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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 2, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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roads. jobina: until he decides to go on the freeway. reggie: we would love if good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. 98 million americans on alert for dangerous snow and ice this wednesday morning. a major cross-country winter storm is moving across the heartland this morning, making travel nearly impossible in some parts. more than a thousand flights already canceled. ginger is tracking the two big waves of this wintry mess. pfizer requesting emergency use authorization for its vaccines for kids 6 months to 5 years old. why it's submitting data for two doses even though the company thinks it will eventually require three. senator ben ray lujan suffers a stroke. the 49-year-old new mexico democrat expected to make a full recovery, but what does his absence mean for president biden's agenda? former head coach brian
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flores suing the nfl, the dolphins, the broncos and the new york giants alleging racism in the league's hiring practices. deadly campus shooting. two officers killed at a virginia college as the nypd expects thousands to pay their respects at the st. patrick's cathedral funeral for the second officer gunned down in that ambush responding to a domestic violence call. breaking overnight. whoopi goldberg suspended. the fallout from "the view" co-host's comments on the holocaust. waffle house hero. the never-before-seen footage from the deadly 2018 shooting at a nashville restaurant playing out in court, showing the man who wrestled the gun away from the shooter, telling his story on the stand. ♪ you're simply the best ♪ ♪ better than all the rest ♪ and saying good-bye to simply the best. what's next for tom brady after 22 seasons and 7 super bowl
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titles, his business partner and friend joins us live only on "gma." what tom says he couldn't have made every sunday without. ♪ >> what's next for tom brady is some golf with michael. >> yes, yes, and you're picking up the caddie. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to begin today and we're going to talk about that major winter storm that's slamming parts of the country right now. at least 34 states on alert for dangerous snow and ice. >> millions are bracing for a messy commute this morning. that's a live look at the roads near chicago right now. let's go to ginger, she's live in champaign, illinois, where the snow is coming down as well. good morning, ginger. >> reporte robi the iconihe unit of illins dted in snow after being covered in freezing rain.
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let's go ahead and dive in, denver already seeing the snow and big-time messy roads, jackknifed tractor trailers and you also see the plows are having a tough time getting through. dallas and ft. worth in a warning. oklahoma city in a warning. all the way up through indianapolis, cleveland, buffalo, so widespread, it will come in two impulses. today the snow on the northern side, detroit's day, fort wayne's day. then that southern low starts to pull up that moisture, like a fire hose of moisture, the ice thicker, i'm really concerned about a quarter inch to a half-inch ice. then as it moves into the northeast, northeast by friday will be transitioning to that icy mix, if we start getting accumulating that will be a big problem on the roads. >> okay, ginger, thank you.
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the snow also falling in chicago this morning. that's where we find our alex perez. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. you can see traffic on lake shore drive is moving but kind of sparse which may be for the best because chicagoland area bracing for a monster headache of a morning commute. now, the rain began falling here late last night, freezing and creating a dangerous layer of ice which is now being covered creating travel headaches. nearly 1,300 flights canceled already this morning and at least five major airports including right here in chicago and with as much a foot of snow possible in chicagoland warning people, asking them to stay off the road and avoid travel if possible. >> want everybody to stay safe. all right, alex, thank you. michael? now to the latest on the pandemic and that headline from pfizer, applying for emergency use authorization for its covid vaccine for children under 5 years old. whit johnson is at pfizer headquarters with the latest. good morning, whit.
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>> reporter: michael, good morning. this process now moves to an fda advisory panel meeting in a couple of weeks. if the pfizer vaccine is authorized for kids under 5, the cdc would then give the final green light and we could see those first shots by the end of the month. this morning, a major step towards vaccinating america's youngest children against covid. pfizer requesting emergency use authorization for kids 6 months to 5 years old. >> i think parents should feel good that as we so slowly work our way down in ages and continue to see a safe and effective vaccine that will also be true here. >> reporter: it is now submitting the trial data for just two doses citing an urgent public health need. federal regulators reportedly asking pfizer to move forward despite a lower immune response in 2 to 4-year-olds. the shots are 1/10th the strength of adult doses. >> there is an urgent need to get our younger kids immunized
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and protected against covid, but we can't let that happen until we are sure that the science suggests that our kids should be getting these vaccines whether it's two dose or down the road three doses. >> getting our shot. >> we're getting our shot. >> reporter: the bowie family says they're confident in the vaccine's safety. over the summer their kids including then-3-year-old christian and 14-month-old sloan got two doses as part of the pfizer trial. >> we truly feel that the protection that the vaccine has afforded the kids has been able to get us back into somewhat of a normal life. >> reporter: but many parents remain hesitant. a recent survey found only about 30% of parents with kids under 5 will get them their shots right away. george? >> okay, whit, thanks very much. to capitol hill now and a the health scare for new mexico senator ben ray lujan. he suffered a stroke and is hospitalized. he's expected to make a full recovery, but it's comes at a
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critical time for the democratic agenda in a 50/50 senate. rachel scott has the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. this really did come as a shock to so many senators here on capitol hill. democratic senator ben ray lujan of new mexico was feeling dizzy last week. he checked himself into a hospital. he found out that he suffered a stroke and had to undergo surgery to help with the swelling. his office tells us that he is expected to make a full recovery but at this point, it's unclear just how long he will be gone from capitol hill. democrats hold a razor-thin majority in the senate and it comes as president biden is trying to narrow down his short list for who he will nominate to the supreme court. to get his pick confirmed without any republican support, he will need the vote of every single democratic senator. it could be weeks before president biden announces his choice but democrats have already had to reshuffle their plans, pushing off votes for other key nominees. one democratic senator telling me that this is just a reminder that in a senate that is split 50/50, any unexpected development could serve as a challenge to democrats and their
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agenda, but, of course, they are wishing senator lujan well. george? >> we all are. rachel scott, thank you very much. robin? >> we are, george. thank you. now to the latest on russia and ukraine. russian president vladimir putin speaking for the first time in weeks about the crisis and placing the blame on the u.s. and its allies. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is there on the scene for us in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. we're in one of these many frontline towns between ukrainian forces and russian-backed rebels. there used to be 800 people living here. today there are only 90 left. with the world watching and worrying about the troops at the border, vladimir putin speaking out criticizing america and the west for, quote, ignoring our concerns. he thinks that nato's broken promises by expanding into eastern europe, which he sees as a threat. quote, as the people say they played us. of course the u.s. rejecting that saying russia is the aggressor by invading ukraine and gathering these troops at the border.
