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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 30, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> >> championship sunday busier. thousands of 49er fans in a way for the game against the rams. they can punch their ticket to super bowl 56 with a win today. we are on the ground in southern california talking to 49ers and rams fans ahead of the championship. good morning. it is sunday, january 30. i am liz kreutz. we will get to the details of today's game in l.a. and how it is helping local businesses. first, the weather with either meteorologist lisa argen.
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we are ready to go for the game today. lisa: good morning. looking at some patchy fog moving into the marin county coastline, san francisco. we have patchy frost with temperatures about 30 degrees in the north bay. half mile visibility santa rosa with over two miles in napa. elsewhere, not an issue but as you look at the low 30's, san ramon at 32. pleasanton is 33. upper 30's in concord. 29 santa rosa. 25 in mountain view. quality is moderate except for san francisco. in the city, an onshore flow will keep temperatures cooler. otherwise, we are around where we were yesterday with temperatures slightly cooler in the south bay. there is the tower all decked out and as we get through the morning hours, mostly sunny skies. temperatures around the low to
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mid-60's for most am looking at that onshore flow late in the day. we will track some clouds on monday. liz: it is championship sunday and the 49ers take on the rams in the championship game. l.a. has turned into the red sea as 49ers fans invade southern california. you can see this huge line of fans. this is the biggest game in decades between the longtime rivals. news reporter j.r. stone has more in l. niners, niners. j.r.: fans that not only show up to the tailgate party, they came by the hundreds. well over 1000 people in line to get inside the watch party restaurant at l.a. live and across from where the lakers playing. >> we have more fans here than at the stadium for the rams. >> gilroy, california. capital of the world. coming at you all and you know
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we are going to get you all. what's up? j.r.: intensity, an understatement. >> beat l.a.. j.r.: everyone in their favorite 49ers fling. >> this is my deep red with the glitter. i have to do it all for my boys. j.r.: is this good luck polish? >> yes, i love this. i had no idea. we were like, we could get there early, but this is insane. this is crazy. this is who we are. j.r.: at randy's doughnuts, rams fans lined up for fancy doughnuts. >> send those niners back to the bay to her
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>> it does not matter what the rams fans say. j.r.: if you think this is a lot of scarlet red, many here say there will be a whole lot more on sunday. >> somebody told me it was going to be a tsunami of red. >> i agree. the tsunami will be there. j.r.: at sofi stadium, you can see the lights are on. this is a stadium that will take center stage sunday afternoon. nfc championship rams and 49ers, it is likely to be a good one. fans tell me it will be a good one beforehand too at the tailgate party. in englewood, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. liz: stay tuned for our 9:00 a.m. our. jr will join us live with what to expect today. [drums] there is no question what this party is about. united airlines threw a big sendoff for 49ers fans flying
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down to southern california to attend the game. the airlines handed out swag and even brought in a special guest, sourdough sam, as part of the festivities at the gate. yesterday's flight to lax was icy of red and gold. fans think sofi stadium will look like that too. >> that is what is so exciting. so many fans going. it will be a party. the flight home will be as fun as the flight down. >> we are in 70% red. liz: not only is united flying fans to sofi stadium, the carrier flew the 49ers to southern california on friday night and they will fly them back tonight and hopefully they will be bound for the super bowl when they do. ahead of today's game, local bars are gearing up for what is expected to be one of the busiest days in a long time. they are doing so with the pen to make in mind. news reporter tim johns stopped by several spots in san francisco and shows us how they are preparing.
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tim: with less than 24 hours before the game. >> we are so excited to root them on. tim: and businesses are getting ready to cheer on the 49ers sunday afternoon. in san francisco, sarah tells me he is expecting his bar to be standing room only for the day. >> up early this morning getting ready making sure we have enough inventory, chicken wings, and beer. tim: a similar story at harry's bar where they ran out of reservations on sunday after the latest 49ers win. >> for tomorrow's game, i rented additional tables and chairs and i want to expand the outside dining area. tim: with bars expected to be packed with the fateful, cold safety was on the mind of many established -- many establishments. >> we sanitize the menus after every use. tim: the weekend is about more than sports. it is a chance for businesses to make up some of the revenue lost during the pandemic.
