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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 27, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PST

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6:00, san francisco native supreme court justice stephen breyer expected to announce his retirement today. several women that could be on bidens nomination list. reggie: tracking the omicron sub variant, now found in more than 20 states. >> thinking and now seeing her, they might have changed their views on the transgender community. kumasi: and amy schneiders jeopardy street becoming so much bigger than just a game show. her special message to viewers this morning. reggie: good morning. it is thursday, january 27. kumasi: let's check in with drew for a look at our forecast. drew: we saw some trouble spots in the north bay. from santa rosa to nevada, half a mile visibility, but we have generally clear skies and the visibility is not an issue.
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the east bay hills camera, we have clear visibility from here, or good visibility. you can see the san francisco skyline all the way on the horizon. the fog is only limited to the north bay this morning, which means a lot of sunshine today and temperatures going back into the 60's as this drive pattern continues. reggie: happening today, longtime supreme court justice stephen breyer is set to announce his retirement, setting up a historic opportunity for president biden to fulfill his campaign promise admitting the first black woman to the supreme court. jobina: justice stephen breyer is the most senior member of the he was nominated to the bench in 1994. he is known for several major opinions, including upholding the affordable care act, abortion rights, and limiting
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presidential powers over recess appointments. this would pave the way for president biden's first supreme court appointment. on the campaign trail in 2020, he vowed to fill the nomination with the court's first black woman. >> it would be my honor to bring the first african-american woman to the court. it should look like the country. it is long past time. jobina: the front runner is believed to be d.c. circuit court judge katanji brown-jackson. also on the list is leondra kreuger. president biden only needs a civil majority to confirm a new justice due to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell 2017 change in senate rules for scotus confirmations. that means democrats could confirm the nomination with only their votes.
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kumasi? kumasi: thank you, jobina. today, we are learning about ba2, the sub variant of omicron found in 65 countries, including the u.s., and here in the bay area. how concerned should you be if you are vaccinated were boosted. amy hollyfield joins us with what experts are saying. amy: scientists and doctors are on the hunt for ba two. there are a couple of cases in santa clara county they can look at, so it has arrived in the bay area, but they are saying if you are vaccinated, you don't have anything to worry about. they are calling it the stealth variance because it can be tricky for scientists to pinpoint the exact version. they do not know how contagious it is or if it will change the severity of the disease. people who catch this new sub variant will know they are covid positive, even though scientists have trouble picking out the exact details of it. they say the pcr and the rapid
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tests will still work at detecting infection. >> you can still detect the ba2 omicron variant with a test, but when you do the sequencing, you have to use additional sets of testing to identify it. it's possible that some of the omicron variants we are seeing could contain more of the ba2 lineage. it may likely emerge as another sub variant of omicron. amy: an epidemiologist at ucsf says everyone needs to stay calm, this is to be expected, viruses mutate. we will be dealing with variants all the time. two cases have popped up in the bay area, two of the new variants have been found in santa clara county this week, and doctors are hoping this will
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help them find more answers about the variant in the next few days or weeks. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: a guest is joining us live on abc 7 news at 7:00 to discuss everything you need to know. that's live on our bay area streaming apps, as well as you can download the app for roku, amazon fire, apple tv and android tv. the all clear has been given in a hercules neighborhood that was on lockdown. police say someone was barricaded inside a house in the trees neighborhood and was shooting a gun last night. officers did not reveal much on how the situation was resolved, but there are no room boards of injuries -- no reports of injuries. reggie: parents are outraged after they learned oakland school district wants to close 12 schools. here is a map of where the schools are.
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many people say predominantly black schools are being targeted. >> what this says is you do not care about black people, black teachers, black families. we are not part of your human capital equation. reggie: another teacher spoke out against the closure, saying he worked at two oakland schools that are now closed. >> you inflict trauma on all of us when you put out these lists. i experienced the trauma of two of my schools being closed. i will never recover. reggie: teachers say the final school closure vote will happen february 8. kumasi: more top stories we are following at 6:00, earthquake emergency. the tonga islands hit overnight after that huge volcanic eruption. plus, criminal defense. crime in one part of oakland could be changing the way you shop.
