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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the pandemic. the road ahead for san francisco as today marks two years since the first covert case found in the u.s.. >> one woman coming to the rescue of this animal. no one knows what it actually is. reggie: that looks a little bit like my dog. if it were read. i like it. [laughter] kristen: the eyes. reggie: it is beautiful. don't know. reggie: it is giving you the heebie-jeebies? [laughter] good morning, it is friday, january 21. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to start with drew. drew: we are tracking wines very closely today because a wind advisory well begin in an hour.
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those will start to ramp up as the morning goes on and really peaked through this afternoon and evening. there are those dangerous winds we are talking about. for most of us those will feel in excess of 40 miles an hour, where that warning is wines could gust close to 70 miles an hour. our east bay hills camera right now is shaking a bit. early morning fog in the north bay. the fog is not nearly as widespread as yesterday. the biggest issue, those winds ramp up this afternoon. temperatures in the mid and upper 60's. we will take a must -- a much closer look at those winds coming up. reggie: the u.s.-russian meeting overnight. jobina, we know there are tens of thousands of russian troops along the ukraine border and there are fears this could turn into a war. and rush's foreign minister met about two hours ago. a high-ranking member of the u.s. military says more between russia and ukraine would create a level of violence europe has
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not seen since the second world war. both russia and ukraine have been gathering troops and military weapons on their border. right now moscow is still insisting ukraine not be admitted into nato. the u.s. and allies remain united, calling those demands a nonstarter. this morning on gma, secretary blinken talked to george stephanopoulos about the talks with russia. >> we will address some of the concerns russia has raised with us and put some ideas on the table for how we might actually strengthen each other's sense of security going forward. then based on that, and based on rush's response, anticipate we will get together again across the table and see if we continue to advance this through diplomacy. >> you can see the entire interview coming up at seven :00 on gma. president biden says russia will pay a "heavy price" if they invade ukraine. the president was criticized for
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his remarks, saying it depends on what putin does. online security secretary alejandra mayorkas says the u.s. is on heightened alert for cyber attacks, given the geopolitical landscape. the agency warns that malware attacks and ukraine highlight the potential for damage to critical infrastructure here at home. >> thank you. teachers in oakland could be hours away from a strike. the union and school district negotiated into the night. amy hollyfield joining us with more on where things stand right now. amy: the teachers say they deserve to be safe from covid, but some parents are saying they deserve to have schools open, that a strike would be a hardship. a vote on a strike could come over the weekend if an agreement is not reached today. the union put out strike notice wednesday night. teachers want weekly covid testing. the district says it has 10 testing hubs and i weekly tests
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at elementary schools. teachers say with omicron is not enough. some nervous parents watched this unfold. >> our schools must be as safe as possible so students can get the best education possible. >> it is really not easy, trying to juggle school for my children. i don't think it is fair that teachers, educators who want to go on strike and not work harder with the district, i don't think it is fair that the district is not being more flexible. >> the district released a statement saying, despite the challenges we are all facing we are hopeful the district and oea well yet again find a way to reach an agreement. another demand is quality masks for everyone. the district says it is handing out 200,000 kn95 masks for the district's 35,000 students. the two sides did reach an
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agreement over the summer regarding covid safety. that included the biweekly tests, but the teachers union now says that is not enough with omicron here. today's going to be a crucial day in those negotiations. they plan to vote on a strike. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. today marks two years since the first case of covid-19 was confirmed here. it happened in washington state and came two weeks after the novel coronavirus was first identified. since that initial case more than 68.5 million people have tested positive for covid across the u.s., and infections have claimed more than 855,000 lives in the nation. the pandemic has also impacted almost every aspect of american life since sweeping across the country soon after that first case two years ago. reggie: we are seeing more promising health data for the future of the coronavirus here in the bay area. cases are now declining in san francisco. take a look at the current
