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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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in the hard-hit northeast, there are hopeful signs of slowdown in the spread of the variant. five states plus washington dc and puerto rico are reporting at least a 10% decrease in new cases. larry: the cdc issuing new travel warnings for americans -- moving 22 nations into its highest risk category today. one country from every continent except antarctica. kristen: what we sing in the bay area? we spoke to experts about this glimpse of hope. >> that is exactly what it is -- a glimmer of hope. the latest data shows daily covid-19 cases across the country have dropped 47% in the last week and several bay area counties are showing similar declines. california is beginning to see a slight decline in covid cases with about a 48% decrease in the last week. in san francisco, this testing site in the mission district is noticing a shift. >> yesterday, we had
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positives, a positivity rate of 3%, 4%. perhaps we could say it's a plateau but it is too soon to tell. >> at its highest, the positivity rate had been 37%. last week, it was 34%. numbers to everyday interactions and not the holidays. >> schools reopening, people going back to work. it's being driven not only by the holidays, just life. >> the testing company with sites across the area is noticing a slight decline in their san francisco and san mateo county sites. >> we saw the increase of a percent positive in the first week, on the ninth and 10th. now we are looking at 30% so it is not as high as 36%.
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i imagine the numbers are stabilizing. >> but to truly understand this shifting covid cases, we went to uc berkeley to speak to a professor. her team has been monitoring the wastewater of 2.5 million people in the bay area. they detect cases before people even know they have covid. here is what they are seeing. >> we are starting to see concentrations plateau or decrease in san francisco and the locations we monitor in marin and eastern portions of contra costa county. >> even with this shift, they are still sing the highest concentration of cases in the pandemic. >> we may be turning the corner, but it does not mean we can let our guard down yet. >> there is hope, but we are still not out of the woods. experts say we need to see the decline for days and weeks to come to confirm of covid cases are decreasing. we should know more in the next two weeks. larry: joining us n
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patel. thank you for your time. start with the surge -- a lot of doctors but we were going to have this in january and then by february we would be in much better shape. are we at or nearing our peak? >> i think we are somewhere inside of it. it would feel preemptive for me to say we are past it. i would agree with what a lot of epidemiologists have said. we went to see multiple days of a decline and steadily keeping in mind areas that have not been hit are still vulnerable. larry: since this notion out there that once we get through omicron, we can get to whatever the new normal is and we are just going to live with the. do you see that as the path we are on? are we -- could there be some bigger variant changing everything? >> i think that's the path a lot of people are on. a lot of people have had -- have
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said this is the path i'm going on but this is virology 101. if you let a virus replicate as much as omicron it is, it could cause another mutation. future generations will not fare as well against a society that has a lot of immunity, so fingers crossed. but it is a possibility, which is why semi manufacturers have said we are ready for another booster. we are starting to shift our focus on making sure there are good treatment options because coronavirus is going to exist in some fashion in the background but it should not have this much of a toll on our elite business. larry: i'm thinking years ago, we heard about bird flu, so we got a bunch of tamiflu whether they should have or not. but talk about paxlovid and how
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that could solve problems for us potentially >>. antivirals have a lot of potential. what is shown to have good data in terms of preventing hospitalization and death is individuals who are higher risk. the first caveat is you have to make sure you have access to it and you are able to get the pill. it is not available everywhere domestically and definitely not globally. you have to make sure you getting this pill in the first five days and you have to get a doctor's note. i've lifted a few their ears to people getting access and hopefully that gets addressed. but it is a brilliant pill. it has two components -- one is a chemical that prevents the virus from replicating. another keeps the first chemical lasting longer, so hopefully this is the first of many successful antivirals as we learn to deal with this. larry: we will see when it actually gets rolled out. kristen: after seeing
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record-setting demand for covid testing, santa clara county is finally seeing some really. dustin dorsey explains how a few key factors are helping make testing more successful in the south bay. >> disney land lines without the fund rides at the end. that is what has looked like that testing locations throughout the bay area, but a glimmer of hope in santa clara county. >> as of this morning, there were spots available as soon as tomorrow. which is a great improvement because previously, each morning, we were fully booked for the week ahead. >> and the last time you can open up the testing site and find >> >> something that quick? it would have been early december, before the pre-holiday rush. >> in other words, despite having testing, santa clara county is getting a glimpse of what like was like before this highly contagious variant took over. >> demand for testing may be
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starting to decrease which would make sense, given the plateau we are starting to see with cases. >> in addition to cases dropping, increase in testing cost -- testing abilities is helping. a new testing location has opened and more staff has been hired at the fairgrounds location. the county can test more than 7000 people a day with results. >> we've been able to bring it back to a two day turnaround time. we hope in the near future, it will be back to a single day turnaround time. >> the u.s. government has opened access to free at home testing materials and the doctor says the county will have a stockpile of antigen test to distribute soon. but how long until we see steady access to testing? >> i don't have that crystal ball but my best estimate is we are a couple of weeks away from being back to that steadier