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drew: visibility right now -- a lot less fog this morning compared to yesterday morning, but still some issues in the north bay. down to half a mile in novato and santa rosa, clear skies over the city, but we will take oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just...
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kumasi: new at 6:00, how does this sound? a rocket slamming into the moon at 5000 miles per hour, and this is really going to happen. the space x falcon 9 rocket has failed to burn up in the atmosphere, so they are predicting now it is on a collision course and is expected to hit march 4, and will make a 65 foot crater on the far side
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of the moon. however, while astronomers say this is interesting, they also say it is not a big deal, drew. drew: ok. we have to trust them as astronomers. this is abc 7 traffic moving nicely, clear skies overhead and visibility is not an issue. moderate visibility later on today and tomorrow. temperatures, it is cold out there, in the 30's and a lot of spots. 39 in concord, 33 and santa rosa. the city is at 48 degrees. a lot of sunshine this morning will warm us up quickly by lunchtime, so your meal outside today. less fog outside, sunny afternoons, low to mid 60's with a dry pattern continuing for another day. 62 in the city, 64 in the 65 in santa rosa and up to 63 in concord. let's check in on the roads with jobina. jobina: we will start with a live look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. no metering lights are on yet, so that is positive news. you can make it in from the east bay with no problems there. we are following a new crash on san francisco at northbound one 01 before cesar chavez, at least two lanes are blocked right now. a minor slowdown on the map and bringing in some dry times for you -- drive times for you, it will be 50 minutes antioch to concord, 18 minutes from san rafael to san francisco. >> oh my gosh. oh my gosh, we can't go! reggie: a scary scene for drivers on the richmond san rafael bridge. this big rig went up in flames after colliding with a car. one person in the car was killed. the truck driver made it out of the big rig. as you can imagine, this caused a traffic mess, shutting down all lanes of 580 for several
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hours. kumasi: the u.s. postal service in southern california really needs drivers. >> are you kidding me? [laughter] [applause] kumasi: i said the wrong thing. what i meant to say, they really deliver, because look at this little boy. he loves usps and was just surprised with his own mini mail truck. jacob has been through a lot recently. he has had a lot of rounds of chemo for kidney cancer. his neighborhood mailman arranged for this special delivery, and he got to tour the post office. now, jacob is an honorary mail carrier. reggie: good for him. kumasi: new at 6:00, you may be suiting up for the 49ers and their big game this weekend, but the star of the team is linked to one of history's most feared
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mobsters. reggie: and one reasonson decided to side with the joe rogan experience over the music of neil young. kumasi:
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reggie: new this morning, weeks after the devastating all cannick corruption in tonga, it has been rocked by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake. no immediate word on damage, because communication is still largely cut off after the rubbish and severed underwater internet cables -- the iraq she -- the erupti underwater internet cables. it has not triggered a tsunami, so damage will likely be
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limited. kumasi: the my shea cap lets you see where you want to get earthquake alerts, so you are not reliant on communication services, which could go down in an emergency. the app also goes -- has a tone that goes off before the alert. an county district jeff rosen says they will disband their narcotics unit and open up a new unit focusing on cartels and large-scale drug dealers. >> we want to make sure we take each and every one of those sick syria -- those cases seriously and investigate them how they should be. kumasi: she wants to also create a fentanyl working group and fentanyl awareness campaign. this girl died after consuming a
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pill laced with three quarters fentanyl. reggie: and chinatown are making some changes to keep customers safe. some restaurants are switchingtg from being cash only to encouraging customers to use debit or credit cards. they think this will make people less likely to be targeted by criminals. >> [inaudible] reggie: americans have long-standing preferences to use cash, according to --. and thisand thisand thisand this deputy was historic, but everything has to come to an end. kumasi: final jeopardy stumped her in the end.
