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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 30, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good morning. you are watching abc seven mornings live. >> we will start with a look at our forecast with lisa. good morning. >> we are cold, but the with us and should be clearing to bring sunshine today. yesterday, the rain did not want to leave. it lingered. now way into southern
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california. visibility is good here. temperatures in the 40's. 45 san francisco, 42 oakland mid 40's mountain view, san jose, 43 morgantown. a good vantage point. visibility good with upper 30's, 40's napa and nevada with temperatures coming up. we will see skies brightening for clear conditions and upper 40's to near 50 by noon. 50's around the bay today with sun. setting the stage for cold and clear nights. we talk about how cold and when rain chances return coming up. >> the days of going mask lists in gymnasiums and offices are over now. in alameda county and other counties.
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this means you will have to wear your mask in all bay area counties in public spaces. experts say the omicron variant is to blame. amy hollyfield joining us with more. >> good morning. -- hoping for a boost from everyone who makes those new year's resolutions to get that. today, you will have to wear everywhere indoors, including in gym. some counties have relaxed the requirement, but it is now back with verizon cases -- with the rise in cases. some gymnasium owners say they expect to miss at -- miss up to a quarter of their members. they are doing this to try to flatten the curve. >> our hope is that
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down, at which point we would be equally responsive in terms of removing barriers and restrictive policies. >> offices and places of worship were also places counties had allowed to go mask free. they will not have to put masks back on in those locations. health officials say masks are a critical layer of protection as we weather ski this winter surge. this applies to everyone, even the vaccinated. live, amy hollyfield. >> while omicron is spreading fast in the bay area, there are reasons to remain hopeful. this series of upbeat tweets from dr. loft or says there are positive trends peeking out from behind the gloom. he says we could be in good, maybe great shape, in six or eight weeks.
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by early february, lofter s covid could be more like the flu with the majority of the u.s. protected by vaccines or antibodies. he says vaccines are preventing hospitalizations and key treatments, like new antiviral pills, could be helpful. >> many of us will have to embrace a new way of ringing in a new year in the midst of this. our reporter went for ways to celebrate safely. >> it is not a risk i feel i can take and i am bummed about it. >> those are briand a curtis pascoe thoughts on this year bosco new year's eve, will not be joining friends at a large party in napa due to covid concerns. >> i cannot afford to be down. i don't have time to stay home.
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>> officials are hoping others use caution 2 and have issued indoor recommendations for new year's eve. they recommend keeping gatherings small and short, wearing surgical masks, ventilating the location and testing before gathering. >> we have seen case rates spike after every holiday the past two years. this variant, we have not seen this type of transmission. >> many we spoke with online say they are heeding the warnings. >> i have too many friends calling me, saying my husband has covid or kid has covid. i am staying home. >> while counties require indoor masking, not everyone is confident that will happen at new year's 30's parties -- new year's parties. >> we all have the right intention but then there is food. you cannot eat. >> i was looking forward to
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this. i was looking forward to being out, getting dressed, not doing another new year's at home, but it does not feel responsible, so i am sad. >> officials say holiday gatherings now account for 40% of new covid cases with a known source of infection and urge people to stay home if they are sick. as asked for testing before gatherings, that can be challenging. some say that tests can be hard to come by in their neighborhood. >> food gazi has canceled his new year's eve performance through the end of the year. the club says a breakthrough covid case was detected among the theater group. tuesday, san francisco canceled its new year's fireworks show because of the surge. >> february 1, san francisco
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will require people to show proof of boosters to intend indoor mega-events of 1000 or more. restaurants some of the first already to require that on their own. zuni café started that mandate yesterday. it only applies to people who are eligible for a booster. the owner says he is not worried about losing business. >> covid will take business away from us. this is what our customers expect. that is why we are doing it. >> it seems like a good idea, like a way to keep people safe. i'm glad i got my booster because i can eat here. >> guests can still eat outdoors regardless of vaccination status. >> the u.s. reached a new record for average daily covid cases, topping 200 77,000 new infections daily, higher than at any other point during the pandemic. in the last week alone, the u.s. saw nearly 2 million cases,
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meaning three people tested positive every second. more than 84,000 americans are in the hospital with covid. although hospitalizations remain lower than during previous searches, the rate of admission for children has risen due to kids not being vaccinated, mostly. >> with the sheer number of infections we are going to see pressure on the hospital systems. >> right now the white house is preparing at-home tests for any american who wants one. it will likely become available next month. >> this morning, a brand-new study from johnson & johnson on the effectiveness of its vaccine against omicron. the result out of south africa, where the variant was first discovered. the study found a two shot vaccine was 85 percent effective against hospitalization from omicron. a separate study found the vaccine worked well as a booster for those with.
