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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 24, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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friend. mike: i will be reporting live for traffic probably. [laughter] kumasi: good morning, america. covid travel chaos on this christmas eve morning. three major airlines grounding hundreds of flights due to omicron-related issues as holiday travel is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. omicron now surpassing the daily infection peak of delta while testing shortages could make it hard to gather safely. now the new hope in the fight against the virus. treacherous weather coast to coast as millions hit the road this holiday weekend. freezing rain causing this massive pileup in wisconsin. dozens of vehicles involved in the fiery wreck. now the new storm targeting the west. ginger is tracking it all. guilty. former police officer kim potter convicted on all charges in the
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shooting death of daunte wright. this morning, his parents speaking out about the verdict. healing during the holidays. gabby petito's family opening up. how they're turning tragedy into purpose. >> i don't want to see this happen to another person. >> their mission to amplify other families' stories as they share their memories of gabby. holiday heroes. a tsa officer running to the rescue, saving the life of a baby who had stopped breathing. we're hearing from her and a highway patrol officer in the right place at the right time. that incredible moment caught on camera. ♪ everything is awesome ♪ and everything is so awesome. we're not even playing a christmas song. we'll be tracking santa this christmas eve morning and we've got the dancing dad who makes everything better, and wait till you meet george, the naughty pup
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who got into the gingerbread house. it's an awesome christmas eve morning on "gma." ♪ good morning, america. it is christmas eve and it is so great to be here with will reeve, gio benitez, you guys, i woke up, did a double take out the window to see snow, heard "all i want for christmas is you" in the car and it was snowing in times square. >> what a day. >> everything is awesome. this morning, we've all got our eyes on santa claus as he prepares to make his big trip around the globe. there he is staying safe with his face mask. we'll keep tabs on his progress with the help of norad and he might be the only one with a sleigh but he's not the only one traveling, gio. >> no, he is not. more than 100 million americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home over the holidays. levels we haven't seen since before the pandemic. we've already seen dozens of
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flights canceled because of crew shortages due to the virus and that omicron surge. and elwyn lopez is at hartsfield international airport in atlanta with the latest. elwyn, good morning. it must be busy there. >> reporter: it certainly is, gio. here the holiday scramble is well under way at this point. in atlanta we could see 3.75 million travelers making their way through checkpoints through january 4th and across the country more than 30 million people are expected to fly over the holidays, that's hitting pre-pandemic levels with about 2 million people a day taking to the skies despite omicron. but that variant is part of what is preventing hundreds of flights from taking off this christmas eve. in a statement united airlines says the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operations and delta stating their cancellations are due to a combination of issues including omicron's impact and weather in certain areas. alaska airlines also grounding some flights as well and, gio, we are already seeing some airlines canceling their flights
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for tomorrow. some of those, we could see this issue going into next week. gio. >> and if your flight is still on what should you do to avoid having issues at the airport? >> reporter: airport officials suggest getting to the airport two hours before your domestic flight and three hours if you're traveling internationally, gio. >> all right, and we are seeing those cars piling up behind you. elwyn, thank you so much for keeping us updated. will. speaking of cars, let's get a look at the conditions on the roads right now with the holiday travel update from erielle reshef who joins us from the west side highway here in new york. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, will. all is calm so far here on the west side highway, just a small dusting of snow this morning making it slick in some spots here in new york but experts say it is about to get a lot more crowded. aaa expecting about 34% more travelers overall this year than last year, more than 100 million
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people expected to take to the roads today. so if you are expected to drive today best time before 1:00 p.m., the worst time between 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. be sure to have plenty of extra time and drive safely as you cue up the holiday tunes. >> of course, cue up the holiday music. across the country from the west to the midwest extreme weather is making travel hazardous for millions of people. torrential rain drowning at least two motorists and icy conditions causing this massive pileup. will carr tracking it all in truckee, california. good morning, will. you are surrounded by a whole lot of snow. >> reporter: that's right, janai. good morning. the snow has been relentless here over the past 24 hours and we're not talking about inches. we're talking about feet. i'm standing next to two cars here and you can see that they are just smothered in snow here. we're thinking maybe a couple of feet and it is thick, it is
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heavy and the highest elevations we'll get up to ten feet and it is creating some dangerous conditions. this morning, it's a race against time and weather for millions trying to get home for the holiday weekend. in the west an avalanche warning under way in parts of the sierra nevada where up to ten feet of snow in the highest elevations is forecast through sunday. travelers lining up to buy snow chains before making their way into the mountain. the department of transportation setting up checkpoints for inspections. snow already slamming soda springs with accidents piling up. many spent hours stuck on i-80 including jackie. how dangerous would you say these driving conditions have been? >> we've already slipped and have seen others slip too. it's a bit riskier than expected today. >> reporter: in the bay area widespread flooding turning deadly burying this overpass and two cars underneath it. emergency crews were only able to rescue one of the three people who were trapped. freezing rain and icy road conditions in jackson county,
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wisconsin, leading to this massive crash. the pileup stretching on and on totaling about 40 cars and 20 semi trucks. and that shows just how treacherous the conditions have been out here. we're expecting it to snow just like this through sunday but, gio, people around here were hoping for a white christmas. they are definitely going to get it this year. >> oh, absolutely, will. all of us in the studio were watching your live shot and were just so blown away by all that snow. will carr in california, thank you, sir. let's go now to ginger for the latest on that holiday forecast. ginger, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, gio. yeah, nothing compared to will's shot, but we have what i'd like to call kind of a decorative dusting this morning. this is the first measurable snow for many in the tri-state but decorative turns to potentially deadly on roads. we saw it in wisconsin. it's the same system that moved through. so if you are going out in new england this morning, boston back to say, parts of western --
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i'm sorry. poughkeepsie, you'll see that snow into massachusetts but look what happens tonight. it is going to turn to rain for most people. but from scranton up to burlington we have winter weather advisories because there will be enough cold air that it could be ice. so keep that in mind if you are planning to travel early tomorrow morning on christmas morning. a lot of folks do that to try to get to grandma's house and such. now across the nation we will see record heat like the warmest christmas eve and christmas on record for parts of texas into oklahoma, even missouri, and in seattle you'll have some wet snow to start christmas and then some actual snow christmas night, so if you need snow in the northeast you better go get it because this will all melt by tomorrow. >> ginger tracking it all for us. we turn now to the verdict against that former police officer who shot and killed daunte wright. kim potter was found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter and stephanie ramos spoke with daunte's family and she joins us from minneapolis. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: will, good morning.
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daunte wright's parents were in the courtroom when that guilty verdict was read. they say that after four days of deliberations, they didn't think the jury would be able to agree on a verdict, but this morning, they say they are thankful that kim potter will be held accountable for her actions. >> we the jury on the charge of manslaughter in the first degree find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: former minnesota police officer kim potter is being held without bail this morning after being convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of 20-year-old daunte wright. >> taser, taser, taser. >> reporter: potter testified tearfully that she accidentally drew her gun instead of her taser when she fatally shot wright during a traffic stop in april. >> i'm sorry it happened. i didn't want to hurt anybody. >> reporter: but the former training officer showing no emotion as the verdict was read. her husband calling out to her. >> i love you, kim. >> i love you.
