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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 6, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> concern tonight in these playgrounds where a number of rats have been spotted as kids play. >> tonight, california attorney general rob banda is asking the town of woodside to allow affordable housing to be built here or there could be a lawsuit. abc7 news at 11 starts right now. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. dion: good evening. and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc7 news at 11:00 live here on abc7 and wherever you stream. new developments, there was a sudden about face and the town will now allow for affordable housing projects to be built. woodside said it was exempt
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because it was considered a mountain lion sanctuary. luz pena tells us that the state was threatening lead action. luz: for the past nine days the town of woodside saying that it was a mountain lion habitat. well, that didn't sit well with the attorney general who sent a letter on sunday challenging that notion. >> they made a claim which is not substantiated. they provided no evidence for that claim. s.b.-9 does not allow for entire towns the be off limits. >> it's an attempt to alleviate the house shortage. according -- housing shortage. they need 3.9 million house units by 2025. wanta was ready to tsao woodside where the average home was $5 million. >> we were prepared to file a
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lawsuit. vanessa nell who has lived in this community for 11 years, the wildcat habitat claim didn't seem honest. >> have you seen mountain lions? >> i saw one at the zoo but not? >> not ever. >> if anybody comes into the city who doesn't belong to these picky groups, they're really rude to where these people. >> hours after his letter would be read. >> after nearly an hour and a half of a closed session meeting, the woodside members unanimously agree. >> we will accept applications as of monday, february 7, they do not know why their whole town is considered a habitat for mountain lions. we have received guidance from the department of fish and
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wildlife on how to properly implyment this provision of the law. >> in woodside, luz pena abc7 news. dion: to a developing news in the east bay where there was a vigil for alexis gabe of oakley. she was last seen 11 days ago. her family is becoming more distressed and worried. but today as abc7 news reporter cornell barnard shows strength from the community >> we cornell: family, friends and strangers take part in this sunday vigil walk to remind the community alexis missing. >> every day feels like unreal, yeah. it's really heartbreaking. >> this is like day 11 and every day gets harder and harder. >> alexis's mying flyers are everywhere. new billboards are now on highway 4 asking for tips in the case. >> everyone's willing to help.
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we are super super grateful for all the businesses that put up pliers. your support literally means everything. i think it keeps the right amount of pressure on the case itself to continue moving forward so that question get alexis back home. >> relatives told abc7 news last week that alexis was last seen by her ex-boyfriend around january 26th. today's vigil walk started here at trenton street and oakley road. this is same spot where her car was found. the years still in it. >> door is unlocked. my cousin opened the door. i opened the trunk. >> on february pol searched an antioch home linked to exalexis's boyfriend. since then there are no new developments in the case. >> no matter how bleak, how long it might take, hang on to that hope. >> alexis's friends and family know her as kind, smart and funny. they say they won't stop
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searching for her. >> i think she had dreams but she was at a point in her life where she was finding herself. >> just enjoying life. >> enjoying the moment >> she was very happy. >> cornell barnard, abc7 news. dion: friends and family spent this sunday fyvieing the loss of an east bay father. the sense less shooting death of 65 year-old gene ran some has stunned those who knew him. he played basketball at berkley high in the 1970's and he got a tryout with the warriors. >> he expected the best out of us like when our -- on our team he coached our freshman team. we were undefeated that year. he expected us to perform at high level. dion: his son baxter shared memories with his father with luz pena saying "he opened the door for future basketball stars who came ott of the bay area.
