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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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conditions, trees have been coming down, making things more treacherous for drivers. the latest wintry blast set a record. uc berkeley's central sierra snow laboratory says this is the snowiest december as an history at donner pass. -- december in history at donner pass. >> drew tuma joins us now. the images we are seeing are just incredible. snow in the bay area over the weekend because it was so cold. the trend might even continue. >> we are finding snow above 3000 feet, places like mount hamilton and st. helena. tomorrow could see another dusting of snow on our highest peaks. tahoe right now, feet of snow. the showers, the snow showers are winding down. we still have a winter storm warning in effect until 9:00 p.m. for an additional two to six inches of snow.
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crews are working around-the-clock to clear snow off 80 and 50. they still remain closed in spots. snowpack doing really well. 153% of normal. a lone shower moving through the peninsula, light sprinkles around san mateo. tomorrow, another storm. it will bring rain-snow mix to our highest peaks. scattered showers for many of us and colder air is about to move in. about heading to tahoe, listening to what marketing director kevin cooper told us about the conditions on his advice. >> it is a miserable experience right now. these wins, 70 miles per hour. sugar bowl i think clock to to let the mountain operations team
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catch up. we have plenty of snow. get up here and enjoy it, but let professionals get out and do avalanche mitigation, plow the roads, make sure it is safe for you to get here. then we are going to have a great come along season. >> right now there is so much snow he is shuttling himself several times a day -- shoveling himself several times a day. >> it has been so bad that stretches of a number of highways including interstate 80 have been closed since the weekend. some people have gotten stranded. j.r. stone has been following this all day for us. you have been in touch with caltrans. what is the latest? >> there is no timetable on any reopening is right now. certainly not good news. they are still clearing snow, then they have to clear down
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trees and get powerlines out of the way. people are waiting. >> that is the back deck. >> yes, right there. i'm going to walk up so the exposure will adjust, so you can see. that is the snow. up to the window, top of the doorframe. >> mike smallwood of brentwood and his family are snowed in. ththththth renting near south lake tahoe. >> i grew up driving in snow. i'm going to tell you i have never seen anything like this. reporter: while the snow is scenic, the situation is concerning and flat out dangerous. judith is now staying at this hotel with her family. they left reno sunday at 10:00 a.m. and hit white out conditions by early afternoon, leaving them stranded in south lake tahoe. >> it was just horrible.
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the wind picked up really bad, just blowing snow. we were at the office trying to extend it for one more night. it is just getting so bad. >> the hotel did not have room and some stayed in their cars in the parking lot, something witnessed at gas stations all across the region. >> the young lady there said it is all people who cannot get out of tahoe. they are literally hanging out at the gas station all day. >> those with palisades tahoe say the snow's chest-deep and ski operations are closed due to safety concerns. >> we got 30 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. the route from truckee to tahoe city, we had an avalanche today. >> just getting food is a challenge, too. this is what the main drag looks like monday from harvey's then lake tahoe, nevada. bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> we are just sitting and waiting and seeing what happens. >> chp says many of the side
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roads are also closed. they are telling people not to try to get to nevada on those routes because it is not safe. there was a rumor going around earlier today that roads could open tonight, but caltrans said that is not the case. no timetable right now of when those main roads could open backup. >> it is really something. talk about how people are helping stranded drivers with towing or even food. >> you bring up an interesting point. chp officers actually carrying out food and water to those stranded motorists. they are assisting them with tows, officers helping shovel them out. officers told me some crews are working 15 hour days to help. they are begging people to stay off the road if it is not an emergency. you saw those images, the backups start, people go out, they get their car stuck. >> that is awfully nice of
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the highway patrol. >> the snowfall is making it tough for search and looking for a skier who disappeared. he told his family he was going skiing before joining his friends for christmas dinner. the placer county sheriffs office says the last trace of him was at 11:30 in the morning when he used a ski pass on one of the lifts. he recently moved to truckee from colorado and is the general manager of a ski shop in northstar. you can keep an eye on the weather, including live doppler seven, anytime you want on the abc 7 bay area news app available on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and android tv. >> the major pandemic headlines today, the cdc has updated its guidelines for isolation. instead of 10 days it is recommending just five of isolation for people who test positive for covid. evidence shows people with covid are most contagious two days before and three days after symptoms develop.