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numbers in the city compiled by the new york times. the right-hand side of the chart , leveling off and even dropping over this past week health officials cite the city's 82% vaccination rate has the reason behind the drop. then for cisco's director of health echoed what health officials have been saying -- that we must learn to live with covid-19. >> i want to stress that our goal is not to prevent every case of covid. omicron has proved that is simply not possible. our goal is to prevent the worst outcomes. reggie: hospitalization rates are climbing, but only slowly. that number typically lags behind the number of reported cases. here is a telling statistic. last year 165 people died died e covid-related illnesses here. this year five people have died in the city. after colfax says san francisco is working with state and federal partners to make rapid,
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over-the-counter tests easier to come by. kumasi: scott wekumasi: sc holding a news conference today to introduce a law surrounding vaccines. senate bill 866 would allow kids 12 and older to get any vaccine without parental consent, if that vaccine is approved by the fda and recommended by the cdc. that includes a vaccine for covid-19, as well as vaccines for the flu, measles, and chickenpox. he says it falls in line with current california law that gives kids 12 and up the ability to make reproductive health care decisions, like getting vaccinated for hbv and hiv. if governor newsom signs that it would take effect on the first of january. we are committed to getting answers to your questions about covid and vaccines. you can head to submit your question there. reggie: a store you will see only on abc 7. one-man pistol whipped and planning to leave the state. the attackers targeting him while he was looking for an apartment. kumasi: another change from
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instagram and the types of post you will be seeing on your feet. drew: we are tracking changes in our weather. we are in for a windy end of the week. high-wind warning's begin at 7:00 a.m. today, so a good idea to secure any objects you have. tree limbs could come down and we could have some isolated ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance.
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drew: we are watching our wines very quickly. they are ramping up in our hills. el diablo gusting up to 61 miles an hour. again, we do have that wind advisory beginning at 7:00 a.m.. here is the reason why. wines continue to strengthen this afternoon. you see widespread -- widespread
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wind gusts 25 to 30 my house an hour. -- 35 miles an hour. late tonight the strongest wind gusts exceeding 50 miles an hour. it is a windy end to the day today. those winds will also warm us up again. we are going to the mid and upper 60's under sunny skies today. let's get a check of traffic with jobina. jobina: good morning, drew. hi, everyone. traffic is looking rate for the most part. do have a crash that i will talk about in just a moment, but look at that commute. still looking good. that is really the main point, is that traffic is light this morning. we have a new crash i want to mention in the counter commute direction on eastbound 80 past appian way. that is a minor issue, but the toll plaza here at the bay bridge looking good. no metering lights on yet. good morning to walnut creek here. this is probably one of our busiest stretches, you can see
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things are still moving at the limit there. then giving you an overall picture of our map so you can see where you left. -- you live. kumasi: another unruly passenger kicked off a flight, but this one could not have come at a worse time. reggie: plus, possible protection for peanut allergies. the study that could lead to new treatment for kids. kumasi: taking a live look outside right now at 6:12. nice start to o
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. reggie: imagine having to turn around midflight in the middle of the atlantic. that is what happened on an american airlines flight, and it was all over a mask requirement. this happened wednesday night. the flight took off from ime. it was supposed to be going to
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london, but then a first-class passenger refused to wear their mask. so, the pilot turned to the whole thing around, went back to miami, and then that passenger was escorted off the plane by police. if that were not bad enough, the flight was then canceled for the other 129 passengers. they all had to be rebooked. kumasi: all right, only on abc 7 news, a san francisco man is now planning to leave the state after he was pistol-whipped for his watch. said he was looking for an apartment, and then a car steadily -- suddenly stopped along mary street, and two men jumped out, demanding his rolex and messenger bag. he was pistol-whipped, and grazed by a bullet. he is planning to move to texas or out of the country. >> we should be able to live in the city we live in and not have to worry about someone jumping us from behind and using a gun. the city just got to find a way to make us feel safer.
