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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 4, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news, stranded on the highway. the long road home for people still trapped overnight after monday's snowstorm along the east coast. schools closed, chaos at the airports. what to expect today. guilty on four counts. elizabeth holmes, the tech entrepreneur who promised to revolutionize health care with her blood testing convicted of fraud. now the woman worth billions by the time she was 31 could face decades in prison but the jury has decided and what happens next. a new omicron record. cases among children soaring. the new protection that could be on the way as early as thursday. plus, another new variant is discovered overseas. the growing mystery surrounding the disappearance of this 7-year-old from new
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hampshire. she hasn't been seen since 2019 but was only just reported missing. 5g delayed. the decision overnight affecting your wireless service. and later from betty white's 1977 cadillac on display to the news overnight about the giant powerball jackpot to a giant crab that could be straight from your nightmares, it's tuesday, january 4th. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news in virginia where a dangerous situation is unfolding hours after a storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> authorities are working to reach stranded drivers on interstate 95 after a crash involving six tractor trailers. heavy snow and icy conditions then continued to back up traffic for miles. some drivers were planning to sleep in their vehicles as temperatures plunged below 20 degrees overnight. >> earlier monday the heavy
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snow brought down trees creating an obstacle course for drivers near fredericksburg, virginia and it caused 500,000 power outages. many school districts have canceled classes. >> they have canceled or delayed half the flights at d.c.'s three airports having a domino effect across the country. we'll check today's weather forecast in just a few minutes. the other big story the long awaited verdict in the trial of former tech billionaire elizabeth holmes known as the darling of silicon valley who promised a revolutionary blood testing technology that could change health care forever but it turned out to be a massive deception, and now after more than 50 hours of deliberations, a jury has decided her fate. this morning the woman once called the next steve jobs could be facing decades in prison after a jury found her guilty of knowingly misleading investors about her company's blood testing technology. >> this verdict was definitely a mixed bag. >> reporter: on monday a jury convicted elizabeth holmes on some of the 11 fraud charges she faced including a guilty verdict
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on four counts of defrauding the company's investors, but she was found not guilty on four counts of committing fraud against patients. >> that was a harder case for the government to make. there were more leaps that they had to go through in order to show the jury that this was wire fraud. remember, this was a case about wire fraud, not about malpractice, so when it came to those patient, it was harder. >> reporter: the jury was unable to deliver a decision on three other charges. holmes sitting wearing a mask in court had no visible reaction as the verdicts were read. back in 2015 she topped the "forbes" list of america's richest women. her net worth at 31 was $4.5 billion and claimed her company's device performed several diagnostic tests but then came allegations that the technology did not work as advertised. during her trial holmes took the stand for seven days denying she misled anyone and claimed
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that theranos chief operating ramesh "sunny" balwani was physically and emotionally abusive to her controlling her life while the two were in a relationship, claims he denies. >> i think that her testimony in this case leaned heavily on the alleged abuse she was suffering and that didn't carry over to the charges that she was being charged with, so i think some of that may not have been as significant for the jury as her defense anticipated. >> reporter: while on the stand holmes said, quote, of course not when asked if investors had lost money because she misled them, but during an interview with investigators before the trial she acknowledged a number of her prior claims were not accurate. >> i know that we made so many mistakes. >> a sentencing date has not yet been scheduled. she faces up to 20 years in prison for each guilty account but expected to face far less in the actual sentence. another variant of the coronavirus has been discovered overseas, this time in france. now, it's too early to determine if it's any real concern. closer to home ontario, canada, is entering another lockdown
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closing schools and indoor dining because of the concern that the omicron variant could overwhelm hospitals. here in the u.s., covid cases among children just hit a new record. but new protection could arrive as early as thursday in the form of booster shots for 12 to 15-year-olds. abc's em nguyen is here with the latest. em, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. hospitalizations continue to climb, up 130% from just two months ago. the u.s. surgeon general says covid-19 cases will continue to go up as the omicron variant spreads, warning the next few weeks will be tough. this morning, top health officials urging parents to get their children ready for covid-19 vaccine boosters. the fda authorizing pfizer boosters for 12 to 15-year-olds and recommending everyone 12 and older originally vaccinated with pfizer get their booster after five months instead of six. >> it's more important now than ever for all teens to go out there and get all three of their vaccinations.
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>> reporter: the cdc still has to sign off on the expanded eligibility expected when its expert advisory panel meets tomorrow. this comes as millions of kids head back to school with the omicron variant already disrupting classes. in l.a. the return to school next week is now delayed with all students and employees required to get tested before heading on to campus. the nation's post-holiday surge in covid cases is breaking records. over a million people in the u.s. were diagnosed with the virus just yesterday. the highest number of cases in a single day since the pandemic started. pediatric cases are at an all-time high with 325,000 more children testing positive in the last week. >> we have patients in all age brackets with no medical history. the sickest of the sick that we are seeing now are are the patients not vaccinated. >> reporter: now scientists are tracking a new variant in southern france where at least 12 people have been infected.
