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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 11, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PST

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so last night i was going through e-mails with bob, and some of them were just funny, but some of them were very serious e-mails about life and, uh, the well-being of our children and how hard it is to appreciate one of those without the other being just right. >> hmm, an emotional jimmy kimmel overnight talking about the passing of his close friend bob saget. >> it could be months before we find out what caused bob saget's death. >> but we are learning more about how he was found. in his luxury hotel room in orlando. he was lying in bed, lights were off and the room was in order. abc's matt gutman has more. >> reporter: new details on the death of bob saget. authorities revealing it was his family who called police in florida after they couldn't reach the actor sunday morning following a stand-up performance in ponte vedra beach. a security guard repeatedly knocking his hotel room door. calling police after finding the
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actor unresponsive. >> guest unresponsive, no pulse. >> a police report saying he was found lying on his back on the bed. his left arm was across his chest while his right arm was resting on the bed. there was no sign of foul play, trauma or drugs. his wife saying bob was my absolute everything. i am so completely shattered and in disbelief. >> bob saget, how about it, bobby. >> reporter: saget got his start in standup comedy where he was hardly the squeaky-clean dad. his jokes often raunchy. >> i'm not funny, but i am quick. >> i was surprised that he could talk dirty or sick or anything and, and people who knew him weren't at all surprised by this. >> reporter: humor was his lifeblood, as were his real and tv families. >> i love you, angel. >> reporter: jodie sweetin, who played saget's middle daughter on the show adding we never missed a chance to tell each other i love you. i would always say you're the best tv dad ever, and he was. i'll miss you, bob.
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the medical examiner's office said it conducted an autopsy on saget but won't release the autopsy for the manner of death until after the investigation is completed in about ten to 12 weeks. as for the police, the medical examiner saying at this time there's no evidence of foul play or drug use. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to matt. and the cause of betty white's death has been revealed. the actress passed away on new year's eve at the age of 99. her death certificate lists the cause as a stroke she suffered six days earlier on christmas day. her agent saying he wasn't aware of a stroke saying he believes it was minor. poet maya angelou's likeness is on the first set of coins of american women. it shows her with her arms outstretched and a bird in flight, inspired by her poetry. she died in 2014 at the age of
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i will probably do it. can i hug you? yeah. i love you, man. i love you too. ♪ pay no mind to what they say ♪ ♪ doesn't matter anyway ♪ ♪ our lips are sealed ♪ their lips over at wafflehouse have been sealed tight until now. >> all things come out eventually. one waffle house worker is spilling the beans or rather the pancake batter about the diner's elaborate and secret marking
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system. our own code cracker will ganss is here with more. will, i hope the story includes waffles or hash browns. >> that's after the show. yeah, i got you. we've heard of the secret menu at starbucks. but now we're getting a glimpse inside the world of waffle house. first rule of waffle house. >> upside down jelly means wheat toast. an apple butter means raisin toast. >> don't talk about waffle house. but michael layton is wracking up hundreds of thousands of views on tiktok, spilling secrets about the restaurant chain. >> two weeks in, i'm getting 5,000 views a video. three weeks in i'm getting followers every five minutes. it's crazy. >> the most popular videos focussing on the waffle house marking system. >> all the way to the lips there is a plain omelet. at the bottom is a bacon omelet. to the right is a sausage omelet and up top is a ham omelet.
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>> for newer employees, a chart for guidance. >> it probably took me a couple weeks to get the basics down. >> but now four weeks later, michael loves the marking system. he prefers it to trying to read off of a printed ticket. >> honestly, preferable. i've tried reading off a ticket before, and you have to keep looking at it to see what you're doing. with the marking system. i look over at the six plates and i instantly know, bacon cheese steak melt instead of having to read, know what i mean? >> some online aren't convinced. wouldn't it be easier to use the written language. >> they're out here acting like the other team is trying to steal their plays. but michael's happy to mark the plate even for more complicated orders like his own favorite, the bacon cheesesteak melt with onions. >> piece of ham means a half bacon, two strips of bacon. two pieces of cheese, two pieces of buttered toast. with a piece of hash brown up top. >> it's literally a foreign
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language but with food. >> yeah. >> a secret language never tasted so good. >> and there it is, my favorite sandwich. >> we did reach out to waffle house for comment. they sent back a picture of a plate with two upside down jelly pa pactets and i have no idea what that means, you guys. >> the guy who said just read the printout has clearly never worked in a restaurant. this is so much faster. to streamline, like if everybody knows. you slide over the plate and the cook puts whatever, it's so much faster. >> it takes you three months to learn it. >> this is probably why -- at least a lot of waffle houses i go to, the service is great. you get your food right away. >> the service is great. and the food is fantastic, too. that sandwich, i don't think i've had that. what's your favorite at waffle house, will? >> coffee. i feel like it's the same order. i don't have a lot of waffle house experience. by the way, i feel like i should clarify. we did actually ask waffle house for a comment, and they haven't gotten back to us. >> by the way, we have a secret
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language here now on "world news now." when the pen is to the left, that means we have to get to the next story in the tease. coming up, waffles to pasta. >> the chef who's taking his pasta to new levels. you're watching "world news now."
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time now for "this happened," starting with the discovery of an ancient sea monster in britain, and spoiler alert, i'm sorry, it's not nessie the loch ness monster. >> no, this was real. >> yeah. >> even scarier. this happened in rutland, england. paleontologists claim to have uncovered a 30-foot fossilized skeleton what they are calling a sea dragon, look at it. otherwise officially known as an ichthyosaur. sea dragons were dolphin-like creatures with giant sharp teeth, large. eyes and believed to have roamed the ocean 180 million years ago. >> why did they have to have the fish in the mouth as the picture. why add that? they are said to have grown to
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some 82 feet in length. >> you thought alligators were scary. how would you like to come across one of those? >> the ocean is a scary place. >> it really is. >> is it not? >> there's still parts of it we know nothing about. next to the carb-crazed tiktoker taking pasta making to new heights, literally. >> new heights. okay, this happened, and it's already giving me a little bit of vertigo. at the top of the empire state building in the heart of new york city, pittsburgh-based chef ryan peters is shown enjoying panoramic views while whipping up fresh-made pasta from scratch all to the tune of aleashial keys' song "empire state of mind." >> the chef's big visit to the big apple didn't end there. he made a stop at madison square garden to prep his dough
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for his gracious hosts, the new york knicks. >> i wonder if it tastes different made that high up. does that affect the yeast or anything else? >> is pasta a prebasketball thing? >> i don't think so. maybe post. >> a little heavy. >> post. carbo load. next to the flock of >> flightless birds that did take flight from captivity. >> this happened in southern china. dramatic video shows more than 80 ostriches racing through the city streets late at night. look at this video. it looks like a movie. >> i wish the plural of that was ostri. authorities say they escaped a local farm after a gate was left unlocked. look at them go. >> most of the birds were rounded up and safely returned to their farm and no injuries were reported. they're not aggressive, are they >> this is like "world news now" when they put out the bagels and breakfast? we all run, we flock away. finally, there's a friendly fawn fast becoming a celebrity.
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>> a young deer approached a family as they were playing in the snow, seemingly eager to join in on the fun. >> the
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "hotel transylvani "hotel transylvania," selena gomez. plus ginger zee ginger zee shares incredible stories from her moving notebook. also, before you enter your next take out male, you need to check this out as we continue "live's new you in '22!" all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: good morning on this monday january 10th. kelly, good to see you. how are you doing? >> kelly: i'm good, how are


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