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kumasi: we have covered a number of high-end watch thefts in recent months. when was a man who was robbed by two men with guns for his watch along oh-fer arrow. this video is being used in the police investigation. reggie: a growing number of kids are living with peanut allergies, but research reveals early treatment could help kids overcome with those allergies. researchers gave a group of toddlers an increasing amount of peanut powder over a six-month. -- six-month period. they found that close to three quarters could tolerate the peanuts without an allergic reaction. the approach seemed to work best and younger children, and it could lead to new treatments. that research published in the journal lancet. while life experts in pennsylvania have a mystery on their hands. they are trying to figure out what this animal is that was found wandering the streets. here it is. christina says she saw pawprints outside heard door this week
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thinking you could be her neighbor's loose dog. she followed the tracks and found, well, whatever this is. it was scared, it was cold, shivering. she called a local rescue center, but they do not know what it is either. >> it is definitely a coyote -- no, it is a dog. with there being so much question, that is whenever they had got the wildlife involved. >> can't definitively say what it is, to air on the side of caution, because they can carry rabies and since it might be a coyote, he can keep it here, it genetic testing done, and go from there. [laughter] reggie: the results from genetic testing will take two to four weeks. kumasi: this poor animal. reggie: that's a dog. kumasi: i don't know about that. drew: it looks like it has some coyote in it. its eyes are beautiful, jobina, i agree. reggie: i think this animal is cute. i like it. that is just a dog.
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kumasi: i don't know about that. reggie: you don't think it looks a little like my rooster, if it were better taken care of and more red-ish in color? drew: better taken care of? reggie: i'm just saying, this dog has been out. jobina: it does not look like a dog at all. what part of that looks like a dog? i'm standing up for rooster right now. rooster is on another level. reggie: well, rooster is living in my palace. drew: he is. reggie: he is getting everything he needs. drew: i want to be rooster in my second life. let's talk about whether. we have fog out there. it is not widespread, but we do have issues in the north bay. this is our only issue with low cloud cover this morning. we see novato, petaluma down to zero miles visibility. this fog will not linger as long
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as it did yesterday. winds are ramping up as we speak, and that is going to clear at that fog this morning. right now a mixed bag of temperatures. 50 in the city, but it is 36 in napa right now. 38 in san ramon. this is our east bay hills camera. it is beginning to shake as our wines ramp-up. take a look at our wind advisory and high-wind warning. that is in effect starting at 7:00 a.m. winds in excess of 40 miles an hour, but in the north bay mountains, we could see wind gusts on ridge tops up to 70 miles an hour. likely we will see some downed trees. see some power outages as well. the winds already ramping up. the oakland hills gusting over 25 miles an hour right now. even knoxville at 40 miles an hour. we will find those winds moving down into the surface. even though they are light, they will pick up later on today. it is windy, it is also a warm
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afternoon with a lot of sunshine. to upper 60's later today, so well above average this time of year. overnight those winds continued. they keep our temperatures elevated. it until saturday afternoon these wines calm down. here is the seven-day forecast. it is windy, it is warmer today. dusty tomorrow morning. those winds will come down tomorrow afternoon. then we see that dry pattern does continue the next seven days. fully in february we will see that storm track change and get some rain. reggie: thanks so much, drew. now we're going to turn to ginger zee. she is tracking that weather out east and a look at what is coming up on gma. hi, ginger. gender: hey there, reggie. i got out that this source this morning because i was like, brutal, yeah, harsh, yeah. what other words? merciless. merciless cold, that's what i described the weather here. it might just be that ice in the
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river behind me, but it is extra special this morning. there is that, but we have a lot of other news we have to get to other than me freezing by a river, so let's talk about. secretary of state blinken this morning is with us, because him and his russian counterpart are trying to defuse the situation in ukraine. russian troops amassed at the border. he will speak with him live, then the dangerous winter weather goes beyond the cold and down to the south carolina/north carolina, where they are already seeing freezing rain cause icing. i'm worried about power outages there, because the front finally will sink to the south. that is not going to be warm either. have wind-chill advisories all the way to the gulf coast. in the mom who paid off $72,000 and that sharing her tips to achieve initial freedom. we are also going to talk about bruno. we are celebrating "encanto,o, and it's wonderful music. john logue osama with us this money. i love some john logos olmo, so