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meanwhile, american fighter jets taking part in preplanned military exercises in estonia. no diplomatic breakthroughs yet but the good news is that both sides are agreeing to continue talking. the bad is that the differences between the two still remain and the greatest danger is right here. one small misstep between ukraine and these rebel forces could potentially ignite a much greater conflict. michael? >> hopefully they can talk their way through it. ian, thank you so much. now, we're going to turn to that blistering lawsuit against the nfl. former miami dolphins head coach brian flores is suing the league and three teams for alleged racial discrimination and calling for the nfl to make some major changes. trevor ault has more for us this morning. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. brian flores was thought to be on the short list for some of the most high-profile jobs in football and now he's taking on the nfl himself. this is a wide-ranging lawsuit about his own treatment and about black coaches in general. it named several teams. it includes text messages from patriots head coach bill
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belichick and goes as far as to accuse the league of being managed like a plantation. this morning, former miami dolphins coach brian flores is speaking out for the first time after accusing the nfl of racial discrimination. >> we need change. i know very capable black coaches. if given an opportunity or when given an opportunity will do a great job in the opportunity. >> reporter: in a proposed class action lawsuit filed monday., flores says the league remains rife with racism particularly when it comes to the hiring and retention of black head coaches, coordinators and general managers. in the last month flores was fired after back-to-back winning seasons in miami and then passed over for the top job with the new york giants. in his lawsuit flores says just last week the giants invited him to interview for its head coaching vacancy but flores, who spent ten years under bill belichick with the patriots, says days before that meeting,
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his former boss mistakenly sent him these text messages saying the job had already gone to brian dabol, a white coach, and he alleges in 2019 when the broncos interviewed him the team executives were disheveled, adding it was obvious they were drinking heavily the night before, accusations the team says are blatantly false and they too later hired a white coach. flores is now calling both meetings sham interviews. he believes they were only granted to satisfy the league's 20-year-old rooney rule which mandates teams interview at least one minority candidate for top positions. but the giants say they are confident with the process that resulted in the hiring of brian dabol. the nfl responding to the allegations in a statement saying diversity is core to everything we do and there are few issues on which our clubs and our internal leadership team spend more time. we will defend against these claims, which are without merit. now there are still five vacancies but as of right now there is only one black head
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coach in the nfl. brian flores says he's risking his chances of ever getting hired again with this lawsuit but said it had to be done to enact change. george? >> trevor ault, thanks very much. now to that breaking news overnight. "the view" co-host whoopi goldberg suspended for two weeks for her comments about the holocaust. erielle reshef has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. though goldberg apologized, it created a firestorm. this morning, abc news suspending whoopi goldberg for two weeks in response to her inflammatory remarks about the holocaust. abc news president kim godwin saying in a statement, effective immediately, i am suspending whoopi goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments. while whoopi has apologized, i've asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. the entire abc news organization stands in solidarity with our jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities. >> if you're going to do this, then let's be truthful about it because the holocaust isn't
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about race. >> reporter: on monday's show, the host of abc's "the view" inaccurately claimed the holocaust was not related to race. >> it's not about race. it's not about race. >> what is it about? >> it's about man's inhumanity to man. that's what it's about. >> whoopi goldberg. >> reporter: goldberg appearing to double down on "the colbert show" that night. >> the american experience tends to be based on skin. >> yes, and so that is what race means to me. when you talk about being a racist, i was saying you can't call this racism. this was evil. this wasn't -- this wasn't based on the skin. you couldn't tell who was jewish. they had to delve deeply to figure it out. >> reporter: then tweeting an apology saying in part, the jewish people around the world have always had my support and that will never waiver. i'm sorry for the hurt i have caused and the next day opening "the view" with this. >> i said that the holocaust wasn't about race and it was instead about man's inhumanity
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to man. but it is indeed about race because hitler and the nazis considered jews to be an inferior race. now words matter and mine are no exception. i regret my comments, as i said, and i stand corrected. i also stand with the jewish people as they know and y'all know because i've always done that. >> reporter: by the end of the holocaust just 77 years ago, 6 million jews had been murdered. >> that might not fit exactly or feel different than the way we think about race in 21st century america where it's primarily about people of color, but throughout the jewish people's history they have been marginalized, they have been persecuted, they have been slaughtered in large part because many felt they were not just a different religion, but indeed a different race. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: the head of the anti-defamation league warning anti-semitism is still a real and present danger. >> we need people of good faith
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on the left and the right to call it out forcefully, fully without hesitation. >> studies show an alarming decline in knowledge about the holocaust at a time when anti-semitism has surged to unprecedented levels. the fbi saying jews are the most targeted for religious-based hate crimes in this country and george, as you heard there, goldberg saying she regrets her comments and any hurt they may have caused. >> yes, she did. erielle, thanks very much. robin? now to the tragedy at a college in virginia. two officers shot and killed during an active shooting situation. president biden tweeting, quote, another senseless shooting has taken the lives of two brave officers. gun violence against law enforcement officers is sickening and it must end. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. tragedy came to bridgewater college, a small liberal arts school of only 1,500 students about two hours southwest of washington, d.c. just after 1:00 p.m.
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campus police officers john painter and j.j. jefferson were responding to a report of a suspicious man near a building that houses classrooms. and offices. after a brief encounter, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the officers and then fled. the two officers who were good friends and known as the dynamic duo died at the scene despite a desperate effort to save them. the suspect identified as alexander campbell, age 27, was arrested a short distance away. police recovered multiple guns on and off campus. we have no motive but you get the sense this terrible violence could have been much worse. michael? >> terrible, indeed. pierre, thank you so much for that. and this morning, here in new york city, thousands of officers are expected to pay their respects at the funeral of nypd officer wilbert mora at st. patrick's cathedral. mora and his partner were fatally shot while responding to a domestic violence call. phil lipof is at st. patrick's cathedral. good morning, phil. >> reporter: michael, good morning. sadness and grief will once again fill st. patrick's
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cathedral as the funeral for officer wilbert mora will take place in just a few hours. the second of two nypd officers killed in the line of duty in just the last two weeks. yesterday officer mora's wake was held here and hundreds came through to pay their respects to the 27-year-old who died trying to make new york city a safer place. mora and his partner, jason rivera, were ambushed answering a domestic violence call january 21st. rivera was killed there at the scene. he was just 22. his funeral held here last week and when you hear about that sea of blue, this is exactly what it looked like. law enforcement officers from s0 deep for 20 blocks. here in new york city that's a mile long. a powerful show of support. we are expecting to see a similar outpouring today. officer mora was hospitalized for four days before he died and in one last act of heroism donated his organs so that five
7:18 am
others may live. and in the aftermath of this shooting and several others here in the city, the new york city mayor eric adams reached out demanding federal help. tomorrow, president biden comes to new york city to meet with mayor adams to talk about gun violence. guys? >> such a serious problem. okay, phil, thanks very much. we will switch gears when we come back. what's next for tom brady? the seven-time super bowl champ's longtime body coach and close friend alex guerrera joins us live. and the dramatic never before seen video of the waffle house shooting showing the moment when that heroic man wrestled a rifle away from the suspect. but first let's go back to ginger. ging? >> reporter: robin, we've got wichita with already 5 inches of snow. let's get snowy cities sponsored by planet fitness.
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drew: i am meteorologist drew tuma with your accurate weather forecast. winds continued today, high-wind warning's in effect today with the offshore wind gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. going into the low to mid 60's under sunny skies. tonight, the winds come down and temperatures go into the 30's and into the 40's. gusty today, much calmer tomorrow, the dry pattern continues the next seven days, near 70 next week. stay right there. we'll be right back. what if smartphones were more than just smart? the all new google pixel 6 truly sees you.
