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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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ucsf scientists say previous variants could hold the key to ending omicron presidents on this millbury street say their christmas has been dampened. thanks to flooding that happened earlier in the week while they say the city needs to step up with rain and snow in the forecast. i'll let you know. how cold it's going to be abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward solutions, this is abc 7 news. and a live look outside right now chilly and damp the national weather service says, this is our fifth straight day of rain. and you can hear it right there. it was a wet christmas across the bay area on and off showers
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here in san francisco. we can expect scattered showers through tomorrow tonight and tomorrow and then more intense rain. good evening. i'm jr. stone a merry christmas goes out. you this evening? you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream we are on storm. watch tonight abc 7 meteorologist francis thing lawson has the timing now of next wave of this wet weather francis. is there any hope out there? yeah, jr. you said we had five days of rain we have four days of rain, so it'll be nine days straight and i'll show you why we can look at live doppler 7 the satellite radar image looping. you just see more rain heading our way even some lightning strikes there off the coast and around the bay area we have conditions from light rain to some more moderate. in very cloudy conditions honor storm impact scale. it's going to be a one for tomorrow scattered showers throughout the day some brief periods of heavy rains snow and small hail is possible the rain does start to pick up into the afternoon hours and here's a
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forecast animation. so spotty showers throughout the morning and then notice by tomorrow evening. we'll start to see some of the more modern rain indicated by yellow there and the pink and white indicates the snow into monday morning all of your complete accuweather 7-day forecast with very chilly numbers ahead jr. thanks so much. well take a look at this snow tonight's south of livermore. this video came into the abc 7 news room less than half an hour ago people in the area say measurable snow now cover, san antonio valley road making drivers driving treacherous. this is at an elevation of about 3,000 feet on the peninsula abc 7 found people preparing for possible flooding all of this happening near burlingame. plenty of sandbags were there for residents to load up with previous storms making a massive things that this man's storage unit said that he wasn't going to take any chance. he's trying to get ahead of the game. it started raining pretty
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heavily this morning and i went down there wasn't any water on the driveway yet, but i'm sort of preemptively getting some bags in there. just in case for later. tree did come down as well today and san bruno at blocked. springs road between donner avenue and cunningham way crews quickly chopped up that tree on the peninsula flooding on a millbrae street has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to people's homes and put a dark cloud over their christmas. it happened a few days ago on landing lane near sfo between highway 101 and el camino real abc 7 news reporter. tim johns spoke to some residents tonight. who worry that the upcoming storms could cause more problems. for residents of landing lane in millbrae flooding has become a persistent worry in the last few months their street has severely flooded twice once back in october and again earlier this week. we were sleeping and all the sun. i woke up about like seven
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o'clock. i found all my garage was flooded nor a song has lived on this street for over 20 years. he says this past thursday his home flooded with about 22 inches of sewage water. just clean up the whole thing. last time but i have to clean up again song says his family's christmas has largely been ruined. thanks to the devastation. the recent flooding has caused. he estimates that the damage to his property this week totals in the thousands of dollars. my car has been damaged and my washer and dryer my refrigerator. my wine my my food, but residents here say it's not just the flooding that they're sick of. it's also the lack of solutions. favor irwin also lives on landing lane. she says she and her neighbors have been trying to get help from public officials for months, but residents say the city of millbrae tells them the problem lies with a nearby airport pump and is out of their control caught in between two entities. irwin says she thinks a lot of the problems could be fixed if
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the area sewage system gets updated but a lot of it is just deficiency in our infrastructure. it hasn't ever been fixed, but for now landing lane residents say they live in fear of flooding happening again, anytime it rains and just hope someone can come and help them. hope we could fix the problems because i love this neighborhood. and i i love this community in millbrae johns abc 7 news. in the lake tahoe region i-80 still closed and there is no timetable on why when that may change we've also just learned highway 50 is closed at echo summit where several cars are stuck in the snow accidents have caused major delays today chp posted this video around noon showing i-80 after it closed in both directions. the interstate is currently shut down from the nevada state line to colfax.
