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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 19, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news in the fight against covid. the white house now making hundreds of millions of n95 masks available for free. the new effort, plus, the new website where you can order free at-home covid tests. the problems already being reported. breaking overnight, significant evidence of fraud. a new claim about former president donald trump's family business and what the attorney general of new york is now planning. happening now, suspect identified. the urgent search for the man police say randomly stabbed and killed a college student while she was working at this furniture store. the new images this morning. cracker barrel paying up. what the restaurant served to one customer instead of water. rare find. the extremely rare car
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inside a vacant home ingeorgia. love in the produce aisle. a very different kind of a dating show. good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> and i'm faith abubey. mona is off. we begin this morning with two major headlines concerning the pandemic. >> first the white house is announcing a new plan to make millions of n-95 masks for free. the n-95, of course, offers better protection than a cloth mask. also this morning, new research on the effect that remote learning is having on kids and their mental and physical health. abc's alex presha begins our coverage. >> reporter: this morning, americans will soon have access to high-quality masks for free. abc news learning overnight that the white house will be taking 400 million n-95 masks from the national stockpile and shipping
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them to pharmacies and health centers across the country and should be available by the end of next week. it comes just as the government launches a long awaited website allowing americans to order free at-home covid tests. >> these tests are not easy to come by so programs like this can make a big difference, but i hope it's just the beginning of something more row because. >> reporter: every household no matter the size of it is limited to ordering free tests. problems being reported. the website is rejecting some orders as duplicates for people living in apartment buildings because the system bases orders on your residential address. >> i noticed it was saying that four tests have already been requested from this household. there has to be a way we can work around this, that it has to know the difference between an apartment and an apartment building. >> reporter: omicron cases continue to overwhelm hospitals across the country. in oklahoma 1,000 hospital workers are now in quarantine creates massive staff shortages. one hospital has zero icu beds available with more than 100 patients waiting.
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>> we have to care for patients in hallways. sometimes closets. >> reporter: for people still refusing to get vaccinated espn host stephen a. smith has a sobering message. >> they told me had i not been vaccinated i wouldn't be here. that's how bad i was. i had pneumonia in both lungs, my liver was bad, and it ravaged me. >> reporter: meanwhile, with covid cases among children tripling in the past two weeks, many students are being forced to return to remote learning. a new study reveals the toll that's taking. researchers found school closures in 2020 led to more mental and physical health problems among kids with anxiety and depression affecting more than one in four adolescents in some areas. doctors say more screen time and a lack of physical activity are major factors to consider. alex presha, abc news, new york. >> alex, thank you. another problem during this pandemic has been a shortage of blood. the red cross is now offering people who donate blood this
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month a chance to win super bowl tickets. a major escalation in the legal battle between former president trump and new york's attorney general. in a new court filing attorney general letitia james accuses trump's family business of repeatedly misrepresenting the value of its assets to bolster its bottom line. james is asking a court to compel trump and other trump family members to testify as part of a civil investigation. trump calls the investigation a witch-hunt. meanwhile in a separate development the house committee investigating the attack on the capitol has taken its first direct action against a member of the trump family. the committee has subpoenaed and already received thephone records of eric trump and kimberly guilfoyle who is engaged to donald trump jr. and the company also subpoenaed rudy giuliani, sidney powell and other former trump attorneys and aides who pushed claims of voter fraud.
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verizon and at&t have agreed to delay today's rollout of 5g service near some airports after airlines warned of flight cancellations. the companies will temporarily limit the number of towers that carry 5g technology due to concerns that the signals could interfere with critical instruments used by pilots. the former head of the faa says he's optimistic the problem can be solved. >> the concerns have been well known for years and, again, this is a problem that can be solved through the leadership of the appropriate government agencies, the fcc and the faa. the administration all working together to ensure that there are no safety concerns. >> reporter: well, despite all of those, some flight delays are still expected today, especially among international carriers as airlines try to navigate new restrictions. an urgent diplomatic scramble is under way as the white house warns that russia could attack ukraine at any moment. secretary of state antony blinken has just arrived in ukraine for meetings today
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before sitting down with russian officials on friday. abc's ian pannell reports blinken is hoping to de-escalate the crisis even as russia builds up more troops near ukraine. >> reporter: there's still room for diplomacy to work, but three meetings last week producing no obvious signs of compromise and now more troops are gathering at a different point along the ukraine border, so, yes, there may still be time for diplomacy to work. but it may also be running out. >> vladimir putin demanded ukraine be blocked from joining nato but the u.s. calls that request a nonstarter. we turn now to the battle over voting rights in washington cinead today just as president biden begins his second year in office with his poll numbers at a new low. this morning, president biden marks one year in office with republicans and democrats in a standoff over voting rights. >> this is about one party wanting the power to unilaterally rewrite the rule book of american elections.