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state of easier access. >> if you need a test, visit the county's website to schedule an appointment. kristen: those free at at at tests promised by the biden administration are available one day early. you can order them at covid now. however, there are only four tests available per household right now. that is covid order ship from between seven to 12 days. -- pardon me -- it i want to say that again -- covid the administration says it is working on a call line where anyone without access to the website can place an order. we are getting word some people in multi dwelling billings are having a hard time accessing the free tests. lawmakers say they are looking into it right now. >> in the east bay, a sick out
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over safety concerns forcing the school district to shut down three campuses, not because of students being out. they don't have enough teachers. amy hollyfield went to one of the schools that closed today. >> about a dozen teachers gathered in oakland this morning, saying they are here in solidarity with students who organized a petition online calling for a sick out. as students arrived, teachers approach them with a flyer and letting the students know they were welcome to join >> them. we are supporting the students and their >> told parents to come and pick up. >> when senior said she knew about the protest but that's not why she stopped by campus. >> i came to get tested. >> she was here for a covid test being offered on the campus, which is one of the demands of
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the protesters. >> the demands are kn95 or n95 masks, they're asking for weekly testing, both pcr and rapid testing, and a safe, outdoor eating area. >> a school district spokesman says everything are asking for the district has done or is in progress, saying the district has handout 200,000 masks for the 35,000 students in the district. they have ordered supplies for covered lunch areas. some have been installed, some have been held up because of supply chain issues. >> just because there are supply chain problems doesn't mean it's our problem. >> as for masks, the teachers admit the district has invited them. >> i did get an n95 mask. it's hard to teach with one on. >> she says she wants all kids wearing them, too. spite research showing kids
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suffer mental, physical health problems from distance learning, they say distance learning should be offered until everyone feels safe in the classroom. larry: today, classrooms and hayward reopened after a week over moat learning. 700 students and 112 teachers tested positive after winter break. the district and that being short staffed but testing sites were overwhelmed as well. kristen: holdback -- airlines canceling flights over safety concerns over the 5g rollout. the state's new plan to help students pay for school. and a bounty of treasures -- the dockyard pirate ship get some natural -- some national exposure. spencer: some of you may r the hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a pe manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going
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kristen: a judge will wait several more weeks before deciding whether to charge a mother who organized sex parties. a hearing was continued until february 3. her lawyers argue she is no threat to the public and there is no justification for why she has not been granted bail. prosecutors say that she's a flight risk and a threat to 15
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accusers. six spoke at today's hearing. one parent says if she is released, she will cause further torment. major new development in the move to 5g -- airlines starting to cancel flights into sfo and across the u.s. ahead of tomorrow's planned 5g rollout. larry: british airways, air india and others have canceled flights. to cell phone carriers have agreed to partially delay their 5g rollouts but airline officials are concerned because of possible interference between the 5g signal and cockpit instruments. kristen: reena roy has a look at the potential safety problems. >> with airline official sounding the alarm, concerned about the threat of an aviation catastrophe, at&t and verizon now announcing they will both delay the wednesday rollout of their stronger 5g service near some airports. top airline executives had been warning of mass cancellations for cargo and passenger flights
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plus potential safety issues with the new 5g signal, saying it could disrupt radio equipment needed for landing, especially in income and weather. >> this is unsafe -- manufacturers have said so, the faa is saying so and so our unions. >> other countries have successfully launched 5g signals, but the faa says the 5g in america will be twice as powerful. the white house was questioned on why the the faa did not ask -- did not act sooner testing the signals. they've been aware of the plan for two years now. >> did the faa the ball? >> there will be lots of time to look back and see how we got here but we are focused on trying to come to a solution that will noise disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operations and our economic recovery. that's why it's important to come to an agreement and ensure more planes are flying. >> executives from airlines
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including american and delta are urging the government to keep the new 5g signals at least two miles away from u.s. airports. larry: the biden admin is trying to prevent catastrophic wildfires. officials of -- officials proposed a $50 billion plan to reduce vegetation that serves as fuel for wildfires. the administration has yet to list specific locations but the work is expected to begin next year. onto the forecast we go. you talk about records -- those vinyl things? spencer: remember the needle used to get stuck and you would hear the same phrase over and over like a broken record. kristen: i'm too young. spencer: anyway, we've got a repeating pattern. let's take a look at live doppler 7 -- dry conditions around the bay area and calm ones, but it is pretty chilly.