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palisades tahoe previously known as squaw valley alpine meadows sent us this video. you can see all the skiers out there. they say the snow has been hammering them all day. and as of late this evening was still coming down the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning through tuesday morning for lake tahoe holiday traveler say it's been a frustrating couple of days. it's already like noon and we're gonna head back to whom maybe in an hour or two. and abc 7 news viewer told me a little while ago. it took him seven hours to get from south lake tahoe to san francisco today. he said it was slow going in the snow and then the rain it. continued to fall the entire trip back to the city. it's been a stormy christmas day in the bay area and beyond that is the unmistakable sound pale in the santa cruz mountains.
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it's videos taken just before noon and the lompico and felton area which are in santa cruz county now you can keep an eye on the weather including live 7 any time you'll ended on the abc 7 bay area app available on roku amazon fire android tv and apple tv now only on seven ucsf scientists researching covid had to have discovered a connection between a previous variant and omicron abc 7 news reporter luz pena is part of our vaccine team dedicated to getting you the latest information tonight. she spoke to the lead scientist behind this discovery that could bring relief as the omicron variant spreads lose. jr. scientists across the world have focused on mutations in the spike protein of the virus. ucsf researchers are taking a different approach. they're looking at mutations outside of the spike protein and finding key connections to other variants. after nine months of research
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ucsf scientists have made a vital discovery that could lead to an endemic. we think we've uncovered a key connection. that we could ultimately fight not just this variant, but future variants that we don't even know about yet dr. nevin krogan welcomed us inside. mutations in the alpha variant are allowing the virus to evade our immune response the same key mutations outside of the spike protein. we're also found in the delta variant and in the omicron variant certain proteins being produced at a higher level. in that particular virus once the virus infect ourselves and these particular proteins are able to inhibit our immune response our it's inhibiting our cells from fighting off infection omicron accounts for more than 73% of covid cases in the us dr. kroegan believes the key to stain one step ahead is
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understanding previous variants. going to come to a point where there's going to be just combinations of the mutations that have already existed in these. strain, he says vaccines boosters and pharmaceuticals will continue to be key in this fight. i think this virus will ultimately become endemic just like influ i will have to be dealing with this. for the rest of our lives, but it won't be as a deadly. that's the hope every year will probably need a booster shot of some kind. researchers believe this discovery could lead to beating omicron as well as predicting future covid-19 variants ahead of community spread in the newsroom loose peña abc 7 news. thanks so much. luz raine was not the only thing soaking a street in san francisco today at water main break flooded part of kenwood way can see that water. rushing down a staircase. this is between 19th avenue and i-280. there were initial reports that
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the water flooded some homes the water department responded to the scene this afternoon. well the soggy start to the holiday didn't stop many finding ways to enjoy christmas today abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry shows us how san francisco stay dry and celebrated. okay. it's a reunion for the venture a family after being two years apart. i'm not sure what we did for we didn't resume dad. yeah. yeah, we all zoomed from like our like dining room tables they are from southern california every year since 1999. they have gathered as one big family on christmas day this like 20 to 25 of us the second generation here cousins just love it because they just never get enough of each other. year, they only met virtually but this year they felt safe enough to rent a big place in san francisco. a lot of us are growing older and actually three of us moved from la to the bay like one of
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my cousins goes to berkeley. now two of them are working out here now and so we thought like we would meet them up here this time. they're gathering is just one example of how people in the city ignored the damp weather to have some fun. whether it be walking on ocean beach. riding the ferris wheel at golden gate park. or touring the fascinating exhibits at the california academy of sciences. we get excited about our staff are really enthusiastic to come here. melissa felder says the museum is open every day of the year inside was filled with masks santa hats and beards being able to offer people a fun activity is their main goal. this is a great family activity that you can do often families are at least on the holidays. they may do their holiday celebration at home, but then they're eager to get out and about so it's learning about the environment, or embracing loved ones for the first time in a while many in san francisco seem to looked past the rain and make the most of this holiday. we weren't able to see each other at all during the pandemic
