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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 5, 2022 11:00pm-11:59pm PST

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building a better bay area movi forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. overwhelmed with emotion we're hearing tonight from those who knew a former cal basketball star who left his mark on the east bay community jean ransom the latest victim of roadway violence with that. we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. ransom was shot and killed last night as he drove along interstate 880 in oakland, and it did not take long for police to track down the respect 25 year old one. angel garcia was arrested this morning as the chp quickly
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pursued leads that came in he's being held at the alameda county jail. tonight gene ransom is being remembered as a pillar of the community who helped change lives. we began our coverage with abc 7 news reporter loose peña. she's been exchanging messages with ransom sun. it's a loss that has shaken an entire community. jean. ransom was loved by many leaving a void. berkeley athletics community park behind legend in the 70s. gene was a star basketball play. playing for berkeley high later going to use the berkeley and getting a tryout with the warriors. his best friend is not only remembering gene by his accolades, but by his heart, i'm really hurt. because it is simple fact that jean and i worked for. 20 years through athletes united for peace to combat violence in the very thing that we work so
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hard to prevent for our young people. he's been a victim of for decades gene gave back to the kevin mclaughlin knew him as coach jean. he's a community. leader. he's a community icon. jean. ransom went back to berkeley high to invest in young basketball talent his students remember him as a fierce competitor and coach. he expected the best out of us like when our team he coached our freshman team we run we were undefeated that year, but he expected us to perform at a high level but for many the lessons that will last a lifetime. are the ones he taught off the court? my mom was killed intensely in 2007. he was there to support me through that. the basketball world he was known as jean the dream r but to dexter ransom he was simply dad in a statement. he said father was and still is a great man.
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he was a major influence in the east bay area community. showed love to everyone he met and came across sometimes as a flirt, but that was him jean the dream ransom. he opened the door for future. basketball stars who came out of the bay area. he was looked up to and loved by many. i'll never forget him and will always love him. is really a horrible loss. in san francisco loose pena abc 7 news what a legacy he will leave behind now in the last nine months there have been five fatal highways shootings in oakland on freeways less than a month ago in january. lomita county sheriff recruit david nguyen was shot and killed on i-580 in november in antioch woman was killed on 80 near the bay bridge toll plaza and in october 23 month old jasper wu was killed on 880 last may two people were killed on a party bus on i-580. and following ransom's killing
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the family of another victim of an oakland freeway shooting is speaking out and calling for answers abc 7 neworr. tim. johns shares their story. there's not any type of amount of money that can ever bring them back a heartfeld barbara when speaking to abc 7 news saturday afternoon, when's brother 28 year old alameda county sheriff's office recruit. david was shot and killed by random gunfire last month while driving home on interstate 580 in oakland now another man gene ransom also shot and killed while driving through the east bay city on interstate 880 friday night exactly. one month after wind's death and on the same day. he would have graduated from the academy i just learned about it today and when i heard about it, i just started crying friday shooting is the fifth fiddle incident on oakland's freeways in just the past nine months violence that's taken the lies of not just jean ransom and david win, but also 23 month old
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jasper woo highway shootings have increased in the past two years tremendously. very little rest nothing much being done about it. now. when says she's calling for action pleading with elected officials to do. thing to stop the senseless violence protect your communities because you don't want that to happen to your child your significant other your parent one thing that's been discussed is adding a camera system along freeways in oakland a potential answer that so far has remained elusive, but the problem local officials say is out of their control since the freeways are owned by the state. it's up to sacramento to take action with local hands saying they're only capable of doing so much some like oakland mayor libby schaaf. city councilmember lauren taylor say they support pressuring the state to take action with surveillance cameras. i think that is something that's important. we can't have a chp officer everywhere all the time on our freeway system. and so it's important that we
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take advantage of technology to do that but with when receiving no leads or developments on her brother's case, she says she'll keep fighting. i'm just a small little asian girl not really much power small little voice. but here i am. a not just for david but also for other victims too. someone step up someone do something about it, please because the past two years you just see these crimes increasing. it's not gonna stop. it's not going to to stop unless someone with power. hnns ab small, but her voice is big. a spokesperson for mayor libby schaaf released this statement saying the loss of life due to gun violence is a tragedy for the family and friends of gene ransom and our entire community. the mayor will be relentless in her pursuit of state resources to install cameras with privacy protections at on and off ramps that can assist investigations such as these and ultimately