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and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings, california's first ever surgeon general, has reportedly resigned, according to the chronicle doctor, nadine burke. harris is stepping down. she was named surgeon general in 2019. she is the founder and ceo of the san francisco based center for youth wellness governor newsom says harris expertise and leadership have been instrumental in advancing the health and well being of californians. it's not clear when the governor is going to appoint another surgeon general. good morning, everyone checking in on traffic here. we're going to start with the live. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5 42. and you can see this is one of the biggest backups we have faced. really since the holidays at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been so like their traffic is backed up past the east
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parking lot live. look at the richmond san rafael bridge, where we are seeing slow traffic as well for people traveling towards the north bay and then wrapping up here with some drive times. it has definitely improved the commute that is from tracy to dublin. it's going to be 48 minutes, but it has really slowed down 80 to concord 41. minutes. good luck! you too! and the united states has done it! a very generous congratulations.
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bitter rivals but absolute respect.
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windy view from future tower now bouncing around as the sun gets up here. winds are the big story today there are increasing as we speak near 30, mile per hour gusts and napa 26 half moon bay , the city gusting to 23 right now, it's even stronger. in our hills were gusting to 50 and mount hood, 57 diablo, even the east foothills gusting to 40 mph , so as you go throughout the morning hours, the winds will increase. it is a windy afternoon across the region and then later tonight after sunset. the winds will calm down reggie , thanks for coming up on gm and
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hit free here, where a free there. no no no, free, free. make it at free. free! that's right, turbotax free edition is free. see details at there he is. >> oh, that's right, it's groundhog day. so will punxsutawney phil save us from this bitter cold? he will not. phil saw his shadow there in pennsylvania so it is six more weeks of winter. >> i'll deliver the bad news next year. >> thank you. i appreciate that. i feel like everybody is looking at me -- not the messenger, not the messenger. here are some of the top headlines we're following right now, including the major cross-country winter storm on the move. 98 million americans on alert for dangerous snow and ice. more than a thousand flights have already been canceled. ginger is tracking the two big waves of this wintry mess all morning long.
7:31 am
also, an fda advisory panel set to meet on february 15th to review the data and vote on pfizer's request to authorize its covid vaccine for kids 6 months to 5 years old. the company expects it will eventually require three doses but submitting the data for two citing an urgent public health need. the cdc could give the approval by the end of the month. and after that north carolina fertilizer plant fire stoked fears that the chemicals stored on site could explode, more than 6,000 people evacuated from the area. wake forest university near the plant canceled classes and relocated some of the students. also this morning, the washington football team set to announce its new name but the unveiling might be anti-climactic. our local station in washington caught a glimpse of washington commanders banner inside the team stadium. the team dropped its former name more than a year ago. >> oops. >> always people prying in your business. >> what are you going to do? and we've got a lot more ahead. we have the never-before-seen
7:32 am
video of the waffle house hero. that is coming up. very brave man. >> that is coming up. right now we turn to tom brady, officially announcing his retirement after a hall of fame career and we'll talk with brady's longtime body coach, close friend and business partner in a minute, but first t.j. holmes joins us with a look at what his post nfl life could look like. good morning. >> good morning. a testment to the greatness of his longevity. he's 44 years old. he's 44. he actually led the nfl this year in passing yards and passing touchdowns at the age of 44. so, why would he decide that he's going to give it up now? 100% competitive commitment that he needs to the game and that's not something he's willing to do anymore. >> brady is going to hand it off. it's fournette. he'll take it to the end zone. >> reporter: after 22 seasons and 7 super bowl wins, tom brady is officially retiring from football. >> it was an honor, privilege to
7:33 am
watch you compete. >> absolutely incredibly career. best ever to do it. >> unbelievable feat on his part but what he's done for us will transcend many generations. >> reporter: his wife of nearly 13 years, supermodel gisele bundchen writing, i'm in awe of your dedication and everything you have achieved. you are the most dedicated, focused and mentally tough person i have ever met. the storied athlete got his start at the university of michigan, spent his first two years as a backup. >> tom brady goes to the new england patriots. >> reporter: in 2000 he was 199th pick in the draft. the new england patriots gave him a shot that would forever change that franchise and the sport. >> there's nobody that produced at his level, at his age not in football, not in that position. he's done things that nobody else ever has in terms of productivity and longevity. >> reporter: his commitment to physical greatness set him apart.
7:34 am
brady's retiring on top. the highest earning nfl player of all time. his longtime body coach, alex guerrera, joked on instagram tuesday that he's updating my resume after the announcement. brady and his wife are notoriously health conscious. 80% of their diet is veggies and whole grains. he spoke to strahan just last year about his journey. >> i know a lot of that has to do with the way you take care of yourself. >> for an athlete, your body is your asset. what i eat, what i drink, how i workout, all those things cumulatively add up. >> reporter: the 44-year-old launched his brady apparel brand just last month. >> he was one of the best human beings that you could hang around, truly humble. would give you the shirt off his back. great teammate. >> reporter: brady also expressed his commitment to his wife and three kids writing in his retirement announcement that they are my greatest achievement. i always came off the field and home to the most loving and supportive wife who has done everything for our family to allow me to focus on my career. >> football has centered me in so many ways. it's like such a singular purpose that i think when i don't have that, it's going to be a little bit of a challenge
7:35 am
for me. >> y'all, a lot of people might have noticed, he has that long message, retirement message. you're reading and come to this point he says -- [ speaking foreign language ] he's speaking in portuguese directly to his wife, gisele saying i love you, love of my life. so that gives you just a little nugget there of him, how he's been talking about his family a lot lately. how they're going to be a part of this and just one more greatness note, the man has seven super bowl wins. that is more than any nfl franchise has in its history. >> that says something. >> including the patriots, they have six. he got them all of those, went to tampa and got them another one. so he's even ahead of them. it's just remarkable what he's done. >> now it's time to go home and spend time with the family. >> he deserves it. >> no doubt. thank you so much, t.j. joining us now exclusively is brady's longtime body coach, close friend and tb12 co-founder alex guerrera. alex, thank you for joining us this morning, my friend. we know you've worked with tom
7:36 am
for more than 15 years, you're one of the closest people on the planet to him. can you tell us why he finally decided to hang it up? >> well, you know, he's had an amazing 22-year career, right? he's done so many -- you know, as everybody has, you know, talked about for, you know, the past few days how amazing his career has been, i think he's gotten to the point to where he realized that he just wanted to spend some time with his family and give back and when you take the time with him and you see how committed he is to the things that he loves doing, which for 22 years was football, and for the season he was so dedicated to his team and wanted to be the best for his teammates and, you know, now just like tom said it, he wanted to take time to reflect and find a direction for his path moving forward. >> but what was his thought process leading up to this decision? did he ask you for your input? >> you know, really during the course of the season we were so focused.
