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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> a brutal fight between fans in a medically induced coma. conflicting opinions about the ordeal. >> aus raid in syria taking out the leader of isis. >> delicious discovery. america's most famous dr. dr. anthony fauci,, with a secret investment in the san francisco restaurant. that secret until now. good morning. >> yes. first, our forecast. >> the weekend looking delightful.
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this drive pattern continues. that means sunshine and mild temperatures for another day. visibility good. no issues with fog. typical winter chill. 30's and 40's. take your jacket. clear skies. plenty of stars over the city now and bay area. sunny skies to greet you after 7:00 a.m. light winds, temperatures in the 60's and 70's. warmer over the weekend. we will show you those numbers in eight minutes. >> san jose is making the jump to booster up. you now need proof of that extra shot to enter any city-owned building as new data comes from the state health department showing covid infection rates are cut in more than half for boosted californians compared to those with the original one or two does regimen. we are live in san jose with everything we need to know about this. >> we are at the sap center,
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where these changes will have an impact. this is for events for 50 of more people. some changes you will want to know about. you need to show proof of not only vaccination but also that you have been boosted. that is new. you can now show, instead of that, proof of a negative test so this rule applies to any large event like concerts or sports events with 50 or more people. the mayor announced this in december, saying it would be a public health benefit to everyone aimed at keeping hospitalization rates down. a big change with this is it includes kids five and older. exempt. now they need to show a proof of a negative covid test or vaccination. you need a lab report showing the date of the test. coming to disney on ice next
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week, a big show for kids. kids five and up need to show proof of either a vaccination in booster or a negative test. >> thanks. we are learning more about the fight outside of sofi stadium ahead of last week's game. one person is still in a coma after the altercation. the inglewood mayor describes what the footage shows. >> this incident occurred in less than five seconds. inglewood mayor james butz detailing the time it took for an oakland resident and business owner to sustain injuries. he remains in a coma after inglewood pd says he was assaulted outside so if i stadium during the game between the 49ers and the rams. butts says authorities now have a better idea of what happened. >> he pushes someone from
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behind. that person, when he turns away, pushes him, takes another step and pushes him in the mouth. he falls on his head. is not yet being released. stadium operators have a duty to safeguard their visitors, the fans. >> david lira was the lead attorney. -- brutal beating by daughters fans in los angeles in 2011. thursday night, the angles -- the inglewood fans -- the incident is nowhere comparable to this. >> butz says luna was standing with 15 or 16 people, seemingly 49ers fans, when the situation turned physical, calling it a small altercation that went bady
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were fighting about, he says officials need to review security plans and make changes depending on the crowd. >> this was an nfc championship game between two rivals. no different than the doctors and giants rivalry. so it was not a surprise unfortunately. >> he says only time will uncover whether plans specific to the game were fully executed. sofi stadium says they are working with police. >> you are not going to stop every altercation, argument that occurs between fans. it is just not going to happen. >> while you cannot prevent every instance of assault or violence in any arena, it will be interesting to see if there are gaps in their security plan. could this have been prevented? >> mayor butz says police have not been able to interview luna because he was already in that medically induced coma when they arrived at the hospital the
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night of the assault. abc7 news. >> his family declined interview requests but shared the statement. we appreciate the prayers and support from the community. keep daniel in your prayers. our family requests privacy. the 49ers organization issued a statement expressing their concern. police are asking anyone with information about the case to contact them. the tip line number is on your screen. police have not arrested anyone though they are looking for a car possibly linked to the suspect. >> the mother of an east bay man who died last year during an encounter with alameda police is suing the city and officers involved. mario gonzalez suffocated when police pinned him to the ground during this incident last april. his mother's filing a federal civil-rights suit, saying his mother was -- saying he was unlawfully restrained. the lawsuit says the officers used excessive force.
