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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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covered in raindrops. the rain has spread throughout the bay area. abc 7 was in this area as the rain came down. umbrellas out, bottles in the parking loss as well. so let's bring in the expert. ama: abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian who is tracking it all. it is just the beginning. spencer: it is, at least a weeks worth of rain almost every day. let's look at live doppler 7 and you can see it is wet just about everywhere. heavy rain reaching land in the east bay, moving towards walnut grove. out towards antioch right now. have got a batch of downpours just offshore ready to move on shore in the next few minutes. so it will be pretty wet. the storm we have now is a level one on the stremme impact scale, light intensity.
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through tomorrow we can expect light to moderate rainfall, wet roadways. breezy at times. here is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. between now and midnight, steady light to moderate rainfall. it will break up into lighter rain in the daylight hours and that pattern will continue not only to the day tomorrow, there will be waves of rain every day to the next seven days. meanwhile, there will be more snow in the sierra, it winter destroy morning from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow till 4 p.m. sunday. 3-4 feet of snow. some locations in the higher elevations had nine feet of snow in the sierra by sunday. i will have more coming up for you including the accuweather 7-day forecast a little bit later. ama: thank you. you can keep an eye on the weather, including doppler seven, anytime on the abc 7 bay area news app available on apple tv, android tv, and fire
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tv. dan: health care workers in california will be required to get a booster shot. he promised more details tomorrow. for the first time, a child in solano county died of coronavirus. the infant was less than a year old. many california schools will start online classes for a few weeks, to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. so far, no changes uc berkeley and ucsf. today santa cruz county announced its diagnosed cases of the omicron variant for the first time, the two patients in their 20's. , and has now been diagnosed in two-thirds of the bay area counties including alameda, santa clara, san francisco, sonoma, and contra costa. at a recent party, posts required that everyone be vaccinated and test negative, trying to do the right thing. but despite those precautions, after the party, dozens of guests tested positive. reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> we are presuming at this
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point that this is an reporter: that public health officer says omicron is exploding in size across the country, even marin county. . he says it is likely responsible for an outbreak at a holiday party held at a restaurant on december 11. 28 attendees tested positive for covid, sam showings mild symptoms. >> it really is a harbinger of what we might expect for the next chapter of this pandemic. even in the coming days, we will see a lot more cases of covid-19 unfortunately. reporter: he says the party costs required guests be vaccinated, even tested for the event. >> the organizers really did everything right. it is not so much about blaming, so much as it is about understanding what it is teaching us about the nature of the omicron variant. >> unfortunately, there was an
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outbreak. reporter: this restaurant owner says his staff followed particles after being notified about the outbreak. >> when that happens for restaurants, we have to immediately get tested. we tested, and all of us were tested and negative except for one. when the person tested positive, on saturday. reporter: that employee now isolating at home. health officers are not saying to cancel your holiday plans, but make sure that those you gather with our vaccinated and boosted. >> if you are not yet boosted, you remain highly vulnerable to being infected. reporter: the hosts declined to request for an interview but texted that they feel bad about what happened. they feel it could be a cautionary tale about what can go wrong and you are trying to do everything right. in clarksburg, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. ama: today the city of oakland asked a strict ordinance to require proof of vaccination in public places. starting february 1, the requirement will apply to indoor restaurants, bars, theater venues, museums, gyms, and
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senior living centers. people have to show proof of vaccination and i.d. >> the purpose of this ordinance is to encourage more people to get vaccinated, to increase our vaccination rate in oakland. ama: there are some differences between the oakland vaccine requirement and san francisco's and like oakland, san francisco doesn't require proof of vaccination at city hall, movie theaters, or museums. this bay area congressman is pushing for a vaccine mounted on domestic flights. he, along with senator feinstein sent a letter to the faa and the cdc, urging them to require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to fly domestically. they say it is necessary because of the increase in the number of people traveling. san jose could become the first city in the state to require not just vaccines, but booster shots. . the mandate would apply to city employees and people looking to enter city-owned venues. our reporter explains where the
