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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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retirement officially today. some of the women who could end up replacing him. >> attacks like this prompted oakland restaurants to make a change. new option aimed at keeping customers safe. reggie: tracking the sub-variants of omicron found in more than 20 states. what scientists have learned. >> amy schneider's historic run on jeopardy. her message to fans after her final show. good morning everyone, it is thursday, january 7. reggie: we will start with a thursday weather. drew: we have a lot less fog. good morning, down to a mile and a half. nevada, four miles. elsewhere, we are doing better. clear skies for a lot of us allowing temperatures to start out on a colder note especially
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inland and in the north bay. san ramon, 34. 32, san francisco. 37, palo alto. so outside we go this is a live look at our golden gate bridge camera with a light breeze. no fog on 101 and we are tracking clear skies this morning. fog in the north bay along the coast with a lot of sunshine later on. today we'll -- will feel mild with temperatures in the low to mid 60's. reggie: happening, longtime supreme court justice stephen breyer's is expected to announce that he has officially retiring setting up an opportunity for president biden to fulfill his campaign promise, to fill the seat with the first black woman. jobina is tracking that. jobina: multiple sources say that justice breyer will step down in june. the san francisco native is the most senior member of the
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supreme court's liberal wearing -- wing. president bill clinton nominated him in 1994 and he is known for several major opinions including upholding the affordable care act, abortion rights and limiting presidential powers over recess appointments. his retirement would pave the way for president biden's first supreme court appointment. on the campaign trail he vowed to fill the nomination with the court's first lack woman. pres. biden: i would be honored to appoint the first african-american woman to the court because it should look like the country. it is long past time. jobina: the front runner is believed to be d.c.'s circuit court judge, judge jackson. she is a former court and -- a former -- also on the list is leon drew kruger appointed -- leandra.t bw
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justice due to mitch mcconnell's 2017 change for scotus confirmations. that means that my crowds could confirm the nomination with only their boats. kumasi: we are learning more about the sub variant of omicron that has been found in 55 countries including the u.s. and the bay area. how concerned should you be if you are vaccinated or boosted. amy hollyfield is joining us live with what experts are saying. amy: scientists and doctors are on the hunt for ba2, or the stealth variant. they want to learn all they can about it. they are trying to do that. at this point they are saying if you are vaccinated you do not have to worry about this. they call it the stealth variant because it can be tricky for scientists to pinpoint the exact version. they do not know how contagious
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it is or if it will change the severity of the disease. people who catch the sub variant know that they are covid positive. the pcr and rapid tests are still working and detecting the infection. >> you can still detect the b2 omicron variant with a regular test, but when you try to get the genetic sequence, you have to use additional sets of testing to identify it. it is possible that some of the omicron variants we are seeing could contain more of the b2 lineage. we will have to follow that as time goes on and it might likely emerge as another sub variant of omicron. amy: an epidemiologist told us that this is to be expected that viruses mutate, and we will be dealing with variants all of the time. but he says that he thinks we are in good shape. two cases of the variant have
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been detected in santa clara county and doctors hope that they will be learning more about it. kumasi: thank you. we are joined live at 7:00 to talk about the latest variant and everything else you need to know about the pandemic. abc 7 at 7:00 is live and available on our streaming apps and it is also available on your phone and tablet. reggie: antony blinken says the u.s. has taken what he calls the next step in diplomacy with russia and delivering a written response to moscow's security demands. ukraine and nato from pridt brao o concern rs'ncernsndnone area is a nonsa
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commitment from nato to never admit ukraine to the alliance, which is vladimir putin's central demand. >> whether they choose the path of diplomacy, or renew aggressing -- aggression, we are prepared either way. reggie: he will speak to the foreign minister once russia has reviewed the response. kumasi: the all clear has been given in a hercules neighborhood that had been locked down. someone was barricaded in a house and shooting a gun. officers did not reveal much on how the situation was resolved but there are no reports of injuries. reggie: attacks are prompting restaurants in chinatown to make a change adding credit and debit payment options so customers do not need to carry cash. tim johns has more on the trend that local leaders are hoping will cut down on robberies. tim: amid a surge in attacks on asian americans, businesses are
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trying to keep their customers safe. some like big dish restaurants are switching from being to cash only to accepting and encouraging people to use debit or credit cards. >> let customers when they came in, they said it was very scary, and then they do not want to come to chinatown. tim: by carrying less cash, customers and the elderly will be less of a potential target for criminals. despite the transition, sales have increased and business is better than ever. >> with limited cash in their pockets they can only buy limited amounts of items, so when you are accepting credit cards they can buy so much more. tim: that does not mean it has not come with its share of challenges. carl chan is the president of the open chinatown chamber of commerce. generational and cultural norms lay strong role. many older asian americans have a long-standing preference to use cash.
