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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 30, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. good morning, america. deep freeze. brutally cold temperatures making it a difficult dig out from the historic coastal storm. the massive snow totals. >> look at these snow drifts. >> the rough going on the roads. trucks overturned. cars covered in ice and hurricane force winds sweeping water into neighborhoods. plus, today's flight cancellations. we're tracking it all. tom brady, ready to retire? questions swirling after sources tell espn that the g.o.a.t. is saying good-bye to the gridiron. a look back at his stand-alone career and what his family and team are saying this morning. mixed messaging. the kremlin sending some russian troops back to bases, while others line ukraine's border. we're on the ground seeing
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firsthand how the ukraine is preparing for a possible invasion. encouraging signs that the worst of the omicron wave may be over. as we speak to the husband and wife team who helped develop the pfizer biontech vaccine, their next health mission. poisoned at the pool. multiple people reportedly overcome by dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. their conditions this morning. hot wheels. electric vehicles stealing the spotlight at the auto show, even as the automakers struggle with chip shortages. what it means if you're in the market for a new ride. and chasing records. rafael nadal chasing history at the australian open. while this father/daughter duo is on track for a title of their own. i wish that you all could have heard the noises whit makes --
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>> my tennis noises. yes. you gotta go for it. >> good morning, america. millions of americans in the northeast are waking up this morning to snow totals ranging from a few inches to close to three feet. the major nor'easter that rolled through friday and well into saturday moving off overnight, but leaving a huge mess in its wake. >> that storm sparking blizzard warnings that ran from virginia all the way up to maine. wind gusts over 80 miles an hour recorded in some areas. a travel nightmare with thousands of flights canceled this morning and yesterday. here's a look at jfk in new york. one of the hardest hit airports in this storm. more than 50,000 homes and businesses still without power this morning in massachusetts. that state taking the brunt of the storm. let's begin with rob marciano live in boston. rob, good morning. a lot of clean-up ahead. >> reporter: we got a lot to dig out from. this storm lived up to its billing.
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certainly here in boston 23.8 inches of snow falling tying an all-time record for the most amount of record 23.6 falling in just one day. then you've got these snow drifts which makes it more difficult to clean up. luckily they've done a good job of cleaning some of the streets and sidewalks. this was not just an explosive storm, but expansive. tens of millions of americans up and down the east coast getting hit by this one. this morning the northeast reeling after getting battled by an historic winter storm. in massachusetts more than 50,000 people without power, now forced to bear unrelenting bitter temperatures without electricity. the nor'easter dumping up to 30 inches of snow in the state's southeast region. >> downtown boston is getting a good cleaning up. >> reporter: boston getting nearly two feet. this is a ferocious winter storm. boston is in the bull's eye. look at these snow drifts. snow coming down sideways all day long. visibility at times near zero
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and the windchills brutal, well below zero. massive amounts of snow and ice just one of the many dangers the storm left in its wake. rising floods surging in coastal communities. the cape area getting hammered with 70 mile an hour wind gusts. in nantucket high water engulfing these homes. some residents seen braving the storm by canoe. piat thrghhein isnd's roads. floodonaffiliat >> strong winds pulled power lines to the ground and coastal flooding left roads covered in slush. >> reporter: the salt water from the floods freezing over, wrapping cars like this one in ice. other vehicles stranded in the snow. on i-95 in new york two tractor-trailers overturned. the storm snarling travel on the road and in the air. around 1,300 flights canceled today, adding to the 3,500
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cancellations from saturday. new york, philadelphia and boston, some of the major flight hubs facing the most interruptions. >> this is one of the top snowfalls in a 24-hour period in the history of the state of rhode island. >> reporter: the massive clean-up under way in new jersey and new york where the snow hit early saturday morning. that bitter cold still here through the weekend. that means that it's not going to start to melt really over the next couple days, maybe towards the end of the week. let's go through what happened and what we think will continue to happen. this storm taking a preferred tract for an epic snow, certainly for new england. the closer to the coast the more you got. at one point ten states were under blizzard warnings from maryland to virginia up to maine. 30 inches reported in some spots. the low itself, although it has bombed out and is beginning to weaken and drift off to sea. 30 inches in sharon, mass. warren, rhode island, 24 inches. they had 21 in providence. the windchill brutal this morning.
