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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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digging into newly released data to give us a closer look at the impact of the omicron variant. she joins us with the story. stephanie: this data is coming from our cell phones, tens of millions of them. it is the most conference of look we have date on foot traffic across the state. data is all anonymous, but it reveals which bay area counties are struggling the most. what you do not see hidden behind fancy table settings and perfectly crisp chips is the reality of restaurant recovery in california. >> it is really bad. >> is more detrimental. >> to the point where you are like, i am done. stephanie: meet three restaurant owners. the food they serve is different, but they are all writing the same roller coaster. >> it has been a roller coaster emotionally, financially. stephanie: alberto owns a restaurant in san francisco's financial district. >> i have stopped thinking of
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what to do next, because every time you make a plan, you have to change it. stephanie: the restaurant got a glimpse of life pre-pandemic, serving close to 100 lunches per day in november. now, post omicron -- >> when we finish with 40, 45, that is good. stephanie: but maybe will not cut it. the recovery is moving at a snails pace, and the numbers prove it. i team analyzed cell phone location data that estimates visits to restaurants across california fell 58% between january 2020 and april 2020, following widespread lockdowns across the state. since then, foot traffic has improved some, but when omicron hit -- >> you could see things diving down. stephanie: the i've down dropped in november, when restaurant visits went from almost pre-pandemic levels to a 30% decline statewide. but in the bay area, the impact
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was harder. >> the longer it goes on and the more difficult it is for people to get back in the city. stephanie: tony says their business is struggling more than previous surges, as federal-aid has run out, compounded with the city's ghost town. >> downtown is a ghost town. >> the city needs to be flowing with more bodies of people. more people feeling comfortable to come into work, but it just has not allowed that to happen. stephanie: the analysis of safeguard data found restaurant foot traffic in san francisco county dropped the most from january 2020 2 december 2021, with 42%. santa clara county followed suit with a 38% drop. alameda county coming in third, dropping 33%. all three counties impacted more than the state's overall decline last month. >> we can't just say tech is going to come back, everything
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is going to come back, it is going to be like normal, because i do not think it is going to be like it was before. stephanie: but hope for busier days is on the horizon. >> we are at the peak. things will go down. stephanie: the question is -- >> how long is it going to last? we have to hope for the best. stephanie: hope for the best is right, but it is hard to do that within elation -- with inflation. with federal relief gone, only one in three restaurant owners got access to the strong revitalization fund before it ran out. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dan: so interesting. thank you. high winds throughout the bay area. we are seeing damage in san jose. a 100 foot tree crashed three vehicles this afternoon. huge trees brought down power lines as well. no one was hurt. another tree came down about two miles away, on her mostly away. -- hermosilla way.
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it only appeared to take down a fence between two townhouses. neighbors say it was extremely windy all day. let's bring in sandhya patel. sandhya: wind damage not out of the question the rest of the tonight -- the rest of tonight going into early tomorrow. you can clearly see it is a shaky view tonight. the strongest winds over the hilltops. mount diablo close to 60 miles per hour, so winds have been increasing. east foothills, 42 miles per hour at the lower elevations. it is getting dusty, 30 in santa rosa and fairfield, half moon bay, 28 miles per hour. we have a high wind warning for areas shaded in orange. the rest of you in yellow under a wind advisory. the wind advisory is not until 7:00 p.m. in the north bay, that it is going until 11:00 a.m., then the warning is going to 11:00 a.m. the gusts up to 70 miles per
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hour have the potential to knock down trees, because power outages, and make for difficult driving. you are looking at lower elevation winds of 35 to 40 miles per hour going into 10:00 p.m., so avoid being outdoors and near power lines. avoidavoidavoid i will be back with the rest of the hourly forecast, including the weekend, coming up. dion: in the east bay, a man is under arrest for what police say was an unprovoked deadly shooting in west oakland along center street near mandela parkway. police say the shooter was walking with a gun in plain sight, screaming that he was going to shoot someone. that is when he attacked a 38-year-old, killing him at the scene. police believed this was random. as the suspect was trying to get away, investigators say he fired several shots at two oakland firefighters driving nearby. ask the officer fired four
