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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 5, 2022 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the family demanding justice, appearing with protesters in minneapolis over the deadly shooting of amir locke, a 22-year-old black man killed by police executing a no-knock warrant within ten seconds of entering the apartment. tonight, his mother's emotional message as some draw comparisons to the shooting death of breonna taylor. and more questions about the safety of those no-knock raids. also tonight, the terrifying kidnapping at gunpoint of an employee at a colorado ranch owned by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. tonight, the billionaire's message of gratitude to authorities, what the alleged kidnapper reportedly wanted, and the key clue that led to his arrest. a dangerous deep freeze menacing millions this weekend, from texas to the northeast.
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rob marciano is standing by, timing it all out. the growing gop divide over january 6th. the republican national committee trying to clarify 24 hours after accusing investigators in congress of persecuting citizens engaged in quote, legitimate public discourse. tonight, the disturbing new images from that fateful day. and former president trump responding to recent bombshell comments from mike pence. tonight, the nfl under fire, accused of a lack of diversity among head coaches. commissioner roger goodell's reported memo to all teams. what he says about the league's efforts so far, as a former coach pursues legal action. the cdc expanding its covid-19 surveillance, tracking the virus in wastewater. how it could help battle a future outbreak. also breaking as we come on the air, the major new announcement from queen elizabeth on the eve of her platinum jubilee. and america strong tonight. the teen with autism getting his
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big break and inspiring others. good evening. thanks for joining us on a busy saturday evening. i'm whit johnson. we begin with demonstrators demanding justice for the family of amir locke, a 22-year-old black man shot and killed during a no-knock police raid in minneapolis. locke's relatives joining protesters marching in the city, still hurting from the police killing of george floyd and other cases across the country. body camera video that we want to warn you is difficult to watch, showing officers entering an apartment, less than ten seconds later shooting locke, awakened on a couch, holding a handgun his family says he legally owned. the case drawing comparisons to breonna taylor, killed in in a no-knock police raid bck in 2020. abc's ike ejiochi leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, the family of amir locke demanding justice
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after a second day of protests on the streets of minneapolis after their 22-year-old son was shot and killed during an early morning police raid. >> never would i have imagined that i would be standing up here talking about the execution of my son by the minneapolis police department. >> reporter: around 7:00 a.m. wednesday, minneapolis police obtained a key to the apartment in order to execute a no-knock warrant. you can see the s.w.a.t. team storming into the apartment without knocking, eventually kicking the sofa where locke was sleeping. the officer, now identified as mark hanneman firing at least three shots, killing locke less than 10 seconds after entering, a shooting some are comparing to the killing of breonna taylor in kentucky. the police report saying locke was armed with a handgun pointed in the direction of the officers. this still from the body cam footage seems to show locke holding his registered handgun with his finger along the side of the barrel, not on the trigger, with the weapon pointed
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down. but in the video it appears he had just woken up. from what was shown on the body cam video, were the best practices followed, in your opinion? >> absolutely not. was that the best thing to do? and i will argue, because mr. locke lost his life unnecessarily, it was not. >> reporter: some say not enough progress has been made since the 2020 killing of george floyd. minneapolis mayor jacob frey issuing a moratorium on no-knock warrants. he's also inviting national experts to help craft legislation to prevent tragedies like locke's death from ever happening again. >> ike ejiochi is back with us now. ike, what are you learning about the status of the officer involved who fired the shots. >> reporter: whit, the police department says mark hanneman has been placed on administrative leave. the department spokesperson says thy will not make that search warrant public until the suspect at the center of the homicide investigation is in custody. >> ike, thank you. new details tonight in the
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terrifying kidnapping at a colorado ranch owned by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. dramatic video from police showing the rescue of a worker they say was taken from the ranch at gunpoint by a man looking for bloomberg's two daughters. and tonight, the billionaire's message to law enforcement. here's abc's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, video of a s.w.a.t. team rescuing one of michael bloomberg's employees after authorities say she was kidnapped at gunpoint from his colorado ranch and taken to a wyoming hotel. >> they were able to apparently track her ipad, which eventually led them to cheyenne, wyoming. >> reporter: authorities say on wednesday morning, the suspect, joseph beecher, rammed his vehicle through the main gate to the home, pictured here in a real estate photo, and confronted a supervising housekeeper. he reportedly asked where the billionaire's daughters were, wanting to make an international scene. but officials say the bloombergs were not at the ranch. the woman telling authorities beecher pointed a machine gun at
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her face and told her she was coming with him. she reportedly mouthed the words "help me" to an atm camera when he forced her to withdraw money. the two seen on hotel surveillance video that afternoon. the rescue occurring hours later in the middle of the night. a bloomberg spokesperson telling abc, we're deeply grateful to law enforcement for their swift and heroic action in this case. beecher now facing kidnapping and possibly other charges. the victim is safe and with family. experts say she stayed calm and friendly and that probably increased her odds of staying alive. whit. >> zohreen with that incredible video. thank you. next tonight, tracking the dangerous deep freeze impacting millions from texas to the northeast. sheets of ice covering trees in tennessee, where more than 90,000 customers remain without power tonight. let's get right to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. rob, any relief from this bitter cold in sight? >> reporter: in a couple days, whit, but we're entrenched in it
