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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 25, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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"good morning america." it's our second hour, and merry christmas. now that santa has stopped by, we're keeping the festivities going, but plenty of yuletide merriment all morning long. ♪ it's the most wonderful time ♪ >> it is christmas dinner crunch time. go ham on your holiday spread. chef alex guarnaschelli has the pro tips you need for the most wonderful meal of the year. and we're pulling out all the stops for our christmas sweater pageant. "gma" takes on "a christmas carol," the ghosts of christmas past, present, and yet to come doing the most. plus, the latest headlines as we say, "good morning america." ♪ that's the jingle bell ♪ >> announcer: live from abc news in new york, this is "good morning america."
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>> "good morning america," so great to have you with us and merry christmas. our friend eva celebrating the first christmas with her baby, ella, on maternity leave but excited to have stephanie ramos and linsey davis with us this morning. >> merry christmas to both of you. i'm personally excited to have alex guarnaschelli with us today, we are going to have holiday ham and delicious treats that you might want to prep at home. >> cannot wait for that. but let's get a check of news with abc's erielle reshef. >> topping the headlines this christmas morning, the surge in covid cases worldwide with 14 states reporting highest daily case numbers in over a year. experts predicting omicron's surge may just be getting started. this morning, omicron cases across the country are on the rise. the u.s. now averaging 176,000 new daily infections, well over the peak seen this summer. the cdc estimates this new
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variant is accounting for more than 70% of new cases. los angeles had 3,000 cases on monday. today, roughly 10,000. >> we could be looking at case numbers we have never seen before. well over 20,000 cases a day by the end of the year. >> reporter: the virus and the surge of omicron upending travel plans too. >> i guess it's sad. it's just really sad. >> the whole trip has been canceled. >> reporter: united, delta, and jetblue grounding hundreds of flights, citing staffing shortages due to the variant. >> aggravation, really nothing you can do about it. it's one of those things that's out of your control. >> reporter: the spike leaving many medical workers and personnel stretched thin. the cdc updating its recommendations for vaccinated and boosted healthcare workers, cutting their isolation period to seven days. new york shattered its daily infection record, the city logging more than 44,000 cases, up 53% in two days. >> we have had more testing, and we have had more opportunities,
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but also, we know that hospitalizations are continuing to rise. >> reporter: the state now shortening the quarantine period for asymptomatic essential workers to just five days. president biden says he thinks the general public should keep isolating for ten days if they're exposed. >> i just listen to my team of the docs, and they think we should keep it the way it is for now. >> reporter: 8,500 americans have died in just the last week with the heaviest toll on the unvaccinated. >> if my parents got it, it would have saved their lives. once they're gone, they're gone. there's nothing you can really do to get them back. >> reporter: experts say thanks to vaccines, boosters and negative tests, it is possible to have a safe christmas with loved ones, relief for so many who are gathering for the holiday. but the pandemic forcing christmas celebrations in bethlehem to be scaled back for a second year in a row. still, hundreds gathering in manger square, home to the church of the nativity which is built on the grotto where
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christians believe jesus was born. the crowd, made up of mostly locals or visitors from nearby towns, israel restricting most international visitors to try to curb the rapidly spreading omicron variant. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: pope francis delivering his annual christmas day blessing from his balcony at the vatican this morning, calling for peace in the middle east and ukraine. last night, the pope marked christmas eve with a mass in the basilica attended by 2,000 people, more than the 200 that were allowed last year but still a far smaller crowd than in years past. the pontiff urging christians to take care of in need, especially during the pandemic.o
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members of the royal family attending christms service this morning at st. george's chapel in windsor, the queen not in attendance this year, but she will deliver a taped christmas message to the nation. this is the queen's first christmas since the death of her husband, the duke of edinburgh. also absent from the church service, the duke and duchess of cambridge, who are said to be spending the holiday in norfolk. ♪ and finally, listen to this. touching tribute in kentucky. ♪ >> this is jordan playing "silent night" on his piano which somehow made it through the deadly tornado that tore through his hometown just two weeks ago. like many others, jordan's home was destroyed but his spirit, as you can see, unbroken as he played this tribute to the victims, the survivors, and all those who came together to help those who lost so much. we are thinking of those affected by that storm, and that's a look at your headlines for this holiday morning.