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rounds at the firefighters, striking their vehicle four times. three of the rounds were lodged in the driver's side door, and one lodged itself in the we are of the driver's seat. dion: a picture was released of the vehicle with bullet holes in it. the firefighters were not hurt. an hour later, the suspect went into a nearby business, where officers happened to be looking for video of the shooting. they ended up arresting him. they say the man has a previous conviction of manslaughter. oakland police are investigating another shooting down the street. a 45-year-old woman was found shot inside an rv today, parked next to a homeless camp. she was taken to the hospital with a head wound that is stable. police believe the woman was shot last night, but they did not hear about it until today when residence at the encampment alerted them. dan: following a surge of crime
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in east oakland, the police department is shifting 48 officers to that part of the city. this takes effect tomorrow. tim johns sat down with the captain that will be in charge of these officers and explains how opd is hoping to curb the violence. tim: on the hills of one of the worst years for crime in decades in oakland -- >> property crime, violent crime, burglaries, robberies, things along those lines. tim: the oakland police department is launching a new plan to stop the surge in violence in the eastern part of the city. captain casey johnson will be leading the change. he says one of the key components is beefing up police presence in the area. starting saturday, opd will shift 48 officers in a bid to do just that. >> a lot of times our residents say we do not feel safe, do not feel like we have a voice, do not feel like our department cares for the people. tim: the move is also praised by some members of the city council, saying the equitable
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distribution of opd resources is long overdue. >> care have been call volumes, backlog calls up to 120 that are still outstanding in east oakland, my part of the city, whereas in the other part of the city, we were at 60, half as much. tim: we building trust among communities of color is another critical part of opd's strategy. they will make sure it is part of the officers' day-to-day jobs. >> blocked the community, get to know your community. tim: johnson says he is hopeful that with time it will make a difference and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. >> we are really trying to go after individuals involved in violent crimes, not just random citizens on the streets. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. dan: new details about the deadly shootout between san jose police and a man police say had
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five felony warrants for his arrest. the police chief gave an update on the investigation to this point. dustin dorsey has the story. dustin: wednesday night, a sequence of events in the south bay led this quiet neighborhood in san jose to be the backdrop of a deadly shooting involving police. the police chief gave us the latest on the investigation into the events that ended in an exchange of gunshots between police and this man, 32-year-old robert seth carter. >> carter is a san jose resident, currently has five felony warrants, and is on probation for battery. this was traumatic for everyone involved. dustin: police responded to a stolen vehicle call when police say mata ran from officers into santa clara, where he attempted to carjack someone before returning to the stolen car that he eventually crashed at the corner of west heading and park. he tried to stop another vehicle before the officer arrived.
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>> carter fired a round in the direction of the passing vehicle and the officer. the officer returned fire. the motorist at the officer were not hit by gunfire, and carter continued running toward the parking lot with a gun in his hand. dustin: that was the final shot carter took. while still pointing the gun at police, carter ended up in front of this home with four officers on the scene. >> each officer fired their weapon. carter continued to hold the handgun and was struck more than once. dustin: after carter fell to the ground, a canine helped move the ghost gun from his possession. carter eventually died from his injuries. >> kisses an unfortunate conclusion to a series of crimes and violence that could have ended with additional loss of life. dustin: another high-profile crime in san jose in the usually peaceful rose garden neighborhood. >> all the neighbors are concerned, but they are also very grateful to the police
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department for acting so quickly. dustin: police say they will release bodycam footage at a later date. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. dion: k new site for people to park their cars and rvs is now open in san francisco, but not everybody is happy. this is a skyview of the bay area triage center. officials, including mayor london breed, say the site will give him house people a safe place to services -- u nhoused people a safe place to receive services. some do not think the site is the answer and have filed a lawsuit. dan: coming up,
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dion: breaking news out southern california, were armfuls and anger -- where arnold schwarzenegger was just evolving a car accident. his vehicle slammed into a pre-is on sunset boulevard in los angeles, even rolled on top of the car. you can see photos from the scene that shows schwarzenegger alert and standing and seemingly ok. we will continue to follow this breaking news story and bring you updates on our app. dan: 49ers fans are certainly excited for tomorrow's playoff showdown against the packers, even those not traveling to green bay. they are ready to show their support all away from the west coast.
