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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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covid and how many were part of the protests? it is unclear. yesterday, some schools surveyed their teachers to try to determine the impact today's stakeout would have in the classroom. this morning, we checked three san francisco schools to see the impact of thestakeout, what it . including marina middle school. none of them had teachers skip school. the call for action was organized because many feel the district has failed to protect them during the latest surge. we obtained in email sent last night to parents from the principal. i don't anticipate sunset will be impacted by the sick out. i feel confident that we will be able to have school as usual. those who expected to call out in protest were supposed to meet in front of district
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headquarters at noon but only a few dead. >> i think people are also worried about repercussions for showing up at a rally. some just want to be safe. it is a surge we are concerned about. reporter: teachers are asking for paid sick leave if they contract covid and they are demanding more consistent testing and n95's for all students. this parent showed up dude support -- to protect his son' teacher. >> this is not acceptable. reporter: a special education teacher came to the district to pick up some test kits because none had been delivered to her site. >> we are on the list for distribution but we don't have any yet. reporter: across the bay in oakland, some teachers there are hoping there stakeout planned for tomorrow will have an impact. this kindergarten teacher
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decided against calling in sick. >> very few elementary schools have chosen to participate because we know how hard it is on parents but my own children are middle schoolers and high schoolers and i will be keeping them home tomorrow. they will be staying home alone in solidarity with the teachers at their schools that will be walking out. reporter: in oakland, we are told that only a few schools will be participating in the planned sick out. they will be meeting at 10:00 in the morning and driving to district headquarters. larry: both the district and teachers union were meeting today to discuss changes and the safety measures so? how did that go today? --so how did that go today? reporter: they are going. each side texted me. the district said, we are doing everything we can to ensure our students and staff are safe and the union said, this morning was frustrating and we are in bargaining now.
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again, they are going. larry: bargaining is progress i guess. san francisco state university students will not be returning to campus when the new semester begins dan right 24th. the university president announced the start of in person instruction will be delayed until february 14 because of the increase in covid cases. classes will be held remotely once again. most campus services will be provided remotely until february 7. a short time ago, a similar move from uc davis. classes there will remain remote until january 20. kristen: today marks one year since the capital riots today, the president blasted former president donald trump accusing him of spreading the false election fraud claims that led to the attack leaving five people dead and 140 officers in charge. we have a look at how the
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nation's leaders marked the day. >> we have to be clear about what is true and what is a lie. reporter: president biden blasting former president trump's "web of lies he did so by once -- he did so by not once mentioning the president's name. >> he cannot accept he lost. reporter: the president also criticizing the violent trump supporters that stormed the u.s. capitol a year ago and for threatening american democracy. some using chemical irritants and armed with flagpoles. evener -- even erecting gallows. some of the police officers that defended the u.s. capitol sharing their harrowing stories. >> a cross my mind that this might be it. reporter: in the house chamber, democrats pausing for a moment and sharing their stories.
