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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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of personal protective equipment sitting in the rain at the san mateo county event center. tonight, dan shows you what has happened since the report aired last night. reporter: more than 20,000 square feet of boxes soaking in the rain. personal protective equipment worth more than $10 million. this is your federal tax dollars. hospital gowns, face shields, goggles and more outside the san mateo events in her since last september. the story i broke yesterday getting reaction across the country. >> it has to be investigated. reporter: congresswoman jackie speier came to san mateo to talk about transportation but we talked about the ppe mystically uncovered. she called it troubling but said to remember that the county has been a leader in drive-through testing, vaccines and boosters. >> we need to keep in mind that san mateo county has been at the forefront and we have one of the highest voles of vaccination
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rates in the country. that is good news for all of us. reporter: our story about the ppe was something the event seen her -- center ceo did not w w ww you to cp why is this going to waste? >> can you stop filming? reporter: no. >> it clearly is a mistake by the county. ultimately i am responsible for the county, so i take full responsibility for it. reporter: mike told me today that he has learned event center staff moved the ppe outside to accommodate the software as a service annual conference in september. he doesn't know why the supplies were not moved back inside but he is hiring an independent investigator to look into it and calling in the marines. >> every single piece is being inspected and right now we are
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running over 90% we are finding in perfect condition. reporter: james brown of the marines is organizing distribution of the ppe that can be salvaged. he said the rain damaged exterior boxes but the plastic bags inside saves many items. a veterans advocacy group will be giving it all away to qualify groups on january 25 by appointment only. >> we don't want anybody to put this on ebay. that is in essence money laundering, taking federal tax dollar purchased projects -- products and turning it into cash. but we do want to get this in the hands of any organization that serves the community. like i said, if you are serving the homeless or doing a soup kitchen, a shelter. if you are treating patients any of that. reporter: groups with a legitimate mission can find more details on the groups website. larry: we mentioned this story started with a tip and you can
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contact dan noyes if you would like to see a story investigated. you can pick up the phone and call the eye team. ama: for the second straight day, california's test positivity rate declined, although it is still near record high levels. with a straight day, the state reported more than 100,000 new coronavirus cases. promising news pointing to a decline in omicron cases in santa clara county this afternoon. but getting tests remains a struggle. the county says providers need to do better. reporter: fewer omicron cases on the horizon, according to the santa clara county health director. she says sewage surveillance issuing fewer cases detected. still, it doesn't mean we are the woods. with hospitalization high and few covid test, she is offering guidance on what test is best. >> if you know you have covid
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and you are wondering one of my no longer infectious, when my no longer a risk to others, and antigen test is the best test to use. the pcr is still the optimal test if you have been exposed to somebody and you are wondering whether you will develop infection. reporter: another main point brought up by the doctor -- >> do not use emergency rooms as testing centers. emergency rooms are there for people who require emergency care. reporter: also on hand was the county counsel. he said the large health care providers are not offering as many tests to county residents as they should. he says the county has been providing 20% of all testing in santa clara county. kaiser permanente, he says, has been providing 12%. palo alto sutter health, 2.4%. >> we need all of the large health care systems in the county to do their part so the
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burden is not solely on the county itself. reporter: we've heard from sutter health, who said they double testing appointments. kaiser permanente says they reject the assessment they have not been doing their fair share. county santa clara says if you are a patient at one of those large health care providers and you are symptomatic or coming clung -- close contact with someone who has covid, and esther provider for a covert test and have not gotten one in 24 hours, they want to hear from you. ama: overwhelming demand is prompting santa cruz county to open a new covid testing site in the watsonville area. the site opens tomorrow the county fair grote -- fairgrounds good the location is open to everyone in the community monday through saturday at the times on your screen. registration is required. larry: today the cdc updated desk recommendations. it is not telling americans which mask to choose but is outlining which offer the highest protection.