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-- with a pfizer vaccine. a study stresses the importance of a booster. research from israel bosco ministry of health compares the blood of people who got new does vaccine -- compared to those with just two doses, they lost protection, but those who got it had significant. people were shown to be protected. if you have any questions about covid vaccines, ask our team. click on the box. >> our storm watch coverage and that record breaking snowmaking for problems in the sierra. while the highways have reopened, still a treacherous journey back. if you don't have traction control, you will not get far in pollock pines. these visitors parked near a gas station and have been hanging out for three days. >> we got buried. it was a big winter storm.
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we did not expect it. >> local officials are urging everyone to stay away from the sierra unless it is for essential travel. road crews and emergency responders have been working around the clock to clear the roads and restore power. locals are finding it hard to get gas to fuel their generators. >> we are out of gas, so we've been looking for -- we drove three miles out yesterday, to the other gas station, and they were shut down. >> tens of thousands of people are also still about to heat -- and are unable to cook in several counties. the biggest challenge for utility crews is getting road access. >> it is a chicken and egg situation. there is the tree across the road but there is the snow and you have to plow. >> it keeps coming because, for many in colfax, power has been out since sunday. the best estimate from pg&e for restoring power in the upper
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sierra is january 2. >> the department of water resources will today conduct its first snow survey of the season. staff members will be in phillips, just south of lake tahoe, this morning, measuring water content to determine the amount of snowpack compared to where it should be this time of year. it is a key indicator for our water supply, especially during our ongoing drought. i know lisa has been tracking that. >> yeah. always an exciting time because we are well above average and if you have seen some of those pictures, it looks like tunnels trying to get down the street. they have so much work to do. we are still forecasting more snow, although we have a break between now and the weekend. there's plenty of cloud cover around. the vantage point shows visibility is good here in san francisco. we will get into some sunshine today. now, cool, 43 in san francisco and morgan hill.
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42 oakland, 44 mountain view, san jose. toward our tower camera, you can see the sparkling city. definitely warmer than yesterday but looking at upper 30's right now. pretty cold with 43 in fairfield and 43 in concord. overall, fuller. -- overall, colder. sunshine this afternoon with this friday, saturday and portions of sunday and this will set up a dry new year's eve but it will be cold. wet weather returning next week. the model forecasts are not agreeing at this point as to how much rain. we will have to check back. it is bringing in mountain snow. the rest of the day today, notice we have high clouds, but overall, plenty of sun. it should be nice to get out and enjoy vitamin d. looking at the south bay. upper 50's to low 50's.
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as we go around the bay, from the peninsula, upper 40's to near 50 today, partly cloudy. the north bay, cooler, 40's to low 50's. we will talk about how much colder we will get as we get into the holiday weekend. some subfreezing temperatures. >> good morning. we have lighter roads, traffic flow, because there's no rain. that is good. we have one problem that we will get to. i want to show you a shot of the golden gate bridge coming across into san francisco. light traffic. no fog over the waldo and golden gate. if you are planning as we just showed you to go up to tahoe, only essential travel please. 80, 88 and 50 all open with chain requirements at this hour. those are always changing so make sure to look ahead before you go. look at the green. that is what we like. one problem involves an alert
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and a patrol car blocking the right lanes near richmond. the left lanes are getting by but you can see traffic stacked up to just about san pablo dam road, so give yourself extra time. we will check back. >> a florida zoo announced it has closed after a tiger attack. deputies open fire after a man climbed defense. >> airport improvements. bay area facility getting upgrades. >> a driver detonates his tesla. we just saw it. why he blew it right now at kohl's... it's time to ring in the savings... and spend your kohl's cash! get up to 60% off holiday decor... fleece for $19.99 and under... 40-60% off bedding... and find so many deals you just can't pass them up! kohl's. chase first banking. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits.