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republican lawmakers including those that condemned the violence a year ago absent from the memorial ceremonies today except liz cheney. her father, former vice president dick cheney by her side saying he is deeply disappointed with current gop leadership. a few other gop lawmakers that skipped today's ceremony were in georgia for a funeral including mitch mcconnell who blasted democrats were trying to "exploit this anniversary to advance partisan policy goals." larry: joining me now representative that was in the chambers that day. thank you for joining us. you are on the committee investigating the insurrection. what can you tell us about that investigation? some are wondering will we see some big names here? will the big fish be held responsible ultimately? >> we are midway in our
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investigation. we have interviewed over 350 people and have more than 45,000 documents and depending on when the supreme court decides, and we hope they will not take up the former president's case, we will soon receive a very large volume of information from the archives. the picture is emerging but there is more to learn. we will be holding a public -- we will be holding public hearings outlining the findings later this year. we are a legislative body. we send information to the justice department if we find it. we are trying to find out the entire story, what happened that day, the plot leading up to that day, and also to see what legislative and administrative changes should be made to help prevent something like this from happening again. larry: when you say later this
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year, do you have a timeline? what is your expectation of that happening? what it happen before midterm elections? >> that is the plan. we are to some extent at the mercy of the courts. the former president is well known for engaging in many lawsuits, most of them frivolous. if he delays the release of information, that delays our schedule. we are working as fast as we can, we work throughout the holidays. we worked on the new year and we are working as fast as we can to get this done. larry: are you concerned of more possible attacks going forward? that this was not a one off situation? >> sure, i am worried about that and i am worried because the former president and some of his followers have continued to lie
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about what happened in the election and they convinced a segment of the american population that the election was not legit. there is no evidence for that, none. the recounts have not changed the outcome. the court cases were dismissed as meritless. and yet, this lying continues and it is a real disservice to their supporters that they are trying to spin this false narrative. but having done so, democracy is at risk. the people that attacked the u.s. capitol and the constitution thought they were doing what the former president wanted. they thought it was what they were supposed to do. completely wrong. they are now paying a very heavy price for the lies that they were told. larry: how concerned are you in general for democracy at this point? it seems that we are at a
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critical stage here. >> i think we are at a critical stage. we have got efforts underway in some states to essentially allow a partisan legislative body to throw out the votes of the voters and substitute their own judgment. essentially to discard the votes of the people. that is not the way our country has ever worked. it is not constitutional. it is radical, and yet, it is being pursued in a mainstream way in some of these states. that is a big threat. we are seeing nonpartisan election officials being replaced with partisans. throwing the question open whether there is going to be an honest count or not. that is never been a concern before. i was in local government for many years before i was in
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congress. the registrar of voters is and administer aerial act to count the votes and someone wins and someone loses. it is not a partisan effort but it is becoming that in many places. larry: we really appreciate your time. thank you so much. kristen: another area lawmakers says the country is more divided now and we were a year ago. >> you would think that just like september 11, pearl harbor, that a moment like that where the citadel of democracy is attacked that both parties would come together and as i was running through hallways and narrow staircases and bumping into republicans, some of them who were at the insurrection rally with the president, i thought, ok, this is rock-bottom. this is what it will take for us to come together. but instead, you see even republicans that condemned the president in the days after like leader mccarthy are embracing
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the president and trying to erase history. kristen: he says the violent rhetoric coming out of washington will continue until republican leaders show courage and take a stand against former president trump. larry: coming up, the long wait as people try to get tested for the coronavirus amid the omicron surge and how one county is trying to help. and the effort to fix the leaning millennial tower. and some told to leave. why now is a terrible time to be on the move. meteorologist: for some of us, no sunshine today except the south bay. i am tracking a
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larry: global covid-19 cases have increased sharply. the world health organization says cases are up 71% compared to the previous week. 9.5 million new infections. kristen: california health officials reporting a state wide positivity rate of over 24% today. larry: lawmakers are quarantining and testing positive for covid after josh becker tested positive yesterday. kristen: fremont unified school district gave out covid tests today after parents waited for hours to get test kits yesterday.
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today, three sites were open instead of just one. larry: a county county the frustration over long lines for covid testing. san mateo county will open a new test site tomorrow capable of doing 2000 tests per day. we have more details with additional steps being taken as omicron continues to spread. reporter: the need for testing is growing rapidly as omicron spreads and it is urgent for people like janet. >> i have been exposed. reporter: even with 10 sites doing pcr tests across the county, only 8500 tests can be done a week and the program is then being expanded. a new test site opening friday will be able to handle 2000 tests per day. another site is expanding its hours. the increased capacity hopes to address the aggravation of long
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lines. >> the line when i started was all the way down the back of the building. so, i stood in line like everyone else. >> what i get really anxious about is when we see these huge lines and these lines are not native to san mateo county but throughout the bay area and throughout the state. reporter: although appointments are required, charlie taylor was forewarned on the community site next door. >> when you come, you will be waiting for hours and may not even be tested. it discouraged me a little bit. reporter: ■san mateo county is buying 50,000 test kits for those at risk and first responders. distributing them through partners in an effort to keep them from being sold on the black market. >> we want to be sure that the tests get into the hands of people who need it the most. not into the hands of people who want to profit the most.
