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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 22, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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up-to-the-minute forecast. dan:a controversial housing
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ama: stormy tomorrow morning, colder storms bringing the possibility of wintry mix. dan: holiday parties are back this year. the omicron variant still causing some concern. reporter: the controversial housing purchase policy. a tool to create more affordable housing or a takeover, depending on who you ask. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: live images of night. the rain we saw today is just beginning. ama: you see there that a stronger storm is rolling our way. thank you for joining us. dan: seven meteorologist is here
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with one sandhya: sandhya: round to is going to arrive. a few hours away come up tomorrow morning during the commute. live doppler 7 showing just a few showers. we are keeping an ion this band right here along the mendocino coast that is going to be moving in. spotty light variety right now around eatonville and the south bay. street-level radar, a moderate strength storm overnight putin. boom -- overnight. tomorrow around 5:00 you're going to start to see cups of oranges and reds, heavier rain. boom windsor picking up. they are going to remain dusty. tomorrow, 30 miles an hour at 6:00. rainfall anywhere from .5 inch to just over an inch. drenching rain for the commute and travel. minor roadway flooding and areas
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of low visibility. definitely use caution. ama: our storm watch continues in this era where heavy rain and multiple feet of snow are expected starting tonight through sunday. here is what look like today on highway 50 at myers. rain and slick roads. mountain travel is highly discouraged. dan: in the bay area, the rain was on and off all day. living streets wet and umbrellas open. reporter: raindrops of relief falling in the bay area. after so much drop, this is a welcome sight. in san mateo, water was puddling up. slowing traffic on 101. in simpson -- in san francisco, it is already at 194% of normal. people had their umbrellas up as
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they walked down the street, doing last-minute shopping. in the north bay, the umbrellas were thereto. some looking forward to a wet holiday, the perfect gift. >> i know the state of california needs it. that is where i am at. i'm happy it is raining. not too cold. it is wonderful. dan: storms in the bay area aren't making a measurable difference in the drought -- are making a measurable difference in the drought. they reported 11 inches of rainfall at the lake. here's what look like at stafford lake. levels are critically low. this is what looks like today, water levels substantially higher. some real progress. you can see a big difference at neck casio reservoir in marin county. >> it's a big change between before we october rains. dan: while the drought is not
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over, marin water official state reservoirs are at 77% of total storage supply. board members are expected to meet next month to reevaluate water restrictions. you can keep an ion the weather, including live doppler 7, and time you will find on abc bay area app. ama: the fda cleared the use of pfizer's covid-19 pill today as we turn to the pandemic. it is the first drug that newly infected high-risk patients can take it home to stay out of the hospital. today, governor newsom said well north of 50% of all cases in california are omicron. dr. fauci is calling the omicron spread unprecedented. it says it will account for 90 plus percent of new cases within a week or two. new at 11:00, dr. fauci offered advice for holiday parties, sing attending more gatherings -- large gatherings is not
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considered safer vaccinated people. even those who got a booster. this is holiday parties are making a comeback. our reporter talked with local venues to see how it is affecting them. reporter: all the places we spoke with today tell us they've had a busy december so far. they also say that omicron has been playing a role, too. after lockdowns canceled them in 2020. holidays have made a comeback. >> very busy. with had a couple buyouts. about five parties a week. reporter: a trend seen industrywide, but has lost some steam over the past few weeks. here's the ceo of fulcrum group, bay area events company. she says the omicron variant is impacting her business. >> about my 5% of our orders have been canceled this week. reporter: besides canceling altogether, her company has also seen a lot of parties modify their plans. >> we seen a lot of orders for
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tents. we are maxed out on tents. people are switching their quality praise to their backyards. reporter: making the reservation is only part of the process. christopher rivero work sicko cut up on the embarcadero. his restaurant his hired several holiday parties were only a fraction of those men to come have showed up. >> we have a lot of events, let's say a party of 20 were command, six would show up because five got covid and the rest were exposed. reporter: with the uncertainty now looking over the industry again, he is a the holiday parties they've had been a success. >> with omicron, things might slow down again. thank god we were this busy for almost the whole month. i don't know what january is going to be like. reporter: another thing we did here was a lot of people are pushing their holiday parties to january and february instead of holding them in december.