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he was looked up to and loved by many. i'll never forget him and will always love him." >> the highway patrol has arrested juan angel garcia in connection for ran some's record. he will be convicted on med on d moving on to new details on a deadly shooting at about oakland spa. the spa has been closed since the shooting on tuesday and is now trying to raise money to help an employee who is injured in the shooting. so far the go fund me campaign has raised just about $,000 for the man identified as -- $20,000 for the man identified as joe. did you feel it? a magnitude 3.2 earthquake rumbled in the east bay. the usgs reported that it was
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just a mile northeast of san leandro. social media users reported feeling it in oakland and danville. berkley will require some workers in certain industries to be boosted and that includes people working in restaurants, gym, dental office, pharmacies and childcare settings. berkley will mandate gyms and restaurants, check for proof for vaccination for everyone ages five and up. these rules go into effect tomorrow. if you're hoping to go to an event with 500 people or more in berkley, you must fully vaccinated the city will not allow venues to accept a negative covid test for entry. well, there continues to be questioned on when pandemic restrictions are ease. across the u.s. new daily cases are down by about 61% since the peak of omicron. abc7 news vaccine team member says the signs are encouraging that the light at ten odd the
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tunnel are closer than we think. >> we want to get through this test. it's important that the white house task force and the c.d.c. are very transparent with americans on a regular basis about these numbers and about what mile stones we need meet where we can finally start lifting restrictions without fear of going backwards. >> dr. patel went on to say he won't be spris if restifting that it will take a two-fold herd immunity with people who have had the virus and those who have gotten vaccinated. coming up, this definitely isn't what you would expect to find on a playground. oh, boy. that white animal running around is a rat. and there many more of them. where they're turning up and the potential health hazards to children. plus, voting is underway. the turnout so far as san francisco decides whether or not to replace three school board
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members. spencer: as our dry spell goes longer, we'll see our temperatures rising higher. i'll have the forecast
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dion: new at 11:00, rats on the playground. they're apparently running around at one of san francisco's busiest and nicest playgrounds. we were there when some kids began chasing one of the rats. tonight, abc7 news reporter j.r. stone is following the story from san francisco. [screaming] j.r.: jacob ortega and hi brother chasing this white rat sunday evening at one of the two civic center playgrounds in the shadows of san francisco city hall.
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>> we just saw a big white rat came out twice to look at us. about eight inches long albino j.r.: look at that time video we recorded. other rats are taking to this playground area in the latter afternoon hours. two more after the chair sunday night. several friday including this rat that runs urn an occupied slide. then under the entire play area before jumping into the bushes, something doctors say is concerning. >> rats can transmit quite a few infections. >> dr. hong says he wouldn't stop sending kids to a playground but hope that parents use caution. >> number one use your hands. instruct the young kids not like put their hands in their -- in their mouths after running around that potentially rat-infested area. >> secondly knowing the effect
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of certain rat illnesses like fever, diarrhea or rash. the bushes used to be trimmed very short. but not any more. we reached out to the recreation and parks department but have yet to hear back it's unclear if traps have been set up or if there are any other plans to get rid of the rats. sunday family who is spotted some of the rats could actually be seen looking for more of the rodents. >> little disconcerting especially for the kids, well, hopefully they can maintain or find some sort of sanitary practice. >> i think they're doing the best they can but they need to call an exterminator. >> j.r. stone, abc7 news. dion: early voting is underway for san francisco special election so far the polls have been pretty quiet and elections officials are seeing half the turn to out about last september's governor recall the city hall voting center is opened for early voting and voter registration. the ballot includes three measures for three board of education members.
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but without a statewide rates voter engagement has wavered. >> we have initial activity around this election, when early voting first began, middle of january. it's kind of slowed down in the middle. but i expect it topic up this last week into election day. dion: the city is also make sure poll workers are ready. they trained 21 people at city hall today. election someday february 15th. you would can find out more information about voting locations and ballot drop-off boxes at dive teams serged today for a skater who fell through the ice near truckee. eight people were skating on a lake at stampede meadows reservoir when the ice broke and six people eagle in wear. truckee firefighters said five were able to get out of the ice on their own with help from those who didn't fall through. crews are underring people to stay off the ice. it's not stable. someone has been fly ago drone
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near u.c. berkley school and that's been able at a timeing two raptors. annie and grunell have shown defensive behavior on their drone on their habitat. they prohibit drone from flying on their property unless you get special permission from the university. >> volunteers rolled up their lives to cleanup river view park. world mission society church of god adopted the park and they've pledged to help one year of support >> we can't be indoors much. more often, the parks being used. because ofo besef tizingipso wd the community to still enjoy the park while maintains the covid-19 proto comes. >> church plans to have a park cleanup each other month for the
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next year if you know of a mark that needs attention you can submit a request through san jose's website moving on to the weather and spencer, really nice day to do cleanup of whatever you want outside. spencer: you're right about that we've had a long stream of long days -- i meant dry dry dry dryd it's going continue getting longer. the center offshore as senior the dominant feature in our weather picture. it's going to be more dominant as its it slides eastward. that means it's going to extend dry days but it will bring us warmer weather. one of the reasons is that we're going to have an off-shore flow developing over the next couple of days. the winds are not very strong xt couple of days.tge and as the winds move downslope but the air gets dryer and warmer so there will be fire concerns. we're going to have nice,
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pleasant, almost summer-like weather. right now, the temperature change over the last 24 showers a few degrees warmer in most locations than at this time last night so the warming has begun. here's a live view looking back across bay towards fran. current temperature reads are 48 and in san jose 47. mountain view 44. half moon bay. and a lovely view of the shimmering bay waters from our camera looking toward the bay bridge. 40 degrees at santa rosa. napa and fair field. 46 at peta williama. 44 at livermore. up with mor loo ouowards s francis on this clear night and these are our forecast features. chilly in some inland spots. warmer than average pattern will be with us through all of this week with record highs possibly even on wednesday and thursday. forecast animation looks like this. we have clear skies. and outeats we'll see low fog
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near the coastline probably not making any kind of a push across the bay tonight. mainly clear skies tonight and overthe day tomorrow. overnight lows will drop 46. 41 at napa. mid to upper 30's. down in the south bay around 40, 41 degrees will be the low at san jose and morgan hill. and mainly low 40's around the bayshoreline. south bay high up to 70. 71 at morgan hill. almost 70 degrees. mid to upper 60's on the coastline. downtown san francisco have a high of 66 degrees. look for a high of 68. peta williama 72. east bay high 6. san leandro 6. mainly upper 60's to about 70 degrees. we show the storm track the whole our north and no rain that's the next seven -- or maybe the next seven to 10 days.