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minus five in boston. minus two in new york. minus 10 in albany, and the cold air has been drawn to the deep south. look at florida's windchills. jacksonville, 24. feels like 29 in orlando. miami feels like 37 degrees. they have a shortage of the orange crop this year, on track to be the smallest since world war ii. this cold snap will not help. we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. eva? >> my friends in miami are feeling that. they don't actually own real coats. that's a problem when it gets to 37. thanks, rob. now to tom brady possibly calling it a career. espn reporting the legendary quarterback is retiring a week after that shocking playoff loss. but we have yet to hear from brady himself. abc's phil lipof joins us now with more. okay, phil, give us the details here. >> here it is, eva. this morning, the sports world is once again focussed on tom brady, widely considered the greatest quarterback of all
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time. not because he's headed to another super bowl, but because he might finally be headed toward retirement. this morning, conflicting reports after sources telling espn's adam schefter that tom brady, the 44-year-old, seven-time super bowl champ is ready to call it quits. is he really ready? following espn's reporting social media lit up sparking massive confusion. tb-12's own sports company posted a tribute and then took it down. brady's agent saying tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. brady's father telling reporters tommy has made no such determination. even the tampa bay bucs say brady has not notified the team of any retirement plans. >> he has not announced anything. he will be doing that relatively soon. perhaps when he's ready, when he speaks to the buccaneers, which he hasn't yet done. there's some steps he wants to go through here before he's ready. >> reporter: after what may have
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been his last game, brady left bloodied, knocked out of the playoffs telling the world he's not ready for any decision. on the latest episode of his podcast he reflected on his work/life balance. >> my wife is my biggest supporter. it pains her to see me get hit out there. she deserves what she needs from me as a husband. my kids deserve what they need from me as a dad. >> reporter: a 2021 super bowl win with his new team the tampa bay buccaneers amazed even his toughest critics. >> the tampa bay bucs super bowl lv champions. >> what do you think my next move should be? >> i got one word for you. retirement. >> reporter: amid the confusion fans everywhere saying it was his 20 seasons with the patriots that earned him the nickname the g.o.a.t. his numbers tell the story, ten super bowls, seven wins, five mvps, just a few of his nfl records. a stand alone career with humble beginnings. drafted by the new england patriots 199th overall in the sixth round draft. >> tom brady picked 198 goes to
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the new england patriots. >> the accolades that tom brady has accumulated, i don't know if we'll see that ever again in this lifetime. >> so to be fair, no conversation about tom brady would be complete without a mention of deflate gate. suspended for four games in 2016 accused of deflating a game ball. full disclosure, brady fan, patriots fan right here. it was a minor blemish on an otherwise historic career, a career that now possibly, guys, could be coming to an end. >> i don't know if colts fans would call it minor. >> he played better. i could go on and on. >> we'll be waiting on pins and needles to hear from the man, the g.o.a.t. himself. phil, thank you. turning to the crisis in the ukraine. the biden administration still hoping to see some signs of de-escalation from russia. russia in turn still looking for a promise that ukraine will never join nato. stephanie ramos is on the ground in ukraine this morning.