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>> developing news out of naples, florida, where a zoo is closed after an animal was shot and killed after a maintenance worker went into an unauthorized area. enter denver has the details. >> an investigation underway in southwest florida. >> the tiger is still inside the
5:17 am
cage. >> officers responding to the zoo and a pulse -- zoo in naples. authorities say the worker who put his arm into the enclosure to pet or feed the animal. the man still had his arm in the tiger's mouth when the deputy arrived, forcing the deputy to shoot the animal. the tiger, named echo, is dead. the tiger was an attraction at the zoo. less than 200 members of his species left in the wild. the zoo posting this video last year. >> they are critically endangered and we want to make sure that people learn about these animals because we want to protect them. >> the incident is drawing comparison to the 2016 incident when a gorilla named harambe was shot after he dragged and grabbed a three-year-old who fell into his enclosure.
5:18 am
someone writing, one would have thought we have learned. now he is joined by echo because another human decided stupid -- decided to do something stupid. the worker was authorized to clean restrooms and the gift shop but not the enclosures. he was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries. abc news, new york. >> the body of archbishop desmond tutu will now lie in state today and tomorrow before his funeral new year's day. the lying in state was initially scheduled to last one day but has been extended to accommodate mourners. this morning, a coughing carrying the anti-apartheid icon arrived in his home parish in cape town, south africa. attendance of his funeral has been capped due to covid restrictions. >> president biden and russian president vladimir putin will hold a second call this
5:19 am
afternoon, the second this month amid heightened concerns that russia is planning an invasion of ukraine. according to officials, it was putin who requested the call. president biden is expected to preview upcoming bilateral talks january 10 between the u.s. and russia. a white house official says the u.s. and its allies have been preparing hearse -- harsh sanctions against russia if it invades ukraine. >> the oakland airport will put $15 million in federal money towards improvement projects. the airport is getting money from president biden's recently passed infrastructure law. projects include lighting and paving on the airfield, upgraded bathrooms that will account for gender inclusiveness, upgraded heating and air conditioning, and other security improvements. >> an outraged tesla owner got rid of his used vehicle. >> after he got an estimate to replace the battery, more than $22,000. i feel that.
5:20 am
instead of selling it work calling a truck -- it or calling a truck, he called some people who make videos of blowing things up on camera. you know. the driver let them rigged the car with 66 pounds of dynamite. he even got to push the button. there it goes. the video has 5 million views. tesla has not commented. >> $22,000 for the battered? -- for the battery? i guess that is the key part of the car. >> yeah, but -- i should have looked up exactly how much a model -- what is it? >> model s. >> how much it costs. >> sue says around $50,000. >> higher than that. it says it starts at $94,000. >> oh. ok. he could have recycled the parts. i don't know.
