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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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christmas? >> with omicron spreading faster than ever, new decisions tonight
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ama: winter is here. forecast coming up. dan: as a series of storms make it their way into the bay area, many people are getting last-minute supplies. ama: nearing record levels of traffic deaths in one year. tonight, concern in the south bay as families and officials push for improvements. abc 7 news starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: right now, but rain coming down across the bay area. taking a live look outside, you can see rain drops in north bay, east bay and south bay. it is the first of several days of solid rain. ama: let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologists. sandhya: this is out winter
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should begin. let me show you live doppler 7. it is inactive seen. the first storm of the season coming through. we are getting pockets of moderate rain on the peninsula, from redwood city to portola road, heading to south bay. north 1st street, we are getting moderate to heavy rain in the san jose area, also from san francisco into san mateo. rainfall across parts of the east bay coming down at 1900s of an inch per hour. in the north bay, light to moderate rain. it is a level 1 storm coming through. it is just the first in a series of storms. as you look at this animation come up tomorrow morning, commute will include scattered showers. winds are beginning to come up as well. additional rainfall from .1 inch 2.5 inches. gusts to 31 miles per hour amount him.
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-- on mount tam. dan: taking a live look at mount rose ski resort, north of lake tahoe. many bay area residents are making their final preparations to make their way to the snow for the christmas holiday. our reporter is live in marin county, some people are getting ready to hit the road. reporter: the coming down here in the north bay, on-and-off for the past couple hours. all travelers we talked to said they are not when the lead at stop their holiday plans. with rain starting to come down across parts of the bay area, many local shoppers were busy tuesday night getting last-minute items before heading out of town. at the sports basement, many people told us they were going to lake tahoe. >> i think it is important as a family to be outdoors, do something together. reporter: rain is forecasted to
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hit the bay area over the next week, in the sierra, several feet of snow are expected. despite the weather conditions, travelers we talked to say they are determined to not let it ruin their holiday plans. >> it's a little nerve-racking. we are not sure we will be able to make it over. reporter: besides mother nature, the other concern was covid. >> we will stay pretty tightly in our home. ski but stay out of indoors as much as possible. reporter: while restrictions are not as tight as last year, deserves to lake tahoe should still expect some basic guidelines. >> expect to carrier vaccination card when you're going into the resorts, restaurants and around the ski resorts. reporter: given the weather, cooper said he would not be surprised if the roads to tahoe close over the coming days. even if you can't make it up now, there's always time in the future. >> this is going assess up for
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january into february. don't push yourself to get up here. reporter: if you're heading up to tahoe, it is advised to arrive no later than thursday. drivers are warned they are going to be facing major enclosures -- and dan: you can keep an ion the weather, including live doppler 7 a time you wish. you will find on the abc 7 bay area app, available on roku, amazon fire, android tv and apple tv. ama: health care workers in california vote -- will be required to get a booster shot. according to the governor. booster doses could be mandatory for city employees in san jose. state council has to approve the plan. san francisco reporting 30 cal -- cases of the omicron variant. the cities rector public health sissy begins -- believes this is
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the beginning of a spike in cases. >> we expect a doubling of cases every two to three days. a lot of people are going to become infected with this virus because it is so transmissible. ama: cases in san francisco doubled in five days. his concern hospitals could become overwhelmed. dan: president biden laid the framework for new battle plan to stop the "invariant for rick -- from wreaking havoc across the country. abc news andrew denver explains the plan. reporter: as the omicron variant continues to spread across the u.s.. >> i've never seen anything like this before. reporter: the white house as it is meeting the threat head-on, taking drastic measures to slow the surge. >> because it spread so easily come up we will see some fully vaccinated people get covid. potentially in large numbers. but these cases are highly
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unlikely to lead to severe -- serious illness. reporter: fearing a tighter squeeze at the hospital, president biden rolling out new testing and vaccination sites. testing has long been a crucial component in the fight against the pandemic. the white house announcing free at home rapid tests will be made available for any american who requests one, promising 500 million tests come january. >> we give these tests to americans for free. we will have websites where you can get them delivered to your home. reporter: the president's comes as the u.s. recorded the first death from the new variant. health officials have been sounding the alarm on just how contagious omicron's, even for fully vaccinated and boosted americans. dr. fauci tone good morning america, it is not yet known, it does appear omicron may be less severe than one thought. still expects hospitalizations and deaths to continue to rise. >> reporter: with christmasstmas