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the chair of ucsf's department of medicine believes the new guidance is a good idea. > cancellations are mounting. 75 flights have been grounded and 232 delayed. across the united states, it is bad. there are a total of more than 3000 cancellations. united, delta, jetblue, and alaska saying covid is one reason. the combination of the holidays, winter weather, and the new omicron varian are prompting a surge of covid cases in the bay area. so much so, our local counties are breaking records. melanie woodrow explains what this could mean for the weeks to come. >> i think it is prudent at a societal level. the vast majority of people, if
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they feel perfectly fine five days after their positive test, they are no longer infectious. there will be a few people who have a lingering infection and are potentially infectious on day six. >> it seems very likely we are going to have our highest seven-day average for positive cases in san francisco since the start of the pandemic. >> the san francisco department of public health says supervisor matt haney's prediction is the trend globally, not just locally, as we move through the winter and holiday seasons. the situation exacerbates the debt exacerbated by the spread of the omicron variant. last week, 790 four cases in one day. the number is still being validated. >> if that is what they finalize, it is hundreds of cases more in a single day then any other prior day since the start of the pandemic.
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i think there are reasons to be very concerned. >> a similar story is developing in marin county. according to marin county public health officer. >> we have had three consecutive days of record numbers of cases. christmas day we had the highest number of cases ever. reporter: dr. willis is concerned about disruptions that could evolve. >> if an individual who is infected isolates for 10 days, we will see more and more people in essential roles not being able to come to work and that will start affecting infrastructure and staffing levels across all sectors, especially concerning would be health care, law enforcement, where they need people on the front lines. reporter: as people gather and travel, they can layer their defense against the variant with vaccines, boosters, testing, and wearing and n95 or a double mask, a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask, limiting the size and number of indoor gatherings also reduces risk.
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>> what we are coming to terms with now, and it is scary, is that this is not going away. reporter: neither san francisco county nor marin county are planning for further restrictions as of yet. >> the surge in cases is pushing demand at testing sites around the bay area to new heights. santa clara county officials expected more than 3500 people today at their testing site at the fairgrounds in san jose. that is about double a typical day. officials say they are working on adding additional slots to meet this demand. other counties say they are doing the same. >> the barriers you put in people's way, whether that is having to wait outside in the rain if you are sick, cost if you are trying to do a take-home test, that's not acceptable. reporter: san francisco supervisor matt haney says he believes more can be done to help people get access to at-home test kits, saying people should not have to bear the cost
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themselves. santa clara county has 90,000 at-home tests to distribute, with more on the way. this is what it looked like at one of the city operated testing sites in san francisco's soma neighborhood. you need an appointment for this location at seventh and brandon streets. you can schedule an appointment up to three days ahead. there's also another city-run site at the alamein he farmers market. coming up next, a more convenient covid test comes to you, but it will cost you. >> plus, how would you like an investment that keeps up with inflation? michael finney shows you where to put your money. >> and puppies with a purpose. while still cute and cuddly right now, they are starting to train for a job tha
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>> the oakland police chief is hopeful that violence is trending down. the chief addressed several incidents that happened over the weekend at a news conference today. they include a confrontation between police and an armed man during which an officer fired his weapon. nobody was hurt. plus, the city's 134th homicide and is shooting outside ucsf children's hospital. despite these crimes, armstrong remains positive. >> i believe we are trending the right direction. i'm optimistic about us finishing this year, but also as we move into 2022. hopefully a great reduction in violent crime. >> the chief says crime is down 60% in the lakeshore area where the man was shot and killed
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friday night. he says his officers have a homicide investigation clearance rate of 40% for the year. >> there is a huge surge in demand for covid testing. what if you can't find a rapid covid test or wait in line at a testing site? there is a service that will bring a test and technician to you. abc 7 news reporter david louis shows us how it works. >> it is a site seldom seen outside a hospital. a medical technician in protective garments making a house call. she works for spinner health and she is arriving to do a in-home covid test. hehehehehe status before attending a friend's birthday party. >> you can set up any time that is convenient for you. they show up. it saves me drive time, time running around trying to find a test, it is just really convenient. reporter: the mobile service is
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taking the frustration out of finding home test kits or waiting in long queues at testing sites. >> the goal is to be in and out as fast as possible without making you feel rushed. it takes 15 minutes. you get a confirmation you can use to get on your flight or go to work. reporter: the test costs $99. they can also do blood draws ordered by doctors. that makes a difference in who will accept covid test results. >> doing an at-home rapid antigen test, if you do it yourself, you cannot submit that to an airline or immigration authorities. it needs to be supervised or professionally administered. >> the trend is toward at-home health care services for patients who are busy or who have mobility issues. >> we have elderly, we have kids, active patients who want to take their blood test before -- in the morning, something like that, before they go to work. reporter: she says patients are
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more relaxed at home. the tests indeed were ready in 15 minutes. he tested negative. >> it is reassuring to hear i am covid negative. >> one of the recent trends with covid has been a spike in children getting infected. it is likely we will will wil surge last well into the new year. >> even if omicron does wind up being more mild, and that is what we hope, the sheer volume of infections when we are infecting over 100,000 kids a week, that volume is going to translate inevitably into worse illness, more hospitalizations in kids, and that is what we are seeing now. who knows what we are going to see in january when we see effects from the holiday surge. >> if you have questions about vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. this cold weather does not make it easier.