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>> reporter: wright's parents also in the courtroom. when you heard that she was found guilty on both charges, what went through your mind? >> when they read the first degree manslaughter, my heart dropped and i let out a wail and i just buried my head into his chest because i was crying with >> reporter: the jury made up of six men and six women saw this body camera video in which you can hear the 26-year veteran officer realize what she had done. >> i just shot him. i'm going to go to prison. >> we heard from her on the stand saying that she was sorry and didn't mean to hurt anyone. at this point do you forgive her? >> never. never. i will -- i could never forgive that woman because she took my son away from me. >> when i look at her i see the
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person that my son last seen before he took his last breaths. >> reporter: on the day daunte wright was killed minneapolis was already on edge, the trial of former police officer derek chauvin was under way in the murder of george floyd. that trial taking place in the very same courtroom where potter was found guilty. >> for us as a family, i think it gives us some sense of hope that there will, you know -- that policing in america will not be able to pull their gun instead of their taser and that there will hopefully be no other dauntes. >> reporter: that family's pain still so visible. kim potter will be sentenced february 18th. she could serve up to 15 years in prison. janai. >> you could see they were definitely still in pain. stephanie, thank you so much. let's bring in chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, merry christmas eve to you. want to get right to it, were you surprised by the verdict?
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>> you know, i was surprised that they reached a verdict. remember, this is a jury that had come back and said, what do we do if we don't reach a consensus? and i think that was the sense of a lot of people, that maybe there would be a couple of jurors who felt sympathy, so much sympathy that they couldn't convict kim potter, but after the jury sent out that note, they went back. we didn't hear from them for awhile and then at that point they came back with a conviction. >> and they did. do you think that they got it right? >> well, look, i think as a legal matter, you can believe that this was a mistake. you can have enormous sympathy for kim potter and you can believe that she was negligent or reckless and so i think that that's in the end what this jury did. you can tell there was some sense of sympathy for her because they talked about this lack of consensus, but i think in the end, they determined that
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this did cross that line into criminal negligence. i'll tell you, i've talked to a good number of police officers as well who understand the verdict. weren't surprised by the verdict based on all of the facts and the law in the state of minnesota. >> dan, want to ask you real quick, sentencing in february, she faces up to 15 years. what do you expect? >> more likely something like in the six to eight range. remember, the judge told the jurors you can't use sympathy in connection with your verdict. you can use sympathy when determining what the sentence ought to be so i do expect that she'll get the lower end of the sentencing range in the state of minnesota. >> and just real quick, dan, do you think her taking the stand helped with that sympathy? >> i do. i do. i think there's some people saying, she shouldn't have taken the witness stand in retrospect. i think the jury would have just been back for a shorter period and it would have been an easier decision if she hadn't taken the witness stand. i think she had to take the
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witness stand in this case and i think for whatever it's worth it helped her a little bit but obviously not enough. >> dan, thank you so much for being with us this morning. gio. all right, janai, now to the latest on the omicron surge. testing sites are getting flooded ahead of the holiday as the fda authorizes another covid pill that people can take at home. and trevor ault has the details now. >> reporter: this morning, the omicron variant already surpassing the daily infection peak of delta and threatening to upend holiday plans. new york city now scaling back new year's eve in times square limiting attendance for social distancing and requiring both vaccines and masks. >> we are not shutting down. we are not falling back. we're going to fight our way through this. >> reporter: and now health care workers can turn to a second covid-19 pill. the fda authorizing the drug from merck shown to reduce the chance of severe illness 30% but only if other drugs like pfizer's more effective pill are unavailable or not medically appropriate.
7:15 am
>> we're overly exhausted and it's starting to look like last year at this time right now. it's kind of a ptsd situation. >> reporter: omicron is already straining the treatments at the ready now. two of the main monoclonal antibody therapies the government bought in bulk don't work as well against omicron and the third which does work is in short supply. in much of the country the same could be said for testing. >> i've been trying to get tested for two days. >> reporter: lines like this in florida playing out as millions prepare to meet up with family and those testing supply limits could complicate people's plans to gather safely as experts recommend requiring negative tests from guests especially if they're not vaccinated. >> i would ask that they get a test before they arrive. i would test them while they're there. as long as we can get rapid testing, i think that's a reasonably safe thing to do. >> reporter: even more broadway shows are shutting down because of omicron. "waitress" and "thoughts of a
7:16 am
colored man" were the latest. so many businesses are counts on a christmas booster, and they need it. omicron is really hindering plans. will. >> such tough timing. trevor, thank you so much. we'll turn now to real holiday heroes. incredible stories of everyday people rushing in to save lives and those moments caught on camera, and one of those heroes is speaking out. take a look. watch as tsa officer cecilia morales catapults over this airport security conveyer belt to save the life of a 2-month-old baby who stopped breathing. >> i tried to instruct her to turn him over and tap him on the back and try to do the heimlich. when i saw that she was just in panic, i jumped over. >> reporter: morales has only been on the job two months but has ten years training as an emt. >> she had a new baby and i performed the heimlich on him twice. the first time i performed it, i
7:17 am
checked to see if he was breathing. he wasn't. the second time i did it, he responded. i showed her the baby. she started crying tears of happiness. >> reporter: paramedics quickly arrived to give oxygen to the baby. this morning, he's doing just fine. his parents are calling morales their hero. >> it was just a reaction. i didn't even have to think about it. >> reporter: in utah, a department of transportation worker jumping into action to save the life of a 5-year-old girl who was choking in the backseat of her mom's car. >> no, no, don't be sorry. >> reporter: when robert bratten noticed a car swerving erratically into a gas station parking lot, he ran over and helped the girl's mom pull her out of the car. >> don't be sorry. right place, right time. >> reporter: he quickly performed the reverse heimlich saving the 5-year-old's life. >> can you look at me? are you okay? >> always look for the heroes. they are out there. >> she said she just leaped into action, incredible. we are following a lot of
7:18 am
other headlines as "spider-man" is breaking records. what to watch this holiday at home and in theaters. and healing during the holidays. i spoke with gabby petito's parents about what they're doing in their daughter's memory to help so many. and also ahead, we're tracking santa's trip all morning long but first, let's get back to ginger. and what does a breaking warm christmas eve look like? you're breaking records from san angelo to oklahoma city and yes, even kansas city could do it. we will see what christmas day looks like, but let's get those weekend getaways sponsored by subaru.
