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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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seniors brazily attacked in broad daylight and robbed in o's cnafor moreafety measures. moreafety measures. abc 7 news at 11:00 ♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. ♪
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♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. results with different tests. why doctors say it's happening and the new challenges out there to get any sort of covid test. airlines are still canceling hundreds of flights a day in experts say it's likely to last for weeks. get ready for a week's worth of wet weather. i'll have the rainy forecast abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. news good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream right away lots to cover tonight with the pandemic now touching just about every aspect of life right now covid is disrupting holiday travel and
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now with bad weather thousands of flights are being canceled. there is a mad rush in the bay area as parents race to get their kids. before classes resume then comes the testing process rapid results from at-home kits have generated some confusion over their accuracy, especially with omicron. we are also hearing of seven hour waits tonight in the east bay as people try to get a covid test. this says homekits have become next to impossible to find at stores then comes testing itself and experts say timing is everything and can have a significant impact on the result. we began in our team coverage tonight with abc news reporter jr. stone. massive lines outside the new park mall in newark sunday night with hundreds trying to get covid tests as the holidays come to a close my daughter and i been in line at a new park mall trying to get a pcr test since 2:30 this afternoon. we're still in line seven hours
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later and lili bosma and her daughter finally made it to the front of the line while many of opted for rapid covid tests to avoid this even that has created challenges didn't even get to a rapid test. they were all sold out. then there's the concern over the accuracy of the rapid test something voiced by dozens of viewers on my facebook page nat. allen wrote my husband tested negative from a home test same day tested positive from hospital test ucss dr. peter chin hong says that's because rapid tests produced the best results when virus levels in the body are highest. early in the disease the pcr tests, of course going to be more sensitive. that's why you should wait at least three days after the exposure to do the rapid tests as to getting an appointment for a pcr test. lines are proof that that is no easy task right now almost an hour and a half to get through the line at kaiser and getting
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an appointment at kaiser was this murder 10 year old arlo and his grandma of santa rosa tried to get a test at four different locations sunday and failed their website had crash so i couldn't go to that one next one. it ended up being closed the nurse couldn't you went to a fourth one. they didn't have any point in the scheduled so meeting it's back to searching for any type of covid test come monday jr. 7 news. now turnaround time for tests is struggling to keep up with demand as well quest diagnostics one of the largest testing companies in the country says it's average time for results is now up to two to even three days. well some of the bigger school r remotely because of covid surges but that is not the case here in the bay area. in-person learning is still on and many districts are requiring students to get tested before returning returning to the
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classroom tomorrow. 7 news reporter cornell barnard with a look at the last minute rush. the break was really fun, but now i can see my friends again miles halbert is ready to go back to school in san francisco, but not until he gets a covid test his mom samantha knows. it's got to be done necessarily happy about it, but it's a part of what we have to do. it's our new normal san francisco unified is bracing for a potential surge in covid cases. it's recommending all students and staff get tested before returning to class free rapid. testing is available here at district headquarters and other sites for the next week. we're really proud of this community has really stepped forward to do what's necessary in regards to getting tested and we're really proud of the way that this community has stepped forward to take care of each other. the line was long for testing home test kits were also available to families. well, i'm gonna feel safer because i know that i don't have the virus. it's definitely been, you know an increase in people testing
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san jose unified offered free testing sunday at its operations warehouse today, we're doing about 800 tests just at this location in anticipation of school starting on tuesday and in marin county 47,000 students and staff will test at home before school starts with test kits provided before the holidays. so it postpone the start of school and pivot to remote learning for several weeks to allow for the surge. doctor will look patel believes that option can be avoided with safeguards and testing. i respect the fact that different school districts around the country are doing what they can because we know that in-person learning is the best place for students not only academically but for their mental health or social development and in some cases their safety nutrition. yes, san francisco unified and other districts say if a student or staff member tests positive they can return to school after five days of isolation if they
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no longer show symptoms and can provide a negative covid test. i'm cornell bernard abc 7 news do the east bay where concerned parents lined up for hundreds for the hundreds of them lined up for hours today to pick up free at home covid tests for their kids take a look at this line in front of pinole valley high school students return to west contra costa unified schools tomorrow district today distributed 30,000 at-home rapid tests for use. for the return to the classroom covid cases in the community are spiking and the district wants anyone who tests positive today to delay their return and notify their schools. there is certainly a says there's an uptake. in cases, which is why we wanted to make sure we took these extra safety measures. now if case counts worsen could there be a return to remote learning dr. hurst says nothing has been ruled out and that it could indeed be a possibility. meantime the oakland unified school district was also doing
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covid testing as classes resume monday. this one happened at fremont high school in oakland. you can see there are kids and their parents standing in a long line outside the school waiting while other parents held a virtual protest to stop in-person instruction as cases surge in our children. and a situation like that. it's it's taking a chance with their lives, you know, and why would you do that? some parents are hoping the school board will step in and switch to distance learning to start off the school year. in san jose the children discovery museum hosted a vaccine clinic making it easier for kids and families to get vaccinated children ages five and up received a fiser or moderna vaccine at the clinic booster shots were also made available to those who qualify and it's not easy for kids to get the courage to go and get a shot. so we thought well we could make it a little easier.