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not by fargo, north dakota standards. you can see the 24 hour temperature change indicates most locations four or five degrees or even more cooler than they were this time yesterday. let's take a look from the rooftop camera -- partly to mostly cloudy. the mountain view, santa clara in the mid-50's. the view at the golden gate shows bluer skies and a wider range of current temperature readings. 63 at fairfield. a couple of mild locations in east bay there. looking at the western sky which will become quite colorful. these are our forecast features -- partly to mostly cloudy, patchy morning clouds and mostly sunny and dry days ahead all the
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way into the way into next week. we can expect springlike warmth into next week. overnight, forecast animation shows high clouds. there will be areas of low clouds and fog and a sunny day tomorrow. let's look at how temperatures drop -- upper 30's at ukiah. santa rosa, napa, fairfield -- a low of 38. most other inland location with lows in the bid 40's. lows tonight in the mid 40's. 60 to 62 around the bay shoreline. inland and east bay, 6 livermore. 65 in cloverdale. 70 at san jose. animation taking us through the week shows a strong track to the
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north. rainfall and other forms of precipitation in the pacific northwest but not here in the bay area. mild weather getting even milder going into friday. about 66 degrees and saturday, still pretty mild, going into sunday. early next week, sunny skies and relatively mild weather. larry: like a broken eight, spencer. there is an 80-year-old guy out there going i remember that. if camping in yosemite was something you were hoping to do this summer, it's time to play the lottery. the national park service is taking names to snag a spot at the popular north pines campground. campers have complained reservations have been snatched up seconds after they become available. the lottery is expected to level the playing field.
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the window closes february 6, winners announced february 10. kristen: college without the debt -- the new push to get students out of debt and into volunteering. larry: a joyride leads to a dangerous water rescue and then the driver -- what does the driver do? get out to take a
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larry: california is looking for
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a few college students want to volunteer and get paid for it. in exchange, students will receive $10,000 for their tuition. our senior education reporter explains how it works. >> students like maria carry a heavy burden by taking on loans to pay for college. >> the ones i have, i would have to get a job instantly after i graduate. >> but what if part of the loans could be paid off before they graduate to a new state program? students would only have two volunteer. >> if you step up to serve your community, we are willing to help you pay for college. >> it's called californians for all college core. the state is investing $146 million. here at how -- here is how it works -- >> serving a total of 450 our -- 450 hours as they tackle issues like climate change, education disparity, covid-19 recovery and other challenges facing a community.