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merry christmas to all. be safe out there. now back to whit, linsey, and stephanie. >> thanks to erielle. coming up, it's christmas dinner crunch time and alex guarnaschelli is showing us how to make christmas dinner like a pro. we're taking a walk down memory lane with tori johnson, celebrating ten years of "deals and steals." later our christmas sweater pageant and we're telling the tale of a holiday classic. we'll be right back. tale of a holiday classic. we'll be right back. this is your home. this is your family room slash gym. the guest bedroom slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed. the living room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash classroom. and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home. find yours on the vrbo app.
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[ music ends ]
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yeah. that's classic. we love our holiday sweaters. welcome back to "gma." that's looking back at our 2020 christmas sweater party. our pal, dan harris, ultimately ended up winning that, although i'm a little bit bitter.
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that was pretty sweet, right? like the dj. i had the pack with the beats and everything. >> you had the whole attitude. >> run dmc. the good news is, coming up this year, we are setting up again but it's our christmas sweater pageant so we're looking forward to that. first, though, it is time to think food and we've got acclaimed chef and star of "alex vs. america." alex guarnaschelli is here. because it is christmas dinner, thank you so much for being here. you're already getting to work and the big deal is we've got a ham but you're going to show us how to elevate the flavor of that christmas ham. okay. get us started. >> here i just have maple syrup. >> okay. >> a great flavor with ham. and apple juice, getting that little tartness and brown sugar because you see a ham, you know what i mean? >> you need brown sugar, the crust, the sweetness, right? yes. >> that's what we want. and literally, you mix these together. this is a spiral ham so it's cooked already. little water and vegetable in the bottom and we just literally pour that, that whole glorious
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sweet mixture right over and we bake the ham in the oven. it's already cooked so just a couple hours and you get this gloriously crusted ham. >> i have to ask you about that. because when it's precooked, sometimes it makes us more nervous because we don't know how long. what's the sweet spot to cook the already cooked ham? >> well, that's -- that's a great question. but honestly, the thing about a spiral ham is it forgives you, so if you get, you know, if you get caught up at the christmas punch bowl or whatever else, this was -- >> that's going to -- that's known to happen with rob marciano here. >> no one wants anything to do with us because everybody's eating. so we just cooked this sweet spot is a couple of hours, and you see the spiral ham, it's just almost -- it literally, you take a pair of tongs, and just a little knife, right? just slice like this. >> or a big knife. >> or a big knife. for a chef, this is a dinky knife. you're right. and you get these beautiful, crusted pieces with the
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vegetables we cooked at the bottom of the pan. if you want to taste that. this is just the liquid from the pan. and i just cooked down a little bit. so it comes with its own built-in sauce and by the way, don't tell anybody, it's our secret, but you can do this in a crock pot if you want to put it on and forget about it. with it, i thought some apples but a little bit more of a savory idea for an apple, you just have them, cut that little middle out, melon baller. >> is there a type of apple? like a specific type that you like or prefer? >> great question. i get this apple question a lot. people, go for the firm apples. give your apple a little squeeze, like a honey crisp, granny smith, a rome, a braeburn. granny smith is great. but you know, i kind of wanted those red apples for christmas to match your dress and shades of your tie and all. we all have a little red in us. i'm wearing my christmas sweater, which is a black t-shirt. >> sure, sure. >> and then we just put those in
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a biter buttered dish. cinnamon, ginger, salt. >> here we go. >> lemon zest, dry white wine. >> is this how we finish this off here? >> yeah, so, this is our little -- sort of like the equivalent spa treatment we gave the ham. we give that same loving facial to these apples. >> it's like a love bath for the apples. >> take a nose bath. you can smell all the flavors. but the white wine is keeping them savory. we pour this over, and you bake the apples until they're tender, 20, 25 minutes. reduce that sauce down on the stove after and go ahead, glaze, drizzle. just pour it. >> i'm going down to eat while you guys take over. >> smells so good. >> this has wine in it, right? so it's a little savory but for the people who don't want to use alcohol, that would not include me, but for those who don't want to use alcohol, is there a substitute? >> totally. i use, instead of a half a cup of wine, i would use a quarter cup of vinegar and just drop
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that in there. absolutely. such a great question. >> this is so delicious, by the way. i'm not that kind of person who just says it. it's really good. >> i'm not a big apple person but the apple is right on. i love it. >> i love your sort of napkin, the christmas vibe. >> my clothes are very high end. >> this all looks and smells amazing but you also have something for salad lovers. >> this is called my salad of love. we need a little holiday love around here, all of us too. what's lovely about it is there are orange segments so it's a little bit fruity but it's bitter greens like endive or chicory or anything to counter the brown sugar and maple syrup notes from the ham and the apple and that creates the meal balance. you can arrange it ahead and just drizzle the dressing. we like that, everything done ahead. i noticed that you really didn't want to talk about the salad. you were like, moving on.
