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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 3, 2022 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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>> lou: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- josh gad, anna chlumsky, with music the weather station. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice, welcome. i'm jimmy, the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i was hoping someone would show up. you know, i have to tell you. we have a lot of fun on this show. right, guillermo? >> guillermo: right, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's nonstop fun, right? >> guillermo: yes, all the time. >> jimmy: but not everything is
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fun. and right, i'm dealing with a tricky situation at my house. i've been trying to throw out two garbage cans. they got rusty so i threw them out. they've been waiting to be taken to garbage heaven for three weeks now. [ laughter ] every week, the garbagemen come, they empty the plastic ones and leave without these. i mean, look at this. i assume they see them. [ laughter ] they don't match the other ones. and i am torn now between calling or putting a note on the bins. and just leaving them there to find out how long it takes. before someone notices that two of these things are not like the other. what would you do in this situation, guillermo? >> guillermo: just tell your assistant to take care of it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. that's one idea. >> guillermo: that's what i think. >> jimmy: you're not supposed to talk about that stuff on tv. >> guillermo: all right, sorry. >> jimmy: i'm going to wait it out. i'm going to do an update every we week. if they're not gone by christmas, i'll call. [ laughter ]
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speaking of gar badbage, you kn the show "the masked singer"? [ laughter ] well, the new season doesn't premiere until next month but the identity of one of the singers has already been revealed. and his name is rudy giuliani. [ moans ] right? that's what i said. the guy trying to destroy our country? he's singing on a show! [ moans ] according to "deadline," when rudy was unmasked at a taping of the show last week, two of the judges, ken jeong and robin thicke, were so outraged, they walked off the set. [ applause ] good. the only people who should be unmasking rudy giuliani is the gang from "scooby doo." "now let's find out who the real traitor is!" fox isn't releasing details about which character was rudy. if you look at it, it's not hard to figure out. these are the contestants. zoom in there. that's obviously him, right? those are miss his real teeth. how does this even happen? i mean, a lot of people at fox had to sign off on this. not one of them was like, "hey, maybe we shouldn't have the guy
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who is under investigation for helping to plot an insurrection singing on our show"? and this isn't the first time they've done something like this, remember season one? >> take it off! >> whoo! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you remember season two? >> take it off! >> who is this baby? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you recall what happened in season three? >> here it comes, here it comes, here it comes! >> jimmy: and what about what they did in season four? >> oh, i'm excited.
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: and that is how we got the coronavirus. [ laughter ] why would rudy even agree to this? did he think he was going to "the masked singer landscaping company"? [ laughter ] only rudy giuliani would try to overthrow the government, break wind loudly in court, sweat hair dye all over one press conference, have another one next to a dildo store, and then try to rehabilitate his image by singing "shake your groove thing" dressed as a pineapple. [ laughter ] but fox should be ashamed of themselves. they should have another show after "the masks singer" that night called "the masks executives." all the fox executives come out in costumes the one who greenlit this iea takes off the mask and gets voted out of television forever. [ cheers and applause ] so "the new york times" right now has unmasked new details about the shady ways rudy was trying to help trump overturn the election. according to two memos obtained by the "times," team trump cooked up an absolutely preposterous plan.
