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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 21, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> fears of a war between russia and ukraine. the meeting between the secretary of state and his russian counterpart. >> a major loss for the music world, meat loaf has died. the announcement from his family. >> the good news, things are starting to plateau. >> the promising signs of the pandemic two years after the first case was discovered here in the u.s. ♪ >> ♪ california love ♪ >> southern california getting ready to host the super bowl and of course, the halftime show. the new trailer getting music fans pumped up. >> mary j blind is giving me something. >> always. i was not ready. >> i was not ready either. kumasi: all she has to do is walk. >> and she wore a coat. kumasi: good morning.
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happy you are watching abc 7 friday. news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: let's get into this. >> i love it. mike: yesterday was the fog, today it will be the wind. we are finishing the week with high wind warnings. we have fog in the north bay, not as widespread as yesterday, but we still have issues with a quarter or half mile visibility in the north bay, but later today we have a wind advisory that will begin at 7:00 a.m. we have a high wind warning in the mountains. in the bay, gusts up to 40 miles per hour. we could see some isolated power outages. winds will not ramp up into -- until the afternoon. we have more fog early on. into the afternoon, it is all about the winds.
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they will warm us up into the mid to upper 60's. winds continued until later tonight. a closer look at that, coming up in a few minutes. kumasi: a major loss for the music world, singer and actor meat loaf has died. >> ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ kumasi: his family made the announcement on his facebook page, saying he passed away with his wife by his side. marvin ada becamey legendary voice in rock andolhe started ir picture show. his debut album remains one of the top-selling albums of all time. he was 74. reggie: the secretary of state is in geneva this morning. he is currently.doing a news
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conference you met with his russian counterpart as fears between a war in russia and ukraine continues to escalate. this comes as the u.s. puts pressure on moscow. reporter: russia's foreign minister met for about two hours with hey game member of the u.s. military, who says a war would create a liver of violence -- level of violence at that europe has not since the second world war. ukraine and russia have been gathering military weapons at their border. right now, moscow is insisting ukraine not be admitted into nato. the u.s. and allies remain united, calling the demands a nonstarter. moments ago, we heard this from secretary blinken about the meeting. >> this was not a negotiation, but in exchange of concerns and ideas. i made clear that there are certain issues, fundamental principles that the u.s. and partners are committed to defend. that includes those that would impede the sovereign right of
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the ukrainian people to write their own future. there is no trade space there. reporter: president biden says that russia will pay "a heavy price if they invade. ukraine." he was criticized for his initial remarks, saying it depends what putin does at the border. the homeland secretary says that the u.s. is on a heightened alert for cyber attacks given the geopolitical landscape. the agency warns that malware attacks in ukraine highlight the potential for widespread damage to critical infrastructure here at home. kumasi: ok, today marks years since the first case of covid was confirmed in the u.s. it happened in washington state, two weeks after it was first identified in china. more than 68 point 5 million people have tested positive for covid across the country, and
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the infection has claimed more than 855,000 lives in the nation. pandemic has also impacted every aspect of american life since sweeping across the country after that first case. reggie: now that we are two years into the pandemic, there are positive signs about the surge of the variant, omicron. the number of cases in san francisco have steeply declined. we have that story. reporter: the light at the end of the tunnel is here. >> we may go through another tunnel again, but know that there is hope and light. reporter: it has helped 82% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated. while a concern because of its high infection capabilities, health officials say the number of covid cases finally peaked on january 9. >> with a seven day average of 2100 624 cases a day, and have dropped each day. reporter: it dropped to 1700
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cases on january 12. hospitalization rates lag behind the number of reported cases. they are still climbing, but the rate of increase is slowing down. here is where the vaccine and preventive measures seem to have made a difference. last year in january of 2021, 165 people died in san francisco of covid related illnesses. one year later, this month, five people so far have died. dr. colfax says we must learn to live with covid, echoing what other health officials have stated. dr. colfax: the goal is not to prevent every case. omicron has proved that is not possible. our goal is to prevent the worst outcomes. >> my hope is as we reopen and see the numbers declined by that we continue to go out and to support our restaurants, that we
