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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 25, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> wet roads and tricky travel. we are tracking the wet weather. shopping and celebrating bay area in good spirits despite covert concerns. good morning. merry christmas to you. this is abc seven news live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. i am julian glover. let's check in on weather. lisa: merry christmas to you. it is wet and rainy, and some
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lightning strikes of the coast of the north bay. this is a dynamic system that will move in throughout the morning hours and bring us heavy rain and pockets. there is a look at marine county. to the north, that is where we will see a line of storms begin to come together, and this all sinks to the south in the later part of the day. scattered showers mainly around san jose, mount hamilton. this is a level two. we will have heavy downpours and gusty winds from a quarter inch to an inch of rain throughout the day today and a chance of thunderstorms embedded with hail. current wind up from 17 to 35 miles per hour from mount through hawkeye. will be accompanied by gusty wind and the possibility of a thunderstorm.
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cold air filtering in behind it and we are talking about chilly conditions in parts of the north bay as low as 500 feet beyond the christmas holiday. julian: it is a white christmas in the sierra. we have a live look. snowflakes are flying on the southeastern edge of lake tahoe. for some people this is not the holiday and the sierra they were planning for. traffic on i-80 was backed up for nearly three hours on christmas eve two to car crashes and multiple spinouts. >> we tried it yesterday but it was closed. we found a hotel in sacramento and tried again today. on -- it has still not worked out yet. julian: travelers remained
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optimistic and played in the snow. if you are headed to the sierra, be patient, safe and bring the right size change for your vehicle. c the omicron variant surging throughout the world. it is playing a part in thousands of flight cancellations. abc news reporter stephanie sierra tells us worst is yet to come. stephanie: call at the nightmare before christmas as omicron fears checked into holiday panic. >> i keep seeing cancellations and keeping my fingers crossed. stephanie: she is flying on united, she hopes. how many flights have they canceled? >> to my knowledge, 170 and the number keeps going up. stephanie: families stranded, airline staff sick prompting a slew of airlines including united, delta, jetblue,
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allegiant and others to cancel flights in the bay area. he is where he will not make it to seattle. >> we are on the 12:50 1 but it has trouble. so we are going at 2:18 now. >> we have been checking different airlines and crossing our fingers and hoping we can make the trip. >> do you have a backup plan? >> no, we don't. stephanie: mckay mix of 50% to 70% of new cases in florida -- california. -- the omicron variant making up 50% to 70% of new cases in california. >> we have been rethinking this again and again. stephanie: scrambling to re- schedule flights. >> happy holidays. >> hope for the rest.
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stephanie: hominy hours until takeoff? >> -- how many hours until takeoff? >> two and a half hours. julian: if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. had to our website. despite the pandemic, many in the south bay are determined to keep holidays happy. crowds in downtown san jose said they spent christmas lockdown last year and the sugar spirits are up. here is our reporter. amanda: after having to attend christmas mass virtually last year, they say there is something special. >> the highlight is just going in and being in church. amanda: they drove in from the
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east coast and said the pandemic of them grounded. >> we didn't feel it was good to travel so we stayed put. >> stayed close to home, but it is hard when you're not near your family. amanda: longing to be around people seemed to be the big motivation for people we spoke with. at the beloved christmas the park, christmas eve crowds for the first time since 2019. >> it has been a long time. during the holidays you want to go outside and see people. >> we wanted to be with people and spend time with friends and hang out. >> seeing all the christmas trees in the parks and the people happy. amanda: returns of sights, sounds, tastes, and traditions, with the exception of masks. many admit they have had to make adjustments but they are determined to keep the holidays happy. >> it still doesn't feel normal
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yet, because usually we are together and my sisters but we are going to a restaurant. amanda: every moment is caring greater significance. >> i am glad we can do this and walk around and enjoy things and go to bars and restaurants and not just locked up from it all. julian: with just hours to spare, holiday shoppers rushed to union square to pick up last-minute gifts ahead of christmas. but as we are told, chapman wasn't the only thing on their minds. tim -- shopping wasn't the only thing on their minds. tim: union square was packed with people, many hitting shops and picking up last-minute items. >> we had lunch at neiman marcus and did some shopping at macy's. tim: others had the shopping list completed and came out just
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to see the decorations. she came with her family. >> lecture we were not out because panic was at its peak. tim: she said she and her daughter waited in line to see santa. >> what did you give to santa? >> a card. she wrote a letter to santa and ask what she wanted as a christmas present. >> shopping wasn't the only thing on people's minds. after the smash and grab weeks ago, safety was a consideration. after smash and grab robberies rock to the area several weeks ago, the presence giving many shoppers we talked to a sense of security. >> it is well lit. this is all remodeled. it is beautiful out with lots of people. a really nice day. ; the other issue top of mine was covid. despite omicron, they won't let
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it ruin their spirit. >> all we have to do is be careful, wear a mask and wash our hands. julian: some good news, an eight-year-old boy got a special visit from santa. >> merry christmas. julian: that is young alexander being given a surprise party. he is battling stage three cancer. the police departmente police dp up as santa, rudolph, and frosty the snowman to bring holiday cheer. >> it is intense going to chemotherapy, pain, all of thing that cancer patients go through. if we can do everything we can bring happiness as often as we can, that is what it is all about. julian: the party the front yard. neighbors joined in.
