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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 31, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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ama: thanks for joining us. dan: w >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- will arnett. lisa ling. and music from allen stone. and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. hi, everyone. guillermo, thank you very much. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. a warm welcome to those of you watching from the snow-covered east coast. how many of you in our audience got out just in time for this? some parts of massachusetts got more than 30 inches of snow.
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you would be up to your mustache, guillermo. >> guillermo: unbelievable. >> jimmy: this was the scene in boston this weekend, where the storm introduced us to andy, the snowplow driver. >> what has the snow been like so far? is it kind of easy to plow? >> it's real easy. it's like bread and butter. you know? it's like a thomas' english muffin with some jam. it spreads nice and gets all the nooks and crannies. >> jimmy: i think maybe andy didn't get breakfast that morning. the characters were out in the cold in brooklyn, too, where the local news caught up with a neighborhood regular named donnell. >> we found my friend donnell. what brought you out here today? >> i'm just loving the snow. i'm from new york city. brooklyn's finest, i love it, i love it. i feel good. >> so i see you had to come get your cup of coffee? >> oh my god, it's good. >> you're not wearing gloves, nothing.
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you just -- >> born and raised in new york city, this ain't nothing. but it's going to get worse. i worry about y'all. stay home and stay safe. >> that's right. donnell has it covered. i think donnell was drinking tea. very classy. this bomb cyclone as they call it knocked out power for thousands of homes. this is what a bomb cyclone looks like from above. and is just me, or is there a rams logo over the united states? maybe it was meant to be. did you watch the football games yesterday, guillermo? >> guillermo: yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: you're a rams fan now? you've forsaken the cowboys? >> guillermo: for right now. >> jimmy: the l.a. rams are headed to the super bowl after a come-from-behind victory over the san francisco 49ers. the rams will play the cinderella cincinnati bengals in the lowest-seeded matchup in super bowl history. meaning the teams that odds makers least expected to make it this far, made it. to put that in non-football terms, if this was a matchup of kardashians, it'd be kourtney versus rob. okay? and of course there's gonna be a
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lot of talk over the next two weeks about l.a. versus cincinnati. la la land versus "real" america. but if you take a look at the bengals' quarterback, joe burrow, this was what he wore to the stadium yesterday. i don't know which quarterback is from miami. joe burrow dresses like a miami coke dealer. wkr pump in cincinnati. this is interesting match up because bengals head coach zac taylor and rams head coach sean mcvay haven't gone head to head since 2004, when they were both finalists in the enterprise rent-a-car management trainee program. but the games aren't the only things to see this weekend here in the united states. america's most offensive lineman donald trump was back on the road. he was in conroe, texas as part of his save america tour. and based on the people who showed up to see him, donald trump is right. america is very much in need of saving. >> i've just been talking to some people today telling them
11:39 pm
why i believe what i believe. it's like try to find common ground because most people would agree that we don't come from monkeys and we didn't big bang, right? if you can find common ground with people, you can start building a foundation of what truth, you know. >> let's go! >>. >> jimmy: there you go. what a cute couple that is. the monkeys are like "he's right. that guy didn't evolve from us!" there were some very wacky doodles at this performance of trump this lady, remember how trump couldn't get anyone to perform at his inauguration? she is looking forward to 2024 where it will be a big step up. >> michael jackson, they destroyed his reputation. michael jackson, i thought for years he was on the bad side. he is not. he was saving the children. and when he plays at the inauguration, when michael jackson comes and plays for us, people are going to realize that it's all been a complete sham. >> jimmy: that's right. he is going to sing sham on, sham on, you know it.
