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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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praying for her safe return. good evening and thank you for joining us i am dion lim. beginning with developing news a vigil today for 23-year-old alexis oakley. dion: she was last seen 11 days ago. her family is becoming more distressed and worried, so today as abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard shows us, they received strength and support from the community. >> we are hoping and praying that she will be safe cornell: taking part in this vigil walked to remind the community alexis gave is still missing. every day feels unreal. it is really heartbreaking. this is day 11 and every day gets harder and harder. cornell: alexis is missing fires are everywhere. new billboards are up on highway four looking for tips in the case. >> everyone is going to help. we are super grateful for all of the businesses that put up flyers. >> we cannot do this alone.
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your support means literally everything and i think it keeps the right amount of pressure on the case, it self, to continue moving forward. so that we can get alexis back home. cornell: relatives told abc 7 news that alexis was last seen by her ex boyfriend around january 27. >> today's vigil walk for alexis started at trenton street and oakley road. this is the same spot where her car was found. the keys were still in it. >> door was unlocked. cousin open the door, i opened the trump. cornell: police searched a home linked to her ex-boyfriend, removing bags of evidence. since then, police say there are no new development. >> no matter how long it takes, i'm going to hold onto hope. cornell: alexis's friends and family know her is kind, smart and funny. they city will not stop searching for her.
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>> i think she had dreams but right now she was a point in her life where she was finding herself. >> just enjoying life. enjoying the moment. she was very happy. cornell: in oakley, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. dion: meantime, an outpouring of shock and grief today over the killing of a beloved east bay farmer and cow sports hall of famer. the shooting death of six to five build jean ransom on interstate 80 in oakland has stunned those who looked up to him as a mentor. in the 70's, ransom play basketball at berkeley high, then uc berkeley, even getting a tryout with the warriors. he returned to berkeley high to mentor young players. >> he expected the best out of us. he coached our freshman team. we were undefeated that your. he expected us to perform at a high level. dion: his son baxter shared memories of his father saying quote he opened the door for future basketball star sue came out of the bay area.
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he was looked up to and loved by many pure it i will never forget him and will always love him. and late yesterday afternoon at the chp announced an arrest in the case. 25-year-old juan angel garcia was arrested yesterday morning. he is being held at the alameda county jail. detectives say garcia drove to the left of the victim and fired into his car, striking him at least once. the motive is still under investigation. moving on, did you feel it question a magnitude 3.2 earthquake rumbled in the east bay about an hour ago. the quake's epicenter was about a mile northeast of san leandro. people on social media report feeling it in oakland. a new vaccine mandate goes into effect tomorrow in berkeley. it requires employees of certain businesses to get boosters when eligible. the health order also lowers the vaccine requirement to age five, meaning businesses will be required to check the vaccination status for everyone five years old or older.
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the mandate covers restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, fitness and dance studios, and any indoor area where 500 or more people are gathered. several correctional officers and the warden are accused of sexually abusing inmates at the federal correction institute in dublin. that is according to an investigation by the associated press. the ap obtained records and interviewed employees and inmates and reviewed court records. the report says inmates were often threatened or punished when they tried to speak up and claims of abuse were ignored or cast aside. for prison employees have been arrested, including former warden ray j garcia. none of those charged nor their lawyers responded to requests for comment. the prison is one of the only federal women's presence in the country. to developing news now. u.s. elite troops arrived in poland near the border with ukraine today. this as president biden ordered
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to deploy 1700 soldiers amid fears of a russian invasion of ukraine. abc news reporter millie -- maryalice parks has an update now for the white house security staff. maryalice parks: as the standoff between russia and the united states continues, jake sullivan again warning of the possibility of a russian attack against ukraine. >> we believe there is a distinct possibility that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine. it could take a number of different forms, could happen as soon as tomorrow or it could take some weeks yet. >> more than 100,000 russian troops currently amassed along ukraine's borders. the largest gathering of combat firepower in europe since world war ii. abc news learning that u.s. officials think russia now has 70% of the forces it would need in place possibly launch a full-scale attack on ukraine. those forces including special operations troops, tanks and artillery. satellite images show up moscow's military buildup in belarus.
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russia moving hundreds of advanced fighters and attack helicopters to the areas around ukraine. as many as 30 russian warships are now in the black sea, including five amphibious assault ships. but u.s. and nato allies still publicly assessed that vladimir putin has not made a final decision. >> we are working hard to rally allies and at the same time, to send a clear message to russia that we are prepared to walk the diplomatic path. >> meanwhile the first of 3000 u.s. troops sent by president biden arriving in germany and poland. those troops deployed to reinforce nato allies, not ukraine, which is not a member of nato. the outskirts of ukraine's capital, civilians are undergoing weapons in medical training to prepare in case russia invades. and in ukraine's second-largest city, thousands marching this weekend demanding an end to the russian aggression. maryalice parks, abc news washington.
