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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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north bay neighbors. very nervous. abc 7 news at 11 b
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down large stretches of highways and the sierra will tell you when they might be open again approaching storms. bring new concerns about mudslides in the north bay, and i'm tracking a stormy night ahead. we'll have the latest on the rain and the snow and the accurate the forecast abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a site we are getting used to another wet windy night on top of it. get ready for the cold cold front is sweeping across the bay area tonight. good evening. i'm j r stone. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream we begin on storm. watch tonight soggy sunday night with on and off rain all day in the bay area even snow in some spots like here on mount
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hamilton and this winter storm slamming the sierra under a winter storm warning tonight abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma closely tracking the weathernd what apprs a very active system with rain and snow drew want to get right over to you. what is it looking like? yeah. it's pretty stormy out there. jr we have rain here locally. we're tracking snow in the sierra. so get to all of it in a second. let's take it a live doppler 7. it is tracking. the action and we're finding more moderate pockets even some downpours developing in the north face or down we go to street level live doppler 7 there you can see from sonoma to napa american canyon sears point 121 and highway 12 are wet at this hour on the storm impact scale. it is a level 2 moderate storm we have tonight into tomorrow morning. so track those brief downpours even the potential for some hail out there localized flooding as well. and yes, we'll see a dusting of snow on some of our highest peaks like mount hamilton even mount tam. so the forecast headlines rain continues overnight tonight will track that dusting of snow on our peaks behind the storm even colder air moves in here and we
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are tracking a dry finish to 2021. we'll take a look at that sierra snow jr. coming up in about eight minutes. thanks so much drew now in the north bay with all this rain brings the threat of mudslides abc 7 news reporterrn already dealing with one mudslide and some are worried it could happen again. did you hear anything? we didn't hear anything rick schulzi says it was a silent night on christmas eve when parts of the sausalito hillside gave way behind rick's house sending mud and debris down onto bridgeway avenue. the mayor says the slide happened on city property public works crews covered the hill. sharps and determine no homes were at risk, but rick says another slight happened in the same spot several years ago and more rain is on the way. it's a bit of a concern. you know, i know that we're going to get a good drenching here going forward. so i have no idea how stable or not that hillside is. obviously it's not that stable. i would like a freight train. 3 am on valentine's day
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sausalito homeowner nita meister lives only feet from where a a massive mudslide knocked a home off. its nation and carried cars downhill in 2019 amazingly no one was killed. now almost three years later the tyasta this large pipe running uphill to funnel stormwater. neighbors are still hoping for more. i feel like they're not done. it's really ugly and dries on it's going to be another. hazard firefighters will be watching hill. this week leading into new year's weekend. the ground is saturated. so things are going to start to move and when they start to move the infrastructure around those areas are the potential for them to move as high as well the trees the power lines the gas lines the water mains they all could be impacted the chief says if you see earth starting to move stay clear and called 911, it's sausalito cornell bernard abc 7 news.