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it's a nice incentive those who received a shot got a free pass to the museum for up to eight people today was the first vaccination clinic held at the museum. another one is scheduled for january 23rd. thousands of flights have been canceled over the holidays due to the omicron variant. church and winter storms abc 7 news reporter tim. johns has been following this story all night long and joins us live from san francisco international airport, tim. you actually got some expert insight into these cancellations. yeah, dion, you know thousands of people have been impacted by these canceled flights all across the country including folks right here at sfo an analysts. tell us it could be some time before it gets better. travel anywhere around the country these days and there's a good chance your flight might be canceled another couple thousand cancellations hundreds of delays again today, and it's just been pretty much continuous pretty nearly two weeks. the airline industry has been
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going into meltdown resulting in thousands of flight cancellations and delays. they have not seen anything like this before where it's just continuous and it's it's across the board every airline and osa the cause of the problem is twofold with the first in severe winter weather and various parts of the country and the other being the rapid spread of the omicron variant, which has led to hundreds of daily sick calls from everyone from flight crews to air traffic controllers, but they're trying to do is cancel the flights that have either the fewest people on them to reduce inconvenience or on routes that have the largest number of flight scheduled the issues were on the minds of several travelers at san francisco international airport sunday night. just checked my see if it was on time. we're still a bit worried a bit on on edge, but we're hoping that things are going to be all right, but experts say the delays aren't likely to light up anytime soon and they weren't passengers to plan accordingly and we need to expect that these
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problems will exist at least for the next couple of weeks possibly through january. now some of those analysts did offer some -- for those who are taking to the skies. they include things like making sure that check the status of your flight several times before you head out here to the airport another really useful one was that if your flight is canceled or delayed you can message airlines on apps like facebook messenger or twitter as opposed to waiting on the phone on hold for possibly hours. on and i'm live at san francisco air national airport tonight tim johns abc 7 news. those are some good tips tim johns many. thanks to you now our weather for 2022 has started off but that is about to come. an end spencer christian joins us now and spencer the rain is coming. it is coming indeed dion as a matter of fact, it's not so cold night tonight as it was last night because the clouds are thickening and as those clouds get lower and more widespread. the rain is getting closer and closer to the approaching storm ranks one on the abc 7 storm
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impact scale a storm of light intensity. it'll start overnight through the day tomorrow and into part of the day on tuesday producing light rain occasional wind gusts up to about a tenth of an inch of rain for most areas, but in the north bay more than that a quart or more here's our forecast animation just a sample of it starting at 11 o'clock tonight. you can see the clouds thickening and little pockets of rain moving in by about five o'clock tomorrow morning. it'll start in the north bay as our storms often do and then later in the day. we'll see the rain spreading southway eastward and it's going to continue to dampen the bay area for several days. i'll have to complete accuweather 7-day forecast in a few minutes deon. all right, get those umbrellas ready spencer. thanks after a few days off to welcome the year the jury and the elizabeth holmes trial will resume deliberating tomorrow those deliberations have so far lasted 44 hours over six days the panel of eight men and four women finished deliberating for 2021 on wednesday. if convicted on federal fraud charges homes faces up to 20 years in prison.
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as well as a quarter million dollars in fines. she has pleaded not guilty. well, just ahead one east bay community is dealing with another brazen robbery only on abc 7 the changes happening in this neighborhood after seniors are targeted in broad daylight. seven exclusive audio of a violent dog. napping in san francisco hear from - hi mommy! - hi honey!