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>> business has been down in general and has not gotten back to where it was before. the 49ers definitely help. tim: despite the anticipation ahead of the game, everyone we talked to says they are confident they will bring home a win. >> yes, we will be shouting loud enough that they will not be able to hear the calls and we will route on the 49ers for a win. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: another big nfl headliner, tom brady is retiring after 22 seasons in the nfl and seven super bowl championships according to our sister network espn which is citing sources. but brady's father has told other organizations that his son has not yet made a decision about his future. his dad debunked espn's reporting as total conjecture. espn reports that the 44-year-old order back based his decision on his health and his
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family and brady is a native of san mateo and a graduate of sarah high school. head football coach patrick walsh says brady is and always will be a legend in the bay area. >> every time we watch a game together, savor this moment. you are watching the greatest of all time play the toughest position in all of sports and it may never happen again. there are some great port of backs with allen and my homes -- great quarterbacks with allen and mahomes in they have a long way to go. liz: it is unclear when brady will formalize his retirement plans. it will be up to brady to announce what his plans are about his future. developing out of san francisco this morning, police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run accident in the outer sunset neighborhood. this happened at 7:30 last night on lincoln avenue at 46th street. crews say a car crashed into the
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building and when they arrived, they found a driver unconscious. that person was taken to the hospital where they died. another car on the scene, but whoever was driving it ran off before police and firefighters got there. only on seven, just days before lunar new year, an asian man is living in fear after being attacked and called a racist insult near san francisco city hall. this was not the first time he has been attacked. jesse, who requested we use only his first name, was picking up his marriage license friday afternoon and walking home when he suspected someone was following him. he said a man hit him in the ear, called him a stupid asian, and punched him in the eye. you can see the swelling. jesse says his vision is still blurry and what is even more frightening is that 2019 he was stabbed in an attempted robbery on his birthday outside the safe way along market street. sfpd reported more that i
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increase in hate targeting asian americans in 2021. >> i got stabbed. it is like it came back again. i want to walk on the street without fear. we can walk on the street like normal. why do we have to hate? liz: jesse tells abc 7 is exceptionally grateful to the group of five strangers who tried to shield him from the attacker. he is encouraging asian americans to be on alert at all times and sfpd says they are investigating his case. in the east bay, bart riders are hoping that today will be smoother than yesterday. it was rough for people who had to travel between dublin and castro valley. this pickup truck smashed over the center divide of the eastbound lanes of 580 yesterday morning. the truck landed partially on
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the bart right-of-way in the median of the freeway. train service was stopped between west dublin and castro valley stations. some freeway lanes were also closed. as that was going on, the chp found a possible incendiary device banded in a car on the eastern side of 580 near the scene of a first accident. traffic and bart trains were stopped again so the bomb squad could check it out. the suspected device turned out to be harmless. lisa, let's get a check of the weather. lisa: it is so cold out there. low freezing in santa rosa. 29 degrees. this is what it is about. go niners. temperatures not quite as warm as what they will be in l.a.. we will get a cooldown downtown. we will talk about the rest of the week when we come back. liz: thank you. also ahead, a new subvariant of
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omicron has been found in the bay area. we will take a closer look at what is being called stealth omicron. plus, safety agreement reached. the deal one school district made with teachers to avoid a strike. [tv chatter] [doorbell] ♪ ♪ [gasps] is that throw...? i know right! it's imported from portugal, got it at marshalls for a total steal! nice! thanks. ♪ how powerful is an invisalign smile?