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kristen: the vacationers to avoid cruise ships because of a surge in cases on board. this ship docked in sanked in sa francisco and several passengers had come down with covid-19. passengers said though that the crew did what they could to keep people safe. reporter: the ruby princess pole then from a 10 day long trip to mexico. the ship is considered yellow by cdc standards because of its covid cases on board. passengers tell us it felt safe on the trip here -- on the trip. >> there was plenty of room to move around. it was not crowded. >> in the theater, before every performance, they have people try to separate a group if you are together.
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we would have seats between us. reporter: yellow is the third level in the cdc's color-coded system that rates the risk of covid on a cruise ship. yellow means cases have been reported in zero point 1% of passengers and one or more crewmembers. he said his friend was one of the cases and it was mild and he went into quarantine. >> he has to do three days in a hotel. reporter: the ruby princess told abc 7 news that they conducted additional tests at the request of the san francisco department of health. >> they had a section where they had a quarantine section so as soon as someone would come down with it, they would isolate the people. >> they were very thorough. they are cleaning continuously. you have to wear your mask at all times. larry: alaska airlines is reducing its flight schedule due to an unprecedented number of
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sick employees. the airline announced it will cut back 10% of its schedule for the rest of the month. today is the 12th straight day of 1000 plus airline cancellations nationwide. if you have tried to fly recently, you know what is going on there. kristen: it is tough and there are some weather issues as well. we had some fog today around the bay area. meteorologist: some of us were locked in on this gray day except in the south bay. the big story is what is coming in tonight, the storm, and the holidays were so soggy, what did they do to our drought? look at the dramatic drop in the last few weeks. we went from 23% of the state down to 1%. at itty-bitty spot right there. 79% down to 17%. a little less in the lower categories. what it means for the bay area,
4:20 pm
most of us were in the extreme to exceptional a couple of weeks ago and we are trending in the right way. you can see some of the low clouds. can barely see the top of the bay bridge. you will need your windshield wipers. the rest of us are around 53-54 degrees. clouds slowly working their way across the south bay. 54 in santa rosa. livermore, 54 degrees. this evening, a chance for a light rain but the bigger storm is tonight. the one on the impact scale. weekend starts a potentially long and drive pattern. if you are heading out this evening, the rain ramps up from around 7:00 until 10:00 and temperatures will not drop much. though to mid 50's until about 11:00. after, 50-52. on our way down to the low 40's.
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most of the rain stays in the north bay through the overnight hours. exiting the south bay in the late afternoon hours. sunshine in the north bay. mid to upper 50's. the storm will bring us rain and drizzle and scattered showers in the afternoon. less than a quarter of an inch. future radar, watch the green dots through the evening hours. 11 :00, moving out of the south bay. a break overnight. as we start the commute, light to moderate rain in the south bay. lunch, sunshine in the north bay. grab your sunglasses while the rest of us watch this turn into drizzle. tomorrow evening, no need to grab the wet weather gear. rainfall amounts, some slick spots. as we head into tomorrow, about a .01 of
4:22 pm
a 12 hour window above 6000 feet, 2-5 inches of snow. if you are going to go, go just know there will be some delays and chain controls but once you get past it, it will be gorgeous in tahoe. lou byrd ski days -- bluebird ski days for sure. sunshine saturday afternoon. high clouds will keep our temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. upper 50's near 60 and mainly dry the rest of the 70 forecast. larry: coming up this weekend, monday night football, a doubleheader. these games are saturday. a specialty dish and begins at noon on saturday on abc 7. you are the chiefs taking on the broncos. right after that, the dallas cowboys and the philadelphia eagles. join us for highlights after the game here on abc 7. kristen: back to broadway.
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larry: a new limited series tonight on abc looks back at the brutal mid or -- murder of emmett till. kristen: the focus is on her mother. how she made his death a turning
4:26 pm
point in the fight for civil rights. larry: we have a preview. >> the death of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us has better be the business of all of us. reporter: we see and hear how one woman made a difference. >> from a woman's point of view tells us the story of the mother of emmett till. he was the trayvon martin of the 1950's. reporter: emmett till was livin in chicago and went to visit relatives in mississippi. >> he was accused of flirting with a white woman. reporter: what happens next is dramatized. emmett till's cousin was with him and survived to bear witness to what happened. >> i could not see my hand before my eyes. they stepped in with a flashlight. i closed my eyes.
