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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 27, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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history-making run netting her more than $1.3 million. schneider's second only to all-time champ ken jennings. she'll be back for the "tournament of champions" this fall. that's "nightline." catch our full episode s s on h. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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dan: a vicious a spate dog
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attack leaves one dog bed and a grandmother injured. >> businesses in chinatown switching from castor credit and an effort to ama: keep their customers safe. ama:ama:ama: tonight we hear from oaklands amy schneider. sandhya: abc 7 news at at at starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: amid a surge in violence against asian americans, some restaurants in oakland's chinatown are making difference -- changes to how they do business to keep customers safe. many are adding debit and credit payment options on cutting down on customers carrying cash. ama: abc 7 news reporter has more on this trend. local leaders are hoping will catch on. reporter: amid a surge in
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attacks against asian americans, as this is in oakland's china towns are taking new measures to keep their customers safe. they are doing that by switching from being cash only to accepting and encouraging people to use debit or credit cards. >> the customers, it is very scary. they say they don't want to come to chinatown. reporter: the idea is that by coming -- carrying less cash, customers and the elderly will be less o o o o o o o criminals. >> with the minimum cash in your pockets, they pay more marked items. reporter: that doesn't mean the switch hasn't come with its share of challenges. carl chan is the president of the chinatown chamber of commerce. he says generally will and cultural norms -- generational
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and cultural norms play a part. >> it takes a while, many seniors are beginning to understand why they should be using credit cards instead of carrying too much cash. reporter: that is why despite the successful transition, companies say they are still taking slow. >> we still accept cash, some old people don't know how to use the credit cards or don't want to. ama: and teachers expressed outrage tonight after learning oakland unified once to close 12 schools. this map shows them. tonight the board of education heard please against the closures. sing predominantly black schools are being targeted.
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ama: don't care about black people, like teachers, black families. we are not part of your equation. school board member mike hutchinson spoke out against the closer it saying he worked at two oakland schools were now closed. >> we heard it tonight, conflict this trauma on all of us when you put out these lists. i experienced the trauma of two of my schools being closed. i will never recover. alma: teachers say it the final school closure but is going to happen for berrier. >> oh my gosh, we can't go. dan: that is a big flames after colliding with a car. one person in the cart was killed. it happened east of the midspan of the bridge towards richmond. the truck driver made out of the rig before it was entirely
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involved in flames. this caused a traffic mess, shutting down all lanes of five a beat for hours. ama: the all clear been for hercules neighborhood tonight. officers did not elaborate on how the situation was resolved, there are no reports of injuries. dan: now to a story you will see only on seven. a dog has been removed from home after it killed a neighbor's dog and hurt a grandmother. der stone spoke with the family and has more. some of the details are disturbing. >> he sniffed her forehead for one second. she is still wiggling her tail. in a split second, before i could grab her, he turned his head, opened his mouth and grabbed her by the throat. >> yolanda salazar is describing what happened with the dog you see here killed her dog as they were walking back from the dollar store on monday.
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>> at that point he started to shake her and she started to scream for five or 10 seconds. he was shaking her. at that point i started kicking him. i had a handful of groceries. i would try to kick him and and wasn't facing him. she stopped screaming, i heard her next app. >> painful memories of her 14-year-old chihuahua jack russell mix dying in front of her always -- her eyes. officials confirmed this dog also killed her other dog in 2018. wednesday night, more than 48 hours later the dog in question was taken away by alameda county animal control while yolanda and her daughter nicole or glad to hear the news, they are upset this animal had been taken off the streets sooner. >> he could have killed my daughter. you don't know.
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reporter: yolanda, who was dragged five feet by the pit bull, and in the er until late tuesday night doesn't want the dog back in the neighborhood, saying it wouldn't be safe, describing the moment a worker found little bit under the pit bull. >> he was hovered over her like you but ashley she was a toy. reporter: an alameda official said there will now be a vicious dog hearing to decide the fate of the dog. the official believes the dog should be euthanized. ama: the largest gun rights groups in the country is doing after san jose approved a controversial gun ordinance. the city council voted last night to adopt a first in the country measure to require gun owners to pay a fee and hold insurance. the ordinance is set to go into law and six months. in hosea expect more legal
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challenges before them. dan: the drug overdose death of a 12 year-old girl is leading to changes in data santa clara county fights illegal drugs. the district attorney said his office will disband its narcotics union -- unit and focus on drug cartels and large-scale dealers. >> we want to make sure we take each of those cases seriously and prosecute and investigate them as >> they deserve to be. >>county supervisor says she wants to create a fentanyl awareness working group. they follow the death of eight sin has a girl named delilah. -- a girl named delilah. ama: tomorrow we might start seeing 3n95 masks at cvs stores. they're supplied by the federal government and everyone is allowed three at no cost.