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so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. assault and robbery of two seniors just one day after christmas in oakland's chinatown is prompting some in the community to make changes in video. you'll see only on seven watch. as a pair of seniors in their
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70s are followed as they leave a friend's jewelry shop on franklin street the man in this video told me the suspect drew a gun and demanded his wife's purse. she was pushed to the ground as he fell another video also used in the police investigation shows the perpetrator run to a nearby getaway car purse in hand. world tran president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says crime was down in the neighborhood before the holidays and he will be lobbying for more protections to keep people safe. are not only that would require or needing more police presence, you know in the community. we also need to install additional cameras, but also license plates readers because it's proven successful in many cities. the woman by the way did not have any jewelry in her purse one jewelry shop owner told me he recently added private security to protect their store.
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only on seven. those are the dramatic screams from a san francisco woman as her french bulldog puppy was violently taken from her on new year's day. that video being used in the police investigation now the woman's daughter who requested we not use her name says her mom was walking nine month old rosie and another dog in the marina near broderick and beach streets. suddenly. she saw a car with three men inside approach one man jumped out. we're coming out here and then at the last minute changed direction and grabbed rosie's leash out of my mom's hand and dragged her back into their car and my mom jumped on the hood of are but they still got away. now we have covered a number of similar crimes involving french bulldogs, including a woman in russian hill who was beaten for her dog last january and in late november a woman in the east bay was held at gunpoint for her frenchie. rosie's family was aware of the danger, but did not expect it to happen. so quickly in the marina.
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they do have this message to anyone who may be watching tonight. we definitely appreciate everyone who's been on the lookout so far we've received a ton of messages and help in various ways, which has been really amazing. and ultimately we're just hoping that whoever has rosie that they'll come forward with her. the family is offering a $10,000 reward. they are asking anyone with information to call the number on this flyer or sfpd. well, check it out. these king tides are the reason behind a local coastal flood advisory through 10 am tomorrow king tides began peeking yesterday morning these large swells occur at new and full moons when the earth moon and on or aligned the national weather service says minor coastal flooding is expected at low-lying coastal locations across the san francisco bay shoreline. now king tides typically flood low-lying streets in the north bay today. definitely no exception water as you can see rushed across streets and mill valley this one
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just off highway 101 at the shoreline highway exit and the powerful tide also filled the larkspur ferry inlet. well speaking of this weather. let's get to spencer christian with a look at the weather and the timing on our impending rain. hey spencer. okay deon. it's only a few hours away. by the way. i'm glad you had the story in the king tides leading into weather because there's been a little bit of an update from the national weather service the coastal flood advisory has now been extended to 2pm tomorrow because of those king tides and of course because of the possibility or maybe even probability of minor coastal flooding in low-lying low-lying areas. okay, let's move along because we rain coming our way. so let's get right to the weather. here's a live view from rooftop camera. looking across the embarcadero under cloudy skies. it's one degrees here in san francisco right now, oakland 47 san jose 47 mountain view 42 degrees. morgan hill getting pretty chilly there and 52 at half moon bay at the golden gate pavement looks dry so far but rain is just a few hours away from hitting the golden gate.
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it is 44 degrees right now at napa and santa rosa 45 in novato fairfield is down to 36 41 at concord and 38 in livermore. and here's a view from emeryville looking across the bay right now. we can see across the bay because the clouds haven't gotten very thick or very low yet but cloud. be increasing overnight as we look at our forecast features first wave of rain will arrive during the early morning hours in the north bay probably around four or five am or so. periods of rain to follow through most of the week all the way through friday the approaching storm ranks won on our strong imp scale a storm of light intensity so for tomorrow and at least the early part of wednesday, we expect periods of light rain with occasional wind gusts up to about a tenth of an inch of rain for most locations in the next 24 hours or so, maybe a quarter of an inch or more in the north bay. and here's our forecast animation starting at 5. am tomorrow notice the rain will already be falling are we expected to be falling by that time in the a it's going to sweep eastward and southward as our storms often do spreading to other parts of the barrier by
11:22 pm
midday and into the afternoon hours. there'll be some snow in the sierra with this storm rain will continue on tuesday. it may break up a little bit late in the day on tuesday and resume on wednesday and then start to clear up again thursday so far. it looks like it may be a dry day, but another wave of rain will arrive on friday, so to be a pretty wet week and by the end of the evening on friday, we expect rainfall totals to be about a quarter of an inch or less for the peninsula of the south bay and the inland east bay and about 6/10 of an inch or more in the north bank mean while in the wind in the sierra winter weather advisors in effect from 7 am tomorrow to 7 am tuesday with slippery roads 4 to to 10 inches of snow strong gust and reduced visibility low temperatures tonight. mainly the load have been 40s highest tomorrow mainly in the mid-50s. and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast and look at this a series of what number one level storms through wednesday a break on thursday morning on friday and finally drying out next