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>> if one were working full-time, 450 hours would translate into a little more than 11 weeks. they would earn $10,000 to pay off loans or other college expenses. >> $10,000 is a lot of money. 6500 people -- having that opportunity. if this thing works, we can go back to the legislature and take it to the rest of the country because nobody else is doing this. >> the student loan debt crisis seems to affect low income students the most. there is an argument to be made that those with the greatest financial need to are strapped with debt will not be able to contribute enough to the economy. dreamers will be allowed to participate because these are state funds. 45 universities will take part in the program. more will be added later. kristen:
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on efforts to build a better bay area. san francisco is celebrating a ray of hope in the tenderloin where homelessness, crime, and cobit are major challenges. that tenderloin linkage center has opened at the yuan plaza after the mayor declared a state of emergency for the neighborhood. announcing an initiative to care and services. the mayor told us a key part of the effort is to break through barriers that keep people from getting help. >> the goal is to help people struggling with substance disorders and get them the health and treatment they need. >> once fully staffed, the center would serve 100 people at a time in the tenderloin. larry: fight for voting rights -- the debate for capitol hill underway today. kristen: new p
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announcer: building a better bay area -- moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: a candlelight vigil will be held tonight in san francisco in memory of an east bay native who is shoved to her death by a stranger. right in front of an oncoming new york city subway train. the vigil starts at 6:00 at portsmouth square in chinatown. >> ♪ shade and you are never afraid and your worries disappear >> -- larry: a deeply emotional vigil wrapped up in times square. she was a graduate of american high school at fremont and then
4:30 pm
ucla, went to business school at nyu. her family still lives in the east bay. the acting chairman of new york's metropolitan transportation authority expressed outrage at the saturday incident. >> it cannot happen. it's unconscionable, it's outrageous that any new yorker going about her business in the middle of the city, the middle of the subway system should be the victim of that kind of crime is unacceptable. larry: 61-year-old marshall simon has been arrested in connection with the attack. police say he is homeless and confessed to pushing her onto the tracks. kristen: a new report says the british national killed in saturday's hostage standoff at a texas synagogue was known to security services in the u.k.. according to cnn, he had been the subject of a brief investigation in 2020. sources did not say what the probe is about, only that the matter was closed when investigators no longer considered him a threat. in the u.s., officials say the
4:31 pm
44-year-old entered the country in late december and was not on any terror watch list. >> he was checked against u.s. government databases for entering the country in u.s. government did not have any derogatory information about the individual at the time of entry. kristen: the fbi is investigating the incident as a terrorism-related matter. they believe he was motivated by the desire to see a convicted terrorism now in federal prison in texas. woodrow has more on the fear religious leaders say has become too familiar. >> shabbat of san francisco first began active shooter training following the tree of life synagogue shooting. since then, a
4:32 pm
at a texas synagogue has made security training continuously necessary. >> we have to make sure this type of thing never happens again and if it does, we are well trained and prepared and have to use any means necessary to prevent any casualties. >> one of the texas hostages has credited taking an active class with enabling him to survive. being prepared for the unthinkable has come up way of life for religious leaders. >> i stand up and up and up andu husband and daughter and worry what might happen. i keep going. i'm not going to stop. i have a community to serve and i believe we have to build the world we want with love. >> known for its open design, they were first to put up walls where the rabbi says they would rather not. >> it is truly so sad we have to
4:33 pm
turn our congregation into a fortress. i lament so much we have to spend resources on this, but also what it means for us spiritually to have to put up walls in a moment when we want so badly to be in a place of connection. >> he says it is critical not to allow this moment to lead to hatred for any other group in response. as religious leaders comfort congregants, they consider security training critical to protect a space many gather to feel safe. larry: debate over protecting voting rights is happening in the u.s. senate. majority leader chuck schumer says the effort to pass voting rights legislation will likely fail, but adds this is a vital process for all americans to see where lawmakers stand on this issue. >> senate dem d forward with debate on a pair of boating right bills despite the
4:34 pm
odds stacked against them. >> win, lose, or draw, members of this chamber were elected to debate and to vote, especially on an issue as vital to the beating heart of our democracy. >> the senate considering two bills and aimed at voter access and fighting discoloration as critics accuse republican-controlled states enacting laws making it tougher to vote. officials in those states reject that, saying they are trying to prevent voter fraud. for weeks, president biden has pleaded with democrats to change the senate filibuster rules to carve out a path to pass voting right bills with just 50 votes. democrats don't need any republicans to do this, but to centrist democratic senators are blocking the change. activists have gone on hunger's rights and taken to the streets to demand democrats protect voter rights. >> it's time for the senate to do their job. we are simply saying all citizens of this country should
4:35 pm
have unfettered access to the ballot box. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the 60 vote threshold to end debate before final vote is there for a reason. >> senate democrats want to mar their own legacies with a reckless procedural vote they know will fail. a faction this desperate for unlimited short-term power is a faction that must be denied it. >> university of alabama coach wants a letter sent to their home state senator, calling on him to pass the voting rights legislation. larry: early in person voting is underway at san francisco city hall for the special election. all registered voters will get a vote by mail ballot as well. those should be arriving any day this week. san francisco voters will decide on issues, including whether to
4:36 pm
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kristen: it's time now for the four at fort -- supply chain issues are continuing to drive up prices and this one may hit
4:39 pm
millennials where it hurts -- the price of orange juice is soaring, so get ready to pay more for those mimosas at sunday brunch. citrus disease and less than favorable weather conditions have heard florida's orange crops. this year's harvest is expected to be the lowest in nearly 60 years. but in a bit of hopeful news, the u.s. is lowering the age to drive a greg from 21 to 18, hoping to get more truckers on the road to help move supplies. larry: that's the good news? a bunch of teenagers driving big rigs? spencer: especially after drinking mimosas. i understand weather conditions in florida have definitely hurt the orange crop. the weather pattern has been quite unusual. i don't know what the answers to the supply chain problem -- how is that going to be resolved? kristen: no easy answers, but do you consume a lot of orange juice?