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hold those accountable who act with such heinous disregard for human life. we first sent out the alert about and arrest in the deadly shooting of gene ransom this afternoon through the abc 7 news mobile app. it's a great way to stay on top of breaking news and when you download it, be sure to enable push alert feature. we're moving on the oakland man injured in the parking lot of sofi stadium following. last weekend's 49ers lost to the la rams remains in a coma in intensive care. that's according to a family statement sent to abc 7 news doctors performed the procedure to relieve internal pressure on the right side of 40 year old restaurant owner daniel luna's head a suspect has been arrested in the case. luna's family tells us quote. we want to make sure these nfl events are safe and secure for everyone and that all parties responsible for thisppens again. green day lead singer billy joe
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armstrong took to social media today seeking help after his beloved car was stolen take a look. it shouldn't be too hard to spot. it's a 1962 chevy 2 and was stolen in costa mesa. armstrong says the car is near and dear to all the band members hearts and has been in the green day family for over 30 years. today a group of mothers protested the new linkage center at san francisco's un plaza mothers against drug deaths is a group of moms who have lost children to fentanyl or who are currently struggling with addiction. groups as there is open drug use at the site that's supposed to link people to treatment. the center opened last month as a part of the mayor's emergency declaration. supporters include supervisor matt haney and he says having aa treatment bed and medical care is critical. coming up students storm out of their prott at a northern california
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school wasn't about closures or covid safety the change to the on you that has them upset? and a little later in honor of black history month, we're sharing stories of people who are working to improve black lives. we'll introduce you to the organization trying to change the cycle for children in oakland. i'm spencer christian. they're more dry days coming our way along with a potential record-breaking warm-up. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc
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history month the uss hornet museum in alameda is honoring the immeasurable contributions of african americans to the armed services display highlights the rich history of african. in all branches of the service
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and with nasa there are photos and biographies. and stories describing a rich and important part of american history. there's so many significant things that have happened in american history and if we forget that if we don't teach that to each next generation, you know, we lose touch with with what has happened in the past what helped shape us as a nation now. the hornet is also working on a permanent display to highlight contributions of african-americans in the armed services. students at one vacaville school walked out of class to protest a big change that's riled the entire campus. what do we want? they mean business apparently, that is the protest that happened during the school day at sierra vista k through eight school students are not happy chocolate milk has been pulled from the lunch menu administrators say it has too much sugar, but students say they need their lunchtime fix that we had chocolate milk when i was in fourth grade when i wasn't covid you would be lucky
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to get a spot to get some chocolate milk because it was all it would all be got chocolate milk. we have a lot of sugar in there and you know too much sugar. that's that really what our body needs. students and the administration came to a compromise chocolate milk will return to the menu one day every other week. well to the peninsula now where bird watchers are keeping their eyes peeled for a glimpse of a rare visitor an oriental turtle dove has been spotted near matadero creek you're looking at a photo of the bird now, it's hot news to the berger community because it's an uncommon sight many out of towners have flocked to spotting locations to try to find the turtle dove bringing along telescopes and as you can see long camera lenses the palo alto resident who first spotted the turtle dove in his backyard on wednesday is credited with the discovery you know, i think it's the third this is the third sighting in the state of california the third record so just crazy that showed up my
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backyard. very cool though birders have been turning up to his neighborhood in droves many have asked to about and bradshaw's backyard. just waiting for this rare bird to return. lunar new year celebration today at oakland museum of california, this is the first time since the pandemic it's been able to hold in-person activities as part of the celebration. you can see the museum pulled out all the stops including a traditional lion dance. there was music as well as a well as a healing circle to remember all the victims of aapi violence. omca is holding virtual events as well and definitely the weather. for any outdoor activities spencer. yeah, it's almost spring like dion it's amazing. going to get even warmer next . s rdo e. well, altho we'rethis mild wea'o
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insight for a while. in fact it has now been 29 days since we recorded in a measurable rainfall here in the bay area. that's quite a dry spell last time. we had measurable rain here was back on january 7th again 29 days ago. so here's why we have this dry pattern right now and the warm-up coming our way. you can see on the satellite radar composite image the looping image here high pressure is building offshore. that's the controlling factor in our weather right now, and it will be the dominant factor in our weather going into next week continuing this dry spell. and bringing us mild weather. there's a live view from the emeryville camera looking back at san francisco where it's 51 degrees right now, oakland 47 down to 42 at view santa clara 41 44 in san jose and 46 half moon bay a clear unobstructed view from mount tam looking down onto the bay and to parts of san francisco right now other temperature readings 39 at santa rosa getting really chilly in our inland valleys petaluma, 40 35 at napa fairfis 4ere's the vr rooftop camera. looking across the embarcadero
