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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 31, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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uber. tonight from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to >> pg&e cruz and first responders on standby tonight for major >> wind event. strong gusty winds and fire concerns. >> parents and teachers frustrated over possible school closures. >> community and city leaders coming together to keep this resource open. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: here's a a a a a the golden gate bridge towards the north bank where the mountains will see strong winds starting tomorrow. parts of the east bay and santa cruz mountains are also on alert tonight. good evening. ama: we team coverage starting
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with sandhya patel. sandhya: we do have a wind advisory that is going up first thing in the morning. let me show you the winds right now, they are beginning to pick up the diablo gusts 45 miles per hour. 28 at knoxville. when advisory covers the north and east bay hills. 3:00 tomorrow until 9:00 thursday for the hills. gusts could reach 55 to 65 or higher. a big concern, possibility of downed trees, power outages. 36 miles an hour at around 1:00 in the afternoon as those winds come off the mountains blow towards the ocean, they speed up and dry out the air. the sound slipping winds bringing fire weather concerns during weber where this months. instead we are talk about gusty winds, stripe -- dries over the hills. i will be back with an hour-by-hour look as to how long this lasts.
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ama: tonight, pg&e says it is ready to respond to outages caused by approaching strong winds. neighbors and business owners and east bay tell us they hope this week's wind event doesn't cause the same damage they saw a week ago. >> we are never really prepared. we just do our best at times like this. reporter: still trying to -- repair from a storm a week ago. she fears losing power again and can't afford it. >> it is going to be difficult for us to manage it again. it is exhausting. >> reporter: damage done by strong winds on january 27 -- january try second left dozens of couple trees and crushed cars. a new windbreak got her attention.
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>> we don't have a more trees i'm worried about, for friends and neighbors that have large trees in their yards, it is scary. reporter: strong winds could target parts of the north and east bay hills between tuesday and thursday. pg&e is moving crews around the bay area. >> we want our customers to be prepared for the possibility of an unplanned power outages. that's where these high winds, up to 50 mile an hour gusts, could float trees into power lines. reporter: strong winds pushed the california -- colorado fire into big sur. >> january or february, we stil are susceptible to wind driven fires. reporter: some neighbors say they are ready for the win. >> next time, bring some darn rain. who puts up with that? ama: you can track the weather conditions where you live
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anytime on the abc 7 bay area app. it is available on roku, amazon fire, android dan: tv and apple tv. dan:dan:dan: tonight, oakland unified leaders reveal more plans about their plans to close some schooley schools emerge others. ryan curry has the details and reaction from parents. >> never come to help our school, ever. ego straight to closing the school. it is beyond belief. >> why are there no people in public comments supporting what you're doing? all of us are against you. reporter: parents and teachers upset at monday's school board meeting. oh you st is considering consolidation plan. these six schools could be close this fall. others could be merged. by 2023, 15 schools could be impacted. most serve communities of color. >> this is not easy for me to present this information. especially knowing the
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african-american students and families will be the most impacted by these school recommendations. reporter: the board went over what specific schools could be affected. this should report showing low enrollment and future buffet -- budget deficit are the main reasons for consolidation. community is beating the board with heavy criticism. >> they say it is to benefit our students. each year they take something away from them. reporter: she has a child at one of the elementary schools that could see half its programs cut. she fears her daughter will be forced to start a new school with new teachers. >> i will have to look for another school and build that relationship with that school and make sure it is comfortable for her. reporter: the board president saying the move will benefit all students by giving each school proper funding. >> the idea is to consolidate programs so we have enough students in a school to provide the kind of resources we know
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our kids need. reporter: during the meeting -- >> promises have been made and not kept. reporter: many concerned parents and teachers say they do not trust the board. >> it is easy to work when you're up here and can make those suggestions. it is nothing compared to when you are in the front lines. dan: this week, protests will be held at several schools over the closure plan. the school board is scheduled to make a final vote next tuesday, every eight. we have a full list of the potentially affected schools on our website. ama: new details tonight on the deadly hit and run over the weekend in san francisco. a vigil was held tonight for the victim, very mcgrath. he was the passenger killed while riding in an uber. he was heavily involved in the san francisco gaelic athletic association. the crash happened at 46 avenue and lincoln wait saturday night. san francisco police sam anno driving a stolen -- say a
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vehicle -- driving a stolen vehicle hit the uber and ran from the scene. dan: california's latest push for universal health care is officially dead. a proposed bill was killed effort it did not get put up for a vote in the state assembly. the bill aimed to move all californians off private health insurance and into a private -- publicly funded health care system called cow care. today was officially pulled, he knew he didn't have the votes to get done. the california nurses association tweeted they are outraged and will continue to fight for cow care. this implement could that in a statement, writing our coalition will continue the fight for accessible, photo -- affordable and equitable health care for all californians. ama: a move is underweight to close san quentin's death row.