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i cannot wait to show you this on gma. reggie: it truly looks terrible out there. just watching you, trying to -- ginger: it is horrible. this is the type where your mouth gets frozen, he can talk. i don't know, he just have to smile through it. if you do like this you can get frozen like this and then it looks really pleasant. [laughter] reggie: you are killing me today. it's like when botox goes wrong. [laughter] but make it the environment. ginger: yes. reggie: ra, ginger. things will get better, i hope. we will see you at 7:00. ginger: enjoy your wind
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kumasi: take task -- tiktok is testing a new paid feature. you would pay to unlock exclusive content from creators. the price is one dollar to $100
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a month. instagram's price is $99 a month. information has not been released on how the new feature is going to work or how long they're going to be running the test. reggie: instagram is taking a stance against hate speech and online bullying -- kind of. posts with potentially harmful material will be moved lower on your feet, and you will have to be scrolling longer to see it. instagram says it will not remove the post unless they actually violate community guidelines. kumasi: a rebirth of two twin elephants is capturing the attention of conservationists. the newborns were spotted in kenya. they have not been named, but they are being tended to by their mom and guarded by a watch for father -- a watchful father. conservationists say this is the second pair of twins they have ever encountered. the twins will be hosting monitored. reggie: a discovery that is thrilling scientists this morning. one of the most extensive and
6:26 am
vibrant coral reefs ever found. a two-mile expanse of healthy rose-shaped coral about 100 feet deep off the coast of tahiti. scientists say it is him -- i is in impeccable condition, far enough underwater to be protected from the bleaching effects of warming ocean temperatures. only 20% of the earth's seabed is mapped. obviously there was a lot more left to explore. kumasi: definitely. reggie: that is encouraging. haven't ruined one part of the earth, so far. more stories. an alert for two products designed for babies. to tax you for looking good. we are going to explain the new requirement taking effect. reggie: and tracking that winter weather mega storm sweeping into the east coast right now and freezing ginger zee. multiple states declaring state of emergencies. kumasi: as we had to break --
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: teachers threaten to strike. oakland educators say they have had enough, their only hours before they walk out of classes. plus. ♪ kumasi: the loss of a rock legend. meatloaf with a larger-than-life legend passing away. people everywhere remembering one of the top-selling musicians ever. >> i don't think i have felt this. this green bay cold is a different kind of cold. reggie: niners fence telling us how they are gearing up for tomorrow's brutally cold kickoff in green bay. we get our first sneak peek the
6:30 am
star-studded super bowl halftime show. which, who knows, the 49ers could be headed to. good morning on this friday, january 21. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to start with that iq work -- accuweather forecast. drew: a wind advisory will begin in about 30 minutes, starting at 7:00 a.m. for most of us that wind advisory means wind gusts over 40 miles an hour at times. in the north bay mountains we could see an hour. even some isolated power outages. those ones are picking up in our hills. a little fog in the north bay. most of us outside the north bay have clear skies this morning. it is all about those ones this afternoon. we are talking about that high-wind warning bumping temperatures in the mid and upper 60's. it will take a closer look at those ones coming up. kumasi: happening now, more than
6:31 am
20 million people are under winter weather alerts from texas to the carolinas as a mix of snow and ice is hitting those regions. jobina, we know some officials are worried about this more than the last one. jobina: the governors of south carolina and virginia have each declared state of emergencies ahead of the storms. forecasted to sweep the region tomorrow. he was a look in raleigh, north carolina, where ice and winter storm warnings are in effect up and down the state. a state of emergency opens the way for state officials to use extra assets and personnel to respond to the worst-hit areas. a quarter inch or more of ice is expected on trees and power lines, which could cause power outages. there is also concern about icy roads. residents are asked to stay own. in henderson, north carolina crews are on standby for emergencies. >> you never know. in the storms hit in the south they can be very tricky, and we rely on big rather to bring him
6:32 am
through. if he was a football coach he would be doing a good job. jobina: people are rushing to stock up on supplies. some stores are saying it is hard for them to restock the clay, because of the covid-19 shortages. several schools have cancel classes in coastal areas. reggie: thank you. teachers in oakland could up the ante today. we have already seen some of them stay jacek out this week that close to several schools. now they could be on the road to racetrack amy hollyfield is here with the deadline from the union. amy: this situation is really heating up. teachers -- or the union -- issued a 48 hour warning on wednesday that they would strike -- or vote to strike -- if their demands are not met. today's going to be a crucial day. the issue is covid safety in schools. teachers say they want weekly covid testing at all schools, high-quality masks for everyone is another demand, and they want staffing shortages due to covid