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i love that the q-anon crowd thinks tom hanks is a pedophile, but michael jackson, definitely not. not at all. but that lady, as hard as it is to believe, wasn't even the number one macadamia nut at the rally. that honor went to this slick little apple polisher. >> oh, i love texas. i got to do the most texas thing ever. since we came in late last night. >> i was able to bring my son donny to my buddy deion's manufacturing facility at f-1 firearms. donny, little kid from new york city, now florida, thank god, got to make his own ar-15. >> jimmy: we took our kids to build a bear this weekend. maybe the worst part about that is learning there's a third donny trump in the world. who the hell knew? the only thing worse than having donald trump as your dad would be having donald trump, jr. as your father. and then the tan of the hour took the stage. daddy donald put on quite a show
11:41 pm
and spoke like a man who hasn't been to a store in 15 years. >> can you believe what's happening? you can't get anything. the shelves are empty. i did a book. they can't publish it anymore. they can't get the paper, the glue, the ink. go out and buy it. you'll like it. >> jimmy: yeah, it doesn't exist, but go buy it. there are no books either by or about donald trump available for sale because of a glue shortage. we're all suffering through. trump went for 80 minutes with no intermission. this was a good one. he lashed out at the prosecutors who are investigating him with the intention apparently of targeting his fan base. >> they're going after me without any protection of my rights by the supreme court or most other courts. in reality, they're not after me. they're after you. >> jimmy: no. it's you. they're after you. in reality, you will be in a jumpsuit eating baloney in a
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cafeteria with rudy giuliani they will be at home watching "yellowstone" on a 65-inch tv. you know personally, if i had gotten away with trying to overthrow democracy, i'd be quiet about it. i'd shut up. but donald trump isn't capable of that. he specifically said he would consider pardoning the rioters who attacked the capitol. he said if it required pardons, he would give them pardons because they're being treated so unfairly. which is interesting, because it is quite a departure from what he said about them the day after it happened. >> i would like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the united states capitol. the real insurrection took place november 3rd. the infiltrators have defiled the seat of american democracy. >> these people are being persecuted. they're being hounded like you hound the worst animal. >> like all americans, i am outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem.
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>> the jails are filthy, disgusting, dirty. >> to those who engage in the act of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. >> if we think they're innocent, we should help them. >> to those who broke the law, you will pay. >> and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons. >> this moment calls for healing. >> i hope we are going to have in this country the biggest protest we have ever had. >> america is and must always be a nation of law and order. >> lock him up! >> jimmy: well, now i don't know which donald trump to believe. mike pence was not in texas this weekend. he was not invited. but he did make an appearance on fox news, where jesse watters asked for an update on where things stand between him and boss baby. >> when is the last time you talked to former president trump? you guys good? >> you know, we talked last summer. >> jimmy: so the answer is no. they're not good.
11:44 pm
>> you know, i've said many times, we -- it was difficult. january 6 was difficult. it was a tragic day in the life of the nation. i know i did my duty under the constitution of the united states. but the president and i sat down in the days that followed that. we spoke about it, talked through it. we parted amicably. >> yeah, like all his divorces, amicably. i love that mike pence is claiming they're fine and trump isn't even pretending they are. not long after that, trump put out this totally amicable statement. he wrote -- "if the vice president, mike pence, had 'absolutely no right' to change the electoral results despite fraud and many other irregularities, how come the democrats and rino republicans, like wacky susan collins, are desperately trying to pass legislation that will not allow the vice president to change the results of the election? actually, what they are saying is that mike pence did have the right to change the outcome, and they now want to take that right away. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power, he could have overturned the election!" he is unbelievable. this is like arguing that the
11:45 pm
guy who runs the scoreboard has the right to change the outcome of the super bowl. it's not how it works. basically, the argument this dope is making, he doesn't realize he is making it is that kamala harris has the power to keep him out of office in 2024. meanwhile, back at mar-a-lago, we got a rare melania sighting this weekend. remember her? melania teamed up with trump's most dynamic former cabinet member, the human nyquil known as ben carson for a dramatic reading of his new children's book. >> we're going to be reading a book called "why america matters." and with that, he will turn it over to the first lady. >> it is my honor to be here today with dr. carson. i hope you will enjoy the reading of "why america matters." does america really matter? in our hearts, we know for sure. >> jimmy: hold on. who are they reading this to? there are no children present.
11:46 pm
they're reading a children's book to no children in a haunted house. but melania did her "be best" to bring dr. carson's words to life. >> look at the proud bald eagle. wings matter, both left and right. if same or if different, both are needed for its flight. >> why is the eagle wearing sexy fake eyelashes? what is going on? and then dr. carson jumped in to close the show with the kind of energy that earned him the nickname "yawny mcpillowhead." >> like the bald eagle, our national symbol. as the book says, it has a right wing and a left wing. it can't fly with two right wings. it can't fly with two left wings. but when they work together, it flies beautifully. it soars beautifully. >> hi. is anyone still awake now? guys? hey guys? we still have guests coming on the show.