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we want to be inside, hunkered down. >> it is so true. >> the heater is getting a workout this month. tonight it is colder than last night. we are tracking widespread 30's as colder air moves in from canada. since october 1, this is the best start to our water year since 1983. santa rosa almost double the amount of rainfall than we typically see up to this point. san jose at 165% of even sfo, more than 15 inches of rain. our rainfall is excellent in the bay area. snowfall is downright impressive in the sierra. this is our seven-day snowfall totals, from last week until tonight. hundred 17 inches was measured at northstar, sugar bowl, sierra snow lab palisades, more than 100 inches of snow. this is why we are having so
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many problems on our roadways to and from tahoe. live doppler seven right now, an isolated moving across the peninsula through half moon bay into san mateo, belmont, just a light sprinkle at this hour. more rain is on the way tomorrow. temperatures, another cold night. this evening we are in the 40's. a chilly 46 in the city. 45 in santa fe -- in san jose. the story we are tracking, you see that storm that has moved through northern california. snow is winding down in the sierra. a brief break in the wet weather over the next couple hours, but another ripple of energy is going to move in from the pacific northwest. it dives south to bring us a rain-snow mix and very cold air. overnight, widespread 30's, down 32 at santa rosa. 39 in redwood city. we are going for a forecast low of 40 in the city. if we do hit 39 overnight in san
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francisco, that would be the coldest night in five years. showers moving through and cold air on the way. we will see a rain-snow mix. a winter weather advisory overnight for one to three inches of snow. storm impact scale, a level 1 tomorrow into wednesday with scattered showers, hail possible. the mix in our highest elevations and cold air moving in. likely seeing mix in the santa cruz mountains. isolated showers become heavier and more widespread in the evening. this is late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. we will track showers moving through before we dry up by wednesday afternoon. total rainfall, it is a light, quick moving storm. half an inch of rais it moves tonight and it is chilly tomorrow afternoon. highs on tuesday, 48 in oakland. 48 in palo alto. 45 the high in convert. tomorrow and wednesday we have cold mornings.
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the rain-snow mix. we dry out thursday. a dry finish to the year. the new year starts with sunshine. more wet weather coming in. >> here we go again. new year, new laws. you might get paid more, but you might also have to pay more for things. find out what to expect next.