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this he says a loosely woven cloth masks provide the least amount of protection. it suggest you wear a n95 or kn95. the cdc director also says the best mask you can wear is one you will actually wear. while we are talking masks, we threw around a bunch of letters and numbers that can be confusing. what is the difference between n95 and kn95? reporter: according to local experts, wearing medical grade masks like kn95 or effective in protecting you from covid-19. what is the difference between the two? where they are certified. >> kn95 are certified in china, and n95 are certified from the national institute of safety and health. reporter: the n95s are certified
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in the u.s.. this doctor says they fit slightly different as well. >> kn95s don't necessarily need to have a fitting. they are more for commercial use and everyone can use them. for us in the hospital, when you are wearing an n95, they need to be properly fitted so you are using the correct size for your face. reporter: the 95 in both types are designed to filter out 95% of the particles in the air. >> a much higher level of protection and terms of what is getting through. reporter: then there is the kf94 mask certified in south korea. it isolates 94% of particles in the air. despite the 1% difference, doctors say it is a very effective mask. >> it works well. you can see when it is opened, inside, inside it has multiple lawyers. reporter: there have been
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reports of counterfeit masks, but the cdc provided this info graphic to tell you what to look for. ama: in leaders are expressing anger and confusion over sonoma county's new health order limiting the size of large public events for 30 days. all officials implemented the order this week to slow the spread of new covid cases. it is the only bay area county to take such action. the head of the santa rosa metro shaper of commerce says businesses were caught off guard. he said the order is a kick in the teeth. >> if the county took the time to talk to those impacted by the policy we could probably have mitigated a lot of the negative impact that is coming. ama: the order left many businesses grandly. common shows, concerts, and private parties had to be canceled or postponed. had the official save -- say the county is in the midst of his biggest covid search yet and
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giving advanced warning was not possible. tonight, several key indicators seem to show that economic recovery from the pandemic is slow going. stephanie sierra has a closer look at the situation in san francisco. reporter: over the past month, it has felt eerliy silent and san francisco's financial district. quite street corners and conference rooms. the san francisco chamber of commerce reports there has been a 20% drop in for traffic downtown since omicron hit the bay area in early december. >> we've seen the dip in the downtown corridor from offices and tourism taking a temporary timeout. reporter: the temporary timeout now reflected on the roads. there has been a 12% to 13% drop in bay bridge traffic moving into the city in the last month. >> the figures, interestingly on the bay bridge, are very
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comparable to where they were this time last year. keep in mind, we were at the peak of the delta wave a year ago. reporter: at that time, we did not have to deal with scenes like this, more like this. michelle, who works at an i.t. consulting company in san francisco, expects that to be the norm. >> we asked, especially the first week, for everyone to work remote. reporter: are you concerned about going back fully? >> i am more concerned about larger companies leaving downtown. it has become a different fear, economic and isolation. reporter: new data compiled from the san francisco chamber of commerce shows 15% of companies plan to stay remote permanently. another 14% -- 15% not planning to come back to the office. >> we were so excited, we found
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downtown was gonna come back january 4. many companies have planned to come back to the office and had to postpone their plans. reporter: major tech companies have pushed back the return until late march. airbnb, september. robin hood going nearly fully were more. paypal telling employees this week that will be an option until further notice. in san francisco, stephanie sierra. larry: schools struggling to keep doors open tonight. you heard the mental toll it was taking on students and teachers. ama: the pandemic pivots. tonight, how martin of the congener day events are changing because of the omicron surge. sandhya:
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larry: education plays a big part in building a better bay area. today was a so-called wellness day for teachers and students. what can they expect next week? anybody's guess. our senior education reporter has the story. >> the first two weeks of school, i received over 10 notifications. reporter: at least 10 times he has come in contact with someone with covid. meat an oakland teacher trying to stay calm in the classroom as the omicron variant spreads throughout his school. >> i've had a lot of anxiety and the range of emotions from fear to anger at the district for not having enough resources. reporter: most teachers and
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students are vaccinated and if they get covid, their symptoms will most likely be mild, but that is not always a given. that's what students want to convey. this student asking for a safer environment at school. >> i am fully vaccinated. i had covid and i had a terrible experience. reporter: yesterday, oakland unified begin handing out kn95s to students. now there have been complaints the masks are too big for a few of the younger students. that aside, the concern among some is the distribution is not happening fast enough. >> i think there have been attempts to meet the needs but they have not been sufficient. reporter: the first week of january has been the most disruptive of the school year. oakland unified, like other districts, struggling to keep the doors open. >> at this point i would think concerns have been raised by omicron, which convinced a lot of people to get vaccinated. we are hoping we see a lot more of that. reporter: nearly 70% of oakland
