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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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delta surge last summer. dion: the fda expanded emergency use authorization for the pfizer booster to include children ages 12 through 15. >> as kids returning to school, districts nationwide are tightening covid safety measures. atlanta and milwaukee are returning to remote learning at least temporarily. dion: school districts in the bay area are becoming overwhelmed with a number of families wanting testing as dunes returned to school. our senior education reporter joins us live in the newsroom with what schools are doing to prepare. reporter: public school districts had recommended that students get tested right before coming back to school. part of the strategy to avoid closing schools is testing. many school districts were a bit surprised to see parents take that recommendation very
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seriously. in oakland, four schools were testing sites today. up and running by 8:00 this morning. yesterday, many parents refused to wait after seeing the long lines at fremont high school. >> people have been waiting for a couple of hours. reporter: one student tested negative last friday and again today. >> at school,chool,chool,chool,, well. i coughed one time and then my voice was changing. >> my advice is if you have a symptom, do a test right away and stay home if you don't feel well. reporter: it is too soon to know how many have tested positive for covid after the break. oakland -- this oakland teacher says districts should have been better prepared. >> when the weather gets bad and more people gather together
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inside, things could get really bad. reporter: yesterday, san francisco unified administered more than 1000 tests. testing has become more important than ever. >> i think our message is reaching the community and that is a good thing. we want people to know how to access testing. reporter: today, the rapid color testing was available at san francisco district headquarters but i knew, they had run out leaving many confused. san francisco unified sent messages to families to let them know where to find other testing locations rout the city. i have also -- other testing locations throughout the city. i have also heard families wanting n95555 other families want to know if students will be forced to go online. the health department though has reassured the school district that in person learning is safe.
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schools they say are low risk settings for transmission when all of the safety measures are followed. we will check back. dion: a clear message. many thanks. to the east bay where lafayette schools are offering free covid testing for students and community members. about 800 residents signed out. the district is also handing out at home tests to every student at all five of its schools. larry: in the south bay, a long line of people waiting to get tested at the kaiser facility in san jose. one family told us they had been waiting for more than three hours to be tested and they were still not at the front of the line. dion: the u.s. is a step closer to expanding pfizer shots for millions of children. the fda recommended that kids aged 12 through 15 be allowed to receive the extra pfizer shots.
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-- pfizer shot. >> i am particularly interested in making sure that we prevent serious outcome such as hospitalization and death. uncommon in 12 to 15-year-olds. dion: it is recommended that a third dose given to immunocompromised children ages five through 11. today's move is the final -- the cdc will meet on wednesday to decide whether to sign off on that. larry: we have a member of our own vaccine team joining us now. happy new thank you for joining us. let's get started. boosters -- will the move more kids boosted? make a difference there are -- will the move to get more kids
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boosted make a difference? >> all three shots are needed for full protection against omicron or any variant for that matter but even if the cdc gives a green light to the booster, that is only about 50 percent of that group. the other 50% has not completed their primary series. and then you have a week or two after that until they are fully vaccinated. in the meantime, those that are eligible to be vaccinated should do that. larry: where are we with hospital capacity? in the other surges, infections go up and a few weeks later, hospitalizations go up. our hospitals getting overwhelmed at this point? >> what is interesting is the hospitalizations are rising across the country but not at the same rate, thankfully, as the surge in cases but the other part of the story as the
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exposures are out. in the hospitals i work at there are exposures running wild among doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians. those needed to deliver health care. it is another issue. we are short staffed. there are a canceled procedures. anyone out there saying -- i am not worried about catching covid-1 an, you are exposing. larry: i am glad you mentioned exposures. just because you have been exposed, that does not mean you're going to get infection or spread it to someone else. can you walk us through this, briefly? >> i wish i could fist bump you in real-time for saying that because there is a big difference between testing positive for sars-cov-2 a
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developing covid-19, the disease you got from the virus. they are not the same thing. it is possible that you could test positive. you are vaccinated. you may develop a little cold. you are mostly protected. the infection is different from the actual disease which is why -- i kind of shuddered when people say they -- i kind of shudder when people say they tested positive peer larry: it is -- i kind of people say they tested positive. larry: [indiscernible] >> so far, the largest dataataaa that came out of the u.k. suggests that omicron is causing more mild illness.