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three years ago, he placed a moratorium on executions. >> the prospect of your ending up on death row is more to do with your wealth and race then your guilt or innocence. >> the governor says the state has the ability to move prisoners under 2016 voter approved initiative. instead, the state is capitalizing on a provision that allows inmates to be moved off death row. california voters rejected about initiatives to repeal the death penalty. crime victim advocates say the governor is usurping the law and pouring salt on the wounds of victims. dan: let's turn to tonight's coronavirus headlines. during his vaccine has received full approval from the fda. the hope is this endorsement will encourage more people to get vaccinated. novavax has requested emergency use authorization for its vaccine. it is a protein-based vaccine,
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which makes it entirely different from the other three already on the market. california is seeing its covid surge level off. the test positively rate has been edging down and is not 14.5%. ama: san francisco is rinse it -- reinstating its mass consumption tomorrow meaning those who are up-to-date on their vaccinations can remove masks in gyms and offices. it is still in effect most public settings. there are some other changes. people with religious and medical exemptions can be indoors at restaurants and bars if they present a negative test. unvaccinated people can attend events of 500 or more people if they show a negative test. starting tomorrow, oakland will require people over the age of 12 to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor public locations, this includes restaurants, bars, gyms, senior care facilities and museums. if you have a medical exception,
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must show proof, along with proof of recent negative test. dan: a buddhist monk at a california temple, targeted by thieves. how they got away with a safe filled with $35,000. ama: in the south bay, a scramble to save a food pantry. dan: a puzzle game that has taken the internet by storm, sold. what changes could be coming to wordle. ama: first a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, i dreamed of you all weekend. i heard through the grapevine, between the two games you got a massage at your house. is that true? >> where did you hear that? [laughter]
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ama: the city of stockton is mourning the loss of up fire captain, shot and killed overnight on the scene of an active fire. members of the fire department and other first responders, as the casket carrying the body of mark santana -- max fontana fona arrived at the funeral home. he was shot. >> he served the stockton fire department for over 21 years. he leaves behind a wife and two grown children. i ask you to keep captain fortuna's family and his fire department family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. ama: stockton police say they detained a 67-year-old man
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shortly after the shooting and retrieved a firearm found at the scene. the man is now in custody. dan: in the south bay, opera neighborhood food pantry in san jose. white house ministries was recently warned it needed a special use permit to continue providing free groceries to the community. this week, say officials will consider a proposal to waive fees or cover costs to help this critical resource stay open. here is our reporter amanda del castillo. reporter: on monday afternoon, white house ministries on north 17th street and in was eight served area residents free food, fresh fruit, vegetables and more. >> they help me when things got tired. reporter: anthony is considered a regular is up one of the thousand that rely on the pantry daily. however, a recent complaint to the city threatened to shut down the operation.
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>> to have this outside the front-end of the sidewalk, you couldn't have these canopies and tables. also, some bite invoked parking issue. reporter: the lighthouse ministry ceo was warned about specialties permitting these. feist -- faced with a price tag of $15,000 and it deadline of mitra bray. >> why are we pyipeit game duri? reporter: a move that could's put a stop to the small operation that has had a huge impact. >> a major impact of my family and children. they count on us. reporter: through an online campaign, the community has raised more than enough my. the -- questions remain about future fees. now the mayor and a councilman are proposing waiving fees. >> for small nonprofits like this, those fees can be exorbitant. we want to make sure that
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organizations like this are put out of business because of these fees. reporter: in the future, they want to look for more permanent way to do the same post-pandemic. the council will hear the proposal on wednesday. ama: new at 11:00, a group of suspected serial con artist is accused of stealing $35,000 from avedis mark -- buddhist monk fresno. sheriff's deputies say three women showed up asking to share a meal. they believe the women distracted the monks, giving one enough time to swipe a safe. a monk was saving for his son's wedding in cambodia. deputy suspect the women are hitting places across the state. you're looking at surveillance
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video, hoping to identify the trio. dan: february 27 could become oscar grant dayton in oakland. tomorrow, they will consider a resolution to recognize his mother, reverend wanda johnson for her community work. grant was shot and killed by police officer on new year's day 2009 at the fruitvale bart station. his mother says the commemoration is long overdue, telling the chronicle that grants killing sparked a movement and motivated people into activism. ama: in the south bay there ready to welcome the year of the tiger at midnight. families are looking forward to celebrating together again. >> alaska bull beers, we haven't been able to celebrate with them, this is a more special new year for us. this year, hopefully will bring a lot of luck and prosperity. ama: certainly plenty prosperity for mall businesses with a