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students are fully or partially vaccinated so far. for those 12 and over, it is now mandatory. students have until the end of the month to comply. in oakland, lyanne melendez. larry: to keep track of the latest impact of omicron and the pandemic in general, find all of our stories at ama: monday is martin luther king jr. day, but many celebrations are being curtailed because of the omicron variant. tim johns talked to community leaders who say there are still ways to honor his legacy. reporter: as the omicron variant continues to spread, mlk day celebrations around the bay area feeling the impact for the second year in a row. in oakland, the anti-police terror group hosting events all day long. this was originally's post happen in person. >> we realized with the surge of
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omicron it was not responsible or safe. reporter: a similar story in san francisco. friday afternoon, mayor london breed hosted the 38th annual martin luther king jr. day celebration virtually. >> dr. king once begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. reporter: they urge san francisco and to do their best to honor dr. king's legacy. she says despite the progress that has been made, it is important to not be complacent. >> we do not have the privilege to put in the work only when it is convenient. reporter: that called action answered in various ways, even in the face of the ongoing pandemic. speaking at another event at -- on friday, this activist said people could make an impact in their own communities. >> clean up various neighborhoods. they can passout masks,
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sanitizer. reporter: by remembering that true service goes far beyond any single event. >> service is ongoing and nonstop. it is a way of life. reporter: in san francisco, tim johns. ama: the weekend is here and it is time to talk about the weather. larry: sandhya patel, it looks like if we're not going to get rain, sunshine through the week? we will take it i guess. sandhya: nothing we can do about it. enjoy the weather this weekend because it will be great for outdoor plans you have. one of the things that helped out, we have dusty, down sloping wins, right now 39 at mount diablo. these winds help to clean out the pollution we had trapped near the surface. look at the view. it is much better now from our east bay hills camera. you can see clearly across the
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bay. our air quality the next few days will be moderate. if you will be out and about, you are fine unless you have sensitivity to pollution. a stunning view from rm review camera as we look back toward san francisco. mid-50's. 49 in fairfield and 52 in livermore. a lack of wind, it has bee pretty light at the lower elevations. upper 50's from san francisco to oakland. half moon bay, 50 degrees. we have a lot of cloud cover passing through. high-level clouds in association with an area of low pressure off the coast continuing to send moisture our way. it will not be in the form of rain but down south they will track some showers. if you are thinking about going down south, for the long holiday weekend, there will be snow showers in the mountains, showers at lower elevations, and then it is pretty much done for saturday afternoon and evening. wind easing in the hills
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overnight in a mild start to the holiday weekend. the dry pattern continues well into next week. temperatures tomorrow morning, 30's and 40's for most of you. patches of fog, higher clouds, and for the afternoon in the south bay, this is short sleeve weather. 64 in gilroy. a mild day on the peninsula viewed 61 in san mateo. because offshore wind will not be a strong, temperatures will dial back a couple of degrees. nice in downtown san francisco. 64 in santa rosa. 60 in vallejo. in the east bay, 62 oakland. inland areas in the low 60's. 61 in san ramon. 60 in livermore. a little hazy. as you take out the extended forecast, looking at everything going over the top of us, there will be showers south of us on
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monday, which is martin luther king jr. day. other than that, we don't have anything in the forecast, at least not through next friday. it looks like some computer models want to bring in some rain at the end of january or beginning of february. we need it and hope it materializes. mild the next couple of afternoons. temperatures will be hovering mid-60's. a little cooler for martin luther king jr. day. we bump up the temperatures again for the end of the workweek. ama: thank you so much. a jeopardy contestant from oakland is working her way up the ranks in the shows record books. next, look at the milestone she i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now.
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ama: it is national dress up your pet day. you have seen pets dressed in adorable outfits before any few haven't tried it with your furry friend, maybe today is the day. start small by introducing a bandana or a bow and then see how much her best friend is willing to tolerate. she won't be shy about letting you know when she's had enough, just make sure never to restrict movement or your pets ability to read. larry: i did not see louis. ama: he does not like clothes so much. larry: exciting nihjt exciting night on jeopardy tonight. an oakland woman could unseat
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the champion. she is tied with james hall sauer for number three on the all-time consecutive wins list. ken jennings holds the all-time record. total winning so far, schneider is 10th highest ever all -- overall. ama: pirates. now they are targeting trains. thieves are breaking into freight trains and ripping off your packages. they are doing it a lot more than before. larry: also coming up, the sting
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: is this why your amazon package hasn't arrived? thieves are targeting freight trains. in southern california, thefts have more than doubled in the past year. ama: the railroads are doing what they can to deter criminals and they want help.