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cornell barnard will show you how the faithful are gearing up. >> we are very excited. paying, bang, nine or game. -- niner game. i am ready. my whole family ready. whichever one you got, i will take it. cornell: joe came to lids looking for the right jersey. >> i believe this -- bleed this. if you cut me open, it will be red, white, and gold with a sprinkle of black. cornell: this shop has been selling anything and everything niner. >> throughout the season, we have been doing trey lance's signature. that's the biggest one this season. cornell: kindle's jersey, 85, was a popular selfie spot, so i went for it. >> i think they have a good chance of winning. cornell: the niner flag is
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waiting outside the bus stop bar, where a thirsty crowd is expected saturday. extra beer has been ordered. >> we are doing probably a couple hundred cases. cornell: anthony bay expects to be yelling all day. >> i am going to support the team and support the local businesses and probably lose my voice by the end of the night. cornell: good luck, niners. the faithful will be watching. >> go niners. >> bang, bang, niner that's how we turn it up. dion: i like that guy's enthusiasm. we all need a little animal therapy sometimes, and that includes 49ers players. i got to meet the family of important french bulldog sue may be responsible for keeping players in that winning mindset -- french bulldogs who may be responsible for keeping players in that winning mindset.
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if strollers or even masks are any indication, this family and their frenchies are full of niner pride. but this is not just a family of human 49er faithful's, it is the friend she faithful, and these -- the frenchy faithful, and these pooches had the distinction of being part of the 49ers family. it all started in 2018, when one of the family owners of got frenchy french bulldog breeders, got a suspicious sounding call. >> i thought somebody played a joke. it was not. dion: it was anything but. the 49ers wanted an emotional support animal further players. so we came first, and shortly after the team got rookie. >> to allow us to be part of the 49ers family is the best feeling. dion: players have also gotten their own personal frenchies. >> vernon davis, navarro bowman.
6:18 pm
there are too many on the list. dion: he says french bulldogs make excellent companions, not just for athletes, though he has sold dog to players on many teams. >> they are loving, they are caring, and i think many players have these dogs because they are there for them. want to be cut old with, to be petted, so they need a lot of -- cuddled with, to be petted, so they need a lot of attention. how could you not want this cute puppy to be your emotional support dog? dion: just hope for one thing, a niners win. you can follow got frenchies at their instagram page. we have that on our website, dan: great story. let's draw our attention to the forecast. next couple of days is still windy. dion: it is concerning. sandhya: absolutely. it is windy because of the pattern set up have.
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let me show you what is going on with the satellite picture. high pressure is building in behind this area of low pressure, so the winds are coming down across the bay area. over the higher terrain, they are picking up. throughout the night, we are going to see stronger winds. mount diablo has hit 57. right now 52 miles per hour. these foothills, 42. you are looking at the surface winds for the lower elevations, 30, 35 miles per hour. those will continue, especially around 11:00 p.m., over 40 mile-per-hour winds in middletown. while you are sleeping, you might get woken up i these strong winds. calistoga, 51 miles per hour. with winds like this, you can expect more downed trees and the potential for power lines going down. tomorrow afternoon and evening, those winds will drop off considerably. the same down slipping offshore wind brought record warmth to canfield today, 69 degrees,
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surpassing their own record of 68 -- old record of 68. half moon bay, 70. cloverdale, 72. that is not really like winter, clearly well above average for this time of year. golden gate bridge camera showing you a nice view. fog is not going to be a concern . 64 in the city, 58 in oakland, 62 in san jose. from our emeryville camera, we are looking towards san francisco. mid to upper 60's from petaluma to santa rosa, 57 in concord. look at this strong -- stunning view. gusty winds through tomorrow afternoon. the warmth eases on sunday as the winds drop off. a dry pattern is setting up through next friday. temperatures in the morning will be in the 40's and 50's. when will keep the atmosphere stirred up. as we look at the afternoon highs in the south bay, 65 in santa clara, 66 in san jose.