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again on this clear evening, and these are our forecast features motemperatures are possible for the month of february that is next wednesday and thursday. right overnight. it'll look like this mainly clear skies will see some low clouds just offshore. perhaps along some of the coastal areas, maybe a couple passing high clouds with basically. we're talking clear skies and a mainly sunny day tomorrow. so as the skies are clear tonight overnight lows will drop into the low to mid-thirties in some of the inland valley locations in the north bay down to 35 at santa rosa lakeport fairfield will drop down to about 35 concord and livermore down to 37 degrees a low at morgan morgan hill will be 39 40 in a and right around the bay shore line and on the coast. we'll see lowe's tonight in the low 40s and then tomorrow sunny skies and mild to almost. warm weather down the south bay look for highs in the upper 60 68, san jose 69 at morgan hill on the peninsula 67 redwood city
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66 at palo alto. ast tomorrow4 the expectede high at half moon bay downtown. san francisco will have a high of 64 as well up at the north bay look for highs of 69 at santa rosa 71 at cloverdale 68, calistoga east bay high 68 and hayward 66 castro valley the inland east bay mainly mid-60s, but perhaps a couple of locations will pop up to about the eight degrees or so and as we a forecast animation going into next week. you see the storm track. man well to our north there will be no rain coming to the bay area. at least that's not what the forecast. nation is showing perhaps a little bit ray will move in our direction on monday valentine's day. but right now we're looking at a sunny skies all the way through the seven-day period and quite a warm-up in the middle of the week next week wednesday thursday high temperatures in the mid-70s inland low 70s around the bayshore line and just a slight tapering off of temperatures going into next weekend. it's looking nice. it's looking pleasant, but it's looking pretty dry. and that's not good. oh, yeah, we keep on waiting for
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that rain. yeah, right spencer. thanks. acadia well a monumental day for one of the bay area's oldest restaurants. the seven mile house is celebrating 164 years in business. we'll tell you the story behin care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
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of the oldest restaurants in the bay area celebrated its 164th anniversary today abc 7 news was at the seven mile house in brisbane as diners came. lunch, it's got its name from its location seven miles from the center of san francisco. the owner says she's thankful just to be open because of the strain the pandemic has put on our business. it's time to celebrate, you know, we've gone through so much already in the almost two years, and we need to celebrate that we're open that we're alive that we're well and that we're happy and people are still coming to seven mile. yes, isn't that the truth? there were a few freebies today
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for guests 164 them received free adobo and there were also free t-shirts there as well making me hungry. chris alvarez joining us now with the preview of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports. it was teemo time in las vegas as the nhl's best hit the ice on all-star saturday and a true cliffhanger moving day at pebble beach jordan spiet
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and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. sponsored by river rock casino moving day at pebble beach third round of the at&t pebble beach prime always a lot of fun and a bit of a cliffhanger for one golfer. we'll show you that one of the most beautiful courses in all the world jj spahn second shot on 11 at pebble.
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golf's version of the stephen curry splash watch this he's gonna hold out for eagle. what a shot that was and it isn't pebble without bill murray doing bill murray things. look at this. no look putt. of course. he makes it and then a celebration at top things off jordan spieth playing his third round second shot on six blind shot. really can't see that flag. and how's this for knowing the golf course? he would eagle this hole and then on number eight. this is the shot that really went viral all over the internet and twitter spieth. near a cliff and i mean right near a cliff reportedly 68 feet down. actually save par on this hole he's tied for fourth at 14 under bohuslers, california kid. varies this is at 15 under patrick cantley shot a fuller under this long putt gonna drop tied for fourth and andrew putnam is a co-leader on the par 3 7th of pebble. and you talk about getting so close to a hole in one. spins it back. he's at 15 under so close there co-leader. here's a look at the leaderboard
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hustler putnam and tom, hogey all type 15 under in the lead speed and cantley right there. just one stroke back tied for fourth place. it is a busy weekend in vegas the nfl hosting their all-star weekend with the pro bowl on sunday. and on the ic nhl's best of the best showing up in the annual all-star game timo meyer. you're alone, san jose sharks. doing things early scored the first goal for the pacific division flips it ahead to himself and then the lefty top shelf. he also had an assist but the pacific division lost the central so central played the metro in the finals and the metro comes out on top firestar claude. girou name the game mvp afterwards teemo talking his first all-star game experience. it was really cool. and you know, i didn't really know what to expect coming in but you know a bunch of bunch of great guys and you know, it was fun there for sure. pro bowl practice fund 49er center alex beck nearly catches a touchdown from seahawks quarterback russell wilson the game sunday at noon right here on abc 7. wilson was miked up during
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practice in george kittle had plenty of fun signal colors. that's some good ones. that's a good night is i don't know if i like it, but you know, you can always count on george kittle abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. chris thank you much tonight a new controversy surrounding joe rogan what led to spotify pulling dozens of his podcasts and his apology and huge protests over a deadly police shooting in minnesota their demands plus the family of the man who was killed shares the