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doctors are calling it a highly mutated variant. >> we just have to keep track of it. it has been around for almost a month and we haven't really seen it make a big impact so i'm cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: according to a recent study, that new variant has 46 mutations but does not appear to be spreading rapidly. experts are figuring out whether this new possible variant could pose a real threat. andrew. >> all right. em, thank you. the surge of covid cases couldn't stop the buying on wall street. the dow and s&p 500 closed at record highs monday. analysts say investors are less and less concerned about 9 omicron variant. donald trump jr. and ivanka trump are refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by new york's attorney general. their lawyers filed a motion to block the subpoenas stemming from a civil investigation into their family's business practice. both of them have been executives at the trump organization, which is accused of illegally manipulating the company's value. police across the country are on alert for possible violence as the nation
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prepares to mark one year since the attack on the u.s. capitol. a bulletin from homeland security warns extremists may be triggered by the anniversary. >> some people are looking for symbolism, in other words, they're looking for an event to justify to commit an act. so could january 6th be something like that? of course, it could because it's all in the person's mind as to whether that's an important date or not and what does it symbolize to them to commit an act on january 6th? >> no specific threat linked to january 6th has been identified. verizon and at&t agreed to delay the rollout of their 5g service set for tomorrow. the companies initially rejected a government request to ho hold off on deploying the technology over concerns it could interfere with the electronics on planes. now the companies say they'll wait two more weeks to resolve
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safety concerns. in the navy, a woman leading a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for the first time. the "uss abraham lincoln" left with captain amy bauernschmidt as commander. she called it an amazing day. >> time now for a look at your tuesday weather. well, good morning to you. it's going to be icy for many especially after a significant snowfall from east tennessee all the way up i-81 into d.c. after seeing snowfall they haven't seen since 2016 and southern new jersey, it will be a very icy go to start out your tuesday. now, what's next? we've got cold air rushing in midweek, and that's going to set the stage for another storm system across the midsection and moving into the mid-atlantic thursday into friday. for accuweather, i'm chris nallan. coming up, the big news overnight about the big powerball jackpot. also ahead, what president biden is doing to try to bring down meat prices.
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and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. we turn now to the mystery surrounding a little girl from new hampshire. harmony montgomery hasn't been seen in two years but she was only just reported missing. abc's megan tevrizian explains. >> reporter: this morning the urgent search to find a missing 7-year-old last seen in new hampshire two years ago. >> quite frankly, enough is enough. this is a 7-year-old girl. let's find her. all right? let's come together as a community and do the right thing. >> reporter: officials say harmony montgomery went missing in 2019, but it wasn't until last week when authorities learned about her disappearance. two years passing by apparently
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with no one flagging law enforcement. >> it's the question i've asked, all right, that hopefully at some point along this i get an answer to. >> reporter: manchester police confirming harmony was in the child welfare system in both massachusetts and new hampshire before she was reported missing. it was new hampshire's division of children, youth and families that finally notified police about her disappearance. investigators have spent hours searching this home, the last place harmony was seen, even though the house now has new owners. authorities say they've also interviewed several members of the 7-year-old's family but won't say which ones. >> we're two years behind the power curve, all right, and where harmony should have been, all right, and who she should have been with, she's not with them. >> reporter: police are now dedicating a tip line asking the pblic for help with a reward of more than $12,000 being offered for information on her
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whereabouts. >> people need to do the right thing. i don't think i'm asking a lot. >> reporter: police say they're staffing that tip line around the clock and they've received about two dozen tips so far. andrew, mona. >> megan, thank you. president biden has released a plan to spur competition in the meat industry and hopefully bring down record prices. the white house is set to issue new rules and send $1 billion to ranchers and independent processors. the nation's four top meat packers have seen profits more than double since the pandemic. the biden administration's proposed changed are aimed at reducing the control major companies have over meat prices. that jumbo powerball jackpot that could make you a millionaire overnight is still up for grabs. no one matched all six winning numbers so that means tomorrow night's jackpot jumps to $575 million. >> you got to play to have a chance. okay, coming up, music history sold. what's happening now to david bowie's entire music catalog? mrs. ahead, a major
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bowie would have turned 75 this saturday. we turn to the legal fight involving prince andrew and the woman accusing him of sexual assault. both sides head to court as we learn about a previous settlement that could affect the case. this morning, a secret settlement between notorious sex offender jeffrey epstein and one of his accusers has been revealed, just hours before the critical hearing in the sexual abuse lawsuit, filed against britain's prince andrew. his accuser claims she was one of epstein's sex trafficking victims. she is suing the royal, accusing him of having sex with her on several occasions, beginning when she was 17, which is prince denies. >> i said consistently and frequently, that we never had any sort of sexual contact. >> reporter: on monday, a judge revealed unreleased documents, showing to end a lawsuit, settling for $500,000. and agreeing she would not sue
4:19 am
anyone who could be identified as a defendant in the case. in that 2009 lawsuit, she claimed she was force into sexual contact with epstein's associates, including royalty, politicians, academics and businessmen. the prince's attorneys argue the inclusion of the word royalty is a clear reference to prince andrew, that would make him one of the defendants covered by the settlement deal. the meaning of potential defendants is the subject of debate at today's hearing. an attorney calls the deal irrelevant. claiming the document does not mention prince andrew. he did not know about it. a judge refused to throw out the case after andrew's legal team argued the primary residence is in australia, not the u.s. where the suit was filed. >> this is a very technical argument they raised regarding jurisdiction. this was a setback for them. the term is without prejudice. the defense theoretically can bring that motion again. >> the attorneys say she is
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living in australia but intends to return to colorado where she is registered to vote. an nfl era may have come to an end. steelers fans gave ben roethlisberger a standing ovation as he ran out to his home field last night for what may have been the final time. the 39-year-old said this could be his final season. he knocked helmets with his teammates before beating the browns, 26-14. an emotional moment for him. >> big ben. end of a legacy there. coming up, the new car with seats made from mushrooms. >> yum. ahead, how old is too old when it comes to shoveling snow? the age when you should give it up, according to doctors. want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart.
