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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 7, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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reggie: i'm going to starbucks if anybody wants a good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, ten tens of millions of americans waking up to a major winter storm and a very messy commute on this friday morning. state of emergency. the snowstorm slamming the northeast right now, putting more than 45 million americans on alert. the storm wreaking havoc in the south overnight, this highway in kentucky closed in both directions. federal offices in washington shut down, and the airlines hit hard again. nearly 2,000 flights canceled already. our team is across the storm zone this morning. deadly clashes overnight. heavy gunfire in kazakhstan. this morning, the country's president says he gave the order to use lethal force on what he claims are terrorists. dozens killed in the violence and russian troops now on the
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ground. the new data showing just how effective covid vaccines are as the omicron wave threatens essential services, and california officials face questions about hosting the super bowl. plus, the supreme court showdown this morning over president biden's vaccine mandates for millions of workers. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joining us as the agency is under fire for its new isolation guidance. sentencing day for the three men convicted of murdering amaud arbery. will they spend the rest of their lives behind bars or be eligible for parole? model's airtag alert. the "sports illustrated" swimsuit model who believes someone placed a tracker in her coat when she wasn't looking. >> check your belongings. check your surroundings. it was the scariest, scariest moment ever. >> the notification she says she received on her phone. was she stalked? what apple is saying this morning about their airtags, the tech designed to help you find your lost items. djokovic drama. the tennis star in isolation this morning as we learn more about where he's being held and
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what his wife is saying overnight. walmart wants in. would you let someone deliver groceries right to your fridge? how walmart's new service works and the security concerns. ♪ i wanna rock 'n' roll all night ♪ and elmo versus rocco. what one of our favorite friends is saying about settling the score on “sesame street” and the reaction from the rock this morning. ♪ i wanna rock 'n' roll all night and party every day ♪ some good friday music. good morning, america. a pretty snowy friday morning in the northeast. cecilia and i dressed for it. >> sweater vest friday. >> major snowstorm here on the east coast. >> it is really snowy. new jersey declaring a state of emergency. look at this, a live look at atlantic city. there it is, and connecticut is in the bull's-eye of the storm this morning, parts of that
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state already getting more than nine inches, but boston, of course, is bracing for a very big hit. this storm already wreaked havoc in the south. nashville getting record snowfall. >> millions of americans facing a tough commute to work this morning and the airlines are struggling. our team is covering all the angles on this fast-moving storm. ginger is tracking the very latest. she starts us off right here in new york. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. yes, our first significant snowstorm of the season. here in central park, we have had more than 5 1/2 inches, so this storm is performing. yes, it is wrapping up. the problem is it's still wrapping up new england, and the roads have become sloppy very quickly. we've had more than 8 1/2 inches possible reported at laguardia, so cancellations have been a big issue, and then there's going to be wind. a lot of cold behind it. so let's go ahead and look at that map to show you what's happening now, where it's going to be moving.
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most folks end in the next couple of hours, even in connecticut, but rhode island into boston, i hold onto your snow until about noon or 1:00, and then it's going to be moving up into maine for the later afternoon. it starts to wrap up, and gusts could be up to 30 miles per hour behind this thing, and you're going to see single digit windchills by tomorrow morning. of course, this is nothing compared to what's happened say in the sierra for the season, but for us, we are way behind. boston has been in a snow drought, so they're going to be adding up, and it's the same storm that just brought all of their annual snow in nashville in one day. more than six inches, a daily record for them there. kentucky, lexington, ten inches, and problems from this one storm, and now freezed out. george? >> as ginger said we're on alert. more than 45 million from virginia to maine. rob marciano is in milford, connecticut. good morning, rob. >> reporter: george, good morning.
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this area is shut down this morning. our plan was to meet in new haven. i was going to meet my connecticut crew up i-95. bad idea. it's a mess. tractor trailers are jackknifed, and no truck there is, but cars couldn't make it uphills. they were spinning out all over the place. here in connecticut, here's the snow. here's a pro tip for you. the windshield wipers off the window. i stole this from my daughter's book bag. she didn't have school by the way. it's still coming down. roads are not good. it's a fast-moving system, and the governor has shut down all government offices. most schools are delayed, if not, canceled. enjoy the snow day and be careful. stick around. ceci ceci cecilia? >> be patient out there. rob,
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let's go to matt reeve. >> reporter: we had snowfall this winter, and after the storm, we'll exceed that. schools canceled here in the city of boston, and the mayor citing conditions as well as the lack of school bus drivers. here in boston, they have tons of salt to clean up these roa roads, but there's excitement in the city because you can do skiing, ice skating, and the patriots are once again headed to the playoffs. >> why you got to rub that in? thank you for that, matt, in boston. now let's go to trevor ault in atlanta city, new jersey. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we watched the snow fall pretty heavily. you talked to a couple of drivers who described basically whiteout conditions on the highways and saying they topped
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it to at 20 miles an hour, and here in atlantic city, the lights from the casinos were just about the only thing you could see. the mix of storms is coming after what was already record-shattering snowfall. they got record snowfall in monday, more than typically in january and february combined and there were remnants of that snow before this storm arrived overnight here. so defepending on what the snowfall here is sunday morning, it's possible we'll get extra inches on top of it. atlantic city could top their yearly average in the first week of 2022, michael. >> pretty amazing there, trevor. thank you so much for that. severe winter storms are triggering a new round of flight cancellations across the country. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is at newark airport tracking all the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. yeah, airports in the northeast are seeing the most cancellations in the world and when you see what's happening here, it's really no wonder why.
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take a look at the numbers right now, because now what we're seeing here already this morning, more than 2,200 flights have been canceled. about 400 have been delayed. laguardia, boston, newark, and jf, they are among the most affected airports in the country. now, this comes just as flight crews test positive with that omicron variant still surging, alaska airlines now joining jetblue in cutting about 10% of january flights. the airlines saying this will give us the flexibility and capacity needed to reset. so even after this storm moves through, you can still expect some cancellations, in fact, already tomorrow we're seeing more than 500 cancellations across the country, george. >> okay, gio, thanks very much. we want to track this all morning long. right now overseas to kazakhstan where there was heavy shooting overnight as mass protests sweep the country and russian troops have now moved in to support the regime, and ian pannell is tracking this rapidly developing story. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. that's right, kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the
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world, a major oil producing nation, but right now it's in turmoil. america and other countries urging the peaceful settlement, but on the ground the opposite is happening with the country's president now warning his troops will shoot to kill protesters without warning. overnight, more violence and deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces in kazakhstan. the authoritarian regime using live fire as have some protesters. at least 25 demonstrators and 18 service personnel killed. tis morning, the country's president saying he gave orders to use lethal force on what he claims are terrorists. this bbc reporter capturing the intensity of the gun battles overnight. most of the violence taking place in the central asian country's largest city. what began as peaceful protests over doubling the gas prices rapidly escalating. anti-government protesters setting the mayor's office ablaze.
