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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 9, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> tonight, california is no longer requiring health care workers that is negative against covid-19 or to isolate if they are symptomatic. we will tell you why. >> flowers left outside of san francisco's "full house" house in memory of bob saget. details of his death in my story. >> a dry week ahead. i will have the forecast. abc 7 news 11:00 begins right now. announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it kind of up watching a show and this person is gone. >> he is the dad of the 90's for everyone. dion: true. morning the loss of bob saget, fans and headed to the "full
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house" house in san francisco to pay their respects to the man known for his role as danny tanner. good evening. thank you for joining us. imd on them. you are watching abc 7 news right now on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. bob saget had just performed are remembering the comedian and actor. reporter jr stone has more. >> i am going to miss you so much. reporter: he was looked at by many as america's dad of yesteryear. known as danny tanner of full house, at the age of 65, bob saget has died. >>. >> i want to cry. >> it is very sad. i just saw it on the news. >> definitely sad news, he is the dad of the 1990's for everyone. reporter: his body was found at the ritz-carlton in orlando, florida.
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his cause of death is sunday night, more than 20 800 miles from there, "full house" and bob saget fans showed up to the place known as the "full house" home in san francisco. flowers left in his memory. scott said he left white bread for danny tanner, and a budweiser for bob saget. >> it touched everybody in my generation, my siblings, my up i am from southern california and i think he raised a generation throughout the country. reporter: while he was on america's funniest home videos and still traveling as a comedian those we talk with all best associated him with "full house" and associated "full house" with san francisco. >> that was the first thing i thought of. san francisco, full house. reporter: even youngsters who weren't around 27 years ago when the show first aired note of bob
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saget not only for the sequel, but also calle old "full house" clips that hit social media. >> it was the show you watched at 8:00 friday night with your family. it was the family show. >> pretty sad news, this is our childhood. reporter: jr stone, abc 7 news. dion: as you can imagine, many have expressed their sadness on twitter including two of his costars. john stamos wrote, "i am broken, i am guided. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobby." another costar wrote "my heart is broken. i love you my brother." abc news issued a statement saying "bob saget will always be a member of the family, from playing a father on full house or hosting america's funniest
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home videos. bob always knew how to connect with families heart and humor." moving on now, new york city fire officials say a malfunctioning space heater caused a fire that killed at least 19 people in a high-rise apartment building in the bronx. at least 32 more are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. reporter mona gosar abdi has more from new york. reporter: new york city and state officials are pledging to help families of victims of a deadly apartment fire in the bronx. >> we will not abandon you, we are here for you. reporter: they say the fire broke out around 11:00 a.m. sunday and quickly spread. a space heater to blame. within minutes, more than 200 firefighters were on the scene smashing out windows and evacuating the building my god. reporter: he says his daughter woke him up, telling him a mattress in the apartment was on
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fire. >> was sleeping at my kid just screamed and said, fire, fire. reporter: at the residence, heartbroken. >>. >> this is like a family. we lost a lot of lives. it hurts very bad, especially children and even elders. i see these people every day. reporter: new york city mayor eric adams: one of the worst fires in history. >> when something hits the city, it will take us a lot of time to recover. reporter: officials say the door being left open may have contributed to the smoke spreading quickly through the high-rise. mona kosar york. dion: officials say they are making it a priority to get with muslim leaders to connect with residents and make sure islamic burial rights are respected. not to the latest covid-19 developments. san francisco officials say some testing sites will temporarily use hours due to, quote,
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"challenges beyond our control, "." with the health system first. and congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez has tested positive for covid and his experience and symptoms. she is vaccinated and received a booster. chicago public schools will be closed for a fourth day tomorrow, the district and the teachers union have not come to an agreement on safety protocols. health care workers in california that test positive for symptoms, they can go back to work. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to hospital staff about the guidelines. luz: as omicron continues to search, hospital staffing shortages increase across the state. california department of public health is changing its covid-19 isolation guidelines. >> if we have a nurse that calls out, what that means is we can't open a zone in the emergency department. luz: and the new guidelines,
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asymptomatic workers can go back to work immediately without isolating or testing . the chief at ucsf believes this change will play a crucial role in alleviating the statewide health care staffing shortage. >> we know that in 2020 before there were vaccines, the rate of transmission from providers to patients that has been documented is minuscule. so now in the age of vaccines and boosters and p.p.e., we feel that if someone has a negative test even with symptoms, given the shortages, they should be able to come to work. luz: california department of public health is requiring hospitals up for this option after exhausting every other option, and mandating health care workers are asymptomatic to wear p.p.e. at all times.
