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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 17, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now, on "america this morning" a deadly winter storm hitting right now. icy roads from georgia to main, this tractor trailer left dangling from an overpass, 2 feet of snow possible inland while coastal areas brace for high winds, flooding and power outages, who to expect this morning. breaking overnight, two new arrests with a hostage situation at a synagog in texas, president biden calling it an act of terror, what we're learning about the hostage take you are and how he got into the united states. supply chain whiplash just when you thought things were getting better, why you may have to wait even longer for some of the products you buy in the coming weeks.
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developing right now, a second major volcanic eruption in the pacific, how big the eruption was and the impact in the u.s. >> plus walmart makes a push for its own currency. later, what happened when this nfl star's mother called into his news game post conference. from abc news in new york, this is america this morning. >> good monday morning everyone, i'm andrew timber. >> mowe begin this morning with0 million americans on alert as a deadly winter storm moves across the u.s. >> travel is downright treacherous from georgia to main, with black ice, heavy snow and along the coast, potential for significant flooding today. >> snow and wind already blamed for widespread power outages and hundreds of car crashes and at the airports, thousands of flights canceled. >> snow fell on the martin
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luther king jr. memorial in washington, good news is today's holiday means many people can stay off the roads. derrick dennis starts today's coverage. >> reporter: winter storm barrelling off the east coast, deadly in north carolina, two people killed when their car slid off interstate in nash county. a tractor trailer sliding off a highway, cab of the truck landing upright on the road below, trailer leaning vertically from the overpass, the driver survived and at a college in the western part of the state, 60 students rushed to safety after a dorm room's roof collapsed from the weight of the snow. >> near my campus, they thought it was a car crash. >> reporter: quickly turns to sleet and rain, but it's the coastal flooding that's the biggest concern. this storm arriving during high tide in many area and see this wintery mix leaving a trail of destruction in the deep south.
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>> governor of south carolina activating the national guard, members of air defense artillery battalion seen here towing a big rig that got stuck, same storm system spawning tornados over the weekend in florida ef-2 tornado touching down in fort meyers. strong winds picked up edward murray's mobile home, throwing it on top of his neighbor's home. >> it was turning the house upside down, i thought i was looking down at the floor and i was actually looking up at the seat turned over on me. kitchen table blown on top of me, i was able to call 911 and operator was tremendous. >> another miracle for edward, he thought his dog coco died in the storm but hours after the interview, rescuers found coco alive in the rubble. derrick kdennis, abc news new york. >> closer look at your forecast in five minutes. north korea tested what
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appears to be two more short range ballistic missiles, fourth weapon launch this month after the u.s. imposed sanctions on the country. u.s. officials say no immediate threats to u.s. or allies from the launches. on friday, launched a pair of missiles from a train. standoff at the texas synagog, president biden call it is an act of tear you are, we're learning more about the suspects and two new arrests. elite rescue team frees hostages after 11 hour or deal. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. investigation into the hostage stand off stretching over seas where two teenagers are now in custody. >> reporter: fbi says there's no indication anyone else was involved in this hostage situations at a synagog in north texas, but overnight, counter terrorism police in england detained two teenagers in connection with the incident,
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only saying the teens are in custody for questions, after the hostage taker was identified as a british man, malik malik fazel achram. it all unfolded saturday at congregation beth israel, where he interrupted a shabat service, taking hostages. he can be heard on a livestream of the service. >> he was talking about palestine, israel, islam, and that he had a gun. he implied he had a bomb in his backpack, it was horrifying. >> reporter: nearly 11 hours later, a frantic dash to freedom, the hostages escaping through a side door. all of them, unscathed. achram later found dead in the synagog, later indication is that he was shot by the hostage rescue team. rabbi credited recent training at the synagog for saving the
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hostages lives, saying without the instruction we received we would not have been prepared to act and flee. >> anytime you have an islamic-type extremist or someone who purports to be that, supposedly, that can end really badly as we well know. >> reporter: achram's brother says he suffered from mental health problems. as the standoff unfolded, he demanded the release of convicted terrorist aafi aafia siddiqui known as lady al qaeda, a neuroscientist convicted of trying to kill soldiers in afghanistan. serving a sentence at fort not far from the synagog. flying from jfk airport, it's unclear how or when he travelled to texas. now, authorities working to determine whether his mental health history should have come up for the vetting process to the u.s. >> a gun was recovered at the
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scene, achram also claimed to have explosives in his bag but no explosives were found. >> elizabeth, thank you. >> turning now to the pandemic, a new push to end the nation's covid testing troubles, a new website, will launch wednesday where americans can order covid tests for free. could take up to 12 days and critics arguing it's too little too late. >> you say, you always hold out hope but you plan for the worst. it doesn't sound like that happened. >> well, there was planning martha and execution on providing the supply of tests but when omicron came it created extraordinary increase in demand. >> while the surgeon general says they have not hit the peak of omicron cases. >> supply chain issues could become a bigger problem in the coming weeks now that china confirmed the first case of the omicron variant in beijing, discovery comes less than three
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weeks before the olympics, lock downs mean chinese companies could face more delays in shipping products. >> meanwhile, companies including star bucks and mcdonalds warning that staffing shortabl shortages due to covid could open late or close early. tennis star novak djokovic arrives in can dubai, after denied entry to australia. djokovic says he was disappointed but glad the world's attention can return to tennis. the court's decision means his run of consecutive australia open titles will end at three. >> today honors the life of mart martin luther king jr., his son marked the occasion by rallying for voetding rights legislation in arizona over the weekend, they say they chose arizona to send a message to kyrsten