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they wanted to create a fake slate of electors to replace the people who were assigned to cast electoral votes for biden with electors who would cheat and vote for trump instead. do you realize how crazy that is? basically, trump tried to use election to overthrow it.of the- it's like he's trying to stab us with a giant pair of ribbon cutting scissors. [ laughter ] and the scariest part of this attempted coup is that it's not just something that happened in the past. it's ongoing. some of these nuts who claim the election was stolen are currently running for secretary of state in their states. that means they would oversee elections in states like nevada and arizona and michigan, which are battleground states. you may remember, it was a secretary of state who refused to let trump "find" 11,000 votes in georgia. then guess what, the republican legislature in georgia voted to censure that man, who by all accounts is a die-hard republican, and remove him as chair of the election board. then they voted to give themselves the power to take over vote-counting in the future. one proposal under consideration
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in wisconsin right now which would have had trump winning 8 of 10 electors in 2020 even though joe biden won the popular vote in the state. in other words, the january 6th committee is investigating whether trump tried to steal the last election while he is trying to steal the next election. and by the way, you know how we could fix this? what if, i'm just throwing this out there -- what if the person who got the most votes in the election won? [ cheers and applause ] i mean, think about it. what if we had a system in the united states, it's a little complicated, let me put this idea up on screen to help. [ laughter ] these are the voters. now, let's say this many vote for candidate a, and this many vote for candidate b. and then -- we would add up the total votes for a and the total votes for b. we count the votes and whoever has more of them is the winner. i know, it's tricky. [ cheers and applause ] but i feel like there's something there. we're all so numb to these revelations now. there could be emails from trump saying -- suggesting he eat biden's face off and graft the
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face onto his own head so he could be president and everybody would be like, "well, there he goes again." [ laughter ] you know how over the weekend trump said he would give pardons to the rioters who stormed the capitol? well, turns out it's not the first time he floated that idea. in the final days of his presidency, trump reportedly gave serious thought to issuing a blanket pardon, to everyone who supported him in the attack on january 6th. that's him, always looking out for others one thing you have to say. the story says trump asked an aide, "do you think i should pardon them? do you think it's a good idea? do you think i have the power to do it?" and alexa said, "sorry. i'm having trouble understanding right now." [ laughter ] [ applause ] he got weirdly specific. what if i just said, he wanted to know, "is it everybody that had a trump sign or everybody who walked into the capitol who could be pardoned? or everyone wearing jean shorts that could be pardoned? maybe we could give out pardons in return for a donation to my campaign? what if we called it pardon university? it could be like tuition. [ laughter ] it was a crazy plan but you know
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what they say about those, sometimes they're so crazy, if you find the right lawyer, they just might work! >> did you or a loved one peacefully protest your way through the windows of our nation's capitol last january? if so, you may be entitled to a presidential pardon. >> hi, it's rudy giuliani, presidential lawyer and dildo aficionado. i want to help you avoid unfair charges brought against you. just because you broke into a federal building to protest something president trump made up. >> usa! usa! >> you may be eligible for a pardon if you committed any of the following patriotic acts. stealing a podium from the rotunda. stealing nancy pelosi's computer. screaming. wiping your blood on the walls. wiping your feces on the walls. peeing on the walls. or trying to hang mike pence. if you believe you've earned a presidential pardon, send a certified check for $10,000 to rudolph giuliani and associates, the ninth circle of hell, zip today 10004.
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>> we're coming for you, nancy! >> act now and receive a presidential dose of hydroxychloroquine, absolutely free. warning, may cause death. >> i'll get you the pardon you're entitled to. or just like president trump, you pay me nothing at all. >> void where prohibited. some restrictions may apply. not valid in alaska, hawaii, or any of the continental united states. [ applause ] >> jimmy: something to think about. meanwhile, president biden has been tussling with one of trump's old foes. tiktok. remember when trump tried to ban tiktok and instead, every other app banned him? [ laughter ] the biden administration is hashing out regulations that would limit the reach of certain apps from china, like tiktok. the concern is that china is using those apps to spy on us and steal our data. can you imagine the meeting where they had to present this to joe biden? how do you explain tiktok to a 79-year-old man? [ laughter ] he probably thinks the internet is a series of tin cans connected together by string. [ laughter ] but grampotus put out a forceful statement today, making his case
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for the need to crack down. >> hey, there, mr. and mrs. america. it's me, joe the know. i'm ringing the old air raid siren to warn everyone about something call ed tic-tac. we're taking our secret info and wrapping it up for the chinese. sure, it tickles a sweet spot. watch her cut up soap and freeze bubbles. look at that there. is that a kick or what? let's keep those good times right here in the u.s. of a is for applesauce. when i was a tyke, there was a fellow called short stack. all short stack got his legs blown off in guadalcanal, but man oh man could he dance. no siree. so let's all be a little more like short stack. except for when you drown in lake erie.
