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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 26, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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isolated hail, ice, flooding in spots we see downpours, and snow on our highest peaks. the next couple days, rain continues overnight, colder air is about to move in tuesday morning. we are tracking a dry finish to the year.
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the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> overnight, the snow came down on some of the bay areas peaks. you see it behind me, it was not just a brief flurry. it stuck. with today's cold weather you can still find snow to play in if you go to mount hamilton. that is where ryan curry spent the day. >> it was nothing but fun excitement on mount hamilton sunday. several inches of snow blanketed the south bay mountain overnight, opening the door for many to play in the snow. for some, it was about seeing something they have never seen before. >> it has always been a dream of mine to come into the snow. now it is coming true. it's like i'm in a movie. >> and for others it was about recapturing childhood memories. >> i always either cross-country skied or sledded when i was a kid and i wanted to relive that good fun.
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>> and almost white christmas that does not involve driving to the sierras or flying back east. >> i got up this morning to make sure i had a sled so we could get a little downhill action. >> it does not happen often, so bay area families are taking full advantage of it. sledding, snow angels, and a good old-fashioned snowball fight. >> nice to see snow in the bay, you don't have to travel three hours up north to lake tahoe and truckee. reporter: philippe a alvarez took his family up north so they could try some thing different. snow in the bay is something different. we have it close by. >> they were not alone. dozens drove up the winding road to see something they normally would not see. >> it is like my first time. it is something new for me. >> whether it is about getting the full experience or simply taking a few social media photos , when a rare opportunity presents itself, it can help
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create lasting memories, no matter the age. >> we get to experience so much diverse climate in california. snow, desert, beach, whatever we want, we have it at our fingertips. >> ryan curry, abc 7 news. >> fun but concerning. it is dangerous in the sierra. chp shared video of one of its officers driving over the summit today. white out conditions, and you can barely see the road in this video. interstate 80 is closed in both directions from colfax all the way up to the nevada state line, stretches of highways 50 and 89 also closed right now because of the bad weather in the mountains. rock slides are causing problems on highway one, up the big sur coast. caltrans crews are working to clear multiple issues. part of the highway was shut down for 45 miles between ragged point and san luis obispo county and near deep jens, big sur, and monterey county, that stretch
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has reopened, but more slides have closed the highway again at the san luis obispo monterey county line. you can keep an eye on the weather including lived upper seven any time. find it on the abc 7 bay area news app, available on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. in the east bay, two chp officers are recovering after they were hit by a car while trying to make a traffic stop. it happened around 3:30 this morning in bay point. chp says the officers tried to stop a driver near bailey and canal roads. after a short chase, the driver stopped and when officers got out of their car, officials say the driver suddenly accelerated and hit the officers. they suffered minor injuries. the car was later found abandoned. investigators are still looking for the driver. covid cases keep going up around the country, fueled by the highly contagious omicron
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variant. hospitals are being pushed to the brink as beds philip. philip off tells us there is also an alarming trend with children. >> the highly contagious omicron variant continued to surge across the country. hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise with the heaviest toll on the unvaccinated. >> we are seeing unvaccinated americans getting infected at high rates, and that is the group i'm worried about because that is the group that is going to end up in the hospital. reporter: dr. anthony fauci says studies show the virus is less severe, but stress we do not want to get complacent. >> if you have many people with a less level of severity, that might neutralize the positive effect of having less severity, when you have some anymore people. reporter: ohio recording 340 three deaths in 24 hours. florida reporting or than 125,000 cases last week. that is up from 29,000 the week before. pediatric hospitalizations are
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surging, too. ohio, texas, pennsylvania, hit particularly hard. 170,000 children testing positive for covid-19 just last week, an increase of nearly 28% in just two weeks. >> so important for those who are eligible, especially children under five -- around children under five, to get the vaccine to protect them. reporter: workers stretched thin, prompting the cdc to release a contingency plan, recommending vaccinated and boosted health care workers can return to work after seven days if they are not experiencing symptoms. if staffing shortages in hospitalizations reached crisis levels, the cdc recommends those same workers should return to work after five days. the general public is still being advised to isolate for 10 days after a covid diagnosis. francisco international airport,
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where flights have been delayed or canceled today, but not like other parts of the country. nationwide, nearly 1000 flights were canceled on christmas day. this is a substantial increase from christmas eve, when nearly 700 flights were canceled. it is not the weather that is causing problems, but reportedly covid, which is leading to airline crews calling in sick, creating a staffing shortage. desmond tutu was one of the key social activists of our era, member for helping bring equality to south africa. we will tell you about his unique connection to the bay area. and curry claus comes to