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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. once again, good evening. i'm dion limb in tonight's headlines. now the man killed in a freeway shooting in oakland yesterday has been identified as a loving father star cal basketball athlete and a pillar of the community 65 year old. jean. ransom was well known throughout the east bay prep sports world. he mentored countless players and ransom himself played at cal and was drafted by the warriors. such a tremendous only in berkeley but in the entire east bay. northern california for that matter because he was he was the greatest player. we all grew up and loved to watch, you know, both at berkeley high and at uc berkeley. the highway patrol has arrested this man 25 year old one angel garcia. there's this picture in
11:34 pm
connection with ransoms killing this morning. he's being held without bail at the alameda county jail in santa rita. hundreds of peopled tneapolis tn the second day of protests over a deadly police shooting a mere locke was killed earlier this week as officers served a no-knock warrant. locke's name wasn't on it abc news reporter. christine sloan tells us his family is still in shock over what happened? the calls for justice for justir louder a second day of protest in minneapolis after the death of 22 year old emir locke at the hands of police. it's kind of hard split into words how i feel i'm kind of numb, but i think it's important just to show our support locke's family still in shock never would i have imagined that i would be standing up here? talking about the my son by the minneapolis police
11:35 pm
department body camera footage shows police using a key to quietly enter an apartment to execute a no-knock warrant a swat team storms in identifies themselves and then kicks the sofa where locke was sleeping officer mark hahnemann seen on camera firing at least three shots killing the young man less than 10 seconds after entering. the apartment the officer has been placed on administrative leave the police report saying locke was armed with a handgun pointed in the direction of the officers this still from the body cam footage shows lock holding his registered handgun with his finger along the side of the barrel not on the trigger with the weapon pointed down but in the video it appears he had just woken up. some say not enough has been done to prevent these tragedies. we need to change howow evaluate the efficacy the effort
11:36 pm
in police officer activity across the board, but especially as it pertains to know not warrants and the use of a very limited tool according to police the raid was part of a homicide investigation in nearby saint paul locke was not named in the warrant christine, sloan abc news, new york. new developments with joe rogan spotify has pulled more than 100 episodes of his podcast. that's after rogan issued an apology for using racial slurs on his show. now this morning. actually i should say. this is more fallout for rogan who was widely criticized this week for spreading covid-19 misinformation other artists have boycotted spotify in response bloomberg reports the decision to take down the 113 episodes was rogan's decision on instagram profile today rogan apologized for racially insensitive remarks saying it was a teachable moment for him. amazon and nike are among the
11:37 pm
companies considering purchasing peloton. the exercise bike company was a sensation at the start of the pandemic as people stayed at home and gyms remained closed, but it's been a bumpy ride as the world reopens. and demand falls. it is also feeling the squeeze from increased competition. peloton stock has dropped more than 80% since reaching its high point last year. the cdc is expanding its surveillance of wastewater to try and get ahead of future outbreaks. all of it comes as the omicron served appears to finally be slowing down and cases are starting to drop. is abc news reporter philipoff? tonight across the country the omicron surge is waning with cases and hospitalizations both down dramatically and is free rapid home tests become more available. the cdc is now focusing on wastewater to help track and get ahead of the next outbreak wastewater surveillance can serve as an early warning system for the emergence of covid-19 in the community more than 400 sites are currently collecting waste samples in the us with 200
11:38 pm
more coming online in the next few weeks boston one of many cities using this type of wants to fight covid when you get the wastewater samples. it's before people have started to develop symptoms. so it's the earliest sign that there's going to be a surge nationwide daily new infections plunging nearly 60% since the peak the number of americans battling covid in the hospital down 40% but covid deaths a lagging indicator are still rising nearly. 2,400 americans are now dying every day and that's up by almost 95% and the nation crossing that grim milestone more than in covid deaths the majority of those dying still the unvaccinated akiko garcia's 57 year old unvaccinated father josh died this week from covid in california for some people on my just be like a cough or some people like my dad. it might be in your life. take it seriously and here in new york city governor kathy hoekel, announcing that all important metric of single day
11:39 pm
positive cases has fallen below 4% for the first time since november and hospitalizations at lowest point since christmas philip off abc news, new york the cdc is out with a new recommendation for people who are moderately to severely immune compromised. it says people in that group who have had the mrna vaccines should look to get a fourth shot at least three months after the previous booster previously. the cdc was recommending a weight of at least five months. well with this being black history month, we're shining a light on those who are making a difference in black lives tonight. you'll see how an oakland organization is looking to transform young boys and break the cycle. i'm spencer christian. how about a little taste of spring in mid-february? that's what's in my accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment when abc 7 news at 1
