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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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testit ses inclungdi the santa clara cntouy fairgrodsun in palo alto. >> we are taking walk-in bs,ut i ve to wa ait little overall, gtietng the sneoost aiavlable apinpotment waswo t days fm ronow. >> he told us he felt symptomacti and tooank at-home test. his goal s wato trackow dn a pcr tests ctoonfirm t rheesults. y>>ou want ktoeep your fins -- iends anfad mily safe. >> atht e largescot unty tesngti site at the fairgroun,ds cars continueo tfile in filled with ople looking forcr p tests. the county teinllg us the site typicallyoe ds 1500 a 1nd800 head -- that number has shot up 3to500 and eyth are workingo t continue to add stslo. >> any barriers you put in peleop's wa,y whether that is having twao it outsi iden the rain, tifhey ear sick,he tos ct ifou y are trygin to do a
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take-he omtest. that is notcc aeptable. >> s fanranciscoou cnty pervisor says outhgh the county has more sites, morcae n be done to get access to at-home testing. >> if uyo want take out in-meho test, you havtoe go purasche it urself at cvs oral wgreens. th catreates briarers for people at a ctos theshy ouldot n have to br eathemselves. >> theou cnty is waiting on a back order of tests tyhe are working to make avlaaible to peleop at home. santa claar cntouy says eyth have 90,00at0 -home test kits given to them tbyhe sta.te >>e wneed to prevent t shepread of this virus. the mt osimportant thingse w can dos imake it easier f poreople to get tested so they can prott ecthemselv aesnd others. >>hi ts>> this>> this>>hi ts>> s uptedad its guelidines. it is srthoening th iesolation time foreo pple who stte potisive from 10 ds ayto five days.
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rearsechers say edevince swsho peleop are most coagntious two da bysefore a tndhree dayafs ter mptoms delevop. avd oinew ye'r's ptiares, th't's e thadvice comg infrom antnyho fai.uc hedd aed people shodul avoid indo gorathering esspeciallify th deyo notno kw if eveonrye is ccinated. there is aaln arming tndre with children. abt ou2000 are hospitalized nationwide whit covid, the hight eslevel sie ncthe fall. our vaccine dream -- team -- tem trackinghe t headlesin. at 40,:3 we willal tk to dr. patel. wweill have more onha wt he says partsen should owkn. >>ta sy tuned r fothat. all of the rain is raising concnser about msludides roughouthe t area. ewcrs toppedff o -- tuedrf a llhi. officisal say hesom are notn i nger but with so much grodun saratution, coitndions are inging back unwcoelme memorsie fr aom massiveli sde in 20.19
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there you s teehe hillse idwe e artalking ouabt and the tarp trying to preve mntore landro fm odering away. the rain ha tsapered f torhe meti being. therise a live look asut nny ies. ceairtnly a weomlce sight. but, dnoo t you -- ndoot lose your uremblla. >> we are finngdi that rain coming to -- micong tomorwro moinrng. we wilsel e a lull, bulllu, bul notht rough yet. scatted relight sherows. at 4000 ft,ee a mix oanf d snow. that iths e green mixg inwith e pink a pndurple. it is still snowing in the cri, weav he seen iuesss on our highwa.ys a wint sertorm warngni is in effect until 9:00 p.m. tonight for much of the sierra. it iluncdes tahoase well.
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additional snowfall,wo t to six inchesn o top of what whae ve realady seen. imprsiesve totals ha lveed to ovabe averag senowfall tinhe ersira. snow pack iser vy healthy. 153% oavf erage. remo rain micong locally tomoowrr and wneedsday. velel 1 on e thimpact sleca. were ara tcking thcoe ldest air so f tarhisea sson to vemo in ter weil wlav he thoseum nbers and who has thees bt chancef o snow in a fewin mutes. >> thank y.ou forhe t third dayn ia rowi-, 80 is clod sedue to bzzliard coitndions inhe t sierra. highwa50y is alsolo csed. ma rnyesidentsho w had bnee ngpi to comeom he are now stuck. j.r. stone ifos llowing eth siattuion. i uerndstand y toualked whit caraltns? they tell me there niso metitable onny a re-'ris ght w.