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the environment. >> if they are not all covered in toxic things. >> yeah. mm. >> people like to blow stuff up. good morning. a look at live doppler seven. yesterday, we had rain. it lingered. it was cold, raw. tomorrow, chillier. today, an about-face. visibility, clear. temperatures, cold. low 40's. 44 san jose, 43 morgan hill. another vantage shows sparkling city. we will get sunshine. warming a little. 38 this morning in santa rosa. through the next few days, many of these numbers will drop into the 30's. some of the coldest nights we've had in a while p this will take
5:22 am
us through new year's eve and new year's day. on the backside, it will be brighter. we will have a break from the weather. two to five degrees cooler this morning across san francisco and oakland. up to seven degrees cooler from hayward to fremont. as we look at the snowpack, while we have the break in the mountains, look at this. 100 58% of average with 145% in the northern sierra. southern sierra, 162%. we will add more snow as we get into the next week. the forecast model is coming into play for some more active weather. not sure as to how much active weather we will see. chilly in the morning with frost friday into saturday. dry new year's eve and day. then we will be looking at pretty extreme percentages of normal. we will add to them. doing good now but it will give us a couple breaks. and as we enjoy the sun, temperatures will climb back
5:23 am
into the 50's today. that should feel good from where we were yesterday with those 40's. we will check in on what we can expect for the extended outlook and try to find tune when the rain returns -- to find tune when the rain returns. >> thank you. coming up seven things to know. >> starting the new year is a millionaire. -- as a millionaire. the jackpot continues to grow. the amount of money that could be claimed. >> ww's all-new personalpoints program is made just for you. you take an assessment, enter your goals, the foods you love and ww builds a plan just for you.
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>> here is seven things to know. >> all area to wear a mask indoors starting today. >> starting february 1, san francisco will require proof of a booster to intend -- to attend indoor mega-events. it applies to anyone eligible for the third shot. >> j j maxwell on five of six federal charges of sex trafficking.
5:26 am
her defense has filed two appealed the conviction. >> in the fraud trial -- the verdict in the fraud trial of theranos's ceo holmes will not come down until next year. >> it is a clear but chilly start. >> it is clear. except for a m backup westbound. we had an accident that has been cleared richmond. traffic is recovering. >> barth says it will be at the ready to get you to and from any celebrations. the last train from san francisco leaves the east bay around 1:30 in the morning. you have a shot at some life-changing money. nobody won the powerball jackpot last night. the last drawing of the year.
5:27 am
the winning numbers are 2 ,6,9,33,39, and the powerball is 11. this was the 37th consecutive drawing without a winner. >> wow. san francisco eve celebration is canceled but the ball drop is on. organizers are making their everything goes down without a hitch. >> happy new year. >> woo. we will get into the spirit. this newscast has been down. they did a test run with all the confetti yesterday. on new year's eve, they will release 1.5 tons of confetti. earlier this week, workers installed the crystal ball, weighing 12,000 pounds -- nearly. the times square celebration will be limited to 15,000 vaccinated persons, required to
5:28 am
wear masks. ll cool j has pulled out after testing positive for covid. and singer chloe is also canceling. it is unclear why. >> dick clark's new year's rocking eve is on at 8:00 tomorrow night. a short break for news at 11:00. dozens within the fire department are down with covid. how members are covering. >> snow emergen vacation. a stone performed. >> the new year means new laws. the state law o people with moderate to severe psoriasis,
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>> two shots now not enough to go into a big event in san
5:31 am
francisco. the deadline for when you will need a booster for indoor events. >> new rapid at-home tests may be on shelves soon. the fda approving more grants. what doctors say about the reliability of antigen test's. >> snow. the reminder of the dangers of skiers skiing in the deep snow. >> good morning. abc seven liv liv >> we start with your forecast. >> it was cold for day and that rainfall over performed and that is a good thing because we like to see that even though a break would be nice. 42 oakland.