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63 in san mateo. mid 60's along the coast with the offshore winds. you will warm up fast early in the day and it will start to cool off. north bay temperatures, upper 60's to santa rosa to novato. in the east bay, it is going to be breezy, not quite as windy in the afternoon. inland able be up to 67 in fairfield, 64 in livermore. we have been waiting for rain. nothing. this is taking us all through next week, but watch what happens as we go into january 29, saturday and into the 30th. rain chance is finally showing up going into the 31st, so that is encouraging. a windy start, a mild day, mid to upper 60's. temperatures continue to drop off. next week it will be closer to averag
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dion: comedian louis anderson died today. he was hospitalized earlier this week in las vegas. anderson began his career as a comedian in the 1980's, leading to roles in future films -- feature films. he created and starred in the series "life with louis," then served as the host of "family feud."
6:25 pm
he earned his biggest accolades in the tv show "baskets." dan: and singer and performer "meat loaf" has died. his 1977 record "at out of hell" was one of the best-selling albums of all time. he has also appeared on television and many films, like "the rocky horror picture show." meat loaf was 74 years old. dion: americans are itching to take vacations this year despite the continuing unknowns of the pandemic, but if you are ready to book a trip, reena roy has trips on how to protect yourself if things do not go according to plan. reporter: people are ready to vacation like they did pre-pandemic. according to a survey conducted by tripadvisor, more than three quarters of americans say they are more likely to travel in 2022, whether it is for leisure, to visit family or friends, or for business. of the americans not planning to travel, one third say it is
6:26 pm
because of potential travel restrictions, but clint henderson, a senior news editor at the points guy, says there is reason to book now even amid the uncertainty. >> there are a lot of deals to be had. i recommend people go hunting now for vacations. reporter: henderson says if circumstances change, there are ways to protect your wallet. one, try to avoid booking through third-party websites and travel agents. >> looking directly with the airline and hotel is a smart strategy because you are not dealing with an extra layer of bureaucracy in case something goes sideways. reporter: request fully refundable fares and accommodations. >> it will cost you a few extra dollars, but it is probably worth a piece of mind. reporter: book with miles or points if you have him. >> you are probably able to book with the hotel and get the points and miles back rather than getting cash back. we don't generally recommend
6:27 pm
that people buy travel insurance, because most insurance companies do not cover cobit related cancellations. there are insurances that will cover everything, but they are very expensive. reporter: in the end, henderson says as long as you can at credits, miles, or a refund back, go ahead and book that getaway now. dan: at home covid tests have been hard-to-find. now one county is going to give out tens of thousands for free. dion: plus, oakland teachers could go on
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>> this is abc 7 news. dion: today marks two years since the first covid-19 case was confirmed in the u.s. on this day, california officially reports 7 million cases. the test positivity rate in california is 21.2%, up from yesterday, but the rate is still down more than 1% from last week. the cdc says breakthrough graces group four-fold as the omicron
6:31 pm
variant spread between late november and december. but none vaccinated americans were still -- but unvaccinated americans were still twice as likely to test positive. dan: in a move to fight vac f hesitancy and misinformation, scott weiner has introduced new legislation that would allow preteens to receive any vaccine, even if their parents object. the san francisco lawmaker co-authored senate bill 866 to prevent kids 12 throu throu get vaccines, including covid-19 , without parental consent. the vaccine must be approved by the food and drug administration and be recommended by the centers for disease control. >> tragically there are kids who are not communicating with their parents, and parents who are literally obstructing the ability of their kids to get a lifesaving vaccine from a deadly virus.