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dion: early voting is underway for san francisco's special election. so far, the poles have been quiet and elections officials tell us they are seeing about half the turnout of last september's governor recall. the city hall voting center is open for early voting and voter registration. the ballot includes recall measures for three board of education members. officials tell us without a statewide race, voter engagement has wavered. >> we had an initial activity around the selection, but when early voting first began, the middle of january, it is kind of slowing down a little. i expected to pick up this last week going into election day. dion: the city's making sure poll workers are ready and trained 21 people at city hall today. election day is february 15 and you can find out more information about voting locations and ballot drop-off boxes at sf just ahead, some heroes don't wear caves. they sport safety vest instead.
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for example, this crossing guard with pretty impressive reflexes. see how a devastating outcome was narrowly avoided. of protest after a childhood classic is removed from their lunch menu. >> get ready for a week of weather that will leave us near hey, sandwich fan! new denny's melts belong in your hand. patty melt's a classic. big dipper? fantastic.
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dion: dive teams search today for a skater who fell through the ice yesterday mor eight people were skating on a lake at stampede meadows reservoir when the ice suddenly broke and six people fell in the water. firefighters say five were able to get out of the ice on their own with help from those who did fall through the ice. crews are urging people to stay off the ice, saying it is not stable. volunteers rolled up their sleeves today to clean up san jose's riverview park. world mission society church of god just adopted the park and they have pledged to dedicate one year of beautification and support. >> we can't be indoors as much and we cannot be in tight quarters, so more often, the parks are being used. and because of that, there is a little bit more trash that needs
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to be picked up, such as leftover tasks, sanitizing wipes, so we wanted the community to still enjoy the parks while maintaining all of the covid-19 verticals. dion: the church plans to have a part clean of each month for the nextw p that needs attention, you can submit a request to the city of san jose's website. now to some traumatic video from maryland, showing an officer putting her life on the line to save a student from being run over by a car. we want to warn you though, some may find this video difficult to watch. you can see there the officer puts up her hands, signaling a car to stop as a student enters the crosswalk seconds later though, the car just barreled through, hitting the officer as she pushes the student out of harm's way. the good news is neither was seriously hurt. the driver was fined for negligent driving and failing to yield a crosswalk. students at a school walked out of class to protest a big change
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that is riling up the entire campus. >> what we want? chocolate milk. when we want it? now. dion: you tell them. students at sierra vista k-8 school were not happy that chocolate milk has been pulled from the menu. so the fourth grade class held a protest. >> we had chocolate milk when i was in fourth grade, when there was not covid. you would be lucky to get a spot to get chuck to know because it would all be gone. >> chocolate milk has sugar. too much sugar, is that what our body needs? dion: students and administration came to a compromise, chocolate milk return to the menu. one day every other week. teachers say it was a good way to teach the students how to hold an argument and stand up for what you believe and even if it was only just chocolate milk. just ahead, and valley town is accused of trying to skirt a housing law. the state attorney general is now involved in woodside's effort to cite mountain lions is a reason not to comply with the
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new affordable housing requirement. and taking a live look outside, where you can see their downtown looks pretty clear. while our temperatures will be rising this week, abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian as a look at spring forecast. reporter: coming up in sports the 49ers make their mark in the provost and championship sunday at pebble. what a place to get your first ev
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area's towns fight to say no to has overruled woodside's attempt to declare the town a mount mind sanctuary in order to avoid compliance with senate bill nine. the law, which took effect january 1, allows owners to build up to four residential units on a single lot. the attorney general sent a letter to which i today -- to woodside today. warning that it violates the law. he ordered woodside to amend its declaration. once again, getting a check of the weather and spencer, still waiting for that rain. spencer: we may be waiting a very long time. right now, it feels like spring, but this is not what we used to
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think of us are typical february weather. here's a look at why we have this mild, dry pattern. high pressure dominating our weather picture already. center dot sure, but it will be expanding out over central california over the next few days bringing a week of unseasonably warm weather. we're looking at the 24 hour temperature change and most locations certainly away from the coastline are a few degrees warmer now that they were at this time yesterday, so we have a week of even further warming coming our way. here is a live view from emeryville looking at the post sunset sky. these are current temperatures, 54 in san francisco, 16 mt. view, 50's -- 58 mt. view. view of the golden gate where traffic is moving freely. 54 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield 56, 60 a conquered. 58 at livermore. you can still see clearly down onto the bay and these are forecast features. chilly and some inland spots. warmer than average pattern will