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alameda county corner's office described the death as a homicide. >> we are learning more about that u.s. raid in syria that resulted in the death of the isis leader. no u.s. personnel were harmed and the government is saying the way they conducted the mission may have saved civilian lives. jobina is tracking that from the live desk. >> president biden is labeling this a success and now getting praise from some republican lawmakers. onef the secret hideouts of the top isis leader has been destroyed and the known terrorist is dead. the pentagon says he blew himself up along with his wife and children before u.s. forces could capture him. rescue workers on the ground say they have recovered at least 13 bodies from the rubble but the pentagon is editing u.s. forces -- crediting u.s. forces with protecting more than 10 women and children in the home. they say the choice to go with ground forces rather than a drone strike limited civilian deaths. >> strong indications are that to the degree there was loss of
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innocent life, it was caused by mr. abdullah and his lieutenant. >> there were no u.s. casualties but an american helicopter had to be blown up on the ground after experiencing a mechanical problem. crews determined it was unsafe to fly the chopper out of the region. in washington, d.c., lawmakers are praising president biden and members of the armed forces for targeting the leader of isis. >> thank you. a potential solution to san francisco's housing shortage. 40,000 units found it to be sitting unused. how city leader -- how a city leader says he has a fix. >> are you willing to pay more for free shipping? amazon's new price hike for prime members that's much more than a few pennies. >> we have a gorgeous forecast on the way after this chilly morning. a ton of us -- ton of sun. wa
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>> a gorgeous look at the bay bridge now. good visibility. clear skies above as people cross the bridge. no issues there currently. pollen is an issue, tree pollen. that means if you are an allergy sufferer, they are acting up. let's go hour-by-hour. warming through the 40's by 9:00 a.m., by mid, 50's if not 60's, and later in the day, 60's, another above average day. sunday and drive. 62 in the city, 63 oakland, 63 palo alto, 62 antioch, 61 in half moon bay. let's see how we are doing on the roads. >> we are going to start with the map.
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we have a five car crash in andrew causing a quick backup that happened in the last few minutes. speeds already down to nine miles per hour on northbound 880 before davis street, so heads up if that is part of your commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights on yet for this day, a new trend for this week because they have been coming on before 6:00 a.m. the san mateo bridge good in both directions. i thought we would check out the drive times while we are here. southbound on the golden gate bridge, six minutes, westbound on the bay bridge, nine minutes, and san mateo bridge westbound, nine minutes. >> the reason channing tatum says he is traumatized and cannot watch any marvel movies. >> another new tesla recall to tell you about, seatbelt problems. and we are looking at 612 time.
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>> the southbay mother accused of throwing alcohol fueled parties for teenagers will stay in jail. accused of hosting parties for her son and friends at her home. she says she would give them alcohol and pushy didn't tell some vomit -- and push it in -- it until some vomit. some parents who were hesitant testified against o'connor yesterday. two teen girls begged a judge not to let this woman out of jail. o'connor faces 39 charges. >> new safety initiatives in progress to protect the asian-american community in san francisco, feeling uneasy about being targeted. a city leader announced the
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initiatives that include escorts for seniors, safety squad patrols, free doorbell cameras and community ambassadors keep an eye on shopping and business areas. >> city leaders are grappling with how we can address the increase in certain types of crime and overall concern around safety in our city. >> san francisco police last month revealed hate crimes targeting asians exploded more than 500% in 2021. >> and you report estimates there are more than 40,000 housing units sitting vacant in san francisco. the housing crisis is something we are focused on here as we work to build a better bay area. to alleviate the shortage, some local legislators are considering a vacancy tax that would put the squeeze on investors that own these buildings but are not renting them out. members of san francisco's housing action coalition argue a
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vacancy tax would not do much good because many units fall into categories that would make them exempt including places where landlords are doing renovations or upgrades. the coalition says what the city really needs to do is build more housing. >> to keep the cost of housing to just be increasing at the same rate as inflation, you need to be adding about 2% to our housing stock per year. >> that would mean about 5000 new units every year. over the past 30 years, san francisco has built an average of just 1800 annually, and that is what is creating that deficit. >> he is arguably america's most famous dr. and we are now learning dr. anthony fauci has a special connection to san francisco. he's an investor in the popular restaurant jackson fillmore, and as its name suggests, it is located on jackson and fillmore.
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this came to light in his testimony before lawmakers. he invested between 1000 and $15,000 in the restaurant. it is his only restaurant investment. he apparently made friends with the owner while visiting san francisco to study hiv in the 1980's. the owner says he has not seen dr. fauci in years, saying he was too busy during covid to talk to me. >> i'm intrigued. >> me to. >> good for him. i'm hungry now. i cannot eat until 9:00 a.m. intermittent thing. >> same. >> i will bring you a snack. >> what? >> i will bring you a snack. >> i love you. >> you could bring us some coffee. >> i could do that. >> all right. >> the east bay hills camera, good visibility.