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and you don't really know how good you have it until you're missing it. like i never like i was taking it for granted how often we could like see each other in san francisco ryan curry abc 7 news. i like it. she said we did it over zoom dad. well up next to celebration of the true spirit of the season two events today in san francisco provided people with a gift of kindness and one family has made a holiday tradition of get this regifting exchanging the same gift for 34 years the story behind that gift that keeps on giving and gi
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welcome back san francisco's glide memorial church celebrated christmas online as well as in
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person today. there now in order to be in the sanctuary people had to show proof of vaccination. where a mask at all times in social distance recent surge and covid cases led to many churches scaling back their christmas plans this year last year, of course a lot of services were strictly online because of the pandemic well christmas was delivered today to thousands of people in san francisco by the salvation army. we were provided this video volunteers loading up early this morning to distribute meals to those most in need this holiday season. they planned to hand out a total of 4,000 meals today, but organizers say there is something else that might be an even better gift this time of year. what's more important than the food is maybe perhaps just a visit from one of our volunteers because many of these people
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will go the whole day without a human interaction or someone to wish them a merry christmas. and while donations are always welcome to salvation army says it's greatest need right now is for non-perishable food. well, let's be honest most of us have regifted a christmas present at some point in our lives but a book of candy turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving for two brothers even though neither of them ever wanted it the wasson brothers from new hampshire have been gifting that book filled with lifesavers back and forth for get this 3. years each time they try to outdo the other finding creative ways to conceal the candy now this started in christmas back in 1987 when ryan wasson got some lifesavers from his brother eric as a joke problem was eric didn't like them. i didn't eat them. and so the next year i thought hey, i'm think i'm gonna give it back to him. you'll never remember i immediately recognize this on the little rite aid sticker on the back frozen the block of ice
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before put it in. jello. he one time sewed it into a teddy bear. other people have gotten in on the joke over time family co-workers even the local sheriff's department and last year expired candy was on the menu for christmas dinner. that's certainly a fun one. well join right now by abc 7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan. i think the only gift that we keep on getting is rain. yep, and we're gonna keep getting it for the next few days. here's a look at live doppler 7. we're seeing some scattered showers with a satellite radar image and lots of cloud cover over the bay area as we zoom in you'll find some rain falling right now over the san mateo bridge and past hayward into livermore and even some in the south bay and you can see it here in this live shot of san jose. this is 101 and 880. so we've got some wet slick roads right now temperatures are mostly in the 40s, san francisco 45, san jose 45 half moon bay 48 degrees and check out the san mateo bridge more wet conditions. this is the kind of rain. we'll be dealing with for the
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most part overnight into tomorrow morning and temperatures in santa rosa are in the low. fairfield 42 concord and livermore at 43 degrees. so here's a forecast animation midnight tonight to 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. we'll see these spotty showers overnight into tomorrow and then some more moderate rain comes in to the afternoon more widespread showers again some moderate rain there the yellow and some snow in the forecast. we have a very cold air moving through it does get heavier monday morning and even more snow there. then you see this heavier band moving through the peninsula and into the east bay in the morning. it does taper off monday afternoon into evening and then tuesday another system moves through this one has lighter rain, but what you'll notice. is there's more snow because the cold air is going to continue moving in. it's going to drop our temperatures each day and are overnight lows. it's super chilly, especially mid-week rainfall amounts
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generally around 3/4 3/4 of an inch by monday morning around the bay and then anywhere from a quarter of an inch to even one and a half inches. some of our higher elevation so a little bit of this widespread rainfall overnight lows will be in the low 40s around the bay, but will even start to drop into the 30s through parts of the north bay. so it's going to be pretty chilly tonight and windy at the coast tomorrow's highs are going to be on the colder side as well. so low 50s around the bay with upper 40s through the north bay lake santa rosa napa 47 will be breezy. so hold on to those umbrellas. and of course jair was talking about the closures on 80 and highway 50. so avoid driving to and from the sierra if you can until tuesday morning, we are expecting up to another nine feet of additional snow above 3,000 feet and even up to two feet at above 1500 in addition to that. there is a winter weather advisory part for parts of mendocino and lake county. so they're expecting two to five