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happening today, san francisco serving up holiday feast. meals will have all of the holiday fixings with the turkey and ham. meals will be served and an outdoor room. reckless begins at 7:30. christmas meal served through 1:00 this afternoon. volunteers will deliver meals in the area. a free christmas dinner today, everyone is welcome. the event is held at the first unitarian church. it runs from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 this afternoon. they asked that you bring your id and proof of vaccination. as you are waking up with us, we will check back in witmeteorolo. lisa: emeryville, low 50's.
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south wind making it a cold frot for this christmas holiday. it will bring heavy downpours and maybe even a thunderstorm. we will track that and talk about a soggy looking holiday weekend when we come back. julian: also, many are using at home covid-19 tests. we are looking at what it can mean for the pandemic data. and the most powerful telescope
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got a change in prescription. but the thing missing was my memory. i saw a prevagen commercial and i thought, "that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. julian: covid-19 test kits are becoming a must have this liday season. the north bay is providing them to people who may not find one. a man has turned his driveway into a pop-up test site.
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the tests are hard-to-find for some people and for others, just too expensive. >> we need to take care of each other during this difficult time. that is basically what i'm trying to do. >> we have a wonderful facebook community page which you posted doing this service for free. julian: he gave out more than 50 tests in a couple of hours. he allowed people to test on the street in their car. many people relying on these at home covid tests to stay safe this holiday season, but who is checking the number of positive cases from the south tests. melanie woodrow has what you need to know. melanie: he was planning on going to toronto but omicron changed his mind. >> we were concerned. melanie: he is vaccinated and boosted and regularly testing himself at home. >> i have three left.
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melanie: a professor and infectious disease specialist said at home tests are reliable. >> adam testing is the way of the future. melanie: but as more and more people rely on them, it could skew the test positivity rate. he is a a a a a a a disease professor at uc berkeley school of public health. he said a number of the cases go to public health recommendations. >> we make the recommendations based on how many cases are out there. so knowing how many cases are occurring gives us a warning to what will happen to the hospitals in a couple of weeks and in peoples lives in a month. melanie: he wrote -- he recommends contacting three areas when you test positive. >> if you get these three groups of people you will be set.
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melanie: he said if he were to get a positive result, he would take a pcr test next or medical confirmation, which ultimately would be reported. a new consideration for anyone testing at home as california continues to fight the spread of covid-19. julian: a small road were two people died on storms -- in storms on thursday. they were trapped on hillcrest bell of art. the car drove into a flooded street where it dips under a caltrain pass. a public works employee saved two people in another car that got stuck. i heavy downpour in seven california caused a large sinkhole on highway 18 in the san bernardino mountains near crestline late thursday night. a family traveling along the highway in the fog lost two tires after hitting the edge of the sinkhole here they are lucky to be alive today. >> at this time it might be best
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to delay travel until we can get a better evaluation of most of the routes. we are asking people to seek other detour routes. julian: look at how thick and dense the fog is. the sinkhole was not the only road hazard. rocks filled -- rocks fell to lake arrowhead and shut off access to big bear. rose expected to be close until further notice. as you -- roads expected to be closed until further notice. let's check in with meteorologists lisa argen to see what is next. you may have to match the umbrella today. lisa: and holding on despite the gust of wind. a bigger system pushing down to the bay area over the holiday and active live doppler seven with thunderstorms. you can see them offshore.