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what are we talking about today? that's right. osteoporosis is no joking chemo saab bay. milk of mag near yeah really hits the spot. i'm joe biden, and -- that's it. right? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well said, mr. president. you hit that right on the head. the latest squabble in washington right now is over the forthcoming vacancy on the supreme court. biden say he plans to nominate the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. and that -- [ cheers ] >> jimmy: -- did not hit will with a number of republicans, including ted cruz and senator john kennedy of louisiana. >> i'm not going to vote for a justice who's going to try to rewrite the constitution every other thursday, to advance a local agenda. >> jimmy: yet you expect people to vote for a senator who says "thurd-dee." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: john kennedy, he went to oxford. at one time he was a democrat, now he pretends he's a
11:47 pm
down-home, folksy, republican guy. his campaign ads are like norman rockwell-esque, full of homespun -- he's the kind of man who would proudly wear diapers. so much so, that we took the audio, the announcer and whatnot, from a commercial for bladder medication and put it over the video from one of his real campaign commercials. and the result is everything we love about america. >> we all have internal plumb recognize are for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes don't work as well as they should. i learned there's something more i should do. i take care with veslcare. >> proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and night. if you have stomach or glaucoma problems, do not take veslcare. tell your doctor if you become constipated for three or more days. >> why wait? ask your doctor about taking
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care with veslcare. >> i'd rather drink weed killer. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: be my guest. he's a tough old lady, that john kennedy. [ laughter ] not as tough as this old lady. this is a walmart in british columbia where a shoplifter was trying to get out the door with a kurt full of stuff. he did not expect to be stopped by a crime-fighting grandma. >> are you going to pay for that? >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> huh? >> are you going to pay for it? >> excuse me. >> excuse me! [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. damn thief! [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> come on, bud. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> come on. >> get out! >> all right. >> get out! get out! >> take your [ bleep ] and go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i love that we're rooting for walmart.
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right? [ laughter ] nice work, grambo. that was smooth. one more thing before we move on. it's thursday night, that means it's time to bleep and blur the big moments of the week in tv, whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." [ cheers and applause ] >> if you have a chance, maybe next year, brian, you and i will go. because i feel you need some groundhog [ bleep ]. >> right. >> records from the trump white house have been turned over to investigators. it seems many of them have been [ bleep ]ed up. >> here's how you actually know he's worried. he just [ bleep ]ed on mike pence. >> well, one of the advantages of no longer being vice president is i can [ bleep ] my own [ bleep ]. >> i truly don't believe he enjoyed [ bleep ]ing anybody's ass more than he did mine. >> check out this [ bleep ], the frozen pond here. >> unbelievable, you might have quite a work ethic. >> that's what my wife says, but she doesn't know how much i [ bleep ] off at work, actually.
11:50 pm
>> okay, that's the trick there. >> with the metal pole, i'm going to keep my [ bleep ] in my mouth. >> thank you, appreciate that. >> you fell into a septic tank? covered with human [ bleep ]? >> yeah. they call me pookie dookie now. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sorry, mr. dookie. we have a good show for you tonight. anna chum ski is here. we've got muse uk from the weather station. be right back with josh gad!
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the kfc chicken sandwich is only served one way: straight from the fryer, piping hot, and kentucky fried to order. if you don't like it this way, you'll have to go somewhere else. kfc. it's finger lickin' good.
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>> jimmy: hi, there, welcome back. tonight from the new show "inventing anna" on netflix,
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anna column ski is with us. [ cheers and applause ] then from the weather station from the her satisfimercedes-be stage. their album is called "ignorance" the weather station on the mercedes-benz stage. atmosphere next week we've got new shows with channing tatum, julie bowen, keegan-michael key,and arnold schwarzenegger. plus music from sylvan esso and pj morton. our first guest tonight is a highly versatile performer- the consummate showman and the consummate snowman, too. next, he plays a single dad dating a lady werewolf on the new series "wolf like me." it's on peacock now. please say hello to josh gad. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: it's good to see you. >> it's good to see you. i don't fit in this suit, i'm
11:56 pm
realizing that too late. >> jimmy: what happened? >> well, i'm fat. [ laughter ] and so it's a problem. because i was like, oh, yeah, this looks good. then i sat. not so much. >> jimmy: would you be more comfortable standing through the interview? >> yeah, i would, as a matter of fact. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> slimming. ask me anything, i'm ready. no, no, this is good. >> jimmy: i was thinking about you. "frozen," as i've told you in the past, dominated our household. in large part thanks to you as olaf, the beloved snowman. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: and it's great and everything. but to the point where it's driving us insane. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and now it has been replaced, i'm maybe sorry to report, maybe you're happy to hear this, i don't know, by "encanto." [ cheers ] which as phenomenon. you have young kids. is this occurring in your house too? >> yeah, it's a big problem. [ laughter ] so i didn't get what you all