11:21 pm
inches of snow. so it's a rain and snow mix and that's in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast very wants their showers scattered showers to rain tomorrow on monday. we'll see a storm level 2 because we'll see some more moderate rainfall, but most of the rain will fall in the morning then we'll get a nice break throughout the day and then get ready for some very chilly numbers tuesday, wednesday thursday. we'll see some overnight. is possibly drop into the 20s for the valleys, but then friday saturday new year's eve if you've got plans and new year's day, it's gonna be sunny and a little bit milder but still on the cool side. it's almost feels like we're skipping ahead. we're looking forward to that new year's next holiday, right? yeah. yeah, we gotta get this next four wet days out of the way. thanks francis. well staples center no more the new name of the arena in los angeles. we'll talk about that and the numbers behind what's believed to be the rich. naming rights deal i
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crypt the staples center in los angeles officially became arena today and what's believed to be the richest naming rights deal in sports history the home of the lakers clippers, los angeles kings and other major sporting events now bears the name of the cryptocurrency platform the is for 20 years at well over 700 million dollars arena had been known as staples center since it opened in 1999 sports i
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here on christmas. the dubs were short-handed a handful of players out due to the covid protocols and injury and for whatever reason stephan curry has struggled on christmas, but not this time around santa's youngest helper helping watch the warriors and suns in phoenix first quarter stephen curry the miss watch gary payton the second flying like rudolph in slams at home. what a wow play. that was quindary weatherspoon on a 10 day contract with the dubs. steel jta back to him for the score then stephen curry step back triple that is true splash. it's 17 in the first half. but right before the half ended, here's chris paul the triple hit a team-high 21 for phoenix beats the first half buzzer suns up four at recess third quarter tied at 68 draymond green three. good draymond, jr. not impressed dre was to rebound shy of a triple-double early fourth landry shamet gives the sons a lead. curry now career best game on christmas here sweet reverse land dubs up for and then curry
11:30 pm
five triples in the game. he's now one short of and for his career game high 33 warriors up five the rookie. how about jonathan? kamiga 12 points off the bench. oh that was pretty reverse laying and from the kid to the vet otto porter jr. took over down the stretch baseline jumper good and then triple a little fade away otto was feeling it and he lets the sun's bench know about it porter was automatic 13 of his season high 19 points came in the four. the warriors win 116-107 regaining the nba's best record at 27 and 6. we're sure next minute. i'm mentality. that's the only way we're gonna win a game like this proud of everybody man, because i don't know how many people picked us to win tonight the fact that it came on christmas and you know, we're on the road and it's a what a great christmas gift, you know, the two teams are the best record in the league had a special feel to it. so j just a w and a lot of fun guys are really
11:31 pm
happy. there's another opportunity to for everybody to step up and and contribute. especially on the game like this. everybody came out the benefit of amazing job, and we're going to continue to meet them. the diamond head classic championship basketball game between stanford and vanderbilt in hawaii was canceled due to health and safety protocols within the stanford program game officially ruled a no-contest team related activities have been paused and the status for future stanford games yet to be determined abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, jr. thanks chris the hurdles to holiday travel this year omicron plus bad weather and parts of the us led to canceled flights the impact here at bay area airports. 16 weeks old oh, oh, oh, o family's new puppy makes an unexpected appearance during a christ
11:32 pm
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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. start with a look at live doppler 7 showing rain right now over the bay area and more of it on the way indicated there in the green coming in from the northwest good evening and merry christmas to you. i'm j r stone here with abc 7 meteorologist frances. dinglasan francis. you said we should prepare for stronger rain ahead. is that right? yeah right now we're dealing with some scattered showers as you just said them with live doppler 7 and that will continue be to the continue to be the case through the morning hours. i want to show you the forecast. animation so we've got some light showers through noon tomorrow, then the rain starts to pick up once again, you'll see the areas of yellow there
11:36 pm