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order pickup from various businesses, that we support small businesses. reporter: the commerce department reported a 20% decline in foot traffic in downtown since early december. when omicron cases began to surface. reggie: dr. colfax says the city is working with the state and federal partners to make rapid tests easy to get. kumasi: scott weiner will hold a news conference today to introduce a law surrounding vaccines. a senate bill would allow children 12 and under to get a vaccine without parental consent if it is recommended by the cdc and approved by the fda, that includes vaccines for the flu, measles, chickenpox and covid. he says it falls in line with the law that gives children 12 and older the ability to make reproductive health care decisions, like getting vaccinated for hpv. if the legislature passes the
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bill, it was to get effect on january 1. we are committed to getting answers to your questions about the covid vaccines. you can go to our website and click on the big blue box to submit questions. reggie: if you are going to an airport, be prepared for delays. many are dealing with ongoing concerns regarding the rollout of 5g. several flights have been canceled. airlines are concerned about how the 5g signals could affect the critical equipment that helps pilots land. verizon and at&t agreed to delay the launch near some airports earlier this week. despite the signals being powered down, nearly a quarter of aircraft in the u.s. are not approved to land at 88 airports. drew: we are indeed in the week on a warm, but also a windy note. winds are not bad. our strongest gusts are at 23 in
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fairfield, but in the hills the winds are much more active. mount diablo with 50 mile-per-hour winds. the oakland hills are starting to feel the winds. gusting up to 27 right now. these will increase as the day goes on. a wind advisory will begin at 7:00 a.m., lasting until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. for the north bay, we will be watching winds up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. we could have gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we have a high wind warning in the mountains for gusts up to 70 miles per hour. downed trees and power outages are possible. there you go, 2 hour, even higher offshore, and it will continue through the afternoon and evening. winds will not calm until midday tomorrow. today, sunshine. it will feel warm, but it is windy.
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do not park under trees. you could see isolated power outages. be prepared and secure outdoor objects. so that is the weather. now traffic. jobina: good morning. happy friday, it's a happy friday commute. that's much different from yesterday. a live look outside showing off emeryville and 80, the -- we do not have advisories or blocking issues. a beautiful start to the day versus the commute we saw yesterday, which led to all of those accidents because of the fog. we are looking good here. overall, look at the map. you can tell from the sensors that we barely have a red spot coming out of tracy. good news. westbound tracy to dublin, 25 minutes. to concord, 13 minutes. san rafael to san francisco will be 15 minutes. reggie: thank you.
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a beloved san francisco event returning this year. the message from pride organizers. kumasi: overcoming pain allergies. a study that could lead to new treatments. reggie: the 49ers are going to frigid wisconsin to take on the packers tomorrow. we are hearing from diehard fans who also made the trip. kumasi:
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kumasi: a man is planning to leave the state after he was pistol whipped for his watch. he was walking looking for an apartment, when a car stopped along mary street and two men jumped out. they demanded his rolex and messenger bag. he was pistol whipped and grazed by a bullet. he is planning to move to texas or out of the country. >> we should be safe in the city and not have to worry about somebody jumping as from behind, using a gun. the city has to find a way to make us feel safer. kumasi: we have covered a number
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of high and watch thefts -- end watch thefts in recent months. one man was robbed and pistol whipped at steiner and fillmore streets. thi videos is being used in police investigations. a men under arrest for animal cruelty. he repeatedly attacked you might find this video disturbing. this is of one of the incidents. it was taken on saturday near the dark pond. you can see him step on the dock -- ducks' wings, grab one by the neck and slams it to the ground. deputies say the man frequented that area, attacking animals on at least two occasions. reggie: children are living with p and allergies, but earlier treatment could help them overcome the allergy. researchers gave a group of toddlers an increasing amount of peanut powder over six months.