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the hope is that omicron might be less of a worry then. dan: the san francisco cavemen scores has canceled its christmassy performances because of breakthrough covid-19 cases. -- the san francisco gay men's chorus has canceled its christmas eve performances because of breakthrough covid-19 cases. people can request a refund. another covid cancellation, final performances of a christmas carol at san francisco's wooden gate theatre have been canceled because of breakthrough cases among the cast. ticket holders will be contacted about a refund. ama: the surging omicron variant is causing a surgeon at home test purchases. amazon, walmart and irma caesar limiting the number a person can buy. walmart is limiting online orders to eight testing kits. amazon isn't far behind, capping
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it at 10. governor newsom today said being fully vaccinated is no longer enough. announced a covid-19 booster will be mandatory for health-care care workers in california. it will have until february 1 to get the shot. >> i think it is the wise move. we need to make sure we don't have the staffing shortages. ama: governor newsom is also encouraging every californian to get tested after the holidays. to make that easier, all state-run testing centers are expanding hours. dan: today, the colorado -- california state university program will require students, faculty and staff members to get the covid-19 booster shot. >> while we are on winter recess, i think it is a good move. dan: they face a fibroid 28 deadline to get that booster shot or six months after the last original dose -- fibroid 28 deadline.
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if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. had to and click on the big blue box. ama: property plan is dividing the community. they're concern a purchasing policy to ease the housing. dan: combine covid with the holidays, you may be among the many who are stressed spending. you're getting expert advice to avoid retail therapy. >> i didn't even have to go down the chimney. it was over that. ama: he doesn't look like
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dan: the abcc -- abc 7 news -- - east palo alto leaders tackle the sadie's controversial purchasing policy. to give tenants a head start buying property. abc 7 news reporter explains critics say the plan is an attack on private property rights. reporter: housing has long been a hot biden issue across the bay area. in east palo alto, councilmembers waiting on the cities controversial purchase act. they would require property owners to give renters half the nonprofits in the city a chance to purchase multifamily properties before they hit the market. the city sets nearly a third of all apa housing units are owned by absentee landlords. the intent is to protect the community from outside investors. >> it is only just offer, not added only -- not a lower price,
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but to offer that home to a lieutenant -- two attendant before that -- two a ten before goes on the market. reporter: others argue it is a takeover. in recent months, counsel heard 12 hours of public comment on the public policy. on sunday, opponents with the housing -- who identifies as a tenant's writes activist. >> [indiscernible] there's athere's athere's athe'a come down. reporter: councilman romero pushed back in the claims, pointing at 61% were not apa
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residents. it will be my of a dozen laws already implemented the integrates stability, reduce displacement and protect residents from outside investors. critics maintain the bureaucracy involved would be devastating and delay transactions, driving away potential buyers. we know on wednesday, there was no vote scheduled during the stay session. the city will revisit the issue in the new year. dan: a san jose synagogue went up in flames this morning. it's leaders are already raising money to help rebuild. the websites as someone lit a fire in a carport area which spread to the entire building. investigators are looking into whether it was deliberately set. they've set up a gofundme page and raised about $25,000 so far. on top of pandemic anxiety, we are dealing with holiday stress. some, that means debt. abc 7 news reporter looks at what consumers are doing to manage it. reporter: for many this is the
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toughest time of year to manage spending. credit card debt usually spikes during the holidays. covid stress and inflation are also challenging consumers. the financial site money geek, says the typical californian has $5,100 in credit card debt. in a recent survey, 89% acknowledged that that is a source of stress. yet some consumers act like ostriches, especially with holiday shopping for others or themselves. >> it is a way to feel good in the moment. only to have to pay that later. reporter: to reduce the pain and stress, they sate wise consumers take action. 40% say they pay down credit card debt. 38% reduce household expenses. 30% tapped into savings or emergency funds. san jose's state psychologist suggests the stress graded by
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covid, inflation and debt can be eased by putting oneself first. >> putting myself first is not an act of selfishness, and active preservation so i can be replenished and able to be present is for others. reporter: that means tempering the expectation that the season of sharing has to lead to increasing debt, which leads to more stress. >> we are expected to spend come up buy, to share with others. i think in the midst of the pandemic, we are not necessarily thinking -- we've come to learn that quality time is enough. ama: a tow truck wisconsin found himself being santa for a day, delivering packages for his local community. dan was on his routine job when a van of packages was involved in a collision. the van was subcontracted by fedex. another vehicle was on its way,
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but never showed up. that was when dan decided to take manner -- matters into his own hands. >> i got my truck and started dropping things off. people were really happy. some of these were time sensitive. ama: he delivered 60 packages, putting in the days worked by himself. he said it was hard work, but he would do it again in a minute. dan: what a nice guy. let's go back and talk about the rain, that is here to stay for a while. ama: and the timing overnight. sandhya: the heaviest rain is coming in tomorrow between 5:00 and 8:00. i want to show my pictures tonight. this is what winter is about. it is looking like it that kingsbury. sfo, all painting a great picture with some slick roadways and runways. getting you down the street level, we are seeing some showers as we look in north bay, right around east wythe dale
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avenue. also paradise drive, san quentin, rainfall totals so far anywhere from .16 to almost one .5 inches -- 1.5 inches. oakland, .75 inch. here is a wider view from that sierra area. radar showing you some snow, at least level, it is raining. locating and reporting rain. king controls on state route 88. winter storm warning until 4:00 sunday. multiple rounds of heavy snow. difficult travel conditions expected. up to nine feet for the peaks. the level will be coming to the foothills this weekend. tonight, early rain snow mix, i would hold off on travel tomorrow through saturday, even sunday is going to be rough getting up there. once the storm is past, you will be able to enjoy nice snowpack.
