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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 21, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> america, have a great friday. right now on "america this morning, breaking news, the american pop singer and actor meat loaf has died. the details just coming in. ♪ on alert, millions of americans bracing for a rare ice storm as far south as texas. emergencies declared in the carolinas. and the warning about widespread power outages. and bitter cold now setting in from the midwest to northeast. what to expect this morning. covid con. the new lawsuit claiming a covid testing company has been faking results, lying to customers. how it's responding to the accusations. crashing for clicks? what's happening now to a youtube star accused of intentionally crashing a plane just to get more likes. and later, are movies getting too long?
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why a small popcorn may not cut it anymore. good friday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> and i'm faith abubey. mona is off. we begin with breaking news. word this morning that the singer known as meat loaf has died. >> michael lee aday is his real name. the actor and singer best known for his power ballad hits like "bat out of hell" and "i'd do anything for love but i won't do that," he was one of the best-selling musical artists of all time with more than 80 million albums sold. >> he also appeared in more than 50 films including "fight club" and "the rocky horror picture show." add add addai -- aday is survived by his wife and two daughters. he was 74 years old. we turn to a crucial moment in the standoff between the u.s. and russia with russian troops gathering on ukraine's doorstep poised for an invasion. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken is meeting this morning with russia's foreign minister
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on a high stakes mission to calm tensions in the region. meanwhile here at home, the department of homeland security has issued a new alert about the potential for new cyberattacks coming from russia. abc's ike ejiochi joins us now with the latest. good morning to you, ike. >> reporter: good morning, faith. a high ranking u.s. military official says a war between russia and ukraine would create a level of violence in europe unseen since the second world war. this morning, secretary of state antony blinken is in geneva ahead of his high-stakes meeting with his russian counterpart. the two men will sit down for talks as tensions between the u.s. and russia escalate. >> if any russian military forces move across the ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine, that will be met with a swift, severe united response from the united states and our allies. >> reporter: both russia and ukraine have been gathering
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troops and military weapons on their border. general robert abrams, who was a former commander of u.s. forces in korea, says a major conflict could result in a level of violence europe hasn't seen since world war ii. >> the sheer destruction of infrastructure, homes, cities, loss of life, both military and civilian, as well as displaced civilians will directly impact not only ukraine and russia, but economically will certainly affect europe and have global reach to include the united states. >> reporter: right now moscow is still insisting ukraine not be admitted into nato. the u.s. and allies remain united calling those demands a nonstarter. president biden making clear russia will pay a heavy price if they invade ukraine. >> if any, any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border, that is an invasion, and it will be met with severe and coordinated economic response
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that i've discussed in detail with our allies, as well as laid out very clearly for president putin. >> reporter: those new comments coming after biden was criticized for his initial remarks saying it depends on what putin does along the border. >> it's one thing if it's a minor incursion. >> reporter: now, homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas says the u.s. is on heightened alert for cyberattacks. now, the agency warning that the recent malware attacks in ukraine highlight the potential for widespread damage to critical infrastructure here at home. faith. >> ike, thank you. the other big story this morning is the weather. people as far south as texas are bracing for a rare ice storm. a weather system stretching from the deep south to the carolinas will bring significant icing beginning this morning, and up to six inches of snow could fall later tonight in north carolina. ahead of the storm roads were treated in houston, and states of emergency are already in effect for the carolinas and virginia with the potential for widespread power outages. and much of the country is also waking up to a bitter blast of arctic air.