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the health department explained in part, quote, "facilities and providers using this tool should have asymptomatic covid positive workers interact only with covid-positive patients to the extent possible." the california nurses association believes this change will put patients and hospital staff at risk. >> we all are starting to brace once again for another surge. for us to go to work knowing that we are infected with the virus, even if we do not have the symptoms, you can potentially infect our patients and that is not right. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. dion: it was a pretty big sports day in the bay area. first the niners plaintiffs a playoff spot with an overtime victory. . then klay thompson made an emotional long-awaited return to the worriers. reporter chris alvarez joins us with more. you are still on the sports high from being a chase center.
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chris: i think you are, too, i see your smile. [laughter] after two and a half long years of being gone, from injuries klay thompson made a return. . 941 days in the making, the future hall of famer. we know him as the splash brother. putting that caps on a poster. what injuries? the green went insane. dub nation exploded at chase. clay finished with 17 points in his first game at the chase center as the worriers beat the cabs. >> it was a very special moment. i will never forget this night. i will never forget the reception that warrior fans gave us, especially myself. it was fun and it was worth every single day of being away on that shuttle board or in the squad rank and all the conditioning days, it was worth every single moment. and i am so grateful to just compete again. it has been a long road.
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>> he wasn't shy, was he? [laughter] not that we would ever expect klay to be shy, but i was amazed at his poise and confidence. after being out for so long. >> i am ecstatic about him just getting that off his back and being able to just focus on being himself and having fun playing basketball again. what he handled to date, not many people can go through all that and still deliver on the court. drew: only him. san francisco overcame a 17 point deficit. jauan jennings touched down in the fourth. we went into overtime. kicked the field goal. three point lead. and then thomas with the game stealing interception. kyle shanahan. niners win 27-24 in overtime and they will play the cowboys, sunday afternoon in the wild-card round. i will probably have trouble sleeping because of these games.
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i will sleep really good tonight. [laughter] i will have my one-on-one with klay, niner and with steph curry, coming up. dion: alright, chris, thanks. coming up, no red carpet, no ceremony, no telecast. . but the golden globes were still bestowed on actors, tv shows, and what movies. we will have some of the winners next. spencer: the return of dry weather is coming our way. i will have the accuweather
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dion: within the last hour, an australian judge overturned the
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government's decision to cancel tennis star novak djokovic's visa. that means he can play in the austrian open. the judge said djokovic was not given sufficient notice of his visa cancellation. he had been confined to an immigration detention hotel since last week, after australian border forces revoked his covid vaccine exemption and canceled his visa. general motors is joining california in the fight for clean-air. the automaker is aligning with our state's emission standards under the clean air act. the move puts g.m. on the list of carmakers to be eligible for -- in california. g.m. is investing money to develop electric vehicles and self-driving cars. california aims to be all electric by 2035. the 79th golden globe awards took place hollywood tonight with a very pandemic feel. it was not televised and there was no audience or even a red
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carpet, but that didn't stop it from being a big night for disney. encanto won for mos best animated feature. it has been really popular with viewers. it is streaming now on disney plus. disney's "west side story" took the golden globes for best picture, musical, or comedy. other big winners include jason sudekis, who won best actor in a television series for "ted lasso." jean smart took home the best actress award for her role in "hacks." spencer joining us now. things look pretty mild. >> as a matter of fact it is even milder than it was last night. let me show you the 24 hour temperature change. you may recall how cold it was last night. most locations are degrees less cold. if you look at the embarcadero under increasingly cloudy skies,