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you can see as far as the eye will allow you. the sun coming up in an hour. dew points. dew points measure how much moisture is in the atmosphere. when we see numbers like the 30's and 40's, as we have now, that is dry. below 30, that is skin cracking. you have probably been using the lip balm, lotion. continue to because that dry air is settling over us. with that dry air and clear skies, chilly. fremont, 39, 43 vallejo, 48 in the city. winter jacket. we've been in this trend. you do not need it in the afternoon. mild, dry again. 62 in the city, 63 in oakland, concord later today. overnight, high clouds moving in. that will keep us warmer in terms of our temperatures compared to where we are now, upper 30's to mid 40's as we get into the weekend. if you thought it could not get
6:20 am
warmer, next week looks like warm air will sit over much of california, some of the warmest air across the lower 48 setting up shop over the bay area and southern california. next week, we have an 80% chance of seeing well above average temperatures. we are talking probably near record temperatures, 70's. socal could see 80's if not 90's. california is warm and dry. the forecast chilly and mild over the next couple days. let's talk about the spring-like weather. tuesday, breezy conditions. we watch that closely. records possible by wednesday and thursday. >> ginger with what is coming up on gma. you don't look as cold this morning. >> no. we are above freezing for now, the next hour, but we have been sliding fast. we shaved about 20 degrees off in the last two hours, so i bring the cold. things will start to freeze over here.
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that is exactly what we will be covering this morning because there are thousands of flights canceled. we had a horrific travel day yesterday like other americans. if you are trying to get eased, you might have issues. we will give you the latest on that storm. we have to give you the latest on the standoff over ukraine. the troops deployed by president biden are arriving in the region while vladimir putin is meeting with china's leaders at the olympics. the at-home covid test alert. what parents need to know about the new warning from poison control. the raging debate over what to do about kids in schools, masks or no masks? this morning, we will tell you how you can help your children navigate it all. we have dwayne johnson and kevin hart sitting down with us to chat, friendship, new movie, family, all of it. it is a friday on gma. don't miss it. >> we are looking out for you because drew pitched an idea that you do something with the
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super bowl, so that way you are in los angeles doing live shots. >> ok. i'm into it. i feel like i could -- i am trying to get to the manatees. who is warm? i am there. whatever i can do. >> we are working on it. >> florida, california, not texas this morning, because they are subfreezing. >> know. stay away from there. we are putting it out into the universe. you deserve a warm live shots soon. >> thank you. thank you so much. love to all of you. love to all of you. >> with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes,
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>> 624, and --624 -- colors painting the sky as the sun is rising. wind remains light.
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30's and 40's. by 9 a.m., close to 50. the sunshine will be efficient at warming us quickly. recalling 817,000 vehicles in the u.s. because of a seatbelt reminder alert. the national highway traffic safety administration says the affected vehicles are the 2021 to 2022 model s and model x, 2017 to 2022 model three, and 2020 to 2022 model y. an audible alert may not activate when a vehicle starts and the driver has not buckled the seatbelt. tesla will perform an over the years software update to address that. prime members will soon be paying more for the membership, subscription going up $20, now $139 a year. a monthly version will cost two dollars more.
6:26 am
the increase is due to the expanded services like prime video and same-day shipping, amazon says. they have not raise the subscription fee since 2018. investors like this news because amazon shares are up more than 10% in premarket trading. >> it seems a -- dream is having an impact on channing tatum. he says he cannot watch superhero movies after his dream of playing one fell apart. he was set to play gambit, an x-men character. the project got scrapped. since then, tatum says he has been traumatized and cannot watch any marble movies. -- any marble movies. >> how my supposed to feel? >> not bad for him? you know what he might need? >> what? >> a teddy bear. new at 6:30, the new types of stuffed animals from build a
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bear for an after dark kind of audience. >> not after dark. and we are tracking the top story you are clicking on at, an east bay man's $33,000 deposit disappearing. the new steps to hold bank of america accountable. >> and a look outside this morning. we will be right back. care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running!