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we've got allan stone is here. he is going to have music for us. [ cheering ] lisa ling is here. and will arnett is with us too. so yes, wake up, wake up. we'll be right back with will arnett. abc's jimmy kimmel brought to you by nissan.
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there. tonight, her show on hbo max is called "take out with lisa ling." lisa ling is with us. then later, this is his all-acoustic album, titled "apart." music from allen stone. this week, we've got new shows with andy cohen, josh gad, sebastian stan, lily james, and slash. slash will be playing his
11:52 pm
guitar with myles kennedy and the conspirators. and we'll have music from the weather station and eric bellinger featuring sevyn. so please join us for all that this week. our first guest is an emmy-winning actor with leading-man looks and a voice that brings to mind smoked bison hide. his popular three-man podcast is called "smartless," and his new comedy series "murderville" premieres on netflix thursday. please welcome will arnett. [ cheering ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? what is this badge on your -- what is that? a patch? >> oh, this? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i don't know. read it, jimmy. >> jimmy: it says toronto maple leafs honor, pride, courage, ambassador. wow, congratulations.
11:53 pm
>> i mean, it says ambassador, but i like to think of myself more as an attache. >> jimmy: what is the difference? what is the difference between an ambassador and an attache? >> if i have to explain it to you -- i'm stalling. but, you know, i can't confirm or deny as to whether or not i'm an ambassador for the toronto maple leafs. but this is an official ambassador. i didn't steal it. >> jimmy: okay. did they send it to you? >> they did send it to me. >> jimmy: was it attached to the jacket or was it just a patch? [ laughter ] >> man, what are you, a lawyer? all of the sudden i'm on trial over here. no, it did. it came with the jacket. they sent me this nice jacket. so we haven't -- i haven't asked them as to whether or not i'm actually an ambassador. it's usually reserved for -- >> jimmy: why would they send them to you if you weren't an
11:54 pm
ambassador? >> because i'm important to the team. >> jimmy: well, then you're an ambassador. >> okay. your words. tell that to the people of toronto. this is going to create a lot of discussion. >> jimmy: yeah, i mean there are going to be other canadian celebrities who say why am i not an ambassador. >> name me one canadian celebrity other than me who deserves it. >> jimmy: martin short. >> doesn't deserve it. >> jimmy: okay. jim carrey. >> he might deserve it. >> jimmy: you watch the american sports too, i know. >> i do. >> jimmy: did you watch the football games this weekend? >> i watched the football game, yeah. it's been a minute since you and i watched a game together. i watched yesterday with bateman. >> jimmy: oh, with jason bateman, your friend? >> yeah, with jason bateman. >> jimmy: do you guys usually watch games together? >> we watch some games together. but he is tough to watch with. >> jimmy: yeah? >> mainly because of his personality. you know? >> jimmy: he is a very solitary
11:55 pm
character. he'll sit there at the dodger games with his earphones. if you go to a game with him at the dodgers, he will listen to the radio broadcast. >> and he doesn't want to talk to you. none. this is a true story. jimmy is not making it up. one time i went with him years ago, and he always used to bring a glove with him in case he caught a foul ball. i picked up the glove at one point, and we were just talking between innings, and dave roberts, who is now the manager was playing for the dodgers at the time and hit a foul ball, and it came towards up. and jason reached up, almost had it. and wearing his glove, i reached in front of him and snagged it out of the air. i still have the ball. the look on his face. >> jimmy: i heard through the grapevine that in the middle between the two games you got a massage at your house yesterday. is that true? [ laughter ] >> how did you hear that? >> jimmy: how does that work, exactly? do you tell everybody where
11:56 pm
you're headed for an hour? >> yeah, just all of the sudden i'm in a robe. actually, i told jason was so mad about it. because he thought it was really selfish that i was getting a massage. >> jimmy: you invited him to your home, and while you guys are there presumably watching the game together, excuse me for one hour. i'll be right back. >> so here's what happened. i told him the day before that i was getting a massage, and all hell broke loose. and he couldn't believe the news. what do you mean? i can tell he is just jealous. as we know, he likes nice stuff. and he needs to be taken care of. and so then he ended up just showing up for late game. because he didn't want to be around when he knew that i was getting a massage. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> kind of out of protest, i think. >> jimmy: wow. really taking some strong stance lately, you know. you guys are going on the road. when? it's starting soon, right? >> we're leaving tomorrow to go
11:57 pm
