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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 28, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> cutting isolation time, cdcs updated guidelines on how long you should isolate if you test positive but don't have symptoms. >> covid cases up in the bay area. some companies breaking records. what this means for the next few weeks. >> a deadly plane crash causing a fiery scene. investigators heading to the san diego area. >> temperatures dipping below freezing in some areas. we have the forecast. it is tuesday, december 28. you are watching us live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we thank you so much for joining us. first we start off with francess dinglasan for a look at the forecast. frances: we could sprinkles and rain and snow is
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on the way. storm impact is a level one. rain chances start in the north bay with snow showers. we are dipping into the 30's and the rain starts to spread south. it will be breezy this afternoon and cold. we only warm to the upper 40's throughout the day. let to moderate rain and snow showers continue overnight into tomorrow. i will let you know how cold it will get over the next few mornings and when we can expect dry days. major troubles on the road. sue: not the way we wanted to start off. we have a fatal accident in the menlo park area, east palo alto orleans shutdown south 101 near willow. all traffic being diverted at marsh. you can see a big delay. take marsh to middlefield or get
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off at woodside road and go up to 280 erie that way you avoid the backup altogether. -- go up to 280. that weight you avoid the backup altogether. an injury -- that way you avoid the backup altogether. an injury accident past 680, a diversion in place with a delay. if yourself extra time. >> we begin with covid-19 headlines and the spike of pediatric hospitalizations in the past month, up more than 80% with 2000 children currently in u.s. hospitals. the average cases in the u.s. topping the summer spike caused by the delta variant. 176,000 cases compared to 164,000. omicron can break through some of the immunity from a previous infection and vaccination. a flood of data showing that vaccines do reduce the chance of severe illnesses. >> with so many infections
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across the country, the cdc updated isolation guidelines for people who do not show symptoms. it is now down from 10 days to five days, but you are being asked to continue to wear a mask constantly for five days after that. top health experts say vaccinated and boosted individuals are not contagious for that long and cutting the time will help society function. >> people do most of the spreading and are most contagious and the couple days before they have symptoms and usually in the two to three days after symptoms begin. if five days later you feel well, cdc recommends, and i agree with this, that people can break out of isolation but continue to wear a mask for five days. >> the demand for covid testing is through the roof. lines forming through testing sites before opening.
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they leave people waiting in the cold for hours just to be tested. >> cases arising in the bay area. san francisco hit single day records over the christmas holiday and more records expected soon. amy hollyfield is joining us live. amy: for sure it means that test sites are in high demand aired health officials say if you haven't seen a huge surge in your community -- in high demand. health officials say if you haven't seen a huge surge in your community, it is on the way. a record number of covid cases. on christmas, the highest number of cases ever. health officials worry about the disruptions positive cases will cause. >> if every individual who is infected isolates for 10 days
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and the case numbers continue to accelerate, we will see more and more people in essential roles not being able to come to work and that will affect all sectors, especially concerning health care where they need people on the front lines. >> officials say hospitals are not being overwhelmed in the bay area and point to the high vaccination rates as a possible explanation and also omicron does not seem to be causing severe illness like previous variants. dr. say wearing a good-quality quality mask and getting besson aided will slow the surge -- quality mask and getting a vaccination will slow the surge. >> the surge in the omicron variant means some new year's eve celebrations could be scaled back. we show you how one are -- how
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some are closing. >> i was happy we made the decision. >> he made the tough choice before christmas to temporarily close his bar before the omicron variant started to spike. the sign says the bar will stay close to january 1. -- closed through january 1. >> we had an employee have a break through it infection and we didn't want more people getting sick. >> other bars and restaurants have made the same choice to close temporarily, a sign on the door of the edge said it won't reopen until owners have better information about the spread of omicron. >> it is smart. i'm hearing how the omicron variant is easily transmitted, especially indoors. >> owners of santeria decided to stay open. >> closing for 10 daysor 10 dayd
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month would mean the end of a dream we love what we do. we have to keep fighting. >> several large-scale new year's eve parties in san francisco including a masquerade ball at origin nightclub. she said there are no plans to cancel because of strict protocols. >> the events are happening on new year's eve but we are taking all precautions, making sure we check for vaccinations from everybody who walks through the door. >> she says tickets are still available. dr. anthony fauci warns against ringing in the new year with those who are unvaccinated. dr. fauci: we are talking about a new year's eve party with 30 to 50 people celebrating any do not know the status of the vaccination, i would recommend staying away from that this year. >> the bar owner said he opened -- plans to open january 1 and will pay his employees during