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it is 93% of average statewide. 40's to 60's. union city at 60 degrees. really mild. also very foggy. quarter-mile, moon bay. right, golden gate bridge, slippery roadways. colder storms, christmas weekend through next week. we are looking at a chance of snow over our higher peaks. it is to come up tomorrow morning, minor roadway flooding, chance of thunder. gusts between 30 and 35 miles per hour. biggest concern is minor urban flooding, we will see rapid rises on creeks and streams. other than that, not expecting significant problems this week. but :00, the downpours, potential thunder. reds and oranges indicating heavy rain and possibility of thunderstorms. 7:00, san francisco, east bay and southbay. 10:00, the focus is around
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gilroy. the rest of you, just trying to see that rain easing up. just spotty, light showers, a lot like today for the rest of the afternoon and evening. i'm going to take this rainfall projection through sunday. anywhere from one to 2.5 inches of rain. in the far northern end, we are talking three to four inches of rain. morning temperatures in the 40's, 50's. storming come up when the coast. afternoon highs in the 50's and 60's. the accuweather 7 date paints a very wet picture. 2:00 in the morning -- two in the morning. colder storm on christmas. still levels coming down to about 2000 feet. sunday through tuesday, potential for rain snow mix, even into wednesday. that is more like christmas for you. dan:
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto ama: san francisco firefighters were given a challenge to decorate the city's firehouses. they did not disappoint. this is a station on between 5th street in the mission. complete with a santa, brightly colored lights. and snow. dan: that is staggering. only 12 of the city's 34
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stations enter the contest. $6,000 in prize money is up for grabs that will go to charities of winners choice. that looks like a potential winner right there. ama: some 49ers players getting recognized for their standout seasons. dan: casey pratt is here with sports. reporter: five 49ers have been selected to the pro bowl. we will give you the list and tell you which
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. reporter: the warriors have a third player joining covid protocol. and now totals a whopping 90 players. the warriors roster is fully
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vaccinated. every player eligible for a has received one. they are following the protocols closely. with christmas around the corner, they are taking extra precautions. >> christmas is coming up, my family is talk about where we going to do. i can't really do that. it sucks for me. i want to be out competing. everything we do is with covid in mind right now. hopefully we can figure it out, moving forward. reporter: saint mary's hosting a good missouri state team. postgame, into the second half, mattias tosses them. a 17-3 run. a career night for him, 27 points on 12 13 field goals. the san francisco dons trying to go 12-one, posting southern illinois. the don's pull away, miss koski throws down two of his 18.
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mra -- tomorrow i -- -- -- -- -- their home win streak to seven. stanford hoops, first round of the diamond head classic, facing wyoming. spencer jones with the power move. 13 to 15 points. cardinals ahead, 58-54. miss, here comes another and it doesn't fall, stanford hands-on -- things on, 66-63. it will play liberty tomorrow. cal hosting will him pacific, it is a one-point game with 7.5 minutes to go. he scores five straight to extend the lead. grant with a career-high seven threes. cal finishes the game on a 21-to run. 73-53. they have won eight straight at the pavilion. five players selected to the pro bowl.
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nick bosa, trent williams, george kittle, kyle juszczyk and deebo samuel. o takes home an extra $3.5 million.
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ama: thank you for watching. dan:e appreciate your time. when let's look at live doppler 7. showing the latest rounds of rain. sandia says the brunt of the storm is going ahead overnight. we will have the latest on abc 7 mornings at 5:30 a.m..
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ama: right now i'm jimmy kimmel live, kevin hart. have a great night. i want to be fully transparent, and i know it's not easy to hear. but i was intimate with both of you. [ crying ] >> i've never felt pain like this before. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> he's in love with all three of us? >> i'm so broken. [ laughter ] >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- the live cast of "the facts of life" and "diff'rent strokes" featuring kevin hart and jennifer aniston, director guillermo del toro, and music from courtney barnett. and now, jimmy kimmel!


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