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> protests planned to save several schools in oakland. critical days before classes will be closed. >> that monster winter storm happening right now. look at this. people trying to drive, make it through this snow and having a rough time. we are tracking areas from texas to new england that have been crippled by snow and ice overnight. >> in other news, a disastrous day for facebook's parent
6:30 am
company. we are looking at your money this morning. an update in a few minutes. >> good morning. happy friday. we will > -- >> we will start with a wicked weekend. >> the west coast typically is the opposite of whatever the weather on the east coast. that is the case. the only issue is visibility. not too bad but be aware of that in the north bay. 30's and 40's, the typical winter chill. have the heavier jacket. the sun will warm us nicely. san jose. beautiful sky has the sun slowly rising on the horizon. the day shapes up like this. sunshine, light winds. by 4:00 p.m., low- to mid-60's. >> now to that massive storm sweeping the country, now moving into the northeast. heavy rain and dangerous ice will make for a treacherous morning commute from texas to new england.
6:31 am
jobina is at the live desk with the latest on this winter weather. >> sleet and snow are causing issues in texas less than one year after a catastrophic freeze that we remember because it buckled the state's grid. we will take you over one city to check out the conditions. nearby, dozens of crashes in texas are plaguing drivers as temperatures dip into the teens. in austin, icy roads are blamed for a 14 vehicle pileup. conditions are so bad officials had to stop flight at dallas-fort worth airport for hours. more snow on the way. it has triggered thousands of outages across the state with demand for electricity expected to peak this morning. >> dealing with one of the most significant icing events that we've had in texas in several decades. >> in tennessee, nearly 150,000 power outages reported overnight.
6:32 am
trees and power lines toppled as the storm grew through -- storm blew through the state and more than 250 flights were canceled across the country, the biggest cancellation date in nearly four years. >> thank you. went to see the sharks play? want to see do a lipo when she comes to san jose? you have to prove you got your poster or don't come out. you will need proof of that dose or a negative covid test to enter any city building. that means to go to games, get library books, any performing arts theater and more. amy hollyfield live with what we need to know. >> i'm on an island. ok, reggie, this is for the people who want to come here to the sap center, including the little ones. disney on ice will be here next weekend there are new rules for kids five and up going into place tay f bigvent n jos
6:33 am
those little ones used to be able to show up here and come in. now they have to show proof of vaccination and a booster, or they have to show proof of a negative covid test, and that is in place now for everyone. this is as disney on ice is rolling into town. the mayor says he is doing this for the health benefits of everyone. he put this into place, or announced it, in december. it goes into place today. this is a new rule for everyone five and older and that standard at-home test will not be accepted. you must have an official lab report showing the date you got this. now the mayor says he is putting this into place today, but it is a bit more lenient even though it does not sound like it. take a second look. before, only the vaccinated were allowed in to a large event of 50 or more people. now they will accept that negative test. it is excepted now but it has to come from a lab.
6:34 am
you cannot do at home tests. in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> warriors fans facing tougher covid safety precautions. the chase center is one of only five venues in the nba that has had a vaccine mandate since the season started but the arena will go further with a booster requirement. if eligible, if you don't have a vaccination card, you will need proof of a negative antigen test within 24 hours or a negative pcr tests within 48. while the san francisco restrictions might be controversial in parts of the country, it was not for warriors fans we spoke with last night. >> when we are in there eating, there are people there who will not put their mask on at all next to us, so it is safer knowing that more people are vaccinated and boosted. >> just 64% of vaccinated san franciscans have gotten a booster shot, but the warriors are confident this new requirement will not impact
6:35 am
attendance at games. >> today, more protests planned against a proposal to close or merge 15 public schools in oakland. some of these protests are such a star in a couple hours. some parents, students and faculty posted last night too as a precursor to today that the closures will be detrimental to oaklands communities of color. the district says declines in enrollment and a budget deficit leaves the district no choice but to close the schools, which would happen by fall. in a statement, the district tells us everyone knows how difficult the discussion about possible consolidation is and how deeply invested in the school community, staff, teachers, families and students are. the board will vote tuesday. >> a big decision by the san francisco police chief, william scott, pulling out of an agreement that makes the da's office the lead investigator for all use of force incidents. reporters were told the
6:36 am
agreement worked in the past and he believes it could be salvaged. he would like to discuss it with chief scott further. >> i'm confident that he will see that this team, under my leadership, has done things by the book and there's been no prejudice to any investigation. there's been no prejudice, to any case and to the extent -- prejudice to any case, and to the extent -- >> he announced earlier this week he is pulling out of the agreement because of allegations that an investigator with the da's office felt pressured to withdraw -- withhold evidence in a case against a police officer. >> by walking awa from the agreementy, it raises questions about the da's office continuing to be able to work hand-in-hand with the police department? >> we have to work as a team to keep san francisco safe and we are doing our best to do that in difficult circumstances. there are a lot of people out
6:37 am
there who would like to see us fighting and pointing the finger at each other and not working together. san francisco deserves better and will get better for me. out of the agreement, the police department undermines public trust and create significant obstacles for investigators looking into police shootings. >> always thinking about that next vacation now but is now the time to buy? eight travel expert throwing common tips out of the window. >> wild on wall street recently. today, down 56 points. we will check again in a couple minutes. >> i don't eat school lunches. i feel like they are disgusting. >> school lunch switch up. some students say it is sorely needed. the largest district in the country making a major cafeteria change today. >> and today at 7:00 a.m., stay with us by streaming on our abc7 bay area app. we speak with the casting director from shark take and find out what it takes to get on the show.