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cold air filtering in behind us and because of that it is along for some of the systems to bring down heavy rain at times. as we get in closer, there is the top of mount st. helena. northern, a mix of snow in lakeport and to the east heavier showers. as we head south to hercules, american canyon, highway 87 getting good rain westward into this valley. we will take you further south into san francisco, where we have wet pavement, usually wind down to san mateo and over into the east bay. scattered showers toward mount hamilton and morgan hill. cold air certainly moving in, three to six inches above 1500 feet for the clear lake area. it will stay with us until next week.
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reina, 35 in mount diablo. closer to the day, low 50's. impaired yesterday, it is cool -- compared to yesterday, it is cooler. much cooler air cited to come in on the backside of the weekend. it has been chilly out there brief, heavy showers today with gusty wind. cold storms arriving later on tonight into monday and they will not hold a lot of moisture. we will see the possibility of rain-snow mix. looking at that over the higher peaks. we will time out for you, santa rosa in the next hour with heavy downpours by 9:00. east bay into san francisco, the line holds together and pushes into the south they into the sacramento valley with showers behind it throughout the rest of the day. that is the heaviest line.
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overnight, scattered showers. a few areas mixed with the mixed precipitation. 7:00 tomorrow morning, continuing to see showers increase throughout the rest of the day on sunday. looking at active weather through the weekend taking us into early monday. looking at rainfall totals, adding up tomorrow and today, and that will bring us anywhere from about half of an inch around the delta and this is just for today, three quarters of an inch in the santa cruz mountains, adding into sunday, or an inch -- over an inch downtown. in ancient have toward san ramon. -- an inch toward san ramon. looked at warning through tuesday, three to six feet, and up to 12 feet over the peaks. snow levels continue to lower into the foothills.
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low 50's today. the level two system with heavy downpours, the possibility of a thunderstorm and gusty wind as santa comes to town, downgrade to a level one. by monday, another system will bring us heavy rain. this will be in the colder air. all week long, we are dodging showers until we get to new year's eve. it looks dry for the new year. active to the end of the year. >> and lift off. lift off from a tropical rain forest. james webb begins a voyage back to the birth of the universe. julian: and there it is. you witnessed a moment decades in the making, the most powerful telescope ever successfully launched into space of the coast of south america. they have been working on the
6:22 am
project for over two decades. they expect to find what they find some weird discoveries. >> the christmas morning launch of the james webb space telescope could yield data from light created new the 14 billion years ago at the beginning of the universe. unlike previous telescopes such as hubble ultra-sensitive , sensors will analyze infrared light using the largest telescope ever put in space. the complex, gold-plated mirror will operate from an orbit a million miles up, giving it a clearer view than what's possible on earth due to air pollution. >> we can see in the clouds where stars are forming. we can also see highly objects, things formed new the beginning of the universe. >> he is an astrophysicist working on this mission for 25 years. >> we expect to see weird things that we have seen before.
6:23 am
they will be obvious and be different molecules, different chemistry that we have seen in planets in the solar system and elsewhere. >> he will look for evidence of carbon and ammonia and methane in the atmosphere of small planets that could indicate they are harboring life. it will take 10 days for the large mirror to unfold and six months to calibrate it. the $10 million james webb space telescope is cooperative with several agencies. the data collected will become public one year later. >> we are going to hit the ground running and tried to analyze the data quickly because we put a lot of effort into planning these and we want to make the discoveries. >> then it's will be targeted for research over the telescope's 10 year lifespan. julian: just ahead, when you wish upon entry,
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julian: welcome back. residents of the california community sharing wishes for the holiday season and beyond. reporter lindsey davis has their story. lindsay: in vista, california, there is a tree. not an ordinary christmas tree but a wishing tree set up for the holidays. >> a bunch of people around the neighborhood go and get notes and write kind little wishes on it. lindsay: handwritten wishes. >> i wrote four into begun. lindsay: little clouds with big ambitions blowing in the wind. one person writing, for a new year filled with blessings and
6:27 am
love, another for safe delivery and healthy new grandbaby. >> when you turn and you see people making a wish, it warms your heart. >> a quick recovery. >> i hope i can be enough for everybody needs me. >> strength as we navigate the holidays without you. rest in peace. lindsay: this group with this special wish. >> mary christmas and happy new year. julian: that was abc's lindsay'y davis reporting. the tree tradition started a few years ago by a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous and wanted the opportunity to bring cheer and spread hope. still to come, president biden lifting the travel ban on a handful of countries that were restricted due to covid. we will tell you who will be impacted. and concerns over safety have some people looking for personal guards.