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50 in san francisco, 49 in oakland. san jose, mid-40s. the view from emeryville looks pretty clear, although clouds are moving over the bay right now. 43 in santa rosa. 39 in livermore, our chile spot. low 40's in napa, fairfield, and concord. looking at the lights from the bay bridge reflecting off the shimmering bay waters, these are our forecast features -- clouds will increase tonight. not so cold tonight. a dry and mild pattern is developing for the weekend, and the storm track remains to our north so may be some rain over the pacific northwest in the next few days, but it is not likely to reach the bay area. overnight forecast animation shows increasing clouds over the bay area. low clouds and fog as well. by early morning, 10:00 or so we will see the skies clearing, giving us a mainly sunny day before clouds tomorrow night. low temperatures will drop to the upper 30's at fairfield and
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concord. low 40's in most inland locations and around the bay shoreline, we expect temperatures from the range of 42-43 degrees in most locations. mid-40s on the coast. tomorrow, look for temperatures in the south bay in the low to mid 60's. 64 in san jose. 66 in morgan hill and gilroy. low 60's from san mateo to mountain view. on the coast, upper 50's. downtown san francisco will top out at 60 tomorrow. low to mid 60's in santa rosa and cloverdale. east bay highs in the low 60's, oakland, hayward. but the inland east bay will be rather the cool region, with highs only in the wednesday starting wednesday evening at 7:00 we will see some active weather to our north. thursday morning, rain trying to reach down into northern california. it probably will not reach the bay area. looking like a dry week ahead.
11:20 pm
let's look at the 7-day forecast, this is how things are shaping up, pretty mild through wednesday. mainly sunny skies. a few clouds here and there, highs up to 63 degrees. increasing clouds on thursday with the next system that may produce rain to our north. clouds increase, it gets a couple of degrees cooler, but then in the weekend we will see mainly sunny skies with more dry days ahead. dion: spencer, thanks, still ahead, she is on a major winning
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like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full-body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high. dion: oakland woman reached a historic milestone during her pressure on jeopardy, and tonight she was recognized for it during the warriors game. [cheers and applause] cheers erupted at chase center sending not only for klay thompson's return after more
11:24 pm
than two years, but also for a special guest who happens to be a warriors fan. abc 7 news sports anchor chris alvarez cut up with "jeopardy!" super champ and oakland resident amy schneider who was invited to her first game at the team's new digs in san francisco. >> it is unbelievable. i haven't made it to chase center yet. i have been wanting to enter come on this day is just amazing. dion: she is the first woman to break $1 million in prize money, with her 28-day winning streak. she says she says she was a warriors fan before the team was good. >> here is the reason i got into them in the first place. they moved to the bay area in 2009, didn't have an nba team. dion: well schneider couldn't elaborate if she will pass for the all-time executive wins, she is just proud of how as a transgender woman, the "jeopardy!" platform has helped change perceptions. >> it's been incredible, not
11:25 pm
just hearing from other trans people buy from parents and grandparents of trans people. for me during a normal thing like being on "jeopardy!", i think it changed people's minds. dion: she left us with this bit of advice. >> keep being yourself. don't let any part of the limit any other part of you. you can be everything at once, you don't have to pick and choose. dion: and the prediction for the odds of her favorite team making the finals -- >> >> the warriors. "jeopardy!" airs weekdays at 7:00 p.m. here on abc 7. you can watch a mmm, try to continue her winning streak tomorrow night. chris, so nice to see you talk with her. she didn't let on and she beat that record. chris: poker face. that's why you watch abc 7. remember, the ab nba finals are on abc 7.