6:33 am
covered. they want an adult in every classroom. a district spokesperson said they reached a deal with the union in july over covid safety, but because of omicron the teachers want more. >> i do not think it is safe. i have about four out of 20 in one of my classes. and, you know, there is not a lot we can do. amy: the school district said in a statement, despite the challenges we are all facing, we are hopeful the district and oea will yet again find a way to reach an agreement. the district says it is giving out 200,000 kn95 masks to students and has provided ample, robust covid testing across the district, including 10 testing hubs, then biweekly testing for elementary schools. the teachers one and every week. some students have been staying home this week to demand safer conditions, saying they want
6:34 am
remote learning until the demands are met. again, today a crucial day in the negotiating. if they do not reach an agreement, they say they will be voting to strike. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. developments in our investigation into the unauthorized covid-19 testing sites we have seen around the city. san francisco city announce he has issued subpoenas for the records of two companies -- community wellness america and crestview clinical laboratory. the companies are suspected of operating without proper licenses. it's unclear what they are doing with the information they collect. arendt county health officials shut down the community wellness america for operating without a valid permit. kumasi: the alameda county coroner says a body found is that of a missing travel nurse. friends of michael odell reported him missing after he abruptly left his night shift at stanford hospital on tuesday. his car was later found in an
6:35 am
emergency lane of the bridge. the alameda sheriff's office recovered his body yesterday. no word yet on his cause of death. reggie: san jose's police chief will reveal more details about a carjacking that ended within -- ended with officers killing a man. police say the suspect crashed into another vehicle on park avenue around 7:00 wednesday night. they say he opened fire on officers who arrived at the scene. police returned fire and hit the man at least once. he died at the hospital. a news conference is planned for 10:30 this money. kumasi: the oakland police department is reallocating resources to address crime in east oakland. 48 officers are going to be changing bureaus, and their patrol area will range from 80 2nd avenue to san leandro and as far south as oakland airport. opd says this change comes after calls from community members who say they do not feel safe. and then shot and killed by san francisco police officers at sfo was carrying airsoft gun's.
6:36 am
this is according to san mateo county's district attorney. police were called to the international terminal yesterday morning to check out a report of a suspicious person. officers engaged with the man for 45 minutes trying to disarm him. during that encounter those officers shot and killed the man. investigators determined the guns he was carrying were airsoft weapons, which fire pellets, not bullets. bucks they absolutely looked real to me. if our standing and a man across from me were holding one, i would assume he would have a firearm he could use to harm me. kumasi: the state attorney general's office is investigating the shooting. reggie: governor newsom is responding to these viral images of empty boxes scattered along railroad tracks. the boxes were once filled with items that were stolen off of trains. railcar thefts have spiked 160% in the past year. >> this is not one-off, this is organized theft. there is nothing acceptable
6:37 am
about this behavior. that is why we have put together this organized retail theft task force, and over six months ago i announced it is -- it's expansion. reggie: the governor called on al atsha to do toke the work it takes to stop the groups as a whole. union pacific, one of the country's largest radio companies, says it may avoid operating in los angeles because of the thefts. kumasi: a new report finds the bay areas hotel industry is getting ready from a reap -- for a rebound. the atlas hospitality group says the bay area added twice as many hotel rooms last year compared to 2020. developers added nearly 20--- 29 new hundred rooms -- 2900 new rooms. reggie: suspicions are growing regarding this youtuber, who suddenly jumped out of a plane with a parachute in the santa barbara mountains.
6:38 am
the pilot, giving his defense. kumasi: you are looking live right now at the big board of the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets, next. reggie: plus, remembering meat loaf this morning. a classic voice in one later to. it little bit of fog in the north bay, but not nearly as widespread as it was yesterday. look at visibility right now -- zero miles in petaluma. three fourths of a mile in santa rosa. elsewhere we are doing just fine. the big story, the winds. in our hills, already ramping up. mount hood at 37. the oakland hills gusting over 20 miles an hour at times. these winds will move down our hillside into the valley today and create some very windy conditions. a wind advisory and high-wind warning does begin at 7:00 a.m. this morning.