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and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. liz: welcome back. developing news in las vegas. police say at least nine people have died in what they are calling a mass casualty traffic collision. authorities say a dodge charger was speeding on a city street and ran a red light yesterday around 3:00 p.m. they say the charger hit multiple vehicles. 13 people were involved and six vehicles. one person remains in critical condition. the driver of the charger is among the dead. there is a new subvariant to omicron spreading across europe and the u.s. being referred to as stealth omicron. luz pena is part of our vaccine team and spoke to experts who
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explained the difference between the original variant and the second version and what might be making it more transmissible. luz: preliminary data shows it is more contagious than omicron. scientists have named it ba.2, a variant as closely related to the original omicron strain. >> in denmark, it looks like it is about 1.5 times more infectious than the original omicron. luz: the cdc confirmed ba.2 circulating at a low level in the u.s. over 100 cases nationwide, two of them confirmed in santa clara county. but is it worse than omicron or delta? president of the gladstone institutes explains. >> it looks like this is going to transmit more. but so far, it looks like it is not more severe. luz: ucsf professor broke down ba.2 in comparison to the original strain. >> each have about 50 mutations.
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there are three mutations that arerus.z: his team identified te section where the majority of transmission is forming within the ba.2 variant. >> there are a couple of other ones here that we think may be involved in suppressing the immune response. this new variant may be more effective in doing that versus the original variant. luz: experts are calling ba.2 stealth omicron because of a key difference in the genetic sequence that makes it harder to track. >> it does not have a mutation in a region that makes it dropout so it looks very much like delta on a pcr test so you cannot tell the difference and that is why they call it stealth. luz: that's parts of the desk experts agree -- experts agree vaccines and boosters continue to be effective. >> we should realize that the virus mutates.
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there should be some satisfaction knowing that the scientific world has tools that we never had before. luz: luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: in the north bay, there is a new push to get more people vaccinated and boosted. a large-scale vaccine clinic is open to the public at the sonoma county fairgrounds. the hope is that more people will get the shots to decrease the number of cases. here is news reporter cornell barnard. >> relax. cornell: augustine ortiz is getting his covid-19 booster. he admits to putting it off. >> i need to be a good example for my kids. they got their vaccines. i have to do my part to show them that we have solidarity. cornell: the sonoma county fairgrounds is the temporary home to this vaccination clinic similar to those which opened in early 2021 when vaccines were new. >> i want to stay safe because i do not want covid. cornell: eighth grader high the
5:18 am
is getting her booster to stay safe. >> the county providing a service like this shows that they are taking this situation seriously. cornell: public health officials say new cases of omicron have plateaued, but it may be two to three weeks before they decline. 79 percent of sonoma county residents are fully vaccinated. >> that still leaves 20% who are not fully vaccinated and our hope is to get those first and second doses to try and get the overall protection in the community up. cornell: ella needs her booster to resume college classes. >> we need herd immunity so it is great that it is available to so many people and anyone can get it. cornell: this clinic is helping first responders and school staff in sonoma county. the new deadline for them to be vaccinated is now march 1. >> people had a hard time getting in. there are many people infected and they are not going to be
5:19 am
able to get there boosters at that time but there are staffing shortages making it harder for clinics to offer. cornell: this clinic will be open for the next four weekends not :00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. -- 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. walk-ins are welcome. liz: teachers with the construct -- contra costa county school district -- a tentative agreement was reached early yesterday morning. the deal includes masks for students and staff members and weekly testing for all 54 school locations. also increase pay for substitute teachers and volunteers. this comes as absences soar during the recent omicron surge. in san francisco, the school district reached a deal for educators to receive bonusteacho bonuses of $2000. substitute teachers can expect a substantially increased pay
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rate. the board of education is expected to vote on the deal next month. let's get a check of the forecast. a lot of people tailgating in southern california and it is nice. lisa: up here for a party in any nice. we cannot get any changes around here. very subtle changes. morning lows even colder in spots with wind chill indexes from santa rosa all the way to san jose this morning. that means it feels like it is 24 in santa rosa and it feels like it is 23, 33 in concord and san jose. little wind with the cold dry air mass and we have a frosty start with areas of fog and frost around the bay and live doppler 7 picking up on what looks like a big dome that continues to stay with us. i looked small in the shot. we are looking at temperatures in the 30's. we are looking at numbers in the
5:21 am
upper 30's. 36 in gilroy. upper 40's in san francisco with the peninsullt dirty four degre. 35 -- palo alto, 34 degrees. not much of an issue. 24 hours ago, we were milder so we are colder north and south into the bay. six degrees colder in san jose. seven degrees colder in santa rosa. there is, the tower all decked out in red and gold. this morning in chief fog -- this morning, patchy fog. it could keep san francisco from reaching the low 60's, more like upper 50's. we are watching and waiting for signs of rain, but there is not any out there. as we look at our air quality, moderate across the bay except downtown so these yellows
5:22 am
indicate a little bit of haze at times and that moderate air quality lasting. we will get into some wind in the middle of the week but that will just dry things out as you look at the rest of the day today, sunny skies. there is a weak system to the north that will increase the clouds late tonight into early monday and behind that system, that is when we get into the offshore flow so winds will get quite gusty and we will be looking at 30 to 50 miles an hour tuesday into wednesday. mid 60's in los cabos with 63 in santa clara. another mild day in santa fe. upper 60's from pacifica. the sun set around 57. in the north bay, 62 petaluma and vallejo. eastbound temperatures will be in the low 60's. a nice afternoon in union city and fremont, 64 in brentwood was low 60's from concord to san ramon and pleasanton.