6:38 am
abc7 at 7:00 is once again streaming only every weekday morning. if you are not already watching, all you have to do is download that abc7 bay area app now for your tv, including roku, apple tv, amazon fire, your phone, tablet, or you have so many options. you have 20 minutes, friend. >> it will work out well for me. in the weather department, high and dry. we talked about this resilient ridge sitting over the west coast. different story on the east coast, tracking that monster winter storm moving to the midatlantic and northeast. a lot of snow, ice and portions of the northeast and rain. so the storm is impacting many now off the coast over the next 12 hours. here at home, the opposite, nothing but sunshine. hour-by-hour we go. 40's by 9:00 a.m., midday 50's,
6:39 am
and then, early on in the afternoon, low and mid 60's with high clouds streaming in to finish out the day, but all in all above average across the bay area. sunny and drive. grab the winter jacket. get rid of it in the afternoon. we have been in this pattern for four weeks now. 62 in the city, 63 oakland, 66 santa rosa, same in san jose, above average, 63 concord. let's broaden the picture and show you the golden state. it is dry across california. issues in southern california. the santa ana winds continue for another day, so breezy if not windy conditions in los angeles bumping temperatures to 70 there. 68 in palm springs. more cloud cover north, but shaping up to be a nice finish to the week. the weekend forecast coming up in about nine minutes. first, let's check in with jobina for the roadways. >> we will go back to the crash
6:40 am
we were following on northbound 880 at davis has cleared. we have apache slowdown in the area but everything is -- we have a patchy slowdown in the area but everything has been moved. the bay bridge, looking live from our south beach camera, it is looking heavy. the metering lights flipped on at 6:28. also getting busy on the richmond san rafael bridge westbound for the north bay. our drive times are slowing. tracy to dublin, 40 minutes. antioch to concord, 19 minutes.
6:41 am
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there's this feeling we chase... at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. >> minneapolis police have released bodycam video of an officer shooting and killing a black man in an apartment building. we want to warn you that some
6:43 am
may find this disturbing. >> police! >> were serving a no-knock warrant relating to a homicide investigation. the family's attorney says this man had no criminal history and was not the target of the warrant. police say they recovered a loaded gun at the scene. for a lot of people, this is reminiscent of the breonna taylor case nearly two years ago, when local police shot and killed her while serving a no-knock warrant at her home. her boyfriend thought it was intruders and return fire. police fire back, killing taylor. >> a bank of america customer who is $33,000 deposit disappeared. his story has been exploding online. thousands are responding to this east bay man's struggled to find
6:44 am
out what happened to his money, some saying they lost deposits or worry it could happen to them. brian leonard deposited a cashiers check at a branch of the bank of america in oakland. hours later, the branch closed and his money never posted. finally, the bank restored his money. >> the consumer did everything right. the consumer used a cashier's check, had copies of everything. >> how can you protect yourself? keep copies of checks you deposit and the receipt. take photos of the checks and receipts in case you need to file a complaint. check your account immediately after a deposit. it should show it is pending. avoid depositing a big check at an atm, where it is harder to correct a mistake. booze is back in the friendly skies at least on southwest. the airline is resuming alcohol sales february 16. flights will have beer, wine and liquor for purchase and they will also restore more nonalcoholic drinks for free.