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hospitalizations and deaths are down. even more truth if you -- even more true if you are vaccinated. we don't know for certain how this is going to affect unvaccinated people or our most vulnerable including young kids. it is our job to protect them. larry: absolutely. thank you for the time. we will fist bump in person sometime soon i hope. dion: state wide alerts have been sent letting people know if they have been exposed to someone with covid. the alert system has been around for more than a year but with the omicron surge, the notifications have increased. zach fuentes explains how those notifications work. reporter: it has been more than a year since californians have had access to a voluntary smartphone tool that lets you
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know if you have spent time near someone that is tested positive for covid. >> on average, every positive exposure has generated 8-10 anonymous notifications. reporter: the chief medical officer at uc san diego health, the state contracted them to help. >> many people had forgotten they had it turned on on their phone. reporter: you have to add it to your phone and if you have an iphone, it is a matter of activating it. using bluetooth technology, your phone shares anonymous codes with others that have been within six feet of you for at least 15 minutes. if one of those people ends up testing positive, you get a notification on what to do next. along with first getting a test, it may tell you to quarantine for five days. >> getting an alert on your phone does not mean that you
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have had a true exposure. reporter: the state sayte saytee is not gathering information like your name, location or the identity of people that you meet. >> we don't have the ability to track metrics at the individual level. only the population level. what we are getting stories from individuals that received an alert, did not have a known exposure, got tested and found they were positive. if they had not tested, they would have continued the cycle. dion: turning now to the weather , more rain in the bay area. live doppler seven lighting up in green. larry: which is good. we want more rain. cloudy conditions for most of the day. take a live look outside. we have drops on the lens and more drops on the lens. i am no meteorologist but i will say it looks like rain to me. meteorologist: i can confirm
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that it is rain. look at live doppler 7 and you can say that it is not widespread get but it will become so later into the evening. study is rain falling in parts of marin county and across the bait over into berkeley and oakland. this is a level 1 storm on the storm impact scale. through tonight, we expect greasy conditions and light showers. -- we expect breeze conditions and -- breezy light showers. midmorning tomorrow, it should be mostly over but for an isolated showers. over the sierra, snow is falling. winter weather advisory :00 a.m. there tomorrow. dion: speaking
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weather service says california has received more rain this far this water year than all of last water year. a water year is from october 1 until september -- september 30. the state got 33 .9 trillion gallons of water. larry: coming up, , , chaos at the airports across the nation. we will tell you what is happening here in the bay area. a french bulldog violently stolen is back home. and the future is here, robots are taking over. th new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice
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or high blood potassium. and find out what your case all could be worth.uld've made. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ larry: we have breaking news in the elizabeth holmes trial. the verdict is in. jurors have reached a unanimous verdict convicting elizabeth holmes of some counts. she is charged with 11 counts. two of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. this is coming in as i am speaking. i have four guilty. three not guilty or four and three no verdicts. those are the three that we told you of earlier where the jurors could not come to an agreement. guilty on four counts at this
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point from the information we are gathering and stephanie sierra is in the courtroom relaying information to us and will join us as soon she gets out of the courtroom. at least the preliminary word is she is guilty on four counts and in the next 45 minutes or so, we will get it sorted out as to what the jury decided. dion: let's move on because there is a happy ending to a terrifying new year's day dog theft. a san francisco woman was reunited with her french bulldog puppy brazenly stolen over the weekend. we have more on how the owner and her puppy were reunited. >> welcome home. we have missed you. reporter: this is rosie, back home now tail why reuniting with her owner. >> rosie was super excited. attacking her with licking.