4:40 pm
>> we don't have a lot lot lot t juice in the house. i think there was at age 21 for probably a good reason, but how do you solve this? larry: desperate times, desperate measures. i just hope the kids under 21 get their license and that they are trained well. ama: i i i i i i tree. if you want to squeeze your own, you will come to me. spencer: i will bring that champagne. larry: i was looking for more of an airbnb experience, kind of like the ceo of san francisco-based airbnb. he is going to be living out of his suitcase for a while. he announced on twitter that starting today he will stay at an error in be listing in a different city every couple of days starting in atlanta. the pandemic has shown people
4:41 pm
are no longer tethered to the office and can live anywhere. he added 100,000 guests broke stays of three weeks or longer. he hopes living on the road will help improve the airbnb experience. obviously work from home changed everything for silly people but would you want to live out of an airbnb for three months? spencer: if i were the ceo, i would probably want that for publicity to get the word out that it's ok but i probably wouldn't. larry: any takers? kristen: i would consider that in retirement. like hawaii, a different island every three months? i think the ceos need to go through the normal process for booking and what if he encounters a bad host. he needs to know. larry: maybe get rejected a few times.
4:42 pm
that ithat i he's going to have. ama: prove today that no situation is too perilous for a selfie. a car driven by woman broke through the ice on a frozen river near ottawa, ontario. it happened moments after she was seen speeding across the ice . as bystanders jumped into action to save her, she posed for a selfie. one rescuer asked what she was doing, she said she was just having fun, adding i would totally do that again. police were not thrilled. they charge her with dangerous operation of a vehicle. would you really take the time for a selfie what you are waiting to be rescued? ama: no. did she have some mimosas? [laughter] that's just not good thinking. spencer: i thought canadians were smarter than that. larry: from that angle, it looked like the car was submerging. she had to get that shot that
4:43 pm
moment, otherwise it would not be available. ama: she was like i have one more minute. kristen: that's 15 likes larry:. larry:what was the point of this in the first place. watch and get the video. spencer: not a good idea. ama: don't like that post. spencer: the car is gone. larry: it's probably not in fantastic shape. she probably would have benefited from a different car -- a swedish company is taking preorders for its flying car called jetson one. it can go up to 63 miles an hour, seats only one person, so spencer i can drive you into the city. spencer: meet george jetson. jane his wife. his boy elroy. larry: let me know when you are
4:44 pm
done. no pilot's license is required. what could go wrong? it weighs less than 250 pounds. it starts at $92,000. the company hopes to start delivering them next year. i think it's intriguing. for those of us who have to cross the bridge everyday to get to work, there are many times i wished i had a jetson one or anything. spencer: it looks kind of cool. larry: but when you are talking about no license required -- kristen: what is the max altitude? i would not want to see people go that high in that just in case. but if you think about it, it is the price of a super luxury car. so if it helps you beat the commute -- >> i feel like i'm watching the man delorean. -- the
4:45 pm
larry: i only have one seat, you are welcome to hang on. think of the video. we could take a great video.
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4:47 pm
kristen: the grammy awards are on the move. they will be held in las vegas. they were postponed due to the recent covid search.