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they found that after 2.5 years, close to three quarters could tolerate the peanuts without an allergic reaction. it worked best in the youngest children and it could lead to new treatments. the research was published recently. organizers of pride are working to bring back an in-person parade. it was last held in 2019. in a message, theyrern andveen wkend to ma sureisovllp together. it is scheduled for june 25 and 26. kumasi: 49ers fans are excited because the team is taking on the packers tomorrow night in the playoffs. they arrived in green bay last night. our cameras were also at levi's stadium as the team headed to the airport yesterday. our reporters spoke to 49ers fans who went to green bay,
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where it will be cold for a few days. >> i have never felt this cold. i've been to tahoe, but this is a different kind of cold. reporter: alex is talking about green bay, wisconsin. he arrived there via phoenix and milwaukee, just as the 49ers arrived on these airplanes and made their way to their hotel on team buses. we are now less than 48 hours from their divisional round playoff game against the green bay packers. as to the playing conditions. >> it is -4 right now and it feels like -8. it's supposed to be -10. reporter: and speaking of the bay area, district six's food truck venue, preparations underway already for an outdoor 300 to 400% viewing party with a big screen tv's. >> we sold out today.
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we already told people to bundle up. bring blankets. it might feel like lambeau to everyone of us. reporter: ray, known for his 49er prosthetic eye, did not go to green bay because of family duties. you can see the youngest of his team is already decked out. >> she is 10 months old. and we got her first jersey, i got it for her before she was born. reporter: as to what alex will be wearing? >> a base layer, then i have a long sleeve 49er shirt, then a sweater, i will try to put new jersey over that, then a snow coat. a lot of tailgating, boozin,g eating we will have a we will reggie: 90's hip-hop lovers get ready, pepsi has revealed a preview of what we will see at
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the super bowl halftime show. >> ♪ snoop dogg! ♪ kumasi: nah, let it play. yes, dre. reggie: we don't have the rights. [laughter] the video features eminem, snoop dog, mary j. blige, kendrick lamar and dre. the artists receive a phone call from dr. drew to meet in los angeles at sophia stadium, the location of the super bowl. the producers of the show say it will make history and will be in a love letter to california. city of compton. [singing] >> this could be one of the most-watched in a long time. reggie: i hope it will be great. kumasi: it will be. because mary is there. she will be the queen. reggie: she is the soul woman. drew: you know they will have guests.
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there will be a pop-up, fireworks, they will go nuts. reggie: who could do that, to make everybody go wild? we'll think on it. drew: we already have all these amazing people. kumasi: tupac hologram. you know they love a hologram. drew: who is coming back to life? reggie: leave tupac alone. drew: we can never. you know who is leaving us alone, the fog. we have issues in the north bay, but it is much better compared to yesterday. great visibility. again, we have issues in the north bay. go down to the north bay, quarter to three quarters of a mile right now, but this is our only problem spot. the fog will not last long. winds are picking up, that will help to mix it out of here. in the hills, winds create a
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wide range of temperatures. 50 degrees, santa rosa at 38. 38, san ramon. the big story today is it will be a very windy end to the week. we are shaded in yellow with an advisory, but the north bay has a high wind warning starting at 7:00 a.m.. gusts up to 70 miles per hour. we could see some trees come down. sicker outdoor objects. winds will be ramping up. do not park under trees. d prepa for posblwe ta tneve ndteay winds will drag in warmer air in hillside, so mid to upper 60's today. it will feel very warm. tonight with the winds, upper 40's and low 50's under mainly clear skies. the next seven days, windy and warmer today. saturday morning will be windy. winds calm down on saturday