5:23 am
we have areas of frost, fog in the north bay, increasing class tomorrow. by tuesday and wednesday, we could have a wind advisory for those offshore winds. by the end of the week, we should warm up a little bit. systems missing us and we are getting what we usually get in the fall when we see those systems go down the backside of california and increase those offshore winds. liz: it certainly feels nice that we need the rain. just ahead, a story of trade-offs. the benefits of having a gas stove in your kitchen. we are looking at the big picture.
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so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. ♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin. liz: a new study is focusing on the environmental cost of a popular appliance. the climate is an important point of building a better bay area. reporter: for millions of restaurants and homeowners
5:26 am
across the country, natural gas stoves are the preferred way to cook but now a stanford study is turning up the heat on a growing debate over the environmental trade-offs, specifically the amount of the greenhouse gas methane stoves released into the atmosphere. >> we were able to quantify each of the different phases of operation. reporter: eric labelle says the stanford team measured the methane released in a more complete way using sample stoves of different brands around california. they were able to calculate the methane levels while the stoves were being used and when they were turned off. >> even while you are turning it on and off, when you hear the clicking sound and you can smell a little gas, there is gas being emitted during those phases. reporter: the stanford team estimates a significant fraction of the natural gas used by stoves is released as unburnt methane. that is equal to the climate impact of the carbon dioxide
5:27 am
released by half a minute -- half a million gas powered cars. >> the momentum is huge in the bay area. reporter: laura is the policy director for the environmental nonprofit spur. she says 50 cities and counties around california are working to phase out gas appliances in new construction but stoves are tricky. >> the really low hanging fruit is getting people to change to zero emission furnaces and hot water heaters first and the stoves and ovens, that is harder. reporter: she says the bidding -- she says limiting gas hookups will help but new appliances with subsidies and incentives for homeowners at different income levels is also critical and essential to limiting the release of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. in san francisco, spencer christian, abc 7 news. liz: to add some perspective to that scope of that challenge, it is estimated more than one third of u.s. households currently
5:28 am
cook with gas. we have links to the study on our website, still ahead, millions of people along the east coast dealing with the aftermath of a powerful storm that brought heavy snow, blizzard like conditions like getting several states. and covid cases are plateauing across the country but it comes as there is a low supply of a game changing pill to fight the viru (swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis.
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5:31 am
the north bay. more low 30's from pleasanton. 35 in livermore. 34 in fairfield. napa is freezing. 29 santa rosa. colder from san jose and palo alto up to our santa rosa and looking at your 10:00 a.m. temperatures, sunshine, upper 40's to low 50's throughout the afternoon. upper 50's to low 60's. it will stay at probably in the upper 50's near san francisco. tonight, increasing clouds. there is a weak weather system that will bring a dramatic wind shift. we will track those winds, next. liz: there are concerns about storm surge along the east coast after the nor'easter slammed parts of the country. some areas could see waves up to eight feet high during high tide. christine sloan has the details. christine: millions of americans
5:32 am
are dealing with the aftermath of a powerful nor'easter that brought blizzard conditions to several states. new england feeling the brunt of the storm. heavy snow blanketing maine into the night. humbling parts of rhode island. two feet of snow in parts of massachusetts and along the coast, the storm send massive waves crashing into neighborhoods. more than 100,000 customers in the state left without power. >> we have a number of issues that made it problematic including flooded roads and down power lines. christine: dear travel hit hard as well. -- air travel hit hard as well. more than 850 delayed. on the roads, cars stuck in the snow. >> we expect it will take until midmorning tomorrow for the roads to be in better condition. christine: these two tractor-trailers overturned in new york. on long island, some areas hit with more than a foot and a half of snow.