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steady line today at the store. people were buying clothing, rent envelopes and flowers to bring in new year. force sold tens of thousands of orchids and other flowers over the last two weeks. following a challenging year. dan: happy lunar new year. let's turn now to the weather forecast. in the wind. ama: let's find out about that with sandhya patel. sandhya: it is going to be sunny for the luminary new year celebrations. they went will be coming up. they are starting to gust over the hills. here's your wind alert, they will bloat down tree limbs. power outages are possible. it will be difficult driving conditions, especially if you have a high-profile vehicle. it is the 24th consecutive day with no measurable rain. we are closing out january with no rain since the seventh. that is part of the reason why we have the fire danger. the system that brought the
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clouds is pushing into southern california. be a going to get stween that. that is why those northerly winds developing, drying the atmosphere more. 25 to 30 mile an hour winds as we had to 7:00. the north bay hills, solano county, those wind gusts will translate to the lower elevations, not as strong. 25,000 are there. 35 up over the hills and solano county. as we had to 10:00 wednesday, still dusty. this is -- still dusty. the gets dried out. watch those levels going down. down to 24%, symptom rosa, lakeport. -- santa rosa, lakeport. the lack of rain this month is concerning. fire danger going up, fire weather index takes into consideration the winds and humidity.
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you will notice the oranges and yellows, that is height to very high likelihood of fire danger, in the north bay finches linked to the east bank. the santa cruz mountains going into wednesday. which is why we are concerned. th wind, even though it is light rightadere xpecti better air quality. fire weather concerns through thursday. dry, warmer days for the weekend. san jose cameras showing you the of the shark tank. their quality will be good. thursday, good for most, moderate from parts of the bay area. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. 38 napa, chile start the morning. windiest over the higher terrain. breezy coast side, wendy inland. upper 50's to low 60's, a sunny day. if you're looking for rain, you have to wait a long time. high pressure keeping that storm
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track well to the north. we see nothing through for bray 10. the accuweather seven-day forecast, gusty winds, fire concerns. so wendy wednesday, thursday w morning and the winds subside. then it is going to be warm, near sunday for the weekend. that is ridiculous. dan: it is still february?
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dan: the new york times has bought the wife -- viral word name, wordle. it has a new five letter word each game. if six games to fit -- six guesses to figure it out. the new york times says it will initially remain free. the purchase price is said to be in the low seven figures. ama: i'm now r r downloaded the wrong game. [laughter] dan: close enough. ama: it is been a tough 24 hours for the 49ers. warriors making bay area
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only at the disneyland resort. make every visit your happiest for as low as $110 per day for a disneyland® resort 3-day, 1-park ticket. >> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: stephen curry has repeatedly said he is not worried about any shooting slump. he has the ultimate confidence in the work he put in. dubnation ready for a step show. he is up for, heading to anderson. a felt for the pride of oakland. jt eight for 10 off the bench. moses moody recalled from the g league, he got the start. about klay, moody had 11. dubs up nine, five for glass in the towel. klay had 14.
11:30 pm
his flash brother went nuclear. dubs up for. make it seven, another step back. six minutes ago, you can't stop him when he is doing this. curry, a nine point lead. his first 40 point game since december 23. warriors when 122-108. >> i didn't notice that at all. i highly encourage it. >> fun stuff like that. i take it as entertainment. sometimes you need a little more boost. i never really play into it much. just have fun with it. chris: college creek -- college hoops, broncos trail by five at the half. joseph, game-high 20. santa clara took the lead and never looked back. a quick inbounds pass. jordan williams up and then.
11:31 pm
the broncos outscore the tigers set 52, 25. they win 82-29. that question will be answered this off-season. the 49ers were up 10 over the rams in the fourth. they dropped an interception there. the rams rallied from that point forward. listen to meant go, niners down three. jimmy garappalo, this sealed it. >> while it is terrible, it's not fun. it does suck. you gotta enjoy the moments you did have. >> my sincere belief is we were going to the super bowl. now that is not happening, i got it take that time to reflect.
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ama: thanks for joining us. dan: w >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- will arnett. lisa ling. and music from allen stone. and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. hi, everyone. guillermo, thank you very much. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. a warm welcome to those of you watching from the snow-covered east coast. how many of you in our audience got out just in time for this? some parts of massachusetts got more than 30 inches of snow.


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