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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: let it snow, winter has definitely arrived in the bay area, the rain has turned into snow making for a white christmas weekend. thank you for joining us. i am j.r. stone. you are watching abc seven news live. a stormy sunday in the bay area and we are seeing everything this afternoon. tracking for us is drew tuma. i do not think you need to go to tahoe. meteorologist: we have feet of snow in the sierra, and we are seeing a dusting of snow, and the chance does continue overnight tonight. it is an active night ahead. pops of pink and white mixing in, so we are seeing a mix in
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higher elevation, a similar story in parts of lake county and mendocino county. a lot of rain coming in from the coastlines, heavier showers working in from the peninsula. the storm impact scale, a level two storm we are tracking. brief downpours, chance of hail. there is a chance of snow on our highest peaks. time at the storm, and another one right behind this one in the full forecast. j.r.: overnight the snow came down on some of the bear area peaks and it was not a brief flurry either. because it is cold enough today you can still find snow to play on if you go to mount hamilton. that is where ryan curry spent the day. reporter: it was nothing but fun and excitement on mount hamilton , several inches of snow blanketed the mountain.
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for some it was about seeing something they have never seen before. >> it has always been a dream to come into the snow. it is like i am in a movie. reporter: for others it was about recapturing childhood memories. >> i always either cross-countru ski or sled. i wanted to live that good fund that i had. reporter: and almost white christmas that does not involve driving to the sierras or flying back he is. >> i got up this morning and make sure we had a sled. reporter: bay area families are taking full advantage of it, snow angels, snowmen, and the good old-fashioned snowball fight. >> nice to see snow in the bay. reporter: felipe took his family
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up north so they could try something different. >> is beautiful, snow in the bay is something different. reporter: they were not alone. it doesn't serve up the winding road to see something they normally would not see. >> it is my first time, it is something new for me. reporter: whether it is about getting the full experience or simply taking a few social media photos when a rare opportunity presents itself, it can help create lasting memories no matter the age. >> we get to experience diverse climates in california, snow, deserts, beach. we are thankful. j.r.: fund their but concern here, it is dangerous in the sierra. chp share this video of one of its officers driving over the summit, white out conditions and you can barely see the road.
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interstate 80 is closed all the way up to the nevada state line, stretches of highway 50 and 89 also closed right now because of the bad weather in the mountains. rock slides are causing problems on highway one. caltrans cruz -- crews are working to clear multiple issues. near deep monterey county, more slides have closed. keep an eye on the weather anytime. find it on the abc 7 bay area cap -- app. in the east bay two chp officers are recovering after they were hit by a car trying to make a
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traffic stop. it happened around 330 morning in bay point. chp says the officers tried to stop a car. after a short chase the driver stopped and when officers got out of the car officials say the driver suddenly accelerated and pitch -- hit the two officers. investigators are still looking for the driver. covid cases keep going up around the country fueled by the highly contagious omicron variance. -- variant. hospitals are being pushed to the brink. there was also an alarming trend going on with children. reporter: the omicron variant continues to surge across the country with the heaviest toll on the unvaccinated. >> we are seeing the unvaccinated getting infected at high rates. that is the group that will end
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up in the hospital. reporter: dr. anthony fauci shows -- says studies show the variant is less severe but we do not want to get complacent. >> if you have many people with less severity that might neutralize the effect. reporter: ohio recording 453 deaths in 24 hours, florida reporting more than 125,000 cases last. pediatric hospitalizations are surging too. in new york and texas and pennsylvania hit particularly hard. according to the american academy of pediatrics over 100,000 of children testing positive just last week. >> so important for those eligible to get the vaccine to protect them. reporter: front workers resting
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leaving the cdc to outline an alert. not recommending vaccinated and boosted health care workers can return to work after seven days if they are not experiencing symptoms. if staffing shortages reached crisis levels the cdc recommends those same workers should return to work after five days, but the general public is being advised to isolate for 10 days after a covid diagnosis. j.r.: this is a live look at san francisco international airport where a few flights have been delayed or canceled today, but not like other parts of the country. nationwide nearly 1000 flights were canceled on christmas day. this is a substantial increase from christmas eve where several hundred flights were canceled, it is not the weather but reportedly covid leading to crews calling in sick leading to a staffing shortage. desmond tutu was one of the key
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social activists of our era remembering for helping to bring equality to south africa. terry
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[laughs] so true. and now, the moon christmas special... gotta go! get a great offer on xfinity internet, and you'll get 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. sing 2. j.r.: desmond tutu, the first black archbishop of cape town, south africa won the nobel peace prize it was an activist known for his fight against white minority rule. he had been battling cancer, was 90 years old. lindsey davis with a look at his le ♪ reporter: he he
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as a man of peace. bishop desmond tutu spent most of his life fighting for it quality, poverty and injustice. he lived under brutally enforced segregation. it was his tireless activism that first propelled him into the international spotlight. >> [indiscernible] reporter: as an anglican bishopo he appealed to the world's conscience from a global pulpit calling for an end to the violent apartheid regime. >> this march, is going to be peaceful, is not it? reporter: his protests were hard-hitting and nonviolent. due to -- t disinvestment. in 1985 it crippled the south african economy forcing the government's hand to perform. when the international community awarded them the nobel peace