6:39 am
later on this afternoon those offshore winds are racing 25 to 35 miles an hour across much of the region. those winds continue overnight, likely strongest in the north bay mountains. they don't come down until tomorrow afternoon. the next 24 hours is a windy pattern. afternoon. again, secure any outdoor objects you have, and we could have isolated power outages today. that's get a check of traffic with jobina. jobina: good morning, drew. we are going to start with the richmond/san rafael bridge, which is packed right now. look at that westbound 580. it is because there was someone on the bridge with some wooden debris that ended up in all of the lanes. you are looking at residual delays there, so things will not pick up until you make your way halfway across the bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza looking nice and clear for this friday, even though metering lights are on.
6:40 am
we are going to wrap up here with a drivetime for your bridges. everything is looking good. golden gate
6:41 am
(sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. ♪ your whole team can see your upper thigh ♪ ♪ pour that smooth roast and aim that camera up high ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪
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♪ would do anything for love ♪ ♪ reggie: it is a major loss for the music world overnight. singer and actor meat loaf has died. meat loaf's family made the announcement on his facebook page, saying he passed away with his wife deborah by his side. born marvin lee aday, meat loaf became a legendary voice with a career that spans six decades. he appeared in over 65 movies, including the rocky horror picture show and fight club. meat loaf's 1977 debut album
6:43 am
means one of the top-selling albums of all time. meat loaf was 74. reggie: i youtuber investigated for possibly staging a plane crash to get clicks on social media. trevor jacob is known as a prankster. in a recent video you can see him jumping out of a plane with a parachute, leaving no one to pilot the plane. moments later jacob lands safely, and the plane slams into a hillside. >> peer issue. reggie: viewed over one million times, now jacob is being investigated by the faa and ntsb for intentionally crashing the plane. critics are saying he never wore a parachute in other videos involving the plane. jacob has not been charged with a crime. this case could be sent to the fbi. kumasi: travel experts say americans are itching to take vacations, despite continuing unknowns with the pandemic.
6:44 am
according to a survey, or than three quarters of americans say they are likely to travel and 2022. of those who are not planning to travel this year, one third say it is because of potential travel restrictions. the news editor at the points guy says there is a good reason to book now, even with uncertainty. >> there is a lot of deals to be had out there, so i actually recommend that people really go hunting now for vacations. kumasi: henderson says theon sas ways you can protect your wallet. one is to try to avoid booking through third-party websites and online travel agents. he says he should also select fully-refundable fares and a combination, and also book with miles or points if you have them. reggie: you know how much a fully-refundable bear costs? please. now for your morning money report. if you want access to your tax documents, get ready to start
6:45 am
taking selfies. the irs says starting this summer you will have to verify your identity with a very -- a video selfie to log into your irs account. the longer just a username and password. you will need to upload a government id document, a copy of your bill, and that video selfie to a third party identification company. it is part of an irs protect taxpayers security. this morning peloton's ceo is denying a report the company stopped production on its bikes and treadmills. that report send peloton stocks into a tailspin, sinking shares by 24% yesterday. that is the worst it has been in more than two months. ceo john foley says the incorrect information was leaked, and the company is taking legal action. but because of the financial losses, he says peloton is now considering layoffs and curbing production. this check in to see how peloton is doing this morning.
6:46 am
they are hovering around $25 a share, which is up just slightly from yesterday. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as it gets trading underway. the stock market is down a little bit, how about 42 points. it took a hit all week due to drops in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and the prospect of rising interest rates. the nasdaq is down 12% from the hyatt step in november -- it's that -- the hyatt said in november. kumasi: an urgent warning about a popular baby product. the consumer product safety commission says parents should stop using four types of infant loungers after learning of deaths from suffocation. a 17-day old navy and a four-month-old died in one of these. the alert involves the podster and podsterrrr the company has not issued
6:47 am
voluntary recalls, saying the loungers are not to be used for sleeping. pacifiers are being recalled because babies can choke on them. there been more than 200 reports of the silicon detaching from the plastic. they issued more than 300 thousands of these pacifiers, so if you have when you can request a refund or credit. reggie: did i was supposed to be opening-night for adele's residency in las vegas. now it has been postponed. the singer announced that in a tearful apology. >> am so upset and embarrassed, and i'm so sorry to everyone who has traveled. reggie: adele says she has got it, but the show is just not ready. she blamed delivery delays and covid, saying that half of her crew has the virus. new dates have not yet been announced. he some good news. organizers of san francisco pride are working to bring back an in person parade this year.