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>> here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this commute is going to get more expensive. the toll rises to seven dollars, applying to all state owned bridges. voters back in 2018 approved three gradual increases, with regional measure three. the final hike is scheduled for january 1, 2025. >> the new year does mean new
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laws in california which are likely to impact you and your family. approved in the hopes of tackling problems we see in california. here are some that will take effect in 2022 that might affect you. more private controlled fires will help clear overgrowth that fuels wildfires. a new bill reduces the legal liability for burn boxes which are for people who do -- on new year's day, the minimum wage increases to $15 across the golden state for businesses with 26 or more employees. and $14 per hour for those with 25 or fewer workers. slow down, everybody. cities are given new authorities to reduce speed limits to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. current limits are based on speeds drivers feel comfortable
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driving. pandemic privileges have been extended, but not fully. orders for mixed drinks can be placed online by phone or in person, but must be picked up. delivery of cocktails ends on december 31. and finally, some good news for those waiting to see a therapist . insurance companies and health plans will be required to provide timely follow-up care and reduce wait times for patients seeking care for mental health and substance abuse issues. that is our wrap for some of the new laws. have a safe and happy new year. >> you can find th our website, you can read it and share with your friends so we are all prepared for 2022. >> the jury in the trial of elizabeth holmes returns to the
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courtroom. we will have that story. >> everything old is new again. why savings bonds are the hot new investment.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> we don't expect things are going to turn around in a few days to a week. it likely will take longer than that. >> the covid-19 surge continuing through the holidays and then some. the omicron variant accounts for a majority of new cases in the united states. >> we are seeing an increase in the number of children being health but allies with covid. -- hospitalized with covid. reporter: from new hampshire to california, across the nation,
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lines at covid-19 testing sites are stretching around the block. >> they are going to be sure we are negative so we do not spread the virus if we have it. >> wait times lasting hours. this orlando site reach and capacity for nine straight days heading into christmas. >> we just got back. everybody was coughing. we want to see if we have covid or not. >> president biden saying the government is working to make tests more widely available. >> i know lines have gotten very long in some states. that is why i ordered fema to set up pop-up sites in places with high demand. reporter: holding a call with governors trying to reassure the nation. >> this is not like march of 2020. the beginning of the pandemic. we are prepared and we know what it takes to save lives. reporter: the u.s. averaging close to 200,000 infections a day. hospitalizations and deaths also on the rise. health workers overwhelmed. >> fortunately we have had more
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-- unfortunately, we have had more nurses continue to leave due to the fact they are suffering mental health issues, mainly just the exhaustion. reporter: pediatric hospitalizations up 80% nationally over the last four weeks. in new york city they have increased fivefold. >> parents, this is the time. you have kids home from school. her are plenty of vaccination opportunities. reporter: president biden says there is no reason to panic, but he is warning that hospitals in some places are going to get overrun. >> the holmes fraud trial wrapped up its fourth day of deliberations this afternoon. once again, feeling to reach a verdict. stephanie sierra explains, unlike last week's deliberations , the jury had no questions today. >> the eight men and four women of the jury have been deliberating for more than 30
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hours. unlike last week, there have been no questions or requests to replay evidence today. this is video of holmes walking out of court last week after the jury asked to relisten to audio recordings of calls holmes had with several investors, including this one with chris lucas and brian told her it. -- tolvert. >> it is remarkable what you have accomplished. reporter: six of the counts of fraud relate to investors. >> the military is a big deal for us. reporter: during those calls, she talked about how theranos was built on partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and u.s. military contracts, even though neither one panned out. >> in the context of the middle east and specifically afghanistan. reporter: the jury listened to this clip as she praised the use of her technology on medevac helicopters in afghanistan. despite weeks earlier testifying theranos devices were never used
6:34 pm
on those helicopters. >> the ability to take a technology like this and put it physically on a medevac -- reporter: a former biotech executive who studied in the same chemical engineering department has holmes says she would be shocked if the jury does not convict. >> if she is found not guilty, that will be a tribute to her personality and her ability to stand up in front of the jury and sound sympathetic. i do not think all ceos would be able to bank on that feeling and that sentiment from a jury. reporter: holmes could face 20 years on each count. the average sentence for wire fraud cases is 21 months. it only takes one juror to believe holmes is not guilty to avoid a conviction. we are told deliberations will continue tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.. >> the trial h trial for three months now. if you want to get caught up on highlights and insights, you have to check out a podcast
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called the dropout hosted by abc news chief business and technology correspondent rebecca jarvis. you really should listen to it and you can get it wherever you stream podcasts. >> it is hard to keep up with inflation. the average savings account is only paying 12% interest. what would you say to an investment paying 7.12% interest? sound impossible? michael finney is here with how you can make this work. >> normally i am trying to bust somebody. they are saying they can get you that in a safe investment. but we can, and this is advice your grandparents were giving you back in the day. low inflation is back, so this is old advice. go shopping and you will see inflation. go banking and you will find there are no accounts paying anywhere near the current inflation rate of 6.81%. so what is an investor to do? consider buying a savings bond.