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still coming up here, stew leonard, the supermarket king tells us the last-minute groceries we can still grab at the store. he's joining us live. >> can't wait for that. we also have some holiday cookies, guys, the 12 days of christmas cookies and look at that, gio. and tracking santa. we're tracking him with the reindeer. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ make the yule-tide gay. ♪
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>> travelers across the country are running into problems getting on their christmas lights. hundreds of delta and united flights are canceled again this morning. staff shortages from the pandemic and increment weather are causing issues. delta canceled over 100 flights. it is not for how many of the canceled flights are impacting the area airports. if you're dreaming about white christmas, look no further than the sierra. there is so much snow on the ground and it will keep volunteer at the weekend. winter storm warning in effect until tuesday. driving conditions are expected
7:24 am
to be pretty dangerous. chain controls in effect in truckee and lake tahoe on i080. mike has a hey, angie! you forgot your phone!
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knows how to handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin, with no sticky feeling. gold bond. champion your skin. >> we are transitioning to one of our quiet periods the next few days. steady showers moving out. for the rest of the day, just a chance of scattered showers as you can see on the radar. the best chance in the north bay where the snow will be falling heavily. two feet to four feet possible from 10:00 this morning until monday about 2000 feet. that cold air comes our way stop -- comes our way. a better chance on monday. more showers this weekend than today. >> another abc7 update in about 30 minutes. you can on the latest on our app
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♪ santa tell me if you're ♪ santa tell me if you're really here ♪ and welcome back to "gma." santa claus is coming to town. we're traveling with st. nick all morning with the help of the team from norad and we'll see where santa is on his big trip around the world. >> i don't care how old we are, that's so exciting to see santa on his way. >> crucial information too. >> it is, indeed. much more on that ahead, but first, the top headlines we're following. the covid travel chaos. at least three major airlines grounding hundreds of flights due to the virus and the omicron surge. this as holiday travel is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. and right now, the w.h.o. is sending a rapid response force to investigate a mysterious illness that's killed nearly 100 people in south sudan. mostly the elderly and young children.
7:31 am
officials began investigating back in november in a region of the country ravaged by floods. conditions doctors have called, quote, the perfect storm for disease outbreaks. and amazon has come to a nationwide settlement with the national labor relations board making it easier for the megaretailers' workers to unionize. the agency says that settlement with amazon would impact one of the largest groups of workers in nlrb history. plus, tributes pouring in for one of the nation's most highly regarded authors, joan didion, perhaps best known for her memoir on grief called "the year of magical thinking." that won the national book award and it was adapted as a one-woman broadway show. she was also renowned for her journalism and wrote in a distinct, insightful style, didion was 87 years old. >> she will be missed. >> so beloved. we've got a lot more ahead with just one day till christmas dinner. you'll need food so stew leonard will join us live.
7:32 am
what does he have in his hand? what does he have in store? we cannot wait for that. >> steak and those crab legs. but before we get to that, we do want to turn to a family working to turn a devastating personal tragedy into change. the family of gabby petito, the young woman found killed after vanishing on a trip last summer talking healing during the holiday season. will, you spoke to them just as they're preparing for their first christmas without gabby and they're finding ways to use their heartache to give other families hope. >> i came away from that conversation with a heavy but hopeful heart. the petito family has endured such pain and exposure on a wound still so raw, yet rather than retreat, they're using their platform fighting for other missing people and sharing their stories and their own which this christmas is one of finding a reason to press forward. when gabby petito's family goes to sleep tonight, they know waking up without their daughter
7:33 am
for the first time on christmas day like every other day will hurt. >> you look back and you remember those moments and how great they were, you know, but it's tough every day. >> reporter: 22-year-old petito went missing during a cross-country trip with her boyfriend, brian laundrie. she was later found dead near grand teton national park in wyoming. now her parents are turning tragedy into purpose. >> i don't want to see this happen to another person. i know that we can't save everybody but i think that this just awareness alone is giving people the strength. >> reporter: petito's parents, joe and nichole and stepparents jim and tara established the gabby petito foundation and donated $50,000 to three similarly devoted organizations including the national domestic violence hotline. the hotline says in a little over two months they've been
7:34 am
able to help over 300 people who contacted them after visiting the petito foundation website. >> we're trying to make those changes and help areas that there's a void that needs to be filled. >> we can even be a small piece of a support network for someone else in a similar situation and help them get through it, that's -- it goes a long way. >> i think a lot of folks would understand if in the aftermath of everything you've been through you all decided to shun the world and shut in and just focus on yourselves, but you haven't done that and i wonder why. >> we have our days where we just need to shut down and take a moment, but the whole goal is prevention and helping other young people. >> so where are you all in the process of finding some sort of closure? >> you're not going to get it. >> no, there is none. >> it will never happen. >> is there anything you want gabby to know? >> i want her to know i'm proud
7:35 am
of her. >> we -- she's doing a lot of good and she's touched a lot of people. >> we hope that we save lives in gabby's name because of what happened to her. that gives us a lot of hope. >> reporter: gabby's mother told me she found resonance in the final line of a poem that says you don't just lose them once, you lose them every day for a lifetime. that is the reality her family will face on christmas day and each tay aftday after, that but know they're not alone in their grief this holiday season and i asked them if they might have a message for others who are hurting right now. it's a hard time of year for many people for many reasons, they said, so be kind to yourself and there is help out there. >> wow. >> i mean just amazing. so soon after and they're able to do this and turn to hope. i mean really incredible people. thank you so much for bringing that up.
7:36 am
>> will, and it was hard to see them breaking down, that emotion, so i bet it was really hard for you being there talking to them feeling that so really thank you for bringing that to us. >> of course. glad to share their message, it's very important. >> absolutely. we are going now to switch gears here. with the holiday movie preview, "spider-man," it is breaking so many records, but there's a lot to see this weekend in theaters and at home so kaylee hartung, she joins us with that. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, gio. here at the movies it is the most wonderful time of the year. there are some big hits for the box office with "spider-man" leading the way, it's on pace to be the first movie of the pandemic era to swing right past the $1 billion mark. >> i can't save everyone. >> reporter: "spider-man" has entered another realm. marvel's latest escapade now the highest grossing movie of the year after just ten days in theaters. >> hello, peter. >> reporter: "spider-man: no way home" earning more than $800 million globally. that's more than any other
7:37 am
hollywood movie has made during the pandemic. >> "spider-man: no way home" has a huge built-in fan base because there are marvel fans all over the globe who have waited so long to see this movie and it really just highlights the fact that superhero movies are so important to the box office right now because they are huge moneymakers. >> reporter: but trying to take down that massive web at the box office -- ♪ my name is what ♪ >> reporter: the cartoon crooning family sequel "sing 2." ♪ used to call me on my cell phone ♪ >> reporter: just as the action-packed franchise "the king's man" is out after its release was delayed multiple times and now "the matrix resurrections" has fans eyeing the red pill in theaters but also at home on hbo max making it less likely to dethrone "spider-man." this holiday week a historically blockbuster time pre-pandemic for theaters, is looking questionable as the omicron variant sweeps across the nation. >> there's definitely a chance that could decrease with
7:38 am
consumer confidence going to the movies. >> reporter: many may choose to stay home and stream. the highly anticipated "star wars" spin-off "book of boba fett" only available on disney plus. >> speak freely. ♪ >> reporter: and we are getting the gift of some new movies premiering this weekend like "american underdog" and "a journal for jordan." check them out, janai. >> we're going to go see that "sing 2" movie. but first, kaylee, thank you so much. first coming up, we're talking with the president and ceo of stew leonard supermarkets, look at that. he's joining us live. > first co talking with the president and ceo of stew leonard supermarkets, look at that. he's joining us live.