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right now from north to south, about three-quarters of the country. records fall this morning across laredo and corpus christi. temperatures well below freezing. wind chills not much better. minus 1 for a wind chill in boston. will be above normal wednesday. that won't be the long-term trend. next six to ten days below normal here and way above normal in the west. >> people will take any improvement they can get. rob, thank you. turning to the unsettling video from the january 6th capitol riot. as the divide over the attack grows inside the gop, the footage part of a justice department case against an alleged rioter, showing him saying he wants to drag former vice president mike pence through the streets. this just 24 hours after the republican national committee accused january 6th investigators in congress of persecuting citizens engaged in, quote, legitimate political discourse. maryalice parks reports from the capitol tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, the republican party facing intense criticism for its highly controversial resolution appearing to downplay and whitewash the violence of january 6th. the document censuring the two republicans who sit on the house committee investigating the attack, representatives liz cheney and adam kinzinger, saying the two are participating in a democratic-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse. in response, cheney tweeting a video of rioters beating police, writing, this is not "legitimate political discourse." alaska senator lisa murkowski also criticizing the resolution today, adding, we cannot allow a false narrative to be created. we cannot deny the truth. behind the scenes, some others in the party attempting to clarify their resolution, saying they meant to take issue with the investigation of ordinary citizens unrelated to the violence at the capitol. and all this coming just days after former president trump
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mused about pardoning those who attacked the capitol. >> if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons, because they are being treated so unfairly. >> reporter: president trump still arguing in a statement issued overnight that his vice president could have tried to unilaterally overturn the election results and keep him in office. >> i'm telling you, if pence caved, we're going to drag the [ bleep ] through the streets. >> reporter: this new video tonight of one of the attackers now facing multiple felony charges, showing the vitriol pence faced that day from trump's supporters after he pressured pence to interfere in the election's certification. yesterday, pence defending his actions. >> president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people. >> those comments from pence getting a lot of reaction. maryalice parks joining us from the capitol. maryalice, we're told the january 6th committee is
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planning to hold televised primetime hearings. when can we expect to see those? >> reporter: that's right, we know they plan to hold several days of high-profile public hearings. the chairman of the committee saying recently, we need to give the greatest number of americans the opportunity to see firsthand what we have uncovered as a committee. whit? >> maryalice in washington, thank you. tomorrow on "this week," our martha raddatz discusses republican divisions in an exclusive interview with texas congressman michael mccall. we go overseas today where the first u.s. troops arrive in the eastern europe as concerns grow that russia is preparing to invade ukraine. troops seen landing in poland after president biden ordered 2,000 to that country and germany. new satellite images showing the russian buildup in belarus, ukraine's neighbor to the north. abc news has learned russia now has 70% of its forces in place if it moves to launch a full scale invasion of ukraine.
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but the u.s. believes vladimir putin has not yet made a final decision. and breaking late today, the major announcement from queen elizabeth on the eve of her platinum jubilee, the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. the queen expressing what she calls her sincere wish that charles becomes king, his wife will be known as queen camilla. reaction from the uk already pouring in. lama hasan reports from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the queen making headlines on the eve of marking 70 years on the throne. her majesty announcing for the first time that she wants her daughter-in-law camilla to be known as queen consort. in a statement, the 95-year-old monarch saying, it is my sincere wish that when the time comes, camilla will be known as queen consort, as she continues her own loyal service. a hugely symbolic move. when camilla and charles got married, it was announced cmilla would be known as princess consort. not anymore. the queen also thanks the people
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for their loyalty and affection over the years hoping they will show the same to her son. the queen adding, when in the fullness of time, my son charles becomes king, i know you will give him and his wife camilla the same support that you have given me. >> it's the first time really she's talk about the succession in such detail and she's talking really to say when prince charles becomes king, he deserves to be -- have the support and love of a consort like she did with prince philip. >> reporter: on sunday, queen elizabeth will become the first british monarch to rule for 70 years and celebrate her platinum jubilee. >> she's 96 years old in april. she wants everything sorted out so there's continuity and it's a smooth succession. >> reporter: whit, it's the first time that we've heard the queen talk about the future of the monarchy in this way and the changing of the guard. and tonight, charles and camilla responding to that significant statement saying they are honored and touched by her majesty's words.