6:32 pm
dan: the senator says the bill falls in line with current law that gives children 12 and folder the ability to make reproductive health care decisions, like getting vaccinated for hpv. the bill would take effect january 21, 2023, if it passes the legislature and governor newsom signs it. the teachers union in oakland says the strike -- says a strike is possible with the school district over covid protocols. the district has agreed to the three main demands, which are on-site testing, a plan to address staffing levels, and a guaranteed supply of kn95 masks through the end of the school year. however, union officials say the district refuses to put the agreement in writing. the two sides are talking right now, with negotiations expected to goleta into this evening. >> if tonight's
6:33 pm
bring an agreement, i am authorized to call a strike vote. dan: a strike vote could happen as early as monday. district officials refused to comment today, and they did issue a statement yesterday saying, "despite the challenges, we are hopeful the district and oea will yet again find a way to reach an agreement." dion: 60,000 at-home antigen covid tests are set to go out in santa clara county starting tomorrow. but slots are filling up fast. >> there is a sticker we have placed on it saying it is not for resale, and attempts to sell it could be criminally prosecuted. reporter: here is one example o those hard-to-find covid tests set to be given to those who work, live, or go to school in santa clara county. the county is handing out 60,000 starting this weekend. this road is virtually empty
6:34 pm
right now, but tomorrow it is one of the sites where thousands of people who have a reservation can get those free at home covid tests. the county has four distribution sites. the county website to book an appointment showed slots on the road booked until monday. >> through the system, 15,000 appointment slots will be available, and each individual will receive four tests per appointment. reporter: the tests are coming from a santa clara county-based company called ihealth. pcr tests are still being offered, but in many situations the antigen test is the recommended option. >> people who have recently tested positive and have met criteria for leaving isolation based on cdc guidelines, but may need a negative test to do so. reporter: another good use is ih you have symptoms or exposure and cannot get to a pcr tests right away. the county says work is being done to make sure people in at-risk communities have access
6:35 pm
to the tests, working with community-based organization teams to bring them door-to-door. as far as the status of omicron in the county, officials say we are starting to see a decrease in the surge, but it is still prevalent in the community. >> at-home testing is another tool in our toolbox to help us fight the ongoing surge. zach: exact when test, abc 7 news. -- zach dan: california will receive 4.2 billion dollars in infrastructure money over the next few years, and some of that will be used to upgrade bridges. congressman eric swalwell drew attention to the washington avenue bridge. swallow well says it is in the worst shape of most of the -- swalwell says it is in the worst shape of most of the bridges in his district. rep. swalwell: this bridge kind of meets the criteria of failing , high-traffic, and identified
6:36 pm
by caltrans as one that could compete. dan: you funds are part of a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law passed in november. dion: not everyone has a credit score, so michael finney will tell you about a new a
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dion: a popular san francisco playground is slotted for destruction to be replaced by affordable housing for teachers. the space in the sunset is owned by the school district, tricked out with a basketball court can skate park and performance pavilion. crews plan to clear it out starting in may. dan: 10 7 on your side, traditional credit reports and the scores based on them are crucial, but they are out of reach for tens of millions of consumers. dion: exactly how are they to get a credit card or by a first home. michael finney has been looking at a new strategy. michael: you get a loan and pay it back. how much, how quickly, and how responsibly determines your credit score, but without a score, it is tough to get the first loan.
