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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 6, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PST

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this car was caught on camera, spinning out of control and plowing into a parked car on an icy road in bristol, connecticut. freezing rain caused hundreds of crashes in the northeast. two turned deadly when cars hit people who had stepped out of their vehicles. the oldest world war ii veteran has died at the age of 112. lawrence brooks was one of 15 children born to a sharecropper in louisiana, drafted into the army in 1940. his daughter says he never missed a new orleans saints game and the secret to a long life was, quote, serving god and being nice to people. tennis star novak djokovic is in the middle of a visa fiasco that could keep him out of the australian open. border authorities in melbourne refused his visa and blocked him from entering the country early yesterday. they said djokovic refused to meet exemptions to the covid rules. he was reportedly moved to a
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secure hotel. he could appeal the visa decision against him. the 20-ton out of control russian rocket threatening to crash into earth has plunged into the pacific ocean instead. the rocket launched last month spent nine days in space. it was supposed to carry a dummy payload into orbit but the test failed. coming up, the throwback of all throwbacks. >> we are digging deep into the archives, and you wouldn't believe what we've dug up, next on "world news now."
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scene 103, take one. here we go. my name is wesley, and i'm with my knucklehead brother. my friend nafi. my boyfriend doug. i thought we'd be on the same page about this and we're not. how do i know the way i'm going to respond to it? there's not that long term research out there yet. i don't want to be on the front line. but you're human. you're going to make a mistake. i'm just saying everyone has a right to make their own decision. but why would you want to take that risk? can you imagine being the person that goes to somebody's house and gives them the virus that kills them? what if you end up in a hospital?
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yeah. that's what i'm scared of. if you were to die, man... that would literally kill me, man. if it makes you feel that way bro... i will probably do it. can i hug you? yeah. i love you, man. i love you too. tommy lee update. >> oh, right. >> tommy lee is -- >> i love the fact that you are fascinated by this. >> yes, i really am. he's confessed to "tv guide,
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that he thinks going to jail was a good thing. he said more people should have an opportunity to shut the whole world off and look in the mirror. no thank you, tommy lee, i do not want to go to jail in order to look in the mirror. >> here on "world news now," some anchors come and go. that one you know, okay, that was none other than our own george stephanopoulos in 1999, fresh off being white house press secretary. >> that's right. one thing about this show, we got the receipts. before george, there were aaron and lisa, giving birth to the overnight show in 1992. since then, it's been 30 years of headlines, laughs and good times. >> so despite the fact that this show celebrates its one-year anniversary, it will not change a thing. we will be the serious program we were one year ago. >> no, no, no, i am not down with that. >> let's get the party started. >> turn the music up, everybody. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> a little beach ball. >> all right. >> all right. >> let's do it. >> see, there you go. ♪ ♪ >> ooh, you got the right moves down, you look cool. >> messed it up. >> whoa, oh, my god. you're going down. >> oh, not even close. >> "world news now" senior bachelor analyst, jack. >> what's going on here? >> yeah, this is just a rental, it's fine, it's fine. >> oh! >> you can't have fun and not get slimed. >> are you kidding me? >> whoo-hoo! >> what we do on the "world news now" internship program. >> this is bum, bum, bum, bum,
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bum, bum, bop, bop, then smack. >> boom. >> struggling with the little hair thing. you get a shot of the anderson thing? >> what is that? >> it looks like an antenna there. >> why does it take men so long to propose to their significant others? >> do you really want me to answer that? >> no, it's rhetorical. >> okay, because i had something for you. >> oh, no, hold that thought. >> i'm talking up the big man. oh, that didn't sound right. >> kids news now. >> what ould you do if you had $18 million? >> i'd buy one house with five bugattis. >> what would you do? >> i don't know, maybe give it to charity. >> whose charity? >> we're in our silk pajamas. >> yes, we are. the first time i've ever had silk pajamas on. maybe the last. hopefully. >> what is going on with elmo? >> elmo, please.