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>> interesting to someone out there, here's a salad. here's dessert. fast forward. >> this looks finished. it's a trifle with cherries and chocolates, like a play on a black forest cake. put the whipped cream all over there. this is supposed to be fun. i love a dessert like a trifle because you can literally get the kids involved, come on, you pull up the stool. >> kids would love this. >> that's your idea of whipped cream. this is my idea and maybe that's my problem. and you know what's a great tool is just spread with the back of your spoon. forget the spatula. look. she's no longer -- you've left the building. >> she's done. we're assembling this trifle, tell us about your new show. > i'm so excited. it's called "alex vs. america" and all sorts of chefs who are experts in certain, you know, topics of food, come and challenge me. and we all cook off and give each other a lot of stare dennards adowns and there's a clock and sweating. it smells like aftershave and
8:16 am
fear on the set. >> trash talk, rivalry. >> give him a dessert, he's on board. >> there's a man who's never met a whipped cream he didn't like. >> alex, thank you so much. this is amazing. hank you for being here. i'm going to dig in. >> merry christmas. >> and merry christmas. >> and by the way, i was going to say, as a special christmas present, discovery plus people out there in the world can get a sneak preview of the premier of my "alex vs. america" tonight. otherwise on food network on january 2nd. >> what's the first cookoff? >> it's about seafood and i thought i knew and i got schooled. let just say that. no comment. >> we'll be watching. you can find these recipes on "good morning america" and check out alex's new show, "alex vs. america," premiering january 2nd on the food network. rob? do you have a bite in your mouth? >> i love this. tradition for my family on christmas day would be red sauce with manicotti or ravioli but i love the christmas ham. my grandfather would wear it
8:17 am
like this too. after a big dinner on christmas day, we would also go walk it off, go walk in the neighborhood, check out the christmas lights. if you live in kentucky, the christmas lights come to you. this is what the fire department does. look at that set-up. i mean, engine 59, engine 59, you are on fire, my friends. so that's a great spot. or maybe you just do what i did, which is go out and walk around the neighborhood or drive. look at this outfit. when you have neighbors like this to entertain you, that is special. and every town in america, i think, has one, two, three, maybe five neighbors that go bananas and light up their houses. that's a treat. that's something i love on christ
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this year this year, "gma" celebrated ten years of "deals and steals." can you believe it? our source of many christmas gifts over the years and the steals guru herself is here. santa, gi giving her a bit of a breather today but she is joining us for a look back at a decade of deals. can you believe it's been ten years? >> it's pretty amazing. i'll tell you, when i first started this, i was hoping to make it to the next week, right? and i sort of think that that philosophy, i've carried that through the ten years and that's why i've made it to ten years because each week, i say, i need to treat this week like it's the only one because maybe it will be the last one if i don't. and i think viewers have responded to that. they shop every single week.
8:19 am
on thursday mornings, or now on saturday mornings as well, they wake up, buying what they didn't even know they needed because it's a surprise to them and i think that idea of always trying to make kind of this week the best week is what's enabled us to get here. >> i've told you this before but i have family members and friends who record the show and will literally scroll past everything that i do in the show to get to "deals and steals." what's the latest deal? it's had such an impact on people. but what have you learned over the course of ten years? i would imagine it's been quite a bit. >> so, i would say that, you know, a lot of times, i joke and it feels like a little bit of, like, frivolous shopping, frivolous retail therapy, which, that's okay, we need some fun in our lives. but it's actually more than just shopping, more than just saving money. in some cases, this segment has really been about saving dreams, saving livelihoods, saving jobs, and no time has that been more obvious than in the last two years where so many small businesses, thousands of small businesses saw their entire
8:20 am
pipeline just devastated, collapsed with purchase orders canceled, supply chain problems that they've faced, cash crisis because of extended payment terms from the vendors that they work with and one of the things that we saw during the covid crisis, even before the current supply change is that these small businesses had plenty of goods and no place to sell them because stores closed, and i was able to say i actually have a platform to sell, and viewers who are at home ready to buy, and my bosses said, if you want to save a small business every day, we'll give you that air time. let's do it. let's go for it. and so, "deals and steals" is really credited throughout covid with helping so many small businesses to have that bridge to survival and it saved jobs. it saved dreams, and i think that that's, you know, as important or even more important than also saving money and helping people stretch a dollar and bring the joy of discovering
8:21 am
something new. >> i think, also, in your first answer, you really gave people a tip for success as well. if you treat every week as if it could be your last, right? i'm curious in the past decade, your favorite moment, favorite deal. >> so, there's been a lot of fun things. one of my favorites is that we used to go on the road, pre-covid, and do "deals and steals on wheels," five cities in five days and it was awesome because viewers could meet the people behind the products, i could meet viewers that were shopping all the deals, they would show up decked out in their deals so we did a couple one guns. in indianapolis, we did the event from the indy 500 track and my producer there had to put me in a race car and set a gopro camera on me so it would look like i was driving that car. so michael and george were really impressed by that one. i think that's probably my favorite of all time. >> that's amazing. >> it was very fun because george and michael in the studio thought that i was at the wheel of that car. >> speed demon.