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>> a lot of people are shut out of the credit system. there are 53 million people who do not even have a credit score. a lot of those people can be scored if we give them credit for things like rent, streaming, utilities, and so on. michael: most of us have subscriptions we pay monthly, like we would a small loan, but those cellphone bills and streaming service payments are not tracked by traditional credit reporting services. but that is changing. companies are now willing to track subscription payments, rent, and cell phone bills. there are new credit reporting companies launching new initiatives -- and old players launching new initiatives. if you sign up and request it, those companies will keep track of those monthly payments. >> i really like this concept because the design is giving you credit, quite literally, for things you have already been doing, and it is very low risk,
6:41 pm
because if it does not help you, you can just shut it off. michael: the catch, you have to take the time to sign up, and although these services cannot help you land a cell phone contract or credit card, mortgage lenders are heavily regulated, and federal rules do not allow these alternative credit scoring systems. >> they could indirectly help you because you could get direct benefits from other things, like -- for other things, like a credit card or a car loan or so on, and if you use those responsibly, it indirectly influences the score the lenders are looking at. michael: experience boost says the boost can happen instantly, and the average consumer could see a 13 point increase on their fica credit score. michael finney, 7 on your side. dan: states of emergency across the southeast. wet roads are expected to turn ic tonight
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your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. dan: top diplomats from the united states and russia bent today in switzerland amid fears of a russian invasion of ukraine. both sides committed to continue negotiation, but they admitted
6:45 pm
there was no breakthrough. abc has the latest from washington. reporter: with tensions high at the ukraine border, a critical meeting between the u.s. and russia. secretary of state antony blinken and his russian counterpart sergey lavrov pledging to continue discussions. >> we at least have some opportunity to continue to resolve this. reporter: russia has built up more than 100,000 troops at the border with ukraine, raising concerns about a possible invasion, and move the kremlin insists it will not make. abc's ian panel is on the front lines in ukraine. >> vladimir putin says he is not going to attack. do you believe him? >> basically i can't believe him. reporter: at the kremlin's request, the u.s. says it will provide written answers -- written answers to russia's security demands next week. one of the answers is that
6:46 pm
ukraine be banned from joining nato, a nonstarter for the u.s. as the standoff continues, the white house is not ruling out another summit between biden and putin. >> the president always values leader to leader engagement, but we will determine if that is appropriate. reporter: the u.s. is ramping up military assistance to ukraine, agreeing to send heavy weapons from lithuania to other baltic nations. blinken says the u.s. and its allies stand ready to respond if russia invades. >> it is ultimately going to be president putin who decides what russia will do. reporter: secretary blinken says he will hold more talks with the russian foreign minister, but a date has not been set yet. it is unlikely russia will withdraw troops from the ukrainian border. elizabeth schulze, abc news, washington. dion: the southeast bracing for what could be a once a decade winter storm this weekend. snow, sleet, and freezing rain
6:47 pm
are expected in parts of virginia and north carolina overnight. already this afternoon in virginia, freezing rain and black ice sent trucks and cars spinning out of control. many businesses close early to get ahead of the conditions. i feel very fortunate to be in the bay area. dan: yes, indeed. when it gets to 50 degrees, we are complaining when it is cold, but not what it is going to be in green bay. sandhya: it is going to be frigid there. we will talk about that. first, wind advisories have been dropped, but areas in yellow still under the advisory, and all areas in orange still under the high-wind warning. windows are still gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour from our east bay hills camera. mount diablo, 57, grizzly peak 36. live doppler showing you mostly high clouds. you almost feel guilty when you have weather like this, well above average tomorrow, 60's and
6:48 pm
70's. as you check out the forecast for lambeau field, it is going to be 9 at kickoff, a wind of minus three. fourth quarter, windchill of minus five. frigid there. accuweather 7 day forecast, wendy starts tomorrow, when ceased for the second half of the weekend, and it will be back to average temperatures early next week. dion: thanks. dan: let's turn to larry. it is going to be a great game. larry: i can't imagine how many players you have -- players you have to put on to sit through three hours of that. -- layers you have to put on to sit through three hours of that, but it is going to be fun.
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larry: big boost for the 49ers as they head into green bay for their divisional playoff game tomorrow. nick bosa cleared concussion protocol. he will play. bosa suffered a neck injury last weekend when d.j. jones crashed into him and snapped his neck back. he was unable to play in the second half in dallas. tulsa is going to be needed -- bosa is going to be needed. these teams have gone a long way, with kyle shanahan working on his running game and do you to power the offense. >> the more you practice, the more you get guys back, hopefully the better you get.