6:48 am
the parade was last held in 2019. organizers say they know people are concerned about omicron, and they are examining every element to ensure this years experience is the best yet. the theme for this year's parade is "love will keep us together. pride week is scheduled for june 25 and 26. we have an announcement to tell you about. you show alert. kumasi: we have launched a whole new hour of local news -- that it is not the same thing you have seen at 6:00 and 5:00. reggie: it has the creative name of abc 7 at 7:00. [laughter] drew: don't do that, reggie. kumasi: but it's different. reggie: but it's different. the way i describe it is, it is a lot of news and a little nonsense. kumasi: i think so. reggie: yeah, because we have drew even his forecast, but he's going to do it in what form? drew: emojis. think like hieroglyphics, you
6:49 am
have to figure it out. kumasi: then we have 77 seconds of fun, which, reggie, you talk too much, so we need to work on this. reggie: put me on blast, we are also accurate. drew: our best is two stories, we are improving. reggie: it is called growth. he also have a segment where you vote on the most important person in the world today. [laughter] and the very end of the show, jobina, what happens then? jobina: this is bad. tea time. drew: we spill some gossip? come on. jobina: i haven't been in the show yet. reggie: jobina hasn't done it. jobina: but, tea t tea t tea t a you know we like to actually drink tea, and spill it. reggie: we do. i can already see that today's tea time will be about jobina.
6:50 am
[laughter] jobina: that was pure panic on the inside, reggie. reggie: i saw her eyes. i thought it was a gimme. jobina: should have known. -- i should have known. reggie: abc 7 at 7:00 starts at, unbelievably, 7:00. you can find it by streaming it only. you have to have our bay area app, which you can download on your television. you can also put that on your phone and just go to the world wide web and watch it as well. drew: it is a fun time. especially when you get to argue with each other. the most important person in the world -- today. today is all about the winds. let's show you the visibility. we have some issues in the north bay. we are down to zero miles in petaluma, but otherwise we are doing ok. temperature-wise we are doing ok. can our tam camping this is our story today. our winds are waking.
6:51 am
a high wind advisory will begin in 10 minutes for much of the region. we are talking winds in bay around 40 miles an hour. look at our winds right now. oakland hills, over 20. knoxville, 42 miles an hour. secure any out door objects you have. try not to park under trees as tree limbs could come down. we could have isolated power outages. later today it is windy, but also warm. mid-60's with a lot of sunshine. those winds keep our temperatures elevated tonight. those winds do not calm down until saturday afternoon. if you are headed to tahoe, a lot of sunshine. 30's and 40's through the weekend, but we remain dry. all about the winds today and tomorrow morning. they calm down tomorrow afternoon, and a dry pattern continues for the week ahead. let's check in with jobina for the tahoe report. jobina: it is time now for our toyota tahoe report.
6:52 am
look at those based totals. not much has really changed as far as the snow, which is good news. palisades, tahoe, three hours and 22 minutes. heavenly, three hours and 26 minutes. the most snow checking in here, 42 inches for northstar. we have no chain requirements for our roadways up there, which is good news. sugar bowl, the quickest ride there, two hours and 55 minutes. then look at all of that snow at sugar bowl. 66 inches, 107 inches, and wrapping up here with kirkwood, 65 inches to 77 inches. back to you. reggie: thanks so much, jobina. lin-manuel maranda talking about bruno. the hamilton star wrote and produced eight songs for disney's encounter," including the huge hit, we don't talk about bruno. >> ♪ we don't talk about about t
6:53 am
♪ reggie: he said he knew there was something about the bruno song from the beginning, and he is talking about bruno on good morning america. >> that happened in may 2020, which is when i was writing it. we were and locked down with my in-laws, and my father-in-law, who never chimes in about my work, was like, i cannot stop singing that one bruno tune that i keep hearing coming from your room. that should have been the first tip-off, but my son, sebastian, came home the other day and said, daddy, everyone is singing it. [laughter] reggie: that is cute. you can watch a full report on the choreography and voices behind in canto, coming up on gma. kumasi: 49ers fans excited this morning because the team is taking on the green bay packers and the divisional round of the nfl playoffs.