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning and merry christmas to you. you are watching us live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we start at -- with a look the forecast with lisa argen. lisa: we are going to see a soggy day after heavy downpours. we could see a thunderstorm. you can look wiggly. there are reported offshore -- you can look. a look at rain from richmond to berkeley across 80. further to the north, a line of rain getting bay and into the south bay.
6:31 am
scattered showers from the east bay to mount hamilton and along the peninsula. heavy downpours and brief, heavy rain with the wind. that will also bring a possibility of thunderstorms. the wind gusting to 36 miles per hour out of the south. as we take you through about 9:00, and see the line from fairfield to napa and advancing this to 11:00 and pushes to the south and east from livermore and san jose. we could see hail and as we get into the afternoon hours, pockets of rain. it will be breezy and cool with highs in the upper 40's to near 50. tracking more rain for your sunday. we look for a break into the final days of 2021, but it is going to be cold. we could see snow getting low around here. julian: the will lift travel
6:32 am
restrictions on eight southern african countries beginning on december 31. they were ordered to spread -- to slowly spread of the omicron variant. non-us citizens citizens citizes vaccinated and present a negative covid-19 test result one day prior to travel. this morning, while many of us are opening presents and inviting loved ones into our homes, a warning about omicron impacting flights and altering plans. christina sloan has the latest. christine: the u.s. is now averaging 176,000 coronavirus cases and 1200 deaths here the impact felt as oaks visit loved ones. -- felt as they visit loved ones. hundreds of flights canceled.
6:33 am
family from cleveland among the lucky ones. >> we have never traveled for the holidays. luckily we got a direct flight. christine: outbreaks on a cruise ship. cases in major cities including new york and los angeles skyrocketing. >> we have had more testing and opportunities but we know that hospitalizations are continuing to rise. christine: as families settle down, doctors urging people to take precautions. >> ventilation is a good not everyone can have an outdoor event but air purifiers are a great idea. christine called the doctor adding those hosting gatherings should assume -- christina: the doctor adding those hosting gatherings should assume. the fda authorizing to new covid-19 treatment pills.
6:34 am
christine sloan, abc news, new york. julian: the dramatic spread of the omicron variant as changing workers returning to the office and students returning to the classroom. a small robotics company is on the case with a solution it takes can keep omicron at bay. we show you exactly how it works. >> the newest warrior waging war on omicron, ultraviolet light. >> covid and all of the variance can be inactivated. 99.99% efficacy. >> hospitals, schools, and offices are turning to robots to make disinfection sweeps. it is able to detect objects and maneuver around them, which makes it ideal for classrooms and hospitals. once the ultraviolet light is off, space is safe for immediate
6:35 am
use. robot is adept at t and corners. >> the level of confidence and efficacy provided will give all of the staff members some level of confidence to come back to work. >> they were already making robots for use in telemedicine. they weigh only 60 pounds which is helpful to janitorial services which can move them from one office to another. hector garcia's company has two of the units. >> it is great for us to keep customers safe from any viruses. >> form and function are important. they can easily be transported by folding them in half. they believe the robots will be key to helping companies provide a safe workspace as covid, case how and when employees returned to the office by making all of
6:36 am
its own components, included 3d printed parts and not impacted by supply chain delays. julian: new this this this thiss study has found the city of oakland is a hotspot for lead contamination among children. neighborhoods, most at risk are east coast -- east lead paint was outlawed decades ago but can be found in older houses or rental properties. lead is toxic to inhale and can cause impairment of the nervous system and other medical conditions over time. crime one of the top concerns in the bay area, several innovators using technology to help people protect themselves and their property. melanie woodrow shows you three apps hoping people stay safe. melanie: reports of women stabbed waiting for a bus shook him to his core. >> i can't believe this is the
6:37 am
world we live in. i want to do something. melanie: he has an app that allows you to order and -- a guard. it begins at $50 to $75 an hour. he says the guards will be licensed, insured, and undergo vigorous background checks. >> it is said the fact that we even need this. and the fact that people treating asian people less than dogs. now any: he is -- melanie: he is hoping to make people feel safer in big cities. another app is currently in testing with rollout in the next month or so. the ceo and founder created it when deciding whether his preteen daughter would be safe in a bike ride. >> it is a technology platform that gives you situational awareness.
