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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 31, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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mona, an >> have a great morning. "good morning america's" coming -- morning," ready for more? the new winter storm set to hit this week. with the northeast still digging out from an historic blizzard. three major stories affecting u.s. national security. the russia/ukraine contact and a mother from kansas charged with joining isis. the battle over the supreme court, is it too political? the new criticism president biden faces after pro mitsing to nominate a black woman to the court. joe rogan
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podcast. and a cinderella story for the ages. the cincinnati bengals will raise the los angeles rams in super bowl lvi. a closer look at the match up. plus the latest on tom brady retiring or not. good monday morning i'm mona kosar abdi. >> we begin with another winter storm. >> it cops after the historic blizzard that slammed the east coast. this morning another winter storm is taking shape threatening to bring more snow and ice from denver to chicago later this week.
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in boston a tighter squeeze on the city's narrow streets. >> how's your back feeling? >> i mean, geez. i'm only 18. i feel like an 80-year-old man. >> reporter: now the iconic parking space savers move in. these boston residents can save parking spots using every day household items. parts of massachusetts getting 30 inches of snow from the winter storm. on nantucket flood waters are frozen. more than a foot of snow fell in parts of new york where four deaths are blamed on the storm, three of them were people shoveling snow on long island. further south parts of florida saw the coldest temperatures in more than a decade. ver row beach tied its record low at 30 degrees. i kwau in as temporarily stunned
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from cold. >> because they get so cold they lose that ability to hang on and fall out of trees. >> reporter: back in new england the blizzard was no match for one couple's love in rhode island, holding their wedding outside during the height of the blizzard. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> some good news, a big warm-upcomiwarm-up coming for the east coast. there's word of a plea agreement in the shooting death of ahmaud arbery. it's set to involve travis mcmichael and his father greg, but not their neighbor. they were all convicted of killing a killing aubrey. we turn to the rising
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tensions with russia and concerns about vladimir putin's next move. the u.n. security council is set to the meet with ukraine today. faith abubey is here with the latest. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe today's u.n. security council meeting will give russia a chance to offer some answers about its plans on the ukrainian border. russia is slamming that meeting as a pr stunt. as ukrainian troops pick up arms training in the field, u.s. officials are dialing up the pressure on moscow on multiple fronts. at a u.n. security council meeting today -- >> you don't amass 100,000 troops if you don't have intentions to use them. >> reporter: the meeting comes as a group of lawmakers on
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capitol hill inch closer to a bipartisan deal on a bill they're calling the mother of all sanctions. >> i would describe it as we're on the one yard line and we'll be able to conclude successfully. >> reporter: russia has bolst bolstered and positioned more than 100,000 troops. russia has demanded the u.n. will scale back forces in eastern europe. britain considering a major deployment to the region while supplying missiles and training ukrainian troops. in this new video you can see russian military vehicles moved to belarus. >> we just cannot afford to panic. we're preparing for any options.
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everyone knows who the aggressor is, it's russia. >> reporter: the u.s. hoping diplomacy will prevail over over >> we're prepared to do it on the diplomatic table. >> reporter: as concerns grow over russian gas supplies to europe, president biden is scheduled to meet with the leader of qatar later north korea launched a ballistic missile yesterday. it's the seventh launch believed to be aimed at getting concessions from the u.s. a woman with kansas charged with supporting isis. allison fluke is accused of training militant women. she allegedly wanted to bomb a mall or college in the u.s.
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now to the battle of the supreme court and president biden's pledge to nominate a black woman. supporters are praising the move. critics argue the process has turned too political. as president biden considers his choice to replace justice stephen breyer, a new sign that one of his campaign promises may be unpopular with voters. >> i'm looking forward to making sure there's a black woman on the supreme court to make sure we get everybody represented. >> reporter: a new abc news/ipsos poll funinds three o of four americans finds he should find the best nominee. senator dick durbin said he's working for bipartisan support and reached out to senator susan collins.