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they are sllti clearing snow, and tn hethey havtoe clear downed tesre. pg ay ndwill have twoo rk on ttgeing the power lines theay w. all the while, ppleoe are hunkerindog wn. >> wow. that is the back de?ck >> i'm going to walk up see you can -- so the expurose will adju ssto you can see. th iats the sn uowp to the wiownd. >> meik smawollod a hndis filamy areno swed init wh feet osnf ow tsouidehe t vacation ho tmehey e rentingea nsor uth lake tae.ho >> yesterday, owsnpocapslye. i greupw n ithose ki ondf inthgs. n seen anything like this in myif le. >> whilehe t snow is scec,ni the tusiation ison ccerningnd a ngers.ou judith hondo ways i staying at is helot with her family. they left reno at 10:00 to hit these itwhe out by early afternoon, leaving them stranded
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inou sth le aktahoe. >> it was hriorble. the wi pndicked up reayll bad and it was blowing snow. we were at the office trngyi to extendt ifor one more it is getting bsoad. >>he s says the hotel did not haveoo rm and some state -- some state inhe tir cars. >> the young ladiny there sdai 's people who ca''t getut o of hoe andhe ty are hainngg out at the g sastation all day. >>ho tse withal pisades toeah y the snow is chest deep and ski operations a crelosed. >> wgoe t 30nc ihes in4 2hours. highwa89y , the rteou from uckee toah toe city, we d haan avalchane toy.da >> just gettg infood is a challenge. thiss iwhat theai mn drag looked leik mnai dayon mday from harve''s in lake tahoe. bumpero--tbumper traff.ic >> with the highw caylose, we
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are stju sittingnd a waiting. >> concerning stuff. chp says many of the sidroe ads e also cselod. they are telling people to not tge out on the roads and n totry gtoet to nevada on those routes becae usit is nosat fe. no timetleab on whenho tse main roads like 80 or0 5can open up. >>it whll a all all tahoe isre fsh on t mheinds of a t loof people. joining iuss kevin cooper. he runs coa nsulting firm for the sorerts. w are you dog?in >> livinthg e dream! >>ou y have be tenhere a long time and havdoe ne this loa ng meti. when w tashe last meti we saw a ries of orstms like isth? >> i tnkhi abo aut decade ago walas st time sweaw a big system. we jtusro bke rorecdsro fm
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decemberat ding back t19o .70 well over -- over fouro tfive et here. coldem tperatureans d consisntte sn.ow anheotr thing is high alavanche nger. thave alane chcenter rorepted gh tayod. torrmoow lksoo like itil wl be nscoiderleab. the wind has me adit super challeinngg in andro aund eth reongi. liratelly y wouake up in the moinrng, do some sholiveng, k ina cup of j aoend did meor eloving. it is kindf o like rinse and repeat. >> you menontied thein wd and avalchane danger. e thavalanchdae nger, stick to groomed opsles, do''t take chans cein the bkcacountry. with the wind, is skiing poibssle? >>re gat strahtig up transparey,nc it is miseblrae right wind up 7tomi0 leser p hour.
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over the sawqu valley11, 8. the sug barowl i think clocks 122. it is a merisable expieernce and it is trexemely chlealnging. yifou fall ain tree, if you are not riding wh ita frien id,f you are not payg inattention it can be extrelyme challennggi and solutelyan dgerous. they a sretill seahircng for a missing skier. take are bak rightow n. just let the mountn aioperations amtes cah tcup. let caltrans t gethe roads caug uhtp. we he avplenty osnf ow. hurendd 57% ofot tal snowfall. asseon to de,at 53%. weav he plenty sofnow. lax. let'les t the professions alget t there and davo alanche migatition. kemaur set iis safe for you to get he,erhe tn we are gngoio t have a lg onseason. >>ha wt you're saying is for
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those oppele who heav a fear of ssmiing out,ou y areot n going to miss t.ou d'n't nd eeto try to g uetp there now. gi ivet a wk eeor two. plentyf osnow. >> absoluty.el i call out. unless youan wt to be le ikme shoveling vefi or sitix mes a day,ta sy down ithn e bay. it is gointog e bgood. take a chi pllill. slow your llro. ghhi-five a calantrs drir veand get reyador f a great season. >> iem rember yesar agooi gng up ther se,itting oa n ski lift, freengzi cold, 4mi0 les an hour, i rembeemr thinki, ngwhat am i doing? itas w horrible. on t oopf allf o this, whae ve e thconcern tofhe omicron erthe are a tlof othings -- i an, it'' gre tato see snow, but the'r's a lot of inthgs rking aingast us. >> absoleluty.
