic flights. he along with senator feinstein sent a letter to the cdc and faa urging them to require proof of vaccination for a negative covid testified domestically. they say it's necessary because of the omicron variant and air travel has returned to near pre-pandemic levels. the new york congressman in virginia congressman also signed the letter. quakes let's turn to storm watch as a new round of rain returns to the store -- to the bay area. >> there are droplets in our cameras at the golden gate bridge. let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist. >> i will hang onto the umbrellas because the entire week, even into early next week, you will need them. let me show you live doppler seven, we have rain moving in, it is not across the entire region, but most areas are seeing wet weather. let's get you into the radar. santa rosa heading into sonoma. we are seeing light rain.
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it is steady across the peninsula from south city to skyline boulevard into the east bay we are seeing moderate pockets of showers around skyline boulevard in oakland. as we widen out, it's a narrow band. this system has lost some of its intensity, so we have downgraded it to a level one. you will notice that the rain line continues to move through. by to moderate rain for tomorrow. breezy at times. i will be back to let you know about the other storms on the holiday forecast coming up. dan: in the south bay we are learning new information about last night shooting at oakridge mall. san jose police say it was an isolated incident between two people, so far, no arrests have been made. abc 7's reporter at has heard from police and the mayor and that's -- here's the latest. >> chaos, pandemonium, a description of the moments after gunshots rang out at oakridge mall in san jose. >> there was upwards of 5000 people in the mall yesterday
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when this happen. we are very, very lucky an innocent bystander did not get hit. >> investigators say two people were seen fighting in front of forever 21. police recovered evidence confirming the shooting but the suspect in person injured have not been located. >> after the investigation it was not an active by definition. it was an isolated incident between two individuals. >> today, business as usual at the mall, packed parking lots filled with people before christmas. >> it's the holiday season. just hoping and praying for the best. >> san jose's mayor credits the quick response of them, but another instance of gun violence has an pushing gun reform. >> as long as that's the case, this will continue to be like this. and we have to do everything we possibly can to reduce harm from
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the gunds. >> police are left to deal with another crime at the mall. oakridge has twice been the target of organized robberies. the latest on saturday, now this and hj pd say they remain on high alert. >> saturday night we were there within minutes. yesterday, within two minutes we had officers going into the mall. we are ready to respond as the incidents arise. >> if you have information about the shooting you are asked to contact as jp pee dee. -- s jp pee dee. ama: the jury sent a note to the court. what they asked the judge. >> is concerned grows over car break-ins, there are now several ac
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excitement when holmes returned to the courthouse. stephanie sierra tells us why. >> there was a lot of anticipation the jury may have reached a verdict when elizabeth holmes suddenly showed up at the courthouse with her attorney. here's a video of her leaving. deliberations will now resume on thursday. these eight men and four women will decide the fate of elizabeth holmes. the former earth there are no ceo one seen as's silicon valley's star praised believed to transform health care, could now spend decades behind bars. >> think jurors don't want to take a weighty decision of the holidays. defense if they continue to deliver a pass this weekend and next week, that indicates that
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there might be a defense verdict. >> as anticipation builds, so do questions about impact this verdict will have moving forward. a retired biotech executive got her stanford phd in chemical engineering, the same department of which homes dropped out of. >> what message do you think aspiring ceos, those young innovators who had idolized her will take away from this trial? >> that there are people who idolized her and wished it was an example for women, but i sure hope they take that you need to have something real underneath. really have technology and a reason to believe in it. >> she could face up to 20 years in prison for each count. the cases for each count is 21 months. holmes won't be returning to the courtroom until a verdict is reached or the jury has another question. in san jose, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. ama: san francisco's medical
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examiner's office has regained accreditation after losing it. an employee was dealing drugs. the city said the office was granted provisional accreditation status after them cementing key reforms like investments in staffing, new policies and improved deficiency. the changes have resulted in 80% of death certificates being completed within 90 days. they lost their accreditation back in 2017 as it struggled to overcome a backlog and death reports as well as problems with narcotics and staffing issues. >> concerns over safety have some people looking for personal guards. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher.