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weekend dion. okay spencer. thank you. you're gonna go see the warriors. a whole dream comes tru comes tu christmas. it's not just the warriors tickets that had an antioch woman screaming for joy wait until you hear the backs
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tomor'k to school and work for many but for one antioch woman memories of the christmas gift she received. on christmas morning will last a lifetime. tickets tickets for what tickets wired tickets excited samantha shivaria is 26 years old and you saw it right there. she got warriors lakers tickets now, here's the backstory samantha who has special needs is a die-hard warriors fan her father who passed away less than
11:27 pm
three months ago was a die-hard lakers fan samantha's. mom tells us her daughter has always wanted to see the warriors play in person and come february. she will be able to do just that. you're gonna go see the warriors. samantha's mom says she hopes that this shows others that no matter your age or disability dreams do indeed come true. all right with that chris alvarez joining us with a preview of sports chris. deon coming up in sports. we're down to the final week of the nfl regular season and it was a trade day in the bay trey lance starts slow finishes strong as the niners playoff push continues spo
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7 sports sponsored by river rock casino 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo did not practice all week due to a sprained thumb. so rookie treylance got his first career homestart the 49ers entered the day with a chance to clinch a playoff spot with the win over houston combined with the saints lost to carolina a moment of silence. entering bay area native john madden who passed away earlier this week. nice moment there scored us in the second lance looking for george kittel instead finds desmond king the second interception and that turnover would lead to texans points houston responds 14 play drive the stanford man, rookie quarterback, davis mills to brandon cooks seven nothing houston jimmy g looking on niners in the two minute drill to end the first half lance for brandon i uke. and look at this play big gainer down the sideline great catch that led to a niners field goal 7-3 at the break davis mills though also threw an interception watch marcel harris step on in and make a play. and that led some niners points
11:32 pm
big play there lance roland wright finds elijah mitchell. it's rookie to rookie. 10-7 san francisco. mitchell also broke the rookie rushing record in franchise history. so he's having a good year lance improved as the game went on. here's the play action roll out and then throw back to a wide open debo samuel 17749ers lance 249 yards two touchdowns and an interception george kittle had just one catch. it was impressive. how about a one-hander 29 yards? what a catch that was led to a field goal niners win 23. new orleans also won so san francisco controls their playoff destiny niners can clinch playoff spot with a win over the rams or a saints lost next sunday. here's trey on his first career homestart. know it's being at full strength. obviously without jimmy helps me out a lot gives me a lot of confidence, but i don't think i felt a whole lot different coming into it. i felt just as prepared. obviously. i feel like i'm farther along and i'm continuing to get better with every practice every rep i
11:33 pm
take but yeah, i don't think mentally or montage was anything different. the trip in rodriguez five minutes and six total off james reimer who was pulled after one. wow, san jose scored five straight logan couture 12th of the season one goal game midway through the third, but two penguins had hat tricks including rodriguez sharks lose eight five women soups number two stanford in a snowy palouse against washington state. happy new year haley jones. she had a double-double in the first how about 16 points and 11 rebounds stanford up 10 at the break third quarter lacey hull great pasta frame believe he and the foul. cardinal up 15 and jones had a game high 24 points and 16 rebounds. she was getting it done stanford wins 82-44 cardinal now perfect 70-0 all time for swazoo abc 7
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and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. are seeing people who who who vaccinated and boosted who are getting breakthrough infections. we are in the midst of a covid surge that is setting records as
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people prepare to return to work and school as the holiday season comes to a close the covid cases keeps on rising the cdc is expected to update its guidance when it comes to those who test positive for the virus, but are asymptomatic abc news reporter andrew. dimbert tells us right now though. the focus is on kids returning to school. the us is now averaging about 400,000 new covid. in cases a day and hospitalizations also on the rise nationwide approaching 100,000. there are a lot of patients on ventilators long wait times in our emergency department and as students go back to school in many places monday parents and school districts are trying to decide what's best for kids new york city schools. the nation's largest public school system will return to in-person learning monday. the stats are clear the safest place for children is inside a school some doctors agree as long as schools take precautions. there's a lot schools can do to keep infection numbers lower. they improve ventilation have
11:39 pm