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aypl it safe. you bring up covid9,-1 at stmo sk riesorts you do edne to veha your vaccination card to get into the that is another pceie that if you doot n he,av you wl ilnot be able to t gein. just te aka break,el rax. >> kevin, yoaru e the >>ak tear ce, ysgu. pphay new yr!ea >> i liked the cute gsdo behind him. searchnd-a-rescue amtears e okloing for a ski werho dippsaeared chstrimas dayt a nohsrttar ski sorert. he told his family he was going skiing before joini hngis iefrnds for cha ristmas nndier. the plerac county sheriffiss e thlast tra ocef him was at :03 when uhesed a ski pass on e onof the ltsif. crews have been hamperebyd the weather which catreed whitetou coitndions at metis. he recently moved to truckee from coladoro and is the genaler magenar of a isk shop. >> aew n year brgsin new laws.
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>> youig mht g petaid morebu, t uyo mightav he to p mayore for things. >>lu ps, ready to refinance your home? how ghmit actual blye the time.
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dan: the jury and the elizabeth
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holmes trial just wrapped its fourth day of deliberations. last week, jurors sent a note to the judge requesting to replay audio recordings of phone calls holmes had with recorders -- reporters. holmes faces charges related to her failed blood start up. she faces 20 years in prison if convicted. >> days away from 2020 to end a new year means new laws. they are likely to impact you and your family. ♪ >> every year, new laws are approved in hopes of tackling our problems. here are some that take effect in 2022 that might affect you. more private controlled buyers will help clear overgrowth that fuel wildfires. a new bill reduces the legal liability for burn boxes, people who do prescribed burns.
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on new year's day, the minimum wage increases to $15 across the state for businesses with 26 or more employees, $14 per hour for those with 25 or fewer. slow down, cities are are authority to reduce speed limits sticky pedestrian safe. current limits are based on speeds drivers feel comfortable driving rather than what is actually safe. hooray for pandemic privileges have been expanded, but not fully. orders for mixed drinks can be placed online, by phone or in person, but must be picked up. delivery ends october 31. some good news for those to see a therapist, insurance companies and health plans will be required to reply timely
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follow-up care and reduce wait times for patients seeking care for mental health and substance abuse. that is our wrap. have a seat -- have a safe and happy new year. liz: how is it already 2022? dan: just like last year. it has been a weird period we are in. at least we are in a great weather pattern. for new year's eve and day, it looks dry. we are tracking showers not only tomorrow, but wednesday. doppler showing isolated showers. much of the scattered heavier rain this morning has moved out and cooler weather is about to move in. let's talk rainfall. season to date we are exceptionally well. oakland and fs -- sfo sfo sfo so the rainfall. san jose is even well above we should be. these numbers, these these these
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seven-day snowfall totals from the sierra. this is incredible. northstar saw nine feet of fresh power. you see our snowfall, palisades and lake tahoe. even corporate. -- kirkwood. current temperatures,rrent t chilly out there. we are barely in the upper 40's, well below where we should be. a cold 47 in the city. 36 in clear lake. it is chilly in the north bay. here you can see our storm across northern california. the snow in the sierra is finally tapering. we could still see a couple more inches, but the heaviest is out. this ripple of energies bringing snow to seattle and portland. it will dive south and moderate. we are thinking it is going to
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be a rain-snow mix but it will bring in cold air first thing tomorrow morning. lowe's overnight tonight, widespread 30's for many of us. low 30's in the north bay. mid-30's inland east bay. the shoreline will be the upper 30's. we do have the chance of seeing some snowflakes. i think the best chance will be in lake county and mendocino county with a winter weather advisory overnight. any area shaded in purple could see 1-3 inches. we will keep you updated on that. level 1 tomorrow and wednesday. scattered showers and hail as possible. the coldest air of the season. tomorrow morning, mount hamilton and santa cruz mountains, a mix of rain and snow. otherwise, isolated showers in the morning. the heaviest rain moves and at night and it will linger into wednesday morning. this will bring more snow into the sierra wednesday night. rainfall estimates at home