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afternoon. but the drive pattern continues into next week. kumasi: seven things to know this morning, coming up. reggie: from homecoming court to the real court of law, the next step for the case of a man accused of rigging an election. kumasi: a stay home stable in th scoot over. squeeze in. pull up a chair. ♪ because life's just better when you believe “there's always room for one more.” ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know. legendary singer and actor meat loaf has died. his family made the announcement on his facebook page, saying he passed away with his wife by his side. reggie: it was two years ago today that officials in washington state announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus and america. since then, 68.5 million people have tested positive across the u.s. kumasi: omicron has peaked in san francisco, the number of cases are dropping. 82% vaccination rate has brought the numbers down. reggie: oakland teachers could go on strike. they are demanding better safety measures to limit the spread of covid-19. if they cannot reach in agreement with the district by
5:24 am
today, the union says they will vote on the strike. drew: it is windy today with a wind advisory beginning at 7:00 a.m. for much of the bay area, a high wind warning. gusts per hour on our ridge tops. jobina: a really nice commute if you are heading out the door. we have a live picture of the san mateo bridge, things are moving. kumasi: the secretary of state has wrapped up a meeting with the foreign minister of russia, as russian troops gather at the ukrainian border. buhe says says says exchange of ideas. reggie: a trial is underway -- a trial is about to get underway for a mother who rigged a vote so her daughter would win the homecoming title. reporter: today, the quest to get her daughter on the homecoming court landing a
5:25 am
florida mother in a real court of law. they are accused of illegally accessing a school district computer system to rig the homecoming results at her high school. authorities say they found 246 votes cast further homecoming court linked to carol's cell phone and computers. last year, the mother and daughter spoke to abc news. >> how do you explain the high number? >> i don't. we have forensics people and an investigator trying to explain it. there is evidence to prove she could not have done it. >> can you tell us what is? >> not right now. reporter: the latest coming about 7:00 a.m. that is your gma first look. kumasi: the ceo of peleton is denying reports that they stopped production on their bikes and treadmills. the news has sunk shares. the ceo says the incorrect
5:26 am
information was leaked and the company is taking legal action. because of the financial losses, he says that peleton is considering layoffs. despite a second year living through a pandemic, apparently people felt 2021 was something to celebrate. last year, the world bought more champagne than ever before. france exported 100 80 million bottles of champagne in 2021, a 38% increase from 2020. why are sales up? according to a french trade association, people are drinking more at home. in 2021 more than 2020? reggie: we had to get through it somehow. [laughter] and it is 5:00 somewhere, p.m. everybody needs to mind their business. commit commander look for -- coming up, a new look for cable
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cars. kumasi: and bracing for another winter storm. dangerous conditions from texas to the carolinas. >> navigating the pandemic. a broadway show forced to cancel its opening night in san francisco. kumasi: a look outside. we'll be right back.
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reggie: bay area possibly heading for a strike, the demands from a union that have nothing to do with money. kumasi: and an investigation into unauthorized testing sites, the information city attorneys want to see. reggie: winter weather alerts, the dangerous ice storm that millions are bracing for from texas to the carolinas. it is friday, january 21. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: we are starting with a check of the forecast. drew: fog is not as widespread as yesterday, but we still have issues in the north bay. zero miles in nevada. the north bay is impacted by fog. it will not linger too long this morning. winds are picking up, that is the headline for today. it will be a windy day ahead. a wind advisory begins at 7:00 a.m. a high wind warning will begin in the north bay mountains at 7:00 a.m.
5:31 am
gusts about 40 miles per hour for most of us, but in the ridge tops we could see up to 70 miles per hour. there is a possibility of trees coming down and isolated power outages. a clear picture compared to yesterday from her east bay hills camera. early morning fog in the north bay. the big story, the winds today. they will make us warmer than yesterday, mid to upper 60's, up to 70 inland today. kumasi: developing this morning, more than 20 million people are under winter weather alerts from texas to the carolinas as snow and ice hits those regions. some officials are more worried about this round of winter weather than the last one. jobina: governors have declared states of emergency in the carolinas and in virginia. here is a look right now at myrtle beach, south carolina, where they have an ice storm warning in effect until tomorrow.