4:27 pm
ththththth i opened my eyes and they were walking by me. reporter: his relatives came to a recent screening to support the show. >> i think it brings validity to the story and accuracy and that is very important to my family. reporter: his mother is played by adrienne. >> we are honored to be a part of the process. reporter: the person guiding the process is an executive director who sees a larger message for all viewers. >> a regular person, irregular mother can change the world by fighting back. kristen: definitely worth your time. the limited edition series, women of the movement starts
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc kriskris about san francisco's leaning millennial tower. engineers proposing a new solution to prevent the building from sinking further but not everyone is convinced. the engineer on the project answered tough questions today. reporter: when it comes to san francisco's leaning and sinking millennial tower, the number one concern is the building safe? the engineer answered questions. >> we have demonstrated to our satisfaction and hopefully to others' satisfaction as well that the building will remain safe, that it will stop
4:31 pm
settling, and begin recovery. reporter: the oversight committee held a hearing to discuss a proposed fix of 18 piles instead of the initially proposed 52 pile fix. >> how few piles can we install and accomplish the objectives? >> i am not sure i know how to respond that you all did not ask that question at the beginning? why would you over design something and spend tens of millions of dollars more than you had to? reporter: a retrofit that began in may caused the building to sink even more. >> it looks a lot more -- a lot worse than the disease. reporter: it is providing oversight for the project. >> it is normal practice to allow the contractor to determine the means and methods. reporter: the design team has until the end of february to determine whether or not to accept the proposed fix.
4:32 pm
not everyone is convinced. this engineer has been highly critical of it. >> i don't think this passes the smell test. what is more likely is the design team is panicking because they are out of time and money provided under the settlement agreements. >> it is important for them to know that all eyes are on them. larry: this building has quite the back story. 58 stories opened to residents april 23, 2009 following four years of construction. in june, 2015, tenants learned it was sinking and tilting north west. in august of 2016, residents filed a class-action lawsuit saying the millennial partners knew about the sinking and do about it as soon as 2008. in august, a tentative agreement was reached on a fix to try to stabilize the building and compensate residents. october 2020, taxpayers would pay a part of the tab and months
4:33 pm
later, work to begin fixing the tower began and is not going that great. kristen: the former sa francisco public works director has pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection with the city hall corruption scandal. he was arrested two years ago for taking part in bribery and kickbacks. he faces up to 20 years in when sentenced in may. larry: more than a dozen small trucking companies were told they would have to vacate in 30 days to make room at the port for incoming cargo. we spoke with trucking firms and one east bay official working on a possible solution. >> we were completely caught off guard. we don't know what to do at this point. reporter: he has been operating out of oakland terminal for more than a year and he said he never expected to get this letter from
4:34 pm
the port of oakland saying he had 30 days to vacate the property. or than a dozen other trucking companies got the same notice. >> we knew they were interested in developing another terminal. but this was something that was going to be done in a couple of years so we thought we had some time. reporter: he admits he rents month to month from the port. >> we had a realistic expectation that this day would come but we don't have anywhere to go. reporter: the port of oakland told us that tenants have long been aware of the temporary nature of their location. this willthis willthis willthisl efficiency. the port of oakland has been identified as a place to ease congestion. critics say removing trucking companies in the midst of a supply-chain crisis is not the answer. >> i take this very personally.
4:35 pm
we are not just truckers. we are families. many of these companies are family-owned and operated. reporter: late thursday, an oakland congressman said he is working on a possible solution with the port. >> the statement i received is that by this friday, 11 of those trucking companies will have a place within the port of oakland to continue to do business with the city. reporter: details are still being worked out but trucking owners are hopeful they can keep rolling. >> we want another solution so us small operators can have a home. kristen: just ahead, listen up, a four day work week. larry: are we going to that? kristen:
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kristen: time now for the four at 4:00 and speaking of four's, a bolt is making a change meant to ease the load for staffers. it is permanently switching to a four-day week. we first told you about the idea in october. the company was testing it as a pilot within a month, they saw a surge in productivity. 95% of the workforce wanted to keep working four days a week. the ceo calls the traditional week work theater. wasted time.