7:37 am
it really was about the team. it was about being the best for his teammates. you know, tom always exemplifies great leadership. i think his work ethic, his determination to win, you know, he always comes with a winning mindset. that was really what we focused on, you know, up until really last week. >> and next season will be here before we know it. do you think he might regret retiring just a little bit? >> you know, that's -- you know, michael, you've been there, right? like, i've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of high-end athletes and have taken several into retirement and, you know, some are really prepared for it and, you know, others aren't like you obviously were prepared for it and we've talked about you and just admire what you have been able to do, you know, post football. and tom and i have actually talked about michael and what michael's done and how amazing he's done it and so i think he's excited about post-football
7:38 am
career. he has amazing businesses that he's involved in. certainly he has a passion for health and wellness and sharing, you know, the tb12 method and what we have been able to share with the masses. he wants people to know how to be able to do what they love for longer, how to be able to do it regardless of age. >> i think it's amazing. hs career is a testament to all of those things, his commitment to being the best and definitely i need to get on that tb12 program. i'm falling apart. but in his statement he made a reference to you which i thought was so great. he said i could never have made every sunday without you. it's that simple. so what did you do to help brady become the special player he was and what do you think was the key to his longevity? >> yeah, i think the key to his longevity obviously is his work ethic. you know, healthy habits and his winning mindset. i think those are all things that we talk about at tb12 and throughout our method.
7:39 am
it's all part of it. we're working on, you know, being -- working on the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and so i think through our work together through his training, through our, you know, manual therapy, all the bodywork that we've done to really prepare his body to be able to sustain the impact, you know, that the sport put on him over the course of, you know, all these 16 years together, you know, i think that really goes towards talking about his longevity and why he was able to do it for as long as he was able to do it for. i think people in the future are going to hear more from him and more about how he did it and why he did it and the results of doing it. >> 22 years, we both know how long and how tough it is for anybody to go that long at anything they do. so, alex, thank you for your contributions so that we could watch tom brady play. thank you, my friend. really appreciate you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. thank you for having me. >> thank you. of course.
7:40 am
>> there's high praise there for you. you really, when you decided to retire, you had made calls, you had made, you know, relationships and that's what brady seems to have done like taken the time to think about the next. >> i think tom's one of these guys who frames his life in different ways. football was a part of his life. it's not his entire life. so you see all the businesses and other things that he has going, he's going to just transition over and he will miss it. when i'm asked that question, i know he will miss football. i missed it but after about three or four months and watching guys get hit like that, i was like, i'm good and he will appreciate it more. his body will appreciate it. >> well, i can say, nfl's loss is our gain having you with us. >> thank you. >> that's the truth. coming up next, never before seen video of the waffle house hero. such a brave man. come on back. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy.
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7:44 am
we are back with a newly released video of the brave waffle house shooting hero. james shaw testifying in court about those terrifying moments. janai norman has more for us. good morning, janai. >> robin, good morning to you. that trial was delayed for several months as the accused shooter travis reinking was treated for schizophrenia. and cleertd once again to stand trial. prosecutors argue he knew exactly what he was doing. never-before-seen surveillance video from the deadly 2018 shooting at a nashville area waffle house playing out in court as the trial against the accused gunman intensifies. here you see the dining room full of people.
7:45 am
then glass flying through the air as bullets pierce the windows. watch as customers dive for cover, gunfire raining from the shooter's semiautomatic weapon. then in an act of pure bravery and courage ignited by terror, the man hailed as the waffle house hero, james shaw, confronts the gunman who had just charged inside the restaurant forcing the shooter back out. look again. right there as shaw throws the shooter to the ground. a struggle ensues before shaw wrestles away the ar-15 still so hot from gunfire it burned his hands. shaw recalling the heart-pounding moments whe he took the stand monday for the prosecution. >> i finally get the gun and i throw it and i watch the gun look like it is in -- in the air for days. and i just watched it glide and glide and glide and it finally went over the bar. >> reporter: there behind the service counter two employees
7:46 am
lying on the ground inches from the rifle that had just claimed four lives, 23-year-old akilah dasilva, 21-year-old deebony groves, 29-year-old taurean sanderlin and 20-year-old joe perez. >> i ran through the door thinking, it's either going to be me or him or it's going to be death. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: reinking indicted on 17 counts including four counts of premeditated murder. again, reinking has entered a plea of not guilty by way of insanity. day three of testimony continues today. the judge says 62 witnesses in all are expected to take the stand throughout the trial and incredible video and hearing him relive those moments, guys. >> really was, janai. thank you for sharing that. stay right there. coming up next, we have our "play of the day." ay." ispy hash brown. and a cheesy sausage mcmuffin® with egg. a perfect start to the day... oooh. you're hacking the menu to make a crispy cheesy
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♪ oh, yeah ♪ back now with our "play of the day." we want you to check out 10-year-old cooper nailing this spinning lacrosse-style goal. yes, on the nhl ice part of a shootout challenge and, yeah, look at that. that kid is amazing. the next morning, you know what cooper was interested in, checking out espn's "sportscenter's" top ten list. >> oh, that's huge. >> see if he made it and he did. he practiced that move for four
7:51 am
months and says he has dreamed of playing in the nhl. on his way for that. >> good for him. >> stay there everybody. we'll be right back. >> whoa. we'll be right back. >> whoa. (delivery man) yup, i got another one here that's just the same. (mail recipient 4) why? (delivery man) sms, unencrypted texts, they're just like these. they're open. (mail recipient 5) what are you talking about? (delivery man) like if this was an unencrypted text... i just read it. (mail recipient 6) just like this. (delivery man) every text you send is just as open as your letters! including pictures! your texts are open! before you go there, or there... start here. walgreens makes it easy to stay protected wherever you go. schedule your free covid-19 booster today.
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this... is... how... love... shines... at zales. the diamond store. it's the valentine's day sale. ♪ ♪ at zales. the diamond store. >> reporter: coming up, "gma's" try before you buy team is busy checking out l.e.d. face masks. celebrities love them so do they live up to the hype? and gugu mbatha-raw is joining us live. this segment sponsored by quaker oats. your local
7:55 am
“good morning america” is sponsored by zales. the diamond store.
7:56 am
bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. and here's davina with the look of your traffic. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone. we are going to start with the live camera in oakland showing you are 8 80 at the coliseum camera just for your reference off to the right hand side of the screen. those lanes are traveling north. um and you are running in to a slight slowdown in that area. so just a heads up on that for your commute this morning and then also wrapping up here with a live look at the toll plaza where metering lights came on at 5 42 and very quickly that 8 80 camera. we now have reports of metal debris on north 28 80 past 23rd so slow down in that area drew proof the bay bridge is packed right now. winds are an issue right now you can see winds gusting. over 20 mph times 30 that current when gusts and fairfield even higher wind gusts in our house. look at mount hood, arresting the 60 right now. diablo at 50, so those offshore winds continue.
7:57 am
here's a flag flying along the embarcadero and those winds increase this morning before diminishing tonight, reggie. thank you. drew come up on g m a is the budget mom sharing her tips that can take control of your financial life. plus how to take the first steps towards a state planning. the news continues right now with good morning america. it's taken a lot to get to this moment. dreams are on the line. you got this. it all... comes down... to this. [ everyone cheers ]
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a major winter storm is moving across the heartland this morning making travel nearly impossible in some parts. 98 million americans on alert for dangerous snow and ice. more than a thousand flights already canceled. ginger is tracking the two big waves of this wintry mess. pfizer requesting emergency use authorization for its vaccines for kids 6 months to 5 years old. why it's submitting data for two doses even though the company thinks it will eventually require three. simon cowell's second ebike accident in just 18 months. hospitalized again after falling off the electric bike that's gaining more popularity.