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the closure. >> the surgeon cases pushing demand at testing sites. at the largest site at the county fairgrounds, health officials say they do between 1500 and 1800 tests a day. that number shot up to 3500. the county has 90,000 at home tests to give out with more on the way and working on adding additional appointment slots. >> this is what it looked like at one of san francisco's testing sites. you do need an appointment through this. you can schedule an appointment up to three days in advance. there is another city run site at the farmers market. we have a page on our website dedicated exclusively to updates on covid, including mandates and testing sites. frances:
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picking up moisture in the clouds. we have not had too much measurable rain. a few hundreds of an inch through the santa cruz mountains but rain and snow is on the way. temperatures dropping into the 30's. napa, american at 39. low to mid 40's around the bay. it will be a chilly start. cooler compared to yesterday. seven degrees cooler. that trend will continue over the next few mornings. here is a look at the forecast animation. 7:00, lots of cloud cover. mild to moderate rain in the north bay and some snow in mendocino county. by 4:00 this afternoon, we stao to see some of the shower spread south and it does not hit the rest of the bay area until the evening and showers continue
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scattered before it continues to clear out for thursday. a winter weather advisory with up to an additional two inches of snow. winter storm warning has been extended through the sierra to 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. it will be a tough drive to and from the tahoe area. they can get an additional eight to 20 inches of snow tomorrow. you may want to consider traveling around the winter travel warning. sue is contract of tahoe travel and the problems on the road. sue: we have problems in the bay area. let's look at the tahoe closures. you still cannot get up to tahoe. record amounts of snow for the month of december. i 80 is closed from colfax to the state line and the kirkwood area. they have opened 50 with chain controls in effect. i have been watching them plow
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80 it is not ready to be opened. closer to home, a fatal accident involving a motorcycle down in menlo park near willow. traffic is completely coming to a stop. you can get over to 280 at woodside road and avoid backups. no estimated time of opening. in the clearing phases of the accident. i see a closure with traffic in the southbound area. we will check back in a few minutes. >> a shooting spree in colorado ends with a suspect dead. the latest on the incident. >> what led up to this dispute that escalated quickly. >> new technology introduced at ces.
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>> news out of the denver area. a gunman is dead following a crosstown killing spree that took the lives of four people and injured multiple others, including a police officer. multiple crime scenes across denver. all of this ending in the suburb of lakewood. an officer confronted the suspect at a hotel. that suspect shot and injured the officer. other officers took the gunman down. >> we cannot lose sight of the victims in this, the people still fighting for their lives, including a liquid agent. >> at last check, the officer tf had been in surgery overnight. the condition is not known what police are working to find the motive. >> we are staying on top of developing news in san diego
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county, where authority say there are no survivors from a small plane crash slamming into our residential area. witnesses shot this image of the wreck site. investigators have not yet how many were on board when it went down around 7:00 p.m. no one else was hurt. this was a residential area. the plane is registered to an air ambulance company. the ntsb and the faa will be at the crash site later today to look at the cause. to the north bay, where authorities are searching for a suspect accused of stamina ride-share driver on christmas day. the sheriff said the driver took the passenger to the entrance of the shiloh ranch regional park with the driver was attacked. the victim drove himself to a hospital and is expected to be ok. investigators identify the suspect as a 19-year-old. you see his picture there. you are asked to call 911 if you
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see him. new details on a police shooting inside a clothing store in los angeles that killed a 14-year-old girl in a nearby dressing room. police released dramatic body camera images from the store last week. you can see the suspects between something. the person was then seen attacking several women inside the store pier 1 police catch up to him, one of them is seen bleeding on the floor. she is bleeding. >> that video stops before vido interaction with the suspect. moments later, officers opened fire killing the suspect. the girl was at the store with
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her mother trying on dresses for her birthday. the officer who opened fire has not been identified. lapd said he is on paid leave pending a review. julian: return to the holidays -- from the holidays. flight said or cancellations airlines say you should check. across the u.s., say staffing shortages are the main reason for the travel woes. kumasi: and woman on a plane started over masks. somebody got slapped.