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the presidential residence also attacked. burned out vehicles, shattered windows, and fire damage a testament to the ferocity of the clashes. now, russian airborne units on the ground after a plea for help from kazakhstan's president. other ex-soviet nations also sending troops amid fears the death toll will rise. so the kazakh government is claiming the situation is stabilizing despite the heavy clashes, but this is a real dilemma for the biden administration and u.s. foreign policy. their response has been fairly mute. in wake of the capitol hill insurrection anniversary, do you support protesters or allow vladimir putin to use force to put down legitimate calls for political change? cecilia. >> big questions. okay, ian, thank you. we turn to the fight against covid with cases surging nationwide, some good news right now from the cdc about vaccine protection. a new study of a million fully vaccinated adults shows that
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severe illness is extremely rare, less than a fraction of a percent. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is there in burbank, california, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia. we have long known that vaccines are highly effective, but this new study lends hard numbers to that understanding. basically showing that if you are vaccinated, you are more likely to be hit by lightning than to die of covid. this morning, that new data showing how effective covid vaccines have been. a new study of more than a million vaccinated adults done pre-omicron showed less than a fraction of a percent suffered severe covid-related symptoms and an even smaller fraction of a percent died. those who did become severely ill or die were primarily older adults, immunosuppressed, or those living with multiple underlying conditions. >> we are seeing more and more sick patients come in unvaccinated. >> reporter: the largest healthcare system saying they
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will have to limit elective care calling it one of the most contagious viruses in our lifetime, adding 400 hospital employees are out with symptoms. >> we'll push the stretcher, clean a floor, hold the hand of a patient, and when you start to become truly understaffed, where you can't even open an area because it's not safe, there's not enough people to monitor, it starts to get a little bit scary. >> reporter: here in los angeles, more than 800 police and fire personnel are out with covid. the city defending staff levels despite rising ambulance response times. california officials also facing questions about the super bowl amid the surge in cases. mayor eric garcetti says he's certain the big game can be held at l.a.'s sofi stadium. >> confident that will happen and have great super bowl celebrations. >> reporter: but the nfl is preparing for backup, reaching out to other venues like the at&t stadium in dallas.
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the nfl telling abc news, we have contacted several clubs to inquire about stadium availability in the event we cannot play the super bowl as scheduled due to weather-related issues or unforeseen circumstances. and there's a new national push to recalibrate our thinking about covid. six of president biden's former advisers have written op-ed pieces calling on the president to completely overhaul the pandemic strategy, focusing on the new normal of living with the virus rather than trying to wipe it out. cecilia? >> okay, matt. thanks so much. i'll be talking to cdc director dr. rochelle walensky in our next hour. michael. >> thank you, cecilia. now to sentencing day for the three men convicted in the murder of ahmaud arbery. all three facing a minimum sentence of life in prison for chasing down and shooting arbery, an unarmed black man who was just out jogging. steve osunsami is in georgia with more. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we know that the minimum sentence for murder in georgia
7:14 am
is life in prison, but the question for the judge who presided over this trial and is presiding this morning is whether or not the three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery will be eligible for parole. prosecutors expected to argue that travis mcmichael who fired the fatal shot, gregory mcmichael, his father, a former police officer, and william "roddie" bryan should be spending the rest of their lives behind bars. each of the men are allowed to present additional evidence and call character witnesses. we're expecting them of course to ask the judge for leniency, but the best judge can do for them under state law would still mean that they would have to spend 30 years behind bars, and gregory mcmichael, the oldest of the three, is 65 years old. ahmaud arbery was unarmed when he was murdered in south georgia and prosecutors convinced jurors that he would have never been seen as suspicious by the
7:15 am
gentlemen if it weren't for color. jurors delivered a guilty verdict the day before thanksgiving. the three men are still accused in federal charges. that case begins next month. ahmaud arbery's family wants them to spend the rest of their lves in jail. cecilia. >> okay, steve, i know you'll stay on this story for us. thank you. we turn to the supreme court set to hear two cases over challenges to the administration's vaccine mandates for millions of workers. senior national correspondent terry moran is in washington with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. this is a major test at the supreme court of the biden administration's vaccine mandates and more generally of the federal government's overall power to respond to public health emergencies. so back in november, the biden administration imposed vaccine mandates on large private businesses, more than 100 employees where workers must get vaccinated or tested regularly in order to keep their jobs and mandates on some healthcare workers. these mandates affect about 100 million americans and they were challenged by republican-led states and a coalition of industry and trade groups who say that the administration
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exceeded its authority under the occupational safety and health act, osha, to regulate workplaces in america. they call it a power grab and an infringement on individual rights. the biden administration responds saying that these mandates will save hundreds maybe thousands of american lives each month and that osha empowers the government to regulate health threats in the workplace. these cases are on emergency appeal after a lower court blocked the mandates. the conservatives in control of the supreme court, they've already expressed skepticism about the government's covid responses, so we'll see what happens there. a decision in these cases, cecilia, george, is expected in the next few weeks. >> and there are big consequences. okay, terry, thanks very much. we go to capitol hill now where a candlelight vigil was held overnight, marking the anniversary of the january 6th insurrection. on the house floor earlier speaker nancy pelosi led a moment of silence. liz cheney, former vice president dick cheney were the only members of the gop in attendance. chief washington correspondent jon karl has the story and, jon,
7:17 am
earlier in the day that was probably the toughest speech of joe biden's presidency. >> reporter: it was really a whole new tone from joe biden, the most forceful he's confronted donald trump although he didn't refer to him by name, he called him the former president and alternatively the defeated former president, but he said trump was holding a dagger to the throat of american democracy. really, george, taking on not just trump's role on the insurrection but his lies about the election. meanwhile, as you mentioned, the only republicans there, the cheneys, dick cheney, i spoke to him shortly before he went on the house floor and he had forceful words for republicans saying, i am deeply disappointed we don't have better leadership in the republican party saying you cannot overestimate the importance of that anniversary of what happened on january 6th, and, of course, george, for the most part republicans ignored the anniversary. >> they did. meantime, jon, the house committee and the department of justice making it clear their work is far from over.
7:18 am
>> reporter: yeah, this committee is aggressively investigating -- one of the most aggressive investigations that i have seen on capitol hill in some time. they see this as akin to what the 9/11 commission did and, george, a very key decision will come up soon is whether the supreme court will hear an appeal to releasing trump's white house documents. i expect that maybe next week. >> jon karl, thanks very much. coming up here on "gma," the latest on tennis star novak djokovic in limbo in australia. we'll tell you what his wife is saying this morning. right now let's go back to ginger. >> let's get those weekend getaways sponsored by dell technologies. we will see the teens this morning here, but single digits by tomorrow morning. let's get those weekend getaways sponsored by dell technologies.
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ask your doctor about dupixent. drew: we are on storm watch this morning. a line of light showers pressing through the north bay about to move into the city. we will zoom down to street level in marin county. showers moved through the mill valley. this is where light rain is. it is approaching the east bay. scattered light rain, slick roads the biggest concern. less than a quarter of an inch of rain. live look from our san rafael camera. that line of showers begins to move through. slick roadways first thing this money. we will take the light showers in the forecast at least through lunchtime.unch, the rain is outf here. we will break for some sunshine later today. fresh cold air moves into night. 30's and 40's saturday.
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(excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. ♪ ♪ you want to go where? >> so cute. welcome back to "gma." that's a moment from "encanto," the disney movie about a magical family with special powers and this morning, we have a very special story about the power of representation and a very big surprise for one adorable little boy. i cannot wait to share this story with you. it's coming up in our next hour. >> we're looking forward to that. following a lot of headlines including the latest on the snowstorm that's working its way up the east coast that's put more than 45 million americans on alert. new jersey is actually under a state of emergency right now. boston bracing for a big hit. 2,000 flights have already been canceled. overseas, there was heavy shooting overnight in kazakhstan as mass protests against the authoritarian regime sweep the country. the president there said he gave
7:31 am
orders to use lethal force on what he calls terrorists. russian troops have now moved in to support the regime. there's a big study from the cdc that finds covid vaccines are highly effective in protecting against severe illness and death. a small fraction of fully vaccinated people suffering the worst outcomes. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joins us in our next hour. and we've got a lot more ahead including walmart delivering groceries directly to your fridge. how it works and the security concerns, coming up. right now to the firestorm surrounding the world's top tennis star novak djokovic. he's being detained by the australian government as he awaits his day in court, was refused entry into the country after the battle over his visa and vaccination status education escalates. will reeve has the latest. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, george. that firestorm is swirling outside novak djokovic's door. at australian customs checkpoints, among politicians and the press, tournament organizers and his family while he waits alone in a quarantine facility.