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welcome back. just one day to go until those christmas dinners are served and this morning, president and ceo of stew leonard supermarket, stew leonard himself, is here to break down the holiday grocery trends. stew, thank you so much for being with us. less than one day till christmas. your stores have to be packed with procrastinators or people who are busy. what are they buying up? >> well, you know, first of all, i just want to tell you i hear you come out with a mac and cheese competition right now. is that true? >> my mom's mac and cheese is a hit. it is. >> because look what we have. we got to do a taste test together. >> all right. >> we have our mac and cheese right here, too, at stew's, all wisconsin cheese so i want to taste it up against yours. >> that looks delicious.
7:43 am
in terms of shopper trends, stew, what are you seeing? are there big gatherings, maybe small gatherings and what are the biggest sellers you're seeing? >> well, you know, we've been an essential business since the beginning of this and saw it went through covid last year. we're seeing it back to bigger events right now at the store. they are buying like crazy here at stew leonard's and so i think everybody is cautious. they're going to wear masks when they have to. there is a lot of double vax and boosters right now and i think as dr. fauci said people are starting to get together. we're feeling it here with the quantity of food people are buying. >> oh, we're so glad about that, stew. supply chain issues were a real mess during thanksgiving. how have things changed since then? >> well, the supply chain feels pretty good. there's a couple things like these right here. you know, one thing in our wine stores, everybody asks, what is
7:44 am
the oldest bottle and what is the most expensive bottle? the oldest product here at stew's is our milks and the most expensive thing we've ever had at stew leonard's are these king crab legs, $70 a pound right now. we couldn't get a better price. >> i was about to ask you to hold those up. i'm glad that you did without us asking. stew, thank you so much for being with us. >> hey, if you get invited to someone's house and they serve these colossal crab legs, get on a knee, thank them for a great meal. >> absolutely. >> stew, my mom is going to call for that mac and cheese. >> we love it. stew, thank you so much, my friend. we really appreciate it. >> yesterday was our meat and potato day where they bought everything. today is more prepared foods, fruit bowls, cannoli platters, shrimp platters. everybody is out and want to get all their fresh fish today too. a lot of italians like the seven fishes. >> absolutely. you got it all, stew. you got it all. you're the man.
7:45 am
and we're going to visit with you soon. we can't get enough of you and thank you so much. merry christmas to you and your family. and coming up, we're tracking santa claus on his big day. family. and coming up, we're tracking santa claus on his big day. but the birds. they're back. yes, i hear them. uh-oh. why are these birds so angry?! at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. we save a lot. i'm going...i'm going. aaaahh! hurry, hurry! i know, i know! for bundling made easy, go to
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7:48 am
♪ santa, tell me if you're really there ♪ and welcome back on this christmas eve morning. we are tracking santa as he travls down from the north pole. let's bring in general glen vanherck, a four-star general and commander of norad at his operation center in colorado
7:49 am
springs, colorado. general, good morning. let's get right to it because this is big news. where is santa right now. >> santa is on his way to russia. he left the kuril islands. he's on his way to the mainland russia. >> where does he head next? >> following russia i'll have to check on that. i don't see that right now. but he started out obviously at the pole. he went through russia into the pacific islands down into new zealand. already been to antarctica and he's coming back northbound back into russia. >> will reeve wants to know how fast does santa have to go to get across the world in time? >> he's incredibly fast. faster than supersonic and he's able to make this journey in a 24-hour period. it's amazing. >> he's magic. >> it's amazing. >> the magic of the season. >> and how do you actually track santa? >> well, we utilize the sensors we use to protect north america on a daily basis.
7:50 am
that starts out with a series of radars called the north warning system that's stretched across the northern part of canada and alaska and pick him up as he comes out of the north pole. once he gets going shortly thereafter we will detect rudolph's nose. it gives off an infrared signal. >> general glen vanherck with the most important job of the morning, thank you so much, sir. >> absolutely. >> i don't know why we're laughing. that's important stuff. >> for any kids out there watching, there's your proof santa is real. he's on his way. so coming up, "gma" gives back, a big surprise for this dancing dad that you just won't want to miss. ♪ what a pain in the— —alice? ♪ if it's “let's wrap this up?” season, it's walgreens season. ♪
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merry christmas eve, everyone. you know, yesterday we saw santa the day before skiing and then as of yesterday in flagler beach surfing. i'm telling you, the guy is confident he's going to get his work done having a good time and also stand-up paddleboarding. look at the outlook for christmas day. i want to point out dallas could have their warmest christmas on record in the 80s and, yes, there will be some precipitation on the east coast and west coast, but a quick look at the christmas cities as well just to give you a little extra spirit this morning. also coming up, i've got a story for you about gifting your kids, in-laws, it can get messy.
7:55 am
"good mornin "good morning america" is sponsored by walgreens. if it's the holiday season, it's walgreens season it's walgreens season.
7:56 am
>> good morning. we are following developing news . all lanes of interstate 680 northbound and fremont are shut down due to a crash involving a gas tanker and a car. it happened just before 5:00 this morning. california highway patrol says the tanker flipped over and spilled fuel onto the roadway. the northbound lanes could be closed for hours. >> mother nature is giving us a window without showers, at least not wide-ranging showers. we will be able to dry out throughout the day. we have a chance of scattered showers from now until sunset. you can see them talking mainly the north bay and mountain snow up there. in the evening hours, our next storm starts to roll through.
7:57 am
it is the two on the impact scale and will introduce snow. >> another abc7 update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest on our news app and
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. covid travel chaos on this christmas eve morning. three major airlines grounding hundreds of flights due to omicron-related issues as holiday travel is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. the treacherous weather coast to coast as millions hit the road this holiday weekend. freezing rain causing this massive pileup in wisconsin. dozens of vehicles involved in the fiery wreck. now the new storm targeting the west. ginger is tracking it all. ♪ we need a little christmas ♪ also this morning, the last-minute gifts you can buy this christmas eve. and livestream shopping. the billion-dollar industry trend taking over social media. is this the future of retail? ♪ just let me adore you ♪ meet lilibet diana.
8:01 am
prince harry and meghan markle sharing the first photo of their daughter along with big brother archie. ♪ the dynamic dancing duo. this superdad went viral for his positive videos while his son was battling cancer. now his baby boy is cancer-free and we have an unforgettable christmas eve surprise you won't want to miss. ♪ everything is awesome ♪ plus, it's an awesome christmas eve. our final holiday cookie, george the gingerbread dog and a celebration of our "gma" team working to get this show on from home all year long. they're all awesome. as we say, good morning, this christmas eve. ♪ i saw that picture and said is that dan harris. it was dan harris with simone. good morning, america. so glad you're spending your
8:02 am
christmas eve with us. >> thrilled you're with us. thrilled it is the big finale. our 12 days of christmas cookies. chef jernard wells joining us speaking of holiday cookie. you got to meet george who definitely maybe did not eat a gingerbread house. see for yourself. >> george, did you steal the gingerbread house? george, look at mom. george. hey, george. george, come here. george. did you steal -- >> circumstantial evidence at best. he's innocent. >> look at the eyebrows. the eyebrows. >> i love it. >> he does what we all should be doing when we get caught, just walk away. >> and then come back with the evidence still in your mouth. first, let's go over to elwyn lopez.