kids and adults masking vaccinate everybody who's eligible, but other large districts like atlanta will start the semester virtually and colleges from coast to coast exploring various options some with virtual learning others requiring testing proof of vaccination or boosters for returning to campus and after some pushback the cdc is now looking at recommending that an asymptomatic person. negative covid test before ending isolation, that would be a change from new guidance. the agency issued just last week there has been some concern about why we don't ask people at that five-day period to get tested as americans continue to wait in long lines to get tested one major test. company quest diagnostics says the average wait time to get covid-19 test results is now two to three days up from one meaning many americans have to wait longer to find out if they have covid andrew denver abc news, new york. twitter today permanently suspended the personal account of congresswoman marjorie taylor green twitter says the move
11:40 pm
comes after she tweeted yesterday falsely about the quote extremely high amounts of covid deaths because of the vaccine the republican congresswoman from georgia has a history of tweeting false claims green responded today saying twitter is an enemy to america and can't handle truth her congressional account remains active one of the survivors of the 2015 deadly balcony collapse in berkeley has died. if a berry died saturday in dublin, ireland after suffering a stroke, it's unclear whether the stroke was related to injuries. she suffered as a result of the collapse some six years ago six young people. you'll remember died in the tragedy including a roanoke park woman and five irish students in berkeley for the summer. very testified in 2016 before a california state assembly committee urging lawmakers to increase oversight of contractors. she was 27 years old. new details now on the
11:41 pm
devastating wildfires in colorado one missing person has been found but two people remain unaccounted for tonight the fires erupted thursday in boulder county near denver fanned by winds gusting up to 15 miles an hour the flames raced through hundreds of homes burning many of them to the ground the cause of the fire is still under investigation initially. it was thought power lines started one fire, but it turned out they worked telecommunication lines which experts say are highly unlikely to ignite a blaze authorities did search at least one location today. i fully expected any of those responsible. we hold fully responsible under the law for the utter devastation that was caused. snow helped put out the fires fema officials toured the devastation this morning and will assist in those who lost their homes. more than eight million gallons of raw sewageausing beaches in la county and orange county to close.
11:42 pm
it was first reported thursday in the city of carson after a 48 inch sewer main line failed. areas impacted by the spill or closed swimming and diving until water samples show bacteria levels are at state standards. it is unknown. what caused the spill which is still under investigation. well new year means a lot of new things including stuff you can stream. will give you a sneak peek at some of the new offerings that will be popping up on disney plus in 2022. i'm spencer christian cold weather is departing rainy weather is arriving. i'll have the details of my accuweather 7-day forecast when abc
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third straight weekend where spider-man no way home took the top spot at the box office the film broke the 600 million dollar mark in the us in its
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17th day in theaters. it's sony's third installment of the marvel franchise that puts it in the all-time top 10 in that. period of time only other two films to do that were star wars the force awakens and avengers endgame. well with new year comes a whole lot of new entertainment choices abc news reporter george panaccio with our sister station in la shows us what's coming to disney plus. disney plus the book of boba fett a new star wars adventure that finds legendary bounty hunter boba fett navigating the galaxy's underworld it all starts when he returns to tatooine to stake his claim on the territory once ruled by jabba the hutt and kanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family in a magical. every child in the family with unique gifts every child except maribel, but when she discovers
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the magic is in danger maribel realizes she may be the only hope to save it. wait. how do i say the magic? also coming this january will smith asked the world's best explorers to take him to the ends of the earth and they said oh we can go further than that. welcome to earth as a disney plus nat geo original that takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. we have marvel studios eternals one of the big movies of 2021 will start streaming exclusively on disney plus on january 12th, all this and more now available to stream on disney plus now bundled with hul plus live tv in hollywood george pinocchio for abc news and there is a lot more excitement coming to disney plus
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later this year including free guy ms. marvel and she hulk not to mention hocus pocus 2 disney is. all right a final check of weather now. once again spencer christian joining us from the comfort of his own home. hey spencer. okay dion. yes. it is comfortable. we have a level one storm coming our way as you can see on the storm impact scale. it'll start early tomorrow morning continuing into tuesday bringing us mainly light rainfall and some showers. here's the forecast animation. you can see that storm will not only bring rain to the bay area but snow to the sierra we expect to get a little bit of a break on thursday, but then more rain is likely to come in on friday here in the bay or meanwhile in the sierra a winter weather advisory will be in effect from 7 am tomorrow to 7 am tuesday. we're expecting generally about four to 10 inches of snow there slippery roads gusty wind and reduced visibility overnight lows here will be mainly in the low demand 40s highs tomorrow generally in a narrow range load them at 50s.