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d.c. to boston will experience windchills around zero this morning. below zero in the northern plains, and of course we'll check your forecast for you coming up in about five minutes. >> and it doesn't end there. bitter cold temperatures and blizzard conditions along the u.s./canada border are being blamed for the deaths of four people. police say a man, woman, teenager and an infant were found 40 feet from the north dakota border this week, all the victims were of indian descent. a man is now in custody charged with human trackinging. we turn now to disturbing allegations against a company that runs covid testing sites across the country. a new lawsuit claims the company's test results are part of a scam, and american taxpayers got left with the bill. this morning, two companies operating a testing lab in pop-up sites across the country are under federal investigation accused of lying to customers faking covid test results and even throwing tests in the trash. >> these entities collected samples from minnesotans for covid-19 testing but either failed to deliver test results
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or delivered test results that were false or inaccurate. >> reporter: minnesota's attorney general is suing the center for covid control and doctors clinical laboratory which received $124 million in federal funding to carry out the tests. but many patients say they never got those results. >> you could tell they were really overstressed. it was a total disaster to be honest with you. >> reporter: one former employee tells our chicago station wls samples were often stored in garbage bags instead of refrigerators, and he says he was told to lie to customers about their covid test results saying, quote, i was told to make up whatever i had to to make them happy and be nice about it. in response, the center said, it paused operations for additional staff training and education and cited the unusually high patient demand affecting our usual customer service. in the meantime, covid hospitalizations have doubled nationwide in the last three
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weeks, and about 1,700 americans are dying each day even as the omicron wave appears to have peaked in parts of the country. >> i can't give you what i have right now. >> reporter: music superstar adele now delaying her las vegas residency blaming the virus and apologizing to fans. >> i'm so sorry, but my show ain't ready. we've been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid, half my crew, half my team are down with covid. >> meanwhile, there is another fraud alert when it comes to covid testing. the ftc is now warning about scammers trying to collect money from people ordering at-home covid tests from the government's new website. 46 that those tests are free with no shipping costs. the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol is now asking ivanka trump to voluntarily answer questions. the committee says her actions
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that day are a key focus of its investigation. the panel says it has evidence that she pleaded with her father at least twice to stop the violence. meanwhile, a prosecutor in georgia investigating former president trump's attempts to interfere in the election is asking a judge to impanel a special grand jury. that investigation was triggered in part by trump's phone call to georgia's secretary of state asking him to, quote, find votes. the grand jury would have the power to compel uncooperative witnesses to testify. pope benedict is responding to a new report claiming he knew about priests abusing boys when he was an archbishop in germany but failed to take action. the abuse allegedly happened between 1977 and 1982. the new investigation was completed by a german law firm. a statement from the retired pope's private secretary says, benedict, quote, expresses his pain and shame for the abuses of minors committed by priests. meanwhile, the vatican has not commented. back in this country the faa is investigating whether a man who's become a star on youtube crashed a plane on purpose in
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california just to get more likes on the site. trevor jacob recently posted this video of a flight back in november. the plane's engine seemed to fail and moments later jacob bailed out parachuting to safety. people online pointed out several irregularities including the fact that jacob was wearing a parachute before the crash. the plane went down in a forest and nobody was injured. peloton is denying a report that the company will stop making bikes and treadmills. that's due to a sharp drop in demand. the company's stock price dropped 24% after thursday's report on cnbc. peloton's ceo did acknowledge layoffs are possible. time now for a look at your friday weather. good morning. dangerous driving conditions will be developing on friday across south carolina into north carolina, even on the coast. the ice will accumulate.
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into friday morning pretty quiet out there. not much happening, but watch what happens friday afternoon. future radar shows freezing rain, sleet and snow developing across the carolinas. continuing into friday night and saturday morning, could see three to six inches of snow in raleigh. mild and dry this weekend across the west with some snow in the north. i'm accuweather meteorologist kevin coskren. coming up, the discovery deep in the ocean that scientists describe as shocking. also ahead, the prison time a mother could face for allegedly rigging her school's homecoming queen election so her daughter could win. but first the ncaa changes the rules when it comes to transgender athletes. how it's affecting one record-breaking swimmer.
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marine scientists are buzzing about the discovery of a rare stretch of coral reef near tahiti. it's in pristine condition. they say it appears to be unaffected by climate change. they plan to study it further to see if it could serve as a model to protect other reefs. we turn to the discussion about transgender athletes in college sports. the ncaa is changing rules, putting a spotlight on a swimmer who is breaking records. >> reporter: this morning, transgender woman lea thomas is closer to sxecompeting in the national swimming and diving championships. her school, the university of pennsylvania, announced it will work to support her after the ncaa this week announced new rules for transgender athletes. the ncaa's new policy effective immediately, will be a sport by spt aroh that balances fairness, inclusion, and safety for all who compete.