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>> you look at this for a long time. no response. you are going to lose $8,000 -- you are going to finish in second place with $19,600. you are our new jeopardy champion. kumasi: she is leaving far from empty-handed, though. she has the second most consecutive wins of all time and is one of four people to surpass $1 million in winnings, and is the first woman and openly trans person to make it to the circle of champions. she shared this message. >> i want to thank everyone in the bay for giving so much love and support on this crazy jeopardy ride. i am so proud to have been out there representing oakland. best city in the world. kumasi: amy is on gma this morning, recapping her history making run. you can see her interview, coming up at 7:00, right after
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abc 7 mornings. reggie: i just read that the episode we saw last night was taped november 9. she has had to sit on this for a while. that is tough. drew: i saw how far in advance they tape these things -- reggie: i also read they do five shows a day, but they only do two days and do it again three weeks from then. kumasi: that's a lot just to keep up with. drew: she is on her fifth show of the day while these other contestants, first show of the day, and still, bam. reggie: that makes it all the more impressive. drew: it's fun to watch. it's fun to see someone go that long. kumasi: and so gracious. gracious with us -- when she lost, she was happy for the other person, it's amazing. reggie: and you can watch our little version of jeopardy with amy schneider on,
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and our social media accounts. drew: drought -- we got the latest drought monitoring, this came in a few minutes ago and you will see there is no change across the state. we can see that the drought monitor across the state is in severe drought, and we are going about three weeks with no beneficial rainfall. the entire bay area, where under the severe drought. this is an improvement from where we started as the rainy season got underway last october, but we do need more storms to sustain this. it looks like the dry pattern is going to continue the next seven to 10 days. right now, live look at our east bay hills camera, great visibility from this vantage point. we do have fog in the hills, anywhere from novato to santa rosa, so slow going and parts of
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the north bay. a lot less fog this morning compared to yesterday morning. cold out there, 30's on the board. 36 in palo alto. 33 in san ramon. 47 in the city. we find those cold temperatures now, sonny later on today. temperatures rebound in the low to mid 60's, so the mild pattern continues. fog redeveloped tonight in the north bay, and temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we thought next week we could get some rainfall, but things change once again. it does not look like the ridge is going to budge. through the next week, california remains dry into the first week of february. a cold start to the day today, but it is mild. we keep the trend through the weekend. we thought sunday night that we could get some showers, but that is trending drier right now. the dry pattern continues into next week, guys. reggie: good morning is coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. kumasi: gingers the has a -- ginger zee has a look at what is
6:22 am
ahead. ginger: supreme court justice stephen breyer is set to announce he is retiring after more than 30 years on the bench. president biden is set to make his first appointment, and he says it will be a black woman. what that would mean for the court. our team covered it all. and if you are headed east, this is something to note -- the potential for a nor'easter. the impact will be wind, certainly coastal flooding, and snow from long island to boston. it looks like we take the bronze, especially in coastal new england, so i will give you the latest on that. and halle berry is back. you will get some deals and
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yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig. can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. kumasi: prince andrew is fighting to clear his name. he is officially responding to his accuser, denying all claims of sexual assault.
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he is demanding a jury trial. the accuser accuser accuser accr prince of abusing her from when she was 17 years old, having been trafficked by jeffrey epstein. prince andrew has since been stripped of royal and military titles. >> they have done everything they can to cut him loose and emphasized that he is not part of the public face of the monarchy, but of course, this continues to reflect on the royal family, because he is the queen's son and that will not change. kumasi: the british royal has repeatedly denied ever meeting his accuser. he reports the fam photo of them could very well have been faked. reggie: and neil
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has been removed from spotify after saying they could have rogan or young, but not both. rogan has an estimated 11 million listeners and reportedly has $100 million contract. earlier this morning, hundreds of scientists, doctors and other health officials signed a letter to spotify, telling them to crack down on covid-19 misinformation. young stands to lose 60% of his streaming income. kumasi: and apple is developing a new service to allow small businesses to accept credit or debit payments directly on an iphone. they would not have to use a third-party device like those card readers to see that are made by san francisco-based square. it is not clear if thishis be branded as a change to apple pay, but it will be updated in