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>> senate democrats are -- we are going to fight the fight. >> reporter: a bill on the senate floor would make election day a federal holiday and guarantee all voters can request a mail-in ballot. it would also force states that require voters show an i.d. to broaden the type of i.d. that's acceptable, a measure republicans oppose. gop congressman steve scalise says the bill would also make it harder to purge deceased people from voter rolls. >> as we know people die and move from place to place yet they make it very hard to clean up those rolls, so fighting for the integrity of the vote and making sure everybody legally eligible to vote can cast one vote, that's what we as republicans are fighting for. >> reporter: 19 states, many controlled by republicans, recently imposed new laws restricting access to voteing. >> we cannot sit back and let one political party continue to unravel the threads of our democracy.
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>> reporter: to pass the bill, democrats need 60 votes or the support of 10 republicans which they don't have and now two key democrats, kyrsten sinema and joe manchin, are refusing to change the senate rules to let democrats pass the bill with a simple majority. >> there's no check and balance because basically just sweep right through and the same could happen if republicans had everything. >> reporter: all this as president biden holds a news conference this afternoon to discuss what lies ahead for his second year in office. with a pandemic still raging, inflation at a 40-year high and his approval rating sinking. >> the work is not done. the job is not done, and we are certainly not conveying it is, so our objective and i think what you'll hear the president talk about is how to build on the foundation we laid in the first year. >> in his first year, polls show president biden has had an average approval rating of 42%, but it recently sank to 33%. dramatic body camera video shows first responders in new york entering a home as a raging fire burns next door.
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the fire in the bronx broke out after what officials believes om rescuers brought several people to safety. but one person did not survive. journalist and fashion industry icon andre leon talley has died. the best-selling author served as the editor of "vogue" and he was also the magazine's first black male creative director. andre leon talley was 73 years old. >> time now for a look at your wednesday weather. an arctic front is moving into the middle of the country bringing negative windchill readings from montana to iowa, and by tomorrow morning the extreme cold will dive all the way to texas while bringing heavy rain, ice and snow from the gulf up to the northeast. we're also tracking a storm for the end of the workweek which could either pull out to sea or bring snow to the northeast this weekend. checking today's temperatures, mild across much of the south, high 40s today in the northwest,
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76 in miami. >> coming up, a cracker barrel restaurant ordered to pay millions. what it served to a customer instead of water. also ahead, the stunning discovery inside a vacant home. what this rare ford mustang could be worth. but first new efforts to get much needed supplies to tonga after that deadly volcano disaster. matt gutman repo
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back now, take a look at this. a car soaring over this bridge in michigan. police say the driver lost control, went up an embankment and flew through the air before crashing. he's now facing drunk driving charges. more help on the way to tonga after that powerful
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volcanic eruption that rocked the south pacific. new zealand says its first aid shipment could arrive by friday. hundreds of people are racing to clear ash from the airport in tonga to allow supply missions to land. abc's matt gutman is in fiji with more on the eruption and the difficulty getting news from tonga. >> reporter: we are talking about the loudest or one of the loudest explosions since 1883 since krakatoa. we still know so little about what is actually happening there on the ground because of that cable that was severed which allows communications, both phone and internet, between tonga and the outside world. added to that they have been basically covid-free the past two years and have had a single case so do they now allow aid groups in who could also bring in covid? >> at least three deaths are reported since the eruption. nasa says it was more powerful than a nuclear bomb. los angeles police have identified a suspect in the murder of ucla grad student
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brianna kupfer. they say 31-year-old shawn smith is homeless. he's now wanted for stabbing kupfer while she was working at a furniture store. a $250,000 reward is now being offered. police say smith was walking down an alley after that attack. >> this individual responsible for this vicious, senseless and brutal crime walks amongst us, i'm convinced of that. >> while police say the attack was random, kupfer's father spoke out blaming politicians for being too soft on crime. cracker barrel restaurant as ordered to pay a customer $9 million after he was served a glass filled with cleaning fluid instead of water. his lawyer says the tennessee restaurant used unmarked water pitchers to mix cleaning agents. the jury took only 30 minutes to reach their verdict. we're getting our first look at a rare find by a classic car hunter.