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likely less than half an inch. nonetheless, keep the rain gear with you, you will need it tomorrow and wednesday. snow fluffed through wednesday, two to six inches. we are talking donner. the heaviest snow has moved out. it is cold. only in the 40's. for the next seven days, it is a cold morning with a rain-snow mix again tuesday into wednesday. dry out thursday. nice finish to the year and a good start to saturday. and then more rain coming likely monday. liz: coming up, sink is months away? why experts say it is a good idea to get busy now. >> have you refinanced your mortgage? it is easier than you think and the savings are more than you ex
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liz:liz: michael finney is here with advice on how to save money on your mortgage payment. >> with interest rates near record lows, refinancing can be a good option, with potential savings of hundreds of dollars every single month. why don't more people do it? consumer reports helps you make the best decisions for you and your budget. this annual and gina wanted to take advantage of a lower mortgage rates so they refinanced for big monthly savings.
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>> before, i was paying 4.7%. now it dropped to 2.8%. we're saving about $400. >> why don't more homeowners do it dated? >> despite the prospect of saving thousands on your loans, many homeowners are not refinancing their mortgages and may be missing out on historically low interest rates. that is especially true for minorities who are more wary of fire -- of refinancing because they're more heavily impacted by the mortgage meltdown. >> a recent study found that only 6% of all applications came from black borrowers. only 9% came from latin borrowers. refinancing often takes time and money. banks need all the same information you provided when you first got approval for a mortgage. consistent employment, tax returns, credit checks and other financial documents. they can feel overwhelming and not worth it.
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add to that a pandemic, which hit black and latin communities much harder than others. you can test you can begin to see why communities of color do not refinance at the same rate as the general population. there are ways to close the gap. consumer reports says working with an hud approved agency can help answer your questions and get you started. >> these agencies are dedicated to educating consumers about homeownership. they can help get your documents in order. they explain what options are best suited for you and assist you in the cost of the refinance and how long it will take to pay those back. >> they might suggest applying to several banks for refinancing. this could improve your chances of getting approved and you may even find a better rate. when the you you you you you is over, do not forget to have a plan for your savings.
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i've got a great idea for people tonight at 5:00. >> really? >> thank you. tax season is still officially months away but experts are encouraging americans to take action. filers are encouraged to make last-minute contributions to their retirement savings accounts as well as make tax-deductible contributions to charity. a tax break this year means individual taxpayers can deduct up to $300 for charitable organizations. double that for married couples who file jointly. everyone should take advantage of the opportunity for a number of reasons. as everybody is coming through dan: dan: the pandemic and looking to help one another recover. experts advise filers to check tax law changes such as the child tax credit and required minimum distributions from retired accounts.
4:27 pm
lastly, file sooner rather than later which will make you less susceptible to identity theft. >> we are tracking the bay area covid surge. >> doctors are out with a prediction about what could be to come. >> a covid scare forces one family to get creative. their idea to celebrate the
4:28 pm
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dan: with christmas behind us and new year's eve around the corner, covid cases are on the rise. liz: so much so, our local counties are breaking records. melanie woodrow explains what this could mean for the weeks to come.
4:30 pm
>> it seems very likely that we are going to have our highest seven-day average for positive cases in san francisco since the start of the pandemic. >> the department of public health says matt haney's prediction is currently the trend globally. not just locally. this as we move through the winter and holiday seasons. the situation exacerbated by the spread of omicron. last week, dph reported 794 new cases in one day. dph says the number is still being validated. >> 794 cases, is -- if that is what they finalize, is hundreds of cases more in a single day than any other prior day since the start of the pandemic. i thing there's reasons to be very concerned. >> a similar story developing in marin county. coley -- according to matt willis. >> we had three consecutive days of record numbers of cases.