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she joins us live from kyiv. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: janai, good morning. this is the most recent time over the last decade that russian president vladimir putin has moved troops to the ukraine border. there is the general feeling of this too will pass. there are still many people here preparing for a possible invasion. this morning mixed messaging from the kremlin. russia saying it's returning some of their troops back to their bases after a planned combat readiness check. while thousands more still line ukraine's border. what it means for rising tensions in the region remains unclear. russia continues to surge military equipment to the border. in this new video we see russian military vehicles being moved to belarus, north of ukraine, where russian troops have been positioned for two weeks. the pentagon warning russia could attack ukraine with very little warning. >> this is larger in scale and
7:11 am
scope in the massing of forces than anything we've seen in recent memory. >> reporter: overnight the uk saying they will consider a major military deployment to support nato allies along europe's border with russia. since ukraine is not part of nato, it's unclear how the u.s. and the alliansuppor the country if it's attacked. president biden says he plans to send some troops to the region soon. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: ukraine's president criticizing the white house, claiming it's overstating the crisis. a u.s. official tells abc news, zelensky is down playing the risk of invasion. >> there are internal factors within the ukrainian political system that are driving president zelensky to reduce the rhetoric around war. >> reporter: for the people of ukraine, there isn't a sense of panic just yet. people are preparing for a possible invasion. this weekend we got an inside look at a civil defense training class teaching personal defense
7:12 am
tactics and survival tips in the event of an invasion. >> the idea of the course is how to organize themselves together with different people like with neighbors because it's much easier to survive if you're doing it together with other people. >> reporter: "the washington post" is reporting that ukrainian intelligence moved confidential documents and equipment out of kyiv into, quote, safe places to the west of the country, all in preparation for a possible invasion. whit? >> so much at stake and still so many questions about what happens next. thank you so much. stephanie ramos there in ukraine's capital. joining us is averi harper. good morning to you. it's always great to have you. let's start with the tension on the ukraine border. russia says it's pulling back on some of its troops in the region. we're seeing a mobilization of
7:13 am
resources and troop movements in other areas. how is the biden administration responding to the mixed messaging? >> we know there have not been any deployment orders made at this time. there really hasn't been an appetite at home to have u.s. troops engage on the border there. the u.s. has been focussed on the threat of harsh economic sanctions should russia invade ukraine, while leaving open the possibility of sending troops there should tensions escalate there. even those economic sanctions are not without risk. there are concerns it could anger putin, that putin could take retaliatory measures that could affect other european economies. still the u.s.'s posture has been to support an independent ukraine while enhancing its ability to protect itself. >> with ukraine not being a nato member, there's no obligation for the u.s. to move in and help the country defend itself. i do want to turn to the supreme court and the big announcement this week that justice stephen breyer is retiring. we're learning more about the short list of candidates to replace him.
7:14 am
president biden standing by his campaign promise it will be a black woman. what can you tell us about the process, the timeline, and what's going on behind the scenes? >> we know that president biden's pick is undoubtedly going to be historic and fulfill a promise he made on the campaign trail. we know they are moving quickly. they're vetting candidates behind the scenes. they are looking to make this announcement by the end of february which is also black history month. while this pick will not impact the balance of the court, it does create a win for biden during this high stakes election year particularly with black voters who think they have been let down by this administration with police reform and voting rights. >> averi harper, thank you so much. it will be a busy week ahead. on "this week" george goes one on one with dick durbin and an exclusive with republican susan
7:15 am
collins, a key swing vote in the senate and an exclusive interview with u.n. ambassador linda thomas-greenfield. them e they'll talk about the latest on tensions between russia and ukraine. eva? north korea launched what is thought to be its longest range ballistic missile since 2017. this marks north korea's seventh missile test this month. the escalation of the country's weapons program is thought to be a move to pressure the biden administration into nuclear negotiations that have been at a standstill. south korea's president saying it could be a sign of possible larger tests to come. back home to that chilling case of reported mass carbon monoxide poisoning. multiple people sickened at a hotel pool in ohio. elwyn lopez is in pittsburgh with the latest. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: hey, janai, good morning. a terrifying scene there. it all started around 5:30 p.m. when a mother tells us she saw her daughter go in and out of