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mayor is making this announcement now. reporter: it has been only a day since the cdc announced the omicron variant is now the dominant covid-19 variant in the u.s.. locally, san jose mayor sam liccardo says it is time to take action. >> scientific studies are telling us what we must do, and that is to get boosted and to wear our mask. reporter: if his proposal is approved by the san jose city council next month, it would require people to present proof of a booster shot to enter city-owned venues, like the sap center. exceptions for those who get their second dose within the last six months, and minors who are intelligibly at. it would also require city employees have booster shots. >> it is important to notify our workforce so they can make reparations so nobody is surprised by this. reporter: he says more than 95% of city employees have been administered at least two doses of the vaccine. this epidemiologist says, this is a move in the right direction. >> a measure that helps maximize the number of people boosted
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will be good for the boosted person, and for society. the people who have been boosted have a much lower risk of getting infected. reporter: the city's original vaccine mandate was met with pushback from city employees and groups resenting them. ricardo spoke to how he hopes things will work out with this amended if approved. >> we think we have worked out a measure that works collaboratively, that ensures folks get vaccinated, those who have legitimate, or have certain legitimate exemptions, on religious grounds, are granted those exemptions, but that is a very small percentage of our working population. reporter: in san jose zach fuentes, abc 7 news. ama: if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, ask our vaccine team. go to, and click on the big blue box. ♪
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dan: a tense scene in san jose today, where police used tear gas to end a standoff. it began this morning near the ups center on south 7th street, finally ending around 3:30. officials say the man was pointing a long gun or a shoulder-fired or checked out weapon at people as they were passing by. he has been arrested for brandishing a weapon and outstanding warrants. bart writers are running into delays today because the civic center was closed. we are told a buddy was found between the civic center and a station. there is an investigation going on right now. bart says it doesn't appear as though the person was hit by a train. it is diverting trains to avoid a backup. light rain muni bypassing the civic center in both directions, by the way. days after this outrageous
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robbery was caught on camera outside the hotel, another guest is targeted in a smash and grabs. anchor dion lim is here with the story will see only on 7. there is a twist to this. thdionne: this is in the middle of the holiday season. when one chicago mother saw what happened, she wanted her son to be careful. this brazen robbery at gunpoint happened within seconds thursday night outside the downtown marriott in oakland. you can see this video used in the police investigation, a hotel guest is ambushed by two individuals while unloading his vehicle. it is a video that mats on mother sent to him. >> she is always worrying about me and watching too much news. dion: dean is from chicago and was visiting the bay area for work training and a few days of snowboarding. he says he pulled into the marriott around midday monday to check in. >> they grabbed my suitcases and back from the back of the truck.
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i walked inside, i got my room and my key and proceeded to take our bags upstairs. dion: he says when he went back outside to park his car -- >> within five minutes. dion: the windows were smashed, and everything inside was gone. >> that's when i realized i had lost three computers and a lot of work stuff and personal stuff. dion: i reached out to the marriott to ask about safety measures at the hotel given these two incidents. that general manager sent me a statement that reads in part, quote, "they are aware of the incident, and requested questions be directed to police, given the ongoing investigation." dean and his girlfriend returned to chicago, but not without sharing this lesson -- no matter how many people are in the area -- >> there is at least five or six people, because there is a door guy, there was a valet parking, an old woman who was checking in and getting out of her car, there was a few people at the actual check in desk. i just want to send a message that you can't leave your stuff
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and attended. ama: it is good advice. dion: multiple law enforcement agencies told me that during the holiday season, there is usually an uptick in crime. certainly makes sense, especially when there are more people doing holiday shopping, participating in gathering and events. it goes to show you, you have to watch your back at all times. dan: you know what is frustrating and a little alarming, this used to happen in the shadows, in back alleys. now it is happening everywhere. dion: it happened in the middle of the day. dan: crazy. thanks. ama: 7 on your side helps a woman who usually saves people from scams. this time she filed for one herself. also i had -- >> we expected january is when the surgica surge will peak. dan: what you can do now to protect yourself and your commun
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dan: east bay congresswoman barbara has a breakthrough case of covid. she says she has mild, cold-like symptoms and knows it would've been much worse if she wasn't vaccinated and hadn't had a booster shot. she is isolating. we certainly wish her a speedy recovery. today president biden laid out his plan to expand hospitals, vaccinations and testing, in the middle of the winter surge. >> the federal government approach is, 1.5 billion billion with a b, additional at-home rapid tests, with delivery starting in january.