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>> i am sure that nowadays, many seniors are getting to understand why they should be using credit cards instead of carrying too much cash. tim: despite the successful transition, they are taking it slow and trying to ease their customer base into the new normal. >> we still accept cash because some old people do not like to use credit cards. they do not know how to use it. tim: in oakland, tim johns, abc 7 news. kumasi: parents and teachers are expressing outrage after oakland unified wants to close 12 schools. they shows all of the schools. the board of education heard pleas against the closures with many people saying predominantly black schools are being targeted. >> you do not -- your decision is saying you do not care about lack -- black teachers and families. kumasi: mike hutchinson spoke
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out against these closures saying that he worked at two schools that are now close. >> the saddest part is and we heard it tonight. you inflict this trauma on all of us when you put out these lists. i experienced the trauma of two of my schools being closed. i will never recover. kumasi: teachers say the final vote will happen on the eighth of february. reggie: mayors from big cities around the state are set to announce the launch of californians for all youth job core, a new program that will help underserved youth find employment focused on tackling local issues in their communities. drew: we are tracking a little bit of fog but a lot less compared to what we were doing this time yesterday. you can see the coast and parts of the north have reduced visibility. but elsewhere we have clear
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skies and unlimited visibility. we will take you to the east bay hills camera. yocan san fr bridge and the east bay in the foreground and we are dealing with good visibility. later today and tomorrow we have been tracking this for several weeks now, until we can get some rainfall to kind of cleanser atmosphere of the pollutants, we will have moderate air quality for the foreseeable future. rain is not in the forecast through the weekend. high pressure is centered over the west coast. we talk about this ridge in the winter, this keeps us dry. an area of low pressure scoops through southern california and keeps us dry. today is about sunshine after a cold start in the 30's and 40's. we warm up nicely. upper 50's to lower 60's with a ton of sunshine. today a little bit warmer than yesterday. enjoy the sunshine. 62 in the city later on today. 66, san jose.
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63, concord. that is the weather and let us see how well we are doing on the traffic front. jobina: really care -- clear conditions. a different story from yesterday. we started off with crashes and fog, so let us see what is going on. this is a live picture from emeryville. those lanes are traveling westbound and i will come back to the walnut creek camera for a moment. for the super commuters to tracy, -- coming out of tracy the ride is slow. we can -- you can see we do not have a lot of red patches and then wrapping up with a live look and walnut creek because things are picking up for people traveling southbound. reggie: oakland's amy schneider finishes her run on jeopardy. also i had. -- i had to. >> oh my gosh, we cannot go. kumasi: a scary situation for
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>> oh my gosh, we cannot go. reggie: a terrifying scene for drivers on the richmond-san rafael bridge. this big rig went up in flames after colliding with a car and one person in the car was killed. it happened east of the midspan towards richmond. the truck driver made it out. this caused a huge backup, shutting down all lanes of 580 for several hours. the drug overdose death of a 12-year-old girl is leading to changes in how santa clara county fights illegal drugs. jeff rosen says his office will expand its traditional unit and create a new unit focused on the drug cartels and large-scale dealers. >> we want to make sure that we take each and every one of those cases seriously, and prosecute and investigate them as they deserve to be. reggie: cindy chavez says she wants to create a fentenyl
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social media -- awareness associate media campaign. this comes after a 12-year-old girl died after consuming three quarters of a single pill. kumasi: go to the tv and look at this. this is video of gray whales mod -- migrating off the big sur coast. that is spoke from the colorado wildfire. evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire has burned 700 acres. at this point it is 60% contained. california's official earthquake early warning app got updates. are getting early-morning -- early warning alerts. it includes a new warning town that goes off before the earthquake alert and the tsunami safety information. reggie: 40 wins and close
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$1.4 million, amy schneider's winning streak came to an end last night. she broke a number of wet -- on records and put a spotlight on lgbtq representation. amanda has the story and a special message. >> this is "jeopardy." >> and this is oakland's amy schneider. after two months she started wednesday's episode with 40 wins having answered 1400 clues correctly. >> it has been a remarkable run and only one question remains, how long can it go on. amanda: her historic winning streak came to an end less than 30 minutes later. the final jeopardy clue stumping her. >> she came up with bangladesh, no response. you will lose $8,000 and finish in second place with 19,600. amanda: she leaves far from