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discerning images there. well some families spent this day after christmas playing in the snow at mount hamilton at least six inches of snow fell and stuck around we spotted people sledding building a snowman making snowballs and taking pictures. got to travel three hours to up north to like. hole in truckee. it's always been a dream of mine to come into the snow now. it's coming true. and it's like i'm in a movie. boy, those images something else the lick observatories visitor center was closed today also closed tomorrow and here's a little snowman token of the snow that fell earlier on mount diablo in the east bay melted by mid-afternoon an inch or two of snow could fall on mount diablo through tuesday snow levels are expected to drop to between 500 to 1500 feet by tuesday morning. well rock slide is closed highway 1 from ragged point to elephant. parking lot north of san simeon
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in san luis obispo county caltrans will respond to the active slide tomorrow morning earlier today. the highway was shut down for almost 45 miles between ragged point and deep jen's big sur in in monterey county. that stretch has since reopened drivers urged to drive carefully. happening now the sierra is getting slammed with snow abc 7 news reporter. tim johns joins us live tonight to tell us how it's affecting people traveling to and from the area of the holiday weekend tim. yeah, jr. 70 stretch of i-80 as well as a large portion of i-50 both remain closed tonight as caltran says, it's simply too dangerous for people to be out on the roads. over the past several days as rain is swept through the bay area the sierra has been blanketed in feet of fresh snow. i think as far as christmas, i think this is the most snow we've had in recent 12 years so much has come down in the past few days that caltrans closed portions of both interstates 80 and 50 on christmas day saying they were too dangerous for
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people to drive on there were some spinouts and our crews were able to get a lot of the cars out. we saw some chp officers also having in our snow powers are having some issues as well as well. traffic cam footage shows whiteout conditions on many roads and caltrans officials are urging people not to try and go around the closures if our crews are having problems, you know getting through the state highways they're probably gonna have problems getting to you if you're stuck in those country roads, so think twice before trying to go around the closures caltrans says it will reassess. conditions monday morning, but that reopenings might take a little while longer. but as of right now it's not looking too good because this is a very heavy storm and even when things do open back up a little patience will probably still be required. so if you want to come up and ski and ride just level set your expectations. the resorts are gonna need some time to get ready to open. now as i said in the store, there are caltrans will be reassessing road conditions
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tomorrow morning, but they urge people to remember that. we are on mother nature's timeline and the studio tonight tim johns abc 7 news tim. thanks so much. we want to jump back with drew on drew, you know, everybody wants to get those highways back open, but when you see officials dealing with problems like that, that's a concerning situation. it really is jared. we've seen feet of snow today and we are not done with this storm yet in the sierra. we're talking several feet more and that's why they're having a tough time. night to even open up these roads again with more snow falling as we speak live doppler 7 right now showing you the sierra. they're just getting pummeled with snow right now. you see tahoe there in the center of your screen 8050 there as well just snow covered in the higher elevations. we already have a healthy snowpack. look at this already statewide. we're at a hundred and forty six percent of average at this point in the season. so the snowpack is healthy. we're adding more snow to it a winter storm warning is in effect until 4 am tuesday. we're talking more than 24 hours of additional snowfall is coming. that's all we have major delays a lot of our roadways.
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here's a snow forecast through tuesday morning. again. we could see an additional two to three feet of snow on top of what we've already seen so likely jr. it's probably not till sometime tuesday they get it's open once again for people to move. wow concerning stuff. thanks so much for that drew. well, you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7 anytime. you'll find it on the abc 7 bay area app available on roku amazon fire android tv and apple tv. remembering human rights activist desmond 2-2 of south africa, his impact was global his message universal how he's being remembered in the bay area plus christmas ends and quonsa begins the virtual celebration in san francisco to mark the first day of the holiday. the classic hollywood story.
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desmond tutu the first black archbishop of cape town at south africa died sunday at the age of 90. in a lifetime fighting for human rights and peace tutu made several trips to the bay area and was remembered sunday. the bells at grace cathedral in san francisco's nob hill were rung 90 times sunday in memory of south africa's civil and human rights leader desmond tutu who passed sunday at the age of 90 here is here in the 1980s and when he came thousands of people here at grace cathedral and his message was a really important one at two to spend a lifetime fighting for peace. most widely known for his work at tearing down apartheid south africa's decades long regime of white minority rule and oppression against its black majority. the message was that we here in north america. could do something that would make a difference in south africa malcolm clemens young is
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the dean of san francisco's grace cathedral the church 22 visited so many times over the years with the most recent trip in 2011 a vivid forever memory for those who attended i remember thinking in my life. this is something that will always hold dear to my heart free elections were finally held in south africa in 1994 and at that time 10 years after tut warded the nobel peace prize as one of the world's most effective champions for human rights to two did what he had championed for for so long he voted. oppressed and a voice that will live on. and he will certainly be remembered moving along now in the east bay to chp officers are recovering after they were hit by a car while trying to make a traffic stop happen around 3:30 this morning at bay point.