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dan: people can order the free tests online starting next month. the government is also planning to prepare 1000 military service members to assist at overwhelmed hospitals. he reassured those who are vaccinated that they can stick with holiday plans without air of becoming seriously l. he emphasizes repeatedly now that the current moment is different that march of 2020 when the coronavirus reached pandemic status, exciting vaccinations and. ama: better preparedness. ama: when it comes to coronavirus activity, we may be about to see an up, according to san francisco's director of public health. >> we expect a doubling of cases in two to three days in the future, a doubling of cases every two to three days. ama: omicron is a dominant variant, and we are seeing cases arise in the area. luz pena is part of the vaccine team, and she spent today in san francisco's mission district. loosluz: omicron has surpassed
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all cases. >> everything was delta. we went to 6%. three days ago it was 67% omicron. luz: a daunting spike in a matter of days, could be telling of what is ahead. when do you believe you will see the majority of cases coming out of this site as omicron? >> we expected january will be when the surgical week. luz: their sequence shows that every person who tested positive for omicron was vaccinated. the chief of infectious diseases at zuckerberg's san francisco general hospital is urging the public to add a next layer of protection and get boosted. >> the latinx and the black community, over this pandemic have had to fold more infections, to fold more hospitalizations and deaths. we thought after delta we would have a high vaccination rate here. but what we saw with this variant is that two vaccines is not enough. luz: every day over 400 people
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get tested at the mission site. today, alphonso and his 12-year-old son wanted peace of mind. >> we want to make sure we are not positive. luz: the latino task force is providing resources to those who tested positive for omicron. >> making sure they have food, that they have cleaning supplies, and let the kids who came back positive get some toys this holiday season. luz: and as they gear up for the next two weeks, they are asking city officials for more help. >> to open up large vaccination sites again so that we can ramp up. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. ama: are right. time to get to this weather. that storm door is really open wide. dan: it is going to be wild all week, spencer. spencer: certainly is. the weather has already gotten to us. it will be here for a while. on doppler wide expanse of rainfall. some of it tapering off in the
6:18 pm
inland areas right now, but we have a batch of downpours just offshore, ready to move on short. heaviest rain so far in the north bay and inland east bay. this storm ranks as number one on the storm impact scale tomorrow. through tomorrow we can expect light to moderate rainfall, wet roadways. we will likely have it morning and evening tomorrow. breezy at times as well. a live look from central tower. we have had some rain but it is not for right now. temperature readings in the upper 40's in san francisco, oakland, mountain view. 51 at san jose and morgan hill. 50 at half moon bay. the view from emeryville, appears to be some rainfall, but not heavy enough to be certain. mid-40s from santa rosa, novato and concord. fairfield and napa at 43 degrees. the view at the golden gate where it has been raining, you can see the wet pavement there. light to moderate rain will
6:19 pm
continue overnight. expect several storms into early next week, and there is a possibility of snow over our higher peaks. colder air will settle in over the weekend. here is our forecast animation tonight. notice between now and midnight, we will see a steady stream of light to moderate rainfall. in the morning hours, it will break up into light to moderate showers. morning lows in the 40's. in our inland valleys, those may drop to the 30's. highs tomorrow in the mid-50's. some inland areas will not warm up beyond 53 degrees tomorrow. it will be cooler inland tomorrow than anywhere else. 5:00 a.m. thursday, notice every single day, we get waves of rain, and snow in the sierra. moore on christmas day, that is when the cold air will come in. we might see some snow in our higher peaks. snow in the sierra will continue to fall, in that pattern continues next week. rainfall totals we estimate will range from 3-4 .5 inches across
6:20 pm
the region. it will be a week long soaking. some of our main concerns are minor urban flooding, high concerns about. rises of small streams. mudslides, moderate concern for that. only little concern for trees down and power lines, but that could happen, as well. and a winter storm warning is in effect from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow 4:00 p.m. send in the sierra. we could see nine feet of snow in the higher peaks. it will be rainy and gusty on thursday. friday, stronger storm, another level two on the storm impact scale. . and also on saturday, christmas day. sunday through tuesday, rainfall and maybe some snow mixing in with rain. dan: what a week. thank you, spencer. ever thought about hiring a bodyguard? what about one for your car? what about one for your car? there is an enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test
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6:24 pm
world we live in. i wanted to do something. melanie: he is the ceo and founder of an app that allows you to hire an armed guard. there is also an option to hire a volunteer guard for elderly people, or those who can't afford the service that begins at $50 to $75 an hour. >> so they can feel safe. reporter: he says that guards will be licensed and undergo vigorous background checks. >> it is sad that we need this. the fact that people are treating asian people less than dogs. melanie: he is hoping to launch by january. bodyguard is one of several apps in a growing space made to make people feel safer in big cities like san francisco. this is another one in testing with the rollout in the next month or so. the ceo, vincent, created the app when deciding whether his then-daughter would save on pride in the city with friends. >> it gives you situational awareness.