6:29 pm
a reporter from our sister station in los angeles has the story. reporter: the situation along the line is quite the train wreck. some of the stuff you have ordered or are waiting on stopped literally in its tracks. >> the last couple months we have noticed several times when people would be jumping the tracks, jumping the fence, and taking packages off the train. reporter: joseph lives in the area and sees people breaking into the cargo about once a week. adam says they are hit way more often. >> all through the day, through the night, 24/7. maybe a mile down, they are breaking into more containers. they don't care if the train is moving. >> there is usually 70 else loading it into a car. sometimes they open the boxes on the sidewalk to see what is inside. they take what they want and leave the rest. reporter: the rest is mostly empty boxes, bags, and when you look closer, covid test. a lot of them.
6:30 pm
>> they want the electronics, the expensive clothing, purses. reporter: union pacific hasn't dealt with this before and cleaned up accordingly like today. the locks are clearly easy enough to break into but the company believes the justice system is too easy for criminals too. union pacific sent a letter the district attorney explaining how a 2020 special directive made certain misdemeanors like trust pacing -- trespassing less severe. they said in a a a a need the justice system to support law enforcement efforts to hold criminals accountable while protecting union pacific employees and the supply chain." up says officers in the last few months have arrested more than 100 people but the company has not once been contacted for any court proceedings. the district attorney's office tells us it takes the concerns seriously and some cases have
6:31 pm
been filed like a burglary and grand theft, but others were dismissed because of a lack of evidence. this is certainly a conversation that will continue. ama: now to an update from theee abc 7 news i team about a court case that could result in the santa clara county sheriff losing her job. there was a hearing for the case today. it has been transferred to san mateo county and cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. smith up your by zoom to face a grand jury accusation that she provided concealed carry weapons permits for campaign donations. she did not enter a plea. she will appear for a status hearing on march 15. our i team reporter listened in to the case and live tweeted the hearing. you can follow him for updates. larry: 10 days after he was shot and killed while driving toward the bay bridge, today the body of david nguyen was transported to a funeral home. he was in alameda county
6:32 pm
sheriff's recruit. authorities say he was killed for no reason. dion lynn was invited to attend the events of the family. >> i saw his body in the bag and they put the flag on him. reporter: those words from barbara nguyen came when she first learned her brother had been shot january 4. today, his flag draped casket left the coroner. >> it is hard to believe he is gone. reporter: the 28-year-old sheriff's office recruit was days away from graduating the 172nd academy. described as hard-working and fit, working in the sheriffs's office was his dream. >> so much potential. so much potential. it is really sad we won't be able to see how he developed to be a fantastic law enforcement officer. reporter: david's death is being investigated by the california highway patrol, and comes amid a number of high-profile shooting deaths on bay area freeways.