on tour. >> jimmy: the "smartless" podcast is going to be live, in front of big crowds. >> we start on february 1 in d.c., and we're going all over the place, and we're living together. we're on the road together, and we've got all these hotels. we're in the same hotel rooms with adjoining rooms. >> jimmy: why do you have adjoining rooms? >> i don't know. he was so adamant about that. jason was. sean didn't care. so i demanded a lock, obviously on mine. you never know. >> jimmy: yeah. you want to get a massage or something. >> exactly. not from you, dude! and then -- but it's going to be fun to watch him, because he's got such a funny relationship with food. >> jimmy: yeah, he does. >> doesn't he? so i can't wait to watch him eat or not eat. you know what he did yesterday? he does this whole thing where look, quite literally every time he goes to my house, look at all this food you got. who gets chee-tos? and then he starts eating it. like he's a kid who escaped from
11:58 pm
fat camp, you know what i mean? and i'm like why are you so mad about it? >> jimmy: he claims to be gluten-free, and yet we rented a house together for a period of six days. and on each of the six days, he bought a giant box of pastries. he brought them back to the house. >> and on new year's eve when i facetime with you guys, he was eating ice cream. >> jimmy: he was eating ice cream, yeah. he also will heat any food that you prepare. >> yes. >> jimmy: he will just take it and put it right in the microwave. >> immediately. >> jimmy: which is maddening to somebody who cooks the food and gets it just right. but he goes right to the microwa microwave. >> doesn't care. >> jimmy: what's wrong with him? >> he also -- we're really going off on our friend jason. as you know, sits in a restaurant, gets the menu. thank you. i'll have this and i'll have this, thank you. and oh, to the bathroom. he goes and he washes his hands. and then he walks back like he is going into surgery. so he is holding his hands like this. and he'll sit back down at the table.
11:59 pm
so what's going on, waiting for the food. it's so good. we could do an hour. this is a special. let's get barbara walters. >> jimmy: it's like a retrospective. it's like a -- how are you? how you doing? >> heard about last week, man. >> guillermo: oh, yeah. >> good for you. >> >> guillermo: oh, thank you. thank you. >> and i heard about friday too. >> guillermo: all right, good, yeah. >> jimmy: will arnett is here. we'll be back to see a clip from his new show "murderville." we'll be right back.
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orders are very easy to lose behind your ears. >> they're small. >> if i mix it up aly bit, i blow it, look at this. and now it's a single half dollar, 50 cent piece. make sure to put that in your piggy bank. >> this is astounding. >> it's not. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> he's always got one in the other. >> my jaw is on the floor. >> oh, well, then maybe we should clean it up. >> that was fricking cool. >> jimmy: that is will arnett, conan o'brien and david william in "murderville." >> the great david william. >> jimmy: boy that show is funny. what an interesting idea. i'll explain if you don't mind. you've got this real funny murder mystery, but each week you have a celebrity guest who is playing himself. and that person becomes your detective sidekick. >> right. >> jimmy: and the person doesn't have a script. they just have to kind of fill in the blanks as it went along.
12:05 am
>> yes. they have no idea what's going on. they have a murder, we have to go look at the body, the m.e. and question all these suspects. and our guest has no idea. so it's just completely improvised. and we mess around. we have a sort of goal of what we want to get to. at the end of the episode, a they have to guess who committed the murder. it's crazy. it's a concept that came from this guy, the great tom davis, englishman who created the original version in the uk. it was a little bit different. and i just loved it. i loved what he did. i was so enamored with the idea. and i started doing it here. >> jimmy: you have conan. you have marshawn lynch. >> marshawn lynch. >> jimmy: dr. ken jeong. >> dr. ken jeong. >> sharon stone, kamel and and a murphy. >> jimmy: it's a really funny show. it's really funny. right before we watch it, my wife said this could go either way. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and it went the good way. >> where is molly? thank you, molly.
12:06 am
thanks, molly. >> jimmy: now, i want to mention something. oh, first, i forgot to show this before. this is a picture you post on instagram. i actually shot this photograph. >> jason. we were rehearsing this "facts of life" and jimmy was able to capture a photo of jason eating his sandwich. >> eating a giant turkey sandwich. >> so he texted to me and i put it out on jason's birthday. >> jimmy: it's a great shot. >> it's a great shot. the crowd's really with bateman now. you notice? [ applause ] >> jimmy: so i know you know about this, because i believe you acknowledged it online. but there was a young girl who is 8 years old. and at her birthday, she had a will arnett-themed birthday party. >> yeah. even i haven't had one. >> jimmy: she has your face on her shirt. they vandalized the horse.