4:17 pm
she seemed happy to have my mom there. reporter: a happy and lucky ending to a terrifying incident more than 48 hours ago. [screaming] [barking] reporter: in this surveillance video, you can hear the audio from 10:00 new year's day when rosie was brazenly stolen while on a walk with her owner in the marina. the owner's daughter said a car pulled up alongside her mom. a man jumped out and grabbed rosie. he jumped back into the car. >> my mom jumped on the hood of the car hoping to get them to stop. it did not work. they got away. reporter: rosie's owner offered $10,000 for her safe return. >> these kinds of dogs, because of their size and value are easy targets. reporter: french bulldog thefts have become common and rosie's owner feared it would never find her but today, they got a call
4:18 pm
from police. someone had purchased rosie in the sacramento area and wanted to return her in exchange for the monetary award. >> it would be great to hold those accountable. it is tricky. reporter: they hope for some accountability but right now they are just relieved to be reunited with rosie. >> everyone has been incredibly helpful and we are grateful for their help. larry: so cute. the post holiday travel chaos. thousands of flights canceled across the country. several airports under a ground stop because of snow further complicating a nightmare situation. we have the very latest. reporter: as millions of americans scramble to return home, the nationwide travel nightmare worsening by the hour. from philadelphia to seattle. to minnesota. airports from coast to coast
4:19 pm
swarmed with passengers as more than 5400 flights canceled over the weekend. the d.c. area slammed with winter weather. the snow and ice bringing operations to a halt at ronald reagan and baltimore-washington international airports. the wintry mix impacting passengers. southwest airlines seeing most cancellations. in a statement, there is no higher priority than operating safely. the rock -- the crush of cancellations complicated by staff shortage. tsa alone had many out with the virus. and pilots were pulled from cockpit. >> the original pilot called in sick. the backup pilot was going to max out on ours. reporter: some airlines paying
4:20 pm
temporary bonuses. larry: 100 flight delays reported and 40 cancellations. airport officials say they cannot break down whether the problems are weather-related or because of staffing shortages. one traveler we talked with said her plane sat at the gate for more than an hour. >> the captain said, they are understaffed because people are sick. they are reporting insect. there are people trying to do the work of three people down there. larry: experts recommend traveler sign up to get notifications from their airlines or call ahead before leaving for the airport. dion: the latest round of king tides is over for now. this is in marin county.
4:21 pm
today's high tide peaked at 7.13 feet. king tides can i likelihood of flooding in low-lying coastal areas especially if it is raining. we will get more rain. in parts of the bay area. larry: spencer, what are we looking at this week? spencer: it is raining right now. and we have another coastal flood advisory from 9:00 until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow as the high tide in san francisco will reach almost a seven foot level tomorrow. a combination of high tides and rainfall will impact this. the steadiest rain in the north bay reaching down to san francisco. it is wet across the embarcadero. oakland, 53. 56 in san jose.
4:22 pm
here is a view of the golden gate. traffic moving along nicely. 53 in santa rosa. 54 at fairfield. 55 at livermore. the clouds are low and it is wet and getting wetter. light rain and showers will taper off overnight into tomorrow morning. a brief period of drying will occur tomorrow afternoon. wet weather pattern is expected to resume on wednesday. or light showers and breezy conditions -- more light showers and breezy conditions expected overnight. into the overnight hours, you can see how the showers will taper off and and about -- and end about midmorning. there is a wave of snow in the sierra. a winter is in effect there until 7:00 in the morning. 3-10 inches at the 4000 foot
4:23 pm
level. at the higher peaks, we could see up to 15 inches of snow. low temperatures in the bay area, upper 40's, 50. not a wide range of temperatures. the highs tomorrow in the mid upper 50's. 61 in san jose. milder than the weekend but still pretty cold. here is a resumption of our forecast animation picking it up at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. a north bay event with light rain. a dry break on thursday before standing ring comes in on friday. more snow in the sierra as well. here is the accuweather 7 a forecast. the rain will be focused in the north bay. mostly cloudy but mostly dry on thursday. the next wave of rain on friday. there may be some lingering scattered showers from the storm
4:24 pm
on friday into saturday. clouds increase next monday. larry: thank you, spencer. dion: we want to take a live look outside the courtroom in san jose. jurors in the elizabeth holmes' trial have found her guilty on four of the 11 charges. that verdict coming in moments ago. we have been following the trial and we will have a live updat - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom.
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larry: once again, breaking news. the verdict is in an jurors reached a verdict convicting elizabeth holmes of four counts. she was being charged with 11 originally involving wire fraud charges. she was found guilty of fraud against investors but not patients. the information we are getting is filtering in because the judge heard the verdict just a few minutes ago. dion: this has been a long and grueling trial for everyone involved. the testimony has taken place over the course of 15 weeks. seven days of deliberation. and spanning through the holidays. there is that level of fatigue from jurors. there were a couple of unexpected twists in the courtroom today. we had members of the jury send
4:28 pm
him two notes. one in the morning and one in the afternoon saying they were deadlocked on a number of charges meaning they could not come to an agreement. you see on the screen exactly which counts the jury has decided she is guilty on or not guilty. we are still waiting to hear what those counts mean. and what this means for sentencing. four out of 11 will be the the difference between many years in prison. she faced up to 20. larry: that is what everyone wants to know, will there be jail time? what do these counts 6-8 screen, what are they specifically? we are doing this in real time. as we are talking, stephanie sierra is trying to get from the courtroom down the elevator and outside to the cameras where she can do a live shot and explain more of this.