8:01 am
the latest on his recovery. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ try before you buy. the a-listers that are loving these light therapy masks. but are they really good for your skin? "gma" tries them out. what a top dermatologist had to say. ♪ one way or another ♪ meet the budget mom. how she turned her life around to become debt-free. >> financial fulfillment is three things. it's stability. it's confidence, and it's clarity. >> plus, how to know what kind of spender you are and create a budget that works for your life. bonjour couture. >> bonjour. i'm emily in paris. >> this morning, how to get those designer looks for less. plus, what the woman behind the hit show's wardrobe is telling "gma." it's all ahead as we say, good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. hope you're doing well this wednesday morning. >> also this wednesday morning, financial expert lynn richardson is going to join us live with what you need to know to get started with planning your
8:02 am
financial future. and how to have that challenging conversation with your family. >> absolutely. but first we begin with the major winter storm slamming parts of the country right now. at least 34 states are on alert for dangerous snow and ice, millions bracing for a messy commute this morning. let's go to ginger in champaign, illinois, tracking the latest for us. good morning again, ginger. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. i'm seeing a messy commute on the roads. you can see ice on the statue behind me. that was freezing rain. now we get the snow from here to chicago on over through southeast michigan this first round will impact big time. let's look at pictures out of chicago where the highways have two to five inches already. south of the city will end up with higher totals. this is from missouri, st. joseph, where the temperature dropped significantly since yesterday. in some places you'll sigh a 40 to 50-degree drop in at least the feels like. look at how the system moves on. there are two little impulses
8:03 am
along this front, a ton of moisture riding up it. so i'm concerned not just about the snow, but the ice. that freezing rain accumulating, maybe memphis back to little rock even into parts of texas then into pennsylvania and you see what happens friday morning. we will start as rain in new york, boston and change over to an icy mix. we are going to be traveling along with the storm and bring you the latest. some places here in the target area could see a foot of snow. >> oh, boy, another messy weekend. ginger, thanks very much. we turn to the latest on the pandemic. pfizer's applied for emergency use authorization for its covid vaccine for children under 5 years old. want to go back to whit johnson at pfizer headquarters. good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is a major step towards vaccinating america's youngest children against covid. pfizer formally requesting emergency use authorization for kids 6 months to 5 years old. pfizer does expect that the vaccine series will eventually require three doses but is now submitting the trial data for just two doses citing an urgent public health need. federal regulators reportedly asking pfizer to move forward
8:04 am
despite a lower immune response in 2 to 4-year-olds during the trials. the shots are 1/10 the strength of adult doses. this process now moves to an fda advisory panel meeting in a couple weeks. if the pfizer vaccine is authorized for kids under 5, the cdc would give the green light. we could see those first shots boy the end of the month. guys? >> thank you so much. coming up, simon cowell recovering after another e-bike accident. we have the latest on his condition. also ahead, how one woman went from an impulsive spender to a recycle spender. she explains that and breaks down how to create your own realistic budget. we cannot wait, oh, for this super bowl national anthem performance, yes, lara will have all the details for us coming up in "pop news." plus, bonjour couture. >> ooh. >> oui, oui, the hit show "emily in paris." how to get those looks for less. we'll be right back.
8:05 am
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8:10 am
the news writing in part, quote, i am shook. i am grateful. i am praise dancing. so excited to be singing the national anthem at super bowl lvi. also on deck to entertain if you have not heard, listen up, mary j. blige, snoop dogg, dr. dre, kendrick lamar and eminem. all will join forces for what sounds like an epic halftime show. all of it as you may know goes down in less than two weeks, sunday, february 13th. also this morning, questlove is getting animated. the roots front man teaming up with his bandmate for a new animated series on disney called "rise up, sing out." the pair creating the show in hopes to inspire kids and caregivers about race, culture and celebrating our communities. the pair executive produced, created the music and also voiced two of the animated characters.
8:11 am
questlove writing about the project, quote, the beautiful thing about these shorts is that they are not only going to provide young kids with the proper language to talk to their friends and family about some of the things that might be bothering them but also going to give parents the tools on how to respond. the eight two-minute episodes of "rise up, sing out" starts streaming on disney plus today, the first one by the way will air on the disney channel as well as 11:25 a.m. also this morning, ellen degeneres is doing her part for a better world announcing the official opening of the ellen degeneres campus at the diane fosse gorilla fund in rwanda. ellen stating, quote, diane has always been a hero of mine so it's been the honor of a lifetime to support this project. going on to say, i know i'm
8:12 am
doing my part to continue her legacy and it's simply amazing. it really is. it will research conservationists working tirelessly and to educate the public on the importance of this mission. the ellen campus is now officially open to visitors. i got to get there. finally we're keeping it old school sharing a trick my own grandmother taught me decades ago. gran, you were ahead of your time. vaseline that first hit shelves in 1872 marketed to heal cuts and burns is now a star. on tiktok. more than 100 million people have watched clips describing this, quote, new trend where you apply a light coat of vaseline to your face, neck and chest before bed. influencers swear it will give you youthful flowing skin. i agree, by the way. it's also created a gorgeous bottom line for vaseline. guys, sales for the 150-year-old product are up 10% in this last year. thanks to these influencers. a little beauty tip for you today, guys. >> i think harper is doing that. >> harper is -- >> she has beautiful, young
8:13 am
glowing skin. >> lara, i mean, this has been around for generations. >> cold football games we used to put it all over our face. >> really? >> yeah. it gives you an extra lawyer. plus, we wanted to be pretty for our post game interviews. thank you, lara. we turn to our "gma" cover story and simon cowell, hospitalized again after his second e-bike accident. zohreen shah joins us with the latest on his recovery and more on the rising popularity of these electric bikes. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. this is simon cowell's second e-bike accident in just 18 months. according to "people" magazine he was hospitalized again after falling off. turns out he is not alone as e-bikes gain more popularity, so have the accidents. >> everything i have been waiting for on this show. >> reporter: this morning, "america's got talent" judge simon cowell recovering after recently breaking his arm falling off an electric bike in
8:14 am
london according to "people." a source telling the magazine he fell off his bike and broke his arm. he's absolutely fine. and that the 62-year-old is recovering back home. >> i didn't really like it that much. >> reporter: this is not the first time cowell has been injured on an e-bike. just over a year ago in august of 2020, the star undergoing surgery after breaking part of his back while riding an e-bike at his malibu home. sources telling "people" magazine at the time that he had a number of fusions and a metal rod put into his back. with e-bikes growing in popularity over the past several years, so too are the number of accidents attributed to them. the u.s. consumer products safety commission reporting e-bikes and other electric scooters being linked to more than 190,000 emergency room visits and at least 71 deaths between 2017 and 2020. following his original back breaking accident the star tweeting a warning to his followers and fellow e-bike
8:15 am
riders saying some good advice, if you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. cowell reportedly now doing okay after being admitted initially to the hospital. so there is one major part of cowell's life that appears to be smooth sailing, though. he was recently engaged to his longtime girlfriend lauren silverman. according to "people" cowell proposed to her on the beach in barbados on christmas eve. we wish him a fast recovery. george? >> we certainly do. zohreen, thanks very much. we turn to the budget mom. kumiko love turned her life kumiko love turned her life around, she is debt-free and is helping others to take back control. her book is called "my money my way" and janai norman sat down to talk to her about it. >> the budget mom known for her tactics to pay down debt now out with "my money my way" and she's talking about how she got started and her tips for tackling your money. it took buying a $1 ice cream cone for her son for single mom kumiko love to realize she had
8:16 am
to make a change. >> i went to go hand him my debit card and hesitated and gave them my credit card instead and it was a realization, oh, my gosh, i just financed a $1.09 ice cream cone and this is not the life that i want to live with my son. >> reporter: now a decade later debt-free and known as the budget mom, kumiko is helping others take back control of their financial lives in her new book, "my money my way." >> financial fulfillment is three things. it's stability. it's confidence, and aely journey. >> reporter: she says first figure out your why, why you want to make a financial change. >> it should be something so important to you that giving up is no longer an option. >> and you talk about different types of spenders. so a lot of it is idetifying what kind of spender you are.