and even white for the snow, so it will be heavy tomorrow night into monday morning could be a messy commute for those of you who have to drive and we're going to add her rainfall total so far the last 24 hours we've had anywhere from a quarter of an inch near brentwood to lots of areas near half an inch around the bay and even one and a half inches almost at eminem and we're going to add another half an inch to an inch and a half by tomorrow night and i'll let you know where we'll get the heaviest rain and how much snow as well jr. thanks so much. you can track the storms any. i'm on the abc 7 news bay area app get updated forecasts and check out live doppler 7 can download the app for free and enable alerts for instant updates. well omicron is fueling a surge in covid cases. this winter hospitals are once again packed as more infected patients come in for care comes as the cdc is updating its guidelines for healthcare workers who get covid. here's abc news reporter phil
11:37 pm
lipoff with today's head. on this christmas holiday cases of covid-19 continue to rise across the country. 8,500 americans have died in just the last week with the heaviest toll on the unvaccinated if my parents got it, it would have saved their lives once they're gone. they're gone. there's nothing you can really do to get them back the biden's in a christmas message saying we are also keeping in our prayers all of you who have lost loved ones during this pandemic hospitals and medical personnel continue to feel the strain the cdc updated its recommendations for vaccinated and boosted health care workers cutting their isolation period to seven days. the us now averaging 176,000 daily infections. that's well over the peak scene this past summer the cdc estimates the omicron variant accounts for more than 70% of new cases. new york state shattering its daily infection record with more than 44,000 cases. that's up fifty three percent in just two days.
11:38 pm
we've had more testing we've had more opportunities, but also we know that hospitalizations are continuing to rise the department of health reporting a fourfold increase in pediatric hospital. realizations in new york city the state now shortening the quarantine period for asymptomatic essential workers to just five days new yorkers lining up on christmas eve to get covid tests. anyway, they could long lines for tests in florida as well. the state seeing more than 125,000 cases in the week that ended this past thursday. philipoff abc news, new york the omicron variant surge is leading to staffing shortages at airlines for the second day in a row united and delta have canceled hundreds of flights and in some parts of the country winter weather is causing major holiday travel problems abc's serene shah has more this christmas eve the tsa says it's screened more than 1.7 million travelers the lowest number since december 15th.
11:39 pm
the tsa expects a screen a total of 30 million passengers during the period from december 20th to january 3rd. this is our first time going to see our family and over a year. yeah, we trip because of like health concern like that, so just want to make sure everybody's safe. the holiday season is always a busy time for travel but this year it has been complicated by coronavirus. so i guess it's sad it's just really sad united delta jetblue and american grounding hundreds of flights. the whole trip has been canceled. we don't know how that happened. we don't know why that happened the airline siding staff shortages amid the surge in cases of the omicron variant really nothing you can do. so just take a deep breath and try to find the best alternative the weather also taking a toll on travel for those looking to drive to or from their holiday destinations northeast of la fast-moving flood waters tearing off this section of a highway in
11:40 pm
oakland, california cruz working to clean up mud and debris washed down from the eldorado and apple burn scar at this time. it might be best to delay travel until we can get a better evaluation. of most of our routes on interstate 80 in soda springs drivers trying to make it over mountain passes stranded for hours in heavy snow avalanche warnings for the high sierra now extending into the rocky mountains of utah and colorado. zoreen shah abc news, los angeles now the nationwide travel is impacting bay area airports abc 7 news was at sfo earlier today airport officials say there were 31 cancellations and more than $180 delays several travelers told us with that plus winter weather and the omicron variant. there was a lot of making them anxious about their plans. we were checking like yesterday all day. we heard the news. we actually changed our flights to come home today. we were vacation and we were a
11:41 pm
little bit worried about all that's going on flight cancellations and omicron and all that stuff. flyers at minetta san jose airport had some better luck today the airport had just seven cancels a cancellations and only a handful of flight delays. none longer than just a few minutes oakland airport reports just one cancellation today. well new details on a shooting at lake merritt oakland police say a man has died after being shot along lakeshore avenue last night investigators. haven't said what led up to the shooting. they're working to notify the victim's family. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. british police arrested an armed intruder at windsor castle where the queen was celebrating christmas today police say security was triggered within moments and the man never got inside any buildings. the intruder was identified as a 19 year old from southampton. he was carrying a weapon when he was arrested.