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>> lama hasan in london, thank you. meantime, back here at home, nfl commissioner roger goodell has called the results of efforts to promote diversity among the league's head coaches unacceptable. espn reporting those comments were included in a memo to teams following claims of racial discrimination by a former coach. lawyers representing that coach responding tonight. here's abc's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, nfl commissioner roger goodell responding to that bombshell lawsuit filed tuesday by former miami dolphins head coach brian flores. the lawsuit claiming the nfl remains, quote, rife with racism, particularly when it comes to the hiring and retention of black head coaches, coordinators, and general managers. >> there's one black head coach in the national football league. there's 70% black players. >> reporter: flores was fired by the dolphins despite back-to-back winning seasons. he claims he was let go in part because he refused to tank the
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2019 season so the dolphins could pick up better picks. flores is also accusing two teams of conducting what he ' calls sham interviews to satisfy the nfl mandate requiring people of color be included in the interview process. in that memo to all nfl team owners, commissioner goodell acknowledging efforts to promote diversity among head coaches in particular have been unacceptable and pledging to re-evaluate all policies, guidelines and initiatives relating to diversity. flores' lawyer in response saying, on the surface, a positive first step, but we suspect that this is more of a public relations ploy than real commitment to change. despite his proven ability and belief that he can be one of the top coaches in this league, flores says that he's prepared and that if his career gets derailed but it results in real change within the league, it will all be worth it. whit? >> zachary kiesch, thank you. to the pandemic now and the cdc expanding its surveillance of wastewater to help battle future outbreaks.
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there is progress across the country, new cases plunging in recent days, but covid related deaths up 94% in the last month. this as the nation marks another painful milestone, 900,000 americans lost to the virus. here's abc's phil lipof. >> reporter: tonight, across the country the omicron surge is waning, with cases and hospitalizations both down dramatically. and as free rapid home tests become more available, the cdc is now focusing on wastewater to help track and get ahead of the next outbreak. >> wastewater surveillance can serve as an early warning system for the emergence of covid-19 in a community. >> reporter: more than 400 sites are currently collecting waste samples in the u.s., with 200 more coming online in the next few weeks. boston, one of many cities using this type of surveillance to fight covid. >> when you get the wastewater samples, it is before people have started to develop symptoms, so it's the earliest sign that there is going to be a surge. >> reporter: nationwide, daily new infections plunging nearly 60% since the peak.
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the number of americans battling covid in the hospital down 40%, but covid deaths, a lagging indicator, are still rising. nearly 2,400 americans are now dying every day, and that's up by almost 95%. and the nation crossing that grim milestone, more than 900,000 covid deaths. the majority of those dying still the unvaccinated. akiko garcia's 57-year-old unvaccinated father, josh, died this week from covid in california. >> for some people, it might just be like a cough where some people, like my dad, it might be your life. so take it seriously. >> reporter: here in new york city, governor kathy hochul has announced for the first time since november the all important metric of single day positive cases has fallen below 4%, and hospitalizations, whit, for the first time at their lowest level since christmas. >>some encouraging developments. all right, phil, thank you. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. team beijing at the winter games.
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by rocks and landslide threats. next tonight, no gold medals yet for team usa on the first full day of the beijing winter games, but there is some good news, u.s. women's bobsledder elana meyers taylor is ready to compete after testing negative twice for covid, allowing her to leave isolation. this as u.s. snowboarding legend shaun white announces these winter games will be his last. when we come back, why spotify podcaster joe rogan is apologizing. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me.
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times in the past on his podcast. this follows a video of him using the slur that was edited together and shared online. spotify has removed about 70 episodes. rogan says the comments were taken out of context and responded on instagram. >> a black person can use it but it's not my word to use. i never use it to be racist because i'm not racist. >> legendary musicians neil young and joni mitchell leading a spotify boycott over claims that rogan's show helps spread covid-19 misinformation. and the usda has issued new school nutrition guidelines after the trump administration relaxed rules early in the pandemic. starting next academic year, schools may offer low fat or monday fat milk and 80% of grains served must be whole grain rich. starting in 2023, in that academic year there will be a
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and also try alevex topical pain relief. finally tonight, how a school's autism awareness week became an inspiring moment. 15-year-old peyton grillo is manager of his high school's basketball team. monday night, the freshman who is on the autism spectrum got the surprise of his life at a team meeting. >> when i first found out i had autism i had trouble accepting myself but then i thought, hey, this could help me inspire others. >> guess what, peyton? tomorrow night, you're going to inspire others. let's go! starting lineup. number 5!
4:28 pm
grillo! >> reporter: the next night, there was peyton running out with his teammates to start the game, his first time playing as a thompson high warrior in alabaster, alabama, the school's event part of autism awareness week. peyton with the ball in his hands taking the very first shot of the game sinking a clutch three-pointer. the crowd erupting in celebration. the warriors would later win the game by four points. peyton's mother overwhelmed with emotion. >> my mama heart just burst. to see these players accept him for who he is. >> reporter: peyton using his lifelong passion for basketball to help others believe in themselves. >> i want to inspire the world. not just people with autism, but also people who may have down syndrome, cancer, anything. people going through hardship, hey, you can do anything you put your mind to. you can follow your passion.
4:29 pm
just listen to your heart. >> we are inspired. have a great night.
4:30 pm
it's really a horrible loss. next on abc 7 news new information today about a deadly 880 freeway shooting in oakland the victim of bay area sports superstar and an arrest was just announced plus an update today from the family of an oakland man now in a coma following a fight outside sofi stadium what they're saying about the attack? theytheytheytheytheytheytheythey h protests over covid mandates in canada and the movement expected to cross the border abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. friends say jean ransom of oakland was shot and killed yesterday while driving on inter. 880 he was a