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empty handed, she has the second most consecutive wins. she is one of only four people to surpass $1 million in regular season winnings. the best woman to ever play the game in the first openly trans person to make it to the tournament of champions. >> it has been great to know that i have been able to do kind of a lot of good as i am doing it, just by being myself and representing my community. amanda: she says that the run amplified lgbtq app -- representation. >> now that they have seen her for 40 some episodes, they might have now changed their view on the transgender community. amanda: back home she shares this message. >> hello everybody, i wanted to take a minute to thank everyone around the bay for giving me so much love and support on this crazy "jeopardy" ride and i am
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so proud to be out there representing oakland, the best city in the world. thank you so much. kumasi: aw. drew: we are so proud of her. kumasi: yes. can we keep the tattoo? reggie: that is the first time i've seen that. kumasi: amy is so cool. i am team jobina, because i watch the questions you came up for these two and amy, and they were acting like they put you through a lot and you really did not. jobina: thank you, friend. kumasi: i was like, answer it. reggie: we were trying. that was like a graduate-level. kumasi: really? reggie: if you do not know what you are talking about, she did a jeopardy but not jeopardy contest with us and amy and you can find that on any of our social media and our website, it is really fun. drew: i knew going up against
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her i was not going to win. jobina: you got one. drew: only because we talked about it the week before. had we not talk about -- talked about that question. kumasi: you got one too. reggie: my question was -- let t us be real. thank you for being -- for bringing that in. drew: we love you, you are a quiz master. jobina: put me on your team, i have got you. drew: let us get amy to host stuff. i want to see her on jeopardy hosting and i want to see her on what was the name of it? reggie: "the chase." drew: and all of that. jobina: that was the best part. drew: we have a new friend you guys, maybe. let us talk about what is happening outside. clear skies and a lot of vantage
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points. a live look outside and you can see the entire sf skyline with clear skies over the city. san jose is a similar story. remember this time yesterday we were socked in with the fog and low visibility. this morning we have great visibility in the south bay. not all visibility is great. the north bay is seeing some spots impacted. elsewhere we are doing well. the fog is very limited. we are at 35 right certainly cold in the north bay. 42, oakland. 39, san jose, so it is cold in the south bay. 42, fremont. later on today, the sun comes up quickly and it is another mild day. dry. low to mid 60's later on for thursday afternoon. across the state we will find issues in southern california. winter advisories and high wind warnings.
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are not giving up. much calmer conditions with more fog developing overnight and temperatures in the upper 40's to mid 30's -- upper 30's to mid 40's. this ridge will not move, it -- if you look at the next 10 days it looks like it remains dry over california. here is the seven day forecast, a cold start with a lot of sunshine. we thought we could see some rain sunday night into monday, but that is trending drier. breezy conditions next week and temperatures in the 50's and 60's. kumasi: coming up the seven thing you need to know this morning. reggie: a robot dog working for the military. kumasi: neil young's battle with
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kumasi: 5:23 and here is the seven things you need to know. justice stephen breyer is expected to announce his retirement today setting up a historic opportunity for president biden to fulfill a campaign promise with the first black woman. reggie: scientist and doctors are tracking a sub variant of
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omicron sometimes called this delta variant because it is -- sometimes called the stealth variant. kumasi: cvs says the free n95 mask can be available today. you can get three for free. reggie: secretary of state antony blinken said that the u.s. delivered a written response to russia's security demands as troops build on the border with ukraine. it lays out a diplomatic path forward should russia choose it. drew: a lot less fog compared to yesterday with issues from the north -- with less issues from the north. clear skies. a lot of sunshine and temperatures will be back into the 60's. jobina: your commute is looking great, so i am happy to bring you this live picture that is clear. kumasi: number seven, a california congressman introduced legislation that would slash the standard work week to 32 hours over four days.