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collins said while she supports diversity on the court, the president's nomination has been clumsy. >> it adds to the perception that the court is a political institution. >> reporter: other republicans compared biden's pledge to f affirmative action. senator lindsey graham shot down that comparison. >> there's no affirmative action component if you pick her. i see putting a black woman on the court making the court more like america. in the history of our country we only had five women serve and two african american men. let's make the court more like america, but qualifications have to be the biggest consideration. >> reporter: graham also cited ronald reagan's pledge in 1980 to nominate the first woman to the court, a promise he kept by
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nominating sandra day o'connor. abc news learned 14 black women are being considered. a covid vaccine for children under age 5 could be weeks agree. the pediatric shot could be submitted for authorization by early march. the winter olympics begin friday. the so-called closed loop bubble begins at the airport. olympics-related vehicles travel in special lanes on the highway. maggie rulli is there. >> reporter: just got to our hotel. the bus is part of the bubble taking us from the airport to the hotel. >> despite all the precautions organizers reported nearly three dozen infections inside the bubble. time for a look at your
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monday weather. boston's logan airport will see sunny skies today. snow removal equipment working overtime sunday, clearing nearly two feet of snow. 16 inches of snow partially collapsed this athletic facility in tom's river, new jersey. one more day of cold temperatures before a big warm-up. boston gets into the 40s this week and it will be 70 in the southeast. mild in the plains. 40s in the pacific northwest. 67 in l.a. coming up, how fast food chains including burger king and dominos are changing menus. the road rage shooting caught on camera. at least 11 shots fired. joe rogan r
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a florida man has been charged with this violent case of road rage in miami. dash cam video shows him firing 11 shots through his own suv on interstate 95. he told police the other driver shot at him first. but the other driver says he only threw a water bottle. neither driver was hurt. we turn now to spotify. making changes after being criticized for covid misinformation. now the company's biggest star, podcaster joe rogan, is responding. here's abc's ree hannon nally. >> reporter: this morning joe rowing sn responding after rock legend neil young -- ♪ there is no reason for you ♪ -- yanked his music catalog from spotify. the multigrammy winner was the first to pull his music in protest of spotify's biggest star, podcaster joe rogan, who's
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accused of spreading misinformation about the covid vaccine. >> i don't think that if you're a young healthy person that you need it. >> reporter: rogan has an average of 11 million listeners and a reported $100 million contract. spotify now announcing it will add content advisories to all podcast episodes that discuss the virus. spotify ceo daniel ek not naming rogan but saying "it is important to me that we don't take on the position of being content censor while also making sure that there are rules in place and consequences for those who violate." rogan responding in a lengthy post on instagram, agreeing with the new advisory and saying he will make changes to his show. >> if there's anything that i've done that i could do better, is have more experts with differing opinions right after i have the controversial ones. >> reporter: this comes after others joined neil young in his battle over misinformation. ♪
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friday singer joni mitchell said she's taking sides seeking to remove her music from spotify. and sunday nils lofgren, the bruce springsteen guitarist and member of crazy horse, saying "we encourage all musicians, artists and music lovers everywhere to stand with us and cut ties with spotify." even prince harry and meghan, the duchess of sussex, weighing in. the couple signed a multiyear deal to produce and host podcasts for spotify. now they're urging the company to tame virus misinformation. spotify says the new content advisories will link to i afact-based covid hub and will roll out in the coming days. mona? andrea? >> ree hannon, thank you. fast food value menus have become the latest victim inflation. burger kirngs denny's and domino's pizza are among the companies either reducing the number of discounted items on their menus or shrinking portion sizes. restaurant prices rose 6% last year. coming up, the cruise ship
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johnny fever, was 81. speaking of cincinnati, the city is celebrating its first trip to the super bowl in decades. the big game will feature veteran quarterback matthew stafford versus 25-year-old joe burrow. this morning people in cincinnati are partying like it's 1989, the last year the bengals went to the super bowl. >> i can't believe it. i just could not believe it. i cried. i mean, i just broke cowdown an cried. it couldn't be any better than this for cincinnati. finally. yes! >> on sunday behind second-year quarterback sensation joe burrow they beat the kansas city chiefs in yet another nfl nail biter. advancing to super bowl lvi where they'll face off against the los angeles rams. >> and the rams are going to super bowl lvi! >> reporter: after the rams' win sunday this emotional moment between quarterback matthew stafford and his wife, kelly, who recently relearned how to walk after undergoing brain surgery. the early super bowl betting
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odds have the rams as the 4 1/2-point favorite. according to caesars sportsbook, someone has already placed a $180,000 bet on l.a. the super bowl february 13th will be played on the rams' home field, the newly constructed $5 billion sofi stadium. the second consecutive year that a team in the super bowl will host the game. it comes as questions and confusion swirl around last year's super bowl champion tom brady. on saturday espn's adam schefter reported brady is retiring after 22 seasons. but brady's agent immediately responded writing, "tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. this morning schefter is standing by his report. >> he has not told the team. his family has denied it. and his agent said that the official word with complete accuracy can only come from tom himself. but that announcement should be coming, quote unquote, soon. >> as for the super bowl, the least expensive ticket is selling for about $6,000.
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venture x. what's in your wallet? ♪ time to check the pulse, we begin with the change in lifestyle from one generation to another. >> millennials are getting more sleep than their parents. a new study finds they're getting 22 minutes more sleep per day. the survey found younger people tend to embrace the health benefits of sleeping instead of equating it with laziness.
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>> millennials do fewer chores and spend more time on recreation. next the 150-year-old product surging. >> more people using vaseline as a beauty product thanks to tiktok. more than 100 million people have checked into the new trend. >> some say it creates glowing skin. vaseline sales up 10% in the last year. next, an effort to bring back tab is gaining steam. >> fans are ramping up the pressure raising money to buy billboard space near coke's headquarters in atlanta. >> they're demanding tab's return. finally, the science behind wordle the game sweeping the internet. >> you have to guess a five-letter word correctly in less than six times. less than six times. a man says he
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for universal health care across this the of california. the move lawmakers would need to make today to keep that bill alive. kumasi: new covid rules and the effect that would have on gyms, offices and concerts in san francisco. reggie: you know about the heartbreaking end to the 49ers playoff run. one fans thoughts after the loss to the rams. kumasi: digging out from a very major winter storm. the parking solution in boston. it is monday, january 31. reggie: we have a check of the weather. >> we are going to end the month on a dry no. january will go down as the 10th driest january on record. we got some rain the first week of january. we are ending it with sunny skies later on today. nevada is down to zero miles o


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