5:32 am
a state of emergency opens them to respond to the worst hit areas. a quarter inch or more of ice is expected in some areas, which could cause power outages. there is concern about icy roads. people have been asked to stay-at-home. in henderson, crews are on standby. >> you never know when the storms hit, in the south, they can be tricky. we rely on people to bring us through. jobina: people are rushing to stock up on supplies. some stores are saying it is hard for them to restock shelves because of covid-19 shortages. schools have canceled classes in the carolinas and in virginia. reggie: teachers in oakland could up the ante today. some have staged a sick out this week, now they could be on the
5:33 am
road to a strike. amy hollyfield has the deadline from the union. amy: the situation is heating up. teachers issued a 48-hour warning on wednesday night, that will come up tonight, that they would strike if demands are not met. the issue is covid safety. teachers at say that they want weekly covid testing at all schools, high-quality masks, and they want staffing shortages du the covid coverede, an adult in every classroom. a district spokesperson said they reached a deal with the union in july over covid safety, but because of omicron the teachers say they need more. >> i do not think it is safe. i have about four out of 20 in one of my classes. and there is not much we can do. amy: the district said, despite the challenges we are all facing we are hopeful that the district and oea will yet again find a
5:34 am
way to reach an agreement. at the district says it is giving out 200,000 kn95 masks to students and has a robust testing system in place including biweekly testing for elementary schools. some students have been staying home this week, demanding that remote learning be a possibility, an option until the safety demands are met. the union is planning to vote on a strike if an agreement is not reached. reggie: interesting. now to our into the on authorized covid-19 testing sites we have seen. san francisco city attorney announced he has issued subpoenas for the records of two companies, community wellness america and crestview laboratory, suspected of operating without proper licenses. it's unclear what they are doing with the information that they
5:35 am
collect. health officials previously shut down community wellness america for operating without a valid permit. kumasi: the alameda county coroner says a body found is that of a missing travel nurse. he was reported missing after he left his night shift on tuesday. his car was found in an emergency lane of the bridge.the sheriff's office recovered his body yesterday. reggie: the police chief of san jose will reveal more details on a carjacking that killed a man. the suspect crashed into a vehicle on park avenue around 7:00 p.m. on wednesday night. he opened fire on officers who arrived at the scene. officers hit the man at least once. he died at the hospital. a news conferences planned for this morning. kumasi: a man shot and killed by
5:36 am
san francisco police officers was carrying airsoft gun's, according to the district attorney of san mateo county. police were called to the airport yesterday to check out a report of a suspicious person. officers engaged with the man for 45 minutes, attempting to disarm him. during the encounter, they shot and killed the man. investigators say that the guns he was carrying do not file -- fire bullets. >> they looked real to me. if a man was holding them, i would assume he had a firearm that could be used to harm you. kumasi: the state attorney general's office is investigating. the oakland police department is reallocating resources to address violent crime. 48 tomorrow will change bureaus. the opd says that change comes
5:37 am
after calls from community members, who said they do not feel safe. reggie: the governor is responding to viral images of empty boxes scattered along railroad tracks. the boxes were once filled with items stolen off of the trains. railcar thefts have spiked 160% in the past year. governor newsom: this is organized theft. there is nothing acceptable about this behavior. that is why we put together this organized task force, and over six months ago i announced its expansion. reggie: the governor called on the task force to not just to make individual arrests, but to stop the groups as a whole. union pacific, one of the largest railroad companies, say it may avoid operating in los angeles county because of the thefts. kumasi: an alert about products designed for babies. a warning about a pacifier recall. reggie: and adele's apology to
5:38 am
fans. but first, a look at the weather. i hate seeing her side. -- sad. drew: i know. we are watching the winds today. here is a from our east bay camera. it's shaking a bit. this is only the beginning. winds will ramp up this morning and into the afternoon. oakland hills, 20 miles per hour. lrea gusting to 50 miles per hour. mount tam at 27. closer to the surface, not as breezy, but winds will turn windy across the entire bay area. wind advisory begins at 7:00 a.m.a for a majority of the reason. northeast winds up to 20 or 30 miles per hour. it could bring down trees. it also makes driving difficult, especially over the bridges. a high wind warning in the north bay mountains beginning at 7:00 a.m., gusts up to 70 miles per
5:39 am
hour. they will be fierce. tonight, the winds will continue into the early morning of our day on saturday. not until saturday afternoon will day calm down. winds will be warming us up, so temps into the mid to upper 60's later today. now a look at traffic. morning. jobina: good morning. happy friday. we are bringing you good energy with a good commute report. there's nothing going on right now. so we will bring you a picture of san jose, 101, things moving smoothly in both directions. no problems. a far cry from yesterday when we had a rough commute. and you can see traffic is picking up at the bridge for those traveling to the north bay. a large flow of traffic there. and checking on drive times. the golden gate bridge, southbound, six minutes.