8:22 am
>> the power of go pros. >> that's fantastic. we appreciate you and everything that you do. >> thank you. i'm grateful to be able to do it here. >> merry christmas. >> you too. well, coming up, the can't-miss christmas classic, breaking down your yuletide watch list in "binge this." we'll be right back. >> i'm amanda, i'm currently deployed in kuwait. originally out of travis air force base, and i'm giving a shoutout to my family back home, mom, dad, can't wait to see you guys again. looking forward to coming back home, going on a cruise, it will be some great times. happy holidays. >> hello, i'm out of charleston. i'm here deployed overseas. i want to give a shoutout to all my friends and family back home in charleston, south carolina, and wish you a happy holidays. love you and miss you guys. >> i'm lisa deployed here from the 103rd air lift wing in connecticut. i want to wish all my family and
8:23 am
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announcer: this is abc 7 news. >> good morning and merry christmas. visitors can enjoy the san francisco botanical garden for free on christmas day. the garden opened at 7:00 this morning.
8:28 am
the last entry ends 4oo nature lovers can stroll through one of the most diverse gardens in the world. it showcases 9000 different kind of plants from across the globe. we check in with lisa for look at the holiday forecast. lisa: so dark behind you. rain moving in with gusty winds. you can see a line moving from the north bay into san francisco. there are thunderstorms offshore. pretty heavy downpours throughout the early morning hours through the afternoon. julian: thank you. thank you fo hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill
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♪ ♪ jump for my love ♪ ♪ jump in ♪ ♪ feel my touch ♪ ♪ jump if you want to take my kisses in the night ♪ >> hugh grant has some moves. we're back with that unforgettable dance moment, hugh grant busting a move as the prime minister in "love, actually" at christmas. to me, that scene is just perfect, being who he is, authentically. >> love that movie. my wife makes me watch it every year but i do enjoy it myself. okay, we are breaking down all the christmas classics this morning that you've got to watch today in a very special edition of "binge this." that is the christmas version of the air horn and we've been making a watch list, checking it
8:31 am
twice. our entertainment santa this morning, darren carr, the host of "reality check". we've had you remotely lately but we bring you back just for christmas. >> i'm not a hologram. i'm a real-life human being and very excited to be here. >> the real deal. we got a lot to binge and the holiday time, people want to watch some stuff. it's not christmas, of course, without "it's a wonderful life." >> that's correct. we're starting with the classic of classics for you guys. 1946's "it's a wonderful life." this stars jimmy stewart, donna reed, of course, and it really does give the tale of, you know, appreciating your family at this time of year and an angel comes down and teaches george bailey what life would look like if he didn't exist. not a lot of us get this kind of opportunity. but it definitely puts his life into perspective and it certainly appreciates what you have. it brings the family together. your wife can force you to watch it. >> you get that every day, what life is like if you don't exist. >> i kind of do.