8:17 am
>> right. i was a compulsive spender and an impulsive spender and i turned into the recycled spender. ultimately we're chasing the high of buying something new to feel better in the moment only to realize that it makes us feel worse later on. >> she says to gain control, take notice of every penny that leaves your wallet and make a plan for your bucks with a realistic budget. >> budget is not about restricting you. it's about honoring you. create your budget based on what you are actually spending, not what you want to spend. >> reporter: she says stay in tune with your emotions during the process. >> we really have to understand that lasting change, the root of change starts with understanding who we are and what we truly want for our lives. >> so another tip, if you're paying off debt, stay focused on paying down those debts. don't continue to charge up so don't take on debt to pay down debt. "my money my way: taking back control of your financial life"
8:18 am
is out now. focused becausmiaewatryi t-- the camera. >> i would never. >> i was going to call you out, michael. >> but you stayed focused. >> just trying to do my job offer here. >> don't mess with janai. how about we move on now to our series try before you buy. at-home facial treatments have seen a boom in popularity during the pandemic and one trend getting a lot of buzz on instagram is l.e.d. face masks. becky worley, i bet, yep, i knew it. how did we know it? trying them out for us. hey there, becky. >> reporter: robin, good morn morning. yeah, i would have to try something that looks this crazy, but there is science behind them and a lot of interest both for anti-aging and anti-acne treatments. behind these masks are celebrities like january jones, julia roberts and victoria beckham, a few of the a-listers
8:19 am
touting the latest in at home skin tech, l.e.d. face masks like these. ♪ the masks use tiny l.e.d. bulbs which 'milt emit different wave lengths of light that experts say stimulates collagen production and kills the bacteria causes acne breakout. >> if it's blue light it's something that will help to target active acne because blue layer of the skin called the dermis where you can stimulate it to build more col cleared and retails for $435 by dr. dennis gross. it's pretty in a rose gold meets hannibal lecter way or maybe an avenger. nope, i've got it. i feel like the lead singer of kiss. the makers of the mask suggest daily treatment for three
8:20 am
minutes and say it can smooth wrinkles, diminish discoloration and clear acne. after the first few uses, my skin felt a little tight and my lips kind of puffy but both in a good way. you don't feel anything. it's not tingly or hot but it is pretty bright. in fact, one mask from neutrogena was recalled because of a theoretical risk of eye injury. this dr. dennis gross mask and some others like this one that costs $179 are class ii medical devices that have been cleared by the fda. they have not been evaluated with the same scrutiny. still, our expert says that's better than the masks without any oversight. >> i would look for an fda clearance. it includes clinical trial data to show the safety and the efficacy of the use of the product. you want to make sure you're using the device safely at home specifically if it's blue light by wearing goggles to help protect the retina in your eyes so you're not having any issues with peripheral vision loss or any vision distortion.
8:21 am
>> reporter: beyond masks there is an fda cleared panel from juve that the company says can be used on the whole body. bottom line -- >> if using these masks, they're good for short-term temporary improvement. if you're more noticing significant signs of aging when you look in the mirror, your board certified dermatologist would be your next step. >> reporter: experts say while the masks that are fda cleared do work with all skin tones, if you experience pain, rashes, eye discomfort or vision changes when using these at-home products, stop, talk to your doctor. also if you have concerns about whether they're right for you, talk to a dermatologist first, robin. >> you should do that. you tried them out. so what changes did you notice? >> i mean, i used one for two weeks and honestly i don't know what to say. maybe my lips feel a little fuller. maybe. but the cost is such a big factor with the fda masks mostly i noticed $435 missing from my bank account. >> it's called an expense account. you just write it off.
8:22 am
abc. >> did you apply a light layer of vaseline first? >> michael sid did you put the vaseline on first? >> reporter: no, but it might be cheaper. >> ah, so close. becky, as always you're a trouper. thank you. see you real soon. >> bye. let's check back in with ginger. ginger? >> reporter: robin, how do i get on team try before you buy? all i get is microdermabrasion from wind and snow. i got to show you one of the most dangerous parts of the storm will be the ice, a quarter inch or more of ice, that warning from paducah, memphis, louisville and lexington. coming with significant arctic air blowing snow, blizzard conditions in the dakotas. drew: i am meteorologist drew tuma with your accurate weather forecast. winds continued today, high-wind warning's in effect today with the offshore wind gusting over
8:23 am
30 miles per hour at times. going into the low to mid 60's under sunny skies. tonight, the winds come down and temperatures go into the 30's and into the 40's. gusty today, much calmer tomorrow, the dry pattern continues the next seven days, near 70 next week. it is black history month of and we have a preview of the abc news special. "soul of a nation presents exonerated, the murder of malcolm x and 55 years of justice." byron pitts sat down with one of the men wrongfully convicted of his assassination for his first interview since being exonerated. >> reporter: when muhammad aziz was exonerated for the killing of malcolm x, his family was in court with him. >> we are moving today to vacate the convictions of muhammad aziz and khalil islam for the assassination of malcolm x. >> finally it was time for the
8:24 am
judge to speak and all of our hearts stopped. >> the motion on record to be made today, the joint motion is hereby granted. [ applause ] >> it was a wonderful feeling now that the whole world knows he did not do this. >> reporter: justice was 55 years in the making. khalil islam convicted alongside him was also exonerated but passed away in 2009 before he could clear his name. both muhammad aziz and the estate of khalil islam have entered multimillion dollar civil suits against the state of new york and say they intend to sue the city. citing among other things all that was lost, two of khalil islam's sons never doubted their father but lived under constant threats. >> my mother was in fear of our lives. that's why she had to move us to hunts point. it was a major culture shock. >> w1. was 13.
8:25 am
>> yeah. >> we feared -- people had loyalty to malcolm. we worried about government agencies. reporter: khalil spent a lifetime trying to clear his name. >> november 18, 2021, your father is finally exonerated. what was the day like for you? >> i thought that i would die and maybe my grandkids or my kids would live to see the day. i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: two families, two men who endured decades of imprisonment, an example to all of a kind of resilience in the face of injustice no american should ever have to endure. >> you don't strike me as a man who is broken at all. how is that possible? >> god is on my side. i am the spirit of truth. >> reporter: for "good morning america," byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> powerful.