12:07 am
they had cupcakes with your head on them. they had key chains with your face on them. it was whole thing. now have you spoken to this young lady? >> i have not spoken to her. i knew about the thing. >> jimmy: well, her name is ellie palumbo. and as a matter of fact, we tracked her down, and there is ellie. [ applause ] your little estefan. >> what! >> jimmy: ellie, how are you? >> good. how you? >> jimmy: i'm doing well. say hello to your friend will arnett here. >> hi! >> hi, ellie. how are you? >> good. >> listen, i'm sorry. this is a little belated, but happy birthday. >> thank you. >> how did it go? were people really puzzled by your birthday? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> people thought you were my dad. >> jimmy: oh, they thought you were her dad. >> well, you know what? that's a compliment. i'll take that as a compliment.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: it could also be a paternity suit. we don't know. >> ellie -- >> jimmy: ellie, do your friends like will arnett also? >> well, some people don't know about him. >> jimmy: right. if they knew him. that would love him. >> you know how they will know about me, ellie? you're going to do this every year for the rest of your life, and i'm going to come down. i'm coming down there. >> jimmy: which birthday. will you be at her 9th birthday? >> well, i've got to look at my calendar. i'm going to be there. i can't wait, ellie. >> jimmy: ellie, let's show this. this party wasn't just cupcakes and key chains. this is all -- show the rock that they painted for ellie. >> by the way, i had to have a name tag on. because people wouldn't know. >> jimmy: ellie, besides that little mobile or whatever you've
12:09 am
got behind you, do you collect will arnett stuff? >> yes. i have some stuff here. >> jimmy: can we see the stuff? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: okay, great. >> i have this. >> oh, wow. >> jimmy: that's a will arnett tumbler. okay. >> this. a notebook. >> a notebook. >> jimmy: a will notebook. how about this? wow. > i have another notebook, which says "sorry i wasn't listening." [ applause ] >> you know what? i say that all the time. >> jimmy: ellie, are you a fan of jason bateman's also? no. >> good for you! ellie, what a pleasure to meet you. thank you so much. i'm so honored that you would have a birthday themed after me. i can't even tell you. i hope it went well. i'm sorry you had to explain to everybody who i was.
12:10 am
but one day we'll do it in person. and jimmy will pay for it. >> jimmy: hey, that's right. [ applause ] >> way to go, jimmy. what a guy! >> jimmy: ellie, don't watch the show "murderville" on net politics, okay? >> do not. not yet. >> okay. >> jimmy: give it a few years. >> wait until you're 13. >> jimmy: that's ellie, everybody. >> bye, ellie. >> jimmy: see that? wow. i mean, you've got fans from elementary school all the way past death. >> it's incredible. wait, past death? >> jimmy: yeah. >> ghosts? i'm huge with ghosts. >> jimmy: it's great to see you. congratulations on the show. watch it on netflix. will arnett, everybody. it premieres thursday on netflix. we'll be back with lisa ling. in the world today♪ ♪my ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there.