8:03 am
she's at the atlanta international airport with the latest on air travel. flights getting canceled due to the omicron surge. elwyn, good morning again. >> reporter: hey, gio, good morning again. that travel rush picking up this christmas eve. aaa predicts more than 100 million people will be hitting the roads and the skies this holiday season. more than 30 million of those are predicted to fly. that's reaching pre-pandemic level despite omicron. that variant is a big part of what is grounding hundreds of flights today. in a statement united airlines says the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operations. and delta stating their cancellations are due to a combination of issues including omicron's impact and weather in certain areas. alaska airlines canceling flights as well. if you are heading to the airport officials here suggest getting here two hours before your domestic flight and three
8:04 am
hours if you're traveling internationally. gio. >> yeah, absolutely. give yourself some time and, elwyn, the biggest holiday rush is on the roads right now. >> yeah, that's right. aaa predicts of those traveling more than 100 million people will be hitting the roads. experts say the worst times to travel between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. the best, right before 1:00 p.m. guys. >> all right, elwyn, happy holidays to you. thanks so much for keeping us posted. >> happy holidays. thank you. we turn to the wild weather across the country. icy roads, snow in the midwest. a new storm headed for the west. our ginger zee is tracking it all as always. hi, ginger. >> hey, will. merry christmas eve to everyone. you know, we got this decorative snow we'll call it, but it was decorative snow plus freezing rain that did this in wisconsin, gh the pileup. northeast. it will move out'sget that will come with the potential for ice. there are seven states with winter weather advisories, so from burlington to boston
8:05 am
tomorrow morning, if you have plans to get on the road and get to grandma's or somebody else's house early on you want to be really careful there. also we have to go west to mount rose, nevada. they've had feet of snow, they're getting pounded in parts of the sierra nevada and closer to the coast it's been flooding rain. this is not the first storm of the holiday weekend. there are more to come so anybody from portland, oregon, up to seattle where by the way portland has a winter storm watch for one to six inches of snow so i-5 could be tricky up to seattle by tomorrow night especially, and then heavy rain moving back into the bay area so keep that in mind and remember that there could be not only christmas eve high temperature records but christmas day could be the hottest ever in parts of texas. janai. >> wow, but, ginger, you know what, our kids are waking up to the decorative dusting and i'm sure they're excited. >> that's right. speaking of kids this morning, meet little lilibet diana. prince harry and meghan markle
8:06 am
sharing their christmas card. it features the first photo of their baby daughter. there she is, so you cute to see the little baby toes and rolls. i love it along with mom, dad, big brother archie, the card reading, quote, archie made us a momma and a papa and lily made us a family. so sweet, so sweet. >> that's wonderful. all right, guys, you feeling lucky? you're both supposed to say yeah, janai, we're here were you. the powerball jackpot has climbed to an estimated $400 million, the third time in 2021 it reached this mark. the drawing is tomorrow, december 25th, so you could be looking at the ultimate christmas gift. >> that would be. >> we did win the jackpot with you. >> oh, way to go. >> nicely played, gio. >> good job. coming up here, this year's christmas shopping is wrapping up but is livestream shopping the future of retail? and lori bergamotto to the rescue. she's got last-minute gifts if you're on the road, whether you're traveling by plane, train or automobile.
8:07 am
plus, chef jernard wells is whipping up delicious treats for the final day of our 12 days of christmas cookies. can't wait for that. we'll be right back. [ best of my love by black pumas feat. sofia reyes ] target makes last minute gifting easier. shop with same day delivery, free order pickup, or free drive up and leave with your list wrapped up. order today, get it today at target. [ music ends ] even the smallest surprise...
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♪ on christmas cutting down ♪ on christmas cutting down trees ♪ the dulcet tones of joanie mitchell welcoming us back to "gma." a happy christmas eve to you all. so thrilled to be with you. gio. >> yeah, absolutely. now to our "gma" cover story here. christmas shopping, it may almost be over but it could look completely different in the future. zohreen shah, she is back from l.a. now with a look at livestream shopping. zohreen, good morning. tell us about this.
8:12 am
>> reporter: hey, good morning, gio. okay, so, so many americans still haven't finished their christmas shopping. i learned yesterday that some of you guys might actually be in that camp. well, there is a new style of shopping that is picking up steam and it could make your life a whole lot easier. if you love to shop, it's all at your fingertips. we're talking about the newest wave of shopping through live streaming. >> you're going to love it. >> what i love about live streaming is that it's a way for the consumers, the viewers to watch you try on and talk about products while having that immediate response with feedback with their questions. >> reporter: players include emerging apps like network, pop shop live and supergreat similar to actual home shopping tv channels. there's major differences too. >> i do have two available. >> reporter: shopping on live-streaming apps often include clickable links so you can buy on the same screen you're watching. others have chat boxes to make the experience really interactive.