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>> welcome back. desmond tutu has died, the first lack archbishop of cape town, south africa. he won the nobel peace prize and was known for his fight against white minority rule. he had been battling cancer. he was 90 years old. lindsey davis with a look at his legacy. ♪ >> he will be remembered as a man of peace. bishop desmond tutu spent most of his life fighting,
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inequality, poverty, and injustice. as a child, he lived under white south africa's brutally enforced segregation. it was his tireless anti-apartheid activism that propelled him into the international spotlight. >> we know that you will lead us out of oppression. >> as an anglican bishop, he appealed to the world's conscience from a global pulpit come calling to an end to the violent apartheid regime. his protests were both hard-hitting and nonviolent. he was the first to campaign for economic sanctions. he encouraged disinvestment. in 1985 when the u.s. and u.k. stopped all investments in south africa, it crippled the south african economy, forcing the government to reform. the international community awarded him the nobel peace prize in 1984. he accepted on behalf of a movement. >> on behalf of those committed to the cause of justice, of
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peace, and reconciliation everywhere. reporter: that signaled the beginning of the end for apartheid. free elections were held in 1994, and at 63 years old, he cast his first vote he then set the bar even higher and served as the chairman of the truth and reconciliation commission, a group created to probe human rights violations during apartheid. in 2009, we saw his signature smile as he received the presidential medal of freedom. >> desmond tutu possesses that sense of generosity, that spirit of unity, the essence of humanity that south africans know simply as --. reporter: the world came to know him as a voice for the oppressed, and that voice will live on. area several times. here he is giving a talk to hundreds of people at san
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francisco's fairmont hotel. he also visited grace cathedral on that trip and again in 2011. >> it was an exciting time to have somebody of his stature and his force in terms of justice in the world be present at grace cathedral. he carried himself with such humility and that touched sony people across the area. >> these pictures show tutu visiting students during his 2011 trip. he will certainly be missed. one celebration ends, another begins. kwanzaa starts today. we will help you get a better understanding of the holiday. and a cold, wet sunday in the bay area and it is not over yet. drew tuma is next with forecast. >> next in sports, the sharks hit the practice ice as the nhl looks to return from your break. and why the ducks will be put to the test with another player entering health and safety protoc
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>> it is looking like a happy new year dungeness crab lovers. commercial boats started setting traps today.
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they can officially start hauling in the catch on december 29, just in time to celebrate the new year. state officials delayed the start of the season out of concern that humpback whales could get tangled in the fishing lines. recreational crabbing started on december 17. today marks the start of the 16th annual kwanzaa celebration in san francisco. the village project and the museum of the african diaspora are hosting events all week. kwanzaa marks the celebration of african culture, community. this year it will be observed virtually because of the pandemic. it is full of free cultural entertainment with music and keynote speakers. there will also be one in-person event at city hall tomorrow. turning our attention to the weather, joined by drew tuma, the talk of the weekend. what is it looking like right now? drew: light to moderate rain continues overnight.
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behind this storm we are tracking even colder air. lived upper seven this evening, we track showers, downpours in parts of the east bay will go down to street level. we will take you to mount hamilton, where rain is mixing with snow in our higher elevations. it is just a cold night. it has been a cold day, stuck in the 40's. that is where we sit across the region at this hour. we are finding that storm across northern california, the sierra just getting absolutely hammered by snow. another ripple of energy moving in from the pacific northwest will dive south overnight tonight and bring us a fresh injection of moisture first thing tomorrow morning. the storm impact scale, level two, moderate storm tonight into the early morning hours of monday. brief downpours, hail possible. localized flooding on area roadways. snow on our highest peaks, mainly above 2000 feet. hour-by-hour wego,
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scattered showers and downpours. 2:30 in the morning, heavier showers in the north bay. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we will find a wet start to our monday. total rainfall over the next 24 hours likely an additional quarter to half an inch of rain as the storm continues to move through. tracking snow in parts of the north bay, the extreme north bay. a winter weather advisory overnight for up to two inches of snow. once you go above 2000 feet, we have a winter storm warning, one to five inches of snow possible. winter storm warning continues for the sierra until tuesday morning. we are tracking heavy snow, gusty winds. we have seen feet of snow and we will see additional feet of snow overnight. the snow forecast through tuesday morning, we are talking three or even four feet of additional snow causing all sorts of trouble trouble tonight and likely through monday and tuesday. overnight tonight, 30's and 40's. showers moving through, a chilly night tomorrow.