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abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: can you imagine two and a half years away from the thing you love the most? 941 days rehabbing two serious injuries, that was klay thompson's reality. tonight that superstar made his return to the lineup. >> klay thompson! [cheers and applause] chris:
11:30 pm
erupting. klay introduced in the starting line of his first ever game at chase, and he put on a show right away. made it look easy. gives the dubs the first points of the night. his splash brother stephen curry, a slump in lately but not tonight. splash made second. here is klay, you don't play. put the calves on a poster. draymond loves it. the slam and the snarl. that was good. dubs only have 10. klay says i've got this -- splash. 17 points in 20 minutes. warriors win. here is klay on the big time slam. >> it was funny because i hadn't done all that much scrimmaging. i just felt bouncy. i didn't expect that. i am very pleased with my efforts tonight. i make some shots i always make but i am just happy i can say that because i couldn't say that for the last two years.
11:31 pm
chris: so good. and the niners, san francisco looking to sweep the rams. the goal was simple, a win and you are in the playoffs. the quarterback was battling the sum. deebo samuel. with a pass. jennings wide open. tied at 17-17. midway through the fourth, niners in field goal range. garoppolo looking for george kittle. jaelyn ramsey, what an interception. garoppolo threw two later he finds cooper kupp, 24-17 rams. take the lead late. just over a minute, rep. laturner: jennings. tied at 24-24. niners take the lead in overtime. the rams can win it with a touchdown. but stafford throws one up thomas, the rookie, one of the biggest plays of his life with an interception.
11:32 pm
seals the deal. on dallas next sunday for a playoff matchup with the cowboys. >> i was not stressed at all. [laughter] yes, i mean our game plan was going 17-0. 17-3 at half was our goal. >> a lot of emotions. ups and downs. getting off to a slow start and coming back like we did, it took everything. this one really did. i felt it after the game and i know a lot of guys in the locker room did. it was worth it, though, one of those games you will not forget anytime soon. chris: abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion, a daily will not forget here in the bay if you are a sports fan. that was just crazy. coming up, steph curry 1-1 in a little bit. dion: the excitement is never ending. chris, thanks. more to come. the demand for covid testing remains high. but why san francisco is scaling back appointments at some
11:33 pm
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dion: once again, good evening. i am dion lim. new york city is reeling from its deadliest blaze in decades. 19 people were killed in a high-rise apartment fire in the box. 32 more are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. fire officials say a malfunctioning space heater spark that fire. actor and comedian bob saget was found that today at the ritz-carlton in orlando. he is best known for his starring role in "full
11:37 pm
based in san francisco. investigators say there were no signs of foul play or drug use. he was 65 years old. and new guidelines for health care workers to help alleviate the staffing shortage. through february 1 health care workers who test positive for covid that are asymptomatic can work without isolating. the state says those workers should only interact with covid-positive patients to the extent possible. numeral guidance has led to mask shortages. some stores in the bay area are running out of n95 and surgical masks. experts say the best way to protect ourselves from the omicron variant is with at least a three-ply surgical stores are doing what they can to keep up with demand. >> masking is the bare minimum recommendation. to see people taking it so seriously just makes us as a store -- we went to make sure we
11:38 pm
have what the community needs. if the community is pressing to have masks, we agree. dion: colrecurrt mksac customer can buy, that is only as long as supplies last. with the omicron variant surgeon, experts say the demand for testing has never been more important. but they are long lines at sites across the bay area. as reporter cornell barnard explains, one city says it is being forced to scaled-back testing appointments during this critical time. cornell: lanes for testing are long the matter where you are in the bay area, from santa rosa to antioch. where national guard troops are assisting at this site. >> it feels good to support the community in whatever they need. reporter: in san francisco, check out this line at school district headquarters, stretching around the block on sunday. >> we waited about two hours.