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for the second day and rose, the test positively rate dropped, assigned the omicron surge is winning. trials are underway for an omicron specific vaccine. find out the latest news about covid vaccine, had tour website, dan: amy schneider is leaving lg jeopardy after breaking a number of records and shining a light on lgbtq representation. we have more including a special message from amy tonight. >> this is jeopardy!. >> this is oakland's own schneider. after two months on our television, she started tonight's episode with more than 40 -- with 40 games in the rebel. >> at this point, only one
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question remains, how long can it go on? >> schneider's historic historih streak ended less than 30 minutes later. >> no response, you're going to lose a thousand dollars, finish in second place $9,600. you are our new jeopardy champion. >> she lives far from empty-handed. she is the second most consecutive wins of all-time. she is one of only or people to have surpassed $1 million in regular season winnings. the first women -- the first openly trans woman to make it to the job -- tournament of champions. >> it's great that been able to do a lot of good as i'm doing it just by being myself and representing my community. >> she says schneider's run amplifies lgbtq representation.
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>> now that they seen her for 48 some episodes, they might have changed their opinion. reporter: back home, schneider shares his message. >> high everybody, it's amy schneider. i wanted to take a minute to think everyone around here for giving me so much love and support on this crazy jeopardy! run. so proud to have been out there representing oakland, best city in the world. thank you so much. dan: i hope amy is watching this tonight. we are so proud of you and so excited. sorry that it ended. it was fun while it lasted. congratulations. ama: we thank you for being, what an inspiration. in a thread of tweets after the show tonight, amy hinted at her future plans, saying she is in talks about writing a book and other potential projects. i'm sure we've not heard the last.
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dan: she will be great at whatever she does. supreme court justice stephen breyer calling it a career after 27 years on the court. his brother talks with abc 7 news about the decision. ama: new the coast. dan: this weekend's 49ers game is one hot ticket. some lucky fan could wind up with a free ticket to the game. we explain how that works coming up. sandhya: a look at the game forecast was it will explain why we've bee
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dan: we have more on the big news from the supreme court today. justice and san francisco native stephen breyer lance to step down at the end of his term. this decision is a crucial opportunity for president biden to name his successor. his promise to bring more diversity to the bench. reporter: after more than two decades on the nation cycle highest court, justice stephen breyer will soon be stepping down. he spoke with arts about his plans to retire next year. >> i do not intend to die on the court. reporter: at 83 years old, he is the oldest of the nine supreme court justices and most senior of the three liberals. known as the court's most famous pragmatist, he has frequently spoken publicly about the importance of nonpartisanship as a judge. >> you have to think of the rule
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of law, and that means you sometimes follow decisions you don't like. reporter: he was nominated by president bill clinton in 1994. since then becoming a consistent liberal vote, critic of the death penalty and defender of abortion rights. last term he authored major opinions upholding the affordable care act, affirming free-speech speech rights of students off-campus resolving a multimillion dollar copy write dispute between google and oracle. >> it is so inspiring that his pragmatic vision of compromise and moderation were ascendant and all of the unanimous decisions this term were a moving tribute to his inspiring legacy. reporter: is leaving behind the most conservative court of a generation. three those conservative justices nominated by former president trump. priors retirement paving the way for president biden to full fill his promise -- fulfill his
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promise of -- reporter: these are reporter: ts potential picks the president is said to be considering. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the president's nominee will receive a prompt hearing before being considered and confirmed quickly. dan: stephen breyer's brother charles, a judge, talked with our reporter about his brothers difficult decision. reporter: we have mixed decisions >>, on the one hand, my brother is leaving the job. a job he loves. he has embraced it, participated in a fully. he is leaving at a time that he feels is appropriate for him to step down. dan: judge charles breyer is the u.s. district judge for the northern district of california in san francisco. now that his brother is stepping
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down, there won't be any recusal in the supreme court when they review his decisions. ama: neil young will be rocking in the free world without spotify. he told them they can they can n or young, not both. spotify confirms it has removed young's entire catalog which had 6 million listeners per young -- per month. they hope to welcome him back. dan: take a closer look at this video of gray whales migrating off the big sur coast. that is smoke from the c colorado wildfire burning. fire is at 700 acres and is 60% contained. a dramatic image there. ama: certainly. let's talk more about our weather. dan: sandy patel is -- sandhya a patel is tracking, we are hoping