8:13 am
>> guys, we are streaming on my own personal channel today. >> reporter: katie sands says it makes the shopping process more personal. >> over the pandemic i have felt that the viewers and the consumers have really loved watching livestreams because i'm doing it from the comfort of my own home and they are really interacting with me and seeing how i'm using whether fashion products, tech products, beauty products and how i incorporate them into my real life. >> reporter: and according to some estimates sales from shopping on streaming now expected to climb to $25 billion by 2023 in the u.s. what should you know before you dive in? experts say when it comes to great deals social media can play a major role. >> you can actually just be scrolling through instagram or tiktok and see an announcement that maybe your favorite tech products or home products will have a deal at 1:00 p.m. you can tune in. ask all the questions you want in realtime then check out if it's still something you're interested in. >> reporter: so part of what
8:14 am
makes livestream shopping so successful is that you're engaging with other people and so many people need that connection right now. >> yeah, it's amazing technology, zohreen. it just can't save us, though, those last-minute shoppers today, any gift options left? >> a lot of deep breaths first, gio, but, three out of four shoppers shop at the very last minute. most malls will open early today, though, but they'll close by dinnertime. major stores like target, walmart and costco will be closed tomorrow. if you procrastinated there are good gift card deals. a $50 adidas card for $40. this same deal for gap with the code options, amazon is also offering a $100 apple gift card with a free $10 amazon credit -- card with the code apple digital and save 15% off bath & body works gift cards on amazon when spending over $50 with the code bathandbody but you know what, half of shoppers say they will be shopping the day after
8:15 am
christmas. will reeve, i hear that's actually when you can start shopping for next year's christmas. >> zohreen, that's absolutely right. you just got to plan ahead. that's what i always say. >> really nice way to spin it. zohreen, thank you so much. christmas is a wonderful time of year for giving and gifting but sometimes that gifting can become too much, especially if you have a big family. ginger, you have some ways to set limits because you've got two kids at home too. it can be a lot of toys. >> reporter: yeah, janai, i think you've probably run into this. a lot of families have especially around this time of year, we have values, other people, even our in-laws might not quite understand and it's a big discussion everybody needs to have and have early. >> hello. >> dad. >> yeah. >> doesn't this seem like a bit much? >> this is what christmas is all about. >> reporter: dr. seuss' "how the
8:16 am
grinch stole christmas" is an annual reminder that the holiday season is not just about presents. but sometimes it's easy to get caught up in it. my husband and i are more from the camp of less is more when it comes to gifts for the kids. we have that idea on lock. we just don't want a lot of things and we really prefer to focus on the season and being together. the extended family hasn't all gotten that note yet. so we have to find a way to translate it. and for growing families with in-laws, uncles, aunts and cousins, there are added pressures from finances. >> so this year we are buying for everybody, it would probably be over 30. it's so stressful to try to buy gifts for every single little person. even if you give smaller gifts, by the time you're buying 30 plus gifts, it gets really expensive. >> reporter: so where do you draw the line? parenting expert ericka souter
8:17 am
says it's important to have conversations about gift giving early and to be clear with your wishes. >> you are the parent. it is okay to set parameters. it's an uncomfortable conversation but you have to be honest and tell them why. >> what are the suggestions for the gifts when the family gets so big? >> have a conversation with the adults but, look, guys, this is getting out of control. why don't we just -- everybody pick one part of the extended family to give a gift to so like your family would give to michael's family. michael's family would give to laura's family. laura's family gives to yours. >> reporter: it's all about finding the best solutions for your family and remembering that not all presents need to fit in a box. >> i want people to start thinking about experiences and things that they can share with the people and their family. adult and kids alike. if you have a child that's really into firemen ask grandma or an aunt to take them to tour the firehouse where they climb the ladder and meet the firemen. we want everyone around us to enjoy being together and have a good time and it doesn't mean you have to have lots of toys and stuff to do that. so let's teach our children
8:18 am
that. >> in our family we are big believers in the value of spending time which my parents gave to us a couple of weeks ago and then our in-laws hit it out of the park because we love experiences. they got us tickets to "the lion king" on broadway, something my kids will never forget. let's get a check a little all right, many of you are hitting the road this morning or
8:19 am
this afternoon or at some point and whenever you go, if you need some last-minute presents to pick up along the way that's fine and totally normal and perfect for "good housekeeping" style director lori bergamotto. she has you covered whether you're traveling by plane or train or automobile. lori, good morning. merry christmas eve. let's start, though, with -- >> good morning. >> yeah, great to see you. let's start with planes here because as we travel through airports, sometimes you realize, i'm flying somewhere, i don't have a gift but you have a solution. tell us about it. >> that's right. so, if you're at the airport terminal, it's a great place to find things for a younger niece or nephew. you have right in front of you there, will, three things that we found at the airport just this week, a little beanie baby purse, a robot toy. there's a lot of things in, you know, newsstands. you don't even need to look for a specific toy store. look for newsstands. they have tons of toys for the
8:20 am
under tween set for under $30. >> we love that. we love the airport shopping. i do that often. i also have little nieces and nephews so i'm rolling through those stores like, oh, this will be great. we'll get you a little mini statue of liberty. if you hop on a train, which a lot of us often do, you can take a look. there's a holiday hostess we have in mind here if you're taking the train. >> that's right. so, if you're traveling by train or even if you are working today and you're commuting, most major cities have train stations that have tons of options for you. so what you want to look for are kiosks or retail outposts. we found a pop-up, a l'occitane store at grand central station and they had tons of gifts, and what we loved about this, they're prepackaged so you're saving time and energy and even more money on buying wrapping paper which is in short supply as you guys know. you've been reporting on it and all of these gifts could be for men or women so they're great. >> we love it, and i now know
8:21 am
how to pronounce that which i never did before. moving on to cars, i myself am driving today for christmas and christmas eve going to see some family so this is super relevant to me. what can you find on the road without driving yourself crazy? >> okay, so, gas stations might not be the luxury shopping experience you're looking for but perspective, people, you have waited till the very last minute so what i want to say is there are still items to be found at the pump. we love the idea of doing scratch lotto. it's fun, exciting for everybody. it's affordable. they do have santa hats at the gas station because, again, you aren't going to find that wrapping paper, boxed chocolate is always a great idea or a road map with a gas gift card and you can outline places that you love to eat or you love to see. >> i love that, lori. thank you so much. wishing you a very merry christmas. i'm going to take these scratch-offs. don't worry about that, i'll take the whole hat and, gio, over to you. >> good luck.
8:22 am
merry christmas. >> these are brilliant. those are brilliant ideas. i love it. all right, now it's time for the grand finale of our 12 days of christmas cookies and this morning we have chef jernard wells, host of new soul kitchen joining us to share his holiday inspired cookie recipes. you can get that recipe by scanning the qr code right on your screen. chef jernard, good morning. merry christmas eve. >> good morning and merry christmas eve. >> yes. >> to you, as well. >> i'm having an amazing time. >> oh, so are we now that we've got you and the cookies. tell us about these cookies and tell us what movie inspired it. >> all right, so, i have a toasted coconut chip and oatmeal raisin cookie inspired by my wife and i's favorite holiday movie, "the best man holiday." it's all about the christmas and karaoke scene. they perform iconic songs. >> you are speaking my language, chef. okay, you said toasted coconut
8:23 am
chip oatmeal raisin. that's a whole lot. let's start with the toasted coconut. how do you toast it? >> all right, now the cool thing with toasted coconut, medium low heat and what you want to do is you want to saute your coconut chips for roughly about five minutes until they start to get nice, crispy and brown like this. what this is going to do, it's going to open up the flavor so you can really experience those notes of coconut. then from there, grab your bowl and it's all about the dump. we're going to add our toasted coconut, our flour, baking powder, raisins, of course, because it's all about the dry ingredients, one minute instant oatmeal right here. we're going to add that nice flavor here and white chocolate because with a bite of these cookies you're going to experience sneaky little bits of white chocolate, raisins. the key is love it.
8:24 am
>> we love it. so this smells divine. the smell in this studio right now is fantastic. i imagine that might have something to do with the brown sugar and molasses. why both? >> now, the key is, the molasses. this is something that's nostalgic to what my mother always used to put in her cookies, the smokiness from the molasses, the caramel from the brown sugar, all paired together once you cream your butter, your eggs and then you're going to blend it and it'll look just like this. look, this batter is so good i could eat the batter just like this. [ laughter ] now what you do is when your batter is blended together, you're going to mix it in and this is what forms that nice thick ooey gooeyness and guess what, you'll get these beautiful balls here.
