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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 21, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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>> lin-manuel miranda and john leguizamo will be live on "gma" tomorrow to discuss what made this song and movie a major hit. that's "nightline" for tonight. you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> about teachers could soon go on strike if they don't get
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better covid protection from the school district. >> covid cancels opening night. how the pandemic has impacted a popular venue in the south bay. >> you can see the seats are out. preparation is underway here in san francisco for 49ers playoff football. more on the excitement in my story. >> windy and warmer. an hour by hour look at the forecast coming up. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is kbc7 news. >> we'll begin with two developing stories involving children and students. first, a new law would let california kids 12 and older get a covid vaccine without parental consent. it east seeks to allow minors to make their own decision about any vaccine approved by the f.d.a. and cdc including
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covid-19, flu, measles and chickenpox. senator scott wiener co-wrote the bill and said it falls in line with california law. if the bill is passed by the legislature and signed by governor newsom, it would take effect january 1 of next year. >> our other top story tonight. the about teachers union could possibly go on strike. dan: negotiations have been going on all evening. ryan is in the east bay. ryan? reporter: the union and the school district are meeting now as we speak to go over these safety measures. the union gave the school district a 48-hour notice to say they have until friday to reach agreement or they will vote on a possible strike. the union president told me, however, he is hopeful they can
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reach a new agreement before the week is over. oakland teachers could soon reach a strike. they are demanding better safety measures to limit the spread of covid-19. >> weekly testing available for students and staff at all school sites. we want a written agreement around the best possible -- highest quality masks. reporter: keith brown is the president of the union and said they want new agreement with the school district this week. >> our schools must be as safe as possible so students can get the best education possible. reporter: the school district and union reached an agreement in july over covid safety measures. however with the spread of the omicron variant, they want better protection. they said despite the challenges we are facing we are hopeful the district and o.e.a. will find a
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way to weave an agreement. >> it is really a not easy trying to juggle school for my children and work for me. >> reginald is a single father of three children in elementary school. he hopes a strike can be avoided because he doesn't want to encounter more hurdles. >> i don't think it is fair that teachers, educators want t wanto on strike. i don't think it is fair the district is not being more flexible. reporter: she teaches high school scienced says most of her students are on strike because they don't feel safe. she doesn't want to thrive classroom but she says safety needs to be a priority. >> i have about four out of 20 in one of my classes. you know, there is not a loved lot we can do. -- not a lot we can do.
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reporter: they are having back and forest discussions witandthe they have plans to possibly resume the talks on friday morning. ryan curry, abc7 news. dan: thanks very much. data shows covid cases are plateauing in san francisco. the latest seven-day average stands at 1705. that is down from 2164 on january 9. health officials say the city's 82% vaccination rate helped bring numbers down. today dr. grant colfax echoed what health officials have been saying. we must learn to live with covid-19. >> i want to stress now our goal is not to prevent every case of covid. omicron proved that is simply not possible. our goal is to prevent the worst
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outcomes. dan: hospitalization rates are still climbing. that is normal. they always lag behind the number of reported cases. the number of cases is slowing down. in january last year when 165 people died of covid-19 related illnesses. in this year five people have died. vaccines and preventive measures seem to have made all of the difference in this case. >> navigate life remains unpredictable. a show was back on stage after opening night was canceled due to covid-19 cases. we have more on the precautions in place. >> meeting enhanced safety measures and spend r more time confirming the status of any scheduled event. >> i was checking every day to see. something is coming through e-mail. did they cancel it?