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be with us and record highs are possible wednesday and thursday and possibly even friday. our overnight forecast for tonight looks like this. clear skies, we will remain over our inland areas, but overall where there is in fact we will see involved -- low fog and fogd site in tomorrow with a fairly mild pattern as well. overnight low chapters will drop in the mid to upper 30's in locations like concord and livermore. santa rosa low of 36. 41 morgan hill and we will see mainly low 40's or around the bay shoreline and the coast. highs tomorrow mid to upper 60's on the coast, a high of 68 expected with open 69, san mateo 70 and freemark and inland areas upper 60's. we spent ties of 71 in morgan hill. north bay have high, 72. 73 at cloverdale and that is just beginning of a week of continued warning. speaking of the week ahead, this is our forecast showing the storm track stillwell to our
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north. there will be lots of little systems going into the pacific northwest producing precipitation, but none is likely here in the bay area. so here is our accuweather 7 day forecast. next seven days, sunny skies and warmer, much warmer than average weather. wednesday, thursday and friday we expect high temperatures inland in around the bay shoreline in the mid to upper 70's. it is going to be very springlike. >> now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: another gorgeous day at pebble beach for the final round of the annual pro-am. the fans are back and were treated to a great finish that came down to the final hole. bapot in the kid fromrornba jos fireball goes audible. uses his best attribute, the arm. gets it out of trouble. great treat for fans to see, but the pros and amateurs, like josh, playing. jordan speed was at the halfway point, but roared all the way back almost perfect year on the par 3. seventh. he birdied that hole on 12.
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going to roll inside six feet, speed got to 18 under at one point, had a two shot lead. it would've been the largest comeback to win in tournament history. third round coleader tom hoagie would not go away. his second shot on the par 4 16th and it nearly goes in for an eagle. and the lead, oh so close. he tapped in under. can't believe it didn't go on and for 17 speed on parts keep the type your decides on by. that is a bogey. putting him in position for his first-ever pga tour victory as he looks on and he gets it with a tap in on a team for a two shot when it is first ever pga tour victory there. five years ago today the 49ers officially hired kyle shanahan as the head coach. since then, one super bowl appearance and to nfc championship games and now it looks at we are onto the trey lance order -- era quarterback. including a guy who likes to go woo a lot. the season, definitely not init.
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the pro bowl. get 21 all-purpose yardage. kyle juszczyk, the fullback scored the first touchdown for the 14 yard connection from kirk cousins, into the end zone and then george smiling along with his teammates for the cameras. now she harris great year with pittsburgh. handing the ball to buffalo stefon diggs. stefon goes right by his brother trayvon for the touchdown. that is the eventual game-winning score. after just one year as a 49ers offense of mcdaniel may be the miami dolphins head coach. coach shanahan loses one of his most trusted assistance. one of shanahan's five nfl jobs he is mature mcdaniel is on that staff. the 49ers will get a pair of
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picks, one in each of the next two drafts. richard hightower is named as the bears special teams court nader today. usc students section hoping for an upset of the number two stanford women, but not today. stanford has cameron brink, 6'4" and nearly unstoppable inside. 16 points in the first half. and she even hit her second reporter of the season. it was all worked at stanford by 20 at recess. she had a career-high of 26 points, 14 rebounds, cardinals role, 10 straight wins they have not lost since mid december. did you know the warriors have a championship belt for the best shooter in practice >> yesterday anderson 11 of the two shooting drills and proudly displayed that belt. damion lee also showing off his really cool. the warriors are wrapping up a rare three day weekend off with no games. play at oklahoma city. golden state has the second best record in the league. on pace for a plus when regular season. >> you just blow my mind.
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you set a 62 win pace. i don't even keep up with it. the only pace i try to keep up with his offense and defense. >> i would not have productive 40 wins at this stage, but i did feel going into the season that we were going to be really good. we have to stay vigilant to keep working and we cannot take anything for granted. chri
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dion: coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a dramatic rescue plays out on a frozen lake as people get stranded with the ice starting to break apart. and is the worst of the omicron surge behind us. dr. patel has some interesting thoughts on 20 -- when the restrictions to be lifted. that is coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. for many, candy is the quintessential part of valentine's day. and it seems our top candidate depends on where we live. they are polarizing, but this conversation candy hearts are the biggest seller in california. it is the top candy pick here and in 12 other states according to candy whnazeiteller in 16
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states, including new york -- heart-shaped boxes. while m&ms with a best seller in nine states. the national retail federation expects near record-breaking record candy sales. still not sure on those conversation hearts. i think i am a chocolate fan myself. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00 and i am dion m. for all of us here, thank you for joining us. we will see you right back here tonight at 11:00. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer
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