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here's the seven-day forecast. there's the warm-up. look at wednesday, thursday and friday. inland highs and highs around the bayshore line in the mid to upper 70's, which is rare for this time of the year. we may have some records. i'll keep watching it for you, dion. can i play hookie on thursday and said from spencer: i may join you. dion: you have the authority to do that. thanks, spencer. they were feeling golden in golden this weekend the annual event that drew hundreds of dogs from a c
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[cheers] >> well, it may have looked cold but hearts were melting in golden, colorado. the city is
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beer. they are known for golden retrieves. organizers have promise add lot of fap father and fluff. it was hit. the city is expert ago bigger crowd next year. how fun is that? chris varies with a preview of sports. chris: dion, the 49ers make their mark in the pro bowl. and championship sunday at pebble. what a place to get your first ever
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chris: another picture perfect day at pebble beach for final round of the pro am. they were treated to a great firn. start with some fun though from
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buffalo bills quarterback josh allen. and the kid from fire because automobile and uses his best attribute. throws the ball way out of there. 2017 champion jordan spieth, regular golfing. but roared back almost perfect here on the par 3 seven. he birdied this hole. then on 12, he's going roll this inside six feet. spieth got to 18 under and at one point had a two-shot lead. it would have been the largest comeback in tournament history. but tom hoge had other ideas. his second shot on the par 416th, nearly goes in for eagle. can't belit didn't go in. ie faro the tie. bogey for jordan. so that puts hoge in position for his first pga tour victory. and he's going to get it for a
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two-shot victory in his first ever pga tour win. >> i've never had a lot of success around this golf course. felt like i kind of figured out a little bit and figured out i felt like it was a golf course. i felt very calm today. it was a good day for me. >> i'll look back and kick myself for not whipping the tournament. that's where i'll be. but certainly if you told me, i had to live on sunday last thursday, i would have said, you know, i'll take that. [laughter] >> oh, my goodness. flip the switch. chris: pro bowl in las vegas 49ers that's george kittle, four catches, 43 yards. nobody wanted to tackle deebo samuel. 21 all-purpose yards. the fullback scored the first touchdown for the n.f.c. and then one for cousins. najee harris, great rookie year.