8:25 am
the key is, look, don't grease your pan. see, this is already a butter enriched cookie. so with a butter rich cookie, it has all the nice savoriness from the butter that you need. you don't want it to turn brown. too dark. >> chef, that's exactly what i was going to ask you because i know these cookies go in the oven with the parchment paper instead of grease, baking sheets, i was wondering about that because they're already buttered. >> already buttered so no need. once you blend all those ingredients, what we'll do is roll them in a nice little two inches or so balls, pop them on there, parchment paper is all you need. oven, 375. once the oven is 375 -- >> chef, thank you so much. you can get this recipe on our website, merry christmas eve to you, chef. >> they are good. coming up, "gma" gives back, a big surprise for one dancing dad. >> they are good. coming up, "gma" gives back, a big surprise for one dancing dad.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> golding a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7. >> good morning. glide foundation in san francisco was getting ready for single christmas eve prime rib luncheon today. this is video from last year. the organization will serve meals in an outdoor dining room under large tents. 100 meals will also be distributed across the city. the house of prime rib providing 3000 pounds of prime ribs and delicious sides. mike has a look at your
8:28 am
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8:30 am
news app and ♪ ♪ welcome back on this christmas eve and that was kenny "clutch" thomas and his son kristain. now a few years ago, when his son was diagnosed with cancer, kenny started making dance videos like that to keep his family's spirits up and it worked. the dance moves also caught the attention of some celebrities like ciara and common and this holiday season, we are all about uplifting those who are helping others. now this segment is sponsored by honey bunches of oats and we are teaming up with them to celebrate people making an impact in their community.
8:31 am
people like kenny. guys. >> absolutely, ginger, thank you so much. we're going to bring in kenny. let's see him. kenny and his family. it is so great to have you, kenny. your wife josilyne and your beautiful son kristain with us. on this christmas eve morning. kenny, you've been pure joy on social media with these videos. you can't help but smile. people have fallen in love with these videos. >> absolutely. kenny, we know how special your family is, but let's introduce you to america right now. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: kenny thomas is a doer, a dancer and doting dad of four who believes in the power of positivity. >> he believes that the more the positive the energy is it will help you navigate through situations. >> reporter: but when his son kristain was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018, things got tough. >> it was really a very scary time. he was very positive through it
8:32 am
all but i know behind the scenes he was hurting. >> reporter: but kenny tried his best to keep his family's spirits high. >> they didn't want anything negative to be around kristain during his chemotherapy. everything had to be positive. >> when it came to kenny, he was the type of person that was not going to give up, you know, and we're -- pretty much told the doctors we're going to stay in this fight until we get the job done. >> reporter: so he decided to dance. and dance and dance. ♪ gaining attention from all over the u.s. and earning the title of dancing dad. >> when i see thousands of people would message us and like we've seen the first video you posted, it just gave us inspiration, it gave us hope. >> reporter: then 149 days later kristain became cancer free and the pair celebrated the best way they knew how. >> while he was dancing for kristain, he was also relaying a
8:33 am
message, that you can still dance in the storm. >> reporter: and now kenny uses his story to encourage others. >> we're going to leap over our challenges. we're going to go over the peaks and the valleys. >> reporter: and his friends and family are here to say. >> merry christmas, kenny. >> merry christmas, babe, i love you so much. >> merry christmas, buddy. i love you. >> you guys, kenny, josilyne and kristain, thank you so much for being with us. kenny, as josilyne said you had to be hurting so much behind the scenes but you stayed so positive not only for yourself, your family but for so many people. how did you stay so positive? >> oh, man, thank you so much for having us on first and foremost. that was amazing. i think it was more so just keeping faith. my parents, you know, brought me up, you know, always remembering to have faith in everything, having that faith in god was super important but i also thought about this, a few years
8:34 am
ago, i looked up a stat and it said that the average person breathes 22,000 times in a day and i saw that's how many blessings we're getting from this one aspect of life so i look at every day as a one of one. like today will never happen again so for those that are, you know, going through something, you know, hurtful, maybe you're going through something in your past, whatever the case may be, just know that yesterday is gone, tomorrow will worry about itself and today is all we have and when i think of that i stay so positive in you know what, i'm going to impact today the best way i know. i do know i have today. >> amen to that. >> kristain definitely loves you right there climbing all over dad. kenny, you say that incredibly challenging time helped you realize your passion in life. what do you mean by that? >> yes, so me being a dancer for
8:35 am
20 years, choreographer for 20 years, when i was dancing in the hospital with kristain i saw so many people reaching out that saw the love of a father, you know, caring for his son and his family and there was one man that hit me up through instagram and he said if i didn't post this video that he was going to check out. and that right there taught me i need to do more in life. maybe i should trade in my career for my calling and it's to help lead people and see the inspiration inside themselves and see the potential that they have inside themselves and let me help them pull it out of them so they can do what they were called to in life. >> we love that calling. we love that calling, kenny. one of your favorite song "it takes two" by rob bass. we all love it. kenny, kristian do your music thing. let's see. ♪ it takes two to see a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it out of sight ♪
8:36 am
♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to it out of sight ♪ >> and, kenny, we have a very special christmas eve surprise for you and your family so, ginger, take it away. >> oh, thank you, gio. i'm going to keep moving with kenny and kristain but, kenny, you and your family are such a source of positivity and really we want to just -- you represent everything that the spirit of the holiday season is, so we have a very special surprise for you. our sponsor, honey bunches of oats, wants to celebrate you and how much you give back to others, so here's a check for $10,000 so you can do a bunch more. >> are you serious? wow! >> yes. [ applause ] >> oh, wow. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> kenny, oh, my goodness. we are so proud to be a partner in this. how does it feel?
8:37 am
tell me what this is going to mean for you and your family. >> this is going to be tremendous. you know, this is going to be so awesome like thank you so much. i mean, you know, our kids are going to love this. my family is going to love this. we'll -- oh, man, i'm -- i'm a speaker and i'm at a loss for words. >> fantastic. kenny, josilyne, kristain -- >> wow. >> so fantastic. we're so happy for you and for all that you're doing so thank you for being with us and congratulations and merry christmas. happy new year. now coming up -- >> happy new year. >> i got to talk to tye sheridan and lily rabe, they're the stars of the new movie "the tender bar." stay with us. "gma" gives back is sponsored by honey bunches of oats cereal. go be the unique ingredient the world needs to make a bunch happen. ake a bunch happen.
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back now with "the tender bar." i had the chance to sit down with two of the stars of the movie, lily rabe and tye sheridan and how it was work to with george clooney, ben affleck and their own behind-the-scenes bond. take a look. >> what's your main theme? >> the absent father, poor boy wants a rich girl. >> reporter: "the tender bar" is a sweet story of family strife, striving and how where you come from affects where you're going. >> there's something for everyone to relate to and it's got a lot of heart. >> i think there is such a kind
8:41 am
of openness and generosity in the movie. >> reporter: tye sheridan plays j.r. mcguire, "the tender bar's" main character based on real-life pulitzer prize winning journalist j.r. moehringer. j.r.'s relationship with his mother dorothy played by lily rabe is the emotional core of the film. i'm struck by your affection for each other. >> it's the real deal. >> what made it the real deal? >> i want to say we were just brought together by the material, you know, then also, you know, she's a mother, i'm a son. >> we all felt very safe on the set. george created such a safe environment that i think it was easier to sort of get to the heart of one another. >> reporter: george is director george clooney who fostered a sense of family and fun on set. >> good jokes. >> lots of good jokes. >> good times. >> lots of great stories. >> how down and dirty is george clooney getting on set to do his job? >> the work is it. he loves to work.