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chp says the officers tried to stop a driver near bailey and canal roads after a short chase the driver stopped and when officers got out of their car officials say the driver suddenly accelerated and hit the two off. years, they suffered minor injuries. the car was later found abandoned but investigators are still looking for the driver. well some health officials predict 2022 is the year we get a handle on covid-19, dr. ashish jah at brown university. he says there will be new waves of infection, but it won't have a big effect on hospitals the rapid spread of the omicron variant continues to cause major problems for holiday weekend travel more than 2,700 flights have been canceled since christmas eve alone. it hasn't had much of an impact on shopping though holiday rose at the fastest. is in 17 years according to the data team with mastercard spending pulse. well, here's a little something to cheer you up on what's been
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an otherwise gloomy day novato got a rainbow this morning before the rain moved in today, and there is a shot of it and as we talk about rainbows we go over to meteorologist drew tuma. we want more rainbows more clear skies, when can it happen how fast can it get here? yeah, you know what jerry i think by tomorrow afternoon. we'll get a little bit of a break in the wet weather. but tomorrow morning. we'll find some heavier rain continuing to move through to the new week ahead live. 7 right now it is busy out there. we are tracking some scattered downpours even some snow in our higher elevation. so we'll take a tour down a street level we go live doppler 7 just had a heavier sell passed through fremont on its way east so a quick downpour moving through 680 right now not on the question even get a little hail out of some of these cells to the north. bay we go 101 highway 12 in the region sonoma napa getting some wet weather american canyon light to moderate showers a similar story in fairfield as you go north and some air is moving in and we go up in
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elevation. we are seeing some mixed precipitation. you see live doppler 7 the green is some light rain and then you notice these pinks these purples. that's the frozen precipitation. so above 2,000 feet right now. we're likely seeing a mix of rain and snow and parts of lake in mendocino county. so it's for that fact. we do have a winter weather advisory. this does include ukiah lakeport clear lake in middletown for the chance of one perhaps even two inches of snow overnight tonight above 2,000 feet will go to a winter storm. warning that's that pink shading you see on your screen you can see even more snow than that. what we're seeing is a pretty cold storm move into the bay area right now temperature wise have only moved too far from our numbers earlier this afternoon a lot of us are in the 40s right now or awaiting this cold front to move through in the early morning hours tomorrow and when it does it will drag in some cooler air later on tonight. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite our storm across northern california there. you can see the snow and the sierra again expecting two to three more additional. feet of snow from the storm more rain is coming in from the north.
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we'reional piece of energy dive in from the north overnight tonight and that's going to help enhance some of these showers over the next 12 hours on the storm impact scale the level 2 moderate storm. we have tonight through monday morning will track those brief downpours again. there is a chance we could see some hail as well localized flooding are soils or saturated. our roads are already wet. so likely see some areas of flooding on our area roadways and snow on our highest peaks. we're thinking about feet so that's mount tam mount hamilton could see a dusting of snow with this storm hour by hour we go to 30 early tomorrow morning. we're seeing some heavier showers in the north bay this system continues to move to the south by 5 am tomorrow morning. we're seeing wet weather across a region by 7:30. looks like the rain is focused south of the city in the south bay and then into the afternoon. we'll likely see a lull in the activity could even see some peaks of sunshine to finish at our monday, but nonetheless monday morning. it is wet and it is windy rainfall estimates over the next 24 hours. probably a quarter to a half of an inch of rain over the past
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five days. we've seen anywhere from one to four inches of rainfalls. that's why the localized flooding is a concern because we've already seen a lot of rain over the past week overnight tonight temperatures. once that front moves through we'll drop into the mid 30s to mid 40s with those showers tomorrow morning. it is messy out there frances dinglasan will walk you through the morning tomorrow morning starting at 5 am otherwise by the afternoon. showers clear out but again, it's a chilly day temperatures only in the 40s watch what happens though by tuesday morning future tracker temperatures even colder air moves in here. the forecast is for san francisco to drop the 39 degrees tuesday morning, if that does happen, that would be the coldest morning in five years. here's the accuweather 74 cast play next seven days for you tomorrow. it's all about those showers worse in the morning a dusting of snow on our hills brief breaking the wet weather monday night to tuesday morning another storm moves in a night into wednesday morning again could see a mix of rain and snow in our highest elevations jr. by thursday we start to dry out. years eve and new year's day