5:32 am
38 santa rosa. 40's we will see 30's and 20's closer to the weekend we are already up to six or seven degrees colder in palo alto. . 9:00, 40 be. >> say it feels we are saying hello again to 2020. a déjà vu moment people are going through, indoor mask mandates are back, another sign of how powerful the omicron variant has been. amy holling field --
5:33 am
live with the details. >> good morning. i have been looking at comments online this morning, strong both for and against this mandate, with some saying they understand, many saying they are frustrated we are here again, questions about is this necessary? how effective are these masks? frustration coming from gymnasium owners. some predict this will cost them a quarter of their members. those who don't want to work out. the most important time of year, new year's revolution -- resolutions to get fit, people make the mango. >> masks lower the risk. what lowers the risk is maintaining good health also. >> county medical officials say they understand the frustration but they say masks are say
5:34 am
layer of protection and we need to put them on during this winter surge. they say they do hope this will not last long and we can loosen these restrictions again when cases go down here this applies to all indoor places, offices, businesses, places of worship too. applying even to the fully vaccinated. reporting live -- >> new guidance from san francisco will soon require boosters for health-care workers and anyone who attends a big event. these take effect february 1 and include people who work in health care and other high-risk settings. it is similar to rules in contra costa, santa clara and other counties. a booster shot will be required for any indoor mega-event with more than 1000 people. shortly after that announcement, it was tweeted that full vaccination will be required for entry into chaste center, including a booster for people who are eligible. -- into chase center, including
5:35 am
a booster for people who are eligible. >> soaring covid case rates will not be keeping kids out of public schools in the city of san francisco, the health department reaffirming support for in person learning despite the highly contagious variant. multiple players of health and safety protocols, officials say, have helped keep schools open and they are urging everyone to follow recommendations. >> the variant is stressing staffing levels at the fire department. the chronicle reports as many as 60 cases were reported this month, including 40 active. operations have not been affected. 98% of the department's vaccinated and personnel are being asked to be boosted if eligible. firefighters have had to cover shifts for sick colleagues. the union tells the chronicle that has been tough on them because they have been away from their families for the holidays. >> new rapid at-home tests could be sued in stores after the fda approved two additional brands
5:36 am
-- could be in stores soon after the fda approved two additional brands but questions remain about how effective they are at detecting omicron. they detected them, but with less sensitivity, meaning these tests could miss an infection. dr. anthony fauci tells abc that although sensitivity is diminished with antigen tests, they are a useful tool for surveillance. epidemiologist rutherford says they are reliable with no variant to variant. ability. >> the trickiest part is timing. omicron may have a shorter incubation period than prior variants and that is a reason the isolation period has shrunk. >> the fda says studies are underway to understand why the omicron variant might impact rapid test. if you have questions about how to find a testing site near you, we have a full list on our
5:37 am
website, abc seven >> ghislaine maxwell is in jail, waiting on what could be a decades long sentence. a jury convicted her on sex trafficking charges. her defense valves to appeal. >> this morning, prosecutors calling it a good day for justice after a jury found elaine maxwell -- found ghislaine maxwell guilty of charges of sex trafficking, showing a reaction while the verdict was read while two u.s. marshals walked her out. she faces up to 65 years behind bars. >> the jury has find maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable, facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children, crimes that she committed with her longtime partner and co-conspirator, jeffrey epstein. >> it is a stunning fall from grace for the british socialite
5:38 am
who once rubbed elbows with world leaders and royalty. the longtime companion of disgraced financier and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein was described by prosecutors as his partner in crime. the government accusing her of being a serial predator who helped epstein abuse underage girls, arguing she helped lu re young girls to epstein's home, inviting them to give massages, managing the details right down to the lotion and oils. at the heart of the case, four accusers who say they were recruited and groomed by maxwell when they were teenagers, one saying, satisfaction with maxwell's conviction is tempered by the knowledge that oer co-conspirators have yet to be held responsible for their involvement in epstein's extraordinary criminal enterprise. maxwell claiming she was used as a scapegoat for epstein, attempting to discredit her accusers, questioning their memories and claiming they were motivated by money.
5:39 am
maxwell's family, in the courtroom when the verdict was read, releasing a statement saying we believe firmly in our sister's innocence. >> two skiers came to the rescue when their friend got buried in the snow in the sierra. the whole thing was caught on their cameras. they were performing tricks tuesday when jeremy did a flip. and landed deep in the snow you see it. -- in the snow. you see it. this is the perspective from jeremy's point of view. >> my head. so i started to blow a hole so i could breathe. that did not work either so i thought after, like, 20 seconds, don't use energy. >> wow. it took two men to dig him out. they say it serves as a reminder of possible snow suffocation.