5:40 am
bay bridge westbound, this is as a go through the metering lights, which are not on, eight lights, which are not on, eight [tv chatter] [doorbell] ♪ ♪ [gasps] is that throw...? i know right! it's imported from portugal, got it at marshalls for a total steal! nice! thanks. ♪
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or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. kumasi: a warning about a popular baby product. parents should stop using four types of loungers after learning of two deaths from suffocation. a 17 day old baby died in one of these. it includes the posture, posture plus, as well as the posture playtime. the company has not issued a voluntary recall, saying that they are not meant to be used for sleeping. the cpsc says it is considering further action. % recalled because babies ca choke on them. there have been over 200 reports
5:43 am
of the basic detaching from the plastic. the company sold more than 300,000 of these pacifiers in t.j. maxx, also on amazon. if you have one, request a refund or credit. navigating life during the pandemic remains unpredictable. a big show in downtown san jose is back on stage after canceling opening night this week because of a breakthrough covid case. our reporter has more on the precautions in place. reporter: meeting safety measures, that's life during the covid-19 pandemic. >> i was checking every day eml it? reporter: opening night for charlie and the chocolate factory should have happened on tuesday in downtown, but broadway san jose announced a breakthrough covid-19 case in the touring company, forcing the cancellation.
5:44 am
this season pass holder knows the alert all too well after the pandemic has stopped a number of shows. >> they have been canceled, some are not coming back. that is sad, because we enjoy coming. reporter: they were back up by wednesday night, but not without concern. one social media user asking, why is only one show canceled? >the show explained that the company gets tested every morning to make sure nobody else is positive, and that have understudies. for the audience. >> we have to show our id, wear a mask, so i feel comfortable because you are packed in there. reporter: hand sanitizer stations, touchless injury and efforts to maximize outside air, even stopping food and beverage inside the theater to make sure there is no excuse to take off your mask. enough to help glen feel safe. >> i have a walker now.
5:45 am
it is challenging to have a special needs situation and they do very well. reporter: broadway san jose says future performances of the show are scheduled to go on as planned. reggie: tonight was supposed to be opening night for adele's residency in las vegas, but it has been postponed. she went on social media and got pretty upset. >> i am so upset, embarrassed, and i am so sorry to everyone who has traveled to be here. [sigh] reggie: she went on to say that she is gutted, but the show is not ready. apparently half of her crew has the coronavirus. new dates have not yet been announced. let's talk about something exciting. kumasi: new and exciting. we have a new hour of local news. jobina: special news on our abc
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7 bay area app. drew: it is called abc 7 at 7:00 a.m. it's what you love, but with more time to dig into what you are talking about. jobina: we will have headlines to make sure that you are in the know, plus drew emojis forecast. and of course we will have tea time. kumasi: we must have tee time. you can catch abc7 at 7:00 a.m. live, local, and really fun. reggie: download the app on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, android tv and to join us every weekday at 7:00 a.m. kumasi: my favorite part of the show is the most important person in the world today. drew: because we get to fight each other. reggie: and you vote on who is the most important person in the world today. kumasi: but i like your emojis forecast. drew: you get what you get, then
5:47 am
you move on. it is fantastic. today, it will be all about the wind. a winter advisory and high-wind warning beginning at 7:00 a.m. from the tower, no widespread fog. issues in the north bay. napa down to a quarter-mile, santa rosa and a half mile, nevada at zero mile visibility. the rest of us have clear skies. our typical problem spots early on this morning. winds picking up, creating a wide range of temperatures. 51 in the city. 44, oakland. 43 right now in san jose. it is all about the winds. a high-wind warning beginning at 7:00 a.m., lasting through saturday morning. by 2:00 p.m., the offshore wind is racing. up to 35 miles per hour. higher than that for some of us. and winds will continue throughout the evening and overnight.