6:45 am
southwest says it will honor drink coupons from the last two years, but those will only be go through the end of this year. >> it might be the middle of winter but a lot of us are already thinking about a summer vacation and now might actually be the best time to book your airfare for the summer if you are looking for a deal. however, someone say there is a key, a goldilocks window for domestic flights. for domestic flights, one to three months. for international, two to eight months ahead. besides low fares, there's another benefit to booking in advance, more joy. >> we make the mistake of thinking about travel as something we only enjoy during the week we are on vacation, but it turns out we get as much if not more joy in the weeks and months leading up to a trip than we do on the trip itself. >> that is true. he went on to say that the idea
6:46 am
that you should always book your flights at a certain time like tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. is a myth. his advice is to research in the opposite season of your trip to get the best bargain. >> the best advice is live. >> yes, live. book it. >> now it is time for your morning money report. the stock market tumble has a lot of people talking. most of yesterday's losses driven by metta, the facebook parent company. if posted its worst day on wall street in the company's history. shares to close more than 26% down. a rough fourth-quarter earnings report presented new challenges for facebook and losses to its core advertising business as it transitions to the metaverse. stake in the company dropped by more than $30 billion. here's a look at how meta is starting this morning.
6:47 am
they are trading only slightly down, 1% or 2%. san francisco bay's slack is letting go nearly 200,000 square feet of office space in the city. the company behind the electronic workspace tool started leasing it just three years ago. the san francisco business times the company now plans to sublease the space as more employees work from home. looking at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. now in positive territory by about 10 points. >> oakland's popular star line social club making a comeback after a two year pandemic closure. the concert venue, bar and restaurant opened tuesday on west grand. according to sfgate, it is using a new business model as a worker owned cooperative where staff have an equal say in making decisions. the main ballroom has an upgraded bar and a smaller speakeasy space, the crystal cavern. it will start welcoming local musicians and comedians. >> who says stuffed animals are
6:48 am
just for kids? build a bear has launched a of teddy bears designed for adults. they are not calling at this but others are calling it the after dark series because, i mean, you have a teddy bear with a lion's main wearing a silk robe. you have another teddy bear wearing a sweatshirt saying "it is wine :00 somewhere," and somewhere -- and some bears wearing roses. they debuted this week. reaction has been mixed. do you see this one right here, this rabbit? >> no. >> rose over roses. you see this light he'll? --the slight heel. >> was this influenced by the green m&m? >> it might be. >> the boots.
6:49 am
>> do you think a lot of grown men will go to build a bear? >> i certainly do not, but they might order online. to be clear, these are not the animals you are able to build. stuff. >> mhm. >> let's move on. >> my sister got one of those years ago. it took us two hours to build the bear. in the early to thousands's, at the height of this. i am trying to erase it from my mind. don't race this. when you are under a beautiful drive pattern, at least you get beautiful sunrises and sunsets. gorgeous sunrise underway. in store for a lot of sunshine today. here we go with that pollen. i keep talking about this. my sinuses are acting up. tree pollen running high. cedar, juniper, and ash the main offenders.
6:50 am
dew points between 30 and 40. when you start dipping below 40, it is skin cracking, so you are probably using chapstick a lot this week, lotion. continue to do that. with dry air and clear skies, it is chilly. temperatures in the 30's and 40's out the door now. winter jacket needed. you do not need it this afternoon. we've been in this pattern for a month. sunshine, dry skies, 62 in the city today, 63 oakland, 62 the height in antioch. if you are heading to tahoe, why not? it is beautiful. over the next three days, dry, a lot of sun, 40's and 50's. here at home, overnight tonight, increasing cloud cover, 30's to mid 40's into the weekend. the next seven days, a morning chill, mild afternoons through the weekend. then warmer weather next week. we will watch tuesday for breezy conditions in our hills. records are possible by wednesday and thursday. but check on that toyota tahoe
6:51 am
report with jobina. >> good morning. we start with our toyota tahoe traffic report. we have no chain requirements again. this has been consistent throughout the week. for palisades tahoe here, three hours and 20 minutes, northstar three hours and 18 minutes. the most snow checking in with northstar, 36 inches to 85 inches, so looking great there. our next round of resorts. the only resort under three hours to get there will be sugar bowl. it also checks in with the most snow, so that seems like a winner. 61 inches to 100 inches. kirkwood, three hours and 29 minutes for the drive time, 62 inches to 68 inches. no chain requirements. leave them at home. back to you. >> thank you. the embarcadero cinema in san francisco is no more. the theater closed yesterday after more than a
6:52 am