4:29 pm
a very high profile case with not just millions but billions of dollars that were lost because the blood testing really did not work. that is what the charges were. conspiracy to commit wire fraud against investors. against patients as well. -- all dion: there is a lot to go through and as you were saying, it is coming in minute by minute as we try to live in real time make sense of this for you. i want to try to read this through with you. elizabeth holmes was facing 11 counts. one was dropped which is why it appears from what we have as 12. number one, being guilty for the charge of committing wire fraud against investors.
4:30 pm
number two, being the charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud against theranos pain patients. going on, bear with me as we go through all of these line by line. no verdict on the charge of the wire fraud against investors. there were a number of high profile ones, members of the government including betsy devos . many investing millions upon millions. i elation of 18 u.s. -- this is the code itself, in connection with wire transfer. of this has been investigated. number four, no verdict on the charge of a wire fraud against theranos investors.
4:31 pm
this is regarding a wire transfer of over $5 million. also in december, 2013. number five, no verdict on the charge of wire fraud against other investors. this to the tune of about $5 million. larry you mentioned this before, but i think there were about $900 million that people were at odds about. the scale is enormous. larry: and this was supposed to be breakthrough technology where you could take a small amount of blood, analyze it, and come back quickly with results. it was proven that was not the case leading to the lawsuit. the question is, what these counts mean and you know this will be appealed as well. even though it is over today, this is not over by a long shot.
4:32 pm
dion: for sure. and on our news program at 3:00 p.m., i spoke with a ucla law expert who said she can be retried on those counts that she was found not guilty of or if asha should say -- let me rephrase, if the jury was deadlocked on those counts. as for what is going to happen in the coming weeks and months in regards to those not guilty verdicts, that has yet to be seen. as i am scanning through the document, we are talking about astronomical amounts for these wire transfers. guilty for the wire fraud of about 99 million dollars in october, 2014. it gives you an idea of scale. something else to point out, during the course of the trial, there have been many twists and turns and not only because of covid and issues with people being in the courtroom but a
4:33 pm
number of alternate jurors had to be placed in and substituted into the mix and that for a while had legal experts concerned that maybe, just maybe, there may be a mistrial so getting to this point just a few days after the holiday into the new year is really considered monumental. and if you are just joining us, the charges against elizabeth holmes on your screen. larry: these are the charges. we know she was found guilty on four counts. and those where the middle counts, 6-8, those were three of the guilty counts. for more on this, the person who has been following this case from the jump, stephanie sierra peered guilty on four counts. can you explain what happens from this point forward? stephanie: absolutely.
4:34 pm
elizabeth holmes found guilty on four counts, three of those pertain to investors and one is the conspiracy to commit wire fraud against investors. she was found not guilty on four other accounts and deadlocked on three. what this signals for what is next for her is a sentencing hearing which won't happen until 1-2 months. we are told it is not likely she will be taken into custody after today. a lot of this lies on what we know will happen with her attorney. 1-2 months is what they are expecting for the sentencing hearing. the federal probation department has to interview her along with some of the investors before they make any determination and they will make a recommendation to the judge or the terms of her probation. i want to step back for a second as we just not out of the
4:35 pm
courtroom. the jurors looked very tired. four months of this trial coming down to the seventh day of deliberations for these eight men and four women who have been in a conference room every single day for those seven days discussing this case. we could tell there was a lot undecided at this point. earlier today, we got a note from the jury to the judge identifying the fact that they were still confused on the three counts. we found out today that the three counts pertain to patients. the counts elizabeth holmes was found guilty of pertain to the three investors, brian grossman, the divorce family and david mosley. -- the devos family and and andd
4:36 pm
mosley. the verdict falls in line with what legal experts had anticipated. they made it clear -- the prosecution made a powerful case that elizabeth holmes had a choice. and assistant u.s. attorney bob leach made a convincing argument along with a 29 other witnesses that came before the trial at not only did she have a choice but she made a choice to lie and those lies inherently put lives at risk and this is what the case comes down to. we have to remember that it was often described that elizabeth was a massive manipulator. she came across very convincing on the stand. i think the counts that she was found not guilty on, the patient counts, speak to her strength and her testimony and how powerful it was at moments. what that tells us today was that the jury was sympathetic to that.