7:32 am
the drama is somewhat suspended until monday, yet ever unfolding. this morning, more drama down under ahead of the australian open. world number one tennis player novak djokovic is isolated in vaccine limbo until at least monday when he'll learn the fate of his appeal of his visa cancellation by the australian government. seen here in a new photo taken while he was at the airport, djokovic is currently at the park hotel quarantine facility in melbourne. as abc news learns more about his temporary living arrangements. where fans gathered to show their support as djokovic acknowledged them from his window. the 107-room park hotel in melbourne is billed as a four and a half star luxury hotel but used as a quarantine facility for more than a year. there are currently dozens of government detainees there awaiting action from australian officials. now including djokovic whose
7:33 am
mother dekcried the facility's conditions on thursday. >> they are keeping him as a prisoner. it's just not fair. it's not human. >> reporter: his wife tweeting, we will grow from this experience and we stand with novak, we stand with djokovic. overnight, australia's home affairs minister pushing back. >> mr. djokovic is not being held captive in australia. he is free to leave at any time that he chooses to do so. >> reporter: australia's former prime minister perplexed by the situation. >> there's no way that djokovic could have got to australia, not having been vaccinated without an australian federal government visa. that's the baseline problem here. >> reporter: the mess began late tuesday when djokovic tweeted this photo of himself preparing to fly down under for the chance to defend his australian open crown and win a record 21st grand slam title writing that he
7:34 am
had received an exemption. which has strict covid rules and mandatory vaccination for industry. djokovic has previously been outspoken against vaccine mandates and has not publicly disclosed his own vaccination status. once djokovic landed in melbourne he was detained for hours by australian border forces who did not deem his exemption sufficient to enter the country and ultimately canceled his visa and ordered him deported. by virtue of being the best tennis player in the world and one of the faces of the sport, djokovic's exemption saga has grabbed all the headlines, but abc news confirmed australian border forces are currently assessing the credentials of two other players scheduled to play in the australian open under that same exemption permission that djokovic was granted. guys. >> all right, will, thank you very much. let's bring in espn tennis analyst patrick mcenroe with more and, patrick, good morning to you. we know that djokovic is scheduled to be deported pending an appeal hearing on monday. what's the latest you're hearing about the situation? >> well, first of all, the follow-up on what the reporter
7:35 am
said, i'm hearing that it's another czech player, a female player that's been put into the same hotel for the same reason meaning that the coronavirus infection that she apparently had, and what djokovic did to apply for this exemption that apparently occurred in the last six months, well, the federal government in australia is saying, that's not good enough to get into the country if you are unvaccinated which we believe obviously now that djokovic is. he's been very coy about this situation throughout the last 18 months, about his vaccination status. of course, over the course of his career, he spouted some rather bizarre medical theories of his own. so when he posted that instagram post, michael, saying, i'm on my way to australia with a medical exemption or an exemption to come play the tournament, this created the political firestorm from the public in australia. now remember, the australian public is vaccinated at the rate of well over 90% and the city of
7:36 am
melbourne which is in the state of victoria, which initially gave him the visa exemption has gone through a major lockdown for over 250 days since the pandemic began. >> so given all that does he have any chance on this appeal? >> i believe he has a chance, george, but i think it's slim because when the prime minister steps in to the situation as he did, this has become political dynamite in australia and, unfortunately for djokovic, and i don't agree with a lot of the things he said and/or done throughout his career he's become a political pawn in this situation. that's just the reality of what's happened. if you're in the djokovic camp, you're saying, wait a second, of course, i'm unvaccinated, but i went through the proper process to be able to get the exemption, what tennis australia that runs the event, what the state of victoria, the exemption process that he went through, he did
7:37 am
what he was supposed to do, but then the federal government stepped in and said, hold on a second. we control the borders, we're going to look at this thing a lot more closely and when they did, that's when they held him. now he's staying in this hotel and he's going to wait until monday. to leave the country if he tion- wants. >> so what do you make of the criticism that he's acting as if he's above all of these rules? >> you know, i think that's a sense that people have. he's made it clear that he doesn't want to be vaccinated. of course, that's his right, but when you make that declaration and when you make that decision as an individual, you then get to deal with the consequences and one of the consequences in this situation is you may not be able to get into the country. australia probably would have been a lot better off if they had just said no exemptions, if you are not vaccinated, you can't come. and by the way, it seems like that's where a lot of the world is starting to go. some major countries, france, which is where the next major
7:38 am
event is played, the french open, of course, the president there making some strong comments about the unvaccinated. this is going to continue, djokovic made the decision himself. it's his right to not take the vaccine. but then he doesn't have the right to saunter into any other country around the world that have their own rules and regulations. >> a lot more to come on this story. that's for sure, patrick mcenroe, thank you so much for being with us. coming up, a "sports illustrated" swimsuit model who says someone placed a tracking device in her coat when she wasn't looking. what apple is saying about these airtags this morning. these airtags this morning. i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. or psoriatic arthritis. but we are so much more. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers. parents and friends. if joint pain is getting in the way of who you are, it's time to talk to your doctor about enbrel. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop permanent joint damage.
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we have breaking news. let's go to t.j. holmes. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. and hello, everyone. t.j. holmes here reporting from times square. we're coming on the air with the news that we have lost an icon. trailblazing actor and civil rights activist sidney poitier has passed away. the ministers do confirm that the former ambassador has passed away at the age of 94. sidney poitier, born in miami, but raised in the bahamas, son of tomato farmers launched a career. they went from small theater parts so eventually hollywood superstardom. our linsey davis has more on the
7:43 am
life and legacy of sidney poitier. >> your attitude. >> reporter: sidney poitier doesn't make movies a critic once wrote, he makes milestones. for two decades, he stood alone as the only african american leading man. he was the first to be nominated for an academy award. >> no more. >> reporter: the first to win an oscar for this performance in "lilies of the field." >> get yourself another boy. >> reporter: in "guest who's coming to dinner" -- >> mom, this is john. >> reporter: he starred in one of hollywood's first interracial love stories. >> we have this problem. i fell in love with your draught. >> reporter: from his earliest roles, poitier challenged racial stereotypes, whether playing a young doctor whose patient died -- >> there is a possibility that i killed him, isn't it? >> don't be a fool. that his brother's --
7:44 am
>> reporter: -- or a man frustrated by his lack of opportunity. >> i rented a limousine, yes, sir, and no, sir. >> reporter: or a police officer forced to work with a racist southern sheriff in "in the heat of the night". >> virgil, that's a funny name. it comes from philadelphia. what did they call you up there? >> they called me mr. tibbs. >> reporter: they also called him sir. >> you will call me sir. >> reporter: poitier's dignified presence on screen opened the door for other black actors after accepting an honorary oscar in 2002. he said he didn't try to set the pace for others. he said his work was simply a reflection of his values. >> if someone saw that and felt that they were of use to them, then i'm -- i'm blessed. >> reporter: from a childhood of poverty, poitier became an american icon, a symbol of
7:45 am
persistence and possibility, of hope and excellence. ♪ >> and sidney poitier was the first black actor to win the best actor academy award, and our abc news contributor is with me now. he won the oscar in 1963 for best actor. they gave him an honorary oscar in 2002. that was the same year that the next black man won best actor which is denzel washington and he joked, man, i waited all this time to get one, and they gave you one on the same night. i remember that moment, and that was some almost 40 years later. put in context if you can what sidney poitier meant for entertainment, for movies, but also for black actors like halle berries of the world and denzel washingtons who came up after him. >> t.j., you phrase it right. that was an incredible night. i remember watching that night,