8:26 am
"soul of a nation: exonerated" airs tomorrow at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, let's look at traffic. jobyna: good morning, we will begin with a live look and oakland showing you the slow down in the northbound lanes. we are seeing the aftermath of debris that was on the roadway around 23rd and there may bei le toll plaza, it's packed and we have not seen it like this since before the holidays. maybe feet -- maybe people are finally back to work. kumasi:
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> live with kelly and ryan is coming up. immune system health at nine on abc 7 po.. >> gusty wind is underway they are picking up. oakland is gusting to 26 miles per hour and over 40 miles per hour in the hills. the wind increases and peaking
8:30 am
later this afternoon. kumasi: we will have another update in about 30 minutes and you can find the latest on our news app and ♪ if i was from paris ♪ ♪ i would say ooh-la-la ♪ back with our bonjour couture. >> really? >> yeah, we're saying hello to the sensational style of the show "emily in paris." her wardrobe has become a character in itself. in a moment we'll tell you how to get her looks for less. first the show's costume designer tells us about her inspiration. frp, versace to vintage fashion's latest trend is not from a collection, but rather an
8:31 am
entire season of eclectic looks. >> bonjour, i'm emily in paris. >> reporter: headlines across the globe jumping in on the fashion frenzy around netflix's hit show, "emily in paris." >> we needed to have a cultural combination between the colorful and bold silhouettes represented by emily. she needed to have a strong personality and so a strong trial. >> reporter: marylin fitoussi talks about statement pieces and off-season accessories. >> i love accessories. i think and accessory's the final touch for everything. >> reporter: the clothes always staying true. keeping that american je ne sais quoi. >> if you feel comfortable, do it. >> yes. fashion and lifestyle expert melissa garcia joins us now. good to see you. we want to let people know they can shop the looks by pointing their phone camera at the qr code on your screen. good morning or should i say bonjour, melissa. bonjour. good to see you. >> bonjour, robin. how are you? good to see you too.
8:32 am
>> tell us why that emily look has really taken off. >> look at it. it's so fun. it's over the top. it's again like you were saying that more is more couture. not very wearable or translatable into our everyday wear but i'm going to show you exactly how you can do it on a budget you can afford. >> you are the best at doing that, our friend. so we have four wonderful "gma" staffers that are modeling more emily looks this morning. starting with cynthia, she's wearing a take on emily's heart dress under $50, melissa. >> yes. so how cute is this valentine's day right around the corner. emily loves prints. this is a fun kitschy print dress we see. not easy to wear. i wanted to sort of translate it into a way we could wear it. this awesome two-piece matching set. this is from just fab like you were saying, robin, under $50, super comfortable. really wearable and then, of course, we paired it with a great accessory, this wide headband so parisian from amazon. making this comfortable and really inexpensive.
8:33 am
>> all right, oh, look, she's going in for a close-up. cynthia coming in for the close-up. all right. so next is caroline wearing a look inspired by emily's holiday dress at a much more affordable price, right, melissa? >> yes, so how fun is this? it's really beautiful blue. this is actually the pantone color of the year. of course, it's expensive. we don't want to pay a ton of money. her shoes themselves in this shot here are about $500. the dress about 700. but i'll show you here as you can see the dress we found is like almost an exact replica but this one is under $100 and has that same deep "v," the ruffled detail, the beautiful maxi length so gorgeous and then we are paired it with a fun rainbow metallic shoe from macy's and it pulls together for $130. >> i love how caroline is working it, the kick up of the foot. it is beautiful. next up, ro rocking another look
8:34 am
complete with a yellow beret. so tell us about this one, melissa. >> yeah, so i feel like the beret was the parisian accessory for this show for season 1 which she's wearing and did wear a lot of berets this season. here she paired it with mixing and matching prints as you can see. she has the plaid jacket. she has that great dark floral maxi dress. both vintage pieces and really expensive but here ro is wearing that great same beret at amazon so, of course, it's affordable. the jacket is from walmart. we found that dark floral jumpsuit from macy's and this season the accessory of the show was about these fingerless moto gloves. she wore them with so many different outfits and matched them with all different colors and we found these here again at amazon. >> ro, thank you. here's emily's classic, classic day look. nicole is wearing a more affordable version. you can get both the skirt and
8:35 am
sweater for under 20 bucks, melissa. >> yes, i love that. a gorgeous layered look. you know, in the show she wore this with a valentino belt which is over a thousand dollars itself so we know it was really expensive, the entire look. here we found this great white blazer from boohoo, $17, the sweater vest she has on was about $8 and the skirt was only $10 shein and took accessories from macy's and i think it looks like the original for so much less. >> it does. way to go, nicole. thank you to our amazing "gma" staffers and always for you, melissa, thank you so much. have a great day, everyone. >> thanks, robin. >> you got it. coming up, lynn richardson with advice on financial
8:36 am
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back now here on "gma" as we celebrate black history month, we're going to be taking a look at some of the important issues facing black americans. this morning we're talking finances. it's so important for families to plan for the future and protect what they have. according to only 27% of black americans have a will in place and many have no idea how to get started. it's a storyline captured in the final series
8:39 am
the hit show "insecure." >> i just don't like seeing how little i have to leave my family. i mean i worked 50 years and it feels like i got nothing to show for it. >> reporter: for many families planning finances for the future can be uncomfortable particularly for black families. according to a recent study, more than 70% of black americans have not started the essential estate planning process. >> my grandparents are in their golden years. we wanted to make sure that they were protected. >> reporter: meet cousins malcolm and tia taking the leap creating an estate plan on behalf of their grandparents. >> we wanted to make sure that all of their wishes was granted. >> reporter: after recently losing close loved ones, the importance of getting affairs in order took on a new meaning. >> my dad was diagnosed with a form of dementia. he was not in a state of mind mentally where he was able to do any estate planning once he became ill. our family does want to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else. >> what happens to everything that you've built after you're gone? how does it get to the people that you care about? it's your legacy. > reporter: we caught up with the cousins and their estate planner coach portia wood. >> malcolm, tia, how are you?