5:40 am
glad that he is all right. you might be seeing fewer pop-up ads on the internet. the privacy concerns prompting changes to help companies see your online behavior. >> helping businesses and restaurants. the east bay city launching a new program to support retailers struggling during this pandemic. first, check on the weather with lisa. >> some better news. although we need the rain, it was so cold out yesterday and kind of unlike what we have been used to, so it we should do -- so we should take a break and do cleaning up before we get back into another wet weather regime next week. a live look outside, where it is dry. there is fog. temperatures in the 40's. low 40's oakland, mountain view, 43 morgan hill, san francisco as well. a look at the city here. we are getting to systems -- to some sunshine. 40's in napa and livermore. 24 hour temperature change, with
5:41 am
the lack of cloud cover, much cooler out here, six to seven degrees cooler from hayward to palo alto, so as we head out this morning, grabbed a jacket. it is chilly and it will be that way on into friday, saturday and sunday. we will be dry for new year's eve and the holiday weekend. looking at wet weather returning it looks like monday. so as we look at the percentages of normal, they are doing well with over 200% for san francisco, oakland and san francisco. we will act to these totals it looks like into about monday, so notice the few high clouds around. we will get into more sun and that will allow for temperatures to go into the 50's. 53 today in oakland. your new year's eve forecast calls for sunny skies to start today. dropping off into the 30's. by midnight, chilly out. >> good morning. a couple of problems now that we are going to face on this pretty light traffic volume thursday
5:42 am
morning. a clear nice shot of the san mateo bridge, moving nicely from 880 to 101. drive time of 17 minutes across the causeway, the high-rise and over toward foster city and san mateo. that is there. let's take a look at some of the other problems. an earlier accident westbound 80 near kenning kenning kenning car. we have an accident on west when he for saint stephen's where the car rolled over. -- on west 24 near saint stephen's where a car rolled over. not too many people viewing that. just reported, northbound 880 in oakland near 980, slow approaching an accident in the left lane. they are on their way to the scene at hopefully these will be cleared when we return
5:43 am
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>> >> a verdict in criminal fraud trial against former theranos's ceo -- theranos ceo elizabeth holmes will not come down until next year. experts say silence in thecourts moving toward a verdict. while omicron is surging, each day that goes by could present a risk for setbacks. >> something happened to one of the jurors, if that happened, a court cannot pull i an alternate juror. -- pull in an alternate juror. he has to tell the jury to restart deliberations. >> holmes i i i i counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. if convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison on each count. >> the changes in internet advertising. we have experience looking at a
5:46 am
product and going to another website and seeing ads for the same product. this is called retargeting in the industry. we might start to see less. elizabeth scholeulze with more. >> many are familiar with pop-up notices, asking us to accept cookies. >> a cookie is a file that websites put in your browser and it can tell everything you've done. >> cookies can be a good thing, like when they save your password or keep track of your virtual shopping cart. these are first party cookies. there are major privacy concerns with what are called third-party cookies. >> is what allows companies to monetize their websites by showing targeted ads or selling information about you, and it helps pay for the content we like, but it also ends up spreading your information all over the internet to places you have no idea where.
5:47 am
>> consumers and regulators getting more concerned about privacy, companies are starting to eliminate their use of third-party cookies, which means fewer instances of your online behavior being tracked and shared across multiple sites, but to make up for the losses in added income, some companies -- in advertising income, some companies may begin requiring payment to use their website. >> whether that is worth the privacy, as a trade-off, is a personal question, but this is something that could happen. >> it means your data passes through fewer hands, but important to note that companies will still collect your data. if you want to better protect your privacy now -- >> you can switch to a browser like firefox or one called brave or even safari because those ou can subscribe to a vpnectyou. service or download and add block browser extension --
5:48 am
download an ad block browser extension. >> many people have been composting for years. starting saturday, everyone in california must separate food scraps from waste going to landfills. sunnyvale has taken is further, turning scraps into products. 900 tons of waste comes into sunnyvale's recycling center daily. 18% is diverted from a landfill because of a food scraps program started in 2015. thanks to residents placing leftovers, trimmings and fruit and vegetables and other food waste into separate containers, all of it will be transformed into eco-friendly products. >> they pick up the masks from the smart station and at their facility they dehydrate it, pasteurize it and are able to make it into usda approved animal feed and fertilizer. they are also able to make fats into biofuel. >> not only is this good for the
5:49 am
environment but saves on garbage bills. >> in the east, one city is hoping to give a boost to businesses, restaurants hit hard by the pandemic. they are offering a digital gift card to support local retailers in hayward during california restaurant month, january. starting saturday and while supplies last, anyone who spends $20 or more for a gift card will get a bonus one to use. those have to be used in the next three months. you can find all the information on the city of hayward's website. >> did i hear you say california restaurant month? >> month. who knew? let's start planning. >> yes. we have places to be. >> i know. >> are you coming, lisa? >> i am coming. >> yes. >> just checking the vibe, making sure, yeah. we've had a lot of rain.