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in particular, the i bond bases its payout on the inflation rate. james royal's with bank >> if inflation rises, the interest rate paid on the bond increases. if inflation goes down, they will readjust that way as well. the interesting thing right now with i bonds is that the inflation rate has been high in 2021. the interest rate on this bond has gone up. now they are paying about 7.1%. reporter: and that is a bargain. deposit tracks rates and these on the screen are among the best it can find. less than 1% on savings accounts, cds, checking and money market accounts. so i bonds are paying much more, but like any good deal, there is fine print. the government restricts how many bonds can be purchased. >> the caveat is that unlike a lot of other bonds, you can only
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buy $10,000 per person per year, per calendar year. >> and if you want to buy this calendar year, 2021, there is another caveat. >> the last day of this year to buy series i bonds is 29th. december 31st is typically a bank holiday and the government needs time to register you as an owner so you need to buy these by december 29 to get credit for 2021 allocation. first of the year, you can buy another $10,000 if you want. >> the big catch, there are restrictions on when you can sell the bonds. you can find all the information and buy savings bonds at treasury but remember, they go up and down with inflation. every six months they get a new rate. >> but relatively safe. thank you, michael. feels like everything keeps getting more expensive, right?
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now it will cost you more to get away from it all. that story is ahead. also. >> it starts at day one. >> training starts early for these puppies. see what they grow up to be thanks to one incredible
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>> final preparations are being put into place for this year's new year's eve ball drop in times square. workers installed waterford crystal triangles on the ball, which spans 12 feet in diameter and weighs nearly 12,000 pounds. the celebration will be limited to 15,000 revelers who need to be vaccinated and must wear masks the whole time. with just a few days left in 2021, we are taking a look at what we have been through in a new primetime special. it looks back on the trends and events that defined this past year. we see how america is reopening and rebuilding after the pandemic, plus the breakout stars of pop culture and a spotlight on new technology in addition to celebrations for milestones in sports. we have been through a lot this year. >> we are always worried about the uncertainty and we saw a lot
6:42 pm
of that this past year. you know what that means to me, uncertainty? endless possibilities. that is how you look at it. >> the year airs tonight at 9:00. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the price of getting away is going up. fees for u.s. passports went up for $20. it will now cost 155 dollars for anyone 16 and up and $130 for a renewal. a new passport for anyone under 16 now costs $135. it normally takes as long as 11 weeks to process a new passport. to expedite delivery, travelers can pay an extra $60. instead of a passport book, you can choose a card. it does cost significantly less, however it is only good for travel to canada, mexico, the caribbean, and bermuda. >> there is a break between storms, so we should enjoy it while it lasts.
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>> we are committed to helping our community create a better path forward. tonight we are focusing on an organization that helps connect service dogs with people who need extra attention.
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finding independence is one of the most rewarding feelings in anyone's life. ♪ work for k-9 companions, and that makes me one of the luckiest people in the world. we provide expertly trained service dogs to children, adults, and veterans free of charge. canine companions, service all start as adorable little puppies. >> charles him. peanuts, charlie brown. he was a big supporter, lived here in santa rosa. he coined the term happiness is a warm puppy. how are you training these puppies for this big task?
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>> it starts at day one. volunteers are socializing them to all sorts of people, sounds, environments, making sure they are learning 30 plus commands while they are with their rai ser. >> past the puppy phase, what happens? >> our volunteers turn in the puppy they have raised to one of our professional training centers where we are today. then they are trained by professional trainers in more advanced commands to help someone. >> i am a service dog trainer here. one of the biggest commands our clients asked dogs to do for them is picking things up off the ground. good boy, n n sit. good job, buddy! good job! yes, good job. there we go. >> my name is margaret peterson.