5:25 am
it would require employers to pay overtime. reggie: in the gma first look, prince andrew is demanding a jury trial that accuses him of sexual a bruce -- abuse. mona: prince andrew is fighting to clear his name. officially responding to his coaccused or -- accuser, virginia roberts giuffre. >> he knows what he has done. mona: she is accused of abusing -- prince andrew of abusing her. andrew repeatedly denied ever meeting her, claiming this now infamous photo of them could have been faked. saw epstein several times over the years and stayed at his home he had knowledge that he knew epstein. >> it was a good state -- good
5:26 am
place to stay and with the benefit of hindsight it was a good thing to do. kumasi: spotify users users somewhere else if you want to listen to neil young. the streaming service removed his music after he delivered an ultimatum saying that they could have broken or young, not both. he sided with rogan, who has 11 million listeners and reported $100 million contract. earlier this month hundreds of scientists, doctors, and health professionals signed an open letter to spotify urging the company crackdown on covid misinformation. spotify says "it regrets young's decision" and he plans to lose 60% of his streaming income. reggie: the secret to a longer life is something you can do in 10 minutes every day. kumasi: the new warning about
5:27 am
scams on social media including the most common right now. reggie: increasing prices on grocery store staples. kumasi: alive look outside --
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, the stealth variant. scientist monitoring a new omicron mutation. what experts have learned so far. kumasi: a san francisco native justice stephen breyer's stepping down after 34 years. hibrher talking about the diffic stickerhock at the grocery store, the major food company raising prices on items. kumasi: goodbye to the polkadot dress, many mouse is making a wardrobe change. reggie: we are not saying goodbye to the polkadot dress, it is just she is adding another
5:30 am
piece to her wardrobe. people went berserk about this last night. so, i do not want you to think that she is losing her dress totally. kumasi: people want the dress all the time. reggie: this is not a green m&m situation. good morning morning on this thursday. kumasi: checking in for a check of the forecast. drew: i do not like the pantsuit. reggie: ok. drew: that is my hot steak at 5:30 this morning. let us look at visibility. a lot better in terms of visibility today compared to yesterday with issues in the north bay, novato, and santa rosa. elsewhere, clear skies which have allsan ramon is cold at 33. 36, palo alto. ttle bit warmer but chilly at 32 degrees. here is a live look at sutro
5:31 am
tower, the east bay hills is in the background, so no fog from the vantage point. the only fog is in the north bay. sunshine and temperatures mild as a dry pattern continues. kumasi: justice stephen breyer is pining to step down at the end of the term. president biden and justice breyer are expected to make the announcement during a joint appearance at a white -- at the white house. this decision is a crucial opportunity for president biden to nominate his successor. the president promised to bring more diversity to the branch. liz spoke with judge charles breyer about his brother's difficult decision. >> we have mixed emotions. on the one hand, my brother is leaving a job that he absolutely loves. he has embraced it, he has participated in it fully, and he is leaving at a time that he feels is appropriate for him to
5:32 am
step down. kumasi: judge charles the u.s. district judge for northern california. he says that once justice breyer retires he expects him to move from washington, d.c. to cambridge, massachusetts. reggie: it is a sequel no one asked for, ba2, the sub variant of omicron and the sub variant is already in the california -- in the bay area. amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek. amy: two cases popped up this week. we have been talking to doctors and scientists about this and what we are hearing is if you are vaccinated you should not be worried. they are telling us that viruses mutate and this is to be expected. the covid test that we have we e detect the virus and scientists will have a hard time
5:33 am
pinpointing this exact version and this is why they are calling it the stealth variant. they are trying to learn all about the ba2 sub variant so we can know what to expect. >> we are not sure if it will change the symptoms or severity of disease, it seems unlikely, it seems like it will just outcompete the original strain and continue along in a similar manner. amy: so, they have a lot to figure out like if people who had omicron recently are vulnerable to ba2 or if they have a strong protection. those are the answers that they are trying to roof -- trying to find. reporting live, amy hollyfield. reggie: other covid headlines you might see free n95 masks at cvs stores. the federal government is applying these and you are allowed to get three at no cost. california's test positivity rate dropped, another sign that
5:34 am
the omicron surge is were -- waning. during announced that theyhey starting trials for an omicron specific vaccine. kumasi: a new survey finds the rising cost of health care in california continues to be the most urgent issues. 14 californians say they struggle to pay one medical bill in the last 12 months up from 20% last year. nearly 50% said that they postponed care because of costs. covid-19 is still a major concern with 56% of people saying their health have been negative impact -- negatively impacted by the stress and excitedly -- anxiety. reggie: this comes as -- another company rising places at the grocery store. jobina: they plan to increase the cost of dozens of food products including velveeta cheese, maxwell house coffee, kool-aid, capri sun drinks and oscar meyer hotdogs.