6:33 pm
a 23 month old, and a mother of two, both in november. we've made a number of requests to chp for specific numbers on freeway shootings in the bay area in 2021. we pressed the agency for weeks but have yet to receive thorough data for the entire year. however, the partial stats we have received indicate a sharp increase in freeway shootings over 2020. sky seven flew overhead as david's body arrived at woodlawn cemetery. together, barbara and david's girlfriend kissed his casket and mourned, while the good times. >> he was so funny. everyone loves my brother. reporter: david was the breadwinner for his family. his parents, immigrants from vietnam who live in bayview, still too heartbroken to attend today. the sheriff's office set up a gofundme. >> they need a lot more. if you can do anything for the family, it would be wonderful. reporter: the sheriff's office
6:34 pm
vowed to remember david with dignity, honor and respect. his sister shortly after his passing shared what her brother would have wanted. >> care for people and have a genuine heart for people and enjoy the small things in life. reporter: in coma, dion lynn. larry: so sad, and we can a half later, the question is why? don't know. if you would like to help, you can find a link to the gofundme account on our website. actor and comedian bob saget was laid to rest today. tmz reports a small service was held with family and friends. he was buried in l.a. bob saget was found dead in his room at the ritz-carlton in orlando. signs report -- .2 heart attack or stroke but official cause will not be known for months. tmz reports a larger memorial will be held at a date has not been set yet. ama: in an effort to combat
6:35 pm
retail theft, the san francisco police department conducted a shoplifting enforcement operation this week. melanie woodrow has more on the arrests. reporter: the san francisco police department says it arrested four people for shoplifting at this market street safeway wednesday. the commander says in addition to shop lifting charges, to individuals or booked on outstanding warrants. one had drug possession >> this was a planned operation based on discussions we had, not only to provide visibility but enforcement to try to address some of the ongoing shoplifting issues that have been impacting some of their locations through the city. reporter: the safeway, once open 24 hours, was forced to reduce hours in november due to rampant shoplifting. a viewer showed a video of a store of an entire aisle locked
6:36 pm
up to deter shoplifting. a spokesperson says safeway is proud to partner with sfpd and the store is committed to creating a positive expense for shoppers. >> our goal is to make sure the community feels safe when they frequent these establishment. >> this issue has been plaguing our city. we are really happy sfpd is showing a presence. reporter: sfpd say they consider the operation a success which could serve as a model for other businesses experiencing retail theft. larry: we are heading into a holiday weekend. this one offers a rare opportunity to explore our national parks.
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6:40 pm
martin luther king holiday. larry: the national park service is waiting interest fees -- waiving entrance fees for certain days. martin is her cane junior days the first, the next in april for -- martin luther king jr. day is the first, the next in april. the park service overseas more than 400 national parks, only about one third have admission fees. they range from five dollars to $35 but monday, free. ama: should be great weather to get outside. we have the forecasted net. larry: plus, the last chance to what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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6:44 pm
you have.dustin dorsey with they from pacific grove. reporter: nestled along the monterey coast, a natural beauty you can only see for a few more weeks this year. to witness it, you have to look up. every fall, monarch butterflies make pacific grove there -- their winter home. >> last year was zero, and the year before that was 650, and the year before his 800. every year is different. this year we have a peak 14,000. reporter: last count, 9511. around september, monarchs make their trip to monterey county because of the perfect conditions for the butterflies. a cluster together through the winter but today we had incredible views. >> i encourage people to visit, it is an incredible time to come -- sorry, there was a burst. we get sometimes hundreds of monarchs that suddenly leave a
6:45 pm
tree enter flying. oh my goodness. if you come, you might witness something like that and it is magical. reporter: people come from across the globe to visit the monarchs. i had not been before and i wasn't the only one taking in the beauty for the first time. >> i am very impressed. it is a beautiful place just to walk through, but to see the butterflies makes it very special. >> spectacular. totally unique. not like anything i've seen before. california is a spectacular and when we connect with nature, it is on a deeper level. it is good to have that connection. reporter: but the time to make a connection with these butterflies will only last a few more weeks before they leave for mating season. if you haven't visited before and seen things like this, now is the time. >> next year we don't know how many we will have so if you are interested and able to come, come before mid february, come and see the monarchs. >> enjoyed a monarch moment of
6:46 pm
zen in monterey county. ama: we are enjoying mild weather lately but reports from two u.s. government agencies that monitor climate detail rising global temperatures. 2019 2020 were two of the top three warmest years on record. 2021 pulled off slightly but not by much. it was a year of wild temperatures and storm activity capped off by the warmest december on record. karin caifa breaks it down. reporter: from the northstar state to the lone star, the big apple to the big easy, 2021 marked by weather extremes across the u.s.. new reports from noaa and nasa revealed last year was the sixth hottest on record. >> global warming is no longer an epidemic -- academic issue. reporter: the issue of rising tempers witness to the country. >> global warming is impacting whether an extreme's at a local level. reporter: the report documents