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for some rain. sandhya: i hate to print -- disappointing both. unfortunately, the latest models are still trending dry. let me show you what is going on. we have this area of high pressure, what we call a resilient rage. everything is going up and over. that high pressure is blocking anything from moving in here. climate prediction center is saying that out west it is going to be dry, central and eastern u.s. will see the rain. here in the bay area, 30% to 40% chance of below average precipitation next week. it is the 19th consecutive day without measurable rain in january. lesson we had measurable rain was on the seventh. it looks like we are going to go right on through saturday, part of sunday with no rain. for san francisco, december, january, for break, you average just over four inches of rain. you look at how much rain we get
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in for break i'm hopeful we will make up some of that dryness we had this month. this is one of our winter months. santa rosa averages six inches of rain. oakland just over four and livermore almost three inches. stay tuned, live doppler 7 showing no rain. we have some patchy fog beginning to form. because of the haze, visibility is low, something you will need to watch out for tomorrow morning. otherwise skies are clear. temperatures in the 30's to 50's, chilis in the valleys, and right along the coastline. look at this view from our gate bridge camera. hazy skies the next four days means moderate air quality through the weekend. it is still safe to be outside unless you have any sort of rep -- respiratory issues. chilly in the morning, patchy
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frog -- patchy fog and frost. we are attending dry for the weekend. your morning temperatures will be cold in the north and east bay valleys where you will drop down to the 30's. afternoon highs will be on the mild side again, low to mid 60's. our warmest spot is 66 in san jose. check out the forecast. going into sunday, monday, the only hope we had in northern california and the pacific northwest, taking you early february, nothing showing up. when the niners take on the rams, hopefully better luck with the nfc championship game. it is going to be mild in southern california. cold start, mild day, cooler for the end of the week with more cloud cover. we are going to bring in bright skies again with offshore winds, sunshine tuesday and wednesday. let's see if we can break out of
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ama: how would you like to go to the 49ers nfc championship game in late for free? dan: the rams may have tried to freeze is out of buying tickets, the niners are giving a few fans tickets for free. to the playoff run have given away tickets, airfare and up hotel stay as part of the playoff sendoff presented by united airlines. >> to be able to see the adulation of fans. in dallas, they gathered at the exits. they formed a friendly mosh pit, if that is a thing. people so excited to have won that game. ama: if you'd like a shot at some free game tickets you can enter before midnight tonight. on dan: jimmy
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>> >> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: jimmy grubb will has known for months his last nap with the 49ers -- jimmy garoppolo has known for months his last snap with the 49ers could be a now. his learned to block out all of the critics and has the respect of that locker room. >> if you start leaving some of those things, it could take you down the wrong road. it's about knowing yourself as a player, as a person. as long as these guys in this locker room have faith in me, that is all i care about. >> is not on social media looking what everybody tweets about. susie comes in this building, he is the same exact person every day. the fact we are winning games is
1:36 am
not a surprise. he is playing great football. larry: the rams are 3.5 points favorites despite having lost six straight to san francisco. a streak the rams will be talking about all week long. >> is a really good both team. two good teams going after each other. seeing each other twice this year, going to see each other for their time. got a bunch of secrets, we have to step up and make the place. >> the rams have done a great job against us the last few years. you learn from the be ready to move forward. larry: sharks fans making a trip to the nation's capital, picking up scores in the first. neuberger puts it home, one-zero , first first curveball, came on
1:37 am
his mother's birthday. 2-0. after the game ended, lingering resentment, i'm going to punch you in the face, right now. sharks got the best of this one, winning at 4-1. they hit 10 th h career-high. already nine off the bench, set the franchise record for reserve. the third bench player with 10 plus triples in the game. a record high
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ama: we thank you so much for watching tonight. dan: for all of us, we appreciate the time. have a nice rest of the evening. on jimmy kimmel, charlie dale. have
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>> all right, well, that's andy thorn playing the banjo for a fox right outside his colorado springs home. he says the pandemic canceled his band's tour, so he was left to play for whoever or whatever would listen and the same fox kept coming around for his private concerts but other animals not so much. >> the wildlife we have up here is crazy, and i've also tried to play for the deer. none of the animals seem to appreciate it the way the fox does. but it cracks me up that i've basically tried to play for all the animals up here. >> the video has been viewed nearly 3 million times. where are the other animals? >> the deer -- >> it could be a disney channel all-original movie. >> the deer are waiting for andrew's saxophone. that's what you should do with all the free time you have. not on this show. >> if i did that, the fox would probably bite my face off.
1:41 am
>> no, you're in new york city, so i doubt there are too many foxes. >> i could play for the rats outside my building. >> that's what i was thinking. coming up, stuck in a supermarket. plus, mcdonald's has a new secret menu, and we're trying it. >> hope it's on the dollar menu. and how prince andrew is formally responding to that sexual assault lawsuit, and what he's now asking for. plus, is america ready for a four-day workweek? what we're learning about the new legislation being introduced in congress. you're watching "world news now."


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