5:35 am
the increases range from 6.6% on velveeta fresh packs to 30% on a three pack of oscar meyer turkey bacon. they are expected this spring. u.s. consumer prices rose 7% annually in december. the steepest climb in 39 years. jerome powell signaled that a series of interest rate hikes will begin in march in hopes of fighting inflation. >> the fed has come around to the view that these price pressures will remain elevated much longer than they had initially anticipated. jobina: the interest rate increase will make borrowing money more expensive on everything from mortgages to cars to credit card bills, rates have been near zero since early in the pandemic but with consumers eager to spend, the fed hopes that the interest rate increase will slow the economy. the fed chair hinted that the rates will likely go higher with
5:36 am
some analysts expecting up to five rate hikes in this year alone. kumasi: thank you. now to a story you will only see on abc 7 news. a dog has been removed from a home after he killed another dog in the neighborhood and heard a grandmother. j.r. stone spoke to the family and some of the details in the story you might find to be disturbing. >> one second and in a split second before i could even grab her, he turned his head, opened his mouth and grabbed her by her throat. j.r.: yolanda is describing what happened with the dog you see here in this video killed her dog as they were walking back from the dollar store this past monday. >> at that point he started to shake her and she started to scream. she screamed for about five to 10 seconds, and he was shaking her, and at that point i started kicking him and hitting him,
5:37 am
like i had a handful of groceries. i finally dropped to the and i was trying to kick him. i was not even phasing him. she stopped screaming and i heard her neck snap. j.r.: painful memories of her 14-year-old chihuahua jack ruckus -- jack russell mix dying from an off leash pit bull roaming the neighborhood. officials confirm that this dog killed her other dog back in 2018. wednesday night more than 48 hours later the dog in question was taken away by alameda county animal control while yolanda and her daughter were glad to hear the news they are upset that this animal had not been taken off the street sooner. >> he could have killed my daughter. you just do not know. i know that sounds extreme, but you just do not know. j.r.: she was drought five -- dragged five feet i the pit bull and was in the eer does not want the dog back in the neighborhood saying it would not be safe,
5:38 am
describing the moment a worker found her underneath the pit bull. >> he was hovered over her like a toy, munching on her. j.r.: an official told abc 7 that there will be a vicious got -- vicious dog hearing to hear the fate of the dog. that official believes the dog should be euthanized. kumasi: goodness. coming up, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. there is a new warning about social media scams. one of the most common tricks we are seeing. reggie: 32 hours and four d the california congressman working to change the workweek. first, get to work, drew. drew:, on four-day workweek -- come on, four-day workweek. we are doing better visibility with some clear spots but still some issues along the coast where we have are of -- have reduced visibility.