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look great a lot of sunshine dry conditions and then on sunday next week. we'll welcome another storm out here again temperatures only in the 40s to low 50. so it stays pretty chilly out there for this time of the year. i know it's cold, but see the yellow on that radar any chance of thunderstorms and my way out there will talk about that. yeah, right along the immediate coast early tomorrow morning. there's a chance but nothing widespread. well, we on the watch though, see who gets some snowflakes over the next 48 hours. it is cold out there. thank you so much. yeah. we're calling it the great crab comeback after a delay. we now know when we can expect fresh jungeness crabs straight from the waters off the
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annual kwanzaa celebration kicked off in san francisco tonight. you can see city hall lit up in those colors this evening as well. the community-based nonprofit the village project and the
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museum of the african diaspora are hosting events all week. african culture and community this year it is being observed virtually because of the pandemic. entertainment with music and keynote speakers. the week long event is striving to heal and unite families communities and the nation. we're also be an in-person event. city hall tomorrow well, it's looking like a happy new year for dungeness crab lovers commercial crab boats started setting traps today in the waters of sonoma marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. they can officially start hauling in the catch on december 29th, just in time to celebrate the new year state officials delayed the start of the season
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out of concern that humpback whales could get tangled up in the fishing lines recreational crabbing started. on december 17th chris alvarez here now with a preview of sports jr. coming up in sports the sharks get ready for game action as the nhl prepares for return to why the dub strengthen numbers model will be put to the test again as another player reportedly enters
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sponsored by river rock casino coming off arguably their most impressive win of the season over phoenix yesterday the shorthanded warriors depth going to be put even further to the test according to reports warriors forward draymond. green has entered the covid
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health and safety protocols. he would be the fifth warrior currently in protocol joining jordan poole andrew wiggins damian lien moses moody the warriors have three games scheduled this week a home and home with denver and at utah on new year's day due to covid concerns within the san jose state men's basketball program the first three conference games against, nevada. us any unlv have been postponed. the next scheduled game is january 11th at fresno. games that can't be rescheduled will be ruled no contest the nhl is set to resume play tuesday after their unscheduled break in hopes of preventing further covid outbreaks across the league that'll mark a full week since the last time at nhl game was played the sharks practice today and are set to host arizona tuesday team teal eager eager to get seasoned back underway. you know, we want to play as many games as we can here and i know we're gonna have to make up some probably during that february break and we're all wear that i'd like to see the leaky pushing and playing as many games as possible. we're following the rules. we're doing what we can to play play games and i think to a man every single guy in those calls wants to be playing hockey. we want to do what we can to get us and keep us on the ice and
11:30 pm
keep fans coming to the building and keep being on tv. i mean, we want to play hockey. we want to get all 82 games. despite the 49ers lost to tennessee thursday night the niners still in good position to make the playoffs providing they win at least one of their final two games against the texans or rams if the rams beat minnesota that would provide some major help as well these vikings fans. oh they were dressed to the nines today rams quarterback matthew stafford threw three interceptions two of them to minnesota linebacker anthony barr vikings in prime position to score in the red zone next play alexander madison. it's got a punch it in. it's a three-point game in the vikings fans. were loud and bringing it, but the rams get a huge play on special teams. brandon powell is going to go 61 yards and eventually somersault into the end zone for the score rams win 30 to 23. now. the niners are tied with the eagles for six in the nfc playoffs the niners do own a tiebreaker against the eagles. thanks to their win over philly earlier this year. hey, did you see this? it's the video of the third
11:31 pm
grade teacher in dc who promised her kids a hot chocolate party if she did this made the shot splash turns out teacher kathleen fitzpatrick is a former rutgers basketball player. and how about this stephen curry has invited her to a warriors game when they play the wizards in dc at the end of march no word if they have a three-point shootout pretty cool right there abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, jr. thanks so much, chris. love that video. well a new concern tonight about children getting covid the latest numbers that indicate a troubling trend. a severe just test of nerves. yeah, he's talking about flying this holiday season for some it's been brutal and air travelers aren't the only ones facing a rough road tryin