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elizabeth ii is calling for the duchess of cornwall to be known as camilla when charles becomes king 95 year old monarch used the historic milestone of her platinum jubilee to make the announcement. charles married camilla in 2005, but took the title princess consort despite having rights to the title of queen that was done because the title was supposed to be for charles's first wife diana, but queen elizabeth today laid out her vision for how the monarch would transition. she is celebrating her 70th anniversary of her recession to the throne. when honor of black history month we're sharing stories of people who are working to improve black lives kingmakers of oakland is nonprofit aimed at improving educational outcomes for black boys. here's abc 7 news. anchor rubina fortson with a look at their impactful work. or three-pointer knocks it down late last year the golden state warriors foundation made a big announcement worth 1.85 million
11:44 pm
dollars that money is going to $51 bay area non-profits and the former oakland practice gym is turning into a flagship facility for generation thrive. the team's non-profit hub that supports other bay area nonprofits in schools through education and wellness when we transition from oracle arena to chase center. this is in 2019 we often about we're leaving a building not a city. we saw the list of organizations benefiting from the move and noticed kingmakers of oakland and wanted to know more here is their co-founder and ceo chris chapman, simply put our goals to improve educational life outcomes a black boys from preschool through 12th grade and oakland has been a ground zero way even before 2010 in 2010 former ousd superintendent, dr. anthony smith introduced chapman as the new and first executive. of the african-american male achievement program or aama we as an organization are pushing children out of our schools and
11:45 pm
into the justice system. hey ma is still thriving within oakland schools today and has spread to campuses around the country. it has a proven track record of increasing equity and implementing practices that support black male students by using a highly targeted approach district wide the black male graduation rate has improved from 42 to 57. sent and grade point averages are now 25% higher for students who participated in their manhood development program. chemo williams is one of the facilitators. i'm engaging my students on how to ride an argumentative essay. i'm just doing it from a from their perspective and their lens. i'm choosing magazine articles. i'm choosing books that speak to them and that's what inspires them to show up and to perform cultural competency has been a benefit as well our english teacher at claremont. me to come in and help introduce harper lee's to kill a mockingbird. so the inward is addressed many times throughout the book as a
11:46 pm
white male teacher. he didn't really feel comfortable addressing it and wanted to work collaboratively with me a ama is also responsible for recruiting and retaining the majority of ousd's blackmail teachers. i can't say how incredible it is to enter a room and every teacher in there. you're like a training program are all brothers with same goal the same vision. well a ama was born first kingmakers oakland is now the big letter chapman created it in 2018 to accomplish. bigger vision providing training and resources for all facilitators district partners and educators to shift. these six pillars to benefit black boys curriculum and pedagogy youth voice and leadership black teacher retention community and family engagement narrative change and policy. we believe that many of our young kings and queens don't know they are royalty because they don't know who they are and who they are. so we work with school districts in the state of california and
11:47 pm
across the country to actually curate and offer african-centered curriculum. we're not only just black boys and goals thrive, but all children benefit from knowing the historical contributions throughout the diaspora that have impacted a civilization and chapman's words healing the fish by treating the toxic ecosystem. that the american school system. jobina fortson abc 7 news king makers now you can see stories about black history month by going to our abc 7 bay area app wherever you stream. we have a shelf of curated stories. you can watch it's available on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku. all right. once again spencer joining us with the weather and it's are we sure it's not spring it certainly feels that way doesn't it's going to feel neon even moreprgik temperatures riserobably near lels for the month of february. let's take a lookt what we expect. y clear skies will see some clouds and low
11:48 pm
clouds and fog offshore, but over the terrain will have clear skies and temperatures going to drop into the the chili range in our inland valleys. and of course we expect another sunny day tomorrow. so for tonight look for low temperatures in the inland valleys dropping to the mid to upper 30s right around the bayshore line and along the coast. we'll see low temperatures in the low 40s than tomorrow under sunny skies, dr. high temperatures ranging from 64 and half moon bay in san francisco to 67 across. be at oakland inland east bay only mitch upper 60s, but up in the north bay 69 at santa rosa 71 in cloverdale down the south bay. we expect highs of 68 in san jose 69 in morgan hill 70 at gilroy and as we look at the forecast animation for the week ahead you can see the storm track continuing to travel to our north. well, it's notovin the week ahead. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny skies through next weekend and look look at wednesday, thursday and friday. and we'll see inland highs in the mid or maybe even mid to
11:49 pm
upper 70s low to mid 70s around the bayshore line and almost 70 degrees on the coast as you said earlier d feels more like spring maybe even more like summer next week. good. hula hooping weather good hooping weather. i certainly hope for pooping. oh hope it well, that's next level spencer. thank you. all right. once again chris alvarez joining us with the preview of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports. we got all your bay area college hoops action plus from curry to curry stephan meets jada the unique meeting between the warriors and cal
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be gamnho cy stephen curry onead for best ooteint job.