6:38 am
melanie: it uses crime data to ccess a safety score. >> we believe in giving people the confidence to move freely. melanie: daniel landry was also inspired by personal experience. someone broke into his car three times in one year. >> i lost family pictures, business plans. most items were irreplaceable. melanie: he created an app work harder owners can hire armed or unarmed security guards to watch their car. >> the security guards will deter a lot of crime. it only takes a minute or two. when you have a security guard present, you have to make a choice. melanie: the app is a year in the making. >> we are watching the decline of san francisco. we all have to contribute to the
6:39 am
solution. law enforcement can't do this themselves. melanie: it gives a meaning to the phrase there's an app for that. julian: a man in kentucky going viral on social media for playing his piano surrounded by debris from his tornado damaged home. ♪ he could salvage after the powerful tornadoes earlier this month when he noticed his beloved piano still standing. that is when he started playing. he is dedicating his music to follow tornado survivors. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, rain is in the forecast for your christmas day. we take a quick look at live doppler 7. lisa argen will have a full forecast. and a look inside san francisco's newest luxury
6:40 am
housing complex. the amenities included with a $7,700 per
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6:42 am
julian: we are getting a look inside san francisco's newest luxury senior living facility. the cost could be as much as $17,000 a month. we got a tour of the building. >> located in the heart of san francisco, the senior complex is three months from opening its doors. >> is going to be a big community. we arrange everything from independent living to assisted living and support teams and care teams to the mayo clinic. >> there are 208 units is waiting to get in. >> show us around your room.
6:43 am
>> this is the living room with a full kitchen of oi don't expect to use much of it. it has everything i could need. >> tell us about this. >> this is where my grand piano is going to go. they are on a month-to-month basis ranging from 7000 70 a studio and 17,000 for a two bedroom -- $7,7007,7007,7007,700 and $17,000 for a two bedroom. >> we will have security, utilities included, dining options throughout the community. >> it was built by two developers. it is the first of its kind. >> how did san francisco inspire some of the rooms? >> he can press this at anyprest
6:44 am
for health and a long list of amenities are some of the factors that attracted him here. >> we have 25,000 square feet of amenities a w he a wellness center with an outdoor pool which is unique for san francisco, a yoga room, fitness equipment. >> luxury complex opens its doors march 1, 2022. julian: now we get a check check the christmas forecast with lisa. lisa: we have scattered showers increasing throughout christmas day. we will have heavy downpours and maybe a thunderstorm embedded with hail. how is that for christmas day. we will have breaks throughout the afternoon. more rain on the way for sunday. i will track it all. julian: christmas with the curries, xavier becerra and
6:45 am
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julian: welcome back. the warriors battling the sons in phoenix, tip-off at 2:00 right here on abc 7. the warriors on the road for the second straight christmas and doing their best to remain in good spirits despite being away from loved ones. chris alvarez has more. chris: for 49ers f on jimmy garoppolo, he doesn't play defense or special teams. he threw two costly interceptions thursday night. the red zone pick took place up the board and he missed some big throws like a wide open one, what he did leave the niners on a fourth quarter game dying drive -- game-tying drive. everyone sharing blame in the loss. >> can't get off the field on third down.
6:48 am
they have two turnovers and we have zero and usually it is a loss. >> we didn't play our best game. not making mistakes. >> what lost us the game was that their downs and the takeaways. we had to do one or the other and we lost and that is why we lost the game. >> whether we wish it, everyone does. >> we have to get ready and move onto the next one. chris: the warriors have an afternoon tip-off. several outdoing covid protocols. -- several are out due to covid protocols. a marquee match off -- match. >> i do think there should be a role in the nba that you can't be on the road two years in a row. just making that clear. i am confident that year we will
6:49 am
be home for christmas or we will protest and not show up. >> now i mixed -- missed her first christmas and i will miss her second. we are human beings too. >> you're trying to balance being present with them. i think we have played nine straight years on christmas. that means you are doing something good so you have to take the good with the bad. chris: this is all good. there eat, learn, play foundation wrapping up another successful christmas. it wrapped up christmas eve, celebrating 12 days of holiday cheer for the oakland community and beyond. children, families, organizations across the bay, donations, gifts courtesy of the foundation. that is you look at sports. julian: always doing so much good for our community.