11:42 pm
the royal family has been informed. they are all safe. well president biden and first lady jill biden shared a virtual christmas message with us troops today around the world. the pair thanked. america's military men and women for their dedication and their service. i just want to know how much we care. we're grateful for your courage your sacrifice. not only your sacrifice but your families sacrifice. holidays really bring into sharp focus being a part. is it's just part of the job? but it's a hard part of the job and it's but it's who you guys are. the biden said a special guest with them for their christmas message commander the new first puppy joined the couple on the couch. he's a 16 week old german shepherd commander just arrived home at the white house this past monday. well, nasa scientists received a christmas gift to top all others. the world gave us this telescope
11:43 pm
and we we headed back to the world today. nasa's premier space observatory of the next decade successfully launched on christmas morning what scientists hope to learn from the 10 billion dollar pr hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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nasa has successfully launched the largest ever telescope into space that could give us entirely new views of the universe. remote and liftoff it declaration. decker lodge liftoff from a tropical rainforest to the edge of time itself wow. yeah, that one mapped out the james webb space telescope lifted off from french guiana this morning, and it has been decades in the making it will take 10 days for its mirror to unfold and then another six months to get it calibrated. the telescope is powerful to find new galaxies and give scientists a look at deep space
11:47 pm
planets. well beyond the solar system that we're familiar with will expect to see weird things we haven't seen before those would be pretty obvious. they'll probably be different molecules. they'll be different chemistry that we've seen in planets in our solar system and elsewhere. it's going to be a little bit though before the public gets to actually see the work of this 10 billion dollar project. it could be a year before the telescope actually delivers its first images. we'll join right now by abc 7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan here to talk whether i don't know if that telescope can actually see the rain. i guess it's pointed in the other direction. it's beyond what we need right now. it's amazing what they're doing. well, here's live doppler 7 and satellite raider image and i'm looping it just so you can see how big the system is and why we're going to get rain for the next several days scattered showers overnight into tomorrow morning, and then we'll get more heavy rain tomorrow night into monday morning overnight lows will be in the mid. 30s through parts of the north bay so very cold there and low
11:48 pm
40s for almost everyone else especially around the bay will be windy at the coast and these overnight lows will drop into the 20s and 30s by the middle of the week highs tomorrow b mainly in the low 50s around the bay and some upper 40s through some inland neighborhoods like santa rosa 47 livermore 47 also avoid traveling to and from the sierra. it's really going to be a mess it already is the winter storm warning did ends tuesday. learning and so that's a better time to take off. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. so we have a storm level 2 on monday really cold midweek and then finally drying out by the end of the week just in time for any new year's eve celebrations you might have thanks so much francis now to chris with the preview of sports. jr. coming up in sports warriors were shorthanded against the sun's no fear otto porter jr. is here how the warriors forward provided a big boost off the bench.