6:52 pm
i think our guys persevered through a lot of stuff. we were not as good as i would have liked earlier on, but i think we have always known what we wanted to be, but it takes time to do that. our guys got better through adversity, and i think it is easy to see how we want to win games when you watch the tape. larry: we don't often see the warriors melt down like they did last night, losing to the pacers. blowing defensive assignments down the stretch. clearly the worst loss of the year. they don't have much time to worry because tip-off against houston is a few minutes away. last nights overtime loss would deplete indiana's team. frustrating for everybody, including steph curry. a rare display of anger for number 30. then the defensive breakdown by s holiday to get the game-tying shot. they fell right there. afterwards, stafsteph owned up o
6:53 pm
mistakes. >> j holliday made a good cut and made a shot. i was a step too slow. tried to guard the inbounds and i got caught looking. that is where us as players have to keep each other accountable to the little things we can control. you cannot control missing or making shots, but you can control execution. kind of where we are at tonight. larry: the warriors recen retired president with wells tonight at chase center. it was retired alongside alongse for other greats. it is a big part of three warriors titles during his tenure, also led the construction at chase center. >> explaining to my friends, especially on the east coast, why it is a good thing i was being put in the ground at chase center. it requires a little explanation. >> key is actually in the hall
6:54 pm
of fame, the real one, literally . this is kind of a small thing compared to that, but that tells you how immensely credible and what a great guy this is an all the things he has done. >> to have my name alongside some of the greatest players in the history of the game is a special. larry: bears hall of famer dick butkus has started a podcast. he is joining twitter, tweeting today, it has been over an hour since i have been verified. i do not understand why the sponsorship money is not in the account yet. when he started trending, he says, now that i am trending, it is not because i am dead. butkus is 79 years old, still going strong. a lot of people in the audience never saw him play. but deacon jones, another legend, said every time butkus hit you, he tried to put you in the cemetery, not the hospital. that is what dick butkus was like as a player. dan: i loved watching him play.
6:55 pm
thanks, larry. dion: tonight at 8:00, it is "shark tank," followed by "20/ 20" at 9:00, and do not miss abc news at 11:00. a reminder, you can watch all of our newscasts lived on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected at. -- app. dan: finally tonight, a few thoughts on what really matters. an important part of the vitality and verve of the bay area is at a tipping point. one of those things we might not fully appreciate until it is gone, or at least fundamentally changed. as the eye team reported site, restaurants across the bay area, or the ones that survived the initial wave of the pandemic, are teetering once again. they cannot withstand much more and stay open. they are hemorrhaging money, losing their leases and struggling to place workers who have moved on during this time of covid.
6:56 pm
the i team analyzed cell phone location data from tech company safe graph for a better understanding about the impact of covid on the restaurant industry. that data tracks foot traffic and estimates visits to restaurants all across the state. the numbers have recovered somewhat since the early stages of the pandemic. then came omicron. tough times for restaurants getting tougher once again. what really matters, let's support them as best we can. we will miss them when they are gone. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. dion: so well said, and all it takes is one meal every so often. dan: that is a good point. dion: that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. dan: we appreciate your time. have a nice evening.
6:57 pm
>> in every moment there is an opportunity to find a path forward, to move ahead, to build something better. >> issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area. >> at abc 7, it is our commitment to meet those moments with tough questions, real solutions for all of us. >> where did you learn to do what you do? >>
6:58 pm
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- an office manager from avondale estates, georgia... a phd student from milwaukee, wisconsin... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... ...whose 37-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. we have learned a lot about amy schneider over the last couple months on the show.
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a few of the highlights-- she used to have a podcast about "downton abbey." she met a real-life ninja in tokyo. she scored a perfect 1,600 on her sats. she has a cat named meep. she was into the golden state warriors even before they were good. her go-to karaoke song is "creep" by radiohead. folks, she's been here 37 straight days. today we're gonna learn one more very important fact about amy schneider. will she reach the "jeopardy!" milestone of 38 consecutive wins? that would tie her for second place all time with "jeopardy!" legend matt amodio. let's find out. welcome to avinash and koré. let's get into the game. here are your categories for the "jeopardy!" round. we begin with... then... some... then... amy, where to? balderdash, $200.


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