6:50 am
let's get another check of the forecast with meteorologist lisa arjun, who is telling us to make sure you know where the umbrella is. lisa: we had some breaks and some sun mixed in with clouds. with the breaks in between, we have not seen too much in the way of problems, certainly minor roadway flooding with clogged storm drains, but overall this is what we needed and much more we look at live doppler seven. a few thunderstorms offshore. a little bit of rain-snow mix around clearlake. further south, fairfield looking at a good downpour. san francisco shower activity. you can see it all scattered about from mount hamilton to the foothills and east bay, and in
6:51 am
the mountains it is snowing. we have a winter storm warning right through to stay with multiple rounds of very heavy snow and gusty wind with dangerous travel conditions. looking in mendo mendo three to six inches above 1500 feet, colder air here. it would to storm warning through tuesday with three to six feet up to 12 feet possible over the peaks guide the snow levels will continue to lower on sunday down to one 2500 feet. major travel delays. things are looking drier for the new year's eve and new year's day and looking like we will get a break. towards the east bay, 50 in walnut creek. overall, temperatures cooler but just wait, the very cold air is on the way and that will bring overnight lows into the 20's and
6:52 am
30's toward the end of the weekend into monday and tuesday. brief, heavy showers with gusty winds with cold air air with snow on the higher peaks. the coldest morning could be tuesday morning. if the rain and cold air align, we could see snow on mount tam and the north bay. here is look at 7:00 with a heavy line of rain moving through as we get through 9:00 san francisco into the east bay toward the sacramento valley. this will continue to push to the south and get hung up and we will continue to see showers throughout the afternoon. six clock at night, scattered showers through the overnight. at 3:00 or 4:00 on your sunda back into the showers embedded with more heavy rain at times. this is early monday. we keep looking at the colder air initiating heavier downpours
6:53 am
right on through monday. this is your saturday outlook. anywhere from a half inch of rain around haywood and oakland, a little more than that from novato and we will add in sunday the totals up to three quarters of an inch in mountain view. over an inch up in novato and napa. southerly wind will accompany the system. you can see by 1:00, wind gusts at 32 miles an hour through oakland. breezy in the south bay. a front moves through. looking at the highs today, only in the low 50's. scattered showers through the rest of christmas night. the seven day forecast looking at a soggy one today with the possibility of a thunderstorm and maybe some hail as the strong line of storms moves through. a bit of a lull overnight.
6:54 am
sunday, a wintry mix with cold air in place. into tuesday and wednesday, only in the 40's at times. it feels like we are in the mountains by about tuesday or wednesday. julian: next up, he may be the grinch that stole christmas, but the guy knows how to
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julian: visitors can enjoy the botanical garden for free on christmas day, located in golden park. it will end at 4:000 afternoon. nature lovers can stroll through one of the most diverse gardens in the world, showcasing 9000 different kinds of plants from around the globe. it is free new year's day as well. most of us have read the beloved dr. seuss book "how the grinch
6:57 am
stole christmas," and australia being the grinch all month long. he is stealing drinks and then hits the dance floor. he is devoted to golfing to ice-skating and even visiting santa. really in full costume there. t. a reminder, the abc 7 log is back, get cozy by streaming it or fire up the bay area connect app. it has music in the background and you hear the crackling of the wood. it's get a final check of the christmas forecast. lisa: looking out the window, the rain will relax you. that will increase through the day. you can see showers on top of our suite. some embedded with heavy
6:58 am
downpours. this is around american canyon, highway 12 and oakland 580, wet weather and scattered showers through mount hamilton. rain and wind with possible thunderstorms bringing us a level two. rain continues through early next week with cold air. julian: thank you all for joining us for abc 7 warnings. i am julian lover along with lisa argen -- julian glover
6:59 am
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♪ good morning, everyone, and merry christmas. this morning getting into the real spirit of the season all morning long. "operation christmas drop." the season of giving, american airmen come to the aid of those in need dropping food, tools and clothing and hope from their planes. how their service is changing lives. ready, set -- return. if you're just opening up your presents, you may find a few that missed the mark. we have your gift return game plan. the strategies to make it easier this year. yuletide dinner. showing us how to create a christmas feast like a pro. simple recipes you can whip up right now. what make as christmas movie?


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