8:32 am
it's all out of love. >> how about "a christmas story." that feels like the story that you just want to keep watching unless you don't want to scare your kids to death. >> i encourage you to scare your kids to death on this holiday season. this is from 1983 but it still feels relevant today. all ralphie parker wants is his red rider bb gun but you'll shoot your eye out, kid. so there's some trials and tribulations and of course this reminds me not to stick my tongue to a frozen pole every single christmas. >> nobody has put their tongue on a post since 1983. seriously, we all -- that's it. >> unsanitary. >> it wouldn't be the holidays without "home alone," obviously. classic holiday movie. but it's kind of a mix between christmas and loony tunes because they keep getting beat up. what do you think? >> oh, yeah, the robbers are definitely the comedy relief here but i can't believe this movie is over 30 years old. >> what? >> 8-year-old kevin mccal cenal
8:33 am
saves his home from these robbers. daniel stern, joe pesci play the robbers. >> from violence to rom coms, 'tis the season. >> love is in the air. 2003's "love, actually," if you haven't seen this movie already, i'm judging you from afar. it literally has one of the most iconic carolling scenes in this. there you go. you can see her right now being swept off her feet right now. this is going to have every significant other kind of stepping up their game this holiday season. but it's just a jam-packed cast, okay? we've got everyone from hugh grant. we've got alan rickman. i mean, it just goes on and on. it's kind of following these eight couplings as their lives intertwine in the month before the holidays but it's sweet, it's cute, heartfelt, definitely something to watch on this holiday. >> here's a movie that some people say is ais movie. >> ah. why -- i know. tell us why and where do you stand? >> there's no debate. this is definitively a christmas movie but i hear what you're
8:34 am
saying because i constantly forget that it's a christmas movie. it's a little, if you're done with the classics, done with the romance, this is a thriller, 1988's "die hard," bruce willis as an nypd officer, saves his wife and others from being held hostage in this building during their christmas party. i think that's why everyone knows it's a christmas movie. >> i see. >> but nothing says the holidays more like rescuing your loved ones and blowing up a building in the meantime. >> the christmas decorations are throughout the movie. he's a family man that i personally look up to. there's no question. show of hands, who says that "die hard" is a christmas movie? >> i'm in. i'm sold. >> definitely a christmas movie. >> yes. >> i have to see it again. i don't remember the movie. i'll have to see it again. >> we'll watch it together. >> rob's extra passionate about this. we talked about the christmas sweater competition. that was rob's theme, "die hard," and it stole the show. that was a 2019 -- that's right. >> two years ago.
8:35 am
anyway, it's something bruce willis would wear and i don't. >> no tickets to the gun show on that one. >> so, it was great to see you in-person. merry christmas, by the way. >> happy holidays, merry christmas to you guys. >> happy holidays. good to have you here. you can get more as she hosts people tv's "reality check" streaming monday to thursday at 4:30 p.m. eastern and pick up "people's" special issue, it's a wonderful lifetime christmas. that's on newsstands everywhere right now. coming up, it's our christmas sweater pageant and it's a dickens of a tale. we'll be right back. up, christmr pageant and a dicken's of a tale. we'll be right back. they're back. yes, i hear them. uh-oh. why are these birds so angry?! at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. we save a lot. i'm going...i'm going. aaaahh! hurry, hurry! i know, i know! for bundling made easy, go to
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♪ it's the most it certaily is, best time of year, welcome back to our second hour and the moment we've all been waiting for, our christmas sweater pageant. no scrooges here at "gma" as we pay homage to the charles dickens' classic, "a christmas carol." let's bring in the crafty lumberjacks, dennis and andrew, you're not just our go-to diy duo. you guys have some experience with the stage, right? >> that's right, yes, we actually have backgrounds in theater. we met on the national tour of "fiddler on the roof." we toured for two years together. >> and we have a love
8:40 am
for "christmas carol," try to watch as many versions as we can. >> let's get this pageant started. take it away, guys. >> all right, thank you, stephanie. you're in a cozy cable knit sweater looking so great, playing the part of charles dickens, the writer who brought us the famous yuletide tale about that miserly old man and the ghosts of christmas who showed him what the holidays are all about. >> i'm digging it, guys. >> delightfully dickensian. but we have more to see. >> the ghost of christmas past took our buddy scrooge on a walk down memory lane where he bumped into the kind man he once apprenticed for, our very own linsey davis is winning the holiday as mrs. fezziwig in that sper caool yule sweater complete with 150 christmas ornaments. >> you like my ball gown? >> you look wonderful. we know about the fezziwig annual christmas ball but you really are taking it to the next
8:41 am