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time to check "the pulse." we begin with an important question. are you too old to shovel snow? >> i think i've always been too old. this depends on your health. a new report warns that people over the age of 45 maybe should think twice about it. nearly half of adults already have heart disease. shoveling snow and running on a treadmill raise the same heart rate. >> one expert tells "usa today" that the true cutoff age at 55, people that age are four-times more likely to have heart trouble while shoveling. the battle for electric vehicle supremacy is heating up. >> mercedes has introduced an all electric concept car that the company claims could drive 620 miles on a single charge. that's based on computer testing. >> the mercedes range would be 200 miles more than tesla. it includes recycled and sustainable material, including
4:24 am
seat cushions made from mushroom fibers. now, to the car owned by betty white. >> she donated a cadillac to raise money for the los angeles humane society. the car with an at&t mobile phone ended up in a pennsylvania museum. >> it was a surprise present from her husband. >> since her death, many of her fans have been donating to animal shelters to honor her passion for animals. even betty white may have been scared of this nooex story. a massive crab like we've never seen before. >> golfers encountered a giant crab on christmas island. it snapped a golf club in half. shooter mcgavin has entered the chat. an epic battle in washington, d.c. >> people gathered on the national mall for a giant snowball fight. snowball fight. they called it the battle
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checking the top stories, theranos founder elizabeth holmes has been convicted on four counts of fraud for misleading investors about her blood testing technology. holmes was acquitted of defrauding patients. she could face more than 20 year 234s prison. the cdc is expected to sign off tomorrow on pfizer vaccine booster shots for kids ages 12 to 15. it comes as a record number of children are testing positive for the virus. meanwhile in france scientists are tracking another new variant. the manhattan d.a.'s office will not charge former new york governor andrew cuomo for his handling of nursing home deaths early in the pandemic criticized for returning residents even if they had not tested negative. stormy across the west with rain along the coast and heavy snow in the rockies. lght snow in the northern plains and slick conditons after that storm in the mid-atlantic. drivers were stranded on interstate 95 in virginia
4:28 am
overnight. finally the end of an era for cell phones. >> here's will ganss with the blackberry's last call. >> reporter: bye-bye, blackberry. >> the new blackberry z10. >> reporter: as of today blackberry devices running on the company's legacy operating systems and software will no longer work. going the way of floppy discs and game boys and dvd players joining the graphyard of tech gone too soon. blackberry devices using the 7.1 operating system and earlier 10 software won't function anymore. for data, text messaging and phone calls including to 911. the change going into effect today, january 4th. the end of life move has been a long time coming, the last version of blackberries' operating system launching in 2013 but for many it's the end of an era. in the late 2000s, the blackberry making it possible to bring your work home with you.
4:29 am
>> it helps me keep track of my business and also arranging who is going to pick up the children for which volleyball practice. >> reporter: at its peak in 2012 blackberry had more than 80 million active users. for a long time it was a favorite accessory of politicians from hillary clinton to former president barack obama who loved his blackberry so much his team made him a secure version following his 2008 election writing in his memoir, my team did throw me one bone when it came to freedom, i was able to keep my blackberry. celebrities love it too. gaga's early selfies coming complimentary of it. no more. blackberry says we thank our many loyal customers and partners over the years. blackberry stopped making its own smartphones in 2016 transitioning to a security software focus under the name blackberry limited but those memes will live
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right now on "america this morning," breaking news, stranded on the highway. the long road home for people still trapped overnight after monday's snowstorm along the east coast. schools closed, chaos at the airports. what to expect today. guilty on four counts. elizabeth holmes, the tech entrepreneur who promised to revolutionize health care with her blood testing convicted of fraud. now the woman worth billions by the time she was 31 could face decades in prison but the jury has decided and what happens next. a new omicron record. cases among children soaring. the new protection that could be on the way as early as thursday. plus, another new variant is discovered overseas. the growing mystery surrounding the disappearance of this 7-year-old from new


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