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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 4, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, the storm right now, the dangerous commute. black ice, freezing rain on the highways, temperatures plunging. wind chills below zero. treacherous driving from philadelphia to new york to boston. and the ice and bitter cold as far south as texas. some drivers on i-10 stranded more than 16 hours in texas. thousands without power. rob marciano tracking the ste tonight, and what's coming in right behind it for much of the country. late today, former vice president mike pence and what he declared about former president trump. jonathan karl standing by. on this friday night, the u.s. reaching a grim milestone -- 900,000 american lives lost in this pandemic. but there are new signs tonight that we could be turning a corner. and the new study on masks. we'll break it down.
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n-95s, surgical masks and cloth masks, and it's eye opening. the new report from the pentagon tonight after that deadly attack at the airport in kabul. 13 u.s. marines were killed. what the report now reveals. and martha raddatz is here tonight. u.s. service members arriving in eastern europe amid tensions with russia and ukraine. paratroopers from the 82nd airborne. members of the florida national guard. and the signal from vladimir putin at the opening of the olympics with china's president xi. stephanie ramos in ukraine. breaking news from minneapolis at this hour -- an immediate moratorium now on no-knock warrants amid newly released body camera video of a deadly police shooting. 22 years old, not in the warrant shot and killed nine seconds after police came through the door. what police are saying, the state a.g. investigating. opening ceremonies at beijing. team usa suffering a setback on
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the ice. disgraced attorney mike avenatti found guilty in the om of a well. stormian to sava queen elizabeth marking 73 years on the throne. and the teacher, the quiet effort and, the row of special bags growing longer tonight. who is our person of the week? > go and isits as we near the end of another week together. we begin with the dangerous commute at this hour. all part of this massive winter storm. wind chills for several states below zero. the storm hitting the northeast after hitting the south. stretching 2,000 miles from texas all the way up to maine. treacherous highways and roads. more than 100,000 murs without
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power tonight. as we head into the night, temperatures plunging, keeping the snow and ice on upstate new york getting the full force of the snow. rochester with more than 11 inches in the past 24 hours. in the south tonight, freezing raincoati rain coating sprees and power lines. in kentucky crews rushing to get the lights back on. northwest of san antonio, texas, hundreds of drivers stuck for hours in a traffic jam after a 18-wheeler jackknifed on interstate 10. some drivers stuck for 16 hours on i-10 in below freezing temperatures. rob marciano is standing by with the brutal cold sweeping in right behind this in several states and erielle reshef with the images of the storm and the commute tonight, leading us off from new york. >> reporter: tonight, that powerful system pushing into the northeast. temperatures tumbling. >> we have seen that changeover from rain to freezing rain, and
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then sleet, and yes, now some snow mixing in. >> reporter: outside boston, a tractor-trailer colliding with a vehicle. one person killed. north of new york city, a state of emergency. ice covering trees and roads. thousands losing power. in the south, freezing temperatures keeping road encased in ice and snow. northwest of san antonio -- >> so many trucks and cars are right now trapped on i-10. >> reporter: the line of vehicles stretching through the night. talking to us during her 13th hour stuck in that standstill. >> i'm only a mile away from my exit, and we haven't inched one bit. >> reporter: early this afternoon, finally on the move again after being stuck for 16 hours. in the memphis area, more than 100,000 customers still without power there. david, that system is finally moving out. temperatures here in new york
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city are falling fast. freezing rain blanketing many of the roadways making for a dangerous treacherous commute here and across the northeast. >> from the north to the south touchdown temperatures are the concern. let's get to rob marciano tracking it all, including what's behind all this. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. just north of new york city and temperatures are below freezing the. roads, the swabs, they're icing up. the bridge behind me, no doubt, is getting slick. the precip is on top of that cold air that's infiltrating the northeast. it's pretty wide. several hours of icing here. anywhere really north of new york city, which is going to be problematic. a flash freeze as temperatures plummet. anything on the roads will freeze up. look at the numbers in the morning. brutal cold. minus 4 in albany, minus 12 in indianapolis. minus 10 for a wind chill to start the saturday. >> we can hear the wind on your mic, rob. we'll be watching thank you weekend, thank you.