level. >> it's incredible. >> then comes the ghost of christmas present, who gives scrooge an enchanting peek at bob crachet's feast. a tiny tim puppet. check out those matching looks. i can see the family resemblance. >> he's looking and feeling pretty good today, guys. >> take the stage, take the stage. like father, like son. >> yes, i have to say, no more coal for the fire, you are lit. >> yes. and i love this. you know, now we know why the crachet family is struggling, is because they spend all their money on matching outfits. >> that puppet outfit is all handmade and cost more than our outfits put together. >> this is what you get. >> yes. all right, now the moment we've all been waiting for. we know what's coming. we have the ghost of christmas yet to come. a grim reaper who shows scrooge the sorry fate that awaits him if he keeps up his selfish ways. >> oh. >> you know, i say, if you've got it, haunt it. >> floating into the studio is
8:42 am
our own ghost, whit johnson. >> oh my gosh. >> scary. >> we all know marley is dead as a door nail, but you are living. >> yes. and i love this. it's all upcycled sweaters, creepy and cozy and then we have a very special surprise, a redemption reveal. >> hey! all right. >> get it. >> dickens delivers, folks. you got it. got a fresh turkey dinner for you, mr. crachet. >> how about that, tiny? look at that. that will feed one of us. >> tens across the counting house. >> everybody likes the look. tens. it's good. >> ball drop. >> ready for the holiday party. >> much richer for sure. >> thank you for bearing with us in all of this, and dennis and andrew, you guys are awesome. >> thank you. >> truly appreciate it as all, the crafty lumberjacks. shoutout to our big friend woody and our "gma" crew for pulling
8:43 am
all this off. they're always great with the costumes so woody, thank you so much. and rob, i believe you got something to talk about. >> we do. what do you think, tiny tim? he says, god bless us, every one. god we're all about the details we're all about the details. see the patch? dickens delivers. wieshlgt. we'll be right back. ickens delivers? >> very nice. >> we'll be right back. . we'll be right back. we'll be ri. and to be prepared if anything changes. with ibm, you can do both. your business can bring data together across your clouds, from suppliers to shippers, to the factory floor. so whatever comes your way, the wheels keep moving.
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and once again, thank you so much for joining us on this christmas morning. we had a good time, and special thank you to linsey davis, stephanie ramos. >> i had a ball. >> you had a ball, 150 of them. >> don't get a dress like this on world news do you, linsey? we want to celebrate all the hardworking people in front of the camera and behind the scenes doing all the work that gets the show on the air every day so as
8:50 am
we say merry christmas, happy holidays, let's roll the credits as a thank you. have a great day. >> merry christmas. ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪
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8:53 am
♪ ♪
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8:56 am
announcer this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning and merry christmas. i am julian glover. the volunteer organization is having the free christmas dinner today. anyone is welcome. the event is held at the first unitarian church on franklin and gary boulevard from 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon.
8:57 am
they are asking that you bring your i.d. and proof of vaccination. a small memorial lines the road in millbrae where two people died during storms on thursday. and investigators say a flash flood trapped the victims in a car. the car drove into the flooded street where it dips under a pass. a public works employee was able to save the two people and another car they got stuck. now we check in with lisa for a look at the holiday forecast. lisa: a line of showers continues to march to the south and east. you can see the yellows. embedded thunderstorms possible. 580 and city, south city, through san francisco, heavier downpours. 's will continue to march to the south and east through the south bay through the afternoon.
8:58 am
the winds straight out of the south 30 to 40 miles an hour from mount diablo. make sure the lids are on the trash cans. as the front moves through, colder air arrives. rainfall totals from today into early tomorrow, about one inch in the city. less in the north bay. if you get under one of the heavy downpours, you can easily see one inch of rain. the rain lightens up overnight. still rainy with cold rain mixed with snow next week. julian: thank you so much, lisa. nespresso vertuo. redifining coffee. with one touch. precision brewing technology. a smooth crema. for an exceptional coffee every day. nespresso vertuo. what coffee is meant to be.
8:59 am
♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
9:00 am
[ "rockin' around the christmas tree plays" ] ♪ ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree ♪ ♪ at the christmas party hop ♪ ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see ♪ ♪ every couple try to stop ♪ ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree ♪ ♪ let the christmas spirit ring ♪ ♪ later we'll have some pumpkin pie ♪ ♪ and we'll do some caroling ♪ both: ♪ you will get a sentimental feeling ♪ ♪ when you hear ♪ ♪ voices singing, "let's be jolly" ♪ ♪ "deck the halls with boughs of holly" ♪ ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree ♪ ♪ have a happy holiday ♪


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