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the eligibility of trans athletes will be determined by each sport's national governing body and reviewed by the ncaa. chris mozer, the first openly transgender athlete and triathlete on team usa, is critical of the change, saying the new rules are not inclusive. >> i'm really worried about the transgender and nonbinary young people who are seeing this policy, two are wondering if it's possible for them to be their awe ten thick selves and play the sport they love. >> reporter: since 2020, ten states have enacted laws. caitlin jenner, a transgender woman and former olympic gold medalist, says the competition is simply not fair. she points to thomas, often beating other female swimmers by two whole laps. >> her cardio vvascular system s bigger, she can swim faster. that's a known. >> reporter: thomas first
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participated on the men's team, but began competing with the women's swimming team after transitioning. >> struggling to be anywhere close to where i was, i have to readjust my goals. >> reporter: now competing in the women's team, she's become one of the top freestyle swimmers in the country. the ncaa's new policy is in line with the u.s. olympic committee's. the previous policy was based on hormone therapy requirements. andrew, faith? >> andrea, thank you. a former teacher in florida accused of rigging a homecoming vote for her daughter will go on trial at the end of the month. laura carol faces felony charges. prosecutors say she used her school district's computer system to access confidential student information to cast bogus votes for her daughter so she could win the title homecoming queen. she faces 16 years in prison if convict. a big change coming to eminem. >> but first, the reporter hit
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ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. his girlfriend just caught the bouquet, so he's checking in on that ring fund. that photographer? he's looking for something a little more zen, so he's thinking, “i'll open a yoga studio.” and as for the father of the bride? he's checking to see if he's on track to do this all over again... and again. bank of america's digital tools are so impressive, you just can't stop banking. take a look at this video. a wild crash in colorado, right there. a driver crashing into the water barrels on interstate 25. they were placed there along the concrete barrier to lessen the impact of any crash. and you can see there, they worked. the driver was not hurt, despite what you see here. no word on why the car veered out of that lane in the first place. now to another crash that
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was probably avoidable. this one on live tv and the victim was the reporter. >> oh, my god! >> this is the moment she brought a whole meaning to the add j, the news never stops. >> i just got hit by a car, but i'm okay, tim. we're ault good. i'm okay. that is live tv for you. >> reporter: a reporter for wsaz in charleston, west virginia, was reporting from the scene of a water main break when an suv came up from behind, hitting her in the back, nothinging her and her camera to the ground. >> i got hit by a car in college too, just like that. >> reporter: the driver was heard apologizing as she picked up the camera. the 25-year-old reporter insisting there were no hard feelings. >> we're good, tim. ma'am, you are so sweet. >> i'm so sorry. >> i thought i was in a safe spot, but clearly we might need to move the camera over a bit. it was an accident, and i'm okay.
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>> reporter: although this is her last week working at the station, she continued on with her report about the water main break. >> again, tim, we'll get back to the report. this is where that water main break is, and this is what happened. >> reporter: on the news cast last night, she said, other than a little soreness, she's okay. and grateful for the support she's received. >> i do want to say my boss took me to the hospital. i did get checked out. everything is okay. i had so many people reach out to me, and i really appreciate it. >> there's no need to send reporters out in the field on her own. she will join the abc family next month with our affiliate in pittsburgh, wtae. >> we are just glad she's doing okay. coming up, a classic movie thaempb loves is about to get a sequel. amazon opens its first brick and mortar clothing star. and mortar clothing star. the technology th my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala.
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time to check the pulse. we begin with amazon opening a new kind of store. >> it's opening its first brick and mortar clothing store in los angeles. hundreds of brands that you know will be available to you, and an app will allow shoppers choose an item and send it directly to a fitting room or pickup counter. >> a qr code will allow you to see the sizes and colors available. next, one of the most popular holiday sequmovies is getting a sequel. >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> set to star in the sequel. the film will reportedly see an adult ralphie returning to his house on cleveland street with his kids. >> hopefully this comes out
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around christmastime. >> right. you can plan to sit back and just relax during the next batman movie. >> robert patterton, the batman, is expected to long three hours long, making it the longest film in franchise history. >> three hours? >> yeah. changes are being made to the famous m&m mascots. >> take a look at this green m&m. it's gone from wearing high heel boots to sneakers. their arms and regs also now have a more neutral shape. >> mars says the changes allow the mascots to be more representative of today's society. finally the dog that took the bait. >> milley was stranded in an area of the english coast that floods during high tide. so rescuers attached a sauce amg to a drone and lured her to
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>> fears of a war between russia and ukraine. the meeting between the secretary of state and his russian counterpart. >> a major loss for the music world, meat loaf has died. the announcement from his family. >> the good news, things are starting to plateau. >> the promising signs of the pandemic two years after the first case was discovered here in the u.s. ♪ >> ♪ california love ♪ >> southern california getting ready to host the super bowl and of course, the halftime show. the new trailer getting music fans pumped up. >> mary j blind is giving me something. >> always. i was not ready. >> i was not ready either. kumasi: all she has to do is walk. >> and she wore a coat. kumasi: good morning.


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