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. evening. i'm jr. stone. let's get right to that weather and the impact of all the rain and snow like the crumbling hillside you're looking at here. this landslide is in sausalito off bridgeway avenue. the city says it is monitoring the situation and we'll do a further evaluation and clean up tomorrow several inches of snow overnight blanketed mount hamilton in the south bay. the highest peaks in the bay area could get an inch or two of snow with snow levels falling to between 500 to 1500 feet by tuesday morning the sierra is getting the worst of the snow right now and we'll pick up an additional three to five feet through tuesday i-80 and highway 50 are closed due to whiteout conditions now the uc berkeley
11:36 pm
central sierra snow lab in soda springs says the area is now just two feet from breaking the record for the all-time snowiest december abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma tracking the rain and snow drew you set a little while ago tonight's storm. what level yeah, it is on the storm impact scale jr. we have some heavier rain some hail possible overnight tonight and some gusty winds and the possibility of localized flooding on our area roadway. so live doppler 7 right now is showing you that we are tracking those scattered showers throughout the region. we'll press down into the south. they were some of the heavier showers even through the santa cruz mountains right now those palms of yellow and orange on your screen the heavier showers just at a heavier shower move through morgan hill gilroy getting heavy rain right now some scattered showers around san jose as well on the storm impact scale level. two moderate storm tonight through monday morning brief downpours the possibility of hail flooding is a concern on our roads. and again, we'll find some snow on our highest peaks with this cold storm early tomorrow morning, 2:30 am much of the rain is focused in the north bay
11:37 pm
by 5 am. we're still finding those downpours area wide and even by 7:30. we're still tracking some heavier showers through the south bay jail. we should be able to dry out a little bit in the afternoon some peaks of sunshine here and there but another storm moves in on tuesday will show you that one in the full forecast. even if it's just a few hours, i think you'll take it. you can track the storms anytime on the abc 7 news bay area app get updated forecasts and check out live doppler 7. you can download the app for free and enable alerts for instant updates. now to covid-19 the omicron variant spreading rapidly throughout the nation experts expect the number of cases to go much higher as millions return from family gatherings abc news reporter phil lipoff has more tonight health experts warning of an omicron surge on top of a surge after millions finished gathering and celebrating christmas with family and friends, dr. anthony fauci urging americans not to get
11:38 pm
complacent despite several studies suggesting this new variant might be less severe than delta every day. it goes up and up and it likely will go much higher outside minneapolis the janovski family gathering for the first time in two years for christmas. as we all feel safer because we were all able to get vaccinated and boosted but for so many americans this holiday getting tested has not been easy in manhattan now one in 60 people have tested positive for covid just this week north of the city this woman arriving an hour early to get an at-home test, but the site running out of them 47 minutes after opening today, dr. fauci acknowledging that president biden's promised to distribute 500 million free. home rapid test is a good one, but needed to happen sooner. we've obviously got to do better. i mean, i think things will improve greatly as we get into january, but that doesn't help us today and tomorrow dr. ashish
11:39 pm
jah telling our john carl the best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated and boosted are we gonna need to be getting kind of an infant number of boosters here? i think we don't know at this point. is it possible we'll need more boosters possible. maybe even likely i think think about it. i get an annual. vaccine for the flu. i guess i get an annual booster and tonight an alarming increase in pediatric hospitalizations in new york and in other parts of the country, ohio, texas, pennsylvania hit particularly hard, but only a third of children under 18 are fully vaccinated at this point and while we know you know covid is less severe in our kids. we all know that it's had a real impact in our kids across severe illness and death 170,000 children testing positive for covid last week alone. increase of nearly 28% in just two weeks and here in new york city a first of its kind mandate for private sector workers. it will begin tomorrow and will affect roughly 184,000 businesses. philip off abc news, new york
11:40 pm
developing news tonight the omicron variant and some treacherous winter weather and parts of the country are complicating travel abc reporter andrew. dimbert has a look at the situation as millions head home from their christmas gatherings. on one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season omicron is contributing to massive flight disruptions thousands of travelers left to rebook their flights after a wave of cancellations. i'll probably just end up getting a hotel and then try out in the morning on christmas eve after catching a flight out of newark one family learned. they're connecting flight to denver was canceled so we came back which was also a severe. just test of nerves to get back here nearly. 1000 canceled on christmas day more than 300 just on delta united and jetblue not far behind and over a thousand flight cancellations the day after christmas airlines citing the rising number of coronavirus cases among crew and staff.