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he handed it to stefon diggs and ran past trevno. and the a.f.c. wins it mike mcdaniel named miami head coach today with that kyle shanahan loses ones of his most trusted assistants. he's made sure that mcdaniel was on his statement they will get third round picks. one in the next two drafts. hightower was named at that time bears' special coordinator today. abc7 it was sports sponsored by riverrock casino. dion: how close is russia to invading ukraine. new images show that the military muscle in. but is it enough to carry out an attack. then female prison
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dion: it could be tomorrow. those are the words coming from u.s. officials as tension escalate over the threat of russian invasion of ukraine. u.s. troops are on the move to germany and poland to reinforce nato allies. all of this as vladimir putin has amassed troops and military near ukraine's borders. the u.s. is warning an attack could come at any time. our correspondent brings us the very latest. reporter: as the first contingent of u.s. troops arrives in poland to shore up
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nato allies, jake sullivan is warning of a possibly russian attack against ukraine. >> we believe there's a very distinct possible that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine. it could take number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow or it could take some weeks yet. >> abc news has learned the u.s. estimate that is russia has 70% of the forces in place that would be needed to invade ukraine. from special operation troops to tanks and artillery to air and naval forces, new satellite imagings shows the troops in neighboring belarus. >> lit come at enormous human cost to ukrainians if they invade. but it will come at real strategic cost for vladimir putin. >> president biden spoke with macron the two discussing ongoing diplomatic and deterrence
11:37 pm
efforts. the president deflecting when asked about sending more troops if putin does not case late the situation. >> i'm not going to speculate on that. >> military aid continues to arrive in ukraine's capital kiev part of a million dollar package. but some members are criticizing the administration for not doing enough. >> i'm working for a bill that we hope to get out that will stand u the deterer theas filed t lethal aid to ukraine but also the sanctions necessary devastating sanctions -- reporter: abc news, new york. dion: dramatic video from maryland show answer officer putting her life on the line to save a student from being run over by a car. we do want to warn you, some may find this difficult to watch the officer puts her hand up as a student enters the crosswalk. and seconds litter car barrels
11:38 pm
through hitting the officer as she pushes the student out of harm's way. neither was seriously hurt. the drive was fined for negligent driving and failing to yield at a crosswalk. today was the third day of protests in minneapolis after a 22 year-old black man was killed as police executed a no-knock warrant. that man was sleeping on a couch hold ago gun that relatives say he owned legally. our correspondent has more on this story. reporter: new information surrounding the execution of a no-knock warrant that ended in the shooting death of 22 year-old emir lock during a police raid. body camera too shoot footage shows where police enter and officers identified as mike hanniman killing lock who was hold ago gun less than 10 seconds after entering. back in november of 2020, the city officials restricted the use of no-knock warrants as part
11:39 pm
of a city of reforms. but according to the minneapolis "star tribune," the practice continue. court records showing that they applied for a dozen warrants like these. police assisted a standard search warrant to be yup graded to a no-knock warrant. they have yet to explain what led to the change. the city was full of protest ors calling for the mayor and interim police chief to resign. and the officer involved to be fired and prosecuted. lock's family taking part in the demonstrations. >> how dare you take my son from me and his mother? >> mark hanniman has been placed on administrative live. and the mayor has issue add moratorium on no-knock warrants. >> several correctional officers
11:40 pm
and the warden are accused of sexually abusing inmates at the federal corrections institute in dublin. the a.p. obtained records and interviewed employees and inmates and reviewed court records. the reports say that inmates were often threatened or punish and claims of abuse were ignored or cast aside. four prison employees have been arrested including former warden ray jay garcia none of those charged nor their lawyers responded. the president is one of the only federal women prison in the u.s. >> a sheet of floating ice in northern ohio. the group had been snowmobiling when the ice suddenly cracked and started drifting away from shore a good samaritan rescued seven of them. the coast guard was called in to save the other 11. none of them were hurt butt
11:41 pm
the national weather service had been warning people to stay off the ice this weekend. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. >> if you are thinking maybe i should sit down and talk to someone, you should sit down and talk to someone. dion: it's simple, but not always easy. we are addressing the stigma of mental health as part of black history month. >> i'm spencer christian. get ready for some early spring water. at times it
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dion: for black history month we're high lighting people working bailed better bay area. we turn of the south bay now with a look at what up with group is doing to break the stigma of mental felt that communities of color. here's abc7 news reporter zac fuentes. zac: for the last several years
11:45 pm
mental health has become less taboo but the stigma still exists in the community of color. >> we've been ostracized in a number of way. this is my one personal theory that we don't want to do things to further ostracize us. >> a lot of it may have become cultural norms. >> what happens in my house stays in my house. >> but the service agency working break stigma. >> we're making it known that they are spero: a lifestyle and it's supposed to be a part of your lifestyle. millan worked with the dock door to help communities of color make that happen. >> black people, brown people needed to talk to somebody because of the i crease in suicide rate. just what was happening during the pandemic. and so speaking to dr. glen. i saw that she had the ability and skill set to reach people in a particular way which became our monday meetings. >> those monday meetings are
11:46 pm
free virtual therapy sessions happening every other week since october. what are these are 30-minute wellness information al workshops on very practical topics with practical information practical steps. people can chat chat or e-mail dr. glen questions directly. they say the stigma is lessing to those needing therapy or feeling unsure dr. glenna says this. >> if you think maybe i should talk to someone, you should sit down and talk to someone. >> many think that it's fear of the cost. but there are options. the doctor says she has a breakdown of those cost which we have a link to on zac fuentes abc7 news. dion: you can see history for black history on our website.