6:27 am
the next couple months. reggie: omicron declining in most of our neighborhoods, but wastewater samples suggesting it may not have peaked yet in three bay area jobina is tracking down on the live desk. and the rise of social media scams in america. plus one scam taking hold for a surprising age group. kumasi: let's take a live look outside right age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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his brother saying what is next. kumasi: and are you tired this morning? what if today was your friday. the california lawmaker pushing to make that a reality. reggie: plus, tesla's next big thing that you might have actually seen before. good morning on this thursday, january 27. kumasi: let's check in with drew for our forecast. drew: we still have some issues mainly in the north bay. it has reduced from santa rosa to nevada, down to a quarter-mile there, but elsewhere, 8, 9, 10, good visibility. the tam cam, outside we go, great visibility. not a low cloud insight from this vantage point. lots of sunshine today, warming us into the 60's. unfortunately, this dry pattern does continue for another day, guys. kumasi: san francisco native justice stephen breyer plans to step down at the end of his
6:31 am
term. president biden and justice breyer are expected to make the announcement today during a joint appearance at the white house. this is a crucial opportunity for biden to nominate breyer's successor, and the president has promised to bring more diversity to the bench. charles breyer spoke about his brothers difficult decision. >> we have mixed decisions. on one hand, my brother is leaving the job that he absolutely loves. he has embraced it, participate d in it fully, and is leaving at a time he feels is appropriate for him to step down. kumasi: judge charles breyer isi a u.s. district judge for the northern district of california and san francisco. he says once justice breyer retires, he expects to move from washington, d.c. to cambridge, massachusetts. reggie: it's the sequel no one asked for.
6:32 am
ba2, the sub-variantss omicron. it is here in the bay area, but how concerned should we be? amy hollyfield's live -- hey, amy. amy: two cases were found this week in santa clara county. scientists are trying to learn more about it. we have been talking to scientists and doctors and they say if you are vaccinated, you do not have to worry. they say viruses mutate, this is to be expected. the covid test we currently have will detect the virus. scientists may have a harder time pinpointing this exact version when they are looking at it, and that is why they are calling at this delta -- the stealth variant. they are to learn all we can about the ba2 variant so we will know what to expect. >> it seems like it will likely outcompete the original omicron strain and continue from there.
6:33 am
amy: they still have a lot to figure out, such as people who have had omicron recently -- are they vulnerable to ba2 or are they protected against it? these are the answers they are seeking. scientists say they hope to start getting more answers in the next couple of weeks as they have opportunities to study more cases. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: you might start seeing free n95 masks at cvs stores today. the federal government is supplying them. you are allowed to get three at no cost. for the first time, california's test positivity rate dropped, a sign that the omicron surge is waning. and pfizer and moderna have trials underway for their omicron specific vaccine. kumasi: and here's jobina with those areas of concern. jobina: researchers at uc
6:34 am
berkeley have been analyzing wastewater data from 14 plants across the state, including nine in the bay area. they say it appears three areas have not peaked -- two of the water plants are in contra costa county, the west plant that serves brontë and san pablo, and the other is the west rail plant , which serves san rafael's canal district. earlier this month, they found omicron had peaked in santa clara county's wastewater. this can offer a more complete picture of covid trends in the community. and never get tested as well as people who use at-home tests that do not report positive results. kumasi: the rising cost of health care in california is continuing to be one of the most urgent issues here. one in four californians they
6:35 am
they have struggled to pay at least one medical bill in the last 12 months, up from 20% last year. nearly 50% say they have postponed care because of costs. covid-19 continues to be a major concern, with 56% of people saying their health has been negatively impacted by the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. reggie: san francisco police are seeing an increase in gun violence victims to levels we have not seen in years. that's a troubling statistic, as they announced the city's crime data for 2021. the number of deadly and nondeadly shootings rose 33%. aggravated assault are up too. this comes as we are learning about an attempted robbery that is shaking up a newlywed couple. they asked abc 7 not to reveal their identity after someone jumped out of a car and tried to rob their wedding photographer of his camera on california and cal streets.