4:37 pm
of the four counts that she was not convicted on, it also shows the strengths of the defense. her defense attorney, one of his favorites -- he talked about how elizabeth holmes stood by the company and never sold any of her stock. the jury did not think that was enough for those four investor counts. a lot to cover here and we will continue to bring you live reports throughout the evening. we are still waiting for her to leave the courthouse. she is still upstairs on the fifth floor so more for you coming up. dion: if you can stay with us for just a moment. a lot of activity behind you. we appreciate you making sense and analyzing what has come down from the jury. there was a lot to get to.
4:38 pm
i know you seem to be having some audio issues. can you hear me? stephanie: i can hear you now. dion: i know you have been in the court room every day. can you give us an idea of the testimony from elizabeth holmes during these 15 or so weeks? did it hurt or help her case? stephanie: i think it hurt her case in many ways. from what i saw in the seven days she was on the stand. she would often have selective memory. she would have very clear and concise answers when her own defense team was asking her about the same topics at the prosecution would cross-examine her with an could not recall the same details. as legal experts have pointed out, she lost credibility during
4:39 pm
that. but i do think that parts of her testimony helped her. her strongest defense was that she believed in her own product and her former boyfriend and the coo raped her and abused her and that caused her to make the decisions she did as ceo. many legal experts and those that knew her, former professors even come up pointed out that it did not make sense with the elizabeth holmes they knew. this is a woman that is relentless and would not give up so to think she would be hands-off during the trying times of her company did not make sense. i think there are two sides to the coin. larry: it remains to be seen what possible sentence might be out there. we know there will be appeals. the prosecution has to decide if they want to follow up on the counts the jurors could
4:40 pm
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. larry: congratulations and farewell to a dear colleague. dion: laura anthony is retiring after 30 years as a journalist and more than 20 of them here at abc 7. on saturday, she gave her last signoff. >> larry anthony -- laura anthony, abc 7 news. dion: she shared this picture on facebook writing it is the right time to move on from this chapter. when i think of all that i have done, i realized that i have done it all and there is nothing more to do. onward. larry: from high profile crime
4:43 pm
cases to the california wildfires and earthquakes to presidential elections, she had a front row seat to many of the biggest stories across the country and across the bay area. it is hard to sum up a career like this in a few minutes but here is a look back including a deadly dog modeling attacked in 2001. >> penny whipple kelly feels tremendous anger. >> i was in san francisco for a week after it happened and you could feel it in the air. reporter: her family and friends say they are watching the criminal investigation in san francisco closely and they would like to see the maximum possible penalties imposed on those found responsible for diane's death. olympia is built on landfill and close to the upper center. -- and close to the epicenter
4:44 pm
scott peterson found his wife missing. john mccain broke his own tradition of going to a movie on election day. preparations were underway for tonight's big event. the feelings are in the faces of the thousands of people that have dissented on sandy hook, connecticut. an idyllic new england village, the town is in shock. a disturbed young man took so much, 27 people from one small place. can this community move on? >> i am not sure that they can. i don't have the words to explain. reporter: we found norstar top to bottom with sweet powder in between. they have been able to open the mountain from top to bottom. beyond reaching out to bernie sanders reporters, tom steyer
4:45 pm
wants to hear about the economy and the environment. >> they have turned off the lighting out here. we have some lights that we brought but we have turned these off as well. the generator is still burning behind me. the crowd has moved in again. there is an atmosphere of victory. they feel like they have won the battle. davis was asked if the door is shut on oakland. >> yes. reporter: the lone dissenting voice in phoenix was david ross. this is jj. you were telling me that you were doing rescues all night. >> until about 7:00 at night. reporter: people that want to get out, they have to make a decision. >> they say this area will remain flooded for 2-3 weeks. reporter: why did you decide to get out now? >> we wanted to get to safety.