7:16 am
consciousness. she raced to the front desk and a wave of others followed. this morning a nightmare in ohio, a marysville hotel evacuated saturday after multiple people were found unconscious in and around the indoor pool, including a toddler. >> a 2-year-old female lost consciousness in the swimming pool. >> reporter: the city's fire chief says it was due to dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. the 2-year-old's family said the toddler's head started to bob and she lost consciousness while her mother was holding her in the water. >> patient is still in and out of consciousness. believe she swallowed some water. >> reporter: then a flurry of calls poured into 911. >> we've had four different callers in the pool area saying people are unconscious. all seem to be children. >> reporter: others reporting symptoms like dizziness and a burning in their throats. first responders transported at least seven people to the hospital. of those two were reported to be
7:17 am
in critical condition. brittany says she heard the sirens as she was checking into the hotel for her son's wrestling tournament. >> it's sad that these kids and these parents are going through it and that they were there. they shouldn't have been there. >> reporter: of those hospitalized nicholas holmes says three of them were wrestlers on his team. >> who are they? what is there condition? i still don't 100% know. hopefully this doesn't have any long-term effects on their health. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, a spokesperson at the hampton inn marysville says they are fully cooperating with the local authorities as they investigate this incident. the city's fire chief says they're still investigating the source of that carbon monoxide. whit, he says he's glad no one died as a result of this. whit? >> what an alarming story. elwyn, thank you. an apparent road rage
7:18 am
incident on a florida highway ends in gunfire. new dash cam video shows all of it. in the video you see 30-year-old eric popper in his car reaching for a gun and shooting nearly a dozen bullets through his window apparently towards the other driver. popper telling police he thought the other driver had a gun. the driver said he was unarmed and threw a water bottle at popper's car after he cut him off. fortunately no one was hurt. we are going to turn now and check back in with rob in the cold in boston. it's incredible how many people were impacted by the storm and the cold weather down to florida. >> reporter: the problem with these storms that explode in intensity, the wind field expands and strengthens and pulls down even colder air. that's what we're seeing now. you see my breath. we have a windchill of minus four. we'll see if we can get through this without my mouth freezing. the southern part of the u.s. is also going to deal with a pulse coming across the gulf of mexico.
7:19 am
texas, want to focus on you. later today and tomorrow thunderstorms developing along the coastline, that includes houston. you know how easy it is for houston to flood. that will progress against louisiana. temperatures are chilly. florida, windchill advisories there. daytime highs are chilly too. tampa not getting out of the 50s. a warm-up there and it will sneak here to the northeast and lisa: look at all the fun. it is a chilly start with patchy frost. later today, we get into more sunshine. slightly cooler than yesterday with no signs of rain. mid 60's in san jose. 60 enrichment, as well as oakland.
7:20 am
very gusty offshore winds midweek. me city's done a good job keeping the streets clear. on the outskirts where people are buried, kids get your shovels and help your elderly neighbors. be safe, everybody. back to you in new york. >> rob complains about the negative four windchill. you secretly love it. you grew out the beard for a reason. >> he came prepared. >> reporter: guilty as charged my friend. guilty as charged. >> we'll talk soon. thank you. we want to turn to the winter olympics in beijing. the opening ceremony just days away. final preparations under way now with the pandemic looming over the games. maggie rulli has more from china. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: we're up in the mountain zone. about a two and a half hour drive north of beijing. it is beautiful. i saw my first olympian in than
7:21 am
s for first of allis you behind me is artificial snow. organizers had to work around the clock to make enough for athletes to compete on. secondly, that ambitious olympic bubble. we're in it now. there are dozens of venues and hotels spread out across beijing. 100 miles north where we are it's part of this bubble. the hotels are cordoned off with fencing. there are specific buses and cars that you have to take, even our drive up here, those two and a half hours on a highway shut down dedicated just for people in this olympic bubble. it is ambitious. it's going to be a huge challenge. with more athletes arriving every single day, it's already being put to the test, guys. >> maggie rulli will be there covering it all. coming up, bail battle, why recent shootings in new york city may ignite a backlash against bail reform. "good morning america" is sponsored by geico.
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for a disneyland® resort 3-day, 1-park ticket. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. liz: san francisco police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run accident in the outer sunset neighborhood. this happened at lincoln avenue and 46th. a car crashed into a building.