4:48 pm
daily show host, trevor noah, will return as host. larry: amy schneider continues her jeopardy hot streak -- 34 straight wins. t.j. homes with a look back at a bit of jeopardy history and how the game has evolved. >> she has been on a hot streak. current jeopardy -- jeopardy champ has wrapped up so me correct responses cauchy's in history books. her latest victory as her 34th in a row. unseating the third most consecutive games run. he's that she is looking to top 38 wins for the number two spot. >> i'm so excited for her. she's awesome. i'm a huge jeopardy fan first and foremost and i love seeing jeopardy played at the highest
4:49 pm
level. she is doing that right now. >> this season alone, we've seen at least three contestants when more than 10 games in a row, a feat only accomplished 12 times in the games history. >> i think there has been a lot more aggressive preparation from contestants over the past few years. especially because there exists fan databases. >> so what's the deal? there are theories -- there are databases out there like a website jeopardy fans put together that keeps track of every clue played on the game going back to the 80's. they've also eliminated the five-game winning cap for players. that was in place until 2003. the next year after the rule change, we saw ken jennings go on his historic and still unmatched 74 game winning streak. our current hot streak is a matter of chance. >> i'm a big baseball fan. there are times when two of the
4:50 pm
best players ever are on the field at the same time and then you go decades without somebody that good. i'm loath to try to interpret too much beyond that. >> join us then. larry: you can catch amy's next game tonight on 7:00 right here on abc 7. kristen: now to a different kind of history -- an asteroid the size of the golden gate bridge soared right past earth today. it is 1.2 million miles away, traveling over 47,000 miles an hour. nasa has been tracking it since 1994. they say another art -- another object like this won't come close to earth for 200 years. don't look up. have you seen it yet? larry: pretty good movie? kristen: so good. must watch. this was not that close call. we are getting chillier. spencer: it is going to start
4:51 pm
warming up again tomorrow and toward the end of the week, it's going to be quite milder. look for him and conditions to drop into the upper 30's. mid-40's around the bay shoreline and upper 50's at thet coast. 60 to 62 are on the bay shoreline and low to mid 60's in some of the inland locations. here's our milder and continued dry -- mid 60's and even mid to slightly upper 60's around the bay and inland on friday. low 60's on the coast. temperatures remain above average and there will be minor cooling on sunday. we are talking sunny skies and milder than average conditions. kristen: now to a dramatic rescue of sorts -- check out this poor little buddy trap in a cinderblock wall in arizona. he had gotten loose from his
4:52 pm
yard and was found with his head stuck in the wall. workers from the humane society went to work and you can see them chiseling away at the wall. he was eventually freed and reunited with his human. larry: poor buddy. he's not going to forget that. ahoy, matey -- there is a treasure trove in the bay area. >> am i dreaming? they've got a big ship in their back yard. larry: jeff will bloom -- kristen: jeff your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness.
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so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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larry: coming up tonight, judge steve harvey, followed by abbott elementary, blackish, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. there is a pirate's paradise bay morgan hill back yard. it's about to be known all across the country. morgan's cove makes its disney plus debut on the world according to jeff goldblum. justin dorsey showed us this home two years ago. he caught up with the pirate crew as they look forward to the shows release. >> in the quiet city of morgan hill, there is a secret pirates cove like you've never seen before, but the secret is out. morgan cove will appear on the world according to jeff goldblum, highlighting the best backyards in the country. >> am i dreaming? they've got a big ship in their back yard.
4:56 pm
>> it is an honor to be looked at that way because we enjoy every day, every minute, every hour when we are here at the cove doing what we do. >> they worked on the back yard, complete with a one third scale pirate ship for decades to give people a real-life pirates of the caribbean experience and put morgan hill on the map. >> morgan's cove is literally the hidden treasure of morgan hill. now it will be seen on a national stage come on disney plus this week. >> it was amazing when they came. this huge crew of 18 or 20 people and these set ups, huge cameras on their backs with these backpacks. it was a little intimidating at first. >> he said the team shot for 12 hours because jeff goldblum was so interested in every detail and now he's officially part of the pirate crew. >> we had to put him through
4:57 pm
some tests on firing a cannon, throwing an ax and dealing with the rigging of the ship. i was not overwhelmed by who he was other than he was coming on to that ship as part of our crew members. >> this all took place in may and the crew has been waiting patiently for the debut. >> there he is. that's awesome. [laughter] >> that was pretty remarkabl what you just showed me. not having any blueprints, we just did it from the seat of our pants. and for it to come out like this for the world to see what we have created is incredible. >> you can watch the back yard episode on january 19 on disney plus. larry: they spent 20 years on that. disney is the parent company off
4:58 pm
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