11:49 pm
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by river rock casino the warriors were extremely short-handed entering their christmas day showdown against the suns but have no fear otto porter jr. is here santa's youngest helper watching the warriors and suns late first half stephen curry. his best career game on christmas. he had struggle prior to this five triples in the game game high 33, but the dubs trailed at the break it was close late and then auto porter jr. caught fire the baseline jumper. that was nice and then how about a dribble? and a fadeaway 13 of his season high 19 points came in the fourth the warriors win 116-107 and it was porter who was automatic down the stretch. i did i drew up every every play every bit of. completely organized every single aspect of it. so thank you for the compliment. he's just added so much to our team with his shooting from that position and also his rebounding and his defense.
11:53 pm
he's the hell the player team. he's a good job of finding me and you know, i was able to step in and knock some sides down and they kept finding me. lakers hosting the nets of the newly renamed marina saint mary's product patty mills scored 34 and hit an nba christmas day record eight threes lakers are down 23 in the 4th lebron james the triple and then moments later malik monk. well that tie things at 1:15, but the nets finish it james harden alley-oop to nick claxton and the foul brooklyn wins. 122 115. la has lost five in a row bucks hosting the celtics giannis and cal's jalen brown going up for a rebound and brown might be asking. for our new tooth out fourth quarter, milwaukee down 11 giannis. get out of his way hit a game high 36 the fancy flush milwaukee took the lead late and then giannis the big block right there bucks win. 117 113. well the 49ers off this weekend after a tough loss earlier in the week thursday night in tennessee. they began the week with a home
11:54 pm
win over the falcons on sunday and enshrined two more members into the 49ers football hall of fame linebacker, patrick willis and wide receiver john taylor who i had a chance to go one-on-one with here with 49ers hall of famer john taylor. this red looks real. nice on you mana. how's the jacket? feel those good man. it feels real good. you know, i'd say it all the time. it's been a long journey. it's been a fun drone. you know, i wish i was still playing now type of deal, you know, but the guys that are here now deebo samuel brandon iu, i mean things are just moving right along like they should be moving along. you know, we're just honor mean to you. it's a big honor man, you know, i remember the first super bowl or nine years were in in 1982 again, pontiac, michigan. yeah, i guess who of our people cincinnati, you know what i mean down here. i am playing with those same. i guess the same thing just in a different state so i mean to get this jacket to set and wash them
11:55 pm
guys now come play with those guys now get to the final journey with them guys unbelievable. obviously a lot of memorable plays the monday night against the rams my personal favorite watch about 10 times today. you're slanting super bowl 23 run me through the play called. do you know the exact play and just what happened on that place? well what it was it what actually wasn't the slang and we only put that in at on thursday of that week because we saw a defense they jumped into anytime. we got in the red zone. it was a half back. it was a brown rice pad back left x up. so basically, we just flooded the zone to the left side and when we did that they left the middle wide open. so all i had to do was put a move on ray horse and when i stepped out he opened his hips up and i know what wide open i didn't know trouble was gonna throw it to me, but know it was wide open and as i turned here comes the ball. one of the greatest plays in niners history nfl christmas action cardinals hosting the colts this fan feeling good
11:56 pm
third quarter cards down 12-6 kyler murray to antone wesley 24 yards, arizona 13 12th quarter colts of the lead carson wentz pressured. look at this play finds desmond patton for the touchdown on the colts win. 22-16, arizona now lost three in a row. they're out of first place in the nfc west the rams now lead the division aaron rodgers and the packers hosting the browns late first quarter the cow legend becomes a packers all-time leading touchdown passer. this one right here gives him 4:43 for his career. breaking brett favre's franchise mark he threw for 202 and three total touchdowns, cleveland had a chance late, but baker mayfield through four interceptions that seals the deal packers win. 24-22 green bay and nfl best 12 and three overall abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, jr. thanks so much chris some sad breaking news tonight archbishop, desmond tutu activists and noble laureate who fought south african apartheid has died at 90 tutu was a veteran of south africa struggle
11:57 pm
against white minority rule. he was one of the country's best known figures in 1984 221 the noble peace prize for his non-violent opposition to apartheid. well, that's it for tonight. i'm jr. stone abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 for francis and chris. thanks for joining us and merry christmas.
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