8:40 am
>> hey, portia. what's going on? great to see you. >> we decided on a trust-based plan structure for you and one of the goals was sort of intergenerational wealth. >> reporter: portia set malcolm and tia up with a trust-based plan. it centers around three parts, your goals, assets and family structure. >> one it was about the goals. the goals your grandparents set out for why they had accumulated all these assets and how they wanted them to be used to continue to support the family. do you feel confident in your role as successor trustees in this plan? >> absolutely. >> we just want to thank you so much for being a great consultant. >> it has truly been an honor. >> we deserve it, right? we as black people deserve to be able to have what we've earned work for us and to work for our families into perpetuity. >> managing family finances we know can be challenging so we have an expert joining us with some advice on how to get the ball rolling. lynn richardson is a financial coach and also the author of
8:41 am
"estate planning made simple." okay, you're going to make it simple for us, lynn. there are so many people -- good to see you. so many people, so many familes, estate planning is daunting and a lot of people feel, oh, if you're wealthy, that is not the case and so when should people get started? >> oh, thank you so much, robin. let me say this. everybody has an estate planned. it is not just for the wealthy. your clothing, your furniture, your jewelry, your real estate, automobiles, electronics, your bank accounts, all of that is a part of your estate plan and with proper planning, we can ensure that our loved ones can live the lives that we see for them even when we are not here. let me say this. i was on food stamps in this century but even when i was on food stamps, i had enough life insurance and estate plan to ensure that my children would live the lives that i saw for
8:42 am
them even if i did not make it. so it's so important for each and every one of us to understand that the time is now. time is of the essence. and every single one of us has the ability to create an estate plan for ourselves and our loved ones so we can have peace at night when we go to sleep. >> you say start as young as 18. >> yes, absolutely. well, first of all, everyone needs appropriate life insurance and so many things have happened during this pandemic and what i want everyone to understand is this, gofundme is not a substitute for life insurance. so as early as the age of 18, if you have enough life insurance, you can then put that life insurance into an annuity. that annuity can then pay your heirs a trust for the rest of their lives and then that income can pass on to their children and so on and so forth. so it's very important for us to think about those things.
8:43 am
the other thing is this, if you own real estate, if your real estate is left to someone in your will, it can be contested and it can be tied up in probate but if you put that real estate in a trust fund, it will carry on to your beneficiaries without any hiccups. so it's really important for all of us to understand not only that we all have one, but how easy it is if we get the right coaching. >> how different these different plans you're talking about, different ways of approaching it. let me ask you this, lynn, why is it such a difficult conversation for families to have, estate planning? >> oh, my goodness. it is so difficult because nobody wants to talk about dying. and more than that, nobody wants to talk about money. we'll talk about everything else. we'll talk about sex and drugs and so on and so forth but no one wants to talk about money. i often say to family, speak to your children at a very young age about the estate plan. help them understand what you've put in place for them.
8:44 am
as they get older, and you no longer have to deal with minor care and so on and so forth and you adjust the plan continue to speak to them. and if your family members do not want to talk about estate planning say this to them, say, do you want me to take care of you when i am no longer here? if the answer is yes, have the discussion. >> you always -- you break it down. you make it simple for us. lynn, thank you. always good to see you. appreciate it so very, very much. >> thank you so much. >> you take care. let's get back now to ginger. ginger? >> reporter: robin, we have tiny little dendrites, the snowflakes small here but on the other side, indianapolis, look at this morning, still rain. they will transition later and get into some of the freezing stuff. i have to show you there is a flood watch that goes from hazard, kentucky, down into alabama, birmingham is included. chattanooga certainly in there. a lot of people could see three to four inches happening quickly so some of the rivers and creeks could rise. watch for that. that's the
8:45 am
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limited availability welcom welcome back to "gma." we are joined by gugu mbatha-raw. she stars in the psychological thriller, "the girl before" about a young woman who finds her dream home which slowly unravels into a nightmare. gugu, thank you so much for joining us this morning. and i want to talk about your character. >> thank you. >> of course, thank you. i want to talk about your character who moves into a house that has some very restrictive rules. if you could only choose three things to take with you, what couldn't you live without?
8:48 am
>> probably my bathtub. i'm a big fan of a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day. definitely my kettle because i drink so much tea and also in the show actually the character jane is not allowed to bring any books into the house and i don't think i could live without books either. >> three good choices right there. you have a doppelganger in the show. jessica plummer plays the girl before, and she looks so much like you, even her own daughter couldn't tell you apart. >> i know. i mean it's hilarious. it's part of the story as you say that we have a resemblance and when her daughter was watching the trailer, jessica told me that she was going, momma, when it was me, so, yeah, we pulled it off well, i think. >> definitely you did if you're fooling the kid. let's take -- we'll take a look at a clip and you're trying to persuade the architect of your dream house to let you live
8:49 am
let's check it out. >> we need to find the right fit but perhaps we found it. >> look, i'm not going to give you some long gushy spiel about why i want to live there, just that you've built a house with integrity and i'll try to live there with integrity too. >> hmm. and you not only acted in thisst time as a producer. so what was that like? >> oh, it was an amazing experience, i have to say, coming on as associate producer of the show being able to be part of the development of the scripts. when i came on board, there were just two scripts and obviously it's based on this best-selling book. so i was able to read the book and, you know, contribute to the development of the script process and then, of course, the casting process which was really fun because, you know, once david oyelowo was mentioned as an idea, he is an actor i worked with in the past and a good
8:50 am
friend, so it was really fun to be able to call him up and tell him about the project. >> yeah, that's nice to call your friends if they're david oyelowo and say, hey, i want you in my project. we're celebrating black history month and you painted -- we saw an incredible portrait of one of your heros, bishop desmond tutu taught your father. so did that inspire your painting? >> it absolutely did. you know, my father grew up in apartheid south africa and, you know, before bishop tutu joined the church he was a schoolteacher and my dad would always tell me since being a young girl about how charismatic and amazing tutu was as a teacher when they studied oliver twist at school in africa and he was such a great storyteller. such a joyful, exuberant man. so when he passed over the holidays i was with my dad and wanted a chance to honor him in a painting. >> a great painting. very, very talented in all aspects of your life. before you go, another character
8:51 am
we want to talk about, season 2 of "loki." will your character return? >> so, so exciting. i know there is a season 2. i know that i'm in it and that's about all i can say. >> that's all you got? that's it? that's it? >> well, i just love renslayer and so excited to explore her further. i'm so happy people are really looking forward to the next season. >> we're excited that you joined us this morning and we're excited for your new show, "the girl before." so thank you, gugu, so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. >> of course, all four episodes of "the girl before" will be avai
8:52 am
8:53 am
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sail safe, feel free. >> announcer: now with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine, it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> "rise & shine." >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: so celebrate with a abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. all right, everybody, it's me, the one you love and what's his name here. >> kevin hart. this is kevin hart. set your alarms, america. >> because we are on "gma." >> good morning, america. >> oh, you sound drunk. good morning, america. >> why don't you go outside and never come back in here. what do you mean this guy?
8:55 am
>> you have been warned. but thank you for watching us this wednesday morning. >> follow the news all day long on our abc news app, download it and watch "gma," all of our reporting. have a great day.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, i'm kumasi. from abc7 mornings. here is jobina with look at traffic. jobina: we had a stall on the upper deck ofthat has cleared be has been done. the backup is well into the maze now because of the earlier issue drive across the bridge will be 60 minutes. drew: wind is an issue this morning, winds are increasing. 23 at half moon bay and gusting to 24 in hayward. the hills come hayward at 51. it is a windy morning and a windy afternoon. the winds back off later this evening. kumasi: now does time for "live with kelly and ryan."
9:00 am
we will be back for "midday live." ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, son, broadway, and television star, laura linney. plus, get healthy. stay healthy. tips for supporting your amman system. also your comments and questions on another edition of "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: good morning! hi. deja, good morning. >> kelly: deja. >> ryan: flower prints. >> kelly: green. >> ryan: to me,


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