6:36 am
the photographer safely escaped to a nearby parking garage. they now say the suspect did have a gun. >> we blame obviously, but london breed and chase abbott team are also to blame because the city has gone to a horrible place. reggie: they are also emphasizing the need for more funding for officers. kumasi: in one of the largest gun rights groups in the country is suing after the city council voted wednesday night to adopt a first in the nation measure requiring most gun owners to pay an annual fee and carry liability insurance. immediately after that, the national association for gun rights filed a lawsuit. the ordinance is set to become law in six months. san -- lawsuits before then. reggie: in this new program,
6:37 am
funded by the state, will help underserved youth find employment faced on tackling issues in their local communities. kumasi: a toddler in texas being called a hero by his parents. the two-year-old that saved his entire family from a house fire. reggie: and let's see what the big board has for us this morning. we are up almost 300 points. what's next. >> i was emotional when i saw it. shocked first and then emotional. kumasi: how a small act of kindness turned into a $6,000 surprise. the deliveryman behind it and the story that will make you think. jobina: good morning, everyone. we will start with traffic at a look at a crash in san francisco that is slowing things down. on the maps, it is a two car crash involving two lanes that are impacted here, blocked on northbound 101 before cesar chavez. it is a slow patch there that is impacted. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are officially
6:38 am
on. they flipped on at 6:23 and the backup is starting, but very minor there. i do want to bring you the camera from the coliseum in oakland, because we have a crash there, southbound 880 before a street. that is where you run into the issue, and i will wrap up with those drive times. we have a quick peek at when i started this report, because tracy to dublin -- 53 minutes. drew: yowza. we are doing better in terms of visibility this morning then compared to yesterday. we have some fog in the north bay, santa rosa has improved to a mile but novato, down to a quarter mile visibility. we are doing great and will take you outside with the look from our rooftop camera, as the sun gets up on the horizon. if you are like me in suffering from allergies right now, tree pollen is your enemy currently. it is at high levels. your main offenders are juniper,
6:39 am
cedar, alder --, and it will remain this way for the next couple of days. tree pollen remains pretty high. temperatures in the 30's to 40's, 47 in no votto with that phot -- novato with that fog, and a cold start this morning. temperatures warm up quickly today. we have limited fog, but the theme today is less fog out there and a lot of sunshine for your afternoon. mild temperatures as the drive pattern continues. rosa and 63 degrees in half moon bay. let's take a look at temperatures where you live, brought to you by ice age: the adventures of buck wild. >> we are going to the wild. >> buck wild at your service. >> this friday --
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ kumasi: you have to listen to this -- it's an incredible story from -- of a two-year-old boy from texas who saved his parents from a fire that destroyed their house. smoke, because they have lost their sense of smell from covid-19. brandon was sleeping in the living room, where the fire
6:43 am
started, ran to the bedroom and woke them up. >> he came into the bedroom, coughing and saying mama hot, mama hot. i turned around and looked, and all i saw were flames in the doorway. kumasi: if they had woken up just a few minutes later, they might not have been able to escape. coming up at 7:00 on gma, why the family says they are toddler, still in diapers, new exactly what to do. reggie: and the first look at a new report from the federal trade commission about social media scams. the report finds americans lost $770 million to fraud on social media last year, and the amount of scams has exploded with three times as much money lost as the year before. abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis, describes the scam that is really taking hold. rebecca: one of the most common are these investment scams, particularly those that involve
6:44 am
cryptocurrencies. scammers will promote both -- bogus investment opportunities -- send us money, usually crypto, we can generate huge returns. americans lost money last year on bogus investment schemes. reggie: and tech savvy 18 to 39-year-olds were twice as likely as older adults to be taken by the scams. you can see rebecca's full report, coming up on gma at 7:00. kumasi: governor newsom paid a visit to the bay area, highlighting his does -- his budget proposals that would curb greenhouse gases. he got a look at the automaker's new generation of electric vehicles. his budget blueprint includes $10 billion to support clean cars, trucks and buses that are more affordable. >> it's time to move forward with an oil free future in california. we see that bright light in california, and we just have to make sure we ignited for the
6:45 am