quarter-century at the embarcadero center. landmark, which owns the theater, still runs the upper plaza in san francisco along with feeders in berkeley, albany and palo alto. >> new york city schools are rolling out a new food program they hope will be a hit with students. lunches at all public schools in the big apple are going vegan after a push from mayor eric adams, who is also vegan. he has been outspoken about how it saved him from diabetes and poor health. the mayor has been touting the program that was taste tested with students last year. >> they asked for this. they are tired of the food they are being fed in their schools and one healthy options. >> the items include things like vegan tacos, chickpeas two and a blackbean rice bowl. schools are also phasing out dairy, although milk will still be offered. it is required by usda standards. >> the unique pop-up museum celebrating black history month opening in redwood city tomorrow. this is the extraordinary collection belonging to carolyn
6:53 am
hoskins. it highlights the immeasurable contributions of african-americans. it started 25 years ago, when her grandson asked her who else beside dr. martin luther king jr. was worthy of studying during black history month. >> it is amazing that these accomplishments were made by a race of people that it was illegal for them to be able to learn to read and write. >> the collection is now on display in a donated space in downtown redwood city. it opens tomorrow and it is free to everyone. >> a new york congresswoman wants to make the lunar new year a federal holiday. she has introduced a bill to recognize the day as america's 12 federal holiday. ming says the bill has 40 cosponsors already. establishing the holiday would give federal workers the day off. it would be up to states and private companies to recognize it. in the south bay, the mayor will take part in a lunar new year
6:54 am
celebration at santana row park. red envelopes containing gifts will be given out while supplies last. there will also be dragon and lion dances and arts and crafts for the kids. this starts at 4:00 p.m. >> a man in tracy's showing how cool one of tesla's special features is. check it out. ♪ we need more sound. to really get the full -- fullness of what is happening. so from those few beads, hopefully you can recognize that that's michael jackson's "beat it." he programmed his tesla and his neighbor's to the tune so the two cars could have a dance off. the video shows the teslas flashing their lights and opening their trunks to the beat. george is no stranger to fancy routines.
6:55 am
he's the ceo and founder of magical light shows, which does things like this on all kinds of product. >> he had his neighbor have the same exact car? >> they do. >> huh. >> now, is that something that people can go see like the rest? >> i don't know. i like the other ones better. the cars moved kind of slow. >> a lot of tesla news this week. >> we heard they had a slow roll at a stop sign -- at stop signs that they will have to change because it is against the law. chill, assertive. >> next, the seven things you need to know. >>
6:56 am
(swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
6:57 am
>> 6:57. seven things to know. san jose's booster mandate starts today so you will need a booster at any city-owned
6:58 am
facility if you are currently eligible for it. if not, proof of a full vaccination or a negative covid test is required. >> more demonstrations scheduled against a plan to merge 15 public schools in oakland. members of the open community protested last night as a precursor today's protests. >> the pentagon is crediting u.s. forces with saving civilian lives during a raid in syria. the top leader of isis was killed when he detonated a suicide vest. >> that massive winter storm sweeping into the northeast is now -- is also in texas with sleet and snow after thousands of outages they are with demand for electricity expected to peak this morning. >> the opposite for hear us -- for us here in the bay. not only sunny today but through the weekend. and as we go through the weekend, warming temperatures by sunday, the warmest spots near 70. >> bringing you a picture from the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:59 am
a positive note for your commute because it is light there even though the metering lights came on at 6:28. >> number seven, amazon prime members will soon be paying more because the subscription prices going up $20, so it will be $139 a year. amazon says the increase is due to expanded services like prime video and same-day shipping. >> they have me hooked. i'm sorry. i am going to pay it because i love to sit in my bed and order things and have them show up at my door, maybe the same day sometimes. >> it is such a gap between non prime delivery times. it is a like a year. ok, that is a little extra. >> where are the covid tests? >> i got mine. you didn't get yours? >> no. >> no. >> if it was prime, i would have
7:00 am
had at the same day. >> that was a partnership that needed to happen. >> yeah, then i good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. the monster winter storm causing travel chaos on this friday morning. in the bull's-eye. the i-95 corridor bracing for dangerous ice and a flash freeze. this morning, the treacherous conditions on the roads as americans head to work and thousands of flights already canceled for the second straight day. the midwest digging out right now, and the devastation after the major storm spawned deadly tornadoes in the deep south. our team is covering all the angles across the storm zone right now. overnight russian president vladimir putin arrives in beijing to meet with chinese president xi jinping. showing off their


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