11:39 pm
>> as omicron is on the rights, it is very important for us to get tested. cornell: the school district says it has given 11,000 rapid tests in the past week and distribute it 7000 home test kits. >> it is great they are doing these testing sites. lines are long but people are being diligent. cornell: even a member of our abc 7 news vaccine team, dr. patel, was challenged in finding a test after possible covid exposure. >> i tested multiple days negative on a rapid antigen test, wanted to confirm with a pcr test, and i had to go through my doctor and wait over one hour to get one. this reality is not a luxury everyone has. cornell: the san francisco department of public health warns of testing slight slowdowns next week, tweeting on monday, some sites will temporarily reduce testing hours due to challenges beyond our control. please check your health system first for testing. do not go to the er for tests. that supervisor matt haney calls that an acceptable. >> this is something we should
11:40 pm
be prepared for. we should have backup plans. cornell: he says some test sites are experiencing staffing shortages at a time when covid is surgery. >> from day-to-day, testing capacity is slashed. these are things i think in the midst of the greatest surge of this virus, since the start of the pandemic, we need more answers and accountability. cornell: he says he will collect hearing next week about solutions to keeping test sites open and even expanding capacity. this weekend governor newsom proposed spending more than $2 billion to expand covid testing and boost hospital staffing across california. in the newsroom, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. dion: one bay area school is stepping up its covid article. the west contra costa unified school district will require all staff to wear in medical grade kn95 mask. they have already been distributed to all school sites. the district employs 3000 people. each person will be provided one
11:41 pm
mask every week through the end of the school year. district schools are closed tomorrow, and students and staff are being asked to test before returning to class tuesday. oakland unified school district is responding to a request by a group of students for more covid protections. >> more than 150 oakland unified high-school students signed a petition threatening to walk off or return to online learning. district spokesperson john, has released a statement saying the district has ordered enough kn95 masks for all students, and will hand them out as soon as possible. it has already distributed them to all staff. the students set a deadline of generally 17. last friday 12 schools had to close because of a sick-out by teachers who want more safety protocols. the los angeles unified school district says testing there has stopped 50,000 teachers and students with covid from entering the classroom when school resumes tuesday.
11:42 pm
the district reports a positive. 14% among employees and, 16% among students. the county has a positivity rate of 23%. to the southbay, where today, attack interactive teamed up with the santa clara -- attack interactive teamed up -- the tech interactive teamed up with the santa clara county dph for testing site. if you have questions about the vaccine, head to our website, still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, another discrimination lawsuit against pg&e. an employee says he was subjected to a hostile work environment. it is an interview you will see only on 7. spencer: i am spencer christian. we have some dry and mild january weather coming our way.
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dion: apg&e employee is suing the utility company. he says he faced discrimination and was retaliated against, including being denied promotions when he raised concerns. our culture reporter julian glover has the interviewee will see only on seven. >> i am still standing, and i will continue to stand, and i will continue speaking up. julian: pga employee mr. langford has worked with the utility company for more than 10 years. in a lawsuit filed in district court, he said he was subjected to a hostile work environment at pg&e, partly because he is black. >> one thing after another. being overlooked for promotions, being retaliated against for speaking up and even speaking up about being julian: in the lawsuit asking for $15 million in
11:47 pm
compensation and punitive damages, he alleges he was denied bonuses and overlooked for promotions, all things he says were awarded to white counterparts instead. >> i interviewed for the manager position. it was not awarded to me. it instead went to a white female who has no substation experience. julian: pg&e said in a statement to abc 7 news on december 28, " pg&e holds a strong commitment to a discrimination-free workplace, and takes all claims of discrimination seriously. we do not comment on pending litigation." langford's lawsuit is the second discrimination suit filed against the utility in as many months. . a former employee in sacramento filed a lawsuit, alleging she was fired after making a discrimination claim against the utility. this attorney represents both plaintiffs. >> both cases involve retaliation. both cases involve people who made complaints about discrimination. both cases involve plaintiffs who happen to be african-american.