6:47 pm
over 20,000 disasters. over $145 billion in damage. >> a huge toll, human and economic. reporter: many experts say the true costs extend yacht estimates. >> we know the deaths from extreme weather and climate events do not always fall in the billion dollar plus. reporter: the impact is widespread. a washington post analysis found that 40% of americans live in county struck by weather disasters in 2021 and more than 80% of americans experienced a heat wave. >> climate change is here, all around us, affecting everybody's lives. reporter: while it is unclear what 2022 has in store, scientists say more severe and costly climate events lie ahead. >> we are going to see more and more intense rainfall. we are going to see more and
6:48 pm
deeper heat waves. we can't predict where they will be, but we can predict they will happen. reporter: in washington, karin caifa. ama: it is a lot to take in. sandhya: yeah. larry: the good news here is it is pretty mild. we are in for a nice stretch. sandhya: a nice weekend for sure but there is no question that climate change is impacting our weather. look at the highs today. a good three to 10 degrees higher than average for this time of year. 70 in january? it is clear that climate change is impacting all of us. 69 in santa rosa, mid 60's in oakland and san francisco. half moon bay, 64 degrees. i want to show you a lovely view from our east bay hills camera. across the bay, visibility is good. air quality tomorrow. the pm 2.5 levels in the moderate range. between 59 and 68. if you want to be out and about,
6:49 pm
good-looking weather. why did we see all of the hazy skies? high-pressure overhead trapping all of the pollutants near the surface because of the temperature inversion. earlier today, we started with hazy skies. when the offshore wind kicked up, it mixed up the atmosphere and air quality is good across the region. live doppler 7 showing high clouds passing through and we will still have them around tomorrow. another mild day, not as warm as today. low to mid 60's with higher clouds for saturday. as far as a rainfall, i will take you beyond next week, january 22 through the 28. below average in fall expected in parts of the east coast and west coast, including us, and forcefully. 33% to 53% chance of below of b average rainfall. the accuweather 7 day forecast, a dry weekend to get outside and enjoy. next week, milder weather coming
6:50 pm
your way. ama: thank you. larry: a slightly stressed chris alvarez. at least earlier when you were watching the warriors game. chris: and the 49ers and cowboys. i am a mess. can i get to the sportscast? the warriors running over the my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: we are halfway through the warriors 82 game regular season. golden state looking to break out of the mini slump. we have have have have have have jersey and pizza. living the dream. today in the first 37, andrew wiggins the hammer. 12 in the first. four steals right here. behind the back just like larry deal doesn't. even andre impressed with himself. the rookie. this deal and the slam. 12 in the first half. the lead is 22. milwaukee scored 77 on the warriors. steph, that is a season high f points in the first half for the warriors.
6:54 pm
curry about 90 seconds to go on this one. the 49ers as healthy as they have been in a while entering sunday's wildcard game against the cowboys. williams and deebo first-team all pros today. depot joke -- deebo samuel he is why back. more than 1400 yards and six touchdowns received and another 625 in the ground. individual accolades are nice but he has one thing in mind and that is winning the super bowl. >> one of the things we talked about, pro ball, all-pro. we still got one goal left, thet ring on her finger. >> win or go home. what you are willing to do for the guy next to you. i don't want this to be the last time i put on a uniform with these guys. not everybody you see on this
6:55 pm
team will be part of the team. you take that into consideration and put it out there for each other and give it all. chris: how about the cowboys? the champions won five of the last six and they have talent across the board. especially on offense. dak prescott throwing to a duo of talented receivers, including a former raider. >> the stakes are high in a think everyone on the team is fully confident in the ability to make a play when the team leads them to make a play. >> pressure is a privilege. we love we are in the spot and we understands if this game starts up front. >> i don't take anything for granted. hard work you do is for these moments and these games. chris: the final ruling on novak djokovic's appeal to play in the australian open will not happen until less than 24 hours before the tournament begins.
6:56 pm
his visa was were -- was rejected again. he is the top seed and schedule to play his first match monday. larry, you were pension how stressed i was about all of the things, but the warriors playing well eases that a little bit into than on sunday i will be a mess all over again when the niners and cowboys play at 1:30 in the afternoon. the warriors play again too, but less stressful. larry: steph got his hand wax. chris: i got triggered and i had to walk out. i cannot handle it. larry: could not bear to watch any longer. ama: take some deep breaths, do some meditation. chris: he looked good. larry: you are ok as well? we will see on sunday. that's it. ama: cleansing breaths. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, shark tank, followed by 2020 at 9:00, and do not miss at
6:57 pm
11:00. you can watch live and on-demand on our app. download now so you can start streaming. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. larry: for sandhya patel and chris alvarez -- he things he will be ok. if the niners lose, he might not be viewed we will see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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