rest of the country. kumasi: newsom also includes funds to expand access to zero missions vehicles and infrastructure in all communities. reggie: and craft tines plans to increase the cost of dozens of products, including velveeta cheese, maxwell house coffee, kool-aid, capri sun and oscar meyer hotdogs. the increases range from 6.6 percent on velveeta fresh packs to 30% on a three pack of oscar meyer turkey bacon. the price hikes are expected this spring. prices rose 7% annually in december, the steepest climb in 39 years. yesterday, the fed reserve chair jerome powell signaled that a series of interest rate hikes will begin in march, the hope of fighting inflation. >> they have come around to the view that these will remain
6:46 am
higher than they originally anticipated. reggie: this will make everything more expensive, from mortgages to cars to credit card bills. with consumers eager to spend, the fed hopes the interest rate increases will slow the economy. let's see what's happening on wall street. it is up. that is the trend over the past few minutes, at 4.37% up this morning. we will see what happens today. meanwhile, tesla's stock fell on wednesday, despite reporting fourth quarter full-year earnings. the palo alto-turned austin-based company production issues will likely continue through the year due to supply chain snags, meaning tesla will not be adding any new vehicles to its lineup this year, including the much-hyped cyber truck. kumasi: and elon musk just for
6:47 am
-- just revealed the most important project tesla is working on -- the humanoids tesla bods. you might remember when this appeared back in august with some questionable dance moves. let's relive this moment -- let's relive it together. ok, friend. anyway, according to business insider, during yesterday's earnings call, elon musk said the robot project "has the potential to be more significant than the vehicle business over time." the plan is for the five foot 8, 125 pound machine to take over dangerous or repetitive tasks at tesla factories, and the company also internally refers to it by the name optimus. reggie: that's just a person in a suit. that is not a robot. kumasi: yeah, it reggie: is a robot. reggie:what are you talking about? kumasi: this was just to get
6:48 am
people excited about the robot. drew: that is the smoothest robot we have seen so far. reggie: it is not real. drew: i got real scared for a second. it is almost humanlike. kumasi: i guess it is going to look like that, but remember when that happened? reggie: i didn't want to know about it. kumasi: we were like, did reggie take off 2 -- [laughter] reggie: listen, i will get you. [laughter] reggie: it looks like it could be me in there. drew: it does. it really does. reggie: what else happens when i am off? [laughter] drew: oh my gosh, let's bring you a moment of zen right now. that is a gorgeous shot from our exploratorium camera. this is beautiful right now. a live look outside with some gorgeous watercolors as the sun gets up out here.
6:49 am
sunrise around seven: 15 am. calm waters on the bay, so no issues there. a nice start to our morning. no visibility, and we have cloud cover within the region. a through k in terms of visibility. temperatures on the cold side, 33 degrees, palo alto, it is cold, 36 degrees. the heavier jacket, take it out the door this morning. this afternoon, a lot of sunshine today. you can see the picture from the camera. temperatures rebounding quickly today in the low to mid 60's. it is a dry pattern as the ridge of high pressure continues to sit right over us. later on, we will have log redeveloping, temperatures in the 30's and 40's as we head into friday. if you are traveling to tahoe, it is a nice pattern.
6:50 am
lots of sunshine today and tomorrow, but increasing clouds and we remain dry over the weekend. temperatures in the 40's during the day and we drop to the teens later on at night. the next 10 days, next week we could get some rainfall around here. that ridge is not moving, so the next 10 days we do remain dry, unfortunately, across california. here is the accuweather forecast. lots of sunshine through the week and we thought sunday night we could get a shower, but it is trending much drier. the dry pattern does continue into early parts of next week. good morning, jobina, with the toyota tahoe report. how are we looking? jobina: no chain restrictions for any of our roadways up there, which is good news. 55 inches for that snow based total, three hours 28 minutes for the drivetime from northstar , three hours and 26 minutes, heavenly with three hours, 29
6:51 am
minutes, so similar on that front. northstar has 83 to 85 inches. other resorts, sugar bowl, 63 to 103 inches, the most snow there, and one of the quickest drive times, three hours three minutes to get there, kirkwood, three hours and 28 minutes with snow totals up to 72 inches. sierra tahoe is temporarily closed. if you are heading up there, have fun and stay safe. reggie? reggie: there is no question that the pandemic has changed the way we work. congressman mark takano represents riverside county and introduce a bill that would/the standard work week to 32 hours, as americans are quitting their jobs, demanding more pain and flibity. it would not eliminate the 40 ur workrequire employers to pay overtime after 32 hours.