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we turn next to former vice president mike pence late today striking back at former president trump, saying president trump is wrong to say that pence as vice president had the right to overturn the election. pence then saying there is almost no idea more un-american. it comes on the same day the republican party went after two members of congress for continuing to ask questions about who helped plan and orchestrate the january 6th attack. here's our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl on what he ce president a- >> reporter: tonight, something we have never before heard from mike pence, declaring donald trump is wrong when he said that his vice president had the right to change the outcome and could have overturned the 2020 election. >> i heard this week that president trump said i had the right to overturn the election. president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone.
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and frankly there is almost no idea more un-american than the notion that any one person could choose the american president. >> reporter: on january 6th and in the days before, the former president put enormous pressure, in private and in public, on pence to overturn the election. >> i hope mike is going do the right thing. i hope so. i hope so. because if mike pence does the right thing, we win the election. >> reporter: today pence said that doing what trump demanded would have been a clear violation of the u.s. constitution, delivering a warning to his own party. >> i understand the disappointment many feel about the last election. i was on the ballot. the truth is, there's more at stake than our party or our political fortunes. men and women, if we lose faith in the constitution, we won't just lose elections, we'll lose our country. >> reporter: but just hours before pence spoke, the republican party went in the
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other direction, voting at their annual meeting to censure the two republican members of congress who are taking part in the january 6th investigation. the censure resolution condemned congressman adam kinzinger of illinois and liz cheney of wyoming for, quote, participating in a democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse. in response congresswoman cheney tweeted this video of the attack on the capitol. this was january 6th, cheney wrote. this is not, quote, legitimate political discourse. after the resolution passed, the rnc put out a statement insisting they weren't referring to the violence at the capitol as legitimate political discourse, despite the words of its resolution, but it's unclear what ordinary citizens it refers to kinzinger and cheney
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persecuting if not those at the capitol. we've asked but haven't heard a clarification about who or what they were talking about. >> jonathan karl live in washington. jon, thank you. now to the pandemic and a grim few milestone tonight. this evening more than 900,000 lives lost to the virus in this country, almost two years to the day the first death was reported. but there are new signs tonight that we could be turning the corner. and the new study on masks -- n-95s, surgical masks and the ones made of cloth and how much protection each provides. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, the country passing another unthinkable milestone -- 900,000 lives lost to the virus nearly two years after the first known covid death in the u.s. >> it's all on us to do what we can, get vaccinated, reduce transmission in the country, to pre getting to those further milestones. >> reporter: so much loss taking it toll on the front lines. >> i pray i don't have to zip up
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another body bag. >> reporter: tiffani porter's 3-year-old got severely ill. she's grateful she made it home from the hospital. >> this virus doesn't care who you are. it doesn't care your age. it doesn't care anything about you. >> reporter: but new covid cases are now falling in 47 states. hospitalizations down 33% in the last two weeks. governors weighing when to roll back restrictions, pressing the white house for a clear roadmap. >> what does the road from pandemic to endemic look like? and how do we keep score? >> reporter: and tonight a new study out of california showing higher quality masks give better protection. researchers found an n95 mask lowered the odd of getting covid by 83% compared to no mask. surgical masks lowered by 66%, and cloth masks by 56%. david, late today the cdc director giving the green light on full approval for the moderna vaccine for everyone 18 and up. it now joins pfizer.