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>> you are watching the moment when things quickly got out of control on a short delta flight from tampa to atlanta. authorities say a passenger is seen on video slapping an 80-year-old man, spitting on him and raising her fist. eventually they were yelling at each other about not wearing masks he can be heard saying he took us off while eating. hers was down as well. the two yelling and swearing at each other for several minutes. crew members forcing her to the back of the plane for the rest of the flight. after landing, she was detained by police and taken into fbi custody. the male passenger was not charged. members of the crew and several passengers say they were injured during the incident. there has been an unprecedented number of heated, often violent confrontations since the start of the year field by the pandemic. american airlines banning person for life after attending -- attacking flight crew and
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breaking her bones in her face. there were 5700 incidents of unruly passengers and 4100 involving masks. kumasi: she ishe ishe ishe is assault and faces up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. delta has placed her on the no-fly list. julian: if you tried your luck at the powerball jackpot, you still have to work this morning. no one won the $416 million drawing your tomorrow night's jackpot will be the third largest of the year, sitting at $441 million. here are the winning numbers for the last night's, 36, 38, and powerball number 19. if there is a winner tomorrow, that person could be eligible for $317 million lump sum. odds of winning are one and 292 million. good luck.
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it is a very cool technology making a debut at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. this is a concept from l it is a transparent television. the see-through led screens are targeted towards retailers. lg said these can be shown off in conference rooms, public transit and art studios. another concept would have two monitors stacked on each other, one for tv and one for moving art pieces. these transparent tv are only concepts at this point. it is still cool. julian: i am sure very expensive concepts. kumasi: and then the home version. frances: i will wait for that. we will start off with a live look from our roof camera. wind is light. you do not see much of a breeze. it is looking beautiful out there.
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enjoy the beautiful clear, crisp weather out there because more snow is on the way. cold showers throughout the day. the brunt of the storm moves into night through tomorrow. showers continuing throughout the day tomorrow. although we have dry days ahead, things are going to be really cold thursday, friday, and saturday morning. if you have new year's eve plans, bundle up. upper 30's to parts of the north bay, 37 in santa rosa. low 40's around the bay. 42 in a close -- in oakland. here is how the rain plays out. still dry at 7:00. by lunchtime, light to moderate rain with snow through parts of the north bay. in the evening, we start to get more moderate and heavy rainfall moving in through the peninsula and the south bay as the system wraps around.
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wraparound showers throughout the day tomorrow, tapering off giving us a dry thursday. the high will be on the chilly side, in the 40's and 30's for a few spots. 49 in san francisco. 49 in san jose. lowes tonight will be chilly as well, mid 30's in the north bay. low to mid 40's around the bay. it is going to get even cooler. average low is 37 for the north bay, dipping below freezing friday and into saturday. i will have your seven-day forecast coming up shortly. kumasi: coming up, the se com things to know. julian: the troubling tiktok trend leading some to believe they had a mental health disorder. kumasi: 2022 expected to
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. frances: live doppler 7, rain and snow on the way. very chilly morning temperatures heading our way. sue:
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remaining closed in menlo. a big backup. consider taking woodside road to 280. sue: some roads in the sierra starting to open after the intense snowstorm. highway 50 is open with chains required. i-80 is still closed from colfax to the state line. julian: covid infections surging across america because of the highly infectious omicron variant. we are at the point where average case counts are higher than the summer spike was held with the delta variant. sue: covid-19 case expected to soar. marin county has at a record amount of cases. doctors advising people to get vaccinated to reduce the risk of infection. julian: the cdc has updated the isolation guidelines for people who have tested positive for the virus but do not show any symptoms good it is down from 10 days to five days. sue: the ball in times square is
5:26 am
ready for the new year's eve celebration. watch the celebration on news the rocky eve -- new year's rocking eve. julian: rising trends on tiktok diagnosing themselves with a rare mental disease they likely don't have. >> experts warning about what they call a troubling trend on to back that could leave some teens believing they have a serious mental disorder. some videos listing possible signs to look out for and encouraging viewers to self evaluate. 18-year-old samantha said she was convinced she was suffering from one of those conditions. >> i remember seeing the videos about people saying like here are signs you may have this disorder. all of these different disorders i've never heard of before.