11:41 pm
jetblue is joining delta asking the cdc to shorten the quarantine period for vaccinated workers to five days to ease some of those crew shortages on the roads the more than 100 million who drove to their holiday destinations are also facing some challenges a powerful. is complicating travel out west nevada state patrol responding to a 20-car pileup some injuries reported. in washington state drivers running into white-out conditions heavy snow also expected to tat l wnto monday morninghe new york city area expected to be up more than 350% during the evening commute andrew denver abc news, new york. well, here's some good news. there have been no major problems that bay area airports tonight a few flights have been delayed or canceled at sfo t screened 1 million 533,398 people at checkpoints across the country yesterday.
11:42 pm
that's a 35% increase compared with christmas day last year airlines are advising passengers to arrive early. you should allow at least three hours for international travel and two hours for like flights it's been what is being called a bumper holiday season for retailers sales rose by eight and a half percent despite supply issues and omicron. that's the fastest pace in 17 years according to analysts at mastercard spending pulse. it tracks payments including cash and debit cards clothing accounted for a 47% increase jewelry was up 32% and electronics 16 percent online sales rose 11% a year ago thresf november 1st through december 24th. well preparations are underway for the 2022 rose parade. we have a first look tonight at some of the floats you'll see in the big name. that will be this
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back. well final preparations are underway for the rose parade and pasadena on new year's day. parade will have 43 floats to usher in the new year. these volunteers are working around the clock to make sure the floats are ready for the big event this year. the theme is dream believe achieve despite the surge in covid cases both the those parade and the rose bowl college football game are expected to go forward watch the parade right here on abc 7 starting at 8. am on january 1st. and by the way, utah plays ohio state in that game well more than thousand kids and families in oakland got to celebrate christmas with the curries this holiday season eat learn play the foundation founded by nba champions. stephan curry and his wife aisha invested more than five million dollars in the community over the 12. is leading up to christmas the money went towards food for the
11:47 pm
holiday season books to spark a love of reading and safe places for kids to play and learn new sports. there were daily surprises for the kids as well as funds for deserving community. groups courtesy of you guessed it santa and mrs. claus. well people in the seattle area woke up to several inches of snow today and more is expected this week videos posted on social media showed snow covered patios and streets dozens of flights in and out of seattle tacoma airport were canceled or delayed temperatures are expected to dip as low as 18 degrees this week the lowest in several years abc 7 news meteorologist drew. year talk a little bit more about that even people on social media were telling me about look at all this snow up in the northwest. yeah, and those cold temperatures jr. we're gonna taste of them as well especially tuesday morning likely seeing widespread 20s and 30s as a colder air mass moves in live doppler 7 tonight, we're tracking those scattered showers
11:48 pm
around the region you can see some pockets of downpours in the santa cruz mountains the line of showers moving through the north bay. we're also tracking heavy snow. you can see blue canyon placerville kirkwood right now south lake tahoe even seeing snow. it's the snow level is right around 2,000 feet right now and we'll see several more hours of snow in the sierra winter storm warning is in effect until tuesday morning. so we have about a day more of snow to see about two to three feet of additional snow coming their way all areas shaded in pink back here at home 30s and 40s later on tonight as we track those course continuing to move through likely a dusting of snow on our highest peaks like mount hamilton and mount tam tomorrow scattered showers in the morning a few peaks of sunshine in the afternoon. otherwise, it's a cold day temperatures mainly in the 50s accuweather. 7-day forecast will show you we'll get a break in the wet weather tuesday morning tuesday night into wednesday morning another store moves in here temperatures only in the 40s again will dry out by thursday will end the year with a lot of sunshine and then jair by sunday will track more rain coming.