11:57 pm
meant by it's enough with "let it go." i understand now. [ laughter ] i've got two girls. and every day in the house, it's this. ♪ we don't talk about bruno no no no ♪ and it's like -- i understand now. i'm ashamed. i'm sorry we did that. [ applause ] i'm sorry. but it's a phenomenon. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i keep -- it's like, you know, when you have people who are addicted to cigarettes? they say, give them 50 cigarettes and they'll quit. i've tried that with "we don't talk about bruno." but it only seems to make them stronger. they're not -- i was hoping it would make them sick of it. it's making them stronger. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: weird thing about kids, when they like something, they cannot get -- they have no regulator on them whatsoever. >> no, no. no, but we need to stop talking about talking about bruno. [ laughter ]
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: you've come over to this side. >> i've come over, i'm with you. >> jimmy: you were on a very, very -- >> i do not fit in this suit, jimmy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: as long as you fit in the chair, we're okay. i love the show "curb your enthusiasm." [ cheers and applause ] i love your episode of that show. how did it happen? how did you wind up on the show? that's kind of i think, me personally, it's like, it's something that you always kind of hope they'll ask you to do. then when they do ask you to do it, it's great, right? >> i remember you being on it. >> jimmy: i was on it. >> outstanding. and i'm the biggest larry david fan. you can imagine getting a call from larry. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: larry called you? >> larry called me. apparently he doesn't have people that do that for him. [ laughter ] josh, i want you to come and do an episode of "curb your enthusiasm." and i said, i would love to. at that point, i didn't qualify for the vaccine. so i was a little nervous about doing it. i hadn't worked.
11:59 pm
and he says -- what he says to me, josh, the median age on our show is 75, you're going to be just fine. [ lauhter ] so i went and i did it. but there was a bit of a hiccup that i haven't spoken about publicly. and i'm a little embarrassed about this. i had a neck ache that morning. >> jimmy: oh. >> thank you. [ laughter ] so sympathetic. >> jimmy: your family is here. >> thanks, mom. [ laughter ] and so i took two advil, three advil that morning before going to work. and i got to set. and they're all talking to me. and i just hear them garbled. i'm like, something's not right. and i called my wife. i'm like, can you take a look at the bottle next to the bed? she goes, yeah, what do you need to know? what's on it? she goes, advil. i go, thank god. she goes, "p.m." i took three advil p.m. >> jimmy: that's bad. >> and shot an episode of "curb
12:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, it didn't affect your performance at all. maybe it did, i don't know. >> it -- it did. i mean, i was not there that day. but i had the best time. larry is a consummate professional. and i wore a really interesting costume. >> jimmy: yeah, we have a clip here. now this is kind of the plot of the show. the premise of this episode was that you played a chiropractor. that was a great chiropractor. >> it's -- yeah. >> jimmy: it's always that, right? but there was a little problem with your personal attire. >> and remember, key is, you don't want to push too hard. just enough to make it work. here -- yeah, let's go with this bad boy. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: so then larry talks to you about it. you're suddenly -- that's a worse look than this
12:01 am
suit, right? [ laughter ] yeah, it's -- no. >> jimmy: did you discuss that particular part of it? >> yeah, he said -- he said, i have an idea. and i go, okay, great. and then the costumer came with three pairs of that underwear to my room. which was really upsetting. because i'm like what do you expect to happen in the first pair that i'll need another two pairs? [ laughter ] so i was a little confused. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> because i was on drugs, without my permission, i got a letter from my lawyer months later. and you get like writers when you do tv and film, you get riders about certain things. they sent me a nudity writer. and it basically issued a notification of how many inches of ass i was permitting them to show on camera. >> jimmy: oh. >> i'm like, did i do an episode of "euphoria" that i forgot about? [ laughter and applause what exactly is happening here? >> jimmy: it's not all
12:02 am
glamorous. did you get to keep those underwear? >> i didn't -- i don't want those underwear. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh. >> i never want to see them again. >> jimmy: oh. guillermo, i got you a present! [ laughter ] i got them from larry. >> oh, wow. >> guillermo: thanks. >> jimmy: yeah. i don't know, you know -- >> guillermo: thank you, jimmy, yeah. >> jimmy: put it in the living room. enjoy, buddy. thanks for all the great years. >> guillermo: thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: josh gad is here. his show is "wolf like me." we'll take a look at that when we come back. what if smartphones were more than just smart? the all new google pixel 6 truly sees you. not a blurry face. and for things you don't want to see, it removes them instantly with magic eraser. on our most advanced and inclusive smartphone camera yet. live translate speaks your language and hers.