6:25 pm
melanie: it uses data to alert you to potential risks. the app is free. >> we don't believe in fear mongering. we believe in giving people the confidence to move freely. it is almost like a sixth sense. melanie: like higgins, daniel was also inspired by a personal experience. someone broke into his car three times in one year. >> i lost family, pictures, business plans. most of the items were irreplaceable. melanie: he created the "watch my car" app, a platform where car owners can hire armed or unarmed security guards to watch their armed car for $20 to $25 an hour. >> they will deter a lot of crime. it only takes a minute or two. when you have a security guard present, obviously you have to make a choice. melanie: he expects the app is at least another year in the making, and uploads the growing space using technology to address crime. >> we are watching the decline of san francisco. we all have to contribute in the solution. law enforcement cannot do this
6:26 pm
themselves. melanie: three safety-enhancing options, given a new meaning to the phrase "there's an app for that." melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. ama: it is sad that we have to think about these things, dan. dan: at least technology might offer help, but it is a sign of the times. well, the bay area is one of the hardest places in the country to find an affordable place to live -- you know that. tonight we dig into hardship renters face because of the color of their skin. >> that tricks scammers are using to steal your money and social security number. i am michael finney.
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: abc 7n: abc 7n: abc 7n: ab7 extensively on discrimination in the home appraisal process. tonight, a look into discrimination against renters in the area. ama: according to new research, black renters in san francisco are less likely to get responses when applying for a place to live. we look into the issue and what to do if you face discrimination
6:30 pm
while looking to lease. reporter: the bay area has long had one of the most competitive and expensive rental markets in the country. now research shows it is even more difficult for black renters to sign a lease in the city. the reason is simple -- >> because if you don't get a response, you have no way of accessing that property. reporter: a professor at the university of illinois is one of the authors of this study from the national bureau of economic research, that found renters of color in america's 50 largest cities are less likely to hear back from rental properties than white renters. >> in almost all the markets, both african-american and latinx renters received systematically lower response rates to inquiries to the same properties , as inquiries from a fictitious white identity. reporter: black renters in san francisco face the six worst response rate in the
6:31 pm
>> discriminatory behavior that is affecting housing access of african-american households is pretty strong in san francisco. less strong in terms of discriminatory behavior affecting housing access of latinx households. reporter: researchers applied online to thousands of apartments and rental home listings using software bots, and fictitious names associated with lack, hispanic, latino, and white racial groups. no income or family status information was included. >> other differences are driven by racialized perceptions on the basis of the names of individuals -- fictitious individuals making inquiries. >> were you surprised at how high san francisco ranked on the list? >> pretty shocking that it is the top-six. reporter: she is the executive director of the housing advocacy nonprofit. it regularly investigates complaints of racial discrimination in the north bay.
6:32 pm
the findings of the study mirror that claims she has investigated in the last two decades. >> what's clear is that there is so much stereotyping. sometimes it is conscious, sometimes not so conscious. reporter: racial discrimination has many forms. >>. >> how long it takes for a housing provider to call back, if they call back at all. what's being communicated about the availability of one or more units. terms and conditions. the application process. reporter: if you believe you faced rental discrimination, they recommend you call your local fair housing agency immediately. . the organizations are equipped to run rental testing investigations that collect evidence, often necessary when filing complaints with state and federal housing agencies. the complaints can result in open session, or an injunction -- result in compensation, or an injunction to allow you to move in. how can these platforms be designed in ways that reduce or
6:33 pm
ideally eliminate discriminatory behavior? reporter: julian glover, abc 7 news. ama: you can get in touch with julian on twitter and facebook and on instagram. dan: a painful reminder for all of us tonight, from a woman who admits she should have known better. 7 on your side michael finney introduces us to an advocate who spent decades protecting seniors from scams, only to fall for one herself. it is just a reminder for all of us. michael: she is very brave to talk about this with us. those in the business of swindling people look for where we are the most vulnerable. when they find that, they move in for the financial carol. she shows us the certificate she received awarding her a $300,000 grant from the federal government. she immediately thought of all the good things she. >> could do with that money. >> i still had some ideas --
6:34 pm
thought of other things she could do with that money. >> i still had some ideas of . michael: she got a message supposedly from a friend telling her she had received money from the government. no paying back because it is not alone, he wrote. this is a joke, right? i paid off my bills, he said. it sounds like a scan, she said. shirley has been advocating for seniors since the 1990's, educating them on how to protect themselves from scams like this one. but this pitch was supposedly from her friend. it's legit, i will not get involved if it is not legit. i am always careful -- he replied. the idea of raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, proved too tempting. she let her guard down. >> not a good decision on my part. michael: she reached out to
6:35 pm
john's contact, applied, and was initially approved. congratulations, the prize-winning money is $300,000, the agent wrote. you have to make an upfront payment for $1500 for paperwork and the delivery fee. take a photo on the back and front of each card, just like you see in the photo. eventually she asked for a social security number, and shirley gave it to her. she began to beat herself up when she learned from his friend john, that his account had been hacked. >> when they say that you will get $300,000, i was, wow, a moment of reckoning for me. of course, now i know it was all flesh. and i am very ashamed of it. but it taught me a few lessons, that is for sure. michael: it has been confirmed that the picture is actually a fema employee, whose image is being used improperly and without consent. fema tells us it would never ask for payment via gift card.