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so far, nearly 75 million americans have been fully vaccinated with the moderna vaccine. >> whit johnson tonight, thank you whit. new report from the pentagon tonight after the investigation into the horrific blast at the kabul airport during the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. report finding the carnage was caused by a single attacker who appear at the crowded gate with a powerful bomb packed with ball bearings. the pentagon releasing the only known footage of the blast itself. here tonight our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. >> reporter: the danger had been building for days. desperate afghans trying to get out. u.s. marines trying to help while securing the kabul airport. this image is what the bomber would have seen approaching the airport's abbey gate on that august afternoon. masses of people lining a canal. and for the first time, we see the suicide blast itself. it is only a few seconds and
3:42 pm
some 50 yards away, but slow it down, and you see a lone figure dressed in black who investigators now say was the bomber. >> in that space between the marine in the foreground and his antenna is where you're going to see that individual. the blast seems to emanate from this individual. >> reporter: and three minutes after the blast, a u.s. drone records the catastrophic aftermath 13 service members, mostly marines, and 170 afghans killed by the ball bearings propelled by 20 pounds of explosives on the bomber. surviving marines gathering up the wounded and dead, and hundreds of afghans running for cover. the pentagon also looked at whether this tragedy could have been avoided. the investigators saying the leaders did follow proper procedures, and in the end, given what was happening on the ground, david, this was not preventable. david? >> martha raddatz tonight. thank you, martha.
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we turn to the tensions with russia over ukraine. vladimir putin meeting with china's president by in beijing at the opening of the olympics. the two issuing a joint statement against any nato expansion. and putin's face as the ukrainian athletes appeared at the games. abc's stephanie ramos from ukraine tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it was a show of solidarity no one could miss. russian president putin visiting with chinese leader xi at the olympics as the standoff over ukraine simmers. the two countries then releasing a joint statement opposing nato expansion and backing russia's claims that it needs security guarantees. later at the opening ceremonies, putin seemingly unimpressed as the team from ukraine entered. the u.s sending its own message to putin today. here, images of heavy american combat vehicles shipped to poland, where paratroopers from the 82nd airborne also landed this morning. they're part of a force of
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3,000 u.s. soldiers deploying in support of nato allies in eastern europe. we traveled just a few miles away from the polish border where ukrainian troops are being trained by members of the florida national guard. they're being shown how to use bunker-buster missiles. that's a bunker defense munition that's just gone off. ukrainian soldiers operating that weapon for just the last couple of days, a weapon that they just received from the u.s. military. david, the florida national guard members we saw today are part of about 300 americans in this country helping train ukrainian soldiers. >> stephanie, thank you. back here at home, a developing headline from minneapolis. tonight, the mayor imposing an immediate moratorium on no-knock warrants. it comes after newly released body cam video after a deadly shooting. amir lock 22 years old, was not in the search warrant.
3:45 pm
he was shot and killed nine second after the police came through the door. alex perez with the video tonight. and a warning, it is difficult. >> reporter: tonight, this unsettling body camera video. minneapolis swat team officers using a key to quietly open an apartment door just before 7:00 a.m., then announcing themselves. >> police, search warrant! >> reporter: nine seconds later police encounter a 22-year-old, black man, amir locke, under a blanket on a couch holding a handgun. an officer opens fire, killing him. locke's heartbroken family calling it an execution. >> i want the police officer that murdered my son to be prosecuted and fired. >> reporter: police say the raid was part of a homicide investigation in nearby st. paul and that locke was not named in the warrant. they say he pointed the handgun in the direction of the officers, but his family says he has no criminal record and legally owned the weapon and that he was startled awake and grabbed it in his confusion.