4:31 pm
like christmas, we had the highest number of cases ever. >> dr. willis is concerned about the disruptions that could result. >> if everyone infected isolates for 10 days and case numbers continue to accelerate, we will start seeing more people in the central roles not being able to come to work. that will start affecting infrastructure and staffing levels across all sectors. especially the health care and law enforcement. >> as people gather and travel, they can layer their defense against omicron with vaccines, boosters, testing and wearing a well fitted mask, a cloth mask on top of a surgical disposable math -- mask. limiting gatherings also reduces risk. what we are coming to terms with now, and it is scary, is that this is not going away. >> neither san francisco county nor marin county are planning restrictions as of yet. >> we want to talk more about
4:32 pm
the alarming covid trend in children he told you about in our first half-hour. about 2000 kids are hospitalized nationwide right now with the virus, the highest level we have seen since the fall. joining me to talk about that is a look patel. -- i know you have a little one at home. i hope she is healthy. >> happy holidays. she is. she does have a minor cold and part of me is like hey, that's part of childhood. the other part of me that feels reassured us that everybody around her is vaccinated and has tested negative. >> it is hard to know with little kids if it is a cold or covid. what we know about the ages of these children who are being hospitalized with covid. do we know if they are vaccinated? >> the numbers are alarming. what we are seeing right now
4:33 pm
from the cdc and anecdotally is we have an increase in hospitalizations the entire spectrum of children under 17. i believe this was in the middle of december, the cdc put out data showing no kids between the ages of five-11 were fully vaccinated. all of them were unvaccinated. for kids age 12-17, only about one third was vaccinated. by and large, the vaccines are doing their job keeping kids out of the hospital, which is what we should be pushing to protect our youngest. >> what is your advice to parents? should parents be concerned about sending children back to school. >> i think parents should be doing what they can to talk to these schools, anyone who is going to come in contact with your kids and make sure people are following the right safety protocols. even if omicron does wind up being more mild than delta, the sheer volume of infections, when
4:34 pm
we are infecting over a hundred thousand kids a week, that volume is going to translate into worse illness, more hospitalizations. that is what we're seeing right now and who knows what we will see in january. >> i want to ask about other big covid news. the cdc has changed the isolation guidance for people who test positive. what are they recommending? >> they are recommending that if you are asymptomatic and already vaccinated my five days. the key is being a symptomatically. after five days you can break isolation. there's two sides icy to this in terms of the debate. one side is that that what the science supports, great. omicron is showing is it is more symptomatic early on. if you truly are not infected at those five days, you should be allowed to go back to the workplace. on the other hand, people are saying, i do not want to be
4:35 pm
pushed back to work. there is a tug-of-war in terms of resources. for anyone out there who can't take 10 days off, this is potentially important. >> what is your advice? there seems to be mixed reaction to this decision. would it be to isolate for five days and wear a mask? or, is each case its own individual such a late -- its own situation? >> it depends on the individual. some people out there, like those who work in health care, we may not have the option to isolate for 10 days. that is a whole another issue. there are others who've got to make money to pay rent. they cannot stay away for 10 days. we are hearing stories of people waiting for hours to get a test even though they are a sin to medic and fully vaccinated. when in doubt, if you have to go back to work, wear that mask. >> the n95 is a good one.
4:36 pm
>> absolutely. and 95, k 95, they will all be better than cloth. liz: if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, ask our dr. patel and our entire team. had to dan: a covid christmas with no family member left behind. >> the bubble was a great idea and it helped us celebrate christmas in the best way we thought possible. dan: there great idea as gone viral.
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- [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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or live chat at today. >> time now for the four at 4:00. it looks like one of the most popular activities is getting a covid test. we saw lines near the hayward airport. dozens of people waiting to get tested. this is a scene we have seen repeatedly. there was a big run at -- big run on at-home test kits leading up to the holiday. so many people wanted to get together, understandably. they just wanted to do it as safely as possible and i suppose now there is paranoia after having enjoyed christmas to make sure they came through it without getting infected. >> definitely there is some anxiety for sure. i actually bought some in the summertime, some take-home tests to prepare for something like
4:40 pm
this. i had a little foresight but i can imagine why people would get online and do that. it is crazy to think, it has been years and we are still in this. >> what do you think, drew? you went a way. did you test? >> before thanksgiving, i i to walgreens and got a covid test. there was a ton of them there. we took it and now we can't find any. i am knocking myself but i like that people are getting tested and at this point if you can't get a test and you feel sick, stay home. until you get tested. >> i think there is a frustration, two years into this and we are still having long lines. we should have figured out a more efficient way to get tested especially since we knew it would be a busy time. the next time you place an order with doordash, there is a chance the company's ceo is dropping off your food.