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♪ ♪ who put on that song? >> i don't know. >> did you just put on this song? >> i've been sitting here with you. >> i need to go. >> did i do something wrong? >> no, i just feel like this is -- i shouldn't have put myself in this situation. >> what situation? >> i haven't day drunk in a really long time, so -- >> i don't think it's day anymore. >> really what time is it? >> after 6:00. >> oh! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is isla fisher and josh gad, late foreher transformation into a wolf. which i assumed when i -- i saw the billboard for this show first. i assumed it was a parody.
12:08 am
i didn't know you guys were really going for it. >> we really went for it. it is discernibly not a parody. it is -- it's so interesting. because they said -- they kept telling us, don't let people know what it's about. and i said, you guys named it "wolf like me." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's a really good point. >> it's been hard keeping the secret, but here we are. the show, it's a brilliant metaph metaphor, for the idea that love is messy, love is scary. and abe foreside, this amazing australian director who directed me in "little monsters" that i did with lupita nyong'o go. thank you so much, same person who was sad for me before. [ applause ] i'm taking you everywhere i go, i love you, ma'am. so we -- isla read the script, we were obsessed with it. i went to australia for three months. the show, it's got a mix of everything. it's dramatic. it's scary. genuinely scary.
12:09 am
it's hilarious. and it's full of humanity. >> jimmy: have you thought of working "it's sclerious" on the thing? >> not until now. surprisingly, i don't do marketing for peacock. [ laughter ] i don't know why i would write that. >> jimmy: i think you could help them. >> "watch wolf like me, it's sclerious." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm happy to chip in. we also get to hear you sing, always a treat, you have a nice voice. [ cheers ] the song you sang is a song i hap happen to love, "don't dream it's over" by crowded house. >> the best. >> jimmy: was that your choice? >> that was my choice. there was a song in the script that didn't feel right. the song's got to pack emotion but it can't feel corny. and i was listening through a bunch of songs and i stopped on this one. and it just -- i want you to sing it with me right now. >> jimmy: oh, you don't want that. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on, come on. come on, come on.
12:10 am
♪ there is freedom within there is freedom without ♪ ♪ try to catch the deluge in a paper cup ♪ >> jimmy: i don't know what that means, but -- >> i don't either. ♪ hey now hey now don't dream ♪ i mean, it's just so good. >> jimmy: yeah, it's better when you sing it. [ cheers ] what the hell is that song about? there is freedom within? >> there is freedom without. >> jimmy: try to catch the deluge in a paper cup? >> it couldn't be simpler, jimmy. [ laughter ] what are you having problems with? i mean -- >> jimmy: i've never picked through that song. >> the song is sclerious. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: very well done. you should be doing marketing for peacock. you missed your calling. while you're doing the marketing for peacock, tell them to change the name from peacock, it's ridiculous. [ laughter ] >> i can't comment because they'll fire me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that could be their
12:11 am
slog slogan. "peacock, formerly known as peacock, before we fired josh gad." congratulations on the show, "wolf like me." now you know what it's about. it's on peacock. we don't know what that's about. josh gad, thanks, josh. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be back with anna chlumsky. ♪ ♪ ♪ it may not be music to your ears, but as long as it's music to theirs. bring the volume back to the venue with exclusive ticket access to unmissable events. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. i just love having to check-in online, and having to do it again on the mobile app. and having to do it again in-person. are there any other ways that i have to check-in? no. but we're working on it. [ laughter ]
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>> lou: next week on "jimmy
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. music from the weather station is on the way. our next guest is a six-time emmy nominee who survived seven seasons of selina meyer on "veep." now she faces off against a phony german heiress in a strange and true story, "inventing anna" which premieres next friday on netflix. please welcome anna chlumsky! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: i've watched you a million times on television. >> hello. >> jimmy: is chlumsky your real