7:46 am
and it was almost a symbolic passing of the torch if you will, and since then, denzel has stood on the shoulders of sidney poitier along with all the incredible artists you mentioned like halle berry, like michael b. jordan, like viola davis. what sidney poitier did was at that time he exemplified blackness and the fullness of blackness and black identity. he was coming up in a time in hollywood when black actors were stereotyped and they were one-dimensional and he came around and he showed america and the world what black range looked like. what it was like to be smart, charismatic, witty, beautiful, dynamic, gregarious, and he played such roles with such great depth in character. we think about that movie right now, t.j., "guess who's coming to dinner." it was about this interracial
7:47 am
dating which is now very common, but as you know, t.j., interracial dating was illegal in 17 of the 50 states six months prior to that release. for sidney poitier to play that with such range, with such nuance, and such depth and understand what it's like to deal with that time, and then we look at "the heat of the night," which was an incredible performance about this black detective who had to go to mississippi to do a murder investigation and dealing with the bigots at the time. that was only after -- three years after the civil rights act was passed. so sidney has always led us and led america -- led america and the social construct through the lens of film and pop culture on what it is to be black america, and the tolls of being a black american within this space, but also too what it means with this great liberation, right? what it means to be great, and
7:48 am
what it means to have dignity, and then, t.j., also true what he did was when i say all these actors say about current time, standing on this shoulders, and you see ava duvernay to show fullness to make sure on the camera and behind the camera are black and women, and you see denzel to make sure the roles and lines have depth. he was hesitant to take the role because he wanted to make sure it was done with justice to black americans, and so he always thought about the character, and how would he be represented not just himself, but an entire community and a nation. >> like we see so often now, and it has come up in the award shows when there's a lack of diversity and the nominations, and we remember the oscar so white controversy. we talked about just a few nominees or a few recipients of color. he was the only one there for awhile. it wasn't a matter of having a
7:49 am
few or not enough. he was black hollywood for a little while, and even as we mentioned, he won that oscar, there was even controversy when the one presented to him, anne bankroft kissed him on the cheek and there was controversy surrounding that. that's what he was going through, but we talk about him in the context of what he meant for black actors coming up, but he said something in an interview with the "new york times" saying, i had the attitude that i could be as good an actor as brando, as good as any american actor of substance. what a wonderful reach. we can talk about him in how important it was he was a black man, but this was hollywood and acting excellence that he should always be recognized and remembered for. >> t.j., i love that you brought that up. he wasn't just a black actor. i'm so glad you brought that to the conversation because that's what our actors are fighting
7:50 am
for. against the grain, and pi pigeonholed as a black actor and meryl streep never gets the title of great white actor. she's just one of the best actors there are because she's meryl streep. black actors want the same respect, and that's what sidney poitier was able to be transformative in that statement, and that regard that he wasn't just a great black actor, but he's one of the best actors not only at this time, but currently of all times of generations and not only was he a trailblazer and the first black actor to get the oscar, but he was a trailblazer in really busting down that pigeonhole of that stereotype of just being a good black actor. no, he was a great actor, and that's what unfortunately t.j. though, a lot of black actors in hollywood still have to fight against that narrative of just being a good black actor versus being just a great actor. >> he was fighting and oftentimes i'm sure he felt he was alone or very lonely in that
7:51 am
fight, but certainly many today standing on the shoulders of sidney poitier, and things are changing in hollywood. a lot of that started with sidney poitier. mike, my friend, good to see you as always, but the news again today, sidney poitier, the icon, the civil rights activist, the academy award winner for best actor, and just an absolute talent and presence has passed. we have lost sidney poitier at the age of 94. that word coming to us from the bohemian ministers today. we will have more on "world news tonight." of course, with david muir. we will return you now to regular programming. for some of you, that's "gma" on the west coast. i'm t.j. holmes. have a good day. >> announcer: this has been ann special report from abc news. ou, keep moving forward. make an appointment to talk to your doctor about adding rexulti to your antidepressant. make an appointment to talk to your doctor today, you have to deal with a lot of moving parts. you want everything to be on autopilot.
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welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." a snowy d"gma" for you on this friday morning. laguardia reported 8 impnches o snow. easily four to six in manhattan. it's starting to reduce in flake size, so we're wrapping up here, but it's ramping up as you go to the northeast. in boston and connecticut in some places, more than ten inches of snow, and we have so much to to cover here. let's go to the lake effect bands. in buffalo, they had their single day second in records, single day largest snow in the month of january with more than 18 inches of snow. so yes, they're already feeling the cold and wind, and they had those bands kind of kicking up. we're all going to feel the wind, but gusts will go up to 30 miles per hour around here. so that's going to impact flights well beyond the snow flying, and so remember. it's going to be extra cold, and by tomorrow morning, it'll feel like the single digits. go to washington state, all
7:54 am
major passes there. many of them closed because of snow. so we are not alone, and there's more where that came from, right into the rockies we go. boy, does it look like january. this is sponsored by weight watchers. your local news and weather, next. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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7:56 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: good morning. i am jobina fortson. we are going to start with a look at traffic and bring in the drive times for you. everything is clear across the board. we have one slow spot on the map. it is going to be in san jose. this is residual traffic from a crash we were following earlier on northbound 101 passed mickey road. speeds are down 222 miles per hour. wrapping up on the traffic look in emeryville, showing our camera. headlights traveling westbound. drew: we are tracking rain moving through. you can see a line of showers moving through the north bay about to move into the city. raining in san rafael. rain about to move into oakland.
7:57 am
storm impact scale at a level one with slick roadways. keep the rain in the forecast through noon. some peaks of sunshine and cooler weather by the morning. jobina: we will have another update in about 30 minutes. you can catch up with the latest on our app.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. the snowstorm slamming the northeast right now putting more than 45 million americans on alert. it caused trouble in the south overnight. this highway closed in both directions. federal offices in washington shut down as the coldest air of the season rushes in. covid crisis as omicron surges. the cdc coming under fire for those new isolation guidelines, testing shortages and now, are school closures doing more harm than good? cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joins us. health alert. the new study sounding the alarm on the dementia crisis predicting rates will triple by the year 2050. dr. ashton breaks down the primary risk factors and what to look out for. secret double life. the missouri corrections officer
8:01 am
married for 23 years engaged to another woman convicted of killing her two days before the wedding. this morning, his ex-wife speaks out for the first time. would you let someone deliver groceries straight into your fridge? walmart's new service giving delivery people access to your home? how it works and the security concerns this morning? ♪ i wanna rock 'n' roll ♪ elmo versus rocco. >> rocco says that he wants the oatmeal raisin cookie. >> rocco is a rock, zoe. rocco won't know the difference. >> elmo's hilarious rocky relationship on "sesame street" and this morning even the rock is weighing in. ♪ meet the 2-year-old loving this, his adorable reaction to "encanto." >> i understand you. >> this morning, the power of on-screen representation and the big surprise we have in store for the whole family as we say, good morning, america. good morning, america.