4:41 pm
doordash requires all of its nondelivery workers to make at least one delivery per month. this includes engineers, managers and employees. not everyone the program. an anonymous employee used an expletive to say that this is not what they had signed up for. do they have a right to be frustrated that they have to make one delivery? >> i ordered doordash this morning. i got dumplings. [laughter] >> for breakfast? >> i was craving them. it is their way to make sure the service is working in the way intended. if you are behind a desk all day, maybe you can't get a sense of what is working. >> chris? would you do it? >> i am like the one person who doesn't ordered doordash. >> what? >> you go to the store? >> yeah. i am old school.
4:42 pm
i even plug my checkbook. >> you are that guy. [laughter] >> you are on it. >> i think it is actually a good idea. it gives the people who are in charge a sense of what is actually happening. i mean, it is just once. national lego day is not until tomorrow but fans may have a reason to celebrate. a recent study found discontinued lego sets are a better investment than gold. researchers in moscow found retired lego sets appreciated in value 11 sent -- 11% every year, more than gold, stocks or bonds. lego bricks could be worthwhile as an investment, jewelry, antiques or other artwork. as a kid, we had so many lego. we played all the time. i don't know if we -- >> held onto them.
4:43 pm
>> i still have some. it is smart because they come out with limited-edition sets. they can go up in price. >> they are so different now than when i was a kid, certainly. have these elaborate things. >> i was looking at that set, my lego did not look like the cool fancy sets that the town in the train. my lego may not be worth as much. >> i don't know why, national lego day should be before christmas. >> do they have research on beanie babies? i've collected a lot of them. >> they were good for a long time. >> now they are nothing. >> we were all told they were going to be worth something someday. >> like pokemon cards. >> i love the story, a long island family's tiktok video of how they spent christmas with a covid positive family member is going viral. they managed to all be seated at the dinner table in person the safest way possible.
4:44 pm
big sister krista did not let little sister cameron's symptoms spoil their christmas plans. they put cameron in the enclosed bubble contraption. there is a seat built-in and everything. it is entirely enclosed. cameron did not give up her seat with that her seat at the dinner table. the rest of the family is boosted. the video has been viewed 7 million times. >> people in the comets were saying, do not believe anyone in the bubble. the bubble was a great idea and it really helped us celebrate christmas in the best way we thought possible. >> some good news here, cameron tested negative yesterday. that is why the sisters are together in that interview. it seems like a very covid safe -- you know? props to them. >> getting creative. i would probably put her outside for an extra barrier. [laughter] got to get creative. we are in this 3.0 covid, trying
4:45 pm
to find the best of it not great situation. i do not know if that would be for me. >> chris, would you do that? >> i probably would not. i would probably put them on facetime and say better not lex -- >> call it a day. >> that is the world we live in. it was created for sure. >> that's say hello to 2022 with xfinity and you'll get fast and reliable internet for only nineteen ninety-nine a month for twelve months. plus, you can get twelve times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and more value. say hello to kicking off the year with this amazing offer. and with xfinity mobile, you can get a 5g phone on us
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or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx.