12:22 am
welcome back. music from allan stone is on the way. our next guest has reported on drug gangs, prison life, wars, and even swingers clubs, but her new documentary series focuses on a much more important subject, which is, "what should we eat?" "take out with lisa ling" is on hbo max. please welcome lisa ling. [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how you? i haven't seen you in a while. >> it's been a very, very long time. >> jimmy: how you doing? >> i'm doing great. how are you? >> jimmy: i'm doing well. thank you. you were on "the view" last week, where you used to be one of the regular hosts. >> yes. >> jimmy: you kind of filled in. >> yes. >> jimmy: i don't know. they kill people off and then you got to bring in new people, right? >> i guest hosted for a week. and i'm so glad i don't do it every day. and the reason is because you really have to express your opinions so vociferously on that show. and in the age of social media,
12:23 am
you're just scrutinized so severely. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, every word. >> everything, everything. but i had a great time. and on monday, my first day, i got into a debate with some of the ladies about when joe biden called peter ducey of fox a stupid s.o.b. you remember that? >> oh, yes. >> no, that is not behavior becoming of a president, right? and it was a little bit of a debait. and it got written up. lisa ling is causing chaos on "the view." see? exactly that's the reason. because i get along great with the women. although during a commercial break, joy did tell me i was talking too much. >> jimmy: joy? don't you think maybe they have too many people on the show? no one gets to talk a lot of the time. >> yeah. it is really difficult to get a word in edgewise. i did a little bit better this time. i mean, i was 26 when i did the show the first time around. >> jimmy: how long were you on that show? >> i was on three years.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: and when you were on that show, what happened? now prince used to watch the show, correct? which is strange. >> yes. >> jimmy: but i also know that prince would watch a lot of television. >> yes. >> jimmy: and he was very kind of tuned into what was going on. >> what are you getting at? >> jimmy: i was getting at he was particularly tuned in to what was going on with you, right? >> so maybe. >> jimmy: maybe. what was your first contact with prince? >> again, this was 20 years ago. i was in my 20s. and one day our assistant gets a call from a man who says, yes, he would like to speak with ms. ling. and our assistant is who is he? what are you talking about? he would like to speak to her. finally he said the artist formally known as prince would like to speak to lisa. and so knowing how much i loved prince, she said okay, well, here is our cell phone number. she wouldn't ordinarily give it out. but she knew i loved prince. >> jimmy: well, it seemed like a normal call.
12:25 am
why wouldn't you? >> exactly. i get on the phone. i hear this voice, a soft voice, and it was him. he asked me if i wanted to go to the tlc concert with him. yes, i would love to. so he said i'm going send a car to pick you up, come to my hotel, ask for karl marx, and they'll let you come up to my room. he registered as karl marx. so i'm nervous, because i'm the biggest prince fan. i go up. he opens the door, and he is a pretty diminutive guy. and he looked at my shoes. and he said i really like your shoes. it felt like he wanted to try them on. >> jimmy: he did. >> but that would be weird. any way, so we went to the show. it was amazing. and then we went back to his room, and i wasn't really concerned that he was going to try anything because it was when he was going through his jehovah witness stage. i felt pretty confident i would be okay. >> jimmy: okay. >> so we ended up talking until 5:00 in the morning about
12:26 am
philosophy and having these very, very serious discussions. and that was it. i left karl marks's room and went back. and he asked me to come over the next day again. and so i went over there, and we talked until 5:00 in the morning. had a great, incredibly stimulating discussion. and the next day i went back and was doing my job at "the view," and i was talking on air about someone that i dated a long time ago. and i got a call at 5:00 the next morning, and it was prince calling himself, the guy didn't call, and he said who were you talking about? and i said i was talking about someone in my past. why were you talking about him. >> jimmy: wow. >> like we had a relationship or something. i was talking about someone in my past. and that was it. he never called me. that was my relationship with prince. yeah. >> jimmy: how very, very strange that is. >> it is strange. it was really strange. i still to this day think that he is the greatest artist whoever lived. but it was a little bit of a
12:27 am
weird interaction. >> jimmy: yeah, that is super weird. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he didn't do that with any of the other hosts? he didn't call joy or whoopi, or just you? >> if he did, it was unbeknownst to me. >> jimmy: this show of yours, i watched it today. i thought it was very interesting. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and really enjoyable to watch, because there are a lot of food shows on television. this show is about the history associated with food. and even i saw the episode where, well, you went back to this restaurant that your family on the other hand. >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, you tell it. >> so the way i describe the show is it's an exploration of buried asian american histories and culture through the lens of food, because everybody in america loves asian food. there are more chinese restaurants in america than mcdonald's, wendy's, pizza hut combined. and these days you can find thai food or bangladeshi food, all kinds of asian food. but really, we don't know much about asian american history. when i grew up, i didn't have a
12:28 am
single day of it. and restaurants have become such a pathway for so many asian immigrants in this country. and my grandparents came to this country. they emigrated in the '40s. but my grandfather got educated in the '20s and '30s. he went to nyu for undergrad.una when they moved here in the '40s, he could not get financed because he was chinese. they ended up opening a restaurant in sacramento, california. neither he or my grandmother knew how to cook. but it was one of the few ways chinese peel could actually own a business or have a business. and it's funny. >> jimmy: you took your family to the restaurant for -- how long had it been since you had been there? >> i had never been to the restaurant. >> jimmy: you had never been? >> they sold it before i was born. >> jimmy: oh. >> and my grandmother, i grew up with her, and she never wanted me to cook, because for her the restaurant was about survival. and she wanted me to do something else. >> jimmy: she said that she
12:29 am
would, her first job there was as a kid waiting for people to come to the door and running to the kitchen to tell them you have customer. >> that was my aunt. >> jimmy: your aunt. >> it's a good-looking family, by the way. >> thank you. >> jimmy: just overall. my family is a mess. >> thank you. you know, it's funny because my grandparents in the '50s, their restaurant served food that appeared to a non-chinese clientele. they didn't use chopsticks. they didn't have chopsticks in the restaurant. so i tried egg foo sue which for the first time in my life while i was shooting this series. >> jimmy: and how did you like it? not much. now this area of los angeles is an interesting spot, boyle heights, which is a latino community primarily now. >> yes. >> jimmy: it used to be a chinese community, right? is that correct? >> actually, a japanese community. >> jimmy: japanese. >> so one of the episodes of our show "take out" takes place in boyle heights.