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it's available on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. all right, one last check of the weather with spencer christian. maybe break out the shorts. spencer: it's going to be a warm week ahead. let's start with overnight conditions. we're going to have clear skies overnight. we'll start the day tomorrow morning with sunny skies. a little low cloudiness will push up in the parts of the coastline. low 40's just about wherever else. now, we'll take a look at tomorrow's highs under sunny skies. mid to upper -- low 70's tomorrow. it will be a cozy warm weekend look at the forecast an nation the storm track guide any precipitation up into the pacific northwest avoiding the bay area which lives us with high and dry conditions.
11:48 pm
high temperatures climbing into near record levels. look at accuweather forecast. we'll see inland highs in the mid to upper 70's. aren't thursday and friday. and even on the coast, we'll have highs on inn the low 70's, wednesday, thursday and friday. it's going to be quite unusually warm for this time of year. but very pleasant. dion: we will take advantage while we play hooky this week. spencer, thank you. now, to chris alvarez with a preview of sports. hi, chris. chris: coming up in sports, the warriors get ready for a big week of sports. the former 49ers o.c. taking his
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chris: the warriors are wrapping up a rare three-day weekend with no games. and hopefully they got a lot of
11:52 pm
rest. the dubs play at oklahoma city tomorrow that starts a stretch of four games. dubs have back-to-back in utah and thursday at chase against knicks. then they host lebron and the lakers right here on abc7. did you know, the warriors have a championship belt for their best shooter in practice? yes, they do. juan toscano anderson proudly displaying that belt. damion lee showing it off. the dubs are on a seven-game win streak. golden state has the second best record in the nba. and are on pace for 60-plus wins this year. >> you just blew my mind. you said a 62-win pace. i don't even keep up -- the only pace i try to keep up with is the offense and the defensive pace. >> i wouldn't have predicted 40 wins but i did feel that we were going be really good. we have to stay vigilant and keep working. can't take anything for granted. >> as for another curry who wears number jada curry.
11:53 pm
curry knocking down the three. that's familiar. fourth quarter now. jada curry. giving the bears a four-point lead. she had 12. nice move of the basket there. ucla's imari thomas had 16 in the final quarter. and one. the bruins the lead for good. cal falls 59-54. u.s.c. stanford hoping for an upset. not today. they have cameron brink. 16 in the first half. she even hit her second three-pointer of the season right here. stanford by 20 at the break. she had a career high 26 points. cardinal won 10 straight. haven't lost since mid december. adam keith watching his son and his mall matter host washington. like father, like son. james keith slams 2-17. later in the first half. harry-on ingram finding jane delair. fancy finish. and the cardinal up 13 at that
11:54 pm
time break. ingram the rebound. he's going to go coast to coaches 17 points, 10 rebounds that's a double-double. delaire with 18. four of the cardinal starter in double figures. stanford wince 87-69. it's their biggest win of the season. five years ago today, the 49ers officially hired kyle shanahan as head coach. since then one super bowl appearance. two n.f.c. and it looks like we're into the tray lanceer rat and he's losing one of the die that is has been with him every single step after one year as the 49ers offensive coordinator. he loses one of his most trusted assist tans. he's made -- assistants. the niners will get a pair of mcdaniel.ory third round picks. >> people made a biger deal about mike because he had the title all by himself.
11:55 pm
but mike did the same thing this year as he's done the last four years. so mike has been a big part of what we do here. he's always focusing on that -- the run game. he was big in 2019 as he is this year. so mike's always been good at what he does. he always will with he defers to get some of these opportunities people are talking about. >> the 49ers now have to fill that's two of their coordinator position, special teams coordinator richard hightower. he spent le seasons as the niners special teams. niners special teams theft season came in the n.f.c. divisional win with that block punt for touchdowns on robbie gold game-winning field goal. this is not photo shop. it's first ever auto race. nascar built quarter mile track for the clash of the coliseum exhibition. very much a chariot race field.
11:56 pm
heston nowhere to be found. joey logano wins. could saint very long. nascar season opens in daytona two weeks from today. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion: thank you very much. you can watch our newscasts live and on demand through the bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple, android, amazon fire tv and roku. just download the app now and start streaming for free. and with that, that's all the time we have for this edition of abc7 news at 1 1:00. i'm dion lim. for spencer, christian and chrir joining us. have a wonderful evening as we take a look outside. it's going to be a warm one this week. have a good one.
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when kids need medical care, they will often face stressful and life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation has delivered happiness to 17 million seriously ill kids and their families at more than 800 children's hospitals and healthcare facilities. our programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at, that's >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. stunning rebuke. >> president trump was wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. >> mike pence breaks with donald trump as the gop censures two of their own for investigating january 6th, seemingly


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