6:48 pm
i am a senior instructor and i trained service dogs for veterans with ptsd. we train nightmare interruption. the dogs are cued off of movement. they pulled the covers off toward the person. >> once you have lived with a service dog, it enhanced your independence. it is important to continue that relationship. and we know someone who is on her fourth dog. she is part of the program, you know her very well. we are going to work like a dog and head south. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> hey there. this is my fourth service dog. they all have worked on till they are 10 years old or older. the service dogs from k-9
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companions have made me feel like i can do anything in my life. i'm teaching her how to open the patio door so i can get out in the backyard or the garden. i have been working on teaching her how to open the refrigerator. they are there for me. i feel like they are an extension of me. part of my heart and soul. i know if i want to do something, they are there. >> for those of us who do not need a service dog, imagine having to ask someone for help to open a door or to pick up a dropped item, or maybe you cannot hear your name being called or a fire alarm, even. it is impactful to have these service dogs and it is wonderful to remember how important they are. >> i have a friend who volunteers raising the puppies. they are always looking for volunteers. >> what a difference you can
6:50 pm
make, and what they can teach these dogs. >> those images in tahoe, oh boy. >> thankfully we get a break in the snow in the sierra here tonight. it is all about the cold weather. widespread 30's, down to the freezing mark in santa rosa. 35 in concord. 40, that low in oakland. tomorrow we are tracking more scattered showers. could see a rain-snow mix at the highest peaks and we are going to see the coldest air so far this season moves in overnight tonight. tomorrow after the cold start it is chilly in the afternoon. temperatures in the 40's. the next seven days, it is all about the cold morning. drying out thursday and friday, we will start the new year with a lot of sunshine. rain returns on monday. >> let's turn our attention to sports, and the warriors, they have some tough sledding ahead.
6:51 pm
>> the warriors getting ready for a big week, and jimmy garoppolo misses practice with an injured thumb. what shanahan had t
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>> 49ers head coach kyle shanahan said quarterback jimmy garoppolo suffered a sprained right thumb in thursday night's loss to the titans. he is going to be reevaluated
6:54 pm
wednesday. the injury more significant than that. tear along with a fracture in the right thumb on display in the second quarter. his status for sunday's game against houston remains in the air. >> is a thumb sprain. i think you know how those are. it did not feel great today. i was not able to throw today. hopefully i get better. >> we have not seen him pass in about two months. how ready is trey lance to take over? >> i think this last month, he has been his best consecutive four weeks of practice since we have had him. he has had a number of good days and he has had bad days like most guys too, but as far as consistency, the last month has been his best. >> the warriors have three tough games this week. home and home against denver, tomorrow at chase, thursday in
6:55 pm
denver. andrew wiggins has cleared health and safety protocol. a probable for tomorrow's game against the nuggets. as far as the rest of the squad, how about draymond green entering covid protocols officially? he joins jordan poole, moses moody, damion lee. here is coach kerr after practice on draymond green. >> he is doing fine, very mild symptoms, in good spirits. he is just disappointed, obviously, the way things are going, the way he is playing. but you know, big picture, this is a bump in the road. the whole league is going through it. the good news is draymond green and really everybody who has gone through this in the organization seems to be doing pretty well, pretty mild. >> it marks a full week since
6:56 pm
the nhl temporary -- temporarily shut down the league to prevent outbreaks. sharks defenseman brent burns has been removed from covid protocols and is eligible to play. san jose will have to make up three postponed games later this season. >> we want to play as many games as we can. we know we are going to have to make up some. i would like to see the league keep pushing and play as many games as possible. >> we are doing what we can. i think to a man every guy wants to be playing hockey. we want to do what we can to keep us on the ice and keep fans coming to the building, keep being on tv. we want to play hockey, get all 82 games in. >> the nhl hopefully back tomorrow. that to the 49ers, we wait and see happens to jimmy garoppolo's thumb. we have not seen trey lance on the field in months. this could be a huge situation as the quarterback status is up in the air.
6:57 pm
>> tonight on abc 7, jeopardy at 7:00 followed by wheel of fortune at 7:30 and at 8:00, celebrity wheel of fortune, and at 9:00, the year of 2021. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. we hope you join us. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> we apprecia
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a digital accessibility specialist from baltimore, maryland... an antiques dealer from west pawlet, vermont... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... ...whose 18-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" i hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. amy schneider has certainly had a festive december here on our show.
7:00 pm
she's now, as you heard, an 18-day champion with upwards of $700,000 in "jeopardy!" winnings. but it's a new week on the show, and we have two new challengers. welcome to ashley and donna. let's get into the jeopardy! round, shall we? here are the categories you'll be dealing with. first some... then... here are some things you can say without annoying the censors. then... amy, why don't you get us started. you stubbed your toe on live tv, $200. [ beep ] you stub your toe, you can say "shoot." amy. stubbed your toe, $400. - amy. - what are rats?


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