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>> i didn't know elmo did that. >> if you think down here on the floor is the only place they have a little bit of fun, you should see what they do up there in that control room. ♪ whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother ♪ ♪ gettin' jiggy with it ♪ >> you all are going to make me lose my mind up in here. up in here. ♪ there's got to be a morning after ♪ ♪ a morning anchor ♪ >> if you'd like lisa's job, please send your resume to us. send it to anchor search. ♪ ♪ >> oh, hey. >> let me take you to first class. >> i'm moving to first class? >> yes, you are. >> moving to first class? ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to tnn. thrones news now. i'm ken mo, guardian of the overnight. son of annette and thomas. >> and i'm jenarius, breaker of coffee bags. >> you can come up right here. and eat. just see it as you go. >> in the palm of your hand. >> what? >> out of the palm of your hand you're going to eat? oh, man, you apparently are. >> very good. >> it is no secret that we love to laugh on this show. >> i'm also laughing right now, because mona said earlier like we work at the same restaurant. >> we look like we go to the same private school, "world news now" academy, y'all. >> john jumped in and thought the three girls, all of them were black. he thought their lower entrance into the voting -- that was my chair, that was not me.
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>> i was like, what did you do. >> ho! ♪ get down tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ >> check it out. ♪ time of my life ♪ >> what did you do? >> can you believe we do this week after week? that's the news, this is "world news now." >> oh, my gosh. >> lot of fun. >> we are both here because when you work local news morning show, this is the show that you watch. so shout out to everyone across the country getting ready for their morning show right now. >> shout out to anderson cooper eating ice cream right out of his own hand. >> he said it was really good. he loved that ice cream. >> what does juju say? >> juju was saying she wished that piece was longer. we could have watched it forever. >> you have been part of the family for a while, tell us your
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out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. ♪ ♪ time now for "the mix". ♪ ♪ time now for "the mix". and with all that remembering of 30 years on the show i have a dance for it. we are starting with a car that set a new sales record. >> a 2005 porsche gt. it has sold for almost $2 million on a car auction website. the $1.9 million sale set a world record for the highest amount of money paid at an auction for the rare v-10 sports car. super car. >> ultra-low mileage, just 780 miles, proved to be the biggest selling point, and it's just one of barely 1200 units of the model built during a four-year production run. >> i once had a chrysler that i traded in for a bicycle. >> oh, i had a 2008 toyota, but
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you had to roll down your own window. next to another record shattered. >> a hotel in dubai rang in the new year by breaking a guinness world record with a champagne pyramid comprised of 54,740 glasses of bubbly. >> it measures more than 27 feet high and took five days and 55 hours to stack. only five days, for some reason i thought it was a lot longer. and everybody was sweating. one mistake can cost you. next to the mom who took out a personal ad for her daughter. and it's the ad to end all personal ads. >> a lot of daughters can relate. she rented out a billboard in times square but for a touching reason. after learning that her breast cancer spread to her bones, beth davis decided she had to take action to make sure that she would be leaving her 30 year old daughter in good hands. >> so she rented out the nearly five-storey billboard with the words "date my daughter", and a
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link to her dating profile. >> and you know you'll be going into a really cool family as well. andrew? and finally, we're celebrating 30 years of "world news now." >> our 30th birthday bash continues tomorrow, as will tracks down some of our biggest fans, right, will, 92. >> anderson was asking for an upgrade to his coffee, because he's not used to these hours anymore. >> where are his glasses? >> we got to find those, too. >> he didn't need those 30 years ago. >> he comes back for one shift on the overnight and he's a mess, you guys. we are looking forward to celebrating our wnn fans. tomorrow our insomniacs. they are what make the show great. >> it is all about the third shifters, the insomniacs, people coming back drunk from the bar watch tv. >> that is our core fan base, and that's why they get our jokes.
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pass that red bull over
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, he is back in the "scream" world. david arquette. and from the new drama, "the cleaning lady," oliver hudson. plus, get a better night sleep in the new year as we continue "live"'s resolution solutions week. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: looking good, guys, looking good. >> kelly: morning. it is wednesday, january 5th. welcome to wednesday's addition of "where's waldo?" time for a location change. >> ryan: so you're in


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