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reporter: opening night for charlie and the chocolate factory was scheduled for tuesday but broadway san jose took to 2013 hours earlier announcing break through cases within the touring company forced the cancellation. season pass holder knows that too well. >> these are all been canceled and rescheduled and some are not coming back. it was sad because we enjoy coming to these. >> there is concern on social media. why is only one performance canceled if someone has covid. they said the show has multiple understudies covering the roles and everyone gets tested every morning to make sure no one is positive. >> we have to show our i.d. and vaccination card, wear masks the whole time. i felt comfortable because you are packed in there. >> there are hand sanitizer station and filters to maximize
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outside air and stopping food and beverage inside to make sure there was no excuse to take off your mask. >> i dhash has been new citizens pandemic. it is a challenge to have a special needs situation. reporter: future performances of charlie and the chocolate factory are scheduled to go on as planned. abc7 news. dan: here are the other covid headlines tonight. a vaccination requirement at u.s. land ports and ferry terminals takes effect saturday. the department of homeland security is requiring proof of vaccination for all u.s. nationals regardless of the reason for travel. tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of coronavirus in the united states if you can believe it. on january 21, 2020, a washington state resident department became the first confirmed covid-19 case nationally. the country has reached a pandemic high for
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hospitalizations. more than 160,000 covid positive americans are currently in hospitals around the country. that is according to the c.d.c. if you want to stay up to date on the latest covid headlines we have more information on our website. go to abc7 >> a body found near the dumbarton bridge is that of a nurse. michael odell left his shift tuesday. his car was found in the emergency lane of the bridge. his body was recovered during a search today. no word on his cause of death. dan: a fan shot and killed by police officers early this morning had been carrying air soft guns. police were called to the international terminal just after 7:30 to check out a report of a suspicious person. officers engaged the man for ha
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minutes attempting to disarm him. during that encounter they fatally shot him. investigators determined that the guns he was carrying were air soft weapons which fire pellets, not bullets. >> they absolutely looked real to me. i would assume he had a firearm that could be used to harm me. dan: the state attorney general's office will investigate the shooting and they will hold a town ul hall meeting in 10 days. >> the oakland police department is reallocating resources to addresses violence. it stretches from 82nd in the west to san leandro in the east. o.p.d. said the change calls from calls from community members who said they don't feel safe. dan: a wind advisory will go
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into effect for most of the bay area. sandhya? sandhya: enjoy the calm that we have now. when you take a look at this picture. you can see how nice it is this evening. not a shaky camera. that's for sure as we look at san francisco. winds are barely there. mount diablo the only place where it is bre wind advisory will be going up. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow until 7:00 a.m. saturday looking at virtually all to have bay area. gusts up to 66 miles an hour could blow down tree limbs and cause a few power outages. 10:00 you will notice those wednesdays picking up. fairfield. over 40 miles an hour. topping 40 miles an hour late tomorrow night. i'll be back with the rest of the wind forecast plus a look at how warm it is going to get and the weekend coming right up. >> sounds good. thanks. another one of san francisco's major events also making plans to return this year.
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new details about pride 2022. >> you can see behind me the big screen televisions have been set up as san francisco venues prepare for 49ers playoff football. more on the excitement coming up. dan: and now development with pelle on the. th--
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his watch. he told me he was walking in the mid plaza area sunday afternoon looking for an apartment. a car suddenly stopped and two men jumped out. they demanded his rolex and messenger back. he was stoll whipped and grazed by a bullet that fired. he now plans to move to texas or out of the country. >> we should be able to walk freely and not have to worry about someone jumping us from behind or using a gun. the city has to find a way to make us safer. reporter: i have covered a number of high-end watch thefts. one was a 52-year-old asian man stoll whipped and robbed by two men with guns. this video is being used in the police investigation. dan: here is a live look at s.f.o. one of three bay area airports that could see more flight diversion tomorrow. s.f.o., san jose and about
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airports are dealing with ongoing concerns about the rollout of 5g which could affect flight instruments. several were canceled today. earlier this week, we reported verizon and at&t launched a new 5g signal but delayed it near the airports but still as of tonight 22% of u.s. airports still were not approved to land under low visibility conditions at 88 u.s. airports. the frequency for 5g is close to the frequency used by quim that measures a plane altitude. >> a man is under arrest for animal cruelty after he repeatedly attacked duction. we want to warn you some may find this video disturbing. you can see hoar, it was taken saturday near the duck pond at san lorenzo community center park. you can see there, the man stepped on their wings and
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slammed one to the ground. deputies say the man frequented the duck upon the attacking the duck pond on at least two occasions. dan: peloton sai rumors that production has stopped on its bikes is false. the damage was done and the stock fell. the c.e.o. john foley said the incorrect information was leaderboard. because of the financial losses foley says peloton is considering layoffs and curbing production. >> we are now less than 48 hours away from the 49ers game against the packers in green bay, wisconsin. abc7 was at levi stadium earlier this afternoon as the team busses filled up to head to the airport.
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tonight j.r. stone spoke to 49ers fans who also made the trek to green bay. >> i have never been there before. i've been to tahoe but green bay cold is a different kind of cold. >> he was talking about green bay, wisconsin. banks arrived there tonight via phoenix and milwaukee just as the san francisco 49ers arrived on these planes and then made their way to their hotel on team busses. get your gear out. we're now less than 48 hours from the niners divisional round playoff game against the green bay packers. the plane conditions? >> freezing cold. it is minus four now. the weather feels like minus 8 and supposed to get to minus 10. definitely not used to this being from the bay area. >> the district six food truck event venue events are underway for an outdoor 300-400 person viewing party involving three big screen tv's.