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ama: crime is one of the top concerns in the bay area and now several innovators are using technology to help people protect themselves on their property. melanie woodrow shows us three apps that are helping people stay safe. >> reports of two asian women
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stabbed waiting for a bus in san francisco shook him to his core. >> i wanted to do something. >> is the founder and ceo of bodyguard, an app that allows you to hire an armed or unarmed guard. you can also hire a volunteer regard for elderly people or those who can afford the service that begins at 50 to $70 an hour. the guards will be licensed and undergo vigorous background checks. >> the fact that we would even need this. the fact that people are treating asian people less than dogs. >> he's hoping to launch by the end of january. it's one of several apps and a growing space meant to make people feel safe in big cities like san francisco. this is another app and testing with the rollout in the next month or so. the ceo and founder created it on deciding whether his then preteen daughter would be safe on a bike ride in the city with
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a friend. >> it's a technology platform that gives you situational awareness. >> it uses location-based data to provide a score and alert you to potential risks. the app is free. >> we don't believe in fear mongering. we believe in giving people the confidence to move freely. it's all most like a sick sense. >> he was also inspired by a personal experience. he said someone broke into his car three times in one year. >> i lost family pictures, business plans. most of the items were irreplaceable. >> he created the watch my car app, a platform where owners can hire armed or unarmed security guards to wash their parked cars . >> the security guards would deter a lot of crime. it only takes a minute. when you have a security guard that's present, obviously you have to make a choice. >> he said it's at least another year in the making and applauds the growing space using technology to address client --
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crime. >> we all have to contribute in the solution. law enforcement can't do this themselves. >> three safety option giving new meaning to the phrase, there an apt for that -- there's an app for that. >> here's a live look from the mount rose ski resort just north of lake tahoe. the national weather service is highly discouraging travel to the sierra starting tomorrow because of this incoming system that is expected to bring several feet of snow this week. they say thursday and friday will likely be the worst days to travel. drivers are being warned to prepare for major delays, chain controls, road closures and near whiteout conditions. ama: that storm is also bringing us rain in the bay area. dan: let's go to abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel. >> this is the first storm of winter. we have several more through early next week, let's look at live doppler seven and you will see that it is a soggy view.
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let's get you down to street level. southbay is not getting skipped. street-level radar showing you the wet weather. walnut creek into concord, 680, counting down moderate pockets around 80, fairfield, vacaville. if you do need to get outside and do some more holiday shopping her head out of town, be careful. we are tracking a batch of moisture off the coast that will be into san francisco at 7:58. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. today's highs were in the 40's and 50's, really held down. you see the raindrops on our golden gate bridge. starting to feel like winter. a level three tomorrow. lights moderate rain. wet roads, breezy conditions at time. let me show you the hourly forecast. 6:00 tonight. lights moderate rain moving through as we head into 10:00
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p.m. widespread across the evening, downpours not all the question. if you are commuting or getting out of town at 5:00, you will see scattered light showers, but just enough to wet the roadways and slow you down, so be prepared. that trend continues into wednesday night and then watch her happen, this becomes a level two on thursday, as we do have downpours moving in and pops of yellows, oranges indicating heavier rain thursday, even though we don't have thunder and the forecast, keep an eye on that because there could be the potential for an isolated thunderstorm. rainfall totals, it's taking you through early next week since we have several storms coming in and, most of you will be measuring in inches, anywhere from two to three and a half inches. some of the weather spots will be picking up to a half a foot of rain. be prepared, winter weather advisory, 7:00 p.m. tonight.
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it becomes a warning at for clark to morning going until 4:00 p.m. sunday. three to four feet, difficult and possible travel over the peaks, we are talking about nine feet with windy conditions. that's why it's best to hold off on travel. some scattered showers, it will be in the 50's. if you low 60's in the southern end of the viewing area. a one tomorrow, two for thursday, rain and gusty winds. friday, i think christmas eve is a level one. santa should have no problems. level two for saturday. cold and wet for christmas and more showers sunday, monday, colder storms coming in. by tuesday, we may talk about snow over higher peaks. ama: i think santos lead is
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with kisqali. >> san francisco firefighters were at st. mary's medical center to collect toys. it's for the annual san francisco firefighters toy drive. people donate thousands of toys every year for children in the community. last year's drive was canceled because of the pandemic. the toy drive was back on at the last minute. and you are still able to donate
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hundreds of toys. >> a chance to meet folks on the peninsula to help with the toy drive and spread holiday cheer. >> ♪ town peace on earth is all around everything is calm on christmas eve ♪ ♪ dan: a song i recorded and released again this holiday season that's being played on radio. we were at the veterans memorial with dave august in the nfl alumni association for a toy drive. if you'd like to help, please visit nfl alumni. really a lot of fun there today. ama: world news tonight is next. things for joining us. dan: we appreciate your time. hope you have -- enjoy watching
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. president biden's speech to the nation. his warning to americans about this new variant, the omicron variant, now sweeping the country. the president's sobering address to the nation today, 24 hours after we learned the omicron variant is now the dominant strain here in the u.s., making up 73% of new cases. 90% of cases in some parts of the country. new york city tonight breaking records. what they're seeing from michigan to wisconsin. and across the country, people waiting for hours in line, waiting to get tested for covid before christmas. president biden urging unvaccinated americans to get vaccinated now, calling it potentially a life or death decision. and telling those who are vaccinated to get a booster as soon as possible.


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