5:33 am
temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing. the cold temperatures extend as far south as florida, prompting wind chill alerts and freeze warnings around the sunshine state. christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: an ntsb team has arrived in pennsylvania to help with the investigation into friday's bridge collapse that injured 10 people. nobody was killed, thankfully. and bit inspection last year found the bridge in poor condition. allen lopez tells us the disaster could have been worse. reporter: the national transportation safety board is in pittsburgh trying to determine the cause of friday's bridge collapse. >> we are going to put this bridge under a microscope. we are going to look at the entire history of this bridge from the design, construction, maintenance, repair, all worked up until the day of the collapse. reporter: the collapse happening just before 7:00 a.m. school openings were delayed by
5:34 am
two hours due to the weather. >> a lot of screaming and static on the phone. reporter: traffic was light, just five cars and this bus were on the bridge. >> as i was driving across it, i knew the bridge was collapsing. i can feel it. the bus was bouncing and shaking. reporter: miraculously, no one was killed. 10 people suffered minor injuries. the pennsylvania department of transportation says 14,500 vehicles travel over the bridge daily. the condition of the structure was listed as poor during its last inspection in september. >> i walked under it all the time and saw the decay and that is typical in pittsburgh. reporter: the collapse happening hours before president biden arrives in pittsburgh to tout his infrastructure bill. pennsylvania is ranked second in the country for deteriorating bridges. after seeing the destruction firsthand, the president saying his administration will "fix
5:35 am
them all." pres. biden: we have to move. the next time, we don't need headlines saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapses. reporter: i spoke to someone said -- who said her little brother would have been on the bridge were it not for the school delay. officials reiterating how this could have been so much worse. allen lopez, abc news, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. liz: now to an update on the fire burning near big sarah. the fire is 90% contained. it started in a remote area. calfire expects the fire to be contained by wednesday. crews have made progress against the january wildfire. evacuations have been lifted and road closures have been reopened. one structure has been destroyed. there is more evidence that the u.s. appears to be turning the corner in the pandemic. new infections are dropping in 41 straights -- 41 states that there is concern about the short
5:36 am
supply of a new antiviral drug that is effective against omicron. zohreen shah has more. reporter: new records the omicron surge may be slowing. in 41 states, cases now plunging or plateauing, including california where some officials are easing restrictions. starting tuesday, san francisco lifting its indoor mask mandate for people who are up-to-date on their vaccinations. in places like gyms and offices, concerns about the low supply of what experts say maybe a game changing pill. it has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalization and death by 89%. >> the lack of supply has been concerning an disheartening. reporter: most americans will not have access to it for months according to an analysis of 30 100 counties in the u.s. only one fourth have doses available.