8:02 am
we are so glad you're with us on this friday morning because it happens to be cecilia's birthday. >> you forgot 25th birthday. >> the 25th birthday. i thought it was 21. >> happy birthday. >> thank you guys. >> happy birthday. >> and we have a surprise message for you right now. >> i'm scared. >> check it out. >> hi, babe. good morning. i'm here with your favorite jalisco that wants to wish you a happy birthday. he's so excited to be wearing this hat, can you tell? anyways, hurry on back so you can put yours on. you're going to love it, right? anyway, love you and miss you. happy birthday, babe. >> aw. "happy birthday" in spanish is playing in the background. i love you. thank you guys. can't wait to get home, but i'll spend most of my time trying to
8:03 am
get home due to the weather. hats for you guys later for you to put on. >> you've been doing this a little while, cecilia, but not a long time. one thing you'll learn the longer you anchor on "gma" the more prerogative you have to take your birthday off. >> now i know. next year it's on a saturday. [ laughter ] thank you, guys, though. we have a lot of news to get to this morning, we'll start with the major snowstorm working its way up the east coast. new jersey declared a state of emergency. live look at atlantic city and ginger is tracking the storm. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, george. we've got 5 1/2 inches of officially at central park. our most significant storm of the season so far and i can happily report unbridled joy inside central park between dogs and humans alike, but it does not look the same at airports this morning, like laguardia,
8:04 am
8.4 inches, so many cancellations, and we're going to see more of this because the wind isn't going to stop behind this deal so let's look at some of the pictures coming out of long island. 6 to 9 in a lot of place, more than 10 in connecticut. the roads are slick. the visibility is low, some of these bands could easily produce more than an inch per hour. and that's where you get into trouble. it's the timing of this storm. it's that it all came right here during the busiest part of the morning commute. it will be wrapping up and out, but that doesn't mean that rhode island and boston, which already has more than seven inches, isn't going to see more snow so all the way through the lunch hour if you were in coastal new england and maine through this evening so the winter storm warnings are in place, so many states involved here. but the heaviest snow will fall closer to the coast and then it will be moving out by late this afternoon into the early morning hours. i have to tell you, it's all about the wind after that, the gust at 30 by tonight, the wind chills tomorrow you'll wake up in the single digits. happy 25th birthday, cecilia. you'll have to hold on to your
8:05 am
hat. >> okay, ginger, thanks so much. we turn to the fight against covid. the fast-spreading omicron variant. joining us is the director of the cdc, dr. rochelle walensky. dr. walensky, i want to dive right in. thanks so much for being with us this morning. your agency is facing a lot of criticism over these new guidelines over isolation and not requiring a five-day test to get out of those isolations, the american medical association is saying, going as far as saying they're not only confusing but they risk spreading this virus even further. are they wrong? >> let me just clarify and say, isolation, we talk about isolation in the context of people who have had a positive test, who know that they are infected and we have now dozens of studies referenced on the cdc website that have demonstrated that you are most infectious in the one to two days before your symptoms and the two to three days after your symptoms, so by five days after your symptoms, so by five days after your symptoms, the vast majority of your contagiousness is really behind you, and what we say at
8:06 am
day five then, is, are your symptoms gone? are you feeling better? is your cough gone? sore throat gone? if so, then it is safe to go out if you're wearing a mask all the time and that means not going out to restaurants, not going out to gyms, not going visiting grandma but really consciously wearing the mask for the last five days. now they said they're using an antigen or a home test at the end of those five days, and if people are able, or have access, they can do that. we provided guidance on how to interpret it. if that test is positive you may choose -- you should stay home for those extra five days but if that is negative, you should go out and continue to wear your mask. now, i've read the ama statement and i have deep respect for the ama, but i will also say we've heard a lot of support for ongoing guidance from public health partners, from other clinical and laboratory partners as well. >> there's part of the
8:07 am
consideration in not requiring a negative test after these five days because there aren't enough tests to go around in this country? >> you know, we make these recommendations in the context of science, in the context of ongoing epidemiology, and in the context of what is feasible in collaboration with our public health and local and state public health partners, and through that discussion and through the discussions within cdc, with our own subject matter experts and with the fda, we made the recommendation, you know, these tests are actually not authorized for the purpose for evaluating contagiousness. >> i want to ask you about those encouraging headlines we're talking about this morning, this new study showing how well vaccines are working to prevent severe illness. given that is it time to start rethinking how we're living with this virus, that it's potentially here to stay. >> the overwhelming number of deaths, over 75% occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities so really these are people who were unwell to begin with and, yes, really
8:08 am
encouraging news in the context of omicron, this means not only to get your primary series but to get booster series and, yes, we're really encouraged by these results. >> dr. walensky, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. all right, coming up, we have the new study about dementia projecting the number of patients to triple worldwide by 2050. how you can lessen your risk. dr. ashton is here with the answers. and the details on walmart's service delivery straight to your refrigerator. we'll tell you how it works and what the company says about security concerns. and what's the word on "sesame street" with elmo versus rocco. even the rock is weighing in on social media. stay with us. we'll be right become.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ snowy morning here in times square. welcome back to "gma." tomorrow on saturday "gma," broadway's hidden heroes, we meet the understudies stepping into the spot light. as so many stars bow out. we'll head over to michael. all right, cecilia. we'll go to our "gma" cover story. a health alert as a new report just released in "the lancet" reports skyrocketing rates of dementia across the world by 2050. those diagnosed in number they the number of those number expe expected to triple. dr. ashton here. boy, this is a big report here, doc. >> this was funded by the bill and melinda gates foundation and they really took a look at the global condition of health as our population grows and ages.
8:14 am
there will be more of us in 2050, but what condition will we be in, particularly with respect to brain health? so this tripling rate of dementia is a major concern and potentially a huge call to action for the world. >> and what are the primary risk factors associated with developing dementia? >> so, when this study looked at it, they looked at the risk factors that you and i talked about before, that things that are bad for the heart also tend to be bad for the brain, so things that are not a surprise, things like obesity, high blood sugar, poorly controlled diabetes, but then some less well-known factors like low education and then, of course, things like smoking, they really looked at this whole range of risk factors there that as a society we can try to intervene in, prevent and manage and then as individuals we can try our best to reduce as well. >> so as an individual what can we do prevent the onset of dementia? >> well, i think one of the keys that this study really brings up in terms of awareness, is we have to start acting now. so what can we do as individuals to improve our brain health, and
8:15 am
to prevent dementia 20, 30 years down the road? we do see social isolation. most people don't think of that. that is incredibly important, treating hearing impairment. we've heard the va and the government and a private sect nsector in this country try to take steps now. that can reduce the risk and then addressing depression. of course, we have to target obesity and our diet and our behavior, but these other less well-known factors are just as important so we hope that based on this study countries around the world will put plans into action right now but you and i can start doing these things today. >> those last three factors were things you wouldn't think about. >> surprising. >> thank you so much. george. we get to news about walmart now. by the end of the year 30 million households will be eligible to have groceries delivered by walmart not just to their doorstep, but directly into their refrigeratoor if the want? so, becky, you got to give us
8:16 am
the details on this, i don't quite get it, but go ahead. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, grocery delivery direct to fridge. technically walmart is calling it in-home delivery and you're right, the idea of having groceries unloaded into the refrigerator is a little hard to wrap your brain around, it's appealing but a total stranger entering your home while you're not there. for some that may be one step too far. ♪ delivery to your doorstep. this morning, walmart is going further, delivery people letting themselves into your home and unloading the groceries into your fridge. >> just the ultimate convenience to know that when you pull in the driveway after work, you go inside, all the things that you ordered are put away safely and left carefully out for you to use. >> reporter: it only works with web-connected smart locks like the level lock or certain garage door openers. walmart says delivery personnel also wear body cameras recording the entire time they're in your house without the option to be
8:17 am
turned off. the footage available live or for customers to review later. >> even if the customer is home, the camera is always on and it always records the full delivery from pre-entry to post exit. >> reporter: dry items are left on the counter. milk and vegetables are placed in the fridge. afterwards the delivery driver wipes down all surfaces, locks the door, and leaves. amazon has a similar service but it's limited to garages and car trunks, and while the convenience is obvious, the security issues are too. >> you just don't know who is coming over to your home and walking into your home so my company would not allow that. >> this poses complicated security issues and one expert we spoke with said he wouldn't feel comfortable letting a total stranger into his home. what is walmart doing to try and manage those concerns? >> our in-home associates have a minimum of one-year walmart
8:18 am
tenure and an average of five years and they go through an extensive vetting background check and training along with a driving record check to ensure all the safety precautions that our customers should expect have been carried out. >> reporter: the service is part of an enhanced walmart plus subscription service that costs $19 a month. the company hasn't released a full list of cities where it will be available but tells us cities like nashville, los angeles, chicago, indianapolis, those customers will be able to sign up by the end of the year and, george, i guess the simplest way to explain it, no melted ice cream. >> that is a benefit. all right, i picked some up the other morning. walmart addressed a lot of the concerns right there. so assume we get over that hurdle of security, i might do that but my dogs would have a very different idea. >> it's a good point, and they ask that on delivery days your dog is locked away. in some instances they can make a meet and greet between the dog and delivery driver.