11:53 pm
thank you best shooter of the day. yes. so it turns out this warrior's championship belt is a word to the best shooter and practice a damien lee. give me all the details today big champ. do you win today? you get the belt? i didn't win today. but i got the belt i know some people. staff one today. and then one won the second one so steph graciously. gate about to juan but you know, it's it's you one of them days. if you went about you get to keep it. i just got a chance to showcase it. that is a cool belt when you think of number 30 odds, are you probably think of warrior star stephan curry, but there's another bay area hooper with the number 30 in blue and gold as well. cal women's star freshman guard jada curry. remember we saw jada balling out at chase center scoring a game high 27 and a blowout victory over usf at the beginning of the year. jada looked like stefan in that game has been named pac-12 freshman of the week four times this season and just last week jada met steph for a unique
11:54 pm
one-on-one after the warriors win over dallas. really? it was weird a little bit to me because i was like felt like he it felt like he knew me kind of like he was just having normal conversation, but we kind of we talked about that and then he actually he went back to get the jersey and he came out with this sign and yeah, like he said it said for one curry to another which i thought that was, you know, pretty cool this line for them. oh my god. so when steph comes out and you see him in person someone you've seen on tv for years you've grown up watching. did you get butterflies or nerves into something happened to you like internally like oh, that's yeah. i people who haven't seen the video on the video actually like i'm talking to kiera the one who's taking the video my videographer and i'm like just talking to her. i'm like, i think i said like this three-point line is kind of far and i turned around i was like, oh my gosh, like because i just seen him and that was my initial reaction. and then so yeah, i definitely had butterflies and i think i was nervous. um, you know the whole way up
11:55 pm
until then and during it and after it so, but it was definitely definitely some butterflies for sure. you thank you. thank yep. score is really cool. mark fox and the bears trying to step a nine game losing streak hosting washington state 44 seconds. go down three jordan shepherd for the tie around a o. or sen fm wnwnjaden celest heecds bea need a n. eeow t se cows last win, january 2nd saint mary's writing a sixth game win streak hosting loyola marymount. they beaten lmu 19 duke is catching fire knocks down the three. it's a six-point lead and dukes was really feeling it. how about defense to offense the steel? and then of course, you know, he's just going to pull up in transition three threes in a three and a half minute. span. duke is with the game high 25
11:56 pm
gayle's win. 71 60. there are 20 straight win over the lions usf taking on portland late. second half game tied jamari booye three of his 21 don's take the lead yao, hen musalski scored a team-high 22 don's up to chris austin at the line. seconds left misses the second free throw that would have tied it don's add some free throws and then booye. with a steel is time expires in usf wins. 74-71 santa clara laughing it up at san diego broncos led by as many as 23 ahead to jalen williams. how about a hream t sevens 1 a two and a half minute span santa clara wins 79.66. that's win number 16 for the broncos abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. chris thank you very much and a quick reminder that you can.
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get our live newscasts breaking news weather and much more with our abc 7 bay area app. you can find it on apple tv and android tv. fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. and with that that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at 11. i'm dionne lim abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 for spencer christian and chris alvarez and really all of us her much for joining us have a wonderful evening and we will see you in the morning.
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