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cool day with rain heaviest in the morning, temperatures only in the 40's if not touching 50 degrees in our warmest spots, so to speak. tuesday morning even colder. fresh air moves in, widespread 30's by tuesday morning. the accuweather 7 day forecast, worse in the morning when it comes to rain and wind tomorrow. still some rain and shows -- snow showers, with colder air moving in. more rain comes in sunday. >> now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> the warriors' strength in numbers is going to be put to the test coming off their most impressive win of the season over phoenix. another warrior has gone into covid protocol. draymond green has entered the health and safety protocols. he would be the fifth warrior currently in protocol joining jordan poole, andrew wiggins, and moses moody with three games scheduled this week. death is going to be a factor. >> our front office did an
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amazing job putting this roster together so that when we are down, bodies, we can put guys out who can really play. you just got a really deep team and they are all committed, they play together. >> the nhl is set to resume play tuesday after their unscheduled break in hopes of preventing further outbreaks across the league. that will mark a full week since the nhl played their last game. the sharks' hiatus has been longer. sharks set to host arizona tuesday at the tank. if that game is played as scheduled, the sharks will eventually have to make up three postponed games from this month. as you can imagine, the team easy to get -- eager to get the season back under the way. >> i know we are going to have to make up some games during the february break. i would like to see the league keep pushing and play as many games as possible. >> we are following the rules, doing what we can to play games. to a man, every guy wants to be playing hockey. we want to do what we can to keep us on the ice and keep fans
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coming to the building, keep being on tv. we want to play hockey, we want to get all 82 games in. >> the 49ers are off. they are in good position to make the playoffs, provided they win at least one of their final two games against the texans or the rams. if the rams beat minnesota, that would provide major help. viking fan stressed to the nines watching their team. matthew stafford threw three interceptions. minnesota in prime red zone scoring position, and the very next play, alexander madison scores. it is a three-point game and the vikings fans, they were bringing it, but the rams get a big play on special teams here. braden powell going to go 61 yards and eventually somersault into the end zone for the score. rams win 30-23, so the 49ers are tied with the eagles for sixth in the nfl playoffs -- nfc playoffs. the rams do when a tiebreaker.
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the raiders playoff hopes still alive, but they need to be denver. third quarter, peyton barber tumbles into the end zone. the raiders retake the lead. denver's defense was hanging in. watch out, derek carr. a frustrating day for d.c., but the raiders defense holds. brandon mcmanus is wide to left. the raiders win. vegas needs to win out to have any chance. with tampa bay winning, tom brady and the box would clinch the nhl -- the nfc south. tommy throwing one to cameron break. tip abbe clinches their first division title since 2007 -- tampa bay clinches their first division title since 2007. a teacher promises her class hot chocolate if she makes this and
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hot chocolate for everybody. how about this? steph curry has invited her to a warriors game when they play the wizards in d.c. at the end of march. no word if there will be a three-point contest. i want to clean something up. you asked about klay thompson when he is coming back. i said the end of this month. i meant the end of january. i was so excited i was already in 2022. i'm walking that back a little bit. klay is coming sometime in 2022. >> maybe steph can start those chocolate contests going
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>> welcome back. a blizzard is pounding the sierra right now. tonight at 11:00, several feet of snow created dangerous conditions and has led to travel warnings. a look at the impact on ski resorts and our snowpack. holiday shopping numbers are in. if you spend more this season, you have plenty of company. those stories coming up at 11:00. or than 100,000 kids and families in oakland got to celebrate christmas with the curry's this season.
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eat, learn, play, founded by jeff curry and his wife, invested more than 5 -- steph curry and his wife invested more than $5 million in the days leading up to christmas. there were daily surprises for the kids as well as funds for deserving community groups courtesy of santa and mrs. claus. that was just wonderful. that is it for abc 7 news. we will see you back some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making.
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>> "localish: bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. the bay area is full of legends, from heroes to innovators to motivators. there are many people who deserve to be recognized, so it's time to celebrate our localish legends. meet ultra marathon man dean karnazes. ♪ >> the longest i've run nonstop is 350 miles, and that was over 80 hours of running -- 80 hours and 44 minutes. ♪ i've also run across the u.s. so i've run from los angeles to new york city, and that was 3,000 miles. that was 75 days, though, so that is the longest 75 days i've spent running. you know, people say, "during a race, have y


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