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days away, the world health organization now suggesting people either delay or cancel their holiday plans. with new year's eve celebrations on the horizon, new york city is reevaluating restrictions for the ball drop in times square. >> it is going to be a challenging few weeks. ama: east bay congresswoman barbara lee has a breakthrough case of covid. she received the test result this week. she says she has mild symptoms. it could've been much worse if she was not vaccinated and had a booster shot. she is isolating. dan: you will see need to show proof of vaccination to get in many indoor public places in oakland. city council butted unanimously to approve the requirement in an effort to boost the vaccination rate. starting for everyone come up the ordinance will apply to indoor restaurants,
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entertainment venues, theaters, gyms, and senior centers. ama: despite this percussions, after the party dozens of guests tested positive. >> for assuming at this point that this is an omicron related outbreak. reporter: marin county public health officer says omicron is exploding across the country, even marin county. at this likely responsible for an outbreak at a holiday party held her house local restaurant in larkspur on december 11. 28 attendees tested positive for covid. some showing mild symptoms. >> it is a harbinger of what we might expect for the next chapter of this pandemic. we will see a lot more cases of covid-19, unfortunately. reporter: the party hosts required guests be vaccinated, even tested before the event. >> the organizers did everything
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right. this isn't about blaming so much is about understanding -- teaching us about the nature of the omicron variant. >> unfortunately there was no break. reporter: pressure on her says the staff follow protocols after being notified about the outback. >> we have to immediately get tested, all of us were tested and negative except for one. reporter: the employee is now isolating at home. health officers aren't saying to cancel your holiday plans, but make sure those you gather with our vaccinated and boosted. >> if you are not yet boosted, you remain highly vulnerable to being infected. reporter: the hosted not want to be identified and declined our request for an interview but tested they -- texted they feel bad about what happened.
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ama: covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. our vaccine team. had to and click on the box. >> we need to move forward to make a difference. dan: this year, san jose could see a record number of traffic deaths. families of victims pushing for change. ama: more northern california schools are deciding to start classes virtually after holiday break. dan: no verdict yet, but there is a question. with the drake went to note in the trial of fair notic
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors
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and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ ama: there's growing concern in south bay as traffic deaths in
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san jose at record levels. the city matched a two decade high on monday after person was killed while walking across a key road near 680. the victim has not been identified. our reporter details how families of other victims and the city are trying to prevent more deaths. reporter: less than two weeks until 2022, the city is approaching a record it does not want to achieve. on monday, they reached 60 victims for 2021. >> it sounds impersonal sometimes when we talk about these numbers. we at the department transportation need to keep track of these crashes and fatalities so we can take a strategic approach to fix the problem. reporter: they point to san jose's vision zero project, it aims to eliminate traffic deaths. more recent research shows a spike in traffic fatalities caused by speeding. more immediate efforts will
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focus on slowing down drivers, improving pedestrian visibility making it more evident where people should cross the street. the push for roadway improvements is deeply personal. >> any hit-and-run i hear about, it takes my breath away, it just brings back memories. it reminds me of my daughter. reporter: her daughter vanessa, a mother of five was in her wheelchair at the crosswalk when she was hit and left for dead. since the crash, her family turned to city leaders, demanding improvements at the intersection, measures the city has approved. >> it is not fast enough. after the awareness we brought, believed there were six more hit-and-run spirit >> if even one more pedestrian death occurs, is that a new record for san jose? >> that will be a new record in modern history. reporter: families impacted remind the hoecht goes beyond a
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one incident. >> it is hard for a parent to lose a child. i heart goes out to them. you are not alone. san jose or police used tear gas to end a standoff with a man barricaded in an rv. around 7:30 this morning near the ups center and ended around 3:30 this afternoon. officials say the man was pointing a long gun work shoulder mounted project out to people as they passed by. is been arrested for brandishing a weapon and outstanding warrants. dan: local colleges are making changes because of the omicron variant. uc santa cruz will hold classes remotely for the first two weeks of the winter quarter. uc berkeley is staying in person. cal state east bay and san jose
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state sticking to in person learning the time being. stanford is going to remote learning to start the winter quarter. students will need to have a booster shot to return to campus. we spoke with one student who lives in new york, he does not mind having to learn online for the moment. >> i don't want to jinx myself, i think right now given the situation, we are probably just going to be remote for a few weeks. it is the first two weeks of the quarter, generally things are at the most light. dan: stanford has also banned parties and large gatherings for the first couple weeks of the year. ama: a question from the jury, a denial of the judge. the judge report -- report projected a request by jurors who went to take instructions home. jurors had deliberated for 14 hours. those deliberations will continue thursday. we expect a verdict before the holidays.