6:36 pm
shirley's for seniors, just say no. >> if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. michael: she is still educating all of us. now, do you want more information or do you know someone who needs it? we have a lot of important links in our website, and look for 7 on your side. dan: thanks, michael. ama: we just got word that the bart service station has opened again -- the bart civic station. bart says it doesn't appear as though the person was hit by a train. there are still delays for bart trains in san francisco. muni service was also impacted, but it is back in operation. dan: an unexpected moment in jury deliberations today in the fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. we were in court when everyone was called back inside. stay with
6:37 pm
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ama: jury deliberations have wrapped up for the day in the fraud case against elizabeth holmes. still no verdict, but there was a moment earlier when the jury returned to the courthouse. >> there was a lot of anticipation the jury may have reached a verdict, in elizabeth holmes suddenly showed up here at the courthouse. with her attorneys. turns out the jury sent a to her judge -- sent a note asking if they could take some evidence home. these four men and four women will decide the fate of elizabeth holmes. former ceo once seen as silicon valley's rising star, could now spend decades behind bars. >> i think jurors don't want to take this weighty decision over the holidays. reporter: she expects a verdict over christmas. the longer it takes, signals what? >> the longer it takes, it
6:41 pm
is good for the defense. that indicates there may be a defense verdict. reporter: as anticipation builds, so do questions about any impact the verdict will have moving forward. she is a retired biotech executive who got her stanford phd in chemical engineering, the same department that homes dropped out of. what message does this send to people who idolized her, what they will take away from this trial. >> it is sad that there are people who idolized her. i sure hope they take that you need to have something real underneath. really have technology and a reason to believe in it. reporter: the average average ae for wire fraud cases is around 21 months. for now, elizabeth holmes will not be returning to the courtroom until a verdict is reached, or if the jury has
6:42 pm
another question. in san jose, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. ama: download the abc 7 news app for your phone and enable push alerts for breaking dan:. dan: well spencer will have the forecast, we will also have a look at technology that can help evaluate dangers and plan repairs in unprecedented ways. abc 7 and our abc owned stations across the u.s. are hosting a day of giving for disaster relief. according to the american red cross 2021 has been one of the country's most active years for severe weather, just like the tornadoes the other day. join us to help families and communities affected by disasters big and small. visit
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dan: alright, how cozy is this? to the left is a snow-covered ski resort. to the right, the abc 7 you log. you can stream at any time from our website and on the abc 7 bay area news app. ama: i like to watch the snow. within days of rain ahead of us,
6:46 pm
much of the state is at risk for rock slides and mudslides. caltrans has turned to drones to assess damage and accelerate repairs. reporter david louis gives us an inside look. david: storms caused rock to fall in this highway in the canyon, closing the roads for weeks. caltrans turned to a new tool, a drone equipped with high-resolution cameras to assess the risk of more slides and to plan how to repair the damage. >> what might have been a couple of pictures on the cell phone is now hundreds of photos stitched together in a nice, large model. david: they employ 3d imaging software that gives caltrans geologists near microscopic details of the unstable slide. it is technology the agency is also using to inspect bridges. >> that is where artificial intelligence comes in. a lot of times we are flying three feet off the surface, that gets us sub-limited precision.