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liz: millions of mayor -- millions of american stream of striking it rich. tonight's jackpot is sexy made it $16 million. no one has won a drawing since a single ticket winner took home $700 million on october 4. since then, there have been 34 consecutive drawings without a big winner. you can buy tickets for tonight's drawing until 7:00. it probably goes without saying, but keep expectations low. your odds of winning or one in 219 million. >> my odds are not much worse than that and i haven't even bought a ticket. [laughter] >> what is going to get cold tonight. temperatures well into the 30's. we have a couple of isolated showers along the immediate coastline. heavier rain we had earlier, no. >> cold air moving in. widespread 30's. it is a chilly start to the
4:49 pm
morning tomorrow. we could have a mix of and snow in our highest elevations. we are tracking more showers tomorrow and wednesday. storm impact is a level one with scattered showers. the rain-snow mix. the coolest air of the season tonight, and tomorrow afternoon. it is a cold day. we are stuck in the 40's once again. 49 in the city. 48 oakland. 49 san jose. keep the rain gear handy for scattered showers. seven a forecast, cold mornings tuesday and wednesday with the rain/snow mix. we dry out thursday and new year's eve is looking great. new state is dry and bright and the next transfer what weather is monday. dan: you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler seven anytime you wish on the abc7 bay area app available on roku, amazon fire, android tv and apple tv. coming up next, meet our allies
4:50 pm
in action. >> it starts at day one. >> the training starts early for these puppies. tonight, see what they grow up to be thanks to a local nonprofit.
4:51 pm
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>> tonight, jeopardy at 7:00 followed by wheel of fortune at 738. at 8:00, celebrity wheel of fortune. at 9:00, the year 2021. dan: we are committed to helping our community create a better path forward, helping others and taking action means that you become part of the solution needed to build a better bay area. in this segment of allies and cash outlays in action, we focus on an organization that helps connect service dogs with people who need extra attention. founded in santa rosa in 1975. lyanne melendez explains finding independence is deeply rewarding.
4:54 pm
♪ >> i michelle williams that they work for canine tendons. makes me one of the luckiest people in the world. we provide expertly trained service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities completely free of charge. >> canine companions service dogs all start as adorable puppies. ♪ >> charles schultz. we all know him from peanuts. he was a big supporter, he lived here in santa rosa and he coined the term "happiness is a warm puppy." how are you training these puppies for their big task? >> it starts stay one. volunteers are socializing them to different people, sights,
4:55 pm
sounds, environments, making sure they are learning 30 plus commands while they are with their puppy raiser. >> you are past the puppy face, then what happens? >> our volunteers turn in the puppy they have raised for a year and a half into one of our training centers, where we are today. and then they are trained by professional trainers on more advanced commands. >> i am a service dog trainer here at canine companions. one of our biggest commands our clients ask for is picking things up off the ground. get. good boy. nice. sit. good job. abdur, gets. good job. thank you. >> my name is margaret peterson, senior instructor at canine companions and i get the train service dogs to assist veterans with ptsd the dog is trained to
4:56 pm
q the movement. they grab a -- on the sheet and drag it to their bed. >> once you have lived with a service dog, it enhances your independence. it is important to continue that relationship. >> we know somebody on her fourth dog who is part of the program. you know her well. we are going to work like a dog and head south. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> hey there. you must be jeanette. >> this is fiji. >> this is my fourth service dog. they all have worked until they are 10 years old or older. the service dogs have allowed me to feel like i can do anything in my life. >> i am teaching him how the patio door so i can get out
4:57 pm
in the yard or garden. i've been working on teaching her how to open the refrigerator. they are there for me. i feel like they are an extension of me. part of my heart and soul. if i want to do something, they are there. >> imagine for us who do not need a service dog, having to ask for someone to help open a door, pick up an item, maybe you do not hear your name being called. it is impactful to have these service dogs and it is wonderful to remember how important they are. >> i>> i>> i>> i>> i>> i>> i>> i allies in action is sponsored by dignity health. you can be an ally for canine companions. learn more at >> you can get our live newscast with our abc7 app on apple tv, android, fire and roku.
4:58 pm
>> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the news at 5:00 is next.
4:59 pm
(ding) (ding) vo: if you need to do something to feel okay to drive, you're not okay to drive. don't drive buzzed.
5:00 pm
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> >> i've never seen anything like dan: this in my life. dan:dan: highway 80 and i've 50 remain close. >> you're watching abc 7 news five, live on hulu live and wherever you stream. chp is warning drivers not to try to get around the road posers. that means people trying to get home to the bay area are out of luck for now. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone is following the story for us. we understand you spoke with caltrans about this and the


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