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>> the longer the jury is out, that tends to benefit the defense. if they continue to deliberate this week and into next week, that indicates a defense verdict. ama: there was indication the jury may have reached a verdict when elizabeth holmes showed up. dan: let's go back to where we started, some wet weather in the bay right now. it is going to last a week. ama: let's get to our meteorologist for the latest. sandhya: it is going to last for seven days. good news, much-needed rain, breaks in between so the ground can absorb. let me show you live pictures right now. san jose, golden gate, all rainy views. oz rose, they are starting to see a rain snow mix. let's check out live doppler 7. we are seeing moderate to heavy rain, san rafael, magnolia
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avenue, into larkspur. light to moderate around san francisco, bayview district going into south city, down the peninsula. middlefield road, san jose, saint dale, steady rain. also fremont. it is brief heavy, the rainfall totals don't reflect a lot in terms of numbers right now. about .3 inches in santa rosa. we are going to be adding to those totals over the next seven days. 40's, 50's on those temperatures. check out the view from the sierra, a rain snow mix right now. it is going to switch over to snow. winter weather advisory up until 4:00 tomorrow, carry the chains, winter driving conditions. if i were you, i would hold off until this part of the storm passes. 4:00 tomorrow until 4:00 sunday, winter storm warning goes up. the advisor gets replaced. three to five feet of snow, up to 12 feet for this -- for the peaks. major travel delays are
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expected. level 1 through tomorrow, light to moderate rain, slippery roadways, breezy to gussy conditions. tomorrow morning, 5:00, if you need to go somewhere, give yourself extra time. as you go into the afternoon, the rainfall eases a bit. a lot of cloud cover into the afternoon. here comes that nextwave. this one looks like it is going to pick up in intensity going into thursday. some pockets of moderate, heavier rain. slight chance of thunder thursday. keep that in mind as you make your plans to get away. in terms of rainfall totals, this is from midnight tonight all the way through tuesday night of next week. most areas and where from 1.3 -- 1.745 two four inches of rain. we are not expecting significant issues. 30's and 40's first in the morning.
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tomorrow afternoon, showers, breezy conditions, 50's and 60's. here's your seven-day forecast, 11, scarred showers tomorrow. wet, dusty, lightning chance thursday. chile was showers, sunday monday. colder storms from saturday to tuesday means potential is there for some snow over our highest peaks. especially on tuesday. ama:
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dan: i had the chance today to meet some nice folks from the peninsula to start -- to spread some holiday cheer. ♪ >> lanterns lighting up the town, peace on earth is all around, everything is calm on christmas eve. ♪ ♪ dan: i was asked to sing my favorite time of year, a song i recorded a couple years ago and released again this holiday season. we were at the veterans memorial building in redwood city. for toy drive. if you would like to help, please visit nfl alumni, and ama: they do great work.
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: the a's wanted to draft mark hoxie back in 1996. 25 years later, the a's heather man, hiring him to be the 19th manager in history. signed a three-year option, club option for your four. he laid for the a's for four seasons. -- played for the for four
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seasons. first time manager, very mill your with the players. >> i truly believe i learned a great deal about myself and what takes to sit in this chair. and to be responsible for leadership. essay here is proud is can beat to lead the a's in the future. >> there's always been a personal and professional relation, we saw a different side to him which impresses. larry: tuesday night football. well-dressed crowd first seahawks rams, the office -- offense continues to struggle. cooper breaks rams reception record. tied at 10. one of the most lethal combos in football, 10-4, tied for with arizona for nfc west. stamford knocked off the gamecocks in the final four last year. this game was all -- couldn't
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hold an 18 point lead. fourth quarter, tying -- tied aa 58. look at hayley good work here, i had by two. in the final minute, a game-high 18, down low. the top team in the nation stays undefeated, 65-61 the final. san jose state hosting santa clara. jaelyn williams come up more than the spartans could handle. spends and scores. santa clara up 11. williams takes complete control in the second half. he leads the entire ncaa in total scores -- 79-57. the gatorade bath is so yesterday. the famous idaho potato bowl, he was showered with french fries. the tatars, right there. -- tatars.
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>> the numbers truly don't lie. >> to find a path forward, to build something better. >> issues of race and social justice are key part of building a better bay area. >> at abc 7, it is our commitment to meet those monuments come up with tough questions come up real solutions come up for you, for all of us. >> where did you learn to do what you do? >> this is the moment to build a better bay area. join us. ama: thanks for watching.
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dan: we appreciate your time. right now >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jon bernthal, the bachelorette michelle young, and music from parker mccollum. and now - jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you. oh, it's very nice. thank you. hi, everybody. that's very kind, i appreciate it. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. [ cheers and applause ] jon bernthal and michelle, the bachelorette, are with us tonight on "bachelorette" night here in the usa. are you watching "the bachelorette" this season? [ cheers and applause ] i feel half of you are lying


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