4:39 pm
and you are saying that people are more efficient this way. who likes it? raise your hand. >> absolutely. kristen: two hands raised. >> i think a lot of people are putting in those hours anyway. so it makes a lot of sense. and when you get to the weekend, by the time you get done all of your grocery shopping and errands, you have so little time to relax and recharge that having that extra day will make you feel better and more ready to go to be more productive during the workweek. >> my only question is, do i get friday or monday? >> i would take friday. >> it is negotiable. >> i would take either. >> i think my productivity would increase dramatically. >> there is a lot of room -- >> are you talking about me?
4:40 pm
starting the year with hostility , just like last year. >> what do you get when you combine a robot and a wagon? the company best known for its cars, has unveiled a mobility platform designed to carry just about anything. it can move as fast as 18 miles per hour which i don't really know why you would want to go that fast if you are carrying a breakable thing. >> your baby? [laughter] >> what? we may have to do an intervention. it can be used as a personal caddy for things like moving packages while shopping. it says nothing about moving a baby. >> but we see it. >> is it smart? does it know where it needs to go? >> does it follow me like a dog? >> was she -- i don't know what
4:41 pm
was happening. >> it brought a tv to her or something. >> in all seriousness, during the pandemic, my wife and i were walking to the grocery store and we had a wagon. in that respect, this would be nice. >> what are you going 18 miles per hour? >> we have got to get home. [laughter] >> there is the baby! >> where is ama? >> this boston moms larger-than-life effort to help her daughter find love. beth davis created a profile for her daughter molly on a dating app. beth did it because she has an aggressive form of breast cancer and wants to live to see molly find mr. right. they were so moved that they offered to put molly on a giant billboard in times square.
4:42 pm
so far, no match for molly but she is reportedly receiving some good responses. the reasoning behind this is so sweet. but larry, you talk about that -- you have two daughters. >> as a father, you hope they will find someone that makes them happy. and the timeframe here is the key for mom so i hope it works out. it is try -- it is hard to try to create those matches but hopefully it will work out. >> fingers and toes crossed. we hope the best. >> let the holiday celebrations continue, today is three kings day celebrated in most latin american countries. according to the bible, it is the day the three wise men brought gifts to baby jesus. celebrations include a three kings cake where a small baby figuring is hidden inside the
4:43 pm
cake. joining us now is louis gutierrez who runs a bakery in san francisco. you have your whole staff there. >> we have some player's there are -- we have some layers here. >> tell us more about the three kings cake. those of us that have been to new orleans are familiar with it at your cake is a little bit different. it does not have the icing on the top. what is similar? >> the new catching on except my sister is asking me not to yell. >> it is fine, yell. >> so, i guess, the difference is the colors. we use a read and a yellow with a purple.
4:44 pm
and the kings cake seems to have green and black and purple. i think that is an aesthetic difference. >> i think tradition states this be served with the jewels representing a gift for baby jesus. talk to us about that and how you represented the jewels. >> i came to an epiphany yesterday. the three kings brought jewels and frankincense to baby jesus so he must have been really rich as a kid. we put decorations on top that are supposed to be representing the diamonds and the rubies. we have another customer leaving. we have a raffle for the people that were waiting in line. and they were wearing these t-shirts. i have a number in mind.
4:45 pm
from 1-10, between you four, pick a number. >> seven, >> eight. >> i said five. >> he was holding it up giving it away. >> what is the significance of the number? >> nothing. a t-shirts. >> so we just won someone a t-shirt? >> pick a number. you have got it. >> i don't need the number because i have the whole cake. >> can you get your fingers in there and pull out the baby? >> if you get the baby, i give you a t-shirt. >> i have to the top on this. it is delicious.
4:46 pm
are a lot of people coming into get the cake? >> yes, we have had a good line outside. again, you know, it is different right now with covid and not everyone wants to buy a big cake. before, it would be ok. but now with omicron, everyone is staying in. larry: we have got to go, thank you for the cake. >> come pick up a t-shirt! larry: i have the baby. larry: i have the baby. i was injured in a car crash. larry: i have the baby. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible.