7:28 am
the driver was found unconscious, taken to the hospital where they died. whoever was driving the other car on the scene ran off before police and firefighters got there. let's get a check of the weather. lisa: it is going to be nice with 60's and sunshine, but now we have fog. it is 47 downtown, 33 in santa clara and you can see the view with all the low clouds, but look at the temperatures, freezing by the delta. santa rosa, 28 with upper 50's to low 60's. liz: the
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to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. many waking up to the massive clean-up after that major nor'easter dumped anywhere from six inches to two and a half feet of snow. massachusetts taking the brunt of the storm. rob will have more on what to expect next coming up. >> it was fun for the kids and theldo >> everybody else -- >> not walter, not my dog. >> doesn't like the snow? >> no. we're following other big stories this morning. happening right now at least nine people have died in what north las vegas police are calling a mass casualty traffic collision. police say a speeding car ran a red light and crashed into multiple vehicles saturday afternoon. 15 people were involved in the collision. one is still in critical condition. also right now, after months
7:31 am
of legal battles reality star erika jayne has been dismissed from her husband's fraud and embezzlement lawsuit. the "real housewives of beverly hills star" and accused of stealing $2 million in settlement funds from the families of the lion air flight 610 that crashed in 2018. jayne has always denied knowledge of any wrong doing. in tennis the men's single final is under way at the australian open. nadal started two sets down, and this would give him his 21st career grand slam singles title. he is up against u.s. open champ daniil medvedev. missing of course from the tournament is last year's winner novak djokovic. fr president biden to new york city's mayor. some arguing the system as it stands now doesn't w there's a range of opinihobesto while keeping dangerous criminals off the streets. abc's zachary kiesch has more. >> reporter: a national
7:32 am
discussion is intensifying this administration over the issue of bail reform. it's all part of the president's plan to stop the overviews and misuse of jails and reform a criminal justice system that has unequally punished the poor and people of color. but former police captain and current mayor eric adams sees it differently. he believes judges should take into account the dangerousness of the suspect and whether they pose a threat to the community when deciding bail. >> we need to reform a broken system. what i'm saying to them, there are parts we need to tweak. >> reporter: some say a 16-year-old boy charged with shooting an nypd officer is a glaring example of the problem. in the year after new york
7:33 am
banned the ten people on a wide range of criminal charges, nearly 100,000 cases saw adults released where a judge could have set bail or ordered them held in custody. nearly 1% of people were released where an initial case was pending. oundavuen of emotional w officer jason rivera, a 22-year-old rookie. >> that same week, as we're preparing for a funeral for an officer, a man who shot another police officer in the bronx 16-year-old is set free on bail. what does that send to the rank and file of the nypd? >> reporter: it's not just in new york. in milwaukee police say the man accused of opening fire on one of their officers was out on bail at the time of the shooting. it's not just shootings. police in los angeles say they're fighting a losing game of catch and release. after a string of smash and grab robberies, 14 suspects were arrested, not one spent a day in jail. >> when a few people are gaming the system to understand its weaknesses, the system needs to protect the communities from those individuals.
7:34 am
>> reporter: proponents of bail reform insist the system disproportionately targets the poor and minority communities. >> the only thing the bail laws do is make it clear we should not be locking up people charged with low level offenses and doing so to compel dispositions to keep the criminal legal systems moving down the track and keep cases off the judges' dockets. >> reporter: the president will be in new york this week to discuss the administration's plan on how to curb gun violence. eva? let's get a check of our weather with rob marciano who looks like he's having way too much fun in the cold. >> reporter: well, it's invigorating, eva. you get out here and it's minus five and it kind of wakes you up. no matter how tired you are, it gets the blood pumping for sure. then you crawl into your hole and wish you were in a warm spot. that's the feeling here in boston.
7:35 am
let's talk about -- it's cold where you guys are too. everybody is feeling a little bit of this except for the west. they have seen very little snow over the past couple weeks. this is for whit. eva, i could see you on a board too. janai, we'll get the sticks out and shred it out. blue skies there, but more snow coming finally as the northwest gets some action. this one is going to go coast to coast. it will drop snows in the rockies as well. once it gets into the plains and the midwest, i'm worried about this becoming and ice storm for parts of the midwest including chicago, detroit, maybe parts of st. louis. we'll be watching that closely as we get towards the middle
7:36 am
this weather report sponsored by weather tech. it was nearly seven years to the day we had a similar storm in boston, almost two feet. this one blew that one out of the water. that one had several storms coming down the pike. we do expect a little bit of a warm-up here, but not until the end of the week. little hope on the horizon. >> anything above negative four. >> anything. >> reporter: me too. >> even freezing would be good. >> rob, talk about shredding the pow pow, you know how excited that makes whit. >> exactly. >> reporter: i know. my gift to you guys. >> thanks, rob. coming up, my chat with a couple who helped develop the pfizer vaccine and the moment they got the news it was effective against the coronavirus. and then not just strolling along. the father/daughter duo who went looking to set a world record. that's ahead in "pop news."