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prize in 1980 four he accepted on behalf of the movement. >> on behalf of those committed to the cause of justice, of peace and reconciliation everywhere. reporter: that signaled the beginning of the end for apartheid. free elections were held in 1994 and at 63 years old tutu cast his first vote. she set the bar higher and served as the chairman of the truth and reconciliation commission created to probe human rights violations during apartheid. in 2009 we saw his signature smile as you received presidential medal of freedom. >> he possesses the sense of generosity, that spirit of unity and the essence of humanity south africans know as mbonto. reporter: the world came to know him as a voice for the oppressed. that voice will live on. j.r.: desmond tutu visited the
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bay area several times in 2008 giving a talk to hundreds of people at san francisco's fairmont hotel. he also visited grace cathedral on that trip and again in 2011. >> it was an exciting time to have someone of his stature and force in terms of justice in the world be present at grace cathedral. it touched so many people across the earth. j.r.: these pictures show him visiting students at grace cathedral's community preschool. he will be missed. when celebration ends, under the begins. kwanzaa starts today. drew: we are tracking a stormy night on the way tonight. we will take a look at the rain, the snow in the sierra and even colder
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j.r.: welcome back. today marks the start of the 16th annual kwanzaa celebration in san francisco. a community-based nonprofit and museum are hosting events all week. kwanzaa marks the celebration of african culture and community. this year it will be observed virtue because of the pandemic. it is full of free cultural entertainment and keynote speakers. there will be one important event at city hall tomorrow. here is something to cheer you up on what has been a gloomy day. nevada got a rainbow. talking about that rainbow, drew tuma. drew: we remain in this stormy pattern, certainly tonight we
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are finding rain widespread across the region. could see snow on the highest peaks. it is a messy sunday night. take the raingear with you. higher elevations, we are tracking a mix of rain and snow. it has been a cold day, old week stuck in the 40 -- cold week stuck in the 40's. live doppler seven, here is our storm over northern california, the sierra getting pounded with snow. we will see the snow through tuesday morning. if you know anybody out there they are stopped -- stuck. a piece of energy will die down late tonight. it is a level two, moderate
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tonight into monday morning. we track brief downpou downpou streets, anymore rain we see tonight could lead to flooding issues and a dusting of snow on the highest peaks. you see individual cells popping up through the 10:00 hour. we get more energy in the storm after midnight. in the north bay this will shift south throughout the morning. we are still dealing with moderate to heavy rain. additional rainfall, likely a quarter to half an inch. could see more than a half an inch of rain as the storm moves to a. frozen precipitation in lake county and mendocino county. could see 2 inches of snow. ukiah could see it dusting down
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to the street level. the winter storm warning even higher and parts of lake and mendocino county. winter storm warning continues for the sierra. additional snow forecast, one to 3 feet of snow. tomorrow, more rain, we are stuck in the 40's once again. for the next seven days is level two tomorrow morning. on and off showers, it is chilly. our next chance of rain coming on sunday. j.r.: here is chris with a preview of sports. sports anchor: the sharks at the practice size as the nhl looks to return from there covid break. the motto is p
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>> abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: the warriors' model put to the test coming off of their most impressive when - win. draymond green as entered safety protocols, fifth warrior currently in protocol. with three games scheduled this week depth will be effective. >> our front office did an amazing job putting this roster together showing that we are down bodies we can put guys out there who can really play.
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got a deep team and they are all committed, and they played together. chris: nhl is set to resume play tuesday after unscheduled breaks preventing further covid outbreaks. the sharks' i it is has been longer, sin was back on the ice -- san jose was back on the ice today. they will have to make up three postpone games from this month. eager to get the season back underway. >> we want to play as many games as we can hear -- here. >> we are following the rules, doing what we can to play games. every single guy wants to be playing hockey. we went to keep fans coming to the building. we went to play hockey. chris: the 49ers are off
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san francisco into good position to make the playoffs provided that they win being -- win one of their final two games. matthew shepard threw two interceptions. the vikings in prime position, and the very next play alexander medicine will score a touchdown. vikings fans were bringing it. the rams get a big play, rented a bell -- brandon yards. they are tied for 6 with the eagles. it is the video of the third greater in d.c. promised her kids a hot chocolate party, makes the shot. it turns out the teacher is a
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former basketball player. stephanie curry has invited her to a warriors game. no word if they're going to have a three point shooting contest, but it looks like she can compete. how cool is that? j.r.: my question is how many kids does she have in her class, she might go broke? chris: i am asking for pizza, more stuff. j.r.: no draymond green but what about klay thompson? chris: he is probably coming back this month. no official word yet. keep on staying healthy. j.r.: it was a very very christmas --
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j.r.: more than 100,000 tickets and family in oakland got to celebrate christmas with the, learn, play a foundation founded by stephanie curry. they invested over the 12 days sitting to christmas. it went toward food, books, and save spaces for kids to play and learn more sports. there were daily surprises were kids as well as funds for
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deserving committee groups courtesy of santa and mrs. claus. that is all of the tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. urgent covid concerns across the country tonight after millions of families gathered for christmas. fears the rapidly spreading omicron variant will fuel a surge on top of a surge. from charlotte to miami, testing lines are growing. pushing and shoving at this test distribution site in brooklyn. dr. anthony fauci today acknowledging the 500 million at-home tests the biden administration promised to send out next month won't arrive soon enough. saying "we've obviously got to do better." health experts now warn of an alarming rise of pediatric hospitalizations in some parts of the country. in new york city, the country's first vaccine mandate for private companies set to take effect. 1 in 60 people living in manhattan testing positive just this week. new outbreaks reported on cruise ships. tonight, the


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