11:49 pm
and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. looks like we have level one storm activity through wednesday with a break on thursday drying out a little bit before the next wave of rain comes in on friday, and then we'll have mainly dry but probably partly cloudy skies next weekend. yeah, okay spencer. thank you. let's get to chris alvarez once again with a look at what's coming up in sports chris. deon coming up in sports and nfl player quits on his team in the middle of the game plus right at home. how rookie tre lance finished strong to help lead the 49ers to a big win. over
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sponsored by river rock casino third overall pick tray lance made his first home start today and while it started slow train the niners offense finished strong in the win over houston. kyle. shanahan was asked about next week's starting quarterback in la with a playoff spot of the line. kyle said he would go with jimmy
11:53 pm
garoppolo if he's 100% healthy as for today trey hit some big plays in the game in the second half including you'll see it coming up right here a 45 yard touchdown pass to debo samuel. that was the big one. here's train his teammates on the rookies. career home victory you know, it's being at full strength, obviously without jimmy helps me out a lot gives me a lot of confidence, but i don't think i felt a whole lot different coming. it i felt just as prepared. obviously. i feel like i'm farther along and i'm continuing to get better with every practice every rep i take. but yeah, i don't think mentally or months. i was there was anything different. i mean, he's a professional football player. i mean he's here for a reason we draft him third overall for a reason. he's a good player just go out there and play football. i mean, there's stress there's pressure. but if you have fun, it's a lot easier once you got his footing he figured it out and let him played a high level. i think he did some real good things obviously besides that the bad interception. i thought he protected the ball real well, and that was a big thing going into this game. i think it was very efficient. just looking at his numbers and
11:54 pm
things like that a big and was huge and for the most part he made some pretty good decisions around the ball. john madden tributes across the nfl raiders with helmet stickers honoring their former coach a win over the colts and the playoff hopes are still alive third quarter raiders leading until carson wentz aaron it out. somehow ty hilton catches that and the colts take the lead raiders though rally derek carr roland wright and finds hunter renfro zips that one in their raiders up three. it came down to the final play where tied at. a and daniel carlson is going to kick his second walk-off winner in three weeks raiders win, 23-20 raiders and chargers will now play next sunday night winner advancing to the playoffs week 18 begins right here on abc 7 with an nfl doubleheader saturday chiefs and broncos at 1:30 cowboys and eagles 515 special playoff edition of after the game following dallas and philly you're crazy video of the day comes from bucks and jets one-time raider and bucks wide
11:55 pm
receiver antonio brown essentially quit on his team in the middle of the game took off his shirt through it in the stands and then waved. goodbye the fans after the game tampa bay's head coach bruce arian said brown no longer on the team. the bucks did beat the jets late 28-24 afterwards tom brady hoping a b comes out of this well, you know, we all love them we care about them deeply. you know, we want to see him beat his best and you know, unfortunately won't be with our team, but we have a lot of friendships that that will last and again, i think the most important thing about football the relationships with their your friends and your teammates and they go beyond the field and i think everyone should should be very compassionate and and pathetic toward, you know, some difficult things that are happening. basketball klay thompson's return is closing in clay was on the road trip in denver and utah got some valuable work in with his teammates fellow splash brothers. stephen curry. try to put clay's journey in a perspective. we talked about a little bit
11:56 pm
exciting just it's not about anything other than him getting back to playing basketball and that's just he's worked so hard and do so much for two and a half years. so. for him to have an opportunity to play basketball again. not be rehabited and enjoy yourself. enjoy basketball like you can see it in space, you know, it's close and that's a cool watch. mark fox in the bears were scheduled to play stanford, but stanford dealing with covid issues. so in comes arizona state jordan shepherd andre kelly for the hammer. he had 13 midway through the half kelly going to return the favor. watch the screen freeze up had a team high 16 cal up double digits seven bears made a three. first half mchale foreman get him the rock and splash bears snap a seven game losing streak to asu 7450 nine straight wins at home for cal abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino
11:57 pm
dion. okay, chris. thank you very much. and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm dion limb abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock for spencer christian and chris alvarez and really all of us here. thank you so much for joining us. we leave you now with a live look outside of what appears to be the emeryville camera, thank you douglas and you can see the lights all lit up the bay bridge also shining in the night. keep in mind things looking pretty clear, but the is coming you'll have much more from meteorologist drew tuma in the morning. have a great night. see you in the morning.
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