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larry: the director behind hits like the last picture show and paper moon has died. kristen: peterborough donovan died earlier this morning at his home in los angeles. the director was 82 years old. george cannot kill from our sister station in los angeles has a look at his career. >> i don't think you did it right anyway. reporter: 1971, the last picture show earned eight oscar nominations with two of them for peter. the following year, another hit from him this time with ryan o'neal and barbra streisand. >> this is san francisco, the city chosen by a sensitive generation of filmmakers.
4:50 pm
reporter: strides in tweeted, peter always made me laugh. he will keep them laughing up there also. in 19 73, he struck movie gold again again with ryan o'neal. the paper moon. it earned four oscar nods with tatum winning for her acting debut. >> do you know what screwballs are? -- do you know what scruples ar e? reporter: she called him a father figure and a friend. they were both back for nickelodeon. peter had more with simple shepherd, first with daisy miller and then with burt reynolds in long last love. in the 1980's, he brought the drama mask to the big screen with share and eric stoltz as mother and son.
4:51 pm
>> do i look like a freak to you? >> no. >> you have always been big on telling me about my face. reporter: she's summed up hollywood's loss in this way. a maestro has left us. the greatest film historian. larry: those are some classic films. kristen: we were kind of hoping that the drizzle might go away but it seems to be getting thicker. meteorologist: it is and it will spread into the south bay so we have a chance for drizzle into the evening hours. you can see as we head into tomorrow morning through the early afternoon hours on future radar, we will have rain, showers, and drizzle during the morning commute which will have our wettest roads. speaking of the north bay, see how close we are to nearing a yearly rain record for kentfield
4:52 pm
. that is the average for the year and we are already near 44 inches. and our wettest day in october with 11 inches. we talked about the snow but look at what is going on saturday and sunday after freezing cold temperatures with highs in the 39, 40 degrees in tahoe. the accuweather 7 day forecast, rain tomorrow and quiet the rest of the days. larry: now, to a real fishtail. israeli scientists found that fish could learn complex tasks and technically drive a robot though not going 18 miles per hour like we talked about earlier. they attached a camera to a water tank. they challenged the fish to navigate to a target on the opposite wall. and look at him go. eventually, the fish hits the mark and this was not a one-time thing. the fish was able to do this
4:53 pm
over and over again. they can figure it out and go through mazes and things like this. kristen: this is not surprising to me. i knew they were smart. and they could figure out to go. this is why i spent hundreds of dollars on my goldfish to keep it alive. from sitting in front of the computer screen to the stage on broadway -- >> ♪ larry: how she got
4:54 pm
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kristen: a software engineer is making a splash on broadway. after a seven-year hiatus from theater, she got the call to come back. reporter: carla is a full-time i software engineer working and living in chicago and yet this is how she started the new year. >> ♪ >> i really did not know until that morning that i would actually be doing it that night. which -- it was an intense day. reporter: she was in the company of wicked but has not performed this role since then but because of holiday scheduling and the surge in covid cases, she got a call now, seven years later to fly to new york for emergency standby coverage. >> they gave me a copy of the
4:57 pm
script and i was in the airport. reporter: it turns out, she got this. [cheers and applause] she defined gravity but now the actress turned coder turned actress again hopes returning to the stage sends a bigger message. >> you can do so many things. it is so important to start changing the narrative around what we can do. reporter: a chorus of voices grateful for her example. a double major, you are an inspiration. thank you so much. >> it has been magical to see people feeling like they are being represented in a public way. reporter: carla appreciates the attention but she says the real heroes are the understudies were working so hard to keep broadway up and running in these crazy times. bravo to all of them. kristen: a reminder that we can
4:58 pm
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> i am just very appreciative of my brother. brother. >> the grieving sister of annn alameda county shares fruit is sharing her heart about the impact he made on the world and how she plans to keep his memory alive. you are watching abc at 5:00. tonight we are learning more about the 28-year-old alameda county shares for kurt who was shot and killed earlier this week.
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