5:27 am
in my mind would be like, maybe i don't just have anxiety, maybe it is something else. >> we talked one expert who said the videos can pose an alarming risk. kumasi: if you are a fan of black panther, you are excited about this. the sequel expected to hit movie theaters later next year. as you might expect, fans are excited. fandango did a survey of film fanatics and black wauconda forever came in as the number one most anticipated blockbuster of 2022 and topped spider and avatar and the new batman movie. it will hit theaters next november. julian: i am excited excited e they progress the franchise. kumasi: we know a lot of people
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: as you wake up with us at 5:30, covid cases on the rise of the prediction from bay area health officials as the number of positive cases continues to go up. kumasi: the company behind a mobile service to give you results from your own home. julian: get ready for the toll increase. crossing most bay area bridges will cost more. kumasi: times square is ready to go for the new year's eve celebration. workers putting the finishing touches on the ball. julian: good morning.
5:31 am
thanks for joining us for abc 7 warnings, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to start with a check of the forecast. frances: starting with a live look toward san francisco. a bit of a clear start right now. we expect scattered showers throughout the day. on the storm impact scale, a level for a storm that moves into night through tomorrow morning. for today, cold and chilly. some in the 30's and a lot of us in the 40's. scattered showers throughout the late morning in the north bay and spreading throughout the rest of the bay area into the afternoon a get ready for chilly overnight temperatures. snow levels could drop down to 2500 feet, where we could see snow accumulations at the higher peaks. i will have the 70 forecast coming up shortly. julian: the hunt for covid tests after the christmas holiday and
5:32 am
headed new year's eve calibrations continues. testing in high demand. bay areas reporting record numbers of people testing positive in a single day as the omicron cases surge. amy hollyfield joins us live from a testing site with the latest. amy: test piper park in high demand. the county is trying to get to everyone. it rotates sites to different neighborhoods around the neighborhood. they are setting records with the results. on christmas day, marin county had the highest number of cases ever good the numbers for the holiday weekend have not been reported. in san francisco, numbers are high. the city will have the highest seven-day average of positive cases since the pandemic started with 794 cases in one day. that number is still being
5:33 am
validated by the department. >> 794 cases if that is what they finalize is hundreds of cases more in a single day then any other prior day since the start of the pandemic. i think there are reasons to be very concerned. amy: if your c if your seeing a surge, doctors expect that you will see it soon. officials say the hospitals are not being overwhelmed in the bay area and they point to the high vaccination rates as a possible explanation and also omicron does not seem to be causing severe illness like previous variants. dr. say wearing a good-quality mask and getting vaccinated will be the key. kumasi: the cdc now says people with covid and no symptoms could stop isolating and return to work after five days, which the
5:34 am
isolation time in half. labor groups oppose the move. we have a reaction to the change that supporters say it will help the economy but opponents claim will put us at greater risk. >> cdc announced monday that people test positive for covid and have no symptoms should isolate for five days, down for the previous recommendation of 10. agency said changes were motivated by science and research that the geordie transmission happens early. >> i think -- transmissions happen early. >> the governor align. a symptom at it should follow with five days of mask wearing around others. the move is meant to help people safely continue their daily lives and for many that means being able to get back to work. >> they don't have to worry about being gone for so long and
5:35 am
missing on so much pay. >> people he have families to feed. they have other bills and responsibilities to take care of. >> california did pay for time away from work, although the supplemental pay and sick leave will expire on september 30. >> i am worried people are going to get it and go to work anyway. it is nice to have some reasonable guidelines. >> there is hope the shortened isolation window will be the key to labor shortages. breakthrough cases have led to sick calls stretching several industries thin. the president of the nation's largest union of registered nurses is condemning the decision in a statement saying, weakening covid-19 guidance now and the face of what could be the most devastating covid-19 surge at will only result in further transmission, illness, and death. although covid has caused widespread destruction and canceled flights, the president
5:36 am
of the flight attendant union said we cannot allow pandemic fatigue to extend the life of the pandemic or put policies on the backs of workers. the lack of paid sick leave creates pressure on workers to come to work sick. health expects -- experts say the sign supports the moves. >> is important if you have symptoms to isolate and get tested. a lot of recommendations are for those who are a symptomatically. julian: konta county now recommending -- requiring boosters for workers. it covers law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel's and workers in homeless shelters. what if you can't find a rapid test and can't wait in long lines? there is a service who will bring testing and a service to
5:37 am
you. it provides covid-19 test results from the comfort of your own home within 15 minutes. all staff and nurses and trained -- are trained professionals. >> doing and at home antigen test come if you do it yourself you cannot submit that to an airline or immigration authorities there it does need to be supervised or professionally administered. julian: the company offers a variety of at-home lab work on blood draws, checks and more. it will cost you $99 and an extra $50 for additional tests. kumasi: the status of friday's new year's eve celebration in new york is ready to go. julian: workers installed the ball and it is 12 feet in diameter and made of 192 sparkling crystals. this year's theme is the gift of wisdom. >> the gift of wisdom has a
5:38 am
central wheel with knowledge going forward. it will join the gift of harmony and imagination. julian: because of the rising covid cases, just 15,000 people witnessed the event and person. all are vaccinated and will be required wear masks. the best way to botch festivities from times square -- to watch festivities from times square is to watch new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest. kumasi: offering extra rides to get people to and from home. some will be free. some will be free. therthertherthertherthertherther starting at 9:00 p.m. caltrans service -- caltrain service will have extra trains to get people home after fireworks.