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sinema. time now for a look at your monday forecast. in this high impact multifasted storm continues to head into the northeast, tracking snow from western pennsylvania to new york by day break, pittsburgh getting heaviest snow bands, along the coast line will have changed to rain by that point. by midday, things wind down a little bit south west to northeast, but not before upwards of nearly a foot and a half of snow falls over place like buffalo, coastal warnings in effect, new england coast all the way down through the tri state area, including long island and parts of jersey shore, be careful if you're traveling around the northeast today. send it back to you, andrew and faith. >> coming up, the president of a prestigious university is fired
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for breaking his own rule. but first, a second major volcanic eruption in the pacific. new images, and the impact along the west coast of the u.s. and later, the teenage pilot soaring to new
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this morning, new images of a massive volcanic eruption in the south pacific that triggered tsunami alerts for millions of people. now an urgent call for disaster relief after a second eruption, here's abc's rianna nally. >> reporter: this morning, new video of waves from the powerful south pacific volcano reaching the west coast. high waters crashing into the
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shores of pacifica, california, after a massive volcano erupted underwater saturday near tonga, a remote island east of australia in the south pacific. a second eruption sunday triggered tsunami warnings in the region and evacuations were order. the island nation now says there's an urgent need for food and water. >> none of us heard from anybody anytime. we still trust, even though we haven't heard from them for almost 24 hours now. >> reporter: also this morning, concern that the undersea communications cable to tonga may have been cut off, making it hard to communicate with anyone on the island. australia and new zealand launching surveillance flights to assess the damage, but the pilots are battling a thick cloud of ash. >> stay out of the water. >> reporter: while tsunami advisories since receded, authorities had to rescue several beachgoers in northern
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and southern california, many residents had to scramble. >> water just came in, took the dock out, started pulling, right there, like the edge of the dock off. >> reporter: in south america, two people killed in unusually high waves in peru. the eruption triggered three sonic booms that were felt around the world, one expert saying this was arguably the biggest volcanic rupgeruption ie past century. andrew, faith. >> rhiannon, thank you, president of south michigan university fired after not following his own rule. after receiving an anonymous complaint, they found email exchanges with the school employee, just last summer he announced a zero tolerance policy with relationships towards subordinates. . coming up after the the break, health concerns with celine dion.
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by now. pilot crash landed helicopter in philadelphia last week landing near the steps of a church, everybody who was on board including a sick baby survived. >> reporter: upon his release from the hospital, daniel moor was hailed a hero though he says it was all a miracle. >> i'm just feeling fortunate, you know, i had god as my copilot that day and we took care of the crew. >> reporter: moore was piloting the head can tell helicopter on tuesday that crashed outside pp month old infant patient, these images from a surveillance camera captured the chopper the moment it went down. moore fractured his ribs, sternum and vertebrae but everyone on board survived. the pilot was praised for skillfully avoiding buildings and powerlines. while his memory is a bit hazy,
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his heart is full of gratitude. >> i remember my flight man kevin chavy taking a 2-month-old baby, handing it off to safety. i remember waking up and seeing a whole company of firefighters looking down at me and that's, a real good feeling. i want to thank all the first responders that showed up that day and the everybody hear ros, uber driver and all the folks running toward the burning helicopter rather than away from it. it's been very overwhelming, i always tell people i just drive the bus, the heros are in the back, working on the patient. >> thanks to lindsey, in sports, the kansas city chiefs made it look easy against the steelers, after kansas city fell behind in the second quarter, ben
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money. >> yeah, but it's not in the way you're used to. the company reportedly has plans to create its own crypt currency and nfts. walmart filed for the trademarks last month. >> they also plan to make and sell virtual products. next, the 19-year-old is soaring into the record books. >> zara rutherford is touching down in belgium today as the youngest woman ever to fly solo around the world. she took off in her ultra light back in august on a journey that took her to 50 different countries. she's hoping to be an inspiration. >> growing up, i didn't see very many female pilots or female computer scientists. those are two of my passions and i wanted to fly around the world and hopefully other girls see me and think, i would love to fly one day too. >> zara's parents are pilots and she started flying when she was 14 years old. >> what were we doing at 14? >> i don't know. not flying. next, cincinnati is celebrating something rare. >> an nfl playoff win after the bengals won their first playoff
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game since 1991. the coach took a game ball and gave it to fans at this local bar. usually game balls go to the players. in this case though, the fans probably deserved it more. >> yeah. and finally, nfl star travis kelce got a real surprise last night. >> during the game he scored a touchdown, and then threw a touchdown, but after the game, he faced his toughest challenge, his mother, on the phone. >> i'm sorry, what? >> yes, it's your mom. >> what's up, mom? >> i mean, oh my gosh. how good did that feel? how good did that feel after all these years? >> oh, man. to finally throw a touchdown like you used to tell my mom when i was, like, 5 years old that i was going to eventually throw a touchdown in the national football league, i finally got it done. it only took me nine years. that's a good question though, mom. love you, mom. >> love you too. >> she's the best, man. >> can't let that one go to voicemail. kelce's mom went to that game.
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showing a mountain of dust in the sky after that underwater volcanic eruption off the coast of congo. a scientist explains if california could see more tsunami threats from eruptions like this. >> a major winter storm on the east coast. cancellations hitting travelers all across the country. >> honoring martin luther king jr.'s dream. the bay area events celebrating his legacy. >> and happy birthday betty white. the challenge happening all across the country in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday. good morning everyone. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live however you stream. >> we will get a start with the weather. >> we are in store for a pretty mild holiday, later on this afternoon. right now we are at 52 in the


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