5:48 am
it will be windy. so how do you prepare? secure outdoor objects, try not to park under trees. and there will also be some isolated power outages. so, it is a windy day. winds come down the hillsides, warming as up with the to upper 60's. it will feel warm for january. overnight, we will stay elevated in the 40's and 50's. no a look at thew forecast for the next seven days. windy and warm today. winds calm tomorrow afternoon. and then the dry pattern will continue into next week. reggie: squid game fans, the hit series has been renewed for a second season. i do not think any of us are surprised. the ceo of netflix confirmed the news yesterday. on that same call, he revealed a speed bump that sent the stock tumbling. it missed its subscriber growth going next year and will most
5:49 am
likely miss their goal for the first quarter of this year. kumasi:kumasi: rolling into the lunar new year, three cable cars, new cable cars, will start running tomorrow. [bells ding] kumasi: ok. our news anchor was one of the first two ride the cable cars. one worker explains why the job means it so much to him. >> i learned how to do this when i was 10. i used to hang out here when i was a kid. i'm one of those people who actually got the chance to achieve their childhood dream. so literally for me, there was nowhere else in the world i would rather be than doing this. kumasi: aw. they want to remind everybody that the lunar new year parade and a flower mart are happening this year. the parade is february 19, the special cable cars will run through the 20th. reggie: it is a dog?
5:50 am
coyote? something else entirely? one loan praised -- woman praised for saving an animal in need, but nobody knows what it is. kumasi: do you recognize this tiny pig? reggie: and more americans itching to take a vacation. you can start mapping it out now.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
reggie: travel experts say americans are itching to take a vacation this year, despite the pandemic. if you are planning a trip, you can find great deals and still be able to protect yourself, just in case things do not go according to plan. reporter: people are ready to vacation. according to a recent study conducted for tripadvisor, more than three quarters of americans say they are likely to travel in 2022, whether it is for leisure, to visit family or for business. of those not planning to travel, they say it is because of travel restrictions, but a senior news editor at the points guy says there is a good reason to book now. >> there are deals to be had. i actually recommend people really go hunting now for vacations. reporter: henderson says if the circumstances change, you can
5:54 am
protect your wallet. try to avoid ber booking through online travel agents. >> looking directly with the airline or hotel is smart because you are not dealing with an extra layer of bureaucracy. reporter: select refundable fares and accommodations. >> it will cost extra to book that way, but it is where the peace of mind. reporter: books with miles or points -- book with miles or points if you have them. >> you are likely to be able to cancel and get those points back. reporter: read the fine print on travel insurance. >> we recommend they do not buy it, because most do not cover covid related cancellations. those that cover everything are very expensive. reporter: henderson says as long as you can get miles or a refund back, go for it and book now. kumasi: well, it is a long way for us to go, but dubai
5:55 am
emerged as the top travel destination for 2022. expedia says the city has everything, gorgeous beaches, luxury shopping, high-end hotels and ritzy resorts. that has captured the attention of international travelers. london and cancun took the second and third spots. there were no u.s. spots in the top 10. reggie: not new york? drew: what about here? i love living here. everybody comes here. we have issues with fog this morning in the north bay, but it is not widespread like yesterday. the biggest issue today will be the wind. a winter advisory will begin at 7:00, a.m. a high wind warning will start at 7:00 a.m. for the north bay mountains. ridgetop gusts up to 70 miles per hour.
5:56 am
most of us will have 40 miles per hour today. so it is a windy, but warm day. winds warming us up into the 60's today with a lot of sunshine. kumasi: the bay area is back on track. the one industry showing it boomed during the pandemic. reggie: giving teenagers the power, the proposal to give teenagers more power over their health without parent consent. kumasi: a discovery in an area known as the twilight zone is shocking scientists this morning. reggie: but first, we have a live look outside. nothing shocking here. we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the tensions between russia and ukraine and fears of war now prompting an emergency meeting to diffuse the situation. u.s. secretary of state on gma going inside the high-stakes talks.
6:00 am
>> the good news is things are starting to plateau. reggie: more promising size of the pandemic. the road ahead for san francisco as today marks two years since the first covert case found in the u.s.. >> one woman coming to the rescue of this animal. no one knows what it actually is. reggie: that looks a little bit like my dog. if it were read. i like it. [laughter] kristen: the eyes. reggie: it is beautiful. don't know. reggie: it is giving you the heebie-jeebies? [laughter] good morning, it is friday, january 21. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to start with drew. drew: we are tracking wines very closely today because a wind advisory wel


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