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back now on "gma," as we look at the pandemic, the number of deaths in the u.s. inching closer to that 900,000 number and the daily death toll according to the cdc averaging more than 2,200. only about two-thirds of americans are fully vaccinated. but there are some hopeful signs in the numbers this morning. encouraging signs the country
7:41 am
could be through the worst of the omicron wave as cases continue waning. 41 states and washington, d.c., reporting plunging or plateauing case numbers. still more than 62 million eligible americans remain completely unvaccinated. in 2020 before the world health organization declared a pandemic, biontech ceo ugur sahin teamed up with his wife biontech's co-founder ozlem tureci collaborating with pharmaceutical giant pfizer to develop a covid shot. >> the decision was directly after reading the paper and understanding that we were probably already in the midst of a pandemic. we have to pivot the company and we have to start to develop the vaccine based on our technology. >> take me back to november 8, 2020, when you both learned that the phase three trial was successful.
7:42 am
>> pfizer told us, yes, we have a vaccine, 95% efficacious. that was a huge relief. >> reporter: despite promising covid-19 infection decline across much of the country, many hospitals report they're still battling with the massive number of patients in need of care. >> we don't have beds in the e.r. just trying to make everything fit. >> reporter: this as johns hopkins reports the overall death toll in the u.s. is nearing 883,000 americans lost to the virus. >> fast forward a little over a year and the pandemic is not over yet. does that make you feel disappointed that vaccines haven't been able to speed up the end of this pandemic? >> the virus is evolving. that's what viruses do. the virus will still stay with
7:43 am
us for many years, but it will be -- it will become better. >> reporter: now the biontech founders are looking at how this technology can help others in the future. >> we can focus on the cancer field and others suffering from severe diseases. >> the founders wrote a book called "the vaccine." that will be released on tuesday. still coming up on "good morning america," "gma" heads to the auto show with kenneth moton for a glimpse of what could be your next set of wheels. >> i'll take that one right there, the yellow one. >> yellow? >> yeah. eah. ♪ i'm getting vaccinated with prevnar 20. so am i. because i'm at risk for pneumococcal pneumonia. i'm asking about prevnar 20. because there's a chance pneumococcal pneumonia could put me in the hospital. if you're 65 or older you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia.
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back now on "gma" with the back now on "gma" with the rising popularity of electric vehicles. new models and concepts on display at the washington auto show, even as a chip shortage is making it difficult to keep up with demand. abc's kenneth moton and my good friend has the story. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: hey, eva. the d.c. auto show is back after covid shut it down last year. that chip shortage and higher prices have made it tough for people to find a vehicle. organizers here say just because we're in a pandemic doesn't mean carmakers stopped designing the future. the washington, d.c., auto show is giving attendees a glimpse into the future with a look at some of the hottest new wheels. this year's auto show is all about electric vehicles, everything from the new ford f-150 with an extended battery range option, a fully electric d.c. metro bus, these cars powered by semiconductor chips
7:48 am
which are in short supplies, forcing auto makers to slow or halt production. >> all vehicles are going to be consuming a lot of chips. they're all around the vehicle, 360 degrees. they're inside the vehicle. we need more chips clearly. >> reporter: the chip shortage also leading to a rise in used cars prices including evs by more than 3%. those soaring prices making affordability a challenge for u.s. consumers. imposing a threat to the biden administration's goal of increasing electric vehicle sales to 50% by 2030. days ago, the president praising tech company intel's plans to build a new $20 billion semiconductor facility in ohio to address the chip shortage. >> 20% by 2030. that's what the car is made of, 20% is computer chips. >> reporter: on capitol hill the
7:49 am
house is expected to take up a bill in the upcoming week that would provide billions of dollars to help with the chip shortage. the senate passed a different version last year. i know you want to start singing "it's electric" because we're talking about electric vehicles. this is my second "gma" live shot here behind the wheel of a car and i know janai has something to say about it. >> i showed them the picture that you and i were talking about about you behind the wheel. you hopped into the car. we'll be right back with "pop news." your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so, remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management.