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this 1965 ford mustang shelby gt was 1 of only 500 ever built. it was found inside a vacant home in georgia and could be worth $300,000. >> that is quite the find there. and coming up, new legal action from britney spears overnight. but first new video of a daring rescue on a frozen lake. with relapsing forms of ms... there's a lot to deal with. not just unpredictable relapses. all these other things too. it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place. kesimpta was proven superior at reducing the rate of relapses, active lesions, and slowing disability progression vs aubagio. don't take kesimpta if you have hepatitis b, and tell your doctor if you have had it, as it could come back. kesimpta can cause serious side effects, including infections. while no cases of pml were reported in rms clinical trials, it could happen. tell your doctor if you had or plan to have vaccines,
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matching your job description. visit police body camera video
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captured these tense moments on a frozen lake in new jersey. first responders pulled three people out of the water. two fell in while crossing the lake. the other was actually one of their neighbors. his dirt bike broke the ice. then he saw the moment the others fell in. >> i see my neighbor emma. she comes ice skating, and she saw me. so she is like oh, help -- i mean, i'm watching her and she starts skating away, and she disappears and goes into the water. >> after about 45 minutes, rescuers used ropes to get everyone out. new detail about the deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's company. the company that supplied the props for the film is denying claims made in the lawsuit. here is abc's rhiannon alley. >> reporter: this morning the company that provided the ammunitions to "rust" is firing back against a lawsuit from the movie's armorer, hannah gutierrez-reed.
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she was in charge of the weapons on the set. in her lawsuit filed last week, gutierrez-reed claimed seth and his company sold, distributed and advertised its props as dummy ammunition and not live rounds, saying gutierrez-reed relied upon and trusted the defendants would only supply dummy prop ammunition, or blanks, and no live rounds were ever to be on set. but in a new statement overnight, kenny's company calls the allegations that it provided the live ammunition on the set untrue, saying the lawsuit filed by gutierrez-reed is a thinly disguised effort to deflect blame and responsibility. kenney spoke to abc news last year. >> it's not a possibility that they came from pdq or from myself personally. when we send dummy rounds out, they get individually rattle-tested before they get sent out. >> reporter: he claims gutierrez-reed and her lawyers knew before filing their lawsuit that kenney did not supply the ammo used in the shooting.
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authorities are trying to determine how a live round got into alec baldwin's gun when it went off, killing cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> somebody put a live bullet in a gun, a bullet that wasn't even supposed to be on the property. someone is responsible for what happened, and i can't say who that is. >> reporter: in her lawsuit, gutierrez-reed claims she and kenney previously had a falling out over an accidental discharge on the set, leading to animosity between the two. a claim kenney did not address in his news statement. the attorney for gutierrez-reed claims she was sabotaged, but authorities say they have found no evidence of that. gutierrez-reed has not responded to seth kenney's new statement. faith, andrew? >> thank you. britney spears could be facing another court battle. her lawyer has sent a cease and desist letter to her sister jamie lynn, in response to her new book. the letter threatens legal action unless she stops referencing britney during her
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emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. ♪ just eat it, eat it, get yourself an egg ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with daniel radcliffe taking a giant leap. >> the "harry potter" star set to play weird al yankovic in a new biopic. next, a match made in aisle 7. a grocery chain is filming a new dating show. >> "love at first bite" where contestants will meet for the first time on a blind date. >> they'll shop and then make a meal together.
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>> and next an uplifting story from california. >> it's about a farmer helping another farmer. the well on will scott's farm ran dry during the drought, so another local farmer, paul buxman, who also happens to be an artist offered to help by selling his paintings and raised $30,000. >> people like paul who step up and see there's a need regardless of who you are. >> just hearing his voice gives me hope, you know. boy, do we need hope in this country. >> he has enough for two wells. next another story about neighbors helping neighbors. this time a football team helping after a snowstorm. >> snow in the pittsburgh area canceled classes at bethel park high, so instead of football practice, they shoveled out their neighbors. speaking of snow, one kid in toronto is exhausted. carter shared his thoughts about winter so far. >> tiring. i really wish i was in school right now.
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>> new tools for you to fight covid-19. the government. >> remembering a local woman killed in an attack in new york city. the vigils here and across the country. >> some flights into sfo now canceled and it is not weather-related. the agreement now impacting airline schedules. >> a live look outside from two of our schedules in the east bay. drew is tracking at all. good morning, everyone, happy wednesday, january 19. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to start with a check of the weather. drew: welcome back, hope you had a great time. tracking for this morning, dense in spots. live doppler 7 showing you the issues we had. street level, we are going to show you what is going on right now. as you press closer into napa, down to a quarter if not ha a


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