8:19 am
to see if they can come to an understanding. i believe there's a lot of beef jerky involved in that. >> they have an answer for everything. becky, thanks very much. cecilia. >> i think walking in my house with food my dog will jump all over him. we're going to turn to the rivalry that's rocking the internet. elmo is taking on a pet rock. chris connelly, please break this down and i am told to ask you, are you team elmo? inquiring minds want to know. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. honestly i'm just trying to stay above the fray here. i think it's troubling any time there's strife on "sesame street" and, yes, it took a rock to turn elmo upside down and now the rock, dwayne johnson, is getting involved. >> no, wait, wait, elmo. rocco says that he wants the oatmeal raisin cookie. >> reporter: he's mad as elmo and he's not going to take it anymore. >> rocco is a rock, zoe.
8:20 am
rocco won't know the difference. >> reporter: this week saw the online universe captivated about the hot-blooded beef between elmo and zoe's pet rock named rocco. >> you can't have the cookie, elmo. rocco wants to eat it. >> how is rocco going to eat that cookie, zoe? tell elmo. rocco doesn't have a mouth. rocco is just a rock. rocco is not alive. >> reporter: just one oatmeal cookie, enough to take cheerful elmo from just being red to seeing red. >> rocks don't do much. they just sit there. >> you mean like rocco. >> reporter: leaving some to wonder can a muppet be gaslighted? >> i'm sorry i'm late but rocco had to go to the potty. >> what? >> reporter: elmo versus rocco dates back to 2004 when this storyline first aired on "sesame street." >> boy, rocco, isn't this exciting? >> reporter: no surprise in this stressful time. >> rocco, rocco is a rock, zoe. >> reporter: how memes and tiktok turbocharged elmo's exasperation across social
8:21 am
media, perfect for right now. on wednesday elmo perhaps trying to dull the sharpness of his rock, paper, scissors. >> are you okay? are you okay? >> oh, boy. >> reporter: issuing a statement on twitter, wait, what? saying, don't worry, everybody, elmo and zoe practiced sharing and are still best buds forever. elmo loves you, zoe. ha, ha, ha. elmo doesn't want to talk about rocco. no comment from rocco as usual, emboldened elmo going for olympic gold and subtweeted with this, has anybody ever seen a rock eat a cookie? elmo is just curious, and that's when dwayne johnson entered the chat. yes, my friend, he responded on thursday, this rock devours cookies. yes, elmo issued a statement, i
8:22 am
don't think we've heard the last of this yet, guys. >> no, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place, chris. >> oh. >> oh. >> thank you. ginger, save us. yeah, we give you grace on your birthday, okay, cecilia. we'll give you grace for that one. we're starting to see the snow become lighter here. not in my hometown did they have light snow. it was their snowiest single day in grand rapids, michigan, since 2016. some places getting more than a foot. i know they had big accidents there but now i want to take you to the cold. it's all about tomorrow morning. even if so drew: tracking morning showers today leading to some sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures topping out in the mid 50's behind this front. overnight lows in the mid 30's to low 40's. you're here is going to get a workout overnight tonight.
8:23 am
morning showers today and then we enter a dry pattern for the weekend. cold mornings and dry skies for much of next week. we're going to turn now to a man who led a double life that led to murder. just two days before molly watson was set to marry james addie, she was found dead on a missouri road. deborah roberts has more. good morning, deborah. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's a pretty unbelievable tale of deceit and murder, which happened in the nation's heartland, mark twain country. james addie, a married dad of two, secretly planning a wedding with his mistress, a woman who thought he was the love of her life until he found a brutal way to get out of his predicament. >> so i'm doing this for me. >> reporter: she set the date, bought the dress, mailed the invitations, but two days before the wedding, somebody shot the bride. >> i come up on the creek. you got to turn as you go into it and go across it, because the
8:24 am
road kind of curves. my headlights came over onto her body in front of the car. and i had to stop in the middle of the creek right about here. >> reporter: molly watson was found lying by her car on a desolate back road. in monroe county, missouri. according to the marriage license the highway patrol finds in her car, molly is engaged to marry a man named james addie. they met at the local prison where both had worked as corrections officers and had been in a relationship for seven years. >> so the sheriff along with a couple of members of the missouri state highway patrol went from the crime scene to james addie's home. >> as investigators go to deliver what they believe is going to be shocking news to james addie, they had no idea that the shocking news was going to be delivered to them.
8:25 am
>> reporter: investigators discover james addie, the prospective groom was not alone. there was a woman there, his wife, melanie addie. >> about 2:30, i think, i saw police car lights out my window and it was very strange to see that. i didn't know what was happening. >> she wasn't ready for everything that was about to come. she wasn't prepared that he had this whole other life that was happening without her. >> the police tell you that your husband has a dead fiancee? >> yes. >> and he's engaged? >> yes. >> you're learning all of this in one night. >> immediately, yeah. >> you've been married for 20 -- >> 23 years. >> what did you think? >> i can't even tell you. it was just mind-boggling. it made no sense at all. none. >> reporter: james addie was arrested and charged with murdering the woman he promised to marry. molly watson. did you think that your husband was capable of murder?
8:26 am
>> yes. it just seemed like something he would do to fix a problem. he was a pretty selfish person. >> melanie addie tells us she didn't want to believe the worst about her husband at first until she made a discovery that led her to do something she couldn't have imagined doing that sealed her now ex-husband's fate. life in prison, tonight you'll hear from james addie about that sentence and what he plans to do about it. that's tonight on "20/20," 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central. george. >> thanks, deb. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> moving forward, funny solutions. this abc 7 news. >> good morning. i am with abc morning spread we are checking in with a look at traffic. >> good morning. thank you. we are starting with the san mateo bridge. there is a singular there, right now. it is blocking at least two lanes. this will impact our commuters that are traveling on the westbound direction. that is towards the plan shall. traffic has been so light that the backup is not nearly as bad as it could be. you can tell there is a slowdown, but is going to take 20 women is to get across, traveling in the westbound direction. it is wrapping up with a very empty look at the coliseum camera and oakland. >> thank you.
8:28 am
say hello to 2022 with xfinity and you'll get fast and reliable internet for only nineteen ninety-nine a month for twelve months. plus, you can get twelve times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. you'll save hundreds over at&t. say hello to kicking off the year with this amazing offer. and with xfinity mobile, you can get a 5g phone on us and three hundred dollars back during our xfinity hello twenty twenty-two sales event! click, call or visit a store today!