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♪ it came a long way to be found by you. find more. spend less. shop now at ♪ it's time for "pop news" and "gma" contributor megan ryte is back with us. it's always right when megan ryte is in the house. >> i like that. good morning. what is going on? let's get started. okay.
7:54 am
so there's a new way you get to express yourself on the iphone with apple's latest ios update that includes 37 new emojis and variations. now emojipedia showing what they're expected to look like. they include new expressions like a face melting away. there's also pregnant people emojis to be inclusive and my favorite a disco ball since it's always time for music and dancing. expect them in the next few months. you guys emoji people? >> i'm surprised there's an emojipedia. a father in tampa is celebrating a big achievement and he couldn't have done it without his baby daughter. rob says he broke the guinness world record for the fastest mile while pushing a stroller, just under 4:53. >> what? >> the stroller is 25 pounds. she's 15 pounds.
7:55 am
running fast with a stroller is a little difficult. >> i imagine. now he says it's a great way to spend time with little greta who is 5 months old. 4-minute mile with a stroller and a baby. >> that's impressive period. >> exactly. >> running with a stroller, awful. finally actress margot robbie packs light. check out this tiny chanel purse he touted to attend the brand's latest show. it's practical because it's an ultra fancy air pods case. it was mega priced $4,000 and air pods not included. >> you don't get air pods with that? i'll pass. >> megan, thank you so much. great to have you this weekend. we'll debate the air pods thing for a while. >> four grand. >> catch us on stay tuned for "this week" with george stephanopoulos, also the nfl playoffs, the 49ers. had to get it in before the end of the show.
7:56 am
have a great week. good luck with the shoveling. i'll be right there with you. >> stay warm. th you. >> stay warm. i'll be right there with you. >> stay warm. >>ineray area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. if you don't know where to watch the 49ers game today, there are watch parties happening across the bay area. one of them will be held at the communal bar and restaurant in downtown san jose. they hosted the official 49ers watch party in 2020.
7:57 am
the owner says they have lines out the door before the open so keep that in mind. it will have a live dj today. if you go, they are requiring proof of vaccination to attend. doors open at 3:00 p.m. there are other watch parties across the bay. these are some of the locations we have. san francisco district six is hosting an outdoor food truck party. tickets cost $20. the crossing event space on folsom street and the irish center are also hosting parties. let's get a check of the weather. don't writers. >> -- go niners. >> there is fog. it is back. 47 downtown. 33 in santa clara. from the camera, you can see the view. this means a slightly colder day today. fog is with us. 35 in livermore. north and south of the day and the valleys are a lot colder this morning. looking at your high
7:58 am
temperatures this morning with the bit of short push this afternoon, upper 50's in san francisco. 63 in concord and livermore as well. 64 intent was eight. the accuweather -- 64 in san jose. the accuweather 7 day forecast, some gusty offshore winds arrive tuesday and wednesday. could see a wind advisory by the end of the week. notice, still no rain and it looks like it will get warmer. >> thank you. "this week with george stephanopoulos" is next. we will see you
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. supreme shake-up. >> justice breyer has been everything this country could have asked of him. >> stephen breyer announces his retirement from the court with a challenge for the country. >> it's an experiment that's still going on and i'll tell you something, you know who will see whether that experiment works? the next generation. >> president biden promises to make history. >> that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. >> we'll get the latest on the confirmation process with the chairman of the senate judiciary committee senator dick durbin and key republican senator susan collins. plus, show of force. u.s. troops on alert as russia displays its military mit.


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