5:37 am
doctors are forced to decide who gets the lifesaving pills and who does not. omicron treatments already scarce. the fda recently removing authorization of monoclonal antibody treatment from her janna ryan -- from regeneron and eli lilly saying it does not work against the variant. here in l.a., the rams will take on the 49ers. one of the teams will make it to the super bowl. it is a big gathering in every attendee will get a mask and an at-home covid test. zohreen shah, abc news, los angeles. liz: coming up after supreme court justice stephen breyer announced his retirement, susan collins will talk about the potential for a bipartisan confirmation process for president biden's nominee. you can watch that interview this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning here on abc7. still ahead, behind the lens. we meet the director of photography for the 49ers who
5:38 am
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liz: the excitement of the lunar year -- lunar new year has retired to san francisco's chinatown. troops serenaded the crowd who came to the annual flower market fair yesterday. we are marking the year of the tiger and we are celebrating the return of lunar new year festivities to the neighborhood. local businesses are optimistic that 2022 will be a year of healing. >> this is exciting. you can come to grand avenue, get flowers, food, all kind of knickknacks to get you ready for this auspicious year. we are really looking forward to
5:41 am
it. liz: the flower market fair continues today in chinatown and runs from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. so something nice to do today. another thing to do today, the big game. temperatures -- tickets come at a hefty price. parking could cost as much as a ticket to the game. fans are expected to be shelling out hundreds of dollars just for a single parking spot. preparations for super bowl 56 are already underway as well as sofi stadium, making several parking lots unavailable. parking at a nearby high school is nearly $200 and residents near the stadium are charging $300 for a space at their home. >>. . it means everything. let's bring it home. do not worry about the parking. do not worry about any of that. liz: the rams are encouraging people to use public transportation to get to the game. lisa, it should be a really nice day for people to go out and barbecue.
5:42 am
a good day. lisa: nice out there. just some subtle changes. you can see san francisco, upper 40's to near 50 but fog is with us in the north bay and frost from the north and east bay valleys. we will be around seasonal averages but we are missing something, rain. we will talk about that. wind is coming to the forecast. liz: also next, klay thompson comes through in a clutch hitting his biggest shot. the highlights and postgame reaction from the warriors win over the brooklyn nets coming up in sports.
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liz: the pregame for the championship game is just about over. the 49ers will try to beat the rams and advance to the super bowl for the second time in three years. kickoff is at 3:30 at sofi stadium. tomorrow, the warriors begin a road trip in texas against the rockets.
5:45 am
last year, they closed out their seven-game home stand with a win over the brooklyn nets. here is chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: stephen curry made history last night on abc7 when he took the floor and passed chris mullin for most games played in warrior history. a number 808. warriors hosting the nets. those youngsters having fun. andrew wiggins having fun. he is an all-star. he had 14 in the first quarter. how about the step back game? dribble, step back, pure. up 7 at the break. another step back. team-high 24. the biggest lead. kyrie irving was insane. three and the fowl. he had 32. nets dwn two. how about stefan?
5:46 am
hoop and the foul. jordan poole stopping on a dime. he had 17. we are tied at 93. james harden was on the bench. splash, 14 of his 19 came in the second half and 15 seconds to go. clay can experience warriors win 110-106. >> it felt amazing, really did. i miss that feeling. it felt absolutely amazing. >> on a night when he is not shooting that well, it shows you who klay is to step up and seal the shot of the game that seals the win. i think he was one for seven or one for six. it did not bother him. >> we have never had a guy who would go out there and make something many big shots like he did tonight. they are so dangerous. >> what can you do?
5:47 am
it is tough to guard down guar chris: joe thornton has played in over 1700 nhl games and saturday was his 11th against san jose. his last game against them was 2003. nick bernie had three assists. 3-2, jonathan second power goal of the night. the 11th of the year. 4-2 sharks. they tied up with two goals in two minutes. jonathan, his 17th leads james reimer 4-4. we go to overtime. all three sharks were caught in san bennett makes him run and scores. panthers win 5-4 in o.t.. today, niners and the rams at the nfc championship. the winner goes to the super bowl. liz: lisa, planning anything good to cook for the game? lisa: not yet, but i was
5:48 am
thinking about it. yesterday, it was getting warm out there. that late day sun. most of us in the 60's today. we will be a little bit cooler in some spots. we will not notice the change. here is live doppler 7 where a ridge of high pressure does not want to get out of town as we look at current numbers. 34 in livermore. 31 santa rosa. with temperatures all in the 30's here for the lto, the coast is the mildest s. as we look compared to yesterday, the north and south end of the day most dramatic cooling from santa rosa. it will stay that way as we get through sunrise. that is at about 7:15. looking at san francisco, nice out there this morning with temperatures in the upper 40's
5:49 am
to near 50's. patchy frost around the valleys. sunny and seasonal today with no sign of rain. a couple of systems will move to the north and bring us some wind and we could see a few sprinkles but it is the offshore winds that we will be watching for today. really nothing to write home about but as we get into monday morning, you will notice they begin to get a little bit faster along the coast. look what happens monday night. we are looking at wind gusts in the hills from 20 to 30 miles an hour and this will translate into some very gusty winds in the sierra nevada. they are looking at winds potentially in the highest peaks at 70 miles an hour. look what happens at 3:00 in the afternoon on tuesday. we could be under a north. fairfield up to 40 miles an hour. elsewhere, widespread from 25 to 30 miles an hour. this is tuesday and this will take us into wednesday. stopping late tuesday where the wind still continue to gust the coast over 40 miles an hour.