5:50 am
we need to get some vitamin d and take a break, maybe shed layers. it has been an awesome time in terms of getting what we need, but a break would not be bad as we look at live doppler seven. noah green. -- no green on the screen. as we look outside, you can see our roof camera, where conditions look nice. 43 san francisco, 42 oakland, mountain view, mid 40's san jose. cold, 45 at half-moon bay. another view here, where numbers are in the 30's also to low 40's. 43 fairfield. as we look at our temperature change with the skies clearing, two to about seven degrees colder. heading out today, grab jacket. it will get colder friday-sunday morning.
5:51 am
new year's day and eve, dry. by next week, monday, wet weather returnss. enjoy sun. the overnight lows. paying a price. temperatures in the 20's in the valleys. 50's today for some. should feel good. we will keep it that way until next week. then rain. >> thank you. new year, new you. one small adjustment that shown -- that's shown to improve your skills. >> illegally downloading tv shows. the list of the most pirated shows of 2021. >> possibilities are not endless. why olive garden appears to be
5:52 am
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>> the santa clara vta took a step toward easing the bus driver shortage. some drivers graduated from the training program. the agency says the drivers will help with a critical shortage and bolster frequency of service. >> after putting in two months of hard work, sacrifice, today is a good day. i am graduating and i am super happy. >> driver shortages have plagued transit agencies around the bay area and nationwide. >> despite people worrying about the future of the marvel universe, the franchise is still strong, dominating this year's list of most pirated shows. number one is wanda vision. it is the most illegally downloaded tv show of this year.
5:55 am
other disney plus favorites included loki and falcon and the winter soldier and hawkeye. disney is a parent company of marvel and abc7. >> it appears there is an end to all's never-ending pasta bowl. -- to olive garden's never-ending pasta bowl. the ceo that business was good but the promotion is no longer needed to draw customers. so olive garden stopped offering the never-ending pasta bowl last year because of the pandemic. the deal gave customers the chance to eat unlimited servings of pasta for under $11. that cannot be beat. so there are nearly 900 olive gardens nationwide. >> you can't go anywhere to get anything for $11. half a drink. >> may be a coffee with nothing else and it. >> don't ask for oat milk.
5:56 am
>> definitely not. >> turning lemons into lemonade. the clever way one man took advantage of all the west coast snow. >> the new study showing how two doses of johnson & johnson's vaccine fares. >> the future of this surge, charting it out. can we come out of it soon? one doctor says yes. his reasons behind it.
5:57 am
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you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. kumasi: during -- new year's eve, but scaling back with the omicron variant. has some in the bay area are handling the big night. jobina: booster shot buildup. a major new mandate and a new study out of south africa this
6:00 am
morning on how the j&j vaccine performs against omicron. >> it's getting ugly. all the lines are down. there's gaps in all the neighborhoods. kumasi: a snow emergency in the sierra. record snowfall. thousands of people are without power or gas in the coming days. a travel warning this morning. jobina: good morning, everybody. it is thursday, december 30. we were watching abc seven mornings live. we are going to start with a look at forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: i don't know about all of you, but that reminds me of the blizzard of 1977, from the midwest of the northeast. it was something. we could not get doug out for week -- bug ou -- get dug for weeks. traveling there is not going to


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