8:42 am
>> reporter: a stirring performance from another a-lister playing j.r.'s uncle charlie adds to the tenderness of "the tender bar." >> an announcement. today my nephew is officially a man. >> what was that experience like to work so closely with someone like ben affleck? >> oh, great. working with ben, i mean, he had a lot of dialogue. you know, he would drop in little pieces of advice for me here and there and you can't get that at film school. >> give it to me. >> no, let j.r. open it. >> uncle charlie is a gambler. >> i paid the application fee. mr. mcguire, it is a great pleasure to inform you that the admissions committee has voted to offer you a place in the yale class of 1986. >> what? >> j.r. is headed off on his big adventure. you say to your son this isn't home.
8:43 am
>> i really had to confront that idea of being so wildly in love with this person who has to leave. it's her way of saying you have everything you need. you're okay. you have everything you need. >> "the tender bar" is in some theaters now and will start streaming on prime video on january 7th. let's head over to ginger. thank you, will. i have so much to watch on this upcoming break. okay, 'tis the season of giving. you can join "gma" in sharing that holiday cheer by going ahead and donating to a toy drive. yes, the disney ultimate toy drive. just scan the qr code right there on your screen to find out how to put a smile on the face of a child in need. so far, an amazing 153,352 toys have been collected through the drive but it's not over. you can still donate until 11:59 p.m. pacific tonight, so let's keep it going and make it a great holiday for these kids.
8:44 am
and we'll be right back on this christmas eve. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you!
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with one touch. precision brewing technology. a smooth crema. for an exceptional coffee every day. nespresso vertuo. what coffee is meant to be. welcome back to "gma" complete with our santa hats and all. "good morning america" is a huge team gathering in person and virtually every day to bring you this show. >> now, as a kind of christmas card from us to you, here are the names of the team who do so much to make "gma" every day. ♪ you're here where you should be snow is falling as the carolers sing ♪ ♪ along on christmas day ♪
8:47 am
♪ presents what a beautiful sight don't mean a thing if you ain't holding me tight ♪ ♪ you're all that i need underneath the tree ♪ ♪ tonight ♪ ♪ i'm gonna hold you close ♪ ♪ make sure that you know i was lost before ♪ ♪ christmas was cold and gray another holiday along to celebrate ♪ ♪ but then one day everything changed ♪ ♪ you're all i need underneath the tree ♪ ♪ you're here where you should be snow is falling as the carolers sing ♪ ♪ it just wasn't the same alone on christmas day ♪
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♪ presents, what a beautiful sight, don't mean a thing if you ain't holding me tight ♪ ♪ you're all that i need underneath the tree ♪ ♪ and then one day changed. you're all i need underneath the tree ♪ ♪ ♪ and then one day changed you're all i need underneath the tree ♪ ♪ you're here where you should be snow is falling as the carolers sing ♪ ♪ it just wasn't the same alone on christmas day ♪ ♪ santa tell me if you're really there ♪ ♪ don't make me fall in love
8:50 am
again if he won't be here ♪ ♪ santa, tell me if you're really care ♪ ♪ don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here ♪ ♪ next year santa tell me if he really cares ♪ ♪ 'cause i can't give it all away if he won't be here next year ♪ ♪ feeling christmas all around ♪ ♪ and i'm training to play it cool ♪ ♪ but it's hard to focus when i see him walking across the room ♪ ♪ let it snow is blasting out ♪ ♪ but i won't get in the mood i'm avoiding every mistletoe until i know ♪ ♪ it's true love that he thinks of so next christmas i'm not all alone, boy ♪ ♪ santa, tell me if you're really there don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here next year ♪ ♪ santa, tell me if he really cares ♪ ♪ 'cause i can't give it all away if he won't be here next year ♪
8:51 am
♪ i've been down this road before ♪ ♪ fell in love on christmas night ♪ ♪ but on new year's day i woke up and he wasn't by my side ♪ ♪ now i need someone to hold be my fire in the cold ♪ ♪ but it's hard to tell if this is just a fling or if it's true love that he thinks of ♪ ♪ so next christmas, i'm not all alone, boy ♪ ♪ santa, tell me if you're really there, don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here ♪ ♪ next year ♪ ♪ santa, tell me if he really cares 'cause i can't give it all away if he won't be here next year ♪ ♪ oh, i wanna have him beside me like, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ on the 25th by the fireplace,
8:52 am
oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ but i don't want a new broken heart ♪ this year i've got to be smart ♪ ♪ oh, baby, atlanta tell me, if ya won't be atlanta tell me ♪ ♪ if ya won't be here, santa tell me ♪ ♪ if you're really there, don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here ♪ ♪ next year, santa, tell me if he really cares, 'cause i can't ♪ santa, tell me if you're really there, don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here ♪ ♪ next year ♪ ♪ santa, tell me if he really cares, 'cause i can't give it
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and you'll get 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. sing 2. >> >> announcer: now with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine, it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> "rise & shine." >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: so celebrate with abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. as we close out our christmas eve morning here on "gma," just wanted to make a
8:56 am
special shoutout to control room producer, overall maestro, great friend, a mentor of mine, ross. he put that whole credits together. you know how many people it takes to put this show together, it's really just a magical thing. if you want some basketball tomorrow, abc/espn, check it out. merry christmas. basketball tomorrow, abc/espn, check it out. merry christmas. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7. >> happy christmas eve. let's get a check forecast. >> thank you for joining us. i think you're going to like the forecast. you can see a much drier we are becoming after the rain. a few scattered showers around the santa cruz mountains. there will be more scattered but very widely scattered showers with more sunshine then showers except in the north bay in the snow in lake and mendocino counties. you have the possibility of to be to four feet above 2000 feet from 10:00 today to 10:00 monday. the rest of us, pretty heavy rain tonight or tomorrow morning. that will lower our snow levels down to hamilton adding a dusting and a better chance of measurable snow on monday.
9:00 am
>> time for "live with kelly and ryan." deja vu: from the north pole to new york city, it's live with kelly and ryan, @ home for the holidays. today, the queen of christmas, the magical mariah carey, and a classic holiday performance from alanis morissette. plus a heartwarming story of a young man who's earned the nickname kid santa. and throughout the show, fun holiday home videos, courtesy of our incredible viewers. also, the live family, staff and crew pass on a special holiday message. so grab your cocoa and get comfy, because here are two of santa's favorite elves, kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. -oh, no. -[glass shattering] whoo! [crew cheering] oh... oh, my goodness. that was magical.


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