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>> we are live. is coming up. we will chat with queens, plus and a gas tire as the week rules on. abc 7. >> more on storm watch. we are showing that we are tracking somewhat weather out there. you can see that wet weather as we move within the city, into the east bay. it is at street level. the day is wet, and it is a level one on the impact scale. scattered light showers. the day planner showing you rein in the forecast, and the rain is out of here by the afternoon. and we are tracking mostly
8:30 am
cloudy skies and temperatures. >> thank you. we have other abc 7 news update in 30 mitts pretty can always find the latest that ♪ right now we have our first "gma" buzz pick of 2022, we're teaming up with independent bookstores across the country for our weekly selections. this morning, from caris books and more. >> good morning, america. i'm sara. >> and i'm angela and we are the co-owners of charis books & more located in decatur, georgia. >> as our buzz pick we have chosen one of our staff's favorite novels, "the death of vivvek ogi" by akwaeke emezi. it's ultimately a deeply hopeful and transcendent story about what it means to be seen and understood by your friends and
8:31 am
family and to live your truths. >> so if you are looking for a life-affirming story that reminds you of the power of friendship and community, this is the book for you. >> thank you, guys. "the death of vivvek ogi" is out now. if you're in the decatur area, be sure to check out charis books & more and keep reading along with us @gmabookclub on instagram. time for our "level up" series. this morning, we want to level up your dating life. many dating apps have seen an uptick in january. is now the right time to join? matchmaker paul brunson is joing us now with his advice. paul, thank you for joining us this morning, and let's get right to it. is now a good time to join a dating app and which one do you think is the best in 2022? >> look, i have to say it's always a good time to join a dating app, always. and here are my favorites for 2022. first up we have hinge. it has emerged as one of the most popular dating apps in the
8:32 am
world. why? it's great for meaningful dating and committed dating. what i love about this is you get a lot of information on the person that you're going to be dating and that's very important if you plan to meet that person in real life. now, my second favorite app for 2022 is none other than bumble. why? because bumble is an app that allows ladies, you, to make your choice. in addition to that you making your first move you also get a chance to connect on not just romance but also on business or if you want to meet a friend. so these are all great reasons why bumble has become so popular. last but not least we have okcupid. it is one of my favorite apps, why, because it has a massive membership base but also it's very innovative, right. they've just rolled out a new feature i love that allows you to connect on social issues that matter. i think we can all agree it's a very important criteria in this time of age. >> definitely. we have a lot of viewer questions for you because as you
8:33 am
said it's that time of year and folks are getting on these apps so we're going to start our new year big dating question with rachel. listen up. >> i always seem to meet men who can't commit. how do i tell if they're serious? >> oh, wow, this is a great one, right? the fact that you are making the selections opposed to being selected is something that i really like, right, but what you need to work on is how you're making the selections and what you have to understand is it's very hard for us to be rational about our love decisions, so i want you to appoint a friend or a family member or a professional like a matchmaker and let them help you. >> okay, here's a question from social media. stephen asks as a divorcee and single dad raising two boys, what tips would you provide in finding love. how can i balance dating while raising two kids as a single parent? >> this is a great question. we have to understand that dating takes a lot of time.
8:34 am
as a matter of fact, on average daters are spending between 3 and 15 hours per week just doing self-improvement, going on dating sites, preparing for a date and going on a date, so it's a big commitment that you have to make. so you have to decide if you want to make that commitment now, and if you do, then get a support infrastructure. family, friends, baby-sitters, anyone who can help you to focus your time on dating in the moment. >> and, paul, here's a question from instagram, kim asks, for 40 plus never married, what's your biggest tip for meeting eligible relationship-ready partners? >> oh, man, this is a big one but three, first, be intentional. whenever you see someone you're attracted to don't wait to be approached, you approach them. number two is know that the biggest difference between a serious dater and someone who just wants a casual relationship is vulnerability. a serious dater will open up over time. a casual dater will close up
8:35 am
over time and last but not least, if you see someone closing up over time it means they're a casual dater, it's time for you to leave. >> move on. speaking of instagram, you say you don't have to be on traditional dating apps. you can actually use instagram to date too. how do you do that? >> yep, so instagram is one of the biggest platforms in the world, over a billion active users each month. we have to realize this is a great opportunity to meet people. now, how you do it is the secret sauce. and here's how you do it. you go onto a friend's profile so let's say you come on to my profile page. you look at people who you could be interested in meeting just like a dating website. look at their photo, their name, their other information, but then here's the secret, you ask your friend to make the introduction, why? because when you get introduced you have a two to three times higher likelihood of getting a message back. tt'resting.fective way to makec
8:36 am
finally, we have another yes from instagram, michael would like to know what are three things you must include on your dating app, profile summary. >> i promise that's not from me. [ laughter ] >> all right, all right, all right. so here's the thing, first, michael -- no, first we need to see that great smile. that's very important. secondly we need to see a full body shot so we can see how broad you are, right, and then third we need to know what makes you different, what sets you apart. these are three must-haves on your dating profile. >> paul brunson, thank you so much, man, for always helping us level up in love, my friend. hopefully we make some connections. you gave us great advice this morning. coming up, we have a big surprise for this 2-year-old, kenzo. the surprise is on the way.
8:37 am
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all right, we are back here now on "gma" with the power of representation. 2-year-old kenzo found his animated look-alike while watching disney's "encanto" over the holidays and his reaction, you just have to see it. it is lighting up social media. we are going to speak to him and his family in just a moment. there they are, but, first, everybody, take a look. >> say good morning. ♪ it was my wedding day it was our wedding day ♪ >> reporter: moviegoers are enchanted with "encanto." ♪ the impact this story is having goes far beyond the big screen. especially for 2-year-old kenzo brooks who sat down for family movie night and saw antonio, noticed the resemblance?
8:40 am
>> uh-huh, uh-huh. i understand you. >> i truly believe that he thought it was him. this is the reaction, he kept staring at the screen looking back at us and smiling. >> reporter: kenzo's family sharing the image on social media with the hashtag, representation matters. the photo going viral. >> that is fun. >> that is fun. >> for me it did make me feel a little bit emotional just to think that my son was able to see this and have this experience. and just for so many other black and brown boys and girls to be able to have that same experience. ♪ >> all right, and joining us right now are kenzo and his parents, kaheisha and keith. good morning, everybody. we're so glad to have you. hi. kenzo's juice box. >> good morning. >> good morning. keith, i want to ask you, we saw kenzo's smile, huge smile in that photo that you guys posted online. what was your reaction? there, look. what was your reaction when you
8:41 am
first saw antonio in the movie and how much he looks like kenzo? >> so, my initial reaction was i remember we first seen him turn back and look at us and we were like, whoa, it just took us aback and i said, does he notice that this looks like him? and just to see his reaction afterwards as he sat down on the floor and just tuned in as you can see in that video and he just also clapped and that photo you saw where he's standing next to the character, antonio, it was just extremely like off guard like we caught it and we captured that moment and it was amazing. >> it's almost emotional and kaheisha, i love your hashtag so much on that post, when you said representation matters because it matters so much and your picture and that hashtag has gone viral. what does it mean to you to know that kenzo gets to grow up seeing people and images who look like him in movies and on television? >> it means the world to me,
8:42 am
again, i didn't have the same experience growing up. i think the first time we remember seeing -- the first thing that comes to mind is "the princess and the frog" and i believe i was much older so that does mean the world to me. i do believe there is power in representation and it does empower young black and brown children. >> it really does. >> yes. >> i know kenzo's not wearing an earpiece so he can't hear me directly so i'm hoping you can relay a message and ask a question for me and ask him whether he would like a free trip to walt disney world? >> would you like a free trip to disney world? >> i want to get down. >> you want to get down. okay. [ laughter ] >> well, how about you, mom and dad, would you guys like a free trip to walt disney world? >> absolutely. >> yes, we would, absolutely. >> well, good answer because it just so happens that we here at "gma" happen to know a few folks at disney and they want to