11:49 pm
well, thank you so much. i like what you said. are temporary break monday afternoon? we've got a little bit out in the afternoon. looking forward to that. thanks so much drew now to chris with the preview of sports. jr. coming up in sports. the warriors will rely on their strength and numbers especially this weekend. it's the playoff push how the niners plan to get back on track after a tough thursday loss
11:50 pm
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they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ by river rock casino well at the moment the warriors will have latest to enter those protocols dre joins, andrew wiggins jordan pool damian lee and moses moody. so where will the production come from? how about otto porter jr. with the dubs missing four players last night against phoenix otto made the start and scored a season high 19 points including 13 in the fourth quarter, which helps secure a
11:53 pm
9-point victory over the defending western conference champs now with draymond reportedly in those covid protocols. the bench will be asked to step up even more otto and gary in the starting lineup. are fantastic and then we're getting really good bench minutes from lawn and belly. i thought jonathan commingo was great, you know just got a really deep team and they're all committed and they play together guys. team they stay ready so they don't gotta get ready and they come in and we go out there and battle there's another opportunity to for everybody to step up and and contribute we're going to continue to need them. this is all hands on deck that the nature of this, you know part of the season that we're in. the 49ers kicked off week 16 thursday night with a tough loss in tennessee now despite that loss niners still find themselves in playoff position with two weeks left in the regular season. here's the stat keep an 49ers are 7-0 when jimmy garoppolo doesn't throw an interception. however, jimmy g threw two picks on thursday night against
11:54 pm
tennessee the defense failed to stop the titans on some key third downs including this third and long in which the titans eventually scored this go ahead touchdown right here niners did respond with a fourth quarter game time drive before tennessee kicked the field goal to win it with four seconds left plenty of frustration to go around but all the diners can do now is move forward. when you can't get off the field on third down and we don't do that great on offense on third down. they have two turnovers and we have zero that's usually ends up with the loss in that situation. i wish we would want it, you know everyone in that locker room does it is what it is gotta take your look at the film be hard. ourselves and you know for 10 days we gotta get ready and you know move on to the next one not only say it's a blessing disguise. but i mean we have our back sense. we have to win and i think this is a group that's resilient. and i think there's a group that's going to come back to work and get ready to go next week the niners host former stanford. mills throws for two tos throws here to nic collins texans up 11 la needs to score in a hurry.
11:55 pm
justin herbert is picked off by severe thomas and he goes 48 yards to the house. that's your ball game. chargers were fighting for the division is two weeks ago and now the bolts on the outside of the playoff picture looking in houston wins, 41:29 the texans travel to santa clara on a season high two game win streak with the chargers lost to houston the raiders playoff hopes were still alive, but they need to be denver third quarter handed to peyton barber tumbles into the end zone raiders retake the lead 14-13 denver's defense playing tough here strip sack of derek carr vegas turnedration al around buthe raiders defense holds broncos attempting a 55 yard field goal to take the lead brandon mcmanus wide left of the raiders win. 17-13 las vegas tie for the 7th and final playoff spot in the afc, but they need to win out to have any real chance with a tampa bay winning. a tom brady in the bucks clinched the nfc south remember brady shut out for the first time since 2006 last week here
11:56 pm
finds cameron bright touchdown tampa bay rolls 32-6 clinching their first division title since 2007 washington football team fighting themselves on the sideline during a disastrous game in dallas. watch out late first quarter 14, nothing cowboys taylor heinecke picked off by defensive. lineman demarcus lawrence and look at number 90. on the sideline and in pick 621 nothing cowboys after one dak prescott through all four of his touchdowns in the first half this one tackled terence steele big man touchdown big man spike 42-7 dallas at the half special teams was special to corey clement with the block chauncey goldston recovers for the score cowboys win 56-14 clinching the nfc east title. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino jr. thanks so much chris. well, that's it for tonight. it's been a pleasure being with you. i'm j r stone for drew and chris. thanks for being with us this evening. have a great evening abc 7 news continue
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