5:39 am
bart is not offering free rides but will run trains after the fireworks to get people home after midnight. julian: taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza because the commute will get more expensive started this saturday. the bridge toll goes up to seven dollars, applied allstate owned bridges. -- applied to allstate owned bridges -- to all state bridges. kumasi: a food bank in need of food donations. officials say labor shortages, rising food prices and cost for transportation are hindering ability to provide families with food. need during the pandemic has doubled. it hopes to raise its annual budget by 60% to keep up with demand and asking for the community to give anything they can.
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happening today, historians will be opening a long-lost time capsule that has been hidden away under a statute of robert e. lee in virginia. julian: the time capsule was buried in 1887. with the statue removed, historians are eager to crack it open. it will happen this afternoon. they put the box under an x-ray machine to get a preview. the capsule is expected to contain 60 artifacts with a rare photo of president lincoln in his casket. workers found another time capsule but they think it was left there by people who constructed the pedestal. kumasi: snow in the sierra continuing to fall. others stranded trying to get home. julian: the challenge one company is launching to get you to enjoy time with your significant other. we check in with meteorologist frances dinglasan for your forecast. frances: live doppler 7 the last
5:41 am
few hours, another system heading our way. picking up moisture in the clouds but not too much is reaching the ground. the brunt of the rainfall will come tonight into tomorrow area we -- tomorrow. there is a winter weather advisory in mendocino. they could get up to another two inches of snow. be careful along 101 done to hofland. a winter storm warning has been extended through the sierra until 10:00 tomorrow morning -- 10:00. sue is keeping track of the freeways in the area. it will get an additional eight to 20 inches of snow tomorrow. temperatures are definitely on the chilly side, especially in the north bay. 39 in napa. low 40's around the bay area.
5:42 am
it is not going to warm up much today. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. highs in the mid to upper 40's to near 50 at the coast. rain and snow showers expected scattered throughout the day and increasing overnight into tomorrow morning. finally on thursday, we get a dry day but it will be very cold , even though we will have slightly warmer temperatures with highs during the day and very chilly mornings. sue: we are g are g are g and look at the travel advisories. a full closure on 80. i have been watching them plow but they are still closed to traffic all the way to the state line. 88 closed around kirkwood. they have reopened 50 with chain requirements in effect. this fatal accident closer to home may be starting to clear. this was southbound 101 near
5:43 am
willow road. they have a diversion in place. they had the three left lanes remaining closed. a couple of right lanes might be adding through with diversion off at willow in place for the next few minutes. we have sky seven on the way to take a look. avoid southbound 101 in the time being. you can see 84 andrink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california. kumasi: it has been coming down in the sierra. it has closed multiple highways. we have the latest on the conditions and when the roads could reopen. >> that is the back deck. >> i am going to walk up so thee
5:46 am
exposure will adjust so you can see. that is the snow up to the window. >> in outside of the home they are renting outside of self lake tahoe. >> i grow in driving in snow and i have never seen anything like this in my life. >> while the snow was scenic but the situation is flat-out dangerous. she is staying at this hotel with her family. they left reno and hit wide-ou by early afternoon leaving them stranded in south lake tahoe. >> it was horrible. the wind picked up and it was blowing snow. we are at the office trying to extend it for one more night. it is getting so bad. >> she says the hotel did not have room and some stayed in their cars in the parking lot,
5:47 am
something witnessed at gas stations all across the region. >> the young lady said it is people who cannot get out of tahoe and they are literally hanging out at the gas station. >> the snow they say is chest deep and ski operations closed due to safety concerns. >> we got 30 inches of snow and the last day in the mountains. we had an avalanche today. >> just getting food is a challenge per this is what the main drag looked mid day monday from harvey's lake tahoe. bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> with every highway closed, we are sitting and waiting to see what happens. >> caltrans said there is no timetable on when i-80 or highway 50 could open back up and those from chp say their officers are currently working 15 hour days to help out here. in some cases they are bringing