5:39 am
that fog will not linger too long. a live look at the bay bridge, great visibility this morning. air quality is still an issue. moderate air quality and waiting for rain to clear out the atmosphere of pollutants and until we get that rain we will see moderate air. high pressure in control and the ridge is not moving anywhere meaning that we are staying dry to the weekend. an area of low pressure off of the coast moving into southern california bringing increased cloud on friday. future weather going hour-by-hour, a40tar'r otoday ae with upper 50's to lower 60's by lunchtime. the headline today, less fog,,,, in san francisco, 64 in oakland. 66, san jose. if you are traveling across the state, it is dry. we have issues in southern california, the santa ana's are
5:40 am
not giving up. 61 in sacramento. cooler with tahoe and at 42 degrees. jobina: good morning. hello, we do not have any major blocking issues so this will be a quick update. i will show you live cameras starting at san rafael looking at 101. pretty empty with clear conditions. well, the bay bridge went by pretty quickly. i was trying to see if i could go backwards. we are going to san rafael again, and there it is, we are not sure what happened. the bay bridge is looking great with things moving at the limit and no reports of the lights being on and out like can -- and now i can give you the drive times. san
5:41 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it came a long way to be found by you. find more. spend less. shop now at reggie: a san bruno jewelry store owner took matters into
5:43 am
his own hands to stop a smash and grab. they show him runninghendhen ta. the own, confronts the thief and then draws his gun, which he is licensed to carry. the thief and two others ran off empty-handed. he says that lawmakers need to act to protect businesses like his. >> do something, anything, it is their job to protect us and to make some sort of law that we can protect ourselves, at least. reggie: unless something changes business owners like him will remain on their own. he does not blame the police saying they cannot be everywhere and could not possibly respond fast enough. kumasi: amy's kitchen workers is drawing their attention to unsafe conditions at the company's santa rosa facility. members of the teamsters union joined other workers who claim that the company is speeding up
5:44 am
conveyor belts causing injuries. >> they are speeding up the lines and we are having workers getting fingers and whatnot chopped off, chopped or cut. we have workers lifting very heavy product that should not be lifted by one or a couple people. kumasi: the organic frozen food company released a statement saying it is committed to turning working -- worker feedback into action. an abc news exclusive, we are getting a report on social media scams. it finds americans lost $770 million to fraud on social media last year and the amount of scams has exploded with three times as much money lost as the year before. our chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis is on gma to explain one scam that is really taking hold. rebecca: one of the most common are investment scams, particularly those that involve cryptocurrency, they have seen a big surge. scammers will promote bogus investment opportunities.
5:45 am
send us money and often crypto -- often crypto and we can guarantee huge returns. kumasi: that is terrible. here's something surprising. the ftc finds that tech savvy 18 to 39-year-olds were twice as likely as older adults to report being taken advantage of by these scams. you can watch her full report coming up on gma at 7:00. reggie: there is no question how the pandemic change the way we work and a california congressman change legislation that would salsh -- slash the standard work week to 32 hours over four days. andrea: this morning to push for a four day work week, the california congressman has introduced legislation that would reduce the 40 hour 9-to-5 to 32 hours. >> what i am really aiming for is a new norm where people actually have a livable wage with less days of the week that
5:46 am
they have to use to earn it. andrea: this coming as a record number of americans quit their jobs. 4.5 million in november alone. studies show the pandemic is driving the exodus with workers demanding more pay and flexibility. 100 member congressional progressive caucus is supporting representative -- the representative's bill to improve work-life balance. it would not eliminate the 40 hour work week but require employers to pay overtime after 32 hours. >> we have a chance to i think have a less stressed nation and a happier workforce. andrea: some countries have already adopted the four day week. companies with japan are seeing the success. in iceland some product -- some employers found productivity and quality remain the same. spain and scotland have vowed to tried as well. opponents say it could destabilize the u.s. economy putting undue pressure on
5:47 am
businesses especially those with slim margins. the congressman argues otherwise. >> think about how leisure would change the economy and we do not know for sure that this will negatively impact. i predict that it will positively impact the economy. andrea: several american companies are using the four day work week and say that they too have seen an increase in productivity. the legislation is awaiting a vote. reggie: one of us was doing a little dance. kumasi: just a thought. drew: four days. just because we have been doing something for decades does not mean it is right. kumasi: if it does not work we can always come back to this. drew: the countries that implemented this said nothing had changed in term of productivity. you have more time to spend your money on the third day you are
5:48 am
free, less stressed. reggie: i think we should start in phases and anyone who is at work before 6:00 a.m.. kumasi: first on the list. drew: you wake up in the middle of the night. yes. that would be less stressed. i will see you monday. reggie: but not friday. drew: i am taking tomorrow off. a live look, great visibility, less fog this morning compared to yesterday morning with good visibility and san francisco back in the back ground -- back in the background. even the south bay and san jose, member yesterday morning thank fog, -- thick fog. this is 280 and folks are traveling fine. you have some issues in the north bay, santa rosa down to half a mile and where we see seven to 10, that is good visibility. right now with the clear skies
5:49 am
it allows temperatures to cool off quickly. a lot of cold temperatures in the 30's and 40's. palo alto, 36. 39, fran jose. near freezing in santa rosa. so, we need the winter jacket, cold to start the day. the afternoon is in the pattern where we have a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures into the 60's later on. tonight we expect more fog and this pattern is not changing into friday. 30's and 40's by friday. look at the pattern, the ridges not moving. storm track over the next seven to 10 days is remaining north. california thought we could get showers and it looks like we are trending dryer in the forecast. it is a cold start today with a mild finish. increasing clouds on sunday but trending dryer. we might get a light shower sunday night but that does not look to be the case. early next week that dry pattern continues. kumasi: robot dog smites art
5:50 am
soon -- might start soon patrolling a military base in the central valley. >> let us go get the captain. >> oh no. kumasi: who is recording the video and said oh no? reggie: that is all of us. kumasi: security personnel at the fresno air national guard base got this demonstration of a robot dog. the 100 44th fighter wing shared this video showing the mechanical dog from ghost robotics moving around while guard members are looking on. if it is approved to be used the 144th wing will be the first national unit to employ robots. reggie: ok. kumasi: why do they have to have it march like that, can it just walk leisurely? reggie: canted have a different whe e it a robot dog, let us make it like aal dog.