3:46 pm
minnesota's attorney general prosecuting the former officers in the killings of george floyd and daunte wright now reviewing this case, which is drawing comparisons to the killing of breonna taylor in a no-knock raid in 2020. david, the mayor of minneapolis late this evening issuing that immediate moratorium on no-knock warrants. st. paul police say it was minneapolis police who insisted the warrant in this case be a no-knock warrant. the officer who fired his weapon has been placed on administrative leave. davidsome. >> alex perez reporting. thanks. to the economy and jobs tonight, and a surprisingly good jobs report today. 467,000 jobs added in january. that's three times more than what analysts expected. the unemployment rate at 4%. president biden welcoming the news saying, quote, america is back to work. when we come back on a friday high, the verdict tonight in the case against disgraced attorney michael avenatti involving stormi daniels and the rescue effort to save a
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tonight, disgraced attorney michael avenatti found guilty of stealing from stormi daniels. daniels, who hired him in her lawsuit against former president trump accusing him of stealing $300,000 from her. when we come back here, racing to save a 5-year-old boy trapped at the bottom of that 100 foot well. our skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema
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to the "index" of other news tonight. rescuers working to save a 5-year-old boy trapped in a well in northern morocco. stuck 100 feet down for three days. crews using heavy equipment to try to reach to the side of the well. getting close, but there are concerns tonight the well could collapse. hundreds are now gathering, praying for that boy. in beijing tonight, the winter olympics kicking off under the shadow of covid and a multination diplomatic boycott. fireworks during the opening ceremonies, they were something. athletes from 87 countries taking part in the parade of nations. a setback for the u.s. hockey team. and a royal milestone for queen elizabeth. she'll mark 70 years on the throne this weekend. buckingham palace releasing new images. one of her beloved dogs sneaking into the room.
3:53 pm
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finally tonight here, the elementary schoolteacher quietly working on her own afterschool project. our person of the week. tonight in durham, north carolina, she has been staying after school and for good reason. mrs. parker has been helping to quietly feed students over winter break when they don't get their lunches they can count on at school. half the children in her school district qualify for free or reduced launches. mrs. parker raising money through social media, fundraisers, charities.
3:57 pm
quiting on the bag, love mrs. parker and a whole lot of people. fist for her own students, then her lakewood elementary stochool. this past break. her costco re-create growing and so is her help. volunteers packing. >> corn, tons of green beans. >> reporter: loading up the groceries. >> we have this truck over here, and then we have -- this truck over here. >> reporter: right here tonight -- >> hi, david. >> mrs. parker. >> let's go through the bag and see what we've got here. we've got cereal, because who doesn't like cereal? we have some chef boyardee, easy mac, peanut butter, apple sauce, popcorn, instant potatoes,
3:58 pm
chili. every child got this bag. each bag weighs 12 pounds, 7 ounces. >> reporter: 12 school districts now. mrs. parker preparing for spring break. >> i'm here with tsome of the book bags we're going to be using to send home food. >> reporter: book bags the children can keep. >> hi, david. >> reporter: volunteering. >> mrs. parker inspiring me, and i hope people across america really take this to heart and start packing foods to help our community get better. >> reporter: and tonight, mrs. parker and her hope. >> we are expanding this as much as we can to take care of each other, because we are in this together. >> and so we choose mrs. parker, a teacher and an angel, for sure. we love you, mrs. parker. good night. better bay area m
3:59 pm
nding sio. it doesn't look like anyone else was involved. an arrest in the assault of an oakland man outside sof stadium during sundays 49ers rams playoff game a tribute today to an alameda county sheriff's recruit shot and killed on an east bay freeway and new vaccination rules now in effect. jose also a grim covid milestone today. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beale and i'm kristen zee. thanks for joining us. we begin this afternoon with the arrest of a 33 year old man in the assault that injured a 49ers fan outside sofi stadium on sunday. that fight left oakland resident daniel luna in a coma abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard has today's newest developments. england police officers trace the vehicle seen in a security video englewood mayor james -- announcing the arrest of a suspect. rounding a fight outside sofi stadium during the nfc championship game 49ers versus the rams ed left 40 year old
4:00 pm
niners fan daniel luna from oakland in a medically induced coma 33 year old brian alexis sifuentes roselle from la surrendered to police. he was arrested and charged with felonyar to me mayor -- says that still unreleased surveillance video that he watched shows the brief fight begin with a pushing match in the stadium. lot, he says luna wearing a white niners jersey appears to shove a man possibly wearing a yellow rams jersey the individual white jersey. pushes the individual in the yellow jersey the individual in the yellow jersey. pushes the individual in the white jersey and then strikes him once it appears in the face area. the individual in the white jersey falls backwards hits his head on the pavement doesn't move after that. the mayor says, it's unclear. how the fight started luna is in stable condition in an la hospital. as of this briefing his