5:48 am
food and water to stranded motorists. julian: we want to show you what it looks like from caltrans cameras in the sierra. storms have broken a 51 year snowfall record. uc berkeley snow lab reports 193 inches reported this month. the previous record was back in 1970 with 179 inches. highway 50 has reopened. chains are required. interstate 80 remains closed from colfax to the nevada state line. heading to northstar, highwood 26 is open. chains are required. kumasi: we are days
5:49 am
laws are being extended. we doing that. we have a full list of new laws taking effect in the new year on our website. a new year means a new challenge. julian: kahlúa will be contest next month. the conferences to go 30 days without using the internet at night. they will reward g20 $5,000. the contest -- they will reward you $25,000. it says if they can get p can to enjoy each other's company by not being interrupted. how kahlúa verifies this nighttime diet, the company says they will conduct a lie detector test after the contest ends to
5:50 am
see if you are keeping it honest. kumasi: this is good. julian: i think the price is good $25,000. frances: it may cause couples to go apart. but who knows. julian: she is keeping it real. frances: we do know what will happen with the weather. we are seemingly cloudy conditions around the bay area. here is a live look from the roof camera. temperatures on the cool side. showers are on the way. the system will bring snow to some of our mountaintops. showers will continue through tomorrow and then get ready for very cold mornings. it is going to be really cold thursday, friday, saturday,
5:51 am
although it will finally be dry. we will start to see scattered showers through the north bay and snow through the north bay. by this evening, we will get light to moderate rain with scattered showers sweeping through the bay area as the system wraps around. we will see those showers tomorrow and clearing out by thursday. rainfall estimates not too much ear generally less than half an inch for most areas, closer than half an inch to san ramon. highs today on the cold with the cold air moving through. of 40's out there, even a few 30's. san francisco 49. san jose 49. tonight, the lows will be even colder. temperatures dropping into the 30's through the north bay. low 40's around the bay here at
5:52 am
42 in san jose and san francisco. -- around the bay. 42 in san jose and san francisco. friday, if you have plans to go out, you will want to bundle up. storm level 1 tonight through tomorrow and finally some dry days ahead with slight warming but very cold mornings. julian: coming up, get ready too party. the a list celebrity helping to ring in the new year from new orleans is talking about the surprises in store. kumasi: wrapping up 2021. google announcing the top trends of the year. julian: doordash requiring nondelivery employees to drop off
5:53 am
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julian: the next time you place an order with doordash, there is a possibility you may be getting one with a ceo. it is mandating that they all most do at least once a month. an anonymous employee posted blind saying this is not exactly what they signed up for. kumasi: top searches searc in 2021. the most popular google search in the u.s. was the nba. also gabby petito and brian lau ndrie. how to be eligible for a stimulus check, how to be more attractive, how to be happy alone, and how to be a good boyfriend. all good searches. julian: what?
5:56 am
if you are putting how to be a good boyfriend in google, it might be time to hang it up. kumasi: we all have blind spots. it is awareness. frances: here is a look at live doppler 7 over the last few hours. another system on the way. we are getting trace amounts in santa rosa. also some possible light snow falling because the system is so cold. there is sierra that has been extended through tomorrow night. there is a little bit of a break but they will get an additional three inches of snow today and an additional eight to 20 inches tomorrow. it will be tough travel through the area. kumasi: s s real-life agreement between two women -- swapping homes abroad a the real-life agreement between two women. julian: cdc is changing
5:57 am
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announcer: this is abc 7 news. >> the wave of omicron is here. tapping case records as
6:00 am
health officials say the bay area is in a better spot then many. >> studied to wave goodbye. if you are done with the rain, get ready for the cold. temperatures could be the lowest they have been all year in some spots. >> the cold, winter weather is giving us scenes like this. we are still tracking main fear day ahead. that was gorgeous. good morning, everyone. you are watching abc seven. we want to start with francis to see what the day has in store. francis: we have some cold temperatures near san francisco.
6:01 am
wayne is on the way. storm


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