5:51 am
right? kumasi: it is the legs for me. reggie: new at 6:00, a top san francisco 49ers today, but his great-grandfather was the top of the chicago crime. -- bob. one player's
5:52 am
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-had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. reggie: we know that exercise is beneficial but there is proof that it can start with a few steps. research shows walking 10 minutes a day can reduce a risk of death by up to 7% according to a new study published this week in the journal "jama internal medicine," and if most of us commit to those minutes we could prevent 100 10,000 deaths in the u.s. every year. kumasi: the 49ers arere
5:54 am
few tickets away for free. drew out the playoff run the team has giving away tickets as part of the sendoff presented by united airlines. >> just to be able to see the jubilation and i know a bunch of them they gathered right at the exits and they were sort of a friendly mosh pit if that is a thing of hugs and barrages of people just so excited to have won that game. kumasi: jubilation. fans who wanted a chance to win had to enter by midnight. kickoff is sunday at 3:30 and make sure you are watching abc 7 at 7:00 because i will be doing an interview to find out how many fans are snatching up those tickets because that has become one of the biggest story surrounding the game because this other team is hating. abc 7 streams weekdays at 7:00
5:55 am
a.m. on our abc 7 bay area streaming apps and, so you can download the app for roku, amazon fire, and android tv and watch it on your phone and tablet. reggie: minnie mouse adding a new piece to her wardrobe. disneyland paris tweeted a message of it saying that stella mccartney designed her very first pantsuit and it is gorgeous. she says it is a blue tuxedo and says it is a new twist on her signature polkadots and it makes her a symbol of progress for a new generation. she will be wearing this at the 30th anniversary at disneyland paris. the pantsuit is being made with responsibly sourced fabrics and she is designing a special t-shirt which goes on sale on march 18 on international women's day. can i just let you know something? there are some people who went off on this last night saying that it tears at the fabric of
5:56 am
our society. this is a temporary thing, just one of her costumes. the main 30th anniversary costume is a dress. this is what she is wearing for one month and one part, everyone please take a deep -- a deep breath. drew: i like a pantsuit, i do not know if i like that color. kumasi: it is giving me more pajamas. this is minnie at home, you know pandemic minnie, just relaxing. so. drew: alright. we have good visibility. just an issue in the north bay. elsewhere we are doing great. in fact the exploratorium camera showing clear skies. what a pretty picture we have on the thursday morning. north bay fog, that is about it. tons of sunshine and temperatures mild in the 60's. kumasi: thank you. elon musk making a major prediction for the company's
5:57 am
future. the ceo named the most important product. reggie: tense video of this fiery crash. the time it took drivers to make it through. kumasi: parents and teachers outraged over the potential decision to close oakland schools. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top stories right now nw
6:00 am
6:00, san francisco native supreme court justice stephen breyer expected to announce his retirement today. several women that could be on bidens nomination list. reggie: tracking the omicron sub variant, now found in more than 20 states. >> thinking and now seeing her, they might have changed their views on the transgender community. kumasi: and amy schneiders jeopardy street becoming so much bigger than just a game show. her special message to viewers this morning. reggie: good morning. it is thursday, january 27. kumasi: let's check in with drew for a look at our forecast. drew: we saw some trouble spots in the north bay. from santa rosa to nevada, half a mile visibility, but we have generally clear skies and the


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