12:23 am
name or a show biz name? [ laughter ] >> it was a really simple name like johnson or something and i decided, let's do a really strange, guttural, hard to pronounce, hard to spell name. >> jimmy: it would be a great scrabble word, a lot of points. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i was thinking about it. it is a funny name. like inherently funny. >> just to pronounce it correctly, you have to make the same physicality as clearing your throat of phlegm. that's what you do, chlumsky. >> jimmy: i looked up your dad. >> oh, dear. >> jimmy: was delighted to find this photograph of you as a kid and your dad on the red carpet somewhere. >> yeah, there's my mom. >> jimmy: and your mom too, and your dad's got a great tie on and a fantastic moustache. >> yes. >> jimmy: that's a serious, no kidding around moustache. >> he's -- yeah, he's had that for as long as i've known him. >> jimmy: still has it? >> still has it. you know, my stepmom will see
12:24 am
him kind of playing in the mirror where he pulls it to the side and she gets very -- like, don't do it, don't ever shave it! she's never seen him without it. >> jimmy: you can't do that. you sthaf to have to -- when yo moustache like this you have to have it the whole rest of your life. >> he's in. in it to win it. >> jimmy: i think, yes, that's the right decision. what did your dad do for work? >> he was a chef. he was a chef, yeah. >> jimmy: that's a good chef boyardee-style moustache. [ laughter ] >> he had a restaurant, several restaurants before he retired. he was also a chef instructor for like 12 years at a culinary -- kendall college in chicago. and his students actually -- i think they made a special facebook page just for his moustache. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. so it's storied. it's very storied. >> jimmy: what was his specialty food-wise? >> originally -- well, he's trained french, then originally
12:25 am
his claim to fame was seafood. it was a place called filander's in oak park, illinois, hey. >> jimmy: oak park, illinois, yeah. >> and then -- it was like the first oyster bar to hit chicago where you could actually choose, you know -- more than one variety of oyster. >> jimmy: right. >> then in wisconsin he had a bohemian restaurant. >> jimmy: did he teach you to shuck? >> i was too young in the seafood restaurant, but i did every station in the bohemian restaurant. >> jimmy: you had -- correct me if i have this wrong. i've "my girl" you quit acting or left? >> it wasn't quite that, i was 10 years old. but after a long, dry spell of adolescence. >> jimmy: do you ever think, man, i wish i hadn't come back to this? >> i am really glad. i love, love, love acting. i love the craft of acting. i'm a total nerd about it. i love communicating next.
12:26 am
i'm happy. >> jimmy: "veep" is one of the great shows of all-time. [ cheers and applause ] it's one of these shows that people will be asking you about it for the whole rest of your life. >> yeah. >> jimmy: how long ago did that show actually wrap? as far as shooting goes? >> i believe -- well, shooting, we wrapped december 2018. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> then last aired may of 2019, i want to say. >> jimmy: have you seen the whole group together? since then? >> we did a lot of zoom-type stuff around the election. >> jimmy: right. >> raised a lot of money for georgia democrats. >> i remember that. >> that's how we were sort of getting together. we'll text each other, check in. >> jimmy: who are you closest to? >> i check in with stan richardson as much as i can. >> jimmy: very funny guy. >> yes, he is. and yeah, i -- julia and i just wrote each other. matt walsh and tim simons do a podcast, one of these
12:27 am
retrospective podcasts, about "veep." i did get to do one of those. >> jimmy: that's fun. >> it was hilarious. matt was like, oh, we're honored to have anna chlumsky. i laughed. i thought it was hilarious that he was revering me so. after ten years of just being together. >> jimmy: it was funny because when i saw you were doing a show called "inventing anna," i was like, wow, that's kind of strange she would do a reality show. [ laughter ] i assumed it was about you. >> yeah, no. >> jimmy: you're not even playing anna, no, i'm not. there's a young woman named anna. and she kind of made this claim to fame on instagram -- >> jimmy: a real person? >> she's a real person. >> jimmy: kind of. >> ish. ish. the whole thing is ish. real-ish, right? >> jimmy: what is the story with this? i heard a little bit about it today. i did not know her whole story. >> i didn't know the story until i read the script by shonda rhim rhimes. and yeah, it's -- she basically
12:28 am