12:30 am
hi, guillermo! >> jimmy: don't be rude, guillermo. >> so we did an entire episode back in boyle heights. there is one japanese restaurant left, and we featured a young woman's pop-up called east l los masubi. her grandfather was japanese and grandmother mexican. so she has this fusion. >> jimmy: this is what we're going to eat right here? >> exactly. this is the hot chee-to masubi. >> guillermo: wow. >> jimmy: this is like japanese and mexican. >> japanese and mexican. >> jimmy: stoner food, basically. >> yes. it's rice, seaweed, spam and hot chee-to. >> jimmy: i've had this at hawaiian restaurant, grilled spam. >> but the hot chee-to is a homage to her mex can't right, it is really homage? >> it tastes good. >> guillermo: it's so good.
12:31 am
>> it's good, right? east los masubi if you're in l.a. check it out. >> jimmy: the show is called "take out with lisa ling." you want some? >> i don't want to mess up my lipstick. but trust me, it's delicious. >> jimmy: it's on hbo max now. thank you so much. lisa ling, everybody. we'll be back with allan stone. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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the jimmy kimmel concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. >> thanks to will arnett and lisa ling. apologies to matt damon. tomorrow night, i'll be joined by lily james, sebastian stan, and quinta brunson, with music sevyn.ric bellinger featuring - "nightline" is next, but first, his acoustic album is called "apart." here with the song "bed i made," allen stone! [ cheering ] ♪ every night when i close my eyes, and all my troubles they
12:34 am
fade. ♪ still every morning when i rise, just sleeping in this bed that i made ♪ ♪ this bed i made, yeah ♪ ♪ i complain to the stars it didn't get me very far ♪ ♪ cause all my problems they follow me i flew to the moon ♪ ♪ but it wasn't far enough away from you cause all our problems they follow me ♪ ♪ and every night i close my eyes and all my troubles fade ♪ ♪ and every morning when i rise
12:35 am
i'm just sleeping in this bed i made ♪ ♪ oh, this bed that i made ♪ ♪ one million times inside of my mind i have justified baby ♪ ♪ but all my problems still follow me and i discovered a way ♪ ♪ to cleverly avoid the blame but all my problems still follow me ♪ ♪ and every night i close my eyes all my troubles fade ♪ ♪ but every morning when i rise i'm just sleeping in this bed i made ♪
12:36 am
♪ i can't outrun the pain oh no, no, no, no oh should have faced these demons as they came yeah ♪ ♪ and what i wouldn't trade to make some room in this bed i made ♪ ♪ cause every night i close my eyes and all my troubles fade ♪ ♪ but every morning when i rise i'm just sleeping in this bed ♪ ♪ i'm just sleeping i'm sleeping in this bed i made ♪ ♪ [ cheering and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, joe rogan, the spotify star using his instagram to answer his critics. >> the podcast has been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation. >> the uproar over his controversial and wildly successful show. >> it's a huge profit center for them. >> why musicians are joining rocker neil young and leaving the platform. >> a lot of times on joe's show, they encourage the wrong thing, and we felt like we had no choice, but to stand with neil. >> plus, the great quit. >> i started doing comedy as a way to take a break from work. >> millions of americans leaving their jobs and steady paychecks behind inea


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