8:43 am
invite you guys, the whole family for a three-night stay complete with airfare, a hotel room, tickets to the park, all the meals, they're taken care of. what do you think? >> i think that's amazing. >> thank you all. >> appreciate it. >> appreciate it. >> well, we appreciate you. we love kenzo. we love the message that you sent, representation matters. we cannot say that enough, guys, thank you so much. and enjoy your trip to disney world and "encanto" is streaming on disney plus. ginger, over to you. >> thank you, cecilia. okay, so it is cold, right? but you have to kind of say what can we do with the cold? you could make ice bubbles in parts of minnesota. they were doing that in graceville. sun halos were abound. beautiful. you can look at those ice crystals in a very different way. now, i do want to mention as of 7:00 a.m., 47% of this country covered in snow. we'll probably close in on 50% so we are certainly catching up to what is more normal for this time of year, even with
8:44 am
nashville and kentucky, some places in kentucky got more than ten inches yesterday. that's the big picture. drew: morning showers and sun today. temperatures topping out in the mid 50's. after this rain is a dry pattern. dry skies continue next week. and it is time now to level up your wi-fi safety in the new year. yep, it's our level up series and so many people use free public internet that it leaves them open to hackers. this segment sponsored by verizon and they have some tips to keep you and your information secure. ♪ in this digital age millions of americans are using free public wi-fi in spaces like coffee shop, malls, airports and hotels, but that connection may actually be an open invitation to hackers. >> using free public wi-fi is a
8:45 am
little bit like licking the water fountain at school. as you're taking a drink, yes, you get some water but you're also picking up germs and you're passing on germs along the way. >> reporter: meet john sileo, a white hat hacker and spokesperson for our sponsor verizon, who made it his mission to help people safely surf online. >> in order to understand how the hackers are going to get in, we need white hat hackers who go in and simulate what it would be like to get into these systems, shut down the open doors and make us safe. >> reporter: first tip, if you're using free public wi-fi always ask for the wi-fi name and password before joining. >> you know, it's super easy to get duped. you walk into your cafe and join free cafe wi-fi thinking it's safe when in reality it is a clone network that allows hackers to sniff all of your data. >> reporter: next, if you can connect to free public wi-fi using a password, consider
8:46 am
installing a vpn to be extra secure. >> setting up something like a virtual private network, a vpn is an app you can get on your pone or on your computer. what that does is it creates a safe encryption tunnel, a password-protected tunnel and that itself keeps your traffic much safer if you're on that public wi-fi. >> reporter: and finally, the safest option, use your cellular data. >> the safest and simplest thing that you can do is use your 5g or lte mobile data plan. that is configured with encryption, with passwords. >> when it comes to public wi-fi setting them up securely is a combination of who set up the network and how you're connecting to them. >> reporter: nicki palmer, verizon's chief product development officer, says the company is paving the way with 5g encrypted security built right into the connection. >> it is the next generation of technology that will enable so
8:47 am
many new things for businesses and consumers. it now has an added level of security, so it's much more secure than any kind of wi-fi network. >> we're living in this amazing time. if you take the steps and you can use the power of all of these devices without having to live in fear. bet cia setintsre on "gma," i knowledge bebig nfma t corr. starnd"g" lel upouli spsobyerizonra5g uhow online now at to see the power and possibilities
8:48 am
new year, new start.
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8:50 am
pumped up for the two huge games and the first-ever regular season saturday doubleheader on abc and espn. ryan clark, always good to see you, my brother, and first, first up, tomorrow patrick mahomes, kansas city chiefs taking on the denver broncos. that's a big story, big game. >> yeah, listen, it's a huge game. now they're probably going to need a white hat hacker to get into the playoffs because the titans have the inside track and they're also playing the houston texans, but this is about patrick mahomes. this will be his first time having to go on the road in the playoffs, not getting a bye and also the first time we've ever questioned who patrick mahomes truly is, he needs to get on a roll, headed into the playoffs so we can see the guy that was in the super bowl the last two years. >> i agree with that. the second game is dak prescott and the dallas cowboys taking on the philadelphia eagles. this game is key for the playoffs. >> listen, this is huge for the dallas cowboys, but also the philadelphia eagles.
8:51 am
now, but when we were looking at the cowboys, they want to be like kenzo brooks, they want to get invited to disney world and want dak to go to disney world. this offense has to move the football and get some continuity and chemistry, but without smith on the offensive side of the ball, with covid ravaging the team, i think they'll rest dak prescott in the second half after he gets chemistry and continuity and sees some success on the field. this is a huge playoff for the dallas cowboys. they started this season out hot. they don't want to end up where they've been for the last quarter century, watching the game with you and me, strahan. >> you only get to disney world if you wing the super bowl. what is the biggest personal story as we head into the playoffs? >> the aaron rodgers story. this is truly the last dance. will there be a divorce for the green bay packers and aaron rodgers after this playoff run? they're the best team in the nfl right now. they have the best record. they're the number one overall seed headed into the playoffs, but is aaron rodgers going to be
8:52 am
dusting off his dating apps like you're going to be, strahan. will he be showing his smile? will we get a full body picture and will you tell us or will aaron rodgers tell us at the end of the season what makes him different from all the other people on bumble and okcupid? aaron rodgers understood coming into the season this could be his last year. he set it up that way and he's kind of changing his tune. if this is the last opportunity for aaron rodgers and green bay you would hate for his reign at quarterback to end with only one championship. they have as good a chance as anybody headed into the playoffs and we'll see how it turns out. >> it's hard to picture aaron rodgers not finishing his career as a packer and, you know, one thing different about you, you're not afraid to give me a hard time. we played together here in new york and you went on to become a big star with the pittsburgh steelers but need to put a giants helmet behind you too, buddy. >> i'll get one. you got to send me one. i know you get all the free stuff.
8:53 am
>> i'll work on it. ryan, great to see you as always, man. the nfl season finale weekend kicks off tomorrow on abc, espn, espn plus and espn deportes and we will be right back. stay there.
8:54 am
- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you!
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you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. a ♪ celebrate ♪ a big happy birthday to cecilia. >> thank you. >> yes. happy birthday to you. >>
8:56 am
come on, bring it in there, sal. >> a cake. >> hey, my favorite. you guys know i love cake. >> there you go. >> ooh, thanks, george. thank you, guys. >> can't eat with your fingers. >> i would. >> we'll be off the air in a second. >> thank you guys. love working with you guys. have a good weekend, everybody. >> happy birthday. >> me and food. my gosh, look at that. that wasn't hard to find very many pictures of me eating. ♪ let's all celebrate and have a good time celebration ♪ good time celebration ♪
8:57 am
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better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. this is abc 7 mornings. we have a check on traffic. >> good morning. we are going to go back to the san mateo bridge because there is still a thing in effect there. west bend direction. it is at the high-rise. out of view of our camera, and there are still at least two lanes. a check in on the drivetime. >> that's what i expected. for the san mateo bridge, as you travel westbound, once you make it through the mist, which is where our camera is, you are looking at around 40 four minutes for the drivetime, we do not have an estimate time. that is not for always ripping. >> we have a storm watch this moring. live doppler 7. showers essentially over the city and in the east bay. there is a storm impact scale level of one. plan today, get rid of the wet
9:00 am
weather, by the afternoon. >> hello. time for kelly and ryan. we will be back in 11. see them. we will be back in 11. see them. it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, she's one of the stars of "queens," brandy, and from the new comedy "american auto," ana gasteyer. plus, getting financially fit in 2022 as we wrap up our resolution solutions week. all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. it's-- i wanna take it all in. there's too much to look at at once. kelly: i wanna see our producers again. ryan: there we go, there we go. art moore dressed to the nines. [applause] kelly: i can see... [breaking up] i can see a black box, so i know that's her. hey, we should mention, hi, it's friday, january 7th, good morning, welcome to "live." i realized that tubbs, who's my radio engineer, who's been helping me out


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