6:52 am
to cano also thinks it could help the economy. >> think about how that would change the economy. we don't know for sure that this will negatively impact, it might more positively impact the economy in ways we can't predict. reggie: opponents argue that the bill could destabilize the economy, putting undue pressure on businesses with slim margins. kumasi: the niners are -- tell it, friend. reggie: the niners are giving away some championship tickets for free. the team has been been been beee this from united airlines. -- >> they gathered at the exits. it is a friendly mosh pit, people were so excited to have
6:53 am
won that game. reggie: kickoff between the 49ers and the rams is set for sunday at 3:30. make sure you are watching abc seven at 7:00 this morningyo st. we will talk live with stubhub to find out how niners fans are snatching up tickets, as that has become one of the biggest stories surrounding the game. that streams mornings at 7:00 a.m. on our apps and you can download the app for roku, android and fire tv, it is also on your phone and tablet. new at 6:00, sometimes the smallest act of kindness goes a long way. we have proof. kumasi: a texas couple says nothing compares to what one delivery driver did last week, and their camera caught him in the act. >> i was shocked and then emotional. >> i had never had this type of experience, so i was pretty
6:54 am
shocked. kumasi: ok. after laying down the tissue paper, the driver left a gift bag filled with water, handwritten note, and the prime "footprints in the sand." with more than 3 million views, she found the guy. his name is donald jackson. he started leaving these gift bags after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure two weeks ago. he says if he promised got -- two years ago. he says he promised god that if he got better, he would do more to help other people out. >> i was like, ok. oh, it's on. kumasi: thanks to tiktok and crowdfunding, they have raised $6,000 to give him a once-in-a-lifetime tip. reggie: one of my neighbors, she makes treats for people. she leaves them in our building in the front, just with a note, and says take them.
6:55 am
she is a really good baker. kumasi: that is what i was going to ask. reggie: she has made stickers -- she calls at the corona baking project. they are individually wrapped, you can just take one as you are going about your day. kumasi: that is a good neighbor. very kind. reggie: she is very nice. just like, wow. you have a full-time job, a dog to take care of, and you are doing this? kumasi: and you are baking treats -- how are they? reggie: they are delicious. coming up, the seven things you need to know today. kumasi:
6:56 am
♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪
6:57 am
be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. kumasi: it is 6:57. here are the seven things to know this morning. stephen breyer is expected to announce his retirement today, setting up a historic opportunity for president biden to fill the seat with the first black woman for the court. reggie: and tracking a sub variant of omicron called ba2, sometimes called this delta variant because it can be trickier -- the stealth variant because it can be trickier to pinpoint. kumasi: free n95 masks could be available in stores as soon as today. reggie: number four, secretary
6:58 am
of state antony blinken says the u.s. delivered a written response to russia's demands as troops build up on the border of ukraine. it lays out a diplomatic path forward, should russia choose it. drew: tracking less fog this morning, but novato, miles visibility. also, our san rafael camera, a gorgeous sunrise underway. this is how the day is shaping up, with north bay fog. sunny skies for the rest of the day and temperatures mild, going back into the 60's as our dry pattern continues. jobina: a bit of a sluggish ride if you are headed into the richmond-san rafael bridge in the westbound direction. your speeds will be under the limit until you reach the center of the bridge, and then they will pick up. this is by far our busiest spot for our commute right now. kumasi: number seven, minnie mouse is getting a new outfit. this is what it looks like.
6:59 am
it is a pantsuit, and the first time she will ever wear one, in honor of winte -- women's history month. stella mccartney designed this blue tux ito. many will be wearing it at the 30th anniversary of the themepark. reggie: minnie mouse is trending on twitter because some cable news hosts and totally unhinged about this last night, because they felt this was somehow eroding the fabric of our lives, how could they do this -- it is one outfit. she has so many outfits. she will wear it for one month in one themepark. everyone, please. drew: we like pantsuits. we are not offended by that. we do not know if we love the color. reggie: let's get into that. drew: give it some shape, since the waste. -- cinch the waist. kumasi: we wanted a power suit many. this is at home on the couch


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