6:54 am
the niners are already in wisconsin. you can see the team buses pulling away from the airport after arriving last night. both the niners and niners fans have made the trip. they are preparing for the frozen tundra in green bay. >> freezing cold. it is negative for right now, and the weather app says it feels like negative eight, and it is supposed to get down to -10. definitely not used to this. i have a base area, then a long sleeve shirt, then a niners sweater. i'm going to try to put a jersey over that, then this big jacket. kumasi: ok. i care san francisco's district six food truck and event venue, preparations are underway for an out north we hundred to 400 person viewing party that has three big screen tv's. that watch party is already sold out. you've got to find somewhere to watch it, but hopefully you are warm. reggie: let's think positively and say that the 49ers are on
6:55 am
their way to the super bowl, and when they are, 90's hip-hop music lovers will be very happy. pepsi just revealed a preview of the super bowl halftime show. >> ♪ it's the one and only ♪ snoop dogg and mary j lodge -- - mary j blanche, also kendrick nunn more -- kendrick lamar. that is the location of super oo bowl 56. the producer says the show will make history and will also be a love letter to california. kumasi: nice. reggie: she has to do in this dance, right? kumasi: yes. reggie: we need that. kumasi: could also real love. reggie: got to do real love. ♪ someone to break my heart -- - wait, someone to make my heart? ♪ kumasi: it doesn't matter. you have to do the cake.
6:56 am
-- what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. nast ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. en breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function
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for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. singer and actor meat loaf has died. his family made the announcement on his facebook page, saying he passed away with his wife at his side. he was 74. reggie: it was two years ago today that officials announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus in america. since then more than 68.5 million people have tested positive. kumasi: omicron has peaked in san francisco, and the number of cases dropping. cities 82% vaccination rate helped bring the cases down. reggie: oakland teachers could soon go on strike. they are demanding safety measures to limit the spread of covid-19. the union says if they cannot reach an agreement by today they are going to vote to strike. drew: a wind advisory will begin at 7:00 a.m. we are talking wind gusts to 40 miles an hour, even higher in our ridge tops. warm today, in the 60's. kumasi: our busiest spot is
6:59 am
going to be the richmond san rafael bridge. kumasi: number seven, itber seve 7 at 7:00, our brand-new show on our abc 7 bay area news app's. it is a whole extra hour of fun, with all of us. reggie: today we are talking about the pandemic, school safety, plus getting a better nights sleep. we are also going to have comedian howell sparks and super science withdrew. jobina: abc 7 at 7:00 is streaming weekdays on our free app, so you can find that on roku, apple tv, or andrew -- or andrew tv. -- andrew tv. drew: there might be a slight delay, but we will be having fun over the next hour or so. i just joined you three weeks ago. i'm going to figure out my sleep pattern. reggie: you are never going to figure it out. kumasi: i still haven't figured it out either. [laughter] jobina: if the tea and join us
7:00 am
at 7:00. reggie: please. we good morning, america.¿ for our viewers in the west, breaking news this friday, the u.s. and russia meeting now. will diplomacy avert an invasion? brink of war? secretary of state blinken meets with the russian foreign minister trying to prevent a e comments about a min secretary blinken joins ive this morning just moments after that high-stakes meeting and we're live on the front lines in ukraine where the stakes could not be higher. state of emergency. millions on alert as an ice storm sweeps through the south bringing freezing rain, sleet and snow. this morning, the winter storm warnings from texas to virginia and temperatures dropping fast from the midwest to the northeast. ginger tracking it all. the omicron wave hitting workers hard. at hospitals and schools, poli


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