11:48 pm
both cases involve misconduct on the part of pg&e and management. julian: langford has also filed complaints with the california department of fair employment and housing and believed in lawsuit was the final option. >>. >> i just want some change. some meaningful, sustainable change. julian: julian glover, abc 7 news. dion: one last check of the weather, spencer. spencer: you mean just for tonight, right? [laughter] dion: yes. [laughter] spencer: in the forecast overnight, increasing clouds will wake up -- break up in the morning hours. overnight lows will be in the low 40's. a couple of locations in the inland east bay dropping to the upper 30's. highs tomorrow will reach the 60 at the coast, low 60's at the bayshore line. upper 50's to the low 60's you know inland communities. the 7-day forecast -- a mild start monday through wednesday, high temperatures ranging from 60-62 from the data inland. it will cool down slightly on
11:49 pm
thursday, then temperatures will become warmer over the weekend. dion: rest assured, there will be more weather forecast. . spencer, thanks [laughter] [laughter] . to chris now with a preview of sports. chris: coming up, the nfl playoff picture is set. world games across the nfl. and happy klay day. the slam and snarl. to hear from his splash brother on klay, next in sports.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
chris: after two and a half long years of rehab following two devastating injuries, klay thompson made his long-awaited return to the lineup. it was a moment 941 days in the making. that champion and future hall of famer. we know him as the splash brother. here is tom thumb putting the cavs añez poster.
11:53 pm
draymond green loved it. thompson finished with 17 points in 20 minutes in his first ever game at chase center. after that game i had a chance to catch up with his fellows -- brother stephen curry. >> it was a lot of fun. there was a lot of buildup. every moment delivered. our first pregame shooting, the energy in the crowd, the starting lineup was awesome. makes his shot, amazing run in the third quarter, obviously the dunk, everything was fun. i got chills. that was a moment, well deserved after two and half years. i am very excited about him just getting that off his back and being able to focus on being himself and having fun playing basketball games. what he handled tonight, not many people can go through all of that and still deliver on the court. drew: what did you learn most
11:54 pm
about clay over these last two and half years? >> just how much basketball means to him. how committed he is to winning. he is so consistent. everybody talks about individual accolades, the way he shoots the ball and all that, but everything is in the context of winning. we have won before. we went to continue to win and he is a huge part in that. i am just proud of the way he is handling this whole period, because there were so many highs and lows had to go through to get here. chris: last one, i noticed you got that game ball and i believe you gave it to him. can you describe the postgame scene? >> i mean, kanaan came to the locker room and gave him the nice pass, coach gave him the ball and told me to give it to clay. i am actually excited that he knew who clay was. it was special. it is about klay and his moment. hopefully he felt the love from the fans and from his teammates
11:55 pm
and he will remember this night for a long time, and it will give him even more juice to keep up with that for the rest of the year. chris: thanks to stephen for his time. san francisco back in the playoffs with a 27-24 overtime win over the rams. they had to overcome a 17 --point deficit. . they will play in dallas. for the first time, a playoff game monday night. that will be followed by after the game, larry beil and myself. seju wthe raiders hosting the chargers. playoff spot on the line. vegas takes a 12-point lead. 26-14 raiders. but don't count out the bowls. justin herbert, to joshua palmer at the two-point conversion. it is a seven-point game. final play of the fourth quarter. herbert hits williams as time
11:56 pm
expires. we go to overtime tied at 29-29. if the game ended in a tie, both teams would make the playoffs. but carlsen hits the game-winning field goal for the raiders, takes out the chargers. raiders win 35-32. the head scratcher of the day. colts, only thing they had to do was to be the jaguars. colts were down 10. carson is sacked, fumble. jaguars recover. two costly turnovers late in this game. late in the thirdm trevor lawrence handles the bad snap. finds jones for the score. 23-pre-. early in the fourth, they needed it. jaguars win, 26-11. here is your afc playoff picture. titans earned the top seed and a by. raiders kickoff the playoffs season. new england travels to buffalo. the chiefs will post the steelers sunday night. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino.
11:57 pm
dion: so much sports and excitement. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 11:00. . i am dion lim. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 spencer christian and chris alvarez and all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. we leave you now with a live look outside. a wide scope of the bay area as you can see it all. a cloud in the sky. that bay bridge as well looking very picturesque. drew tuma has your forecast bright and early for the work week say hello to 2022 with xfinity and you'll get fast and reliable internet for only nineteen ninety-nine a month for twelve months.
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