4:46 pm
reporter: do you want to take over? there you go. this has become a way of life in houston. neighborhoods like this could see water like this for up to a month. i am laura anthony in napa, where the sun is setting on the day of letter devastation. -- utter devastation. >> a great neighborhood and great neighbors but it is tough. reporter: the big concern tonight is, will be gusty pick up again? we are two miles west of paradise. one of many homes burning behind me. the wind is starting to pick up. it has been a terrifying day for the folks in this area. one after another, homes in
4:47 pm
paradise are burning. we could show you some video -- it is called a fire devil. it was incredible watching this. a small sign of the power and ferocity and destructiveness of this fire. we are in paradise and it is devastating. let's show you these cars. this gives you an idea of what these folks went through last night and this morning to get out of here. we have seen this scene play out. that is a school bus pulled off to the side of the road. these folks were trying to get out of here in a panic. in phoenix, laura anthony, abc 7 news. in houston, laura anthony, abc 7 news. in napa, laura anthony, abc 7 news.
4:48 pm
in paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. dion: what a remarkable career. what strikes me the most is seeing her fire coverage. coming to abc 7, one of my first interactions was working with her in the north bay during some of the fire, she was with our photojournalist, randy davis who also just recently retired. they were so dedicated to their craft. they were not afraid to push it to the limit, albeit safely, but do whatever it took to get the story. larry: consummate professionals, both of them. i tell you what, it would have been easier to list the stories that she did not cover. she did everything under the sun over the last few decades and almost -- and always brilliantly and professionally. i know she is a huge jays fan. and she looked pretty good on
4:49 pm
the slopes as well. happy retirement and aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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dion: rain and more rain. larry: absolutely. not too bad but precipitation. spencer: we have rain and a break and rain. that is our pattern. getting wetter as you can see on live doppler seven.
4:52 pm
through tonight, we can expect light rain with breezy conditions. it will start to taper off in the early morning hours. midmorning, a little dry rake belting. in the sierra, it is snowing now and a winter weather advisory weather advisory is in effect until 7:00 in the morning. expected three p 10 -- 3-10 inches. over 4000 feet. high temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper 50's. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. a dry break tomorrow afternoon but another light rain system moves in on wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. it is the way we like it. not too much at once. larry: you don't have to worry about flooding and still get a little more rain. dion, ready for some more romance? >> it is possible to find love. dion:
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entresto is the number one heart failure
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brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. larry: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is a new season of the bachelor. followed by blackish and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. speaking of the bachelor, the 28-year-old starts his journey as bachelor tonight meeting 31 women. eight are from southern california. clayton is no stranger to
4:56 pm
bachelor nation because he was on this past season of the bachelorette. sandy canyon from our sister station in new york has a look at the new season. reporter: when michelle said goodbye to clayton on the bachelorette -- >> something is missing for me. reporter: it was not so much an ending but a beginning. >> i was heartbroken. but i realized it is possible to find love. reporter: which is why this bachelor was willing to try to find love again on tv. >> i believe more than anything that my future wife is here. reporter: promos make it clear that he found love not once, not twice, but three times. >> i was in love with her and i am in love with each of you. reporter: before you did the show, did you believe it was possible to be in love with three at the sick --with three
4:57 pm
women at the same time? >> no. i gave an absolute -- i said i will never fall in love with multiple women. a famous last words. reporter: did that make the show more exciting or more challenging? >> both. i was all over the place. and i also was intimate with both of you. i realized i had to go with my feelings. i could not keep rationalizing what was happening. [crying] reporter: despite the drama, he told me that he has zero regrets. >> you wish they could have been done differently but i did everything i thought was best at the time. larry: the bachelor debuts tonight at 8:00 here on abc 7. you can get our live newscasts, breaking news with our abc 7 bay area news app. all you have to do is search abc
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announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> after seven full days of deliberations, the verdict is in for the federal case against former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. in the past hour, the jury convicted her on four counts. the four accounts she was found gifted -- guilty of involve defrauding investors, but she was found not guilty on four other counts involving fraud against patients and they were deadlocked on three counts. >> here's a look at the breakdown. count one, guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud against investors. count two, not guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud against patients. count three through eight were wire fraud against investors. of those counts, 3, 4 and five, the jury could not reach a verdict. counts


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