5:50 am
this is what is on tap a system to the north of us moves overhead and clips the eastern side of california. we will see this again as we get into late in the workweek but we will probably get into a warming trend as well. average highs right where we should be. upper 50's to the low 60 today. temperatures along the coastline in the upper 50's with a return to an onshore flow. 60 in oakland. 62 in fremont. air quality has been moderate at times and temperatures will not change too much but it will be that offshore wind that we will be watching. the accuweather 7 day forecast, some fog in the north bay. rocky temperatures in the valleys and increasing clouds on monday leading us to gusty winds tuesday and wednesday. after that passes, temperatures should warm up a little bit into next weekend and are rainfall projections could be dry into mid-february. not great. liz: thank you.
5:51 am
today is the big day. the nfc championship game between the 49ers and the l.a. rams. you may have heard about it. fans know that the 49ers have had some iconic moments and one man is in charge of capturing them. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey introduces you to the director of photography for the niners. reporter: as the 49ers battled into the championship game, iconic moments are captured each week that will live in team history. moments captured by the 49ers photography team and their lead photographer, a man known as t lloyd, the man behind the lens. >> i used to cut pictures out and make my own 49er books and i never thought i would be a photographer but i always had a love for photography had to be the director of photography for the 49ers, it is one of those things where i do not take it for granted. dustin: lloyd has been part of the organization for 25 years and witnessed some of the
5:52 am
greatest wins and the biggest games. he says it takes a lot more work than people think to take the perfect shot that fans remember forever including some of the best postgame celebrations. >> it is about capturing the essence of the game and when you look at it and you look at the celebrations that they have after battling the whole game, and when you capture that moment, it is so surreal. dustin: lloyd has photographed countless playoff games, match ups, and super bowl appearances. he remains faithful that the team may be on a super run. >> you have to believe. i always take a positive attitude about everything. even from my photos and the team, if you stay positive, then good things will happen. dustin: so far, so good as the 49ers prepare for the rams. he is loading up their gear to capture another historic moment for the franchise. >> heading to the championship
5:53 am
game, it is about the journey, having fun, having the memories of what you get to do as a profession. i am going to take it all in, despite -- it is exciting. it is a great opportunity. dustin: and may be an opportunity to capture more moments like this. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. liz: up next, do not know where to watch today's game? we will have the details on the watch parties happening in the south bay.
5:54 am
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[tv chatter] [doorbell] ♪ ♪ [gasps] is that throw...? i know right! it's imported from portugal, got it at marshalls for a total steal! nice! thanks. ♪ liz: if you don't know where to ours again, one of them will be happening in the south bay. they hosted the official watch party in 2020. the owner said they have lines out the door before they open and they will have a live dj today. if you do go, they are requiring
5:56 am
proof of vaccination to attend. doors open at 3:00 p.m. and kickoff is at 3:30. next on abc seven mornings at 6:00 a.m., local bars and restaurants hoping for a big day with the game. how they are preparing for one of their busiest days. and is san mateo's tom brady planning to retire? the report about the seven-time super bowl champ's decision, coming up.
5:57 am
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dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. announcer: this is abc 7 news. liz: officially here. thousands of fans and l.a. for the huge game against the rams. they could punch their ticket with a win today. we are talking to both 49ers and rams fans had of the championship. good afternoon. thank you again for joining us. we will get to the details of today's game and l.a., but first let's start with a look at the weather.


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