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>> we officially sold out. we told people bundle up. brings their blankets. it might feel like lambeau to every one of us. >> known around the globe for his prosthetic eye didn't travel to green bay due to family duties. you can see the youngest of his team is already decked out. >> her name is alayna. she is 10 months old. >> as to what alex will be wearing at the game, one that could be the coldest of all time? >> i have a bay slayer and a long sleeves niners shirt and a niners sweatser. i'm trying to put a jersey over that and a big 49er just about. a lot of tail gate. we're going to have a lot of fun. >> j.r. stone. abc7 news. dan: it is going to be a lot of fun. should be a great game. dion, bring everything you have got.
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>> apparently so, or sandhya, we can just watch it inside from the comfort of the bay area. >> you're going to feel guilty. right now it is minus 7 in green bay. it is going to be frigid but i think th the niners can handle . at kickoff it is going to be 11 degrees. 5:15 our time. 8:15 their time. very cold. wind chill minus three. frigid at fourth quarter. i'm talking six decision when they take on the packers. it is going to be very, very cold. not what they are used to. wind chill playing a role. the winds playing a role here in the bay area. a different kind of wind. gusty offshore winds. potential for damage tomorrow. secure any loose objects around your house. low pressure dropping down into the great basin. it will create that windy pattern tomorrow. the hourly wind forecast showing you winds picking up at 10:00 a.m. out of the northeast.
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napa 46. 46 fairfield. the wind also translates to surface. even places like san francisco, oakland, you're going to feel the effects of the wind. strongsest winds over the higher elevations. saturday, wind 43 miles an hour. saturday still gusty. 34 fairfield. saturday afternoon, the winds let up with this offshore wind. we are going to experience warmer weather than what we're used to for january. from our golden gate bridge camera, there have been a few patches of fog. it has moved out for the time being. you can clearly see across the bay. patchy dense fog overnight. gusty winds morning. unseasonable weather developing in the next few days. thick fog around santa rosa. just over a mile visibility. half mile in half-moon bay. once the wednesday starts going,
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the fog will get blown out of here tomorrow morning. temperatures in 40's and 50's. by morning, upper 30's in some of our wind sheltered valleys. 39 in santa rosa. 39 in concord. 50 in san francisco because of that down sloping wind. going to be a nice day. mild on the peninsula. 66 redwood city. half-moon bay. sun shining in downtown san francisco. northway temperatures mild to warm. nearon 70 in santa rosa. 66 oakland. inland, 66 in fairfield. here is a look at the air quality. good for most of you tomorrow. deteriorating for the second half of the weekend. windy and warmer. gusty winds saturday morning. still going to be mild-to-warm and lighter wednesdays, cooler weather second half of your weekend heading into early next week. week. no sign of rain until
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>> in a message today, organizers of san francisco pride are working
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>> good evening. unthinkable loss for warriors tonight falling to the pacers who are on night two of a back-to-back. indiana missing four of their starters. hey, at least it was klay kayak bobblehead nite. dubs not named curry went 3-26 from downtown. steph goes for 39 points in 44 minutes. dubs up one in the fourth. gary payton. betazi head butted payto trail by two.
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curry, how does he go through everybody on the defense? scary stuff there. a lot of team also in that situation. with under 10 seconds left. five seconds left. no, j.t.a. blows the lay-up that would have won it. onto o.t. keifer sykes. pacers stun the dubs 121-117? overtime to the ice we go. shacialgs visiting the kraken. ben behaving very badly there. sharks visiting the kraken. the kraken would release the scoring. up 2-1. jarnkrok, the one-timer. 3-2 seattle the final. a lot of college hoops. gonzaga especially hosting u.s.f. showing up angry. who wants to be on my poster?
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the zags dominate late. holmgren. 22 points. gonzaga victorious. what about stanford hosting number three, arizona? gets the bucket and the foul. this game was not close. all sedona. -- all zona. the separated at birthed matchup. it never gets old. santa clara and. the mary's. jaelen williams throwing it down with authority. the drive. 17 off the bench helping the gails to a 73-645 win. like looking in the mirror. see
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>> thanks for watching. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, jason
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