came to new york, very -- in her young 20s, was able to commit a lot of bank fraud. >> jimmy: she pretended to be -- >> just pretending to an german heiress. people bought it. just bought it, bought it, bought it. >> so interesting that that works. >> yeah. >> jimmy: why would an heiress ever ask anyone for money? >> you know, i think people asked, and she had a way of explaining it. yeah. >> jimmy: it's funny. you figure people who are that clever could probably make money doing something legal. >> legally, yes, yes. >> jimmy: then she went to prison? >> she did. >> jimmy: does she know you're making this show? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i would assume, yeah. >> yeah. i never met her. is always do try to kind of -- >> jimmy: right, or she'll come and take all your money. [ laughter ] she'll take your dad's moustache right off his head. >> and he'd give it, like "here you go i just love you." >> jimmy: i want to ask you a personal question, if you don't mind. because one of our writers here, a young man gamed josh, told me
12:29 am
that you were in his fantasy football league. >> still am, yes. >> jimmy: what's the name of your team? >> my team is called the filthy assistants. >> jimmy: the filthy assistants? >> yes. >> jimmy: why is it called that? >> it's named after a graphic novel series called "transmetropolitan." and the main character has some wild assistants that i was into at that time. >> jimmy: and he says there's tradition or rule or whatever you want to call it, whoever comes in last in the league has to do something disgussing? would you like me to explain? >> jimmy: yes, please. i'm going to show what -- >> you have to drink from the flag gone of shish, any ingredients that the other parts of the league decide on. >> jimmy: they will say, you finished last, you have to drink? >> yeah, like coca-cola and ramen mix or something. >> jimmy: i'd have that, no problem, it would be fine.
12:30 am
salt sa [ laughter ] does the winner decide what the last-place person drinks? >> yeah, i think so. every time i've lost, which is many -- >> jimmy: they said you've lost four times in 12 years. >> four times. >> jimmy: an accomplishment in and of itself. >> horrific. this year i did the best because i auto drafted. i'm only going to auto draft from now. >> jimmy: if you do are you still playing fantasy football? >> i checked in. >> jimmy: did you make trades? >> i denied a trade. >> jimmy: it's always fun to deny a trade. next year, i told gosh, he's got a big head of hair that he should shave his head and put it in the flag gone. [ laughter ] then everyone has to drink his hair. >> oh my god. >> jimmy: you might want to autograph this. he's got -- whatever the opposite of testosterone is.
12:31 am
[ laughter ] it's very good to see you. the show is "inventing anna." not this anna, a different one. anna chemical ski. it premieres february 11th on netflix. we'll be back with the weather station! >> lou: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:32 am
the kfc chicken sandwich is only served one way: straight from the fryer, piping hot, and kentucky fried to order. if you don't like it this way, you'll have to go somewhere else. kfc. it's finger lickin' good.
12:33 am
>> lou: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to josh gad and anna chlumsky. apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next, but first, this is their album called "ignorance." here with the song "tried to tell you" the weather station! ♪ ♪ ♪ it was getting late you were afraid of yourself afraid that you might ♪ ♪ call her that you
12:34 am
could not help yourself and what could i say ♪ ♪ it lived in you all day i watched her in your eyes and pass across your face ♪ ♪ like the wind on the water i tried to tell you that is the way that ♪ ♪ you want her i tried to tell you ♪ ♪ you were so afraid to try and pull apart the endless rain you ♪ ♪ thought of as your heart with blood on your hands from the river inside ♪ ♪ you try to deny it you never felt the tide ♪
12:35 am
♪ of the moon pulling closer i tried to tell you that is the way that ♪ ♪ you want her i tried to tell you ♪ ♪ like the wind on the water i will not help you ♪ ♪ not to feel to tell yourself it was not real ♪ ♪ and only fools believe this is what the songs are for ♪ ♪ this is the dirt beneath the floor i cannot sell you on ♪ ♪ your own need some days there might be nothing you encounter ♪ ♪ to stand behind the fagile idea that anything matters ♪
12:36 am
♪ i feel as useless as a tree in a city park standing as a symbol of ♪ ♪ what we have blown apart you know you break ♪ ♪ what you treasure i tried to tell you but i'm not sure ♪ ♪ you remember so i tried to tell you and though it cannot ♪ ♪ be measured i tried to tell you would it kill you to ♪ ♪ believe in your pleasure i tried to tell you ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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