6:47 pm
david: caltrans relies on data collected in a massive scale to make decisions. it has 160 licensed drone pilots. the drones have 360-degree optical lenses to maneuver safely. before drones, crews underground were at risk. >> if they had to assess a slight, they might have to go on top to see if they see anything that might be coming down, whereas we are able to do that with a droning a much faster and safer manner. david: the technology also allows engineers to survey the damage and make critical decisions faster. >> they could be an expert in bridge inspection or public safety. they don't have to be an expert drone pilot, it does the work for them. david: david louis, abc 7 news. ama: protecting our environment is part of getting a better bay area. to learn how you can play your part, go to abc
6:48 pm spencer: it is a better bay area right now. let's get a closer look at live doppler 7 and you can see we have pretty substantial downpours in the north bay, a whole batch just offshore and ready to move on shore. all parts of the bay area will get wet. the storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale through tomorrow. rainfall, wet roadways, perhaps a troublesome commute. it will be breezy at times. overnight we will see temperatures drop to the mid-to-upper 40's, up or 30's in the inland valleys, tomorrow's highs in the mid-to-upper 50's across the region. seven-day forecast -- a level two storm on thursday, at rainy and gusty. later rain on friday. stronger storm on saturday, christmas day. then a strong sunday through
6:49 pm
tuesday and days beyond. dan: that is a pattern right there. ama: larry beil is here with sports. hey, larry. larry: we got some baseball moves. the oakland a's have a new manager, and the worriers get the tiniest assist from drew remenda,
6:50 pm
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>> now, abc 7 sports would larry beil. larry: da's officially have their new skipper. mark kotsay was introduced as
6:52 pm
the 19th manager, signing a three-year contract club option for a fourth season. he spent the last six years on the coaching staff, but most days fans will remember him for his time roaming the oakland outfield. he helped lead the a's to the 2006 american championship series. he is the first time manager, but obviously familiar with the players and the front office. >> i truly believe i learned a great deal about myself and about what it takes to sit in this chair and to be responsible for leadership, yet i sit here as proud and excited as can be to lead the oakland a's into the >> from the day he got here, it was clear what his passion was. we knew he was going to be a major league manager. we weren't sure if it would be here or somewhere else. but i think we are thrilled with the way this worked out. >> that has always been a professional and personal relationship that goes back a long ways but we saw a difference in mark that impressed us. i don't think it hurts that we
6:53 pm
knew him, but in some sense i don't think it gave him a clear advantage either. larry: he is also really popular with the players. to the nfl. the 49ers beat the falcons sunday. they will play thursday night football at tennessee. short week. , that is never fun. scramble to prepare. it is a big game for both teams. manners are 8-6. the titans are 9-5, trying to hold onto the first place in the afc south. >> they seem good. the guys seemed energetic in the meetings. there is so much to put in in a small amount of time. i see them quickly and they are all cramming stuff in. we will come back and have another meeting and they will go back for practice at night. larry: oakland raiders' old training facility has a new tenant. the oakland roots soccer club will be calling the facility home in 2022. the property is jointly owned by alameda county and the city of oakland.
6:54 pm
it didn't make sense for it to sit empty in the meantime, so the roots have a new home. the cardinals knocked off the gamecocks in the final four last year. stanford was up 18 early, but the lead evaporated. destiny henderson with the steel and the score. she had 17. . look at the moves by haley jones. up and under. nice. stanford up by 2. alia boston with a game-high 18. south carolina would lead. the top team in the nation gets revenge and stays undefeated, 65-61 your final. this former warrior player has been named a finalist for the basketball hall of fame. if i've time all-star and five-time all-nba selection. you just saw one of the best crossovers in history. and nominees with warrior ties -- mark jackson and george karl. and a cute moment last night as draymond green, jr. stole the show. dj was on the sidelines
6:55 pm
with masks, towels and uniforms good he was dancing. we have seen him help dad with individual workouts, but last night he was assisting everybody on the bench, a night that raymonde really appreciated. >> this organization is amazing to allow him to sit there and help. you miss so much doing this job, and those are the moments where it is all worth it. and for him to have that experience, it is special. for him to share that moment with us and be in the mix and to see how it is all working, it is special. larry: so cute. someday, who knows, we will see dj passing to cannon curry for a basket. mb will be out here yelling.
6:56 pm
[laughter] they will still be going. dan: that will be great. [laughter] both listings would be great. thanks, larry, coming up tonight on abc 7, starting at 8:00, it is the bachelorette. followed at 10:00 by "after the final rose." then stay with us for abc's 7 news 11:00. you can stay updated on the abc 7 bay area news app. download the app now and start streaming. that's it for this edition of the abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. dan: for spencer christian and larry beil, all of us here, we appreciate your time and we hope you have a great rest of the